Where Have You Been 3/3 (part 1/2)

Hi everyone ! :D, here's the first part of Where Have You Been's finale the second part will be up on wednesday. Love you guys muaah. And thanks to everyone who reads particularly those who comment, I really appreciate it. :**

Nicki got back home after having lunch with Drake, she was very happy with the way it went, she had an amazing time with him, after that little moment about their relationships that made the both of them uncomfortable Drake had Nicki laughing the whole time which was really rare for her, he made her forget about all the problems she had back home and she loved every single second they spent together.

When she got home Nicki did some cleaning, taking advantage of the fact that it was her day off and that her mother was keeping Janae. After cleaning the house, Nicki hoped in the shower and, it was her second shower of the day, she needed it with the hot Miami weather.
When she got out of the shower she got dressed and after making sure that everything was in order she grabbed her car keys and left her house, she drove to the supermarket to get the grothithwas mafiingrythingthat way she wouldn't have to do it on the week-end and would be able to dedicate all of her time to her daughter.
Nicki drove from the supermarket to her mother's , she parked in the driveway, got out of her car and went to knock at the door , her mother opened it and gave Nicki a brief hug before letting her in, when Nicki walked in the living room ,she saw Janae laying down on the couch with her pacifier in her mouth, Nicki had been trying to get her to stop but Janae wouldn't let go of it and whenever Nicki succeded to get her to stop her mother would let Janae have her way so Nicki just dropped it and let Janae have her way.
When Janae saw her mother she quickly sat up and held her arms out while Nicki walked to her and picked her up.

"Hello baby." Nicki spoke to Janae who tightly held onto her mother.

"She just got up from her nap." Carol informed Nicki.

"Have you been good princess ?" Nicki asked Janae who nodded rubbing her eyes. Nicki put her down and let her lay down and watch the T.V as Janae looked like she was still emerging from her sleep. Nicki kissed Janae's forehead before her mother pulled her into the kitchen so they could talk , Nicki sat at the island while Carol poured some iced tea in two glasses for herself and Nicki.

"So, how did it go ?" Carol asked Nicki.

"It went well, I really enjoyed it." Nicki answered as a smile crept on her face as she thought about the time she spent with Drake.

"See what did I tell you ?" Carol said happy to see her daughter smiling which didn't happen much lately.

"You were right mom, I had a good time, he had me laughing the whole time, I think I really needed that." Nicki spoke as Janae walked in the kitchen and towards Nicki, she held her arms out and Nicki picked her up and sat her on her lap before kissing her hair.

"Well, I'm glad. It's been so long since you even gotten out of that house if it's not to go to work."

"I know, I know." Nicki spoke lowly looking down.

"Uh-uh, honey, we're not going back to that, hold your head up and give me that smile you walked in here with." Carol coached and  Nicki did as she was told.

After spending some time over at her mother's Nicki and Janae headed back home and as every time she gets in a car Janae fell asleep. When Nicki parked in the driveway she saw a bike that she had never seen before, it looked like an expensive bike to her but she didn't know anything about bikes so she just wondered who's bike it could be, she got out of the car and looked at the house, all the lights were off, she got Janae from the car and walked to the door which was locked. Nicki was reassured maybe the bike was just her neighbour's and since they knew she wouldn't mind it they parked it there.
Nicki got in and went to lay Janae down. She then got back downstairs and got back out to her car, she got the groceries from the trunk and went to put them away, once that was done she got upstairs and since she knew Janae wouldn't be up in a while Nicki decided on taking a nap too, she walked towards her and Safaree's room where she was now sleeping given that Safaree had went missing again. When Nicki opened the door to the room, her eyes shot open, her mouth got wide open too as the only words that came to her were :"What the fuck ?"


Drake was sitting in the lounge watching TV , he had decided to work from home that day so that he wouldn't have to rush to go back to the office after his lunch with Nicki, he wanted to spend quality time with her and that's exactly what he did.
When he left home to meet with Nicki Maliah was still there and she told him that she wasn't going anywhere and when he asked her if she wanted to hang out later on she said she was way too tired and that the baby was kicking way too much but when he got back home she was no where to be found which pissed him off, he knew exactly why she had lied to him. She just wanted him to leave the house so she could have time to spend with that Ray character ,Drake was pissed and usually he would call her and ask about her whereabouts but this time he simply didn't care, he was good, the little amount of time he had spent with Nicki was the best time he had in months. She had managed to calm him down without even doing anything particular her just being there was enough.

Drake was basically doing nothing , he happily sat there in the living with a book loving how peaceful his home was right then but something was telling him that this was just the calm before the storm.
Drake was busy thinking when he heard the opening of the door and soon after the door shut and he heard Maliah's footsteps as she walked towards the living room and towards him.

"Hey baby." She smiled at him and pecked his lips before sitting down on the couch next to him.

"Hey." Drake smiled at her and rubbed her swollen stomach.

"Hey you." Drake spoke to his unborn child with a wide smile spread across his face. The perspective of being a father alone was enough to make him forget about the craziness that was his life with her, knowing that she was about to give him the most beautiful gift of life which is give birth to his child, made Drake completely forget about everything she'd put him through lately and made him want to give her the world as he thought that's the least he could do, she was about to make his world complete after all. But what Drake failed to realise was that in this situation he was the only one giving. Maliah did nothing but take from him.

"Where did y'all go ? I thought you were feeling too down to go out." Drake inquired in a soft tone as he was still rubbing Maliah's pregnant belly and she snuggled close to him.

"Just went for a walk the doc said it'd help calm the baby, I had never tried it before but I gotta admit it works." Maliah spoke giving Drake a small smile.

"Well you've been walking for a long ass time then, I arrived here over an hour ago and you sure wasn't here. " Drake chuckled. He said that without any ulterior motive he was just really thinking that it must have taken a very long walk to calm the baby but as every guilty soul would Maliah took it in an other way and started getting defensive.

"What are you trying to say ?"

"I'm just saying , you been walking for over an hour, isn't it what you told me ?"

"It is what I said , and it is what I did, why are you doubting me again ?"

"I'm not doubting you , I just..." Drake was cut off by Maliah who uneasily pushed herself up from the couch.

"Yes you are, once again you're being suspicious, and I'm getting tired of it."Maliah said walking away and before ascending the stairs, she turned around and looked at Drake.

"I should be the one doubting you Aubrey, you're the one who cheated on me, I've never been nothing but loyal to you AND I'm carrying your child. How could you possibly think I'd do such a thing to you ?"

Here she goes again using the mistake Drake did in the past and using their unborn child to make him feel guilty.

"What is wrong with you Maliah, I wasn't trying to doubt anything you did , I was just asking something, you told me you went out for a wlak , I believed that but now with that shady reaction I can't help thinking you have something to hide." Drake stood up and started to walk towards the stairs where Maliah stood

"See, what was I saying you can't help thinking I have something to hide."

"Damn Maliah , I told you I'm not..."

"You are the cheater here, and how would I cheat on you when I look like a whale."

"Ok , stop, stop it right now, stop bringing that shit up over and over again. We were in college when I cheated and it wasn't even cheating, we weren't together."

"Whatever." Maliah spoke looking down at her feet before turning back around and walking up the stairs.

Drake called after her a few times but gave up when he saw that she wasn't coming back down.

Drake went back to sit on the couch , shaking his head, he couldn't believe what had just happened, he didn't do anything wrong, he was just trying to have a normal conversation without starting any drama, she was the guilty one as her reaction proved yet she was the one who was mad and he was the one who felt as if he had to make it up to her. But that wasn't nothing new for him , that's how things worked for them, Maliah's game was the same since for forever, she always does that, whenever she gets caught she brings up each and every mistake Drake has ever made or tries to flip it around and put the blame on him. She never felt the need to change her game plan given that it always wroked and may be that was her only misstep.

Drake quickly grabbed a jacket and the keys to his car. He got out of the house and slammed the door shut before gettng in his car and driving off.


Nicki was schocked to see Safaree laying on their bed, she stood in the doorway and obsereved him as to see if he was awake or not.

"Close that damn door." Safaree spoke up startling Nicki. She didn't say anything and walked in before closing the door, Nicki went to put her purse down but before that she made sure to grab her wallet from it and she hid it under her shirt and then went to hide it in it's spot in the closet, Safaree usually steals from her and she knew that he might have gotten in some kind of trouble if he was back, she had managed to stak up a little bit of money lately with him not being there to snatch it out of her hand and she wasn't about to let him take this.
Nicki faked to be looking for something in the closet and her back was turned to Safaree so he couldn't tell what she was doing. Nicki grabbed a random shirt and turned around to look at him.

"Where were you ?" Nicki asked crossing her arms over her chest , now she usually knows not to ask him that when he reappears but this time she wasn't having it. He couldn't just leave like that and think that he could reapper without giing any explanation.

"Shut the fuck up, I'm sleeping."

"What do you think this is Safaree ? You think you can do this to me and to your daughter ? You think you can keep being in and out of our lives and I be ok with it ?"

 As Nicki was ready to get cursed out, she heard Safaree scream at first she just made a face wondering what was wrong with his crazy ass but again Safaree screamed with pain scarring Nicki.
Nicki ran towards the bed and crawled towards him as he laid on his side with his face scrunched up in pain.

"Safaree ! Faree what's wrong ?" Nicki cried out as she tried to look over his shoulder, that's when she saw the bandage around his torso and she could see a blood stain through it. She grabbed his hand and ran her fingers over the bandage.

"What happened to you ?" Nicki asked him obviously worried.

Safaree pushed her hand away and got up from the bed.

"Where , were you bitch ? "

"I.. I.. wa..was at my mother's." Nicki answered looking down at her hand.

"What did I tell you about seeing that bitch ?" Safaree said getting in Nicki's face scaring her, she looked down and used her arms to protect herself in fear that he we would hit her.

"Safaree don't talk about my mother that way." Nicki said looking up at him.

"Don't tell me what I gotta do Nicki you know not to that." Safaree screamed grabbing Nicki by the neck.

"Now what did I tell you about seeing her ?"

"You told me not to see her." Nicki chocked on each word she spoke.

"So, why where you at her house ?" Safaree asked Nicki as he let go of her neck and sat next to her on the bed.

"She keeps Janae while I'm at work, Nicki spoke placing her hand on her neck where Safaree's previously was.

"Well then find someone else." Safaree spat and Nicki silently nodded, she looked at him and at the sight of his face she could tell that he was in a lot of pain. She placed a hand on his shoulder.

"What happened to you Safaree ? Where were you ?"

"Quit asking me that hoe." Safaree said pushing Nicki away, Nicki silently got up from the bed and went to the bathroom where she got the first aid kit and before leaving the bathroom Nicki sat on the toilet and let her tears roll down her cheeks, she didn't know what to feel in that very moment, she was relieved to see that he was back and alive but at the same time him being there was the worst thing that could have happened, everytime he's not there she enjoys it , she and Janae live the almost perfect simple life that she'd always dream of, so him being back meant drama and pain were back in her life too. She got herself together and got up from the toilet and went back to the room where she found Safaree laying back on the bed with the T.V remote in one hand and a beer bottle in the other. She rolled her eyes as she saw the six pack of beer on the bed next to him.
Nicki walked to the bed and got on it, she crawled to him and straddled his lap then she started on undoing his bandage without a word. She cleaned the cut that wasn't as deep as she thought which reassured her. Once the wound was completely clean, Nicki proceeded on renewing his bandage, she did that without speaking a word, she just did what she had to do, looking down at his torso, never looking up too afraid that he'd see the tears that where rolling down her cheeks, she didn't want him to see her cry, he already had enough power over her. When she was done Nicki tried to get up and leave but Safaree wasn't having it. He held on her waist tightly and tried to pull her closer to him.

"Let go Safaree."

"Why, where you gon go ? " Safaree asked Nicki pulling her close to him, they were now chest to chest and he was rubbing on her back.

"Nowhere, just let go, please." Nicki pleaded knowing he wouldn't. Nicki kept pleading though, she pleaded and pleaded but he didn't let go of her, instead he wrapped his arms around her and placed kisses on her shoulder blade and Nicki stopped pleading, she let her head hang on his chest. Safaree grabbed her face and made Nicki sit up, he then started on kissing on her neck while the tears were still streaming down Nicki's cheecks and it was as if he didn't even noticed them when he looked at her and attacked her lips.
Nicki didn't kiss back as the taste of alcohol invaded her mouth. Soon the straps of her tank top was pushed away and Safaree went back to kissing on her shoulder blade. Moments later, the tank top itself was pulled off of her body and Safaree laid Nicki on the bed and laid on top of her. Nicki was still crying as she laid under him, her lags wrapped around him and she could feel his chest on hers, she could feel his body weighing on her. Nicki's tears were flooding down her cheeks but she didn't say nor do anything and just let him do whatever he felt like doing. Meanwhile she did her best to dissociate her mind from her body, her mind went back a few years ago when they both where in love with each other and when he'd make love to her just because he needed to show her how much he loved and wanted her unlike right then when he was just trying to get physical satisfaction from her not even carring about how it made her feel or about the fact that he was purely and simply hurting the woman who loved him more than anything and who he was supposed to love right back.


Drake was sitting at the mmbar and had oredered yet another drink. As soon as his drink was in front of him Drake downed it without even thinking twice.
He pulled his phone out given that it wouldn't stop buzzing. Drake looked the caller's I.D and was suprised to see that it was his cousin Ryan, who was more like a brother to him.

"Hey man, what's up ?" Drake spoke in the phone.

"Hey bro , where you at ?" Ryan asked .

"At Willy's, needed a drink." Drake informed his cousin.

"I think I know why Ryan chuckled, Maliah's going crazy man, she's looking for you everywhere."

"Oh really ?" Drake asked sarcasm dripping out his tone. He knew that was just a part of her game plan, she called his family and friends just to act as if she was the one suffering, and to make him look like the bad guy.

"Yes really, she called me in tears and said she hasn't seen you in hours, and that you left the house mad at her for nothing."

"Of course that's what happened." Drake said not even feeling like defending himself.

"I don't know what happened man, but go find your girl and go make up with her, you can't leave her alone like that besides she's pregnant all of this ain't good for the baby." Ryan said and Drake sighed tired of hearing that.

"I will, I'm on my way." Drake answered before ending the phone call, he put it back in his pocket and paid before leaving the bar and getting in his car. He didn't want to go back home but he knew he needed to go back there to avoid all the drama, he knew if Maliah didn't get him back home after Ryan talked to him she would call his mother and that was the last person he needed to hear say that he had to stop treating that poor Maliah the way he did.

When Drake got home he went to his office and decided to get some work done given that he didn't do anything all day. He stayed there for a little over two hours. At some point he had to make a phone call. He picked the phone up and put it to his ear, he was about to dial the number but heard a voice which he recognised  as Maliah's.

*"I don't know He's not here yet."

"Good." A male's voice answered, Drake had an idea of who it was.

"Why ?" Maliah asked and Drake could here the smirk in her voice. " I hope you're not thinking about coming here"

"No, I was thinking you could come over"

"I can't, I can't even get up right now besides I was with you earlier" Maliah laughed

"Yes but you know I can't get enough of you baby"

After that Drake had heard enough. He shot up from his seat and ran towards the master bedroom where he found Maliah laying on the bed with the home phone in hand and she was laughing. When Drake walked in the house, she quickly ended the conversation and hung up. She got up from the bed and ran towards as fast as her condition allowed her to as Drake stood in the doorway. She wraped her arms around his neck and was expecting him to hug back but he didn't. She let go of him and took a step back to look at him.

"I'm so sorry for earlier babe, I don't know what's gotten into me I'm just at the end of my tether, I don't know why I reacted that way, I'm so sorry ." Maliah said purposely letting a few tears escape her eyes.

"Quit lying to me Maliah , do you think I am that stupid ?"

"Why would you say that Aubrey ? I'm not lying and I don't think you're stupid."

"You might think I am, you went out to see that nigga, the same nigga you been cheating on me with in my own house and you dare put the blame on me, then you go and cry to my family talking about I abandoned you when you in here on the phone with him."

"Aubrey, I don't know what you are talking about." Maliah faked a confused and hurt face.

"Really, you don't ? You didn't to see Ray this morning and that's not who you were on the phone with right now ?"Drake angrily asked Maliah.

"Aubrey it's not like that , I've already told Ray is family."

"Why do you sneak out of the house to see him then ?"

"Because of this, because I know you'd react like that, everytime Ray's mentioned or even any other man. Had I told you I was with him you would have flipped. "

"Why did you went to see him ?"

"I needed someone  someone to go walk with, in case something happened and you had that important business meeting." Malaih looked down at her hands pouting." Drake still had some suspicions but she was extremely convincing and when she mentionned that "business meeting" which really was him having lunch with Nicki, Drake felt like he wasn't better than her in all this.
No wait, it's not the same thing att all, Nicki and I are just friends. Drake thought before another thought crossed his mind. Still, I lied to her and went to have lunch with another woman.

While Drake was collecting his thoughts Maliah's mind worked too as she elaborated a way to trap him again.

"You know what this is too much Aubrey, I don't feel like going through this right now , I can clearly see that you don't trust me and this can't work without trust, you don't trust me, you take me for someone I'm not. You thinking I would do that to you proves it, I can't do it Aubrey." Maliah said lowly with much more tears streaming down her face.

"What are you trying to say ?" Drake asked, suddenly his tone softened and the anger left his eyes and was replaced by a sympathetic look and Maliah knew she had him.

"I'm saying maybe we should stop this before it gets out of hand."

"What do you mean stop, you trying to leave me right now ?"

"I don't want to, but we can't keep doing this Aubrey."

"Where you gon' go huh ?"

"My parents I guess ." Maliah shrugged panick flushing over her face was he really about to let her go ? Drake sighed heavily before walking towards her.

"You ain't going nowhere Maliah, I'm sorry for acting that way, but what am I supposed to say when you sneak out to see a man that spends most of his time here when I'm not here and who you're on the phone with talking about he can't get enough of you."

"I know how it looks, I guess I'm wrong for that but Aubrey I love you, I wouldn't do you like that. Please trust me ?" Maliah cried out placing her hands over her face.

"Come here." Drake spoke walking towards Maliah and she walked in his open arms.

Once again, Maliah did a perfect job and had him in her net or so she thought.

Two weeks later Drake was at the office it was late and he was about to head home when the phone rang. He picked up and placed the phone to his ear.


"Hello, detective Marinian speaking, I'd like to speak to Mr. Graham."

"Hey Steve, it's me."

"Hey Drake , how are you ?"

"Good , you."

"I'm great, look I've got the info you wanted, I think you'll be really interested in what I found."

"Awesome, when can we meet ?"

"You can drop by my office tomorrow around noon."

"Ok, I'll be there."

"Ok , see you then."

"See you." Drake said before hangin up. He leaned in his chair with a grin on his face, finally he was about to get out of this messy situation.

Nicki was driving back home with Janae sleeping in the backseat, she was driving slowly dreading the moment she'd get home, since the day he returned home Safaree never left the house, not even ten minutes so Nicki couldn't even breath , plus he'd always have company over and she was reduced to cleaning after their passage and serving them and Safaree had been abusing her in any possible way, she had suffered more in two weeks than in the three years she had been suffering his abuse. She didn't know why but since he came back from where ever he was, things had been worse than before.

Nicki was lost in her thoughts when her phone rang. She looked at the caller's I.D and a small smile made its way on her lips. She slid her finger across the screen and his voice echoed in the car.

"Hey beautiful." Drake spoke and Nicki's smile got wider.

"Hey Aubrey, how are you today."

"Great, how about you."

"I'm good." Nicki lied.

"You sound tired Nic. Are you sure you're ok ?" Drake inquired, just by her tone he could tell she wasn't good. Nicki smiled, she thought it was cute how he always worries about her.

"I'm fine Aubrey, I'm just a bit tired, I just got off work , I'm drivng home right now." Nicki answered.

"You shouldn't be working that much Nic, you should be home and ready to go to bed right now."

"I'm good Aubrey, stop worrying. Besides, I know you are still at the office right now."

"I am, but it's not the same, I can handle it."

"So do I."

"If you say so, anyways I had some news I need to share."

"What is it."

"I just got a call from that detective I talked to you about."

"You went for it when I told you shouldn't Aubrey ?"

"I needed to know , you said it yourself I don't deserve it, if she's cheating on me I need to know." That day after he heard the phone conversation between Nebby and Ray he acted stupid so she'd think he bought her lies but he didn't, he knew her and knew how messy she was but he also knew he didn't have enough proof to affirm that she was cheating on him that's why he called his friend Steve who was a private detective, the only person who knew about it was Nicki , he told her everything.

"I know, but I don't think hiring a detective is the best way to deal with it."

"Well, it's too late anyways. He found out what was going on."

"What did he say ?"

"He didn't tell me anything yet, I have a meeting with him tomorrow at noon and I wanted to know if you would come with me and maybe we can go have a bite afterwards." Drake asked.

Nicki thought about what she should say, she wasn't working at the store tomorrow she only had to assure her shift at the restaurant so she didn't mind going with him but what would she tell Safaree ? She couldn't tell him she was going out with Drake , he didn't even allow her to see her own mother.

"I don't think I can Aubrey , I'm sorry." Nicki said lowly.

"Why not, I thought you didn't work tomorrow."

"I don't, it's just ... erm .. I don't have no one to keep Nae for me." Nicki thought as she looked at her daughter through the rear view mirror.

"Just bring her along if that's the issue, you know I love her." Drake smiled, he hadn't seen much of Janae but the little of her he'd seen was enough for him to fall in love with her, she was the cutest little girl he's ever seen and they got along very well.

Nicki sighed heavily not seeing how she could say no to him.

"Ok, Aubrey, I'll come."

"Good, see you tomorrow then beautiful. Text me when you get home " Drake said making Nicki blush and she was glad he wasn't there to see it.

"I will. See you tomorrow." Nicki said before hanging up.

During the rest of the drive home Nicki thought about what she say to Safaree and she finally came up with something.

As every day, Nicki got Janae who was wrapped up in blanket from her carseat and held her close to her as she got in the house and ran up the stairs and to Janae's room, she didn't want her daughter to see nor hear any of what was going on in the house.
Nicki tended to Janae and put her in her bed after kissing Janae Nicki got out of the room and got downstairs, she prepared herself for the worst and opened the door to the leaving room. Unexpectedly Safaree was on his own, on the floor and there numerous empty bottles of liquor on the floor. Nicki slowly made her way to him, not knowing how he would react to her.

"Safaree ?" Nicki called sitting next to him.

"Onika ?" Safaree asked laying his head on her chest. Nicki looked at him and knew he was yet another break down, which happened once in a while.

"Onika , I've missed you so much." Safaree said holding her close to him

"Let's get you to bed Safaree, you're wasted."

"Stay here baby." Safaree pleaded, holding onto Nicki. "I thought you left me Safaree cried referring to the way Nicki left their home this morning. It was 10 when she left and Safaree had already started drinking so they argued and Nicki left mad, which caused Safaree to go into a delirium and he had been in that state all day.
Nicki got him off her and got up from the floor.

"Safaree get up." Nicki said wanting to get him to bed so she could go to bed herself, she was exhausted and didn't feel like undergoing another scene.
She started walking away knowing he'd follow behind her and that's exactly what he did, he got up and stumbled right away but somehow managed to follow behind her crying out how much he loved her and pleading her not to leave him.

Call her crazy but this warmed Nicki's heart just a little bit, yes he was so drunk that he was on the verge of an alcoholic coma but he was telling her that he loved her, they say a drunk man's words are a sober man's thoughts, so to her this was the one and only proof she had that he loved her.

Nicki had managed to get Safaree upstairs and in bed. She laid in bed with him for a while waiting for him to fall asleep, she heard her phone which was on the floor buzz and slowly grabbed it trying not to wake Safaree up. It was Drake, he was probably worried because she didn't text him when she got home.
Nicki walked outside of the room before picking up the phone.

"Hi, Aubrey." Nicki said trying to stop her tears.

"Hi, I hope I'm not waking you up, I'm just worried, you said you'd text me but you never did."

"I'm fine, I just forgot." Nicki answered, by her tone Drake could tell something was wrong, but he thought she was giving him this short answer because he was bothering her. After all he was calling a married women at 11p.m .

"Ok, I'm sorry for bothering then." Drake was about to hang up but Nicki spoke.

"Wait Aubrey."

"Yeah ?"

"Thanks for carring." Nicki said and her voice cracked betraying her.

"Now Nicki you know you don't have to thank me for that, but are you sure you're ok ?" Drake asked her, he was now worried and sure that something was wrong, he could tell that she was crying.

Nicki tried to get it back together and tell him that she was ok, but she couldn't, she kept crying heavily, while Drake's voice called her name.

"Onika talk to me please." Drake suplicated.

"It hurts so bad." Nicki cried out dropping the phone when she heard Safaree's voice behind her.

"Why'd you leave me again Onika ?" Safaree asked angrily, showing his bad side. He walked towards a dumb Nicki, she couldn't speak at all , she slid to the floor and did nothing but cry knowing what was about to come.

"You want to leave me bitch ?" Safaree said before throwing the first blow.

Drake called Nicki's name in the phone one last time before tossing it away, puting his drink down and getting up from the stool he was occupying in the kitchen.

He went to put some shoes on and after grabing his keys he hopped in his car and drave off, he drove through the streets of Miami trying to remember, how to go to Nicki's, he'd been there once to drop her off after she had came over to visit him. He remembered the way to her house pretty easily. When he arrived there he parked his car in the street and got out, just then realising how crazy what he was doing was, he felt kinda stupid for just jumping in his car and driving to her house like that, but he needed to know that hse was good, he heard the way she was crying over the phone and then he heard nothing and she said that he was hurting, with all of that he didn't care if he looked crazy or anything he needed to see her and see that she was fine. That's why he ran to the door and banged on it calling her name.

"Nicki !" Bang Bang Bang "Nicki open the door."

Nicki heard Drake yell from downstairs and she heard him banging on the door. She was sitting on the floor crying as Safaree laid on the floor before her. She was lucky he was way to drunk to keep hitting her, after two or three blows, he was weak and Nicki pushed him causing him to collapse to the ground and pass out. She knew he was just asleep.
When she heard Drake banging on the door Nicki dried her tears and got up from the floor. She got Safaree from the floor and dragged him to their room. She was too weak to get him on the bed so she left him on the floor and grabbed her robe, she took her jeans off and pulled the robe on her body before putting her hair in a messy bun and ran down the stairs. Nicki took a deep breath before opening the door.

"Nicki, are you ok ?" Drake asked looking at her closely."

"Aubrey ? What are you doing here ?" Nicki acted stupid, the same way she did everytime she'd call her father or her brother crying and they'd run to her.

"Onika are you ok ?"

"I'm fine Aubrey, I'm fine, sorry for the breakdown over the phone, Safaree and I got into it ad he said something hurtful, that's why I was in my feelings, but everything is okay." Nicki lied to Drake.

"Are you sure ? Why did you end the phone call like that ?"

"The phone fell out of my hand and was dead when I picked it up." Nicki explained. "Don't worry I am fine."

"You're sure Onika."

"Yes, I am sure Abrey, I am fine. Go home."

Drake stood there and obsereved her to make sure he didn't have any reason to be worrried.

"Ok." Drake nodded before wrapping his arms around Nicki and held tight onto her. Nicki hugged back, loving how safe she felt in his arms.

"I'm sorry for disturbing you this late." Nicki apologized.

"Don't be. You know I'll always be here for you." Drakesaid letting go of her.

"Thank you."

"Anytime beautiful." Drake answered and after one last hug Drake made his way towards his car.

"Be safe." Nicki spoke as she walked him towards his car.

"Don't worry, you just go back home." Drake answered and kissed Nicki's cheek before getting in his car. He waited for her to get back in her house not knowing that this was the place she was the less safe in.

The next day around eleven thirty Nicki walked in the building where Drake worked, she was holding Janae's small hand in hers and they walked to the reception. When she left the house Safaree was sound sleep so she simply left the house and left him a note saying that she was taking Janae to the doctors,  even after what happened the night before Nicki cooked for him, cleaned the house, got him into bed and left a bottled water and aspirin on the nightstand for when he'd wake up, she made coffee too knowing he'd need it when he'd wake up.

The receptionist indicated Nicki to the 7th floor where Drake's office was and she and Janae made their way to the bank of elevators. Nicki's stomach tied up in knots, she didn't want to face him after what happened last night, she felt extremely bad for having him worried to the point where he left his home at night to come and check up on her and mostly she left stupid for her break down, she was ashamed of it. She had been thinking all night as she laid on the cold bed in the empty and cold bedroom.
She didn't sleep at all, all she did was think, it was as if last night was the last straw, she came to her sense and realised that she couldn't take it anymore this situation was unbearable and she was accepting it, she was allowing him to destruct her, she was allowing him to do this to her, she never not once stood up for herself, but the reality was she didn't know how to, she was afraid to do so or maybe she didn't even want to do it. Whenever he's not around she feels like she can be happy and she feels free but the other side of the coin isn't that bright, she cries at night worried about him, she cries because she feels abandoned and because she doesn't know how to be without him. Whenever he leaves it's like she retrieves a piece of her but at the same time another one is snatched away. So was she really ready to walk away from that situation ? She had no idea, something in her knew that she had to or else only god knows how she'd end up.

Nicki and Janae walked out of the elevator when it came to a stop and they made their way to the direction the receptionist had indicate.

"Hello how may I help you ?" A lady who Nicki assumed was Drake's assistant asked Nicki.

"I'm looking for  Mr. Graham. I'm Onika." Nicki said, that's what Drake told her to say.

The women looked at Nicki and then at Janae before cracking up a smile.

"Follow me please, he's waiting for you." Nicki smiled back at the woman before following behind her. The woman opened the door to Drake's office and let Nicki and Janae walk in. When Drake gave a her nod Melissa his personal assistant left closing the door behind her.
Drake got up from his chair and walked towards Nicki and Janae with a bright that reflected theirs.

"Here is the prettiest of them all." Drake cheered as he squatted down to Janae's level.

"Brey !" She smiled at him and held her arms out. Drake picked her up and kissed her cheeks repeatedly causing Janae to laugh.

"Hey !" Drake greeted Nicki with a huge smile and kissed her cheek..

"Hey" Nicki spoke softly.

Drake went back to seat at his desk and sat Janae on his lap.

"Just let me finish this and we can leave." Drake spoke looking at his computer. Janae was playing with his tie while Nicki sat on the nearby couch. Both her and Drake could feel the tension in the room, this had never happened between them.
Drake was thinking aout last night, he was in two minds about what happened, part of him still didn't believe her, he could tell that something wasn't right with her when he saw her , he could tell she was lying and even right now, he could tell she wasn't alright and the thought couldn't leave his mind. And even if what she told him was true , it didn't make the situation ok. That man, who was supposed to love her, hurt her and Drake wasn't having it, yes every couple goes through their fights but the way she was crying was way too much, a husband shouldn't do nor even say anything that could hurt his wife that way. When he got back home to Maliah , this was the only thing he could think about while laying next to his girlfriend.

"Ok, I'm done , let's get out of here." Drake said and then he got up with Janae in her arms.

Nicki followed Drake's towards the door and Drake held the door open for Nicki to get out, Drake closed the door to his office and followed behind her, Drake ad Janae were making silly faces at each other while Nicki laughed at them.
At that moment one of Drake's co-workers walked up to them waiting the elevator too.

"Aww, y'all are so cute , finally we get to see Mrs. Graham. I'm Tiana." Tiana smiled vigourously shaking Nicki's hand.

"Erm.." Nicki tried to speak but was cut off by Tiana.

"And may I say, you are very beautiful. Oh and who is that ? She's so cute." Tiana spoke strocking Janae's cheek and Janae laid her head on Drake's chest trying to hide from Tiana.

"Oh, she's a daddy's girl ain't she ?" Tiana cooed as Drake laughed and Nicki was looking at her as if she was crazy.

"Are you done Tiana ?" Drake asked her as they got in the elevator.

"You are so rude."

"So let me introduce you Nicki a friend of mine and her daughter Janae. Nicki this Tiana, a crazy co-worker of mine." Drake introduced them and Nicki waved at Tiana.

"Oh, so you're not Mrs. Graham ?" Tiana cocked her head to the side.

"I'm not." Nicki answered.

"Oh my god, this so sad, y'all would make a perfect couple." Tiana pouted and Drake and Nicki laughed at her as they all got out of the elevator, they said bye to her when they went seperate ways.

"You're sure you're ready for this ?" Nicki asked Drake, they were in Steve's waiting room. Nicki sat right next to Drake who was holding a sleeping Janae in his arms.

"Yes, I have to know, I'd rather find out now than waiting for this relationship to go further and heartbroken later then."

"I guess you're right." Nicki shrugged.

"How about you ?"

"What about me ? "

"Look Nic, I know you said it was nothing , but I can't tell just by looking at you , you're not okay."

"I am good Aubrey." Nicki reassured him.

"You were crying pretty hard last night Onika."

"I was." Nicki looked down at her hands scared that the tears would begin again.

"What did he say that hurt you this bad ? You know you can tell me anything right ?"

"It's not that important." Nicki said avoiding Drake's look.

"It is beautiful, it has to be if you were crying that hard. I don't want to be intrusive or anything but I'm worried about you Nicki. Now look at me and tell me that everything is ok ?"

"Can we talk about this later ?" Nicki asked Drake looking away and as soon as the door opened and Steve walked in. He greeted both Nicki and Drake and let them walk in his office.

"Are you ok Aubrey ?" Nicki asked and took his hand in hers as to show sympathy.

"I guess I knew it already , it's just seeing these pictures it's just ... I don't even know." Drake threw the pictures on the table.

They were at Drake's house, after the news he recieved Drake was too shocked and too do anything, Maliah cheating on him wasn't shocking but when he saw the pictures of Maliah and Ray all booed up it was way too much for him and then there was the other guys, which made a total of 3 men, and she'd been with three different guys over two weeks, Drake couldn't believe it, it was as if the air was sucked out of his lungs.
Apparently Maliah was going from man to man and had them believe that she in love with them just for their money and Ray was who she really was with. Drake ? He was nothing but a pawn, she used him for a good reputation, money of course and he was who she knew would be there whenever her scheme would fall apart.

"I can understand." Nicki said feeling bad, she grabbed th picture and put them back in the envelope not wanting him to look at them over and over it would do nothing but get him more and more angry.

"What are you going to do ?" Nicki asked him.

"I don't know." Drake chuckled, "I thought it would be easy, I thought I'd just throw her out and erase her from my life, but I don't even know, how am I gonna throw out she's carrying my child, she's seven months pregnant. Wait , is it even my child ?" Drake laughed and his fist hit the table startling Nicki. Drake got up and started pacing the kitchen talking to himself. Nicki looked at him feeling extremely bad but mostly she was extremely confused as to why Maliah would do such a thing to him, was that girl crazy ? She had a perfect man, he was everything any woman could ask for. He didn't deserve to be treated that way.

Nicki got up and walked up to him and wrapped her arms around him.

"What did I do to deserve that Nic ?"

"You did nothing wrong Drake, you've been great to her, you gave her your all and she was too blind to see that you are the best thing that ever happened to her, she doesn't deserve you. It's a good thing that you found out about it, it's for the best, she brought nothing good to you and if that baby is yours then that's the only good thing. You don't have to feel bad, you did nothing wrong."

Drake held her close to him, with the state he was in he really needed a hug and Nicki didn't mind at all.

A month Later :

Nicki was home alone, Janae was with her mother, and Nicki had just gotten off work, she didn't have to work at the restaurant so she was done for the day. She went home to take a shower and get changed before going to Drake's to check on him, he was handling his breakup with Maliah pretty well but he still had moments where he was down and Nicki was there for him. They grew closer and closer since that day when they found out about Maliah's infidelity , Drake threw her out , she tried to defend herself and lie to him again but Drake didn't even gave her the time to speak. The only thing that was really bothering him now was his child, he didn't care about their relationship, it went downhill years ago but not knowing if the child she was warrying was his or not was killing him and if it was his child he knew he'd have to deal witth her sooner or later.

Nicki on the other hand was living the same calvery every day, except for she was working less, one day she backed out at work and that's when she realised that she had to slow down , you'd think Safaree would have been there but no the only person that was at her bedside was Drake he even kept Janae for the night when Nicki was at the hospital as Nicki didn't want her mother to know and of course Safaree wouldn't keep her.

"You shouldn't come here to check on me Nicki, I'm the one who's supposed to be checking on you." Drake spoke as Nicki walked in the house and walked straight to the kitchen.

"You say that but look at that." Nicki said pointing to the mess in the kitchen.

"I can handle that Nicki.." Drake said holding her by her waist trying to get her out of the kitchen.

"Ouch." Nicki hissed in pain holding her side.

"What's wrong ?" Drake asked Nicki, she didn't even have the time to answer that Drake had pulled her shirt up , he was aghast when he saw the huge bruise.

"What is that Nicki ?"

"Nothing, I just ..." Nicki tried to come up with a lie but she was simply running out of lies to tell so she just stood there looing up at Drake.

"Nicki what the fuck is that ?"

"It's , it's Safaree."

"Did he do that to you ?" Drake asked his face flushed with anger.

"He didn't do it on purpose, he accidently pushed me and I hit the wall but he didn't mean to hurt me."

"Yeah right." Drake said his jaw clenched and his fists balled up. Since that night Nicki broke down over the phone Drake never trusted Safaree, he knew something was wrong with him , but Nicki kept telling him that they were just going through a rough patch so Drake just supported her morally thinking that it was all she needed.

"He didn't do it on purpose Aubrey. He just got angry but he's always treated me right.." Nicki tried to explained but Drake cut her off.

"Are you for real ? Last week it was you arm and the week before you called me crying because that man left you outside with your daughter and you mean to tell me that he treats you right ?"

Nicki didn't say anything and looked down at her feet.

"Answer me Onika." Drake yelled scaring Nicki who jumped up and put her hands over her head, she knew Drake wouldn't hurt her but him raising his voice scared her. Drake noticed how she reacted and calmed down not wanting to scare her.

"I'm sorry Nic, I didn't want to scare you. Come here." Drake said pulling her to him. Nicki let him hold her and she started crying as soon as he started rubbing her back. Drake walked them to the living room and they sat on the couch as Nicki cried out on his chest, Drake let her cry out as much as she wanted and Nicki let it all go. A silence filled the room as soon as Nicki stopped talking.

"Seems like crying is the only thing I can do lately." Nicki tried to lighten the mood. But this didn't make Drake laugh.

"Onika, if he's been hurting you, you need to tell me."

"He's not himself nomore Aubrey, that's not him , it's the drugs and the alcohol." Nicki said hiding her face in his chest.

"Nicki you can't let him hurt you, shit I can't let you go back to him now."

Hope you enjoyed. Please comment and let me know what you think abou it  :D


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