Deal Part 6

Nicki's P.O.V

"Nika, please don't leave us." Ariana pouted looking at me from her spot on the floor. We were busy packing some of my stuff. I was officially moving out of the house and moving in with Drake.
It had been five days since we had the conversation about me moving in and while I wanted to take my time to sort everything out and then move in, Drake was rushing me, he was ready for me to move in right away and kept calling and telling me that I needed to come live with him ASAP so today I decided I would surprise him by moving in behind his back. Right now I'm just packing the necessary stuff, a good amount of clothes, my toiletries and all of that, I'll have the rest of my stuff taken care of later.

"Don't even start Ari, you're gonna make me change my mind for real." I answered while folding a shirt.

"I can't believe you're leaving us though, I always wanted to be the first to move out so I wouldn't have to live this moment."  Amber said and I gave her a look.

"Quit trying to make me cry, you sound like my damn mother."

"If I were your momma I would whoop your ass just for thinking about moving in with that crazy dude." She rolled her eyes at me and walked away as I shook my head and carried on folding my clothes.

Once I was done I checked my phone, while I was packing I heard it buzzing a few times meaning I had received a few text messages but I was so busy that I decided to just leave it for later.  I had received three text messages. Two were from friends of mine and then there was one from Drake.

**Hey gorgeous.** It was the simple text I received from him everyday and just that always made me smile.

**Hey handsome.** I answered and put my phone down, and started painting my toes waiting for an answer.

**How are you today ?**

**I'm great. What about you my love ?**

*I'm fine. Looks like someone is in a good mood today.** 

**I am in a good mood, it is a lovely day isn't it ?**

**If you say so.**

**Oh. Looks like someone is in a not so good mood. What is going on ?**

**Nothing, just work. I'm overwhelmed.**

**Yeah right, that's why you can spend time texting**

**It's only because it's you baby girl :) **

**Well, I'm flattered. Imma let you go back to work though :*  **

**Wait ! How about diner tonight ? I can try and get off early, I need to see you.**

**You know I'd love to, but I can't, I got to work.** I was planning on moving in that night while he was at work.

**Alright, then I guess, I'll stay here and cut some more people off. See you when I see you.**

**See you.** I answered before setting my phone down. I knew he was upset with the fact that I was going to work well that I said I was going to work.He might have never said it but I know that he doesn't like knowing that I spend evenings with other man pretending to be their girlfriend, their fiance or even their wife which I can understand I mean that's how we met and look at us now. But really he has absolutely nothing to worry about.

Drake's P.O.V 

I just got off work and was on my way home, it was past eleven when I parked in the driveway. I had stayed at the hospital late on purpose, seeing Onika was the only thing on my mind for the five past days and it was starting to become an obsession. So I just worked more to stop thinking about her.I asked her out tonight but she said she had to work, which I really don't know how to feel about, I think I'm upset, I really don't like the fact that she chose to go spend the evening with a random man instead of me, but at the same time I have no right to be upset, she's free to do whatever she wants to do and I knew what was up before even getting involved so I can't say anything, plus I know I have no reason to be worried about this whole thing it's not like she did anything with her clients, she barely talks to them so there is nothing to worry about.

I got out of the car and made my way to the front door and unlocked it, I let myself in and after taking my jacket and shoes off, I made my way to the kitchen and poured myself a glass of scotch before making my way up the stairs, I was washed out and all I was thinking about was get in bed.
I walked in my bedroom and while unbuttoning my shirt and stopped in my tracks, surprised by what I was seeing. Nicki was lazily sitting on the bed, doing something on her laptop. I cleared my throat to catch her attention. She rose her head and when she saw me she smiled showcasing her dimples and got up from the bed and walked towards me.

"Look who decided to come home !" She said walking towards me arms open and I opened my arms to hug. I wrapped my arms around her waist and lifted her from the ground in a fit of happiness. Her arms wrapped around my neck as we held each other until she released me so we were face to face.

"What are you doing here ?" I asked her, I was surprised to see her here, I thought she was working tonight.

"Thought you wanted me to move in with you ?" She said giving me a dimpled shrug.

"Wait, you're here for good ?" I asked and she shook her head yes.

"Really ?"

"Yes really now would you put me down ?" She asked and I was about to put her down when I noticed what she was wearing , she had on a short red silky kimono robe that was untied and I could see she was wearing a lingerie set underneath it. I let go of her and set her back on her own two feet. I licked my lips at the sight before me, she was so gorgeous, and sexy, I just wanted to have her right then. Obviously she could read the lust on my face and she gave me that look and sat on the bed facing me and took her robe off, I couldn't do anything but admire the beauty before me.

"See anything you like ?" She asked in a sultry tone before biting her bottom lip.

"Sure do." Was the only thing I said before crawling on the bed and towards her. She reached for the buttons on my shirt and undid them before helping me taking the shirt off and then she tossed it somewhere and then flipped us over so that she was on top of me, straddling me.

"I'm so glad you're here." I whispered as she leaned over and started kissing on my neck.

"And I'm so glad I'm here." She whispered back before attacking my lips.

Nicki's P.O.V

It had been two weeks since I moved in with Drake and I was happy with how things were going between us, everything was just perfect, it felt as if we were in our own little bubble just the two of us and I loved it, he has that way of making me happy all the time, as of right now I just can't complain, there's just that one thing that bothers me it's the fact that he's always working and that we spend less time than what I thought together but that's no big deal, I don't mind it that much.

I was busy cleaning the house while waiting for him to come back home, I had spent the whole evening studying and needed a break from it, I was cleaning the kitchen when my phone that was on he counter top went off. I went to pick it up and checked the caller's I.D to see who was calling but it was an unknown number, I decided to pick up anyways.

"Hello ?" I called in the phone but didn't hear anything.

"Hello ?" I called again and still didn't got any answer so I decided I'd hang up, I was about to do so when I heard a voice calling my nickname.

"Nika ?" I heard a small voice call and I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"Caiah ?" I called back hoping I wasn't just hearing stuff.

"Yes Nika, it's me." He answered and I felt like I was about to cry.

"Hi lamb chop, how are you ?" I asked wiping the single tear that was rolling down my cheek, it had been months since I heard his voice, my parents didn't want him to have any contact with me at all so we only talked through text messages at night whenever he could get one of our parents' phone.

"I'm fine, how are you ?"

"I'm great, how are mom and dad ?"

"Good, I miss you Nika, when will I see you ?" He asked and my heart broke into pieces, I knew I had no answer to give him, he kept asking why we culdnt' see each other anymore but I couldn't explain it to him.

"I don't really know baby, soon I hope. But I miss you a lot too." Was the only answer I could give as another tear rolled down my cheek.

"Are you coming home for Thanksgiving ?" He asked, thanksgiving was about a month away and knowing my mom it was probably already the only thing she was talking and thinking about.

"I don't know Caiah, I can't tell you right now, but I'll try alright ?" I knew damn well, my father wouldn't forgive me anytime soon and that I would never make it but I couldn't just say no to him.

"Ok, what about christmas then ?" He asked and I took a breath before answering.

"Erm, I'll try my best, Ok ?"

"Ok." He answered obviously disappointed.

"Ok, so how are you doing in school ?" I asked wanting to change the subject.

My brother and I talked for a while until it was really time for him to go to bed so we said our goodbyes to each other before hanging up. I had just set my phone down when I heard Aubrey's voice behind me, I didn't even hear him get in.

"Who was that ?" He asked and I sniffled and wiped my tears before turning around. I didn't want him to see me cry.

"My brother." I answered looking down trying to hide my face as he was making his way towards me. He got to my level and wrapped an arm around my waist as he kissed my forehead, he used his index finger to raise my head and I reflexively put my facade smile on. I thought it'd work but obviously it didn't as I could tell by seeing the frown on his face.

"Do you want to talk about it ? You seem upset." He asked softly, tucking a loose strand of my hair behind my ear.  I shook my head no as I sniffled before answering.

"I'm fine." I said putting another fake smile on.

"I'm a bit tired though, I'll go lay down. There's food in the oven if you're hungry." I said before kissing his cheek and walking past him. It was pretty late and though we usually stay up later than that, I was really feeling like going to sleep, that phone call brought me down, if part of me was happy because I had finally got to actually talk to my brother another part of me was crushed. I was brought back almost three years ago, on that day when I called my mother and she told to never try to contact her again because she waned nothing to do with a prostitute, after that she hang up and we never spoke again, I tried to contact her and explain to her that I was not a prostitute at all and everything but she never let me do so, I tried to talk to my father and it was even worse, he just called me names and rejected me. The only family member I still have a real relationship with is my big brother Jelani, just like my parents he doesn't like what his sister does for a living, he doesn't like it but he knows and trusts his sister and trusted me when I said I knew what I was doing and that was all he needed to know. So him and I are good, we don't see each other that much but at least we are good.

I made my way up the stairs leaving Drake alone in the kitchen, I went to the bedroom and just laid down on the bed with Ice who had followed behind me, I don't know how but he must have known I was down, because he started licking all over my face and then snuggled close to me, he had gotten a bit bigger now and was providing a much needed warmth as he slowly fell asleep on my belly.
We just laid down that way for a few minutes as I thought about my life, right then I was casting doubt on every single move I made since I left home, I might act like I have everything under control but really I don't , I'm a bit lost, my family was my rock three years ago, I knew where I wanted to get and who and why I was doing it for, I just wanted to be successful and make my parents proud but now what was I really doing all of this for ?

I was deep in my thoughts when I felt Ice being taken out of my embrace, I looked up and saw Aubrey placing the dog in its doggy bed that I had moved from the sun room a few days ago.

"What did that dog do to you ?" I asked looking up in Drake's eyes as he sat next to me on the bed.

"Nothing, I just don't like him taking my spot that's it." He smiled at me before getting up and picking me up.

"Oh my god ! Aubrey what are you doing ? Put me down ?" I whined but he paid me no attention as he descended the stairs carrying me in his arms.

"I have a surprise for you." He said setting me on my feet at the bottom of the stairs.  "Close your eyes." He ordered and I did as I was asked, he placed his hands over my eyes to make sure I wasn't peeking, he helped me towards the living room.

"Ok, open your eyes." He spoke, taking his hands off my face. I prepared myself for whatever before opening my eyes. I gasped at what I saw, there was blanket fort kinda thing around the T.V space, there was blankets on the floor and many pillows on top, also there was a few lights strings which added to the dimmed lights created a felted and cozy ambiance.

"Come on." Drake said excitedly grabbing my hand and pulling me towards the fort, I looked closer and noticed a tray with my favorite snacks and a bowl of pop corn, and there was also a bottle of red wine and plenty of DVDs.

"Aww, Brey, this is adorable." I said walking into his open arms. After hugging me for a little while he let go of me and I stood on my tip toes to peck his lips.

"But why would you do this ? What is it, you wanna have sex in a blanket fort ? Is that what's up ?" I asked crawling into the fort.

"You are a freak, that's all you think about." Drake joked crawling in at his turn.

"And you love it."

"I do, but seriously, the reason why I did this is because I wanted to do something nice for you and make you smile, I can't have you unhappy now can I ?"

"Aww, you are the best, but you really didn't have to." I answered laying down.

"I wanted to." He answered laying down next to me and I got closer to him and laid my head on his chest. I can't believe he did this just to cheer me up, it's so cute, I don't think anyone ever done something like that for me, it was the most simple thing he ever did for me yet it was the best thing ever.

"Thank you, this is amazing." I smiled and pecked his cheek before siting up and grabbing a bowl of chocolate and caramel candys

"You don't have to thank me. I told you, I can't stand seeing you unhappy and I won't let it happen ." He answered looking straight in my eyes and I could tell he was being sincere. At that moment I felt my heart flutter, he is just perfection.

"Thanks for caring Aubrey." I answered and felt myself getting emotional again so I quickly looked away and changed the subject.

"So what do we do now ?" I asked him putting on a smile as usual.

"Well you could tell me what's going on and why you were crying but that's only if you're comfortable with it, if you're not ready you can just pick a movie." He shrugged.

I paused and looked at him weighing my options, I don't know if I wanted to talk about my issues, talk about myself is not something I do, I just hate it and I don't want to talk about my issues, I never do and I don't want him to see how broken I really am, he thinks I got everything figured out and I don't want anyone to ever see the broken me, Besides he already feels like he has to take care of me, I don't want him to see me as a charity case, I didn't want him to pity me, I don't know if I'm ready to let him  in, I'm afraid to let him see the real me which is ridiculous given that I never hesitated two seconds before taking my clothes off and laying down with this guy. I guess, getting really naked is way harder.

"Can we go for the movie ? " I asked in a small voice, afraid I'd disappoint him, he never hesitated to open up to me, I knew everything about him, of course the fact that I had to study him in order to make our play seem real had a lot to do with it but I knew him the way I did mostly because he was pretty open with me, but I just couldn't bring myself to let people in, even him.

Drake's P.O.V

We weren't even half way into the movie when I felt Nicki move, she rose up from my chest and sat up before getting the remote and turning the T.V off.

"Where should I start ?"  She asked me and I rose a brow confused.

"Start what ?" I asked and she rolled her eyes at me.

"You want to know what's going on with me right ?" She asked and I nodded. I was surprised she was really willing to talk to me, since we've known each other she never talked about herself except from that time hen she told me about her little brother, when she moved in I thought I'd get a chance to get to know her better but in two weeks, she never said anything personal to me, I don't want to rush her into doing so, she can take the time she wants but it just feels weird to know that I am an open book to her and I know absolutely nothing about her. Earlier when she chose to watch a movie instead of talking to me, I felt like I had pushed too hard and thought she'd go back into her nutshell for good so I am surprised to see that she is willing to open up.

"I do, but it's up to you, you tell me only if you want to."

"I want to, but I'm not good at this." She spoke and looking into her red eyes and I could tell she was lost, I noticed that a few times, she has moments where she just seems so lost and fragile but then she goes back to the assertive and confident person I met about two months ago. 

"Just let it all out as it comes to you." I shrugged and waited as she gulped down what was left in her wine glass.

"Ok." She sighed before starting.

"So as you know, my parents rejected me after they found out about the whole escorting stuff." She said and I nodded.

"They cut all ties with me, making it barely possible for me to stay in touch with my little brother, him and I were very close, and when I say close, I mean he's my baby, he was my everything really, I used to take care of him while my mother was working, I'd take him to school in the morning, packed his lunch and everything, then I'd get him from school, tuck him in , everything, like a mother, so when I moved out of the house, it was already hard for me to deal with, I missed him so much, out of everyone I left behind, he's the person I missed the most, but at least then I could go and visit him, call him whenever I wanted to but now, I get a text every months, a phone call every 6 months, so yeah I just miss him and my mom we were pretty close too so when I get that phone call earlier, it broke my heart. I had to tell him that I was certainly not going to make it for thanksgiving nor Christmas and then I started thinking about everything and to be honest I just feel abandoned and lost." She said before sighing and looking down at her nails.

"I try so hard to be like fuck them I don't need them anyways, but truth is, I am lost right now." she said letting a single tear roll down her cheek, it was the first time I saw her cry. I used my thumb to wipe her tears and pulled her close to me.

"It's normal to feel that way." I tried to soothe her.

"I know, but I don't want to feel that way, I don't to let it bring me down, I want to be stronger than that." She said crying into my chest.

"You are strong Nika." I said making her look at me. "And you are not letting it bring you down, you're doing great for yourself at only 25, you are getting your education and you are about to become a great pediatric surgeon, you can be proud of yourself."

"Believe it or not, I am proud of myself , it's just sometimes I don't know , I start thinking about how I got where I am and I just feel ... I don't know I just break down because I don't understand how I got here. How did little Onika from Brookshire get here ?" She asked with a chuckle, shaking her head at herself.

"You are from Brookshire ? When did you move to Houston ?" I asked her , this question might seem out of the blue, but maybe her explaining to me how she got here, would help her understand how she got to this point.

"Yes I am, I moved here when I was twenty, I had been dying to move ever since I graduated from high school, everyone was going away for college but my parents wouldn't let me go so I started medical college there in Brookshire, it took me two years and Ariana and Amber moving to Houston too to convince my parents."

"Must have been pretty tough to get used to the city."

"Not that much, you know me." She shrugged. "Ari, Amber and I found a place to live in, my parents sent me money for my part of the rent and my tuition, I worked petty jobs here and there for everything else." 

"So how did you start escorting ?" From what she was telling me I couldn't understand how she got here either.

"Well, you know how I love nice things and I didn't have my parents to control me anymore so I would spend all of my money in clothes and stuff like that, but I wasn't no platinum card holder so I had to restrain myself which you know I hate doing. And there was that girl Ashley, she lived right around the corner from us and she had all those clothes and bags and she was just so cool, we became good friends and one day I asked her how it was even possible for her to afford all these stuff when she lived in a one bedroom apartment, she told me about the escorting agency and I didn't see what was wrong with it, I saw it as a fun job, with plenty of adventages so I went for it, next thing I knew I was enlisted in the agency and then Ariana and Amber followed, I never told my parents about this, I just told them that I had found a job that paid enough for me to take care of myself and asked them to stop sending money, all I wanted and all I still want is get through school and get where I want to get without struggling, without depriving myself from anything and depending on my parents or anyone else for that matter." She explained and I was paying attention to everything she said, I was really interested in learning more about her, Nicki is an enigma to me and the more I could know about her the closer I felt to her.

"How did your parents find out ?"

"Till this day I have no idea."  She shrugged.

"Have you tried to explain to them that you weren't doing anything with anyone and that you just wanted to be independent and make them proud ?"

"I tried but to them this thing I do, using my  charms and exploiting male's attraction to me in order to make money is the exact same thing as being a prostitute, but I don't blame them for not understanding, They are really pious people, my mother is the typical old school southern housewife you know, she never worked until things became difficult financially and she really had to, she is my father's shadow, she agrees to each and every decision he takes and she's content with that life, to her being a good wife and a good mother was and will always be enough but she didn't want that for me, she'd even make me promise to become someone, to do something great with my life before becoming any man's wife, my father on the other end just wanted me to marry well and become my mother's replica, him and I never really had a relationship but he was there. See my parents are simple respectable people, I guess you can understand why they reacted the way they did when they found out their daughter was an escort, the word escort attached to your daughter is not something you want and it's even worse when you are people like them. People around town used to look up at them you know my mom used to go to church twice every day and three times on sundays, my dad was hosting bible study with the pastor and now they are seen as the prostitute's parents so yeah it must be pretty tough for them." 

"Have you ever considered quitting your job as an escort to rekindle things with them ?" I asked not that I thought she was in the wrong.

"I'm waay too stubborn for that, and though I can understand where they are coming from I don't feel like I'm doing anything wrong and I'm not saying they don't have a good life or anything but I want more than that for myself and if escorting for a few more years can get me there then that's what I'll be doing. At first when I got here, my plan was to get through medical school, become a doctor, and go back home and you know I had a boyfriend, Marcus, he was perfect on paper and I was planning on starting my life with him when I became a doctor, he wanted to become an engineer, we were supposed to move in together and have three babies I had everything planned. But when I got to the city I started wanting more and more, and going back home was not part of my plan, then the babies disappeared, Marcus, disappeared my way of seeing things changed, so when my parents said they didn't anything to do with me I was like oh well, and same thing when Marcus broke up with me. I just shrugged it all off and carried on with doing me and now the closer I get to being who I want to become I realise I messed up because I have no one, and I have no plan for after. So I stop escorting next year to start on my residency, I become a surgeon in a few years but then what ? I might sound ridiculous but now I realise a husband and three babies weren't that bad of a plan." She said before she took a sip of the wine in her cup.

"You can still have a husband and three babies after you become a great surgeon, you are so young, you don't need to have your whole life planed out like that, that might be how your parents and everyone else made you feel but it's not how you are supposed to live, I think it's great that you have goals and ambitions and that you want to achieve things, we all need this but everything don't have to be planned out and no one should have any say in your decisions, As I said, you are doing great for yourself, and you don't need nobody's approval. As for you being alone, you are not alone, you have your friends, you said it yourself they're your family and also you have me." 

"I guess you are right I don't know what I'm stressing over like that, I'm just hurt and scared to be alone. I know I have the girls but it's not the same as having my family and you say I have you, but do I really have you ?" She asked looking down at her hands again and I used my index finger to raise her head.

"You do have me, I know our relationship is pretty complicated and weird but I really like you."

"Well, I like you too and I am really glad I have you, thank you for being here."

"Don't thank me for that." I answered before she snuggled closed to me and wrapped her arms around me I returned the gesture and held her, at that point I felt like it was all she needed.

Nicki's P.O.V

I can't believe I just did that, I just counted my whole story life to him and then he told me he liked me like the guy still likes me after hearing me ramble about how I became an escort and even more crazy I told him I liked him too, I don't know what has gotten into me but I'm really not being myself right now, why am I opening up to him like that ? But at the same time it feels really great, I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders after all opening up might not be that bad, no it actually feels great. 

I unwrapped my arms from around Drake's waist and went to straddle his lap as he was sitting up.

"You know I was serious about having sex in a blanket fort." I whispered in his ear before starting to nibble on his earlobe knowing how it turned him on, I think we did enough talking for the night and I wanted us to go back to our old ways.

"I think we can make that happen." He answered flipping us over and just like that I knew we were on for the whole night.


"Come on Aubrey don't be stupid, you know I'm right." I argued.

It had been a week since I had really opened up to Aubrey and since then everything was going perfectly fine between us, I got very easily used to living with him, I was in a good place and everything was fine, he treats me like a queen which I appreciate and I return the favor, I cook, I clean and give up the goods, it feels like a honey moon kinda vibe, we are in our little cocoon and we both enjoy it.
Today was sunday so I finally got him home with me so I decided to finally go get my stuff from the house but first I wanted to make sure I'd have the larger part of the closet.

"You are being stupid, the space that's left is more than enough for your things." He argued while pulling his sweater on.

"Not at all, I really need that side of the closet Aubrey, it's necessary." I complained pulling my dungarees on.

"You are pushing it Nika, I'd have to move all of my clothes and everything." He shook his head no.

"Aubrey you are a meanie." I said in a baby voice before grabbing a jacket and walking out of the closet, I went to seat on the bed, where my phone was, I took it and texted Amber to make sure they were up before we went there. I was busy doing that when Drake got in the room and he was about to sit down next to me but Ice was already laying on his back with his eyes closed. Drake picked him up from the bed and was about to put him on the floor when I spoke up.

"You better not be doing what I think you are doing." I said looking up from my phone, Drake chuckled before sitting on the bed and setting Ice on his lap.

"Give me my baby, he doesn't even want to be with anyways, you are mean." I said before getting Ice from him, I was still pouting, I knew he couldn't resist a pout, the baby voice and the cold shoulder.

"Alright Nika you can have whatever space you want in the closet, you can even have your own dressing room if that's what you want." He said with a sigh.

"Really ?" I looked up at him and smiled.

"Yes, if that can make you happy." He shrugged and I threw myself at his neck.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you !!"

"I bet I'm not that mean now."

"Not at all, you are the best." I said before pecking his cheek. He took that opportunity to steal a kiss, then another one and I could already tell where this was gonna go so I pushed him away from me.

"Let's not start any of this, we have to go." I said getting up and making my way back to the closet to get my shoes.

"Do we really have to do that ? We could just go and buy you a whole new wardrobe." Drake called behind me.

"I'd still have to go get the rest of my stuff from there, Don't be scared Brey, she's doesn't bite." I answered referring to Amb. I had told him that she wasn't too ken of him and that she didn't really approve of our relationship so he was a bit apprehensive about meeting her.

"Who said I was scared ? Let's just go, you're taking way too much time to get ready." Drake answered making his way to the door and I followed behind him.

"I can't believe it, you are scared, let me text this to Amber she's going to laugh so hard." I made fun of him and he snatched my phone out of my hands.

"Don't, I said I wasn't scared, I'm just a bit apprehensive, just a little bit, I mean I know their opinion is important to you and you basically told me that one of these girls hated me." Drake explained putting his shoes on. I thought it was extremely cute how he was worried about the girls' opinion on him.

" Aww, come here." I said taking his hands in mine. "Their opinion matter a lot to me but I chose to be here with you and I am happy that way, you make me happy, so you have no reason to worry, besides they will love you so it's all good ! Now let's get going." I said sincerely expressing how I felt before pecking his cheek and walking through the open door. Though I didn't want to let it show I was quite apprehensive of this meeting too, it was not like a formal meeting and everything but still this would be the first time the girls meet Drake and I really wanted them to like him, and mostly Amber she hates him without even knowing and clearly let me know that she wanted me to stop seeing him so I just hope it all goes well.

Hey ! So I know this part might be a bit boring and everything but it I felt like it was needed for the rest of the story so here it is. Please leave comments and telle me what you think.

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