I Want You Part 5

Hey :) 
I know I am more than a week late and I am really sorry about that but the day I was supposed to post this I accidentally deleted it all -_-". I didn't get a chance to write it again as I took the plane to go to Algeria the exact same day, and for the last week I was there and couldn't update so yeah I'm sorry once again. Anyways, here's part 5. Hope you enjoy it !!

His lips were pressed against hers, her arms were wrapped around his neck as his hands rested on her lower back, their lips finally unlaced, only to be reconected a few seconds later, she pulled herself closer to him, they were chest to chest, her hands were now playing in his hair while his slid under her sweatshirt. At that moment nothing mattered, everything around them didn't exist anymore,


* Oneshot *

It was 08:30 a.m on friday morning and 27 year old Nicki was just getting out of her car she got her briefcase and walked to the entrance of the OVO law firm, she has been working there 3 years, the OVO law firm was by far the best law firm of the west coast, they had the best lawyers and Nicki was proud to be part of this, especially as she was second in the firm ranking, the only person who was better than her was the firm's owner Drake Graham. She entered the building, clocked in,said goodmorning to the receptionist, rode the elevator to the top floor of the building where her office was, she walked to her office at the end of the corridor stopping at almost every door to greet her colleagues. She got to her office which faced Drake's office, she'd just sat at her desk when her personal asistant Draya walked in handing her a salted caramel mocha from starbucks along with her caramel waffles.