Not So Different part 10

It had been two weeks since Drake had woken up and though he was doing good over all he was still in the hospital, his physical injuries weren't healed and he still had a lot of difficulties walking and moving around in general which was really hard for him, he felt like he had to be assisted in every hing he did and hated it, he had  a lot of support of course, from his family and his friends and of course from his girlfriend. Nicki was being as supportive as she could and just like she did while he was asleep she spent most of her time at the hospital. On another note, she was getting herself together and had left her parents' house for good, she lived in her Malibu house with Beyoncé and Ciara.

That day right after school she had went to the hospital to visit Drake and was now heading to her parents' house to get a few thins she needed. Nicki was still unaware of the fact that her parents were separated, She knew they weren't on good terms but didn't know that Boris had left Taraji for good. He hadn't find the courage to tell her, he thought it would only be for the best if he let her deal with everything else she had on her plate while he sorted everything out himself and then he'd let her know what was happening.

Nicki parked her car in the driveway before stepping out of it and locking it, She made her way to the front door and used her keys to open the door and let herself in. Not a sound was heard in the house so she figured her parents were both still working, she made her way upstairs and got to her room, when she opened the door she was shocked to see that everything was turned upside down, her room was a mess, it looked like someone had purposely ravaged it, it was the same thing when she stepped into her closet. She sighed heavily, knowing that her mother had to have something to do with it , she picked up whatever she could get out of the mess and felt like she needed, and put it in a bag and she also got things like the framed picture of her and her father and then stepped out of the room as she was making her way downstairs she found herself face to face with her mother and couldn't believe what she was seeing, Taraji stood there, dressed in an over sized T-shirt, some boy shorts, a robe and some booties slippers, her hair was thrown into a messy bun, her eyes were puffy and she had a bottle of tequila in one hand and was carrying a bunch of snacks with her other arm.
Nicki looked at her confused and didn't what to say. Taraji looked Nicki up and down and kissed her teeth before speaking.

"What are you doing in here ?" She asked looking at Nicki straight in the eyes.

"I came to get some of my stuff, that's it." Nicki explained looking down at her feet, even though she did rebelled against her mother and finally got the courage to get away from she was still just as intimidated, no matter how bad Taraji looked.

"Great, take everything there's left and get the hell up out of here and never, ever, ever come back." Taraji spat harshly and Nicki immediate rose her head stunned , she knew her mother could be a bitch at times but wasn't expecting that one.

"Do you understand me ?" Taraji asked and Nicki just stood there. Taraji shook her head at her and bumped past Nicki to make her way towards the master bedroom which was were she spent hr days and her nights moping, getting drunk, stuffing herself with junk food and plotting her revenge, she was not one to cry and move on , she wouldn't move on until she knew she'd done everything in her power to hurt the person who had caused her to be miserable and that person was Nicki.

Nicki was making her way down the stairs, deciding that she wouldn't even bother picking up her mother's attitude but then she turned around and made her way towards her parents' room feeling the need to finally speak her mind. Nicki got to the master bedroom and violently pushed the door open ready to lash out but was frozen in place when she saw her mother sprawled in the middle of the bed stuffing crisps in her mouth, tears rolling down her cheeks, she looked around the room and saw empty bottles of liquor on the floor and empty crisps packages and that was all she could distinguish i the darkness as the blinds were closed only allowing a few rays of sun to enlighten the room a little.

"What the hell is happening in this house." Nicki asked just above a whisper.

"The fuck you're still here for Onika ? What did I tell you ? Get the hell out of my damn house !" Taraji screamed getting off her bed. It was the last straw for her, the one person she considered her number one enemy was standing there , watching her as she was at her lowest, she never wanted Nicki to see her in the state she was in and even worse, see her cry. It was as if she was just there to taunt her and celebrate her victory. Besides, Taraji knew Nicki had always seen her as a cold hearted monster unable to feel anything and with what she was planning she wanted to keep things just like that.

"What's wrong ? Have you been crying ? Where's dad ? And since when do you call me that ?" Nicki threw all the questions that were running through her mind.

"Where's dad ? where's dad ?" Taraji mocked Nicki getting in her face. "So you came all the way up here to taunt me ? You think you won huuh ? " Taraji asked Nicki in a blood curdling tone.

"What are you even talking about mom ? You are drunk, you need to ..."

"SHUT UP !" Taraji screamed startling Nicki.  "Don't say one more word and get the hell out of here, I won't repeat myself Onika, Since the very first day I made the mistake o bring you into this household you caused nothing but problems, you caused drama and pain all around you, you ruined everything I built, everything." Taraji expressed through greeted teeth.

"Waouh !" Nicki let out shocked shaking her head.

"You know what mother ? For all of my life I have been wondering what it was, what it was that I have done to you for to hate me this much, since I was old enough to notice the way you treated me I've been trying to understand why, why you didn't love me, I thought I was just a horrible person for you to hate me that much, so I did everything in my power to finally get you to love me, I've done everything ! Like everything you asked me to do, everything you wanted me to do I did, I was who the fuck you wanted me to be, I was your little puppet. And even that didn't change anything so I just thought I was a lost cause, but truth is you are the lost cause, there is only one reason as to why you don't love me it is because you are sick, you are crazy, you are a monster and I just you o go to hell. I'm done dealing with you, I am done !" Nicki expressed finally standing her ground.

"Get the hell out of my face." Taraji said walking back to her bed, totally unbothered by what she just heard, she simply didn't care.

"That's what I was planning on doing, don't worry, I'm leaving and I won't be back." Nicki spoke turning on her heels and making her way towards the door.

"That's all I'm asking for, just hoped your bastard ass would've taken that decision before he left me, would've avoided  you lot of drama." Taraji said from her bed, catching Nicki's attention.

"What did you just say ? What are you even talking about ?"

"I said that your bastard ass should have left before your father who isn't even your father left me because now that you got him to leave him I am going to make your lame ass a living hell, Onika, you have no idea of what you've just gotten yourself into, now you better get your ass out of my damn house before I get you out myself and let me tell you, you won't like it." Taraji said through greeted teeth making walking towards Nicki and pushing her out of the room. She was aware of the bomb she had just dropped on Nicki and she had done it on purpose, at that point she'd do anything she could do to hurt Nicki.

Nicki stood in the corridor frozen after Taraji had slammed the door in her face. She wasn't even sure if she heard correctly , she couldn't believe what Taraji had just told her. The fact that Boris left her wasn't even a shocker but him not being her father, that was not even something that she could take, was it even possible ? Nicki couldn't believe it, It was not possible, Taraji just said that because she was mad, that was it. Nicki turned on her heels and ran down the stairs and got in her car and drove home as fast the speed limit allowed her to.

"Nicki don't say that, you don't know for sure, your mother is a monster, she might have said that only to mess with you." Ciara tried to reassure Nicki who was sitting indian style in the middle of her bed with her pink bear clutched to her chest and both Ciara and Beyoncé on each side of her.

"Ciara's right, this could be a lie, you need to call your father and ask him."  Beyoncé gave her opinion.

"I can't do that. What if it's true and he doesn't even know it, I can't hurt him like that, besides what if I tell him and then he decides he doesn't want nothing to do with me because I'm not his child ?" Nicki rambled worried, She was at a loss right then, at first she was convinced that it was all a lie and that Taraji was just being a sick bitch saying whatever she could to hurt her but the more she thought about it, the more she worried, asking herself if it was actually true.

"Don't think like, your father loves you, he loves more than anything, it's obvious, it won't change anything, plus if he doesn't know it, you have to tell him, he has a right to know." Beyoncé said and Nicki sighed throwing her head backwards.

"I guess you're right. I'll call him tomorrow though, I need to sleep right now." Nicki said and Ciara and Beyoncé got off the bed and hugged her before wishing her a good night and leaving the room. Nicki laid down in her bed and clung onto her bear before turning the lamp off.


Nicki was headed to her father's office, she was on lunch break and figured it was the right time to go see him and have that talk with him, during her ride she was trying to calm herself telling herself that she had nothing to worry about and that he was going to tell her that there was no reason to doubt and that he was her father for sure. But still when she got there and made her way to the reception she felt her stomach tie into knots and while she rode the elevator to the top floor where her father's office was she felt that bed vibe and right then she knew it, she knew what she was going to find It was not good.

"Hey Rachelle !" Nicki smiled at her father's assistant who smiled right back .

"Hey, doll. How are you ?"

"I'm fine, is he in there ?" Nicki asked pointing to Boris' office that was behind her.

"Yep, you can go in." Rachelle, knew that if it was Nicki she had no reason to ask, Nicki was Boris' priority, she was the number one thing on his list and he'd drop anything if she needed him.

"Ok, thanks." Nicki said making her way to her father's office, she knocked before opening the door and walking in, Boris who was surprised to see her put down the papers he had in hand and got up to greet her. They shared a quick hug.

"Hey, you ! I wasn't expecting you." Boris said and Nicki smiled at him before taking a seat next to him on the couch.

"I know, but I needed to talk to you."

"What is it Nicki ? You don't seem well."

"I'm not, I went to the house last night." Nicki started and Boris sighed.

"Oh, ok." Boris shook his head.

"You really left her ? Is that why you ask me not to go there ?" Nicki asked her father and Boris nodded with a sigh.

"Yes, I did, and I didn't want you to go there because, I didn't want you to be face to face with her, she's convinced that you are the reason why I left, she's crazy and I didn't want her to try and take some kind of revenge, you understand ?

"Yeah butt did you really left her because of what I did ? Because if that's the problem I can..."

"No, no, no Nicki first of all, you have nothing to do with what goes on between your mother and I we couldn't get a long anymore so I left, it wasn't because of you, and if anything I am proud of you for finally leaving the house and stop putting up with her craziness." Boris old Nicki who gave him a cheeky smile before it disappeared as she thought about the other question she had to ask her father.

"Erm dad, there, there is another thing I had to ask you."

"What is it ?" Boris asked giving Nicki his undivided attention.

"Last night mom said something and I don't really know if it is true or not, I don't know if she said that to hurt me or if it was true."

"What did she say ?" Boris asked worried he was almost positive he knew what it was but was hoping it wasn't what he was thinking about because he was not ready for that conversation.

"Well, she said I was a... She called me a bastard, then she said you weren't my father.'" Nicki let out starring down at her hands. After a few seconds Boris hadn't open his mouth yet so Nicki started to worry and looked up at him to see his reaction and when she saw his face she knew, she had her answer.

"Don't tell me it's true." Nicki begged shooting up from the couch and standing in front of her father who still wasn't reacting,

"So you are not my father ? Y'all lied to me for all of my damn life !" Nicki almost screamed and Boris finally reacted when he saw his daughter's fury.

"Nicki, it's not even like that, first of, we don't even know for sure."

"How ? What do you mean we don't even know for sure ?" Nicki shouted back.

"Nicki please calm down, please." Borris interjected and Nicki calmed down a bit, she took a breath and sat down next to him.

"What do you mean, we don't know for sure, are you my father or not ?" Nicki repeated her questions and Boris sighed.

"I'm not sure baby girl , I don't know." He answered placing his hands over his head.

"Mind explaining yourself ?"

"Hmmph, well, about twenty years ago your mother cheated on me, even before that our relationship was rocky you could say and we both had our responsibilities in his situation so I forgave her and we were able to put this behind us until the day we found out she was pregnant."

"Ever heard of DNA test ?"

"We had one done, but at that time you were already there, I had already fallen in love with you and I couldn't bring myself to read the results, I decided to raise like my own no matter what so I just burned them but apparently your mother, she read them and all along she knew the truth. Last year after we got into it over some dumb stuff she told me you weren't my biological child. But you know how she is she could have told me this just to hurt my feelings, so I don't know." Boris exposed the whole story to a stunned Nicki who just sat there emotionless at this point.

"But Nicki, it doesn't change anything, I love you and I will always love you the same way, no matter what, you are my daughter." Boris tried to reassure Nicki.

"That's what you say now dad ! Why do I even call you that ? You aren't even my father !" Nicki almost screamed getting up.

"Nicki, don't say that, I am your father period, we can have a DNA test done if that is what you want, I can't deprive you from the truth but no matter what happens, you are my daughter and I'll always love you the same way, don't doubt it Nicki." Boris said softly soothing Nicki and he walked towards her and wrapped his arms around her.

"I know dad, I know, I'm just, this is just too much for me right now, I need some time." Nicki said getting out of her father's embrace.

"Nicki don't shut me out, I'm sorry for not telling you sooner but.."

"I'm not shutting you out dad, I just need time. I'll call you." Nicki said walking out of her father's office. She got in the elevator and when it got to the ground floor, she ran out of it and out the building and to her car, she got in it and let go of all her emotions, she let the tears roll down and just sat there motion less, she felt abandoned and felt as if now she was alone, all alone, if Boris really wasn't her father, now she didn't have any parent anymore.

After a few minutes, there was no tears anymore, she was just blankly staring off into space until she finally snapped out of it, she checked the time on her watch and figured it was too late to go back to school, she'd be late and didn't feel like dealing with her teachers, but she didn't feel like going back anyways, there was only one place where she wanted to be, she needed to be with him right then, he was the only one who could understand her and make her feel better, she started the engine and drove to the hospital.

Nicki arrived at the hospital not long after and before walking in Drake's hospital room, she looked through the glass window and saw him standing up which was already enough to make her smile, she was impressed by the progress he was making. She watched as he slowly took a few steps across the room before he stood frozen and his face scrunched up in pain, the nurse rushed to his side and grabbed his arm before helping him to the nearby chair, Nicki took this as her queue to walk in, she opened the door and made her way towards him, she could read the pain on his face and started to worry.

"Aubrey are you ok ? You know you're not supposed to be walking like that."

"I"m fine." Drake said but he was lying as Nicki could tell just by the way his face scrunch up. 

"I'll leave you too alone." The nurse said walking out of the room after she had gotten her clipboard. 

"What has gotten into you Brey. If the doctor says don't walk then you don't walk. Are you trying to lose any chances of using your legs again ?" Nicki scorned Drake, she couldn't believe how reckless he was being right then, she knew she was probably over reacting but she was scared for him and it seemed like he wasn't even scared himself.

"I know, I was just feeling well, and I don't know I just wanted to try." Drake explained getting situated on the hospital bed.

"I know you're trying to get out of here as soon as possible and I can understand that, I want you out of here too but you can't go putting your own self in danger like that. You will walk whenever the time comes alright ?" Nicki spoke and Drake nodded. He knew she was right.

"You are right, I guess I have to be patient." Drake sighed and patted the side of the bed motioning for Nicki to come sit next to him. 

"What are you doing here anyways ? Aren't you supposed to be in school ?" Drake asked thinking she was missing school to come see him again which he was clearly opposed to. 

"I am, but I really don't feel like going right now. I'm a bit shook. I needed to see you." Nicki admitted. 

"Why, what happened ?" Drake asked sitting back up. 

"I just found out my father might not be my father." Nicki explained and Drake's eyes widened.

"What !? How's that possible ?" Drake asked.

"My mother cheated on him around the time she got pregnant so we don't know if I'm his or the other guy's. And what's even more fucked up is that he knew all this time and never thought it would be good to tell me. I had to find out from my crazy mother who used it as a way to hurt me after my dad well I don't know if he is my dad or not left her." Nicki explained. She was angry at her father for not telling her.

"Look baby girl I know you're angry at him and you have the right to but I think you shouldn't, I understand you're hurt but think about it that way, he knew all along that there was a possibility you weren't his yet he stuck around and took amazingly good care of you, that's the proof that he loves you and that should be all that matters. That's your father no matter what." 

"I know but I can't help feeling like I was lied to you know and for a whole 20 years at that. I feel betrayed." 

"That's how your momma wants you to feel. The whole purpose of telling you this was to hurt you and break your relationship with your dad. Don't let her do that." Drake advised.

"You are right and I know you are but I just need space right now. I'm confused." Nicki admitted and just by looking at her Drake could tell she was about to cry. 

"Come here." Drake said with his arms open and Nicki walked into his opened arms accepting his hug.

"Shht, everything will be alright baby don't cry, everything will fall back in its place and you'll be fine." Drake tried to soothe Nicki. 

"I am so glad you're awake Brey, had this happened while you were asleep, I don't know what I would have done." Nicki cried out in Drake's chest.

"It's ok, babe, I'm here." Drake reassured Nicki who just cried and cried. She felt bad for bothering him with her problems when he was already dealing with so much but she really needed him and he was the only one who could make her feel like everything was going to be alright. Little did she know that on the other side of the town Taraji was savoring her first little victory. Yes first because this was just phase one of her revenge and Nicki had so much to lose though she wasn't even aware of it.

A bit short I know but I figured it is better than nothing. Please comment and let me know what you guys think. 

Mucho Love Xoxoxox


  1. I really don't like taraji! Poor nic she just needs someone stable and hopefully Drake is the one who stays that way !! Loved this too , keep writing boo

  2. well first of all Taraji should burn at the stake. like for real. I dislike her with a passion. I knew she was not done. i wonder what else she has planned that is so diabolical!

    also i am glad that eberyone know the truth i just want Nic to not give Boris the Cold shoulder when he has nothing but a Great Dad to her. that man really loves her and she should at least be glad she has one parent left, they may not be blood related but that is the closet she is going to have when it comes to a normal loving Parental relationship.

    and also i am so happy they are together, i just want for Aubs to get better and that he is back to his old self in no time.

    i really enjoyed this, obviously, its my fave indeed.

    and again, the double updated. THANK YOU!


    (Theo) - yeah...i have an alias now...LOL

  3. Omg taraji is crazy she should've been happy Boris forgave her for cheating and staid around to help take care of a child that was not his