Not So Different pt. 9 (2/2)

"Where's Nicki at ?" Beyoncé asked Future as they were all sitting in the waiting room. Drake was awake that was for sure but they didn't know anything other than that. He was being taken care of, that's what the doctor told them.

"Who knows ? I tried to call her but I got the voicemail." Future explained.

I Want You Pt 10 (2/2)

Drake woke up alone the day after his argument with Nicki , he sighed when he passed his hand over her side of the bed that was empty and cold. Last night before falling asleep he had hope that she'd come sleep with him because of the storm outside, he knew she was scared and couldn't sleep through storms.


Deal Part 4

Nicki's P.O.V

"I'm hoome !" I shouted through the house as I walked in. Not a sound was heard so I figured the girls were still sleeping, I set my keys down and eased my feet out of my boots before making my way upstairs in the most silent way trying not to wake the girls up. I went to my room and set my bag on the floor before going to put Ice down on one of the armchairs. I pulled the envelope out of my duffel bag and took the money out of it then went to put half of it in my ancient Egypt jewelry box which is where I hide my money, it's my nest egg. I put half of the rest in my wallet, and left the last part in the envelope, that will be for next month's rent.


Not So Different Pt 9 (1/2) & I Want You Pt 10 (1/2)

Not So Different :

"Aubrey !" Nicki called and it sounded more like a chant, her soft voice called his name and he could see her running through the flowery meadow. A huge smile graced her lips , he face was free from any make up, and looked so pure and innocent as the sun rays made her eyes glimmer. She looked like an angel dressed in her white sundress, that flew around her, the same way a the soft breeze made her wavy hair flow in the air. Her hands softly grazed the flowers and her bare feet brushed over the soft grass as she ran towards him humming a beautiful tone.


Deal Part 3

Soo, I thought about it and I think this story definitely deserves more than 3 parts and I'm sure I can develop it so that a few parts can be added. What do y'all think about this ?
Anyways for right now, here is part 3.

Nicki's P.O.V

"Welcome to our home Mrs... I mean Mom." I spoke as I walked side by side with Drake's mother towards the sitting room, Drake walked behind us carrying her luggage he set it in the foyer at the foot of the stairway and came to join us as Sandi and I took seats.