Not So Different Part 6

It was 7:30 when Nicki parked in the school parking lot. She got her bag from the backseat and got out of her car and locked it. She slowly made her way towards the school's entrance and after getting to her locker and putting most of her books in it she made her way towards the library where Drake had asked her to meet him. After their disagreement the day before he had sent her numerous texts and she never answered them but in the last one he said he really needed to talk to her and that it was very important thus she agreed to meet with him so they could talk, she knew she'd get her apology but she also felt like she had to apologize to him too because she knew she overreacted and she felt bad for getting mad at him when all he was doing was looking out for her. Besides none of what he said was wrong, he was speaking the truth and as they say truth hurts.


Deal Part 1/3

Nicki's P.O.V

I walked through the crowd holding James' arm wait no his name is John or maybe it's Jim, anyways I was holding my client's arm as he lead me through the crowd of people, we were trying to get out of this place, but as we were nearing the entrance of the venue people kept on stopping us in our tracks so they could say bye to my client whatever his name is. As usual I played along and smiled while saying bye to his friends, colleagues or associates like the perfect trophy I was supposed to be.
The only thing on my mind was to get out of here, I was exhausted and needed to get home ASAP.


Where Have You Been 3/3 (part 2/2)

"You're overreacting Aubrey."

"Overreacting ? He put his hands on you, I don't care if it was only once, if he was drunk, if you did anything wrong or even if the fucking sky is falling on his head, that nigga can not put his hands on you period." Drake said getting angry at the situation and at the fact that she was defending him.

Nicki didn't answer, she just looked down and chuckled, she thought it was almost funny how Drake was reacting just for this one bruise, if just that was that big of a deal to him, how would he react if he happened to find out about everything Safaree did to her.


Where Have You Been 3/3 (part 1/2)

Hi everyone ! :D, here's the first part of Where Have You Been's finale the second part will be up on wednesday. Love you guys muaah. And thanks to everyone who reads particularly those who comment, I really appreciate it. :**

Nicki got back home after having lunch with Drake, she was very happy with the way it went, she had an amazing time with him, after that little moment about their relationships that made the both of them uncomfortable Drake had Nicki laughing the whole time which was really rare for her, he made her forget about all the problems she had back home and she loved every single second they spent together.


Not So Different Pt.5

UCLA , Los Angles 10 am.

Nicki parked in the parking lot and quickly grabbed her school bag. She took a quick glance at her face in the rear-view mirror, she got her keys and got out of her car, she locked the car before running towards the entrance of the school where Ciara, Future and of course Drake were waiting on her.