Oneshot : Where Have You Been 1/3.

"Jenae stop crying please."

 24 years old Nicki begged rocking her 3 year old daughter in her arms. She was exhausted, after work she went to get Jenae from the daycare and was now headed to her mother's to drop her off so she could go to her second job, Nicki worked as a sales woman in a clothing store where her shift ended at 5, and from 6 to 10 . She worked as a waitress at Toro Toro Restaurant & Bar. Every day from monday to saturday she would take her daughter to the daycare in the morning and then go to work, work her shift at the clothing store and then go get Jenae from the daycare and take her to her mother's before starting her shift at the restaurant then get Jenae from her mother's and finally head home to her husband.

That day she was particularily tired, Janae had been sick all night so she didn't catch any sleep and since the toddler woke up she had been fussy.

"I want to stay with mommy." The 3 years old cried out in response.

From monday to sunday morning she saw mother only during their trip form the daycare to her grandma's. In the mornings when Nicki dropped her at the daycare Jenae was always sleeping and she was past out every night when Nicki would get her from her mother's. They weren't able to spend time together except from on sundays where they'd both be too tired to do anything but sleep in and watch movies. This was taking a toll on the both of them.

"I know baby I know, I want to stay with you too but mommy has to go to work so she can buy you that barbie doll you want. Tomorrow's sunday so you can stay with me all day tomorrow. Alright ? "
The little girl nodded her face burried in her mother's chest, she was still sobbing and Nicki held her even closer to her as she tried to sooth her.


After her shift at the restaurant Nicki went to get her daughter from her mother's and they headed home.

When Nicki entered her house the smell of alcohol immediately hit her nosestrills and her vision was blurred by the clouds of smoke that were clouding the air. She heard laughs and loud voices.
She sighed heavily before walking in and heading up the stairs with her daughter in her arms. Once they were upstairs she took Jenae to her room and changed her into her pyjamas trying her best not to wake her up before laying the child in her bed, she pulled the covers over the tiny body and after brushing the curls out of her face, she gave her baby girl a kiss on the forehead. She watched her baby sleep for a while and then took a deep breath before walking out of the room and down the stairs. 
She got in the kitchen and got a bottled water out of the fridge before getting in the hallway and kicking her shoes off. She finally walked to the living room and the sight she was greeted with was the exact same she was greeted with almost every day for months now.

Her husband was slumped on his armchair. A bottle of liquor in  one hand and a blunt in the other. Two of his friends Jamal and Sean were sprawled out on her couch and there was three random chicks there too. One of them was lazily sitting in her husband's lap. There was a few bottles of liquor on the floor and the hookah was cooking in the middle of the living, red cups on the floor too. She wondered how the six of them managed to drink that much,  her livng room looked like some teenager had just thrown a party there yet they weren't even completely wasted. Nicki walked in the room and went to open the window to let some fresh air in in order to get rid of the smell in the house. She then walked over to her husband and tapped on his shoulder.

"Hey Nika ! You here? Great  'cause we're kinda hungry, get your ass in the kitchen and ..."

"A word please."Nicki spoke in a dry tone walking away from the mess, her husband got up, the woman who was previously on his lap took his seat and he followed Nicki in the kitchen.

"This needs to stop Safaree. I just can't take it no more."

She and Safaree have been married for 3 years now, she got married at the young age of 21 not realising the mistake she was making. At the time Safaree who was 25, was her world, she loved him more than life itself and he loved her just as much. He was everything she knew, they had been in a relationship since she was 17, the day they got married was the day of their 4 years anniversary. She admired that man, he was a older, mature, had his own thing going on and the most important he loved her, respected her and treated her like the queen she was in his eyes.
It all changed when not even 6 months into their marriage, Safaree's company went bankrupt after a few wrong investments. He felt like he had lost everything, like his whole world came crashing down. Nicki as the loving and caring wife she was tried her best to support him and help him get through that rough patch but he locked himself into a shell and pushed her away, even that didn't stop her from being right by his side. But obviously her support wasn't enough.
He started drinking and doing drugs, that's when it all went downhill. 
He didn't care anymore, he was drunk all the time or under the influence of drugs. He started going out and then it was the cheating that started and Nicki was left there not wanting to say anything, she didn't complain she was "understanding" as she said. She felt like she had to be there for him with what he was going through it was her role and even when she found out about his infidelities she let it slide feeling like they could work past it but 3 and a half years later they were still at the exact same point, no actually everything had gotten worse. So much things happened, they been through so much, at that point she didn't even know what she was holding onto. The relationship wasn't going nowhere. She was just holding onto what was left for Janae's sake.

"What needs to stop ? Nicki I'm not feeling like listening to your bull right now, just cook me something to eat ." Safaree answered nonchalently and Nicki could smell the alcohol on his breath.

"Safaree they need to go, my 3 years old daugher's upstairs sleeping and that's what you gonna do ? It's either you ask 'em to leave or I am throwing them out myself, I'm tired of this ."

"Alright, al-right, fiiiine ." Safaree dragged his words as he was quiet drunk. He turned around and walked to the living room to dismiss his friends.

Nicki stayed in the kitchen and started on cooking diner. Once Safaree's friends were out she let the food stew and went to tidy her living room, while a drunk Safaree was laying on the couch singing and laughing for no reason his bottle clutched to his chest.

"Onika, Onika, you got a fat ass !" He screamed as Nicki bent down to pick up the red cups from the floor. Nicki didn't even paid him attention, she kept on cleaning the room, once she was done she went to the kitchen to check on the food, she then made herself a plate, she ate alone at the kitchen's table, after her meal she took a sleeping pill and went back to the living room then woke up a now past out Safaree.

"Safaree, Safaree, get up." Nicki nudged him, she was desgusted at the sight before her and to think that she had loved that man for so many years, to think that she was ready to die for that man, she sacrificed so much for that man thinking he was the perfect man but looking at the mess before her, the only thing she felt was disgust and contempt.

"Faree get up." Nicki whined about to cry, she couldn't take the situation no more it was all becoming too much for her to take, she had just reach her breaking point.

"Safaree get the fuck up." She hit him as hard as she could and he awoke.

"What do you want, let me sleep Amira." He spoke half asleep. Nicki felt so much rage at the mention of the name that she slapped him across the face and his eyes shot open.

"Nigga get the fuck up." Without a word Safaree got up and followed behind her only to fall to the ground, Nicki helped him up and he leaned on her shoulder as she walked them up the stairs and to their room. She threw him on the bed and went to the closet to find him something he could wear to sleep. When she got back he was asleep again, she undressed him and put his pyjamas on for him before helping him under the covers, tears streaming down her face the whole time. Once he was settled in bed she made a quick trip to the bathroom grabbed two aspirins and filled a glass with water she then placed them on the bedside table for him to take when he'd get up.  She went to check on Jenae before showering and changing into her pyjamas, she then went to the linen closet and got two covers before heading to the guset room where she laid on the cold bed. The room was empty the twin size bed being the only furniture in it ,also it was very cold, with her two covers Nicki knew she'd be good though, she had been sleeping in that room for weeks now. She cried until the pill kicked in and she fell asleep like she had been doing for weeks.


"Where is Jenae ? Where is my baby at ? Nae, you aren't here ? Oh well, I'm leaving then." Nicki screamed throughout the three year old's room and Jenae emerged from under the covers.

"I'm here mommy." Jenae laughed.

"Oh here's my baby !" Nicki went to pick her up from her bed and spun her around causing her to laugh harder. She held her close to her chest and kissed the top of her head before setting her back on her two feet.

"Now let's make your bed so we can go to the supermarket." Nicki said as she rearanged the covers on the bed.

"Can I have my doll today mommy ?"

"I don't know, do you think you've been a good girl ?!" Nicki smiled at her, she had finally saved enough money to buy the doll and doll's house Jenae had been begging for for a month. Thanks to her two jobs Nicki made enough money to offer Jenae a decent life, the bills were paid in due time,she put food in both their mouthes plus Safaree's. But extras were really rare given that the extra money she could use to pay for toys and other stuff was snatched out of her hand by Safaree to pay for his drinks his drugs and his hoes.

"Yes." Jenae exclaimed vigorously shaking her head up and down.

"Alright then you might have your doll today." Nicki whispered and Jenae jumped up and down screaming out of joy.

"But wait , there's one last thing mommy wants you to do." Nicki held her arms out and Jenae walked to her.

"Give mommy a hug and a kiss." Jenae wrapped he little arms around her mother's neck and they held each other in a tight embrace and when Nicki released her Jenae gave her a kiss and Nicki got up and took her daughter in her arms.

"You can have you doll for sure now." Nicki said and laughed at her daughter's excitement.


Nicki and Jenae were now at the supermarket, they were grocerie shopping and Jenae had ran off to go get some candy while Nicki was running after her.

"Nae ! Come back here."

"No, mommy wait, I want candyyy !!

Jenae kept running with Nicki running after her. As she ran through the aisles Jenae bumped into someone, a tall light skin man he was probably 6 foot tall. When he felt Jenae's tiny body against his legs he turned around and at the sight of he little girl he looked around for their parents and then squated down and smiled at the little girl.

"Hey sweetheart, where is your mommy ?" Nicki had lost track of Jenae and was looking after her through the aisles.

Jenae didn't said a word and simply shrugged with her thumb in her mouth and her comfort blanket clutched to her chest, she never went out without it.

"What's your name ?" He smiled at her, Jenae hesitated before answering she is an introverted child and her mother had thaugt her not to talk to strangers, so she just held her comforter tighter and didn't said a thing.

"You can talk to me, I just want to help you find your mommy. What's your name ?"


"That's a beautiful name." He answered making Jenae smile. "Let's go find your mommy now alright ?" He said holding his hand out for her to take. The little girl took his hand and they walked away.

"What is your mother's name ?" The man asked hoping that the litttle girl would be give him the information.

"Jenae !!" They heard a woman yell in their back.

Nicki ran after them and they turned around. The man walked in Nicki's direction, he still had Jenae's hand in his, and she walked beside him unbothered.

"Oh god, Jnae what did I tell you about running off like that, you got mommy so worried, don't do that ever again." Nicki spoke to the 3 year old after she had squated to her level and taken her hand in hers. She stood up straight turning her attention to the man who was standing there still holding her daughter's other hand.  'Damn he's handsome' She thought before shaking it off.

"Thank you very much sir." Nicki smiled at him. He looked at her strangly, her face was really familiar to him and after a little moment he finally replaced her.

"Onika ?!" He asked unsure.

"Yeah ? How do you know my name ?"

"I'm Drake... Drake Graham... I went to FIU and you used to help me study during freshman year ?" He looked at her face to see of she remembered him but obviously she didn't.

"I'm sorry I can't seem to repalce you." Nicki shook her head feeling extremely bad for not remembering him.

"Maybe you would recognize me if I still had the glasses and wore those baggy clothes. Oh I know, Imma introduce myself again, hey, I'm goober."

"Goober what kin... Aubrey ?!" Nicki cheered as she finally remembered him, Drake or Aubrey as she used to call him was a student from FIU where Nicki studied she was a brilliant student  but she dropped out during her last year when she got pregnant with Jenae. She had met Drake during her freshman year, for some reason the older students had chosen him as their whipping boy and goober was the nickname they gave him, he had no friends because of them, Nicki was one of the prettiest girls of the school, she was rather popular but with no effort she didn't care at all, the same boys that had given Drake that nickname all tried to get with her, none of them had a chance though Safaree being the only man she could think of, when she noticed how they treated Drake she decided to befriend him and hangout with him just to piss them off but as a result they became great friends until Safaree decided Nicki should cut all ties because they were getting too close, and so she ended their very short but intense friendship.

"In the flesh." He smiled happy that she had finally remembered him.

"Oh my god, how you've changed."

"Yeah I know, and may I say you haven't change at all, you're just as beautiful."

"Why thank you." Nicki brushed him off, thinking he was just being polite when he was really mesmerized by her beauty.

"I'm just telling the truth." Drake answered flashing her a perfect smile and Nicki melted inside. She felt Janae tug on her sleeve and looked down at her.

"Oh, and this is my daughter Jenae, Nae say hi." Nicki picked the little girl in her arms and Jenae let out a small "hi".

"Hi again sweetheart." Janae smiled at him.

"It was nice seeing again Aubrey." Nicki smiled and was about to walk away.

"The pleasure is mine." He answered and hugged her. When his arms wrapped around her Nicki felt a sudden rush of electricity run through her , she remembered feeling the exact same thing everytime they touched back then, he released her from the hug and they both stood there Nicki was a bit embarassed for the way she was feeling.

"Well goodbye." Nicki said turning around to leave and Drake also walked away but then retraced his steps and called after her.

"Hum Onika wait."

"Yeah ?!"

"I was wondering maybe we could hang out sometime to you know catch up."

Is he asking me out on a date ? Nicki wondered . Chill Nika you ain't all that, he's certainly not intrested.

"Hang out ? Hum yes, why not." Nicki answered surprising herself.

"Hand me your phone." Nicki did as she was told and Drake took it and saved his number in it.

"Here." He handed her phone back to Nicki. "Hit me up when you got time alright ?"

"I will." Nicki smiled at him and took her phone back and they hugged again, and Drake said bye to Jenae before they both went their seperate ways. 

Nicki was going through all kinds of emotions at that moment, she was happy, it was really nice to see him again after Safaree had ask her to cut all ties with him she was extremely sad because he was her only real friend at shcool everyone befriended her because she was 'cool' but she knew how fake the friendship was when she was going through something and no one was there for her, she never felt alone like that when she was still friends with him because he was there for her no matter what. That's the reason why now almost 5 years later she was feeling guilty, the way she cut him off then wasn't right, but at the time her relationship with Safaree was the only thing that mattered and she didn't want to lose it. She felt bad but at the time it seemed worth it, now not so much, she just felt stupid for all the sacrifices she made because of him.

Nicki and Jenae fnished their shopping and went back home Jenae was very cheerful as she had her new doll. And when they got home she went to play while Nicki was unpacking the groceries and puting it away.
She could hear Jenae laughing and screaming alone while playing, and it made her smile but the smile soon faded when she heard his  groggy voice scream from upstairs.

"Why the fuck is that child screaming this damn early in the morning." Nicki stopped in her movements and sighed heavily when she heard him coming down the steps, she walked over to where Jenae was playing and picked her up from the floor.

"Is dada mad again ?"

"No, baby daddy is not mad, just a bit tired, you wanna go play in your room ?" Nicki asked her daughter and Jenae happily shook her head yes.

"Alright let's go then." Nicki waited until she saw Safaree get in the kitchen and then quickly climbed up the stairs and went to put Jenae in her room, she then went back to the kitchen and completely ignored her husaband's precense as she carried on puting the groceries away.

"What did I tell you about your kid screaming around my house this early."

"First of all it ain't early , it's 2 in the afternoon, second of all maybe if you didn't get wasted last night maybe your daughter laughing wouldn't be bothering you."

"And maybe if you had raised your daughter the right way, she wouldn't be screaming in the damn morning."

"What about you help raise her, since you know so much about raising kids."

"I would if she was mine."

"What ? Safaree how dare you ?"

"What , what ?"

"You know what I ain't 'bout to argue with your lame ass right now Safaree, fuck you." Nicki said slamming the cabinet door close and Safaree cringed at the sound, he was hungover thus the smallest noise irritated him , he walked towards her and pulled on her hair.

"Bitch, you gon' need to lose the fucking attitude."

"Safaree let go, you're hurting me." He let go of her hair and slapped her across the face before going back to the coffee machine and Nicki simply walked away to go spend some time with her daughter.


Two weeks later, Nicki was going about her everyday routine, it was monday evening, she had dropped Jenae at the daycare in the morning, went to work, went to pick Jenae from the daycare, dropped her off at her mother's and she was now at the restaurant, it was a rather calm evening , the restaurant wasn't empty though, she had work. She was at the bar and was wipping the countertop when her coworker Jessica came up to her. 

"Nicki can you take table 5's order for me please ?" Jessica asked as she passed by with dishes in hand. 

Nicki finished cleaning and put the cloth away then grabbed her notepad and pencil before walking to the table 5. 

"Welcome to Toro Toro Restaurant & Bar, I'm Ni..." Nicki was cut off in the middle of her sentence by the man sitting at the table. 

"Onika ?!" The man exclaimed obviously surprised to see her.

"Oh hi !" Nicki answered surprised herself.

"Hi ! How are you ?"

"I'm great, how are you ?"

"Good, been waiting for your call . "

"I am so sorry , it's just I never have time, I mean between work, my daughter and my husband I never get a minute to myself." Nicki said insisting on purpose on the fact that she was married, she didn't want to get his hopes up for no reason. She wasn't lying though , during those two weeks there was time when she'd think about calling but then decided against it for two reasons, first she wouldn't have time to actually see him and second call her crazy but she felt like it would be a huge disrespect for Safaree and as bad as things were between them she didn't want to do him like that. 

"You don't have to explain yourself, I was just messin with you. I wouldn't mind it if you found time though." He still wanted to see her even though she had just clearly let him know that she was married so maybe he really wanted to meet with her just to catch up as friends.

"I promise I'll think about it then."

"You sure you will ?"

"Yeah I promise Aubrey."

"Ok, great then."

"So can I take your order now ? "


"Mom, why are you saying this ?This is not right. I can't do it." 

"I'm just giving my opinion, you asked me." Nicki and her mother where having a conversation as Nicki had came by to get Janae who was sleeping. Nicki told her mother about her encounters with Drake. And her mother was telling her that she should go out with him. 

"Why would I even give him a call when I have a husband, mom I am married !" 

"That you are to an asshole who doesn't deserve, you but we're not discussing this right now. From what I remember of him Aubrey is a nice guy and he just wants to meet as friends so you have no reason not to call him."

"Yeah right but what if he wants to be more than friends."

"Then I don't see what holds you back."

"Really mom ?"

"Ok, well then if he tries to be more you just stop, I mean you're meeting up with him to catch up, you're not taking any engagement."

"I don't know mom, Safaree didn't like me seeing him back then..."

"Onika stop ! Does Safaree care about the way you feel when he keeps disrespecting you ? Does he care about how you feel when he got all of them whores in the house where you pay the bills ?Hein ? Answer me Onika !"

Nicki shook her head no, tears threatening to roll down her cheeks.

"No, no, I guess not." Nicki spoke with he head lowered.

"Then you don't have to deprive yourself of a friendship I know you want, you're not doing anything wrong. Baby I'm tired of seeing you lose each and everything or person that you care about because of him, you deserve to be happy Onika and if reconnecting with an old friend can make you happy then do it .  Who cares about Safaree and whatever he thinks."

"I guess you're right mom, I'll call Aubrey whenever I get some time."

"Fantastic." Her mom hugged her happy to have finally convinced her, reconnecting with an old friend might be banal but for Nicki it was a huge step, she never went out with anyone since she had Jenae and it had been even longer since she even talked to a man other than Safaree or the customers at the shop or at the restaurant. It might be just meetin up as friends but to her it felt like betraying Safaree.

After conversing with her mother a little longer Nicki finally got Jenae and they headed home. When they got home it was empty, Safaree wasn't there and the house wasn't trashed, part of Nicki was happy but still there was that part of her
that was worried for him. She didn't like not knowing where he was, given how much he drank he could easily get in trouble or get hurt and she couldn't stand the idea of it. But she shook it off as she tended to her daughter, she changed her in her pyjamas and placed her in her crib, before turning the lights on and quietly leaving. She went to the kitchen and  she had a frozen prepared dish for diner, she was too exhausted to cook, she ate alone, in the almost dark kitchen, in the silence it was the perfect reflection of how she felt inside. After eating she went back upstairs and got ready for bed, she stepped in the guest bedroom where she was still sleeping but as soon as she stepped a foot in it she was hit by the cold air, the room was freezing, even more than usual, obviously the heat was broken again. Nicki figured there was no possiblity she could sleep in that room, but at the same time she also knew sleeping in Safaree's bed wasn't an option either, she had no idea about how to fix the heat and felt like she was about to go crazy as she was so tired and needed to sleep. She was deep in her reflexion when she heard the front door open and close, she heard heavy foot steps and knew it was Safaree but by the sound of his footsteps she could tell he wasn't that drunk , when he's wasted he drags his feet and stumbles all over the place and what she heard was not that. She then heard giggles and whispering but thought nothing of it, she thought he was just a bit tipsy and talking to his own self. She heard his footsteps on the steps of the stairs so she stood in the corridor waiting for him to climb up the stairs so she could see in what state he was, but she wasn't ready for what she saw, Safaree and some random chick walked right past her and didn't even aknowledged her. They were about to get to the master bedroom when Nicki walked up to them and yanked Safaree's arm, he turned around and slapped her accros her face.

"Don't you dare touching me hoe, what has gotten into you ?"

"Safaree what are you doing ? Who is she."

"That ain't got nothing to do with you."

"It does have something to do with me, Safaree I'm your..."

"Baby what are you even talking to her for ?" The woman standing right next to him holding his hand spoke and Nicki didn't even say anything she charged at her and as she was throwing the first punch she felt her body being snatched away and thrown against the wall with so much strenth, when her body hit the wall she felt like all of her bones and organs were shaking, she could hear Safaree talk to the bitch that was with him but was too shaken up to even understand. When she got back to real world she saw the girl enter her and Safaree's room and was about to walk in that direction but Safaree stopped her. He yanked her arm and she snatched it away from his grip.

"Safaree what the fuck ?!"

"You what the fuck ? Have you lost your damn mind ?"

"Me no , but you sure did. Why did that hoe just stepped in my room and probably laying on my bed right now ?"

"First of all bitch that's my room and my bed, I'll get whoever the fuck I want to get in there." 

"You can't do that Safaree, you can't do that to me." 

"I can do whatever the fuck I wanna do."
Safaree said and started yanking her around. He brought her to the freezing guest room where she had been sleeping for a while now and he threw her to the ground and her back hit the bed in the process. Nicki tried to get up as best as she could , holding her aching back. Inconciously tears started rolling down her cheeks.

"Safaree please. You can't do that to me, I'm your wife you can't screw that girl in the bed we shared, and in our home. You're supposed to love me , you can't do that especially when our daughter is sleeping in the room nextdoor." Nicki chocked out, her tears streaming down her face.

"Your daughter bitch that's your daughter, she ain't mine. As for you, you still can go find your baby daddy if you ain't happy. Who needs a fat bitch like you anyways." His words stabbed Nicki right in the chest. She felt just as if he had planted a knife in her heart and was now twisting it in every directions. 

"You are a monster Safaree, wh..." Nicki was cut of by a slap in her face and she started crying even more.

"Shut the fuck up ! " He pushed her on the floor once again and kicked her in her belly causing her to choke. He then walked away and walked out of the room as if nothing had happened.

Nicki was on the floor in a fetal position crying her eyes out. She cried and cried until she couldn't anymore. When she stopped crying, she got up and walked over to the bed. But as she was about to get on it she heard Jenae cry . She went to check up on her but she was still sleeping , she was just a bit fussy but sleeping nontheless. As she was watching her baby sleep Nicki couldn't help but start crying again, she couldn't help but feel like she was a failure. She felt like she had failed on so many levels she wasn't and would never be able to make her daughter happy would never be able to raise her in a good envirement  that was just an addition to all the things she failed in life. She had dropped out of college, had broken up all of her friendships and her marriage was a complete mess. What hurt the most was that all the sacrifices she had made were made in order to protect her marriage and that happens to be her biggest fail. An epic fail.
She couldn't stop crying as she was viewing her husband and that woman in the bed they once shared in her head. The worst part is that this wasn't the first time a thing like that happened.
She finally got up went to get a blanket in her room and got back in Jenae's room, she sat on the  rocking chair and wrapped the blanket around her body and that's how she spent the night. Curled up in that chair crying.


Nicki was at her mom's again to get Jenae. 

"So how are you ?"

"I'm great." 

"That's what you say... The bags under your eyes are telling me otherwise."

"I'm just a bit tired, Jenae been fussy during the night lately." 

"Don't you lie to me Nicki , I ain't stupid my baby's not the reason why you don't sleep." Nicki didn't say a word she just lowered her head letting her mother know that she was right. 

"Have you called Aubrey ?" 

"Not yet." 

"And why is that ?" 
The only answer Nicki gave was a shrug.

"Call him, you're off this friday, I can watch Nae for you."

"Mom, I'd rather spend my day off with my daughter thank you."

"Onika, just do it . Don't get me started."

"Alright mom, I'll call."

"Call him right now."

"Really mom ?"

"Yes really." 

"Alright." Nicki took her phone out and scrolled down her contact list looking for his name. When she found it, she dialed him. He picked up on the third ring. 


At first Nicki didn't answer until she felt her mother nudging her. 

"Hum , hello Aubrey, it's Onika."

"Oh, Onika, how are you beautiful ?" Nicki's cheeks immediatly turned rosy, she wasn't used to compliments.

"I'm good, how are you ?"

"Couldn't be better, I mean you called so."

"Aww, you're so sweet."

"How's the little one, Janae right ?"

"Yeah, that's it. She's good, has me running everywhere as usual. Thanks for asking."

"Amazing. It's nothing. So what's been going on Nika ? "

"How about we meet up sometime so I can tell you ?"

"That would be great."

"Well how about friday then ?"

"Fine by me."

Ok, cool. Erm look I gotta go, Nae needs me right now. But we keep in touch right ?"

"Ok. Yeah sure, make sure you kiss her for me."

"I will. "

"Ok. Bye then beautiful."

"Bye Aubrey." Nicki hung up the phone.

"Was it that hard now ?"

"No, I guess it wasn't."  Nicki said smiling unassumingly. 

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