Where Have You Been 3/3 (part 2/2)

"You're overreacting Aubrey."

"Overreacting ? He put his hands on you, I don't care if it was only once, if he was drunk, if you did anything wrong or even if the fucking sky is falling on his head, that nigga can not put his hands on you period." Drake said getting angry at the situation and at the fact that she was defending him.

Nicki didn't answer, she just looked down and chuckled, she thought it was almost funny how Drake was reacting just for this one bruise, if just that was that big of a deal to him, how would he react if he happened to find out about everything Safaree did to her.

"This is nothing Aubrey."

"No, no, no this is a huge deal. He didn't push you, he threw you on the damn wall for you to have this huge bruise." Drake said raising Nicki's top to take a look at her bruise.

"Aubrey stop." Nicki tried to push her top down but Drake wasn't leting her do, and that's when he noticed the various bruises and scars on her skin. At that sight Drake was shocked, he stared at her in shock not even knowing what to think nor say.
Nicki pulled her shirt down and got up from the couch, she grabbed her purse and dashed to the door, snatching Drake out of his thoughts. He ran after her and grabbed her arm, stopping her in her tracks.
Nicki turned around but couldn't look at him. She looked down at her feet

"Did he do this to you ?" Drake asked in a stern tone, he had the answer to that question already but needed to hear her say it.

"Let go of me Aubrey please." Nicki asked on the verge of tears and Drake let go of her arthiher, hr held his hands in surrender .

"Just answer my question Nicki, just answer it." Drake asked Nicki after a heavy sigh. Nicki opened her mouth to speak but didn't say a thing , she just shook her head and turned around to leave. She ran to her car while Drake stood behind door as the wheel turned in his head.
When he came back to himself Drake ran out the door and luckily Nicki was still there, she was in her car and about to start the engine. Drake banged on her window and Nicki lowered it.

"Let it go Aubrey please." Nicki pleaded, crying.

"I'm begging you Nicki, don't go back there, you can stay here if you want to , we can find you a place if you want to but you can not go back to him Nicki."

Nicki rolled up the window and drove off, leaving Drake there he was going through mixed emotions as he walked back in his house and slammed the door with rage, he was angry at Safaree for hurting her, he couldn't even bare the thought of a man hitting her, just thinking about him touching a single hair of her head was enough to make him feel like killing Safaree, he was also mad at Nicki for defending him and hurt beacause of the way she was shutting him out. It hurt him to see that she wouldn't let him in even after everything they shared since they got back in each other's lives and how close they were, at that point he didn't even know what to do, all he knew was that he needed to get her out of this situation, it didn't matter if she didn't want his help.
He just had to get her out of it even if that meant she would hate him for forever he had to do it.


Nicki drove crying her eyes out, she didn't even know what she was crying for, she was just crying, her tears were uncontrollably rolling down her cheeks. She cried and cried until she felt like she didn't even have tears, then she looked ahead of her and absent mindedly stared at the other cars on the parking lot where she had stopped. She didn't even try to get back home afraid to find Safaree there, she wasn't in a good state of mind and couldn't undergo one of his crisis again.
She couldn't believe she let her guards down. That's why she never get close to people, that's why she never allows anyone to get to her to that point, then they find out about this and start judging her and tell her how much of an idiot she is for lettimg him do that to her and then they tell her how weak she is as if she didn't already know that she was putting herself in danger by staying. Drake was the last person she wanted to hear this from, she didn't want him to pity her and feel like he had to do something. She wasn't no charity case and intended to keep it that way. She loved the way Drake treated her and didn't want it to change. She knew that the next time he'd see her, he'd be all over her asking questions and feeling sorry for her or trying to help her. He overprotected her even when he had no idea of what was going on so, she could only imagine how he would act now or if she told him everything.

Nicki looked at her ringing phone, it had been ringing since she left Drake's, he kept on calling her and she wasn't picking up anytime soon, she wasn't ready to let him in nor was she ready to have that conversation with him. She grabbed her phone and turned it off before driving off.

When Nicki got back home with Janae , Safaree wasn't there, she found it weird that he hadn't been home all day, but she knew he wasn't gone again, he had left his bike, the bike he bought that time when he left for weeks. She wanted to wreck it everytime she saw it knowing that he used the founds from the bank account Nicki had opened to start saving money for Janae to buy it.
The same money she spent years and years working for.

Nicki was in the kitchen feeding Janae when the home phone rang. She got up and went to pick up the phone. She didn't watch who was calling before picking up.

"Hello ?" Nicki spoke walking back to the kitchen and sat down at the table. The only thing that was heard through the phone was a heavy sigh.

"Onika ?" Drake spoke causing Nicki to sigh at her turn and shake her head.

"Aubrey, how did you get that number ?" When she heard the name Janae laughed and started claping while  repeatedly screaming 'Brey!' which Drake could hear.

"At least one of you guys is happy to hear me." Drake laughed.

Nicki couldn't help but smile at Janae's behavior but she didn't say anything.

"Onika please, let's talk."

"I'm not stoping you from talking."

"Wait, are you mad at me right now ?" Drake asked confused, not understanding the attitude she was giving him. He knew she was upset about earlier and he understood that but he didn't get why she' d be mad at him, he didn't do anything wrong.

"I am not mad at you Drake." Nicki said and she meant it, she knew she was wrong for acting that way, he was simply being a good friend and she couldn't ask for more, it wasn't his fault if she was that deep into this situation.

"Let's talk then, come back over Nic, please."

"I can't, matter of fact I think it'd be best if we keep our distances Aubrey."

"Why ? What did I do ?"

"Nothing, you did nothing believe me but.." Nicki tried to find an explanation but she just couldn't.

"But what ? Look I don't care if you don't want to talk to me, you can shut me off all you want but please Onika get out of that place, do it for yourself."

"Do it for myself ?" Nicki chuckled. "I'm already too broken Drake and I don't need nor want you or anyone to fix me. It's too late."  Nicki said before hanging up the phone.

Hours later Nicki had put Janae down and was now doing the laundry. She was loading it with dirty laundry when her phone rang again. She knew it was Drake and was amazed by his persistence and tenacity. She thought he'd get tired and stop calling at some point.

Nicki slid her finger across the screen to deny the call and then she put it in the empty laundry basket and walked back to the living room she tossed the laundry basket somewhere in the living room and plopped down on the couch. She was exhausted. She was sitting down thinking about the day's event when Safaree walked in. She was relieved to see that he wasn't drunk. It was the first time in years that he came back home not being drunk.

Her eyes followed his every move, They followed him as he walked past her and plopped on his armchair, they followed the movement of his hand when he reached for the TV remote and switched it to a football game. Nicki was watching the movie that was on but she didn't complain, at least she wasn't getting beat up.

"Yo, get your ass up and go get me a beer." Safaree spoke to Nicki starteling her.

"Sure." Nicki nodded before getting up and going to the kitchen."

"And make me a sandwich." Safaree called after her.

Nicki applied herself to making his sandwich and placed it on a plate, then got a cold beer and after placing everything on a tray Nicki went to bring it to Safaree. Nicki placed the tray on the coffee table and was about to go back to her seat when Safaree called her.

"Come sit here baby, where you going ?" Safaree said showing Nicki his lap. Nicki hesitated but then went to sit on his lap as he had requiered. As soon as she did, Safaree's arm wrapped around her waist.

"Do you love me ?" Safaree asked Nicki confusing her.

"Of course I do." Nicki answered.

"Good, and I'm the only one right ?" Safaree asked.

"Yes, you're the only one Faree," As soon as the words came out of her mouth Nicki felt a sharp pain on her cheek that soon turned into a burning sensation.

"You dare lying to me Onika ?" Safaree spoke to her grabbing her by her neck.

"You want to go out there and be a whore Onika ?" Safaree asked and Nicki tried to speak but she chocked on her words and Safaree threw her on the floor.

"Who's that Aubrey guy, who's blowing your phone up ?" Safaree asked kicking Nicki in her stomach.

"Stop, sto-stop." Nicki tried to stand up.

"You want to be a hoe ? Look what I do to you hoe." Safaree said kicking her again. Nicki tried to crawl away from him.

As more and more kicks where thrown to Nicki's body the doorbell rang and kept ringing and ringing. Safaree stopped kicking Nicki and got her up from the ground.

"Go get the door !" He ordered and Nicki pulled herself together before going to get the door. When she saw who was behind the door her face droped.

"Leave ! Please leave, leave right now." Nicki pleaded Drake who stood before her. He looked as if he had had a couple of drinks and looked distraught. Truth is, he had been thinking all afternoon and was going crazy.

"No Onika, I can't.." Drake was cut off by a man's voice which he figured was Safaree's.

"Who is it ?" Safaree asked.

"It's no one. I'm coming." Nicki yelled back.

"Is he hurting you again ?" Drake asked. But instead of answering Nicki shut the door in Drake's face as she heard Safaree's footsteps.

A few seconds after the door was shut Drake heard a deafening scream and this put him in a trans. He had no idea what to do so he went back to banging on the door.

Safaree was busy doing the only thing he knew how to do which was beat up his wife and Drake banging on the door was disturbing him thus he walked towards the door while Nicki screamed from the floor pleading him not to go afraid that he would hurt Drake. Safaree swung the door open anyways.

"Who the fuck are you ?" Safaree asked, Drake looked past Safaree and saw Nicki on the floor crying. This sight enraged him, his fists balled up and Drake punched Safaree in his face.

Two Weeks Later:

Nicki was at work, she was busy puting clothes on racks when her phone rang, Nicki sighed before looking at it, it was Safaree again, he had been blowing her phone all morning. She rolled her eyes before picking up.

"What the fuck do you want ?" 
Nicki answered the phone. She hadn't seen nor heard from Safaree in two weeks, that day when Drake found out about how Safaree was abusing Nicki and went to her house to have a talk with her and found himself eyes to eyes with Safaree for the first and when he saw Nicki on the floor in the middle of the hallway he couldn't help but punch Safaree in his face. Safaree's drunk ass immediately fell to the ground and Drake grabbed Nicki and put her in his car, after he got Janae he packed a few of their things and he drove them to his house and that's where Nicki and Janae had been staying since then.

"Is this Mrs. Samuels ?" A man's voice that wasn't Safaree's spoke through the phone.

"Yes, it's herself." Nicki answered worried.

"Doctor Spencer speaking, your husband Mr. Samuels is in our services sinc.." At that Nicki's mind went numb, she wasn't listening to whatever the doctor was saying and when she came back to Earth the doctor was calling her name.

"Yes, I'm on my way." Nicki spoke hanging up the phone after a  few words to her boss Nicki drove to the hospital the doctor had indicated her to.


"What happened ?" Nicki asked the doctor.

"Your husband was found last night in the streets, he was in a alcoholic coma. Right now he's stable, he's not awake but he should be in a few you can see him right now if you want to but first there's a few questions I'd like to ask you."

Nicki nodded signaling the doc that he could go ahead.

"His medical record doesn't show any signs of it but has this type of thing happened already ?"

"Not as bad, but he's passed out a few times because of alcohol."

"A few times ? What does a few times mean ?" The doctor asked.

"It happens at least once a week." Nicki said slowly almost ashamed.

"So I understand he is a heavy drinker."

Nicki nodded. "He drinks everyday, until he can't stand on his own feet."

The doctor sighed and looked at Nicki who was so ashamed that she wanted to cry but she couldn't even do so, she had cried too much lately and right then she didn't even had the energy for it.

"Ma'am , your husband obviously has a drinking problem, I wanted to let you know that there are solutions, for this, there are programms that work in close collaboration with this hospital in order to help people who go through addictions like your husband."

"What programms ?" Nicki inquired looking up.

"Basically, it's a cure, a detoxication cure. Your husband will be commited in a center where he will have the help he needs to get better." The doctor explained sliding a leaflet across the desk.

"Nothing obliges you to do this, it's just a suggestion." 

The doctor told Nicki but her mind was made up. Safaree needed this and even after what he put her through she didn't have the right to deprive him from getting the help he needed. Besides maybe that was a chance for the both of them to start anew. Safaree would get better and she would be able to start a life without him and without worrying about him because she knew he was safe, she couldn't help but want him to be ok, she couldn't wish him anything bad. The only reason why she wouldn't leave him was because she knew that without her he would self destruct, she knew he couldn't handle it, he couldn't take care of himself, he couldn't be without her period and this was proving it. She had left for two weeks only and he was already at the hospital between life and death. At least with this solution she wouldn't have to live feeling guilty for letting anything happen to him. She knew he deserved nothing good, she was aware that any other person who had gone through the calvary that is her life because of him would've let him die in the streets like the dog he his, but she just couldn't do that. She couldn't bring herself to abandon her first love, her one and only, the father of her daughter. She would feel as low as him if she did that.

"How do I get him to do that ?" Nicki asked.

"You are his wife and if the tests show that he isn't in a right state of mind to decide for himself you'll just have to sign the papers."

The doctor explained and his words dind't fall in a deaf's ear.


Nicki was back at Drake's she had Janae in her high chair in the kitchen as she was drawing.
Nicki was happily making diner as if nothing had ever happened, after her talk with the doctor, Nicki didn't even went to see her husband, she wanted him to feel the same way she felt that day when she was in the hospital and waited in the hope that he'd come and see her but he never did, and she stayed alone in that hospital room until Drake came to visit her.

"Good evening princess." Nicki heard Drake's voice and when she turned around she saw him picking Janae up from her chair. Nicki was extremely happy to see the relationship Drake and Janae had, even though Safaree lived with them , Janae almost didn't know her father at all, so Drake was the only father figure she knew and ever had which Drake didn't mind at all and mostly since he had recieved the results from the DNA test that said that he wasn't the father of Maliah's baby.

"Hey beautiful." Drake went to hug Nicki hello.

"I'm almost done. Go wash up your hands." Nicki spoke to Drake.

 Drake was more than happy with how things were since Nicki moved in, she was always very carring , for exemple when he came back home from work he was always met by both Janae and Nicki who always were happy to see him and she always had diner ready for him and even if she didn't he still would be more than happy to come home to them. Just having them there made him happy he even came home early at times, the only reason why he worked so much was because he needed to avoid the drama with Maliah back home. Now his house really felt like home, a home where he wanted to be.

Nicki was also very happy with how things were going, she had been free for only two weeks but was already feeling like she was starting anew, yes she felt as if somehow she was still tied to Safaree and knew that she'd have to deal with him sooner or later but as of right now she was focusing on healing, she was focusing on herslef and Drake helped her do that, he was helping her without asking for anything in return and without even knowing the whole truth. Nicki never found the strentgh to tell him about everything and Drake never asked to know more than that. All he wanted was to be there to make sure she was safe and that she was working on herself, it was all that mattered to him.

A Week Later :

Drake sat in his car, observing Nicki interact with Safaree from afar, he watched as Safaree's arms wrapped around Nicki's tiny waist and her arms wrapped around his neck. He watched as Safaree got Janae from Nicki's arms and held her in his arms as he kissed her forehead. After one last wave from Nicki Safaree walked through the doors of the center and Nicki turned around and walked towards Drake's car. After settling Janae in her car seat Nicki got in the passenger seat and smiled at Drake.

"You're ok ?"

Nicki nodded with a small smile.

"Do you know when was the last time he held me in his arms like that ? I mean before today ?"

Drake shook his head no.

"It was three and a half years ago." Nicki let out a sombre chuckle.

"I can't believe it took all this time for me to get away from this." Nicki spoke looking ahead. No tears were shred and her tone was neutral.

"Sometimes it takes time to open your eyes and realise how bad certain situations are for your own self." Drake spoke referring to both of their past relationships. "But at least you've realised it and chose to move on, we both did and we should be proud of ourselves for that. I am proud of you for walking away from him and for taking the best decision you could have."

"This would have never happened without you Aubrey. I could never thank you enough for the support.

Two months later :

Nicki and Drake were in his bed cuddled up watching TV, with Janae sleeping between them.

Nicki and Janae were still living with Drake even though Safaree was out of the picture, both Nicki and Drake needed someone to rely on and someone to support them and they found that in each other thus they decided Nicki would stay with him until they were completely healed.
At times Nicki found herself thinking about Safaree and she even dreamt about him or would have nightmares about him but she was in the process of healing and was much happier. Drake was doing good with his breakup except for this one time when he saw Maliah and she was with the child that they were supposed to raise together and a random man, this broke his heart , it was like going through another break up but ten times worse. Yes he didn't want nothing to do with her but he wanted that child, he had started getting ready for having a son before all this drama happened in his life. Gladly, he had Nicki to help him overcome this and off course Janae also was there to make him feel better. Drake and her had developed the cutest relationship ever. She loved him like he was her father and for good reason, he was the only father figure in her life. Nicki loved seeing how Drake took care of Janae and how much he loved her even though the two adults weren't more than friends Drake didn't mind taking up that role and it made Nicki happy.

"Let me go get her in bed." Nicki spoke, picking Janae up. After Nae was in her bed Nicki went back to Drake's bedroom and laid in his arms. They  just laid in bed, watching TV and that's how most of their evening went. Drake would hold her until she fell asleep knowing how hard it was for her to fall asleep and once she was asleep he would take her to her own bed in the guestroom that was now her room and that he had designed to her liking.

"What are you thinking about ?" Drake asked Nicki who sighed before answering.

"I was just thinking about how my life has changed since you're back in it. I mean I never thought I'd see the day when Safaree would be out of my life. To be honest I thought this would keep going until the day he'd kill me."

"Don't say that Onika." Drake said not liking the sound of it at all. 

"It's the truth though, you have no idea of how bad he treated me Aubrey."

Drake gave Nicki his undevided attention if now was the time she chose to let him in and talk about it then he would listen to her.

"How bad was it ?"

"He was drunk everyday from the moment he got of bed to the moment he went to bed." Nicki started and went on to tell Drake about everything Safaree put her through. The rage was legible on Drake's face but he put this feeling aside as he held her close to him and let her cry on his chest which she hadn't done in two months. 

"It's alright Nic, you're safe now, he can't hurt you no more." Drake tried to sooth her strocking her arm.

"You wanna know what's the craziest part of it all ? I still love him. Like am I stupid or something ?"

"No you're not, you're not stupid at all. You've been with him for so long, you were in love with him for so long, you can't stop loving him just like that."

"Will I ever stop loving him though ?" Nicki wondered out loud sniffing.

"You will eventually, I guess, I don't really know to be honest. Maliah is the one and only person I've ever loved, it wasn't even half as deep as how you love him yet I feel like I'll never stop loving her ." Drake spoke looking at the TV 

"We sound so miserable right now." Nicki chuckled trying to lighten the atmosphere.

"I'm not miserable though. I feel like I'm getting through it. I'm doing pretty well and you're doing very well too  You seem much more happy and that makes me happy." Drake smiled looking down at Nicki. 

"You're right.  You know I havn't cried in almost two months, I mean before today. I feel like I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel you know. Might sound a bit corny but that's how I feel right now. And that's thanks to you  I don't know where I'd be without you Aubrey, you saved me."

"You saved yourself Nika, you took the right desicion at the right time."

"I did, thanks to you. You took me out of this Aubrey you really did." Nicki smiled at him and sat up indian style. 

"I just pushed you a little, I couldn't watch you go through this. You know I'll always be there to protect you, I got you now." Drake said placing a hand on Nicki's exposed thigh.

"Thank you so much." Nicki thanked Drake once again before laying back down next to him , Drake laid on his side so that they were face to face.

"No. Thank you, thank you Onika for being by my side through all this and for taking care of me the way you do. I'm so glad I have you." Drake said looking in Nicki's brown eyes.

"I love you Aubrey." Nicki spoke slowly, it was almost a whisper.

"I love you too beatiful." Drake asnwered, never breaking eye contact with Nicki, they both weren't grasping how strong what they just said was, they knew they had love for one another but the pain they were both going through was preventing them from seeing how hard. And they were slowly falling for one another and were oblivious to it.

After these words were spoken. Nicki and Drake stared into each other's eyes, they were both in a daze. Not really understanding what was happening they scooted closer to each other and soon Nicki's lips brushed against Drake's and his hand moved to her back pulling her closer to him. Their lips crashed onto each other's and both felt a rush through their veins, the feeling was indescribable. Nicki's eyes closed as Drake's tongue slightly brushed agains her lips gently asking for entrance, her lips parted before his tongue found hers.
Nicki's couldn't help but move her hand to the nap of his neck deepening the kiss as their legs entangled. The kiss remained unbroken for a few seconds until neither of them could breathe.

When they broke apart Nicki and Drake felt like they were being pulled back into the real world as it was so intense. Not a word was spoken, both too shooken to speak, in Drake's head everything was just getting clear, that kiss changed everything, it explained everything, now he was sure, he loved her. He had never ever felt what he just felt. The same way, Nicki never felt such an intense feeling, such a conection. Safaree was the only person she had ever kissed and she didn't remember ever feeling such a rush just kissing him.

Nicki stared at Drake dazed. She wasn't too sure about what that kiss meant. She was extremely confused as to what she was feeling right then and Drake could clearly sense the uneasiness.

"Erm.. I.. I think I better go to bed." Nicki shyly spoke getting out of Drake's bed and making her way to the door.

Drake didn't want to let her leave like that when the air was unclear but he decided they both needed to sleep on it and they'll talk it out the next day when their mind would be clearer, so after wishing her a goodnight Drake watched Nicki leave and shut the door behind her. 

When Nicki got into her bed she let out a heavy sigh worried about what she had just gotten herself into. Nicki had been questioning her and Drake's relationship for a little bit of time now. She wasn't able to put a word on what she was feeling for him so the wheels started turning in her head and she had came to the conclusion that she was just beimng over emotional and that because she had never had a man around her like that except from Safaree she was imagining feelings that weren't there , but after that kiss there was no denying it, she loved Drake and maybe even more than she loved her husband. But she was now asking herself if she was really ready to love someone else and commit to them. She was scared because the wound was still open and her heart wasn't ready. It wasn't fixed yet and she knew she couldn't be good to anyone nor could she bring anything to table if she was still broken. It's thinking about it all that Nicki fell asleep that night.


The next morning when when Drake woke up, he went to his ensuite and did his morning routine then went in Janae's room to check on her not knowing if Nicki was up yet but she was and she was in Janae's room getting her ready. Nicki had to get to work and so did Drake so Nicki was getting her ready for daycare.
When Drake opened the door to Janae's room he heard giggles and was met by a beautiful sight. Janae was on her small bed squirming and laughing while Nicki tickled her.

When Nicki heard Drake clearing his throat her head shot up and she stopped laughing.

"Good morning beautiful people." Drake spoke as he walked in trying not to make the situation weird and trying to act like every other day and as if nothing ever happened.

"Good morning." Nicki answered picking up Janae. Who immediately ran out of her arms and into Drake's.

"How's my princess today ?" Drake asked the three year old who kissed his cheek before answering 


"Well that's great." Drake said before walking her to her bed and sitting her on it. He kissed Nicki hello as she was standing next to the bed. It was a simple kiss on the cheek but just like she dreaded Nicki felt that rush again.

Drake turned back to Janae, he had felt it too and didn't really know how to act about it. 
He started helping Janae put her sweatshirt on as they chatted.

"You can go get ready Aubrey, I'll handle that." Nicki sopke only wanting to be out of his presence right then, she didn't know why but she couldn't even look at him without feeling that thing.

" You go get ready, I got this." Drake said grabbing Janae's skirt from the bed. 

Nicki thanked him before walking out of the room and going to get ready for work. 

Later on , Nicki was in the kitchen and had breakfast ready when Drake walked in all dressed with Janae in his arms. 

"Quit babying her Aubrey please, she can walk." Nicki said sweetly. But Drake didn't listen to her as usual.

"And so what, that's my baby." Drake said pinching Janae's cheek, Nicki smiled at the sight.
Drake went to place Janae on a  chair and placed her small plate before her. After that he sat next to her and Nicki handed him his plate. 

"Thank you." Drake said and he started eating silently as Nicki sat across from him and also started eating silently. 

The silence in the room was deafening, Nicki and Drake were looking down at their plates not speaking which was extremely weird for them, they were used to having conversation all the time but that morning it was quiet and even Janae wasn't babbling. She silently ate he breakfast looking at the two adults who occasionally helped her with doing it. 

"Crap." Nicki said raising from her seat. 

"Nae finish up, we gotta go, mommy's already late." Nicki said taking her plate to the sink. 

"Just go to work, I can take her."  Drake shrugged.

"Thanks, but you don't have to you alre.."

"I got it, just go." Drake cut her off. He didn't mind taking Janae besides he knew he could get to work whenever he wanted to unlike Nicki.

"Well, thank you. You're a life savior." Nicki said and she ran to go put her shoes on and got her purse before reappearing in the kitchen. She walked to Janae and squatted to her level.

"Nae, mommy has to go to work so Brey is going to take you to daycare today, alright ?" Nicki asked her daughter hoping she wouldn't choose that day to act out. But there shouldn't be any reason , Janae loves Drake and doesn't even look at Nicki whenever he's in a room with them.

Janae smiled at her mother and vigorously shook her head up and down as her mouth was full. Nicki hugged her told her how much she loved her before going to hug Drake goodbye and again when they hugged they felt that thing go through them. They pulled away from the hug and Nicki stood before Drake looking at him.

"Erm , bye and thank you again ." Nicki said before turning around and dashing to the door.

"Nicki wait." Drake called after her.

"Hum ?" Nicki turned around.

"Do you think you can free yourself for lunch or something, I think we should talk." Drake said walking towards her.
Nicki knew exactly what he was talking about and was glad he said that because she knew they needed that talk but she would have never found the courage to say it .

Nicki looked down at her heels and tucked a loose trend of hair behind her ear before looking up at Drake again .

"Right, we do need to talk but how about we do that tonight, I think I might need the whole day to wrap my head around this." Nicki said truthfully. 

"Was it that good ?" Drake joked trying to ease the tension, he didn't want her to start her day this tense, he always makes sure she leaves the house with a smile on her face and obviously he had succeeded that day again as Nicki bursted out laughing.

"Shut up fool". Nicki said turning around and leaving the house.


"All I'm saying is we can't afford the awkwardness, we live in the same house." Drake spoke before sipping some red wine from his glass.

Drake and Nicki had had the whole day to think everything out and now they were back home, had diner, and put Janae to bed, they were ready to have their conversation.
They were sipping on red wine while relaxed on the leather couch. Drake was siting with his legs outstreched and Nicki's were on top of his as she sat next to him.

"You're right. That's why we should start calling things how they are. Say it we kissed." Nicki spoke to Drake, since that morning they had been skirting around it. Neither wanted to say the words but if they were gonna squash the situation the first step was to say things clearly.

"Right, we did kiss and I have to say it was great." Drake said and he meant it but with his playful tone Nicki couldn't tell.

"And if I'm being honest with you, I gotta say that it confused me." Nicki declared messing with the hem of her glass.

"It confused you " Drake enquired wanting Nicki to explain herself a bit more.

"Yeah, it did. What I mean is... I don't know how to say it." Nicki hesitated.

"Just say it .. It's just me." Drake encouraged her.

"Ok, truth is, I liked it, I enjoyed kissing you.." Nicki blurted out hiding her face.

"But ?" Drake knew there was something other than that , that was bothering her.

"But, I don't know ... I don't know if I liked it just because I haven't been really kissed in years or if it's just because you're a good kisser or maybe it's because I like you... I just don't know."  After Nicki said that, the room fell silent

"Say somehing, please." Nicki asked Drake.

"You want to know how I feel ?"


"Well, I liked it too, and I think it opened my eyes,I know why I liked it, I liked kissing you because I like you. I never had that connection with anyone before." Drake said wholeheartedy.

"Do you really mean that ?"

"Yes, I do. and I think I've liked for a while now."

"If we both like each other, where does that let us ?" Nicki asked Drake unsure.

"I don't know, ."

"The thing is, I'm not even sure about how I feel."

"Calm down Nic, we don't have to like jump into a realtioship right about now because we kissed, I understand that after what you went through you need a little time to figure everything out. I just wanted you to know how I felt about you and I wanted us to be clear because I didn't want things to be awkward between us." Drake reassured Nicki and she scooted closer to him and laid her head on his shoulder.

"I'm sorry Aubrey." Nicki spoke softly feeling bad, she felt as if she was rejecting him.

"You don't have to be sorry beautiful."

"I just need a little bit of time to figure out how I feel ok ?"

"And I get it, it's totally normal." Drake smiled at her wrapping an arm around her and kissing the top of her head. He wasn't upset or anything, he knew where she as coming from and he would never pressure her or make her feel bad for not being ready to get in a realationship with him. If that kiss happened, there had to be a reason and he just had to be patient and see what time holds for them.

A month later : 

"How are you doing ?"  Nicki asked Safaree who was holding Janae in his arms. He had been comitted to the center for three months now and was doing well so they gave him a two weeks permission meaning he could stay home for two weeks before going back to the center.
Nicki had recieved a phone call from him that morning and he insisted on seeing her and Janae so she agreed to drop by their house.

"I'm doing good, I've been sober for 91 days exactly, it's hard but I'm holding out." Safaree shrugged strocking Janae's hair.

"Good." Nicki spoke before crossing her arms over her chest.

"You know you can sit down." Safaree, smiled at Nicki and she sat on the other end of the couch where he was sitting.

"I owe an apology, I am so sorry for everything I put you through, you didn't deserve a hundredth of it, I'm sorry for that, I'm extremely sorry for that, what I did to you is horrible, I should've never ever even raised a hand on you and the way I treated you is unacceptable, it's not how you treat someone you love and someone who loves you and who holds you down the way you did for all these years. I am a dick for treating you or her like that." Safaree spoke looking down.

"You are." Nicki chuckled looking at him. She was happy to finally get her apology and to hear him admit that he was wrong and that she wasn't the problem because she always felt like she had messed up at some point for him to start treating her that way but she wasn't about to let him think that he was forgiven because he wasn't.

 "And erm , I want to thank you for everything you did for me, I don't know where I'd be if it wasn't for you. Thank you for taking care of me the way you did and when you didn't have to, I also want to thank you for giving me a chance to get my life back when you could have thrown my ass to the curb and let me die in the streets like I deserved." Safaree said still looking down.

"I guess no one deserves that, not even you." Nicki sighed.

"I deserved it."

"Look, Safaree, I don't really know where you're trying to get right now but there's something I need to tell you." Nicki cleared her throat before sitting up straight.

"I know that you're going through a rough patch right now and I know that you need suport and I will suport you but you've hurt me too much , it got to a point where I thought I'd see the day where you'd kill me and I know you'll probably change once that drinking problem is out of the way but the problem in our marriage wasn't just that, you were terrifying even when you weren't drunk and that's why you and I can't be anymore, we are done and there's no way it can be rekindled.

"What do you mean ?" Safaree asked looking up at her with a confused look.

"I mean I want a divorce." Nicki stated looking at him staight in the eyes.

"You want a divorce huh ?" Safaree asked her and Nicki nodded a bit afraid of his reaction, she wasn't buying that whole act he was playing, she knew somewhere inside him there still was that angry man who would beat the life out og her without even thinking twice.

"I guess you're entitled to it."

"Indeed I am, and I want it as soon as possible." Nicki explained in a firm tone.

"We've been together for nearly a decade, you could at least act like it was a bit hard to seperate ways."
Safaree exclaimed looking at her as if she was crazy. And Nicki chuckled at that.

"We've been together for seven years ten months and three weeks exactly, I know and maybe I'd act like parting ways was hurtful if you hadn't treated me like garbage for half of that time. I'm not the one who needs to be questionned , the only mistake I made was to stay with you for this long." Nicki stated as if she was saying that the sky is blue.

"I guess I deserve that." Safaree looked down at his daughter.

"You do deserve that."

"Where do you live ? I thought I'd find you here."

"I don't live here that's all you need to know, now when will they let you go ?" Nicki asked him.

"If I keep on getting better they'll let me go in three months, with weekly check ups of course."

"Good, then we'll see about the divorce in three months I guess." Nicki smiled getting up.

"Look Onika , I know and I understand that you don't want nothing to do with me, but I've already lost enough time with my daughter and I want to spend as much tim as I can with her now that ..."

"We can arrange that, once I know for sure that you ain't drinking no more. " Nicki said getting Janae from his arms.

"You're leaving already ?"

"Yes, I got places to be." Nicki spoke making her way to the door with Safaree following behind her.

"Bye." Nicki spoke before leaving, as soon as she was out of the door, she let out a breath she didn't even know she was holding in. She was trying to act detached and strong but truth is as soon as she stepped a foot in the house she wanted to cry and she was extremely scared of him still, at the moment she told him about the divorce she was so scared he'd hit her. But now that this was out of way she was proud of herself and felt as if she was set free, seeing him proved that she had really fallen out of love with him even though she still had love for him but at least now she felt she could really move on from this mess.


Nicki had taken Janae to her moher and on her way to the restaurant she dropped by Drake's office to tell him how it went with Safaree. Nicki was sitting on Drake's desk facing him.

"Did he touch you ?" Drake asked for the hundredth time causing Nicki to laugh.

"He didn't, the answer didn't change during the past 5 minutes."

"I'm just checking, you're not lying to me right ?" Drake wondered.

"No , I'm not." Nicki reassured.

"Ok, I know where to find him anyways."

"Oh god, Aubrey I'm telling you, he didn't touch me."

"When does he get out ?" Drake asked.

"He could be out in three months, right now he got two weeks until he has go back. He said he wants to see Nae during that time." Nicki said lowly, she did want Janae to have a father but didn't trust Safaree enough to let him see  her, even during those fifteen minutes he's been holding her Nicki was extremely worried so she didn't feel like letting her daughter in his care.

"Why ?" Drake asked.

"Maybe because that's his daughter." Nicki looked at him as if he was stupid.

"It took him three years to figure that out ?" Drake spat.

"I know, I know , but who Am I to deny them the right to have a relationship, I mean he never did nothing to her."

"Right, he never even bothered being a father to her, all he did was deny her." Drake angrily spat.

"Don't do that Aubrey, don't. I can't just completely cut him off like that."

"You do whatever you want to, I'm not trying to tell you what you have to do, all I'm saying is he doesn't deserve anything and he isn't entitled to have any relationship with her nor you, you don't owe him shit."

"You're right, I'll speak to him and we'll see, alright ?" Nicki informed Drake and he shrugged agreeing.

"Ok, I have to go now, I won't be home before 10:30."

"What did I tell you about working late ? I thought we agreed tha..." Drake started but was cut off by Nicki.

"I'm good, you know I don't like not doing anything."

"Then, find something to do, I don't know go to the gym or something, besides it ain't like you have to work. You know I got you." Drake told Nicki.

"Boy are you trynna say I'm fat ?" Nicki jockingly asked Drake with a lot of attitude.

"Nah, never that ma." Drake grinned.

"Whatever, I'm out of here." Nicki got down from the desk.

"I'll get Nae from your mom's since you're finishing that late." Drake said grabbing Nicki's face and placing a kiss on her nose, which made Nicki giggle.

"Alright, and you don't stay there all night, everytime you go there, you have to stay for hours and she calls me talking about how amazing you are."

"Not my fault, I can't say no when she asks me to join for dinner."

"You are a greedy doof." Nicki called over her shoulder as she was leaving the room.

Six months later :

On saturday morning, Nicki didn't work that day so she was sleeping in. Drake had volunteered to take care of Janae during that time.
It was half past ten when Nicki heard the door to her room open and close and felt a small body crawling on top of her, She opened her eyes and was met with Janae's smiley face.

"Goodmorning mommy."

"Morning angel." Nicki picked Janae up and kissed her repeatedly.

"I cook breakfast with Brey mommy, look." Janae said pointing to the tray Drake was placing on the nightstand.

"Wow ! Thank you baby, it looks delicious." Nicki cheered speaking to Janae.

"Goodmorning beautiful." Drake smiled at Nicki and sat at the edge of the bed.

"Goodmorning handsome." Nicki smiled back.

"I got your mail." Drake said handing Nicki some enveloppes.

"Why so helpful ?" Nicki jocked.

"Am I not always ?" Drake said back grinning. He looked at Nicki when he didn't hear her saying something smart. She was observing a big enveloppe and seemed quite distraught.

"What is it ?" Drake asked her.

"It's from the lawyer, I guess it's about the divorce." Nicki answered opening it.

Safaree had gotten out of the center three months prior he got out early because he never had any relapse and seemed able to take care of himself the only thing he had to do was weekly check up. As soon as he got out Nicki considred him well enough to go through a divorce which she had already file in for and started the procedure right away. Drake got her the best lawyer he could wanting her to be out of this marriage as soon as possible, Nicki found it funny how he wanted her out of it more than she did.

"It's the papers I gotta sign." Nicki explained throwing the papers on the bed.

"I can't believe I'm a signature away from being completly done with him." Nicki affirmed looking at the papers in her hand.

Nicki had met with Safaree one day after he got out to try and arrange things for him to see Janae but he tried to convince her to go back to with him, Janae was just an excuse to see Nicki. After that she decided to completley cut him off, after all Janae didn't need him she almost didn't recognize him when she saw him and that said it all. 

"Wait I'll go get a pen." Drake got up from the bed smiling like a kid.

"I can't believe it you're happier than me."
Nicki laughed at his behaviour.

"I hate knowing that you still married to him." Drake said walking out of the room and Nicki got up and followed him with Janae walking behind her. They got to his office and Janae went to sit on the throne-like chair that she loved.Drake grabbed his best pen and handed it to Nicki. 

"Is that a gold ?" Nicki asked looking at the pen.

"Yes, now sign these papers." 

"Alright." Nicki said before signing on every page. Once she was done she put the pen down and looked at Drake who had been closely watching her. He held his arms open and Nicki ran into them. They held each other close. It might not seem to be that big of a deal but to Nicki it felt just like she was signing of her freedom, she was no longer tied to that monster. She had left him the house that was the only thing they had together so now she knew that she'd never have to deal with him again.

"I swear I'm gonna cry right now." Nicki laughed as Drake lifted her from the ground and her legs wrapped around his back.

"Don't even think of that, we're going to pop some champagne right now." Drake said looking up at her.

"seriously though, thank you for everything Aubrey." Nicki said grabbing his face and making him look at her in her eyes so that he'd see how much she meant it.

"Don't thank me for that baby girl, you know I'd do anything for you.. I love you." Drake spoke wholeheartedly looking up in Nicki's brown eyes and as she started down at his hazel orbs Nicki saw how much he meant what he said.

"I love you too." Nicki spoke as a single happy tear rolled down her cheek.

Drake wiped Nicki's tear off with his thumb and it felt as if the time had stopped and everything around them was frozen as Nicki leaned in and Drake's lips catched hers. Nicki's hands glided from the sides of  his face to the back of his neck and to his hair. Drake's embrace tighten as he tried to bring her closer to him if it was possible, feeling the need to feel her close to him. Nicki's fingers got lost in his curls deepening the kiss. Drake felt her velvet tongue on his and if it wasn't because air had became an issue, he would have let their tongues dance together for hours.

When they pulled away from the kiss, they looked at each other and both were in a trance a huge and happy sile on their lips.

"I probably shouldn't have done that." Drake hesitated not knowing how to react to Nicki's silence.

"Shut up and kiss me." Nicki giggled before Drake kissed her again. She loved him and was now a hundred percent sure of it, they were both healed and ready to start anew and had a beautiful future ahead of them and this time they had the love of their life right by teir side to share it with them.

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I hope you enjoyed it , I hate how I ended it, I think it's corny . Please comment and let me know what you think. 

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