Not So Different Pt.4

Drake sashayed towards his friends, and once he get to their level, he hugged Beyoncé and daped up all of his friends, then hugged Ciara and when it came to Nicki he stopped in his tracks. He looked at her shocked. He had always found Nicki beautiful, very beautiful, but seeing her right now, dressed the way she was and how her hair was done and stuff, she looked even more beautiful, he was amazed, she looked absolutely agorgeous. He was just stunned. Nicki started feeling kinda self-concious she wasn't used to people looking at her like that, nobody never notices her.


Where Have You Been 2/3

Drake switched the lights of his office off.  It was nine an he was about to go home after a very long day.
He worked as a business analyst and had rather long days, all he wanted now after his day of work as to go home and relax, grab a drink have a nice meal and go to sleep. He loved his job but it was really tiring.


I Want You Pt.8

Nicki was sitting at the back of the car, wipping her tears away. She was coming back from the airport. Parting ways with the twins was heartbreaking and seeing them cry for her was really hard but it didn't go as bad as she thought it would.
She was now headed to her mother's, she didn't feel like staying at the appartment all alone so she planed on staying at her mom's for the night and also she knew she had to tell her about what was going on between her and Drake before she saw it somewhere and thought it was something it's not, she wanted to be the first to tell her mother and wanted her to have her version of things before she even heard whatever people or the media had to say.


Oneshot : Where Have You Been 1/3.

"Jenae stop crying please."

 24 years old Nicki begged rocking her 3 year old daughter in her arms. She was exhausted, after work she went to get Jenae from the daycare and was now headed to her mother's to drop her off so she could go to her second job, Nicki worked as a sales woman in a clothing store where her shift ended at 5, and from 6 to 10 . She worked as a waitress at Toro Toro Restaurant & Bar. Every day from monday to saturday she would take her daughter to the daycare in the morning and then go to work, work her shift at the clothing store and then go get Jenae from the daycare and take her to her mother's before starting her shift at the restaurant then get Jenae from her mother's and finally head home to her husband.


Oneshot 3/3

Here's the last part of the oneshot (wich still doesn't have a name smh). Hope you enjoy it !!

"Thank you for your time Ms Johnson." Nicki said to the woman who was about to leave out the door.

"It's nothing, thank you." The woman answered shaking Nicki's hand and then she held her hand out for Drake to shake. Drake took it and brought it to his lips. 

"It was a pleasure having you here Ms. Johnson, have a nice day." Drake said completely ignoring Nicki's death glare.


Not So Different Pt.3

When she got home, Nicki kicked her shoes off and ran up the stairs to her room, she turned some music on taking advantage of the fact that she was home alone, but mostly to cover all the noises she could possibly hear. After the other night's events every noise put her in alert . She took her clothes off and just pulled a robe on witch she tied.  She then went to her desk and took her things out to get some of her homework done. After about two hours of studying and two episodes of Love and Hip Hop, which of course she wasn't allowed to watch. Nicki changed into her dance clothes and dialed her friend Cassie meanwhile she picked her clothes from the floor folded them and placed them in her bag and she took her music notebook as well.