Not So Different part 10

It had been two weeks since Drake had woken up and though he was doing good over all he was still in the hospital, his physical injuries weren't healed and he still had a lot of difficulties walking and moving around in general which was really hard for him, he felt like he had to be assisted in every hing he did and hated it, he had  a lot of support of course, from his family and his friends and of course from his girlfriend. Nicki was being as supportive as she could and just like she did while he was asleep she spent most of her time at the hospital. On another note, she was getting herself together and had left her parents' house for good, she lived in her Malibu house with BeyoncĂ© and Ciara.

Deal Part 6

Nicki's P.O.V

"Nika, please don't leave us." Ariana pouted looking at me from her spot on the floor. We were busy packing some of my stuff. I was officially moving out of the house and moving in with Drake.
It had been five days since we had the conversation about me moving in and while I wanted to take my time to sort everything out and then move in, Drake was rushing me, he was ready for me to move in right away and kept calling and telling me that I needed to come live with him ASAP so today I decided I would surprise him by moving in behind his back. Right now I'm just packing the necessary stuff, a good amount of clothes, my toiletries and all of that, I'll have the rest of my stuff taken care of later.


For Better Or Worse 1/3

Drake sat across from the middle aged man and intently listened to everything he was saying. He knew just how important every single word that doctor said to him was important

Deal Part 5

Nicki's P.O.V

I woke up to my phone buzzing from under the pillow , where I had put it before I went to sleep, it was my alarm. I had set it to make sure I'd wake up and wouldn't be late for school. My eyes shot open and fell on Drake's face, he was laying down on my chest like he does all the time. I was about to try and ease out of the bed without waking him up but instead I started playing with his curls.