For Better Or Worse 1/3

Drake sat across from the middle aged man and intently listened to everything he was saying. He knew just how important every single word that doctor said to him was important
, he had to listen closely so that he'd know exactly everything he had to do in order for his wife to get better and consequently for him to get better, for the last two month he was feeling as if he was going to loose it, the day of that accident, his whole world came crashing down.

"Do you think you are ready to take over ?" The doctor asked Drake who nodded.

"Yeah, yeah, I think I can do that."

"Great, now for the check ups, they'll be every two weeks at first, then if everything goes well, they'll be more spaced out. Let's set an appointment for the 27th which is in two weeks alright ?" The doctor asked.

"Ok sounds perfect." Drake answered.


Drake took a deep breath and prepared himself for whatever was going to happen, every time he walked in that room it was another knife that was thrown and that stabbed him in his chest. He couldn't stand seeing her like that, not that she was in bad shape she had been perfectly fine physically for a month now and he could say that was what hurt him the most, he couldn't be happy to see that she was doing well and that disgusted him, he was disgusted with himself because as much as he wanted to be happy to see her alive standing on her own two feet and every thing, that thing was the only thing on his mind and he couldn't stand seeing her as he had that on his mind.

When he felt like he was ready Drake opened the door and entered the room.

"Hey !" He beamed walking through the door.

"Look mom, he came to see me again." Onika his wife spoke to his mother smiling from ear to ear as she got up from the hospital bed. 

"Of course I came to see you gorgeous, and guess what's even better ? I'm taking you home today." He said and she started clapping like a child, which was the way she'd been acting for the past two months.

"Really ?"

"Yes really." Drake answered as she threw herself at his neck.

"You're really cool erm.." Nicki said trying to remember his name. Drake gave her a weak smile, he was hurt every time she forgot his name but he knew he couldn't show it, he knew it was already hard enough her to try to remember and not be able to so he didn't want to frustrate her even more.

"Aubrey." He said and  Nicki snapped out of her thoughts and smiled at him.

"Right, you're mad cool Aubs." She said and moved on to the next subject as if nothing had happened. This took Drake back to two months ago when he walked in that same hospital room for the first time.


"Nika baby where are you ? You were supposed to be here like two hours ago, I'm starting to get worried, call me whenever you get that message, I love you." Drake left yet another voicemail on Nicki's phone.

A few minutes later, he was still waiting on his wife to get home and was putting her plate back in the microwave to heat it up for her as it had gotten cold, and that's when his phone went off. He got it with his free hand and picked up before pressing it to his ear. He was absolutely not expecting to hear what he was told and the plate he had in hand landed on the floor shattering into pieces and that's exactly how he felt his whole world was , shattered into pieces, he got his things and ran to his car and broke all speed limits to get to the hospital.

"Sir, your wife is in a stable state, she'll normally wake up in a few hours which is a miracle." The doctor said and Drake couldn't be more happy, he was so grateful, after he had heard that she was in a car accident he was thinking that the worst had happened.

"Can I see her ?" Drake asked, he wanted to see her and be next to her.

"Yes you can but I have to warn you about this." The doctor said and Drake started to worry all over again. 

"What is it ?" Drake asked.

"Your wife has a traumatic brain injury, she shows signs of  amnesia." The doctor explained.

"Amnesia ?" Drake asked confused.

"Yes , when she woke up earlier, she seemed to think we were in 2010 which means she probably doesn't remember anything that happened during the five past years." The doctor spoke and Drake was shocked.

"The five past years ? You mean she won't remember being married to me ?" Drake asked.
Onika and him had gotten married two years ago after being together for two years, most people thought it went to fast but they had known each other for most of their lives it just took them quite some time to figure out that they were made for each other well for her to figure it out because he always knew she was the one for him, he was in love with her but he always respected the fact that she didn't reciprocate those feelings not knowing that she was just afraid. They were just best friends until the day she came to his house crying after yet another break up and he was tired of seeing her go through these when he knew he was right there and was willing to do everything in his power to make her happy, so he finally confessed his love for her.

"She might not remember but it's not irreversible, she's slowly going to regain her memory but we can't tell how long it will take." 

"Erm.. o..ok, can I go see her now ? " Drake asked and after the doctor nodded he made his way towards Nicki's room and walked in.

A few hours later, Nicki was up, she had been up for a few seconds and kept staring at Drake who looked at her without saying anything waiting on her to speak to know if she remembered him or not.

"Aubrey ? She finally spoke and a smile crept on Drake's lips.

"Yes, baby girl it's me." 

"You came to see me ? I thought you weren't going to." She said closing her eyes back. 

"Onika ? Onika ?" Drake called and got no answer from her so he panicked and called for a doctor, he was rushed out of the room as his wife was being taken care of.

"Onika ?!" Drake called as he took a seat on the chair near her bed.

"Yes ?" Nicki asked with a confused look. 

"How do you feel baby girl ?" Drake asked and Nicki smiled at him. 

"I feel weak, Aubrey." Nicki whined and Drake brushed her hair away from her face.

"I know." Drake said looking at her, he wanted to cry but he knew he couldn't, right then he didn't even know if she actually knew who he was to her or not. He couldn't believe how his world came crashing down in not even two hours.

"Nic, you know I love you right ?" 

"Of course I know bestie and I love you too." Nicki answered and Drake felt his heart sink but didn't show it and just gave her a weak smile.


Nicki, Drake and his mother Sandi were now back to their house, they were back from the hospital and about to start a whole new life.

"That house is so nice Aubs, I love it !" Nicki exclaimed.

"I knew you'd like it." Drake said, of course she'd like it, it was the house she chose and decorated about two years ago.

"And there's a pool too !" Nicki screamed and ran outside. Drake and Sandi chuckled at her childish ways.

"She adorable." Sandi said.

"Yeah." Drake let out dropping Nicki's bags on the floor and making his way to the kitchen.

"How are you doing Aubrey ?" Sandi asked her son, she knew what he was going through was really hard and knew he probably was devastated but he never not once let any of that show and it started worrying her.

"I'm fine." Drake said getting drinks from the fridge.

"Are you sure ?" Sandi asked and Drake shook his head yes.

"When are you going to tell her ?" Sandi asked.

"The doc said not to try and force her to remember anything, you know she can act out if she feels to frustrated." 

"I know, you're right, it might be better for her, if you don't tell her." Sandi agreed.

"I'm going to go get both of your rooms ready." Drake said and was about to walk away but his mother held him back.

"Aubrey please, talk to me, how do you feel ?" Sandi asked.

"How do you want me to feel mom ? My wife is in there acting like she was fifteen, doesn't remember the fact that I am her husband and totally forgets about my existence every two days, she doesn't remember anything of what we built together. I should be overjoyed just knowing that she's alive and seeing her walk again but I can't be, I can't. It kills me every time she asks me what my name is. For two months I walked in that hospital room hoping that she'd finally remember but she never did, it just got worse, she had two month to remember me but she never did, instead she remembered the dog's name and remembers the last thing her boss told her. She remembers what that guy told her three months ago but doesn't remember us. So yes I am frustrated and yes I am miserable. But I cannot seat here and cry I have to take care of the love of my life who tends to forget my name and who is no longer who she used to be." Drake snapped before walking away. He knew his poor mother didn't deserve to be talked to way he just did but he just couldn't hold it in anymore. Nicki was who he lived for and the situation was killing him. Just as the doctor said Nicki started remembering glances of her life for the five past years but she never remembered being with Drake as a couple or anything, even worse, she tend to forget his name, or his exists. One time she asked him to get out of her room saying that she needed for this stranger to get out. Stranger. That word hit him hard but he had to face it. They became strangers to one another. She didn't know him and when she decided she did well she remembered who he was five years ago. He didn't know her either. When she was informed of what had happen to her Nicki couldn't believe it and almost got depressed . To try and escape the frustration she experienced every time she tried to remember something Nicki started burying everything deep down in the depths of her brain and developed that habit of acting like a child she'd be sad,cry, feel happy and laugh all in the same minute. That person was a complete stranger to Drake.

After getting Sandi's room ready as well as Nicki's Drake got back downstairs and went outside to see Nicki was int the pool fully closed and Sandi was trying to talk her into getting out. 
Drake ran towards the pool and tried talking to her, it was late and the water was cold. Drake soon got tired of talking and jumped in the pool to go get her. 

After Drake had helped Nicki into dried clothes he took her downstairs for diner and when he asked his mother to join she declined and saying that she needed to rest, he hoped he didn't hurt her feelings too badly and knew he'd have to apologize to her, she had traveled all the way from Toronto to come helm out with Nicki. Drake had to go back to work and someone had to stay home with Nicki, Sandi love Nicki like her
own daughter so she volunteered.

"Are you mad at me Aubs ?" Nicki asked Drake with a pout that immediately soothed him and his face and tone softened.

"I'm not Nika, now eat up, so that I can put you to bed." Nicki nodded and finished eating.

"Hi."Drake said small as he walked in Nicki's room which was the room they used to share. He couldn't bring himself to sleep in that bed after everything so he moved to one of the guestrooms and he knew Nicki needed to be in a familiar environment so that was where she'd be staying.

"Hi Aubrey." Nicki said softly and Drake knew she was back to her normal self, well her normal self from years ago. These swings of personality happened a lot on top of everything.

"What are you thinking about ?" Drake asked and Nicki who gave him a timid smile.

"I was trying to remember what my life was like before the accident." Nicki explained.
"It makes me sick to know that five year of my life are gone, just like that. You know I might be my deliriums most of the time but it's just because I don't want to do what I'm doing right now." Nicki explained to Drake who sat next to her.

"They're not gone Nika, you'll remember everything soon. You'll be just fine Nika." Drake said to reassure her.

"Thank you for being my best friend and staying by my side Aubrey. " Nicki said before drifting asleep.

Drake kissed her forehead and placed the covers over her body. 

"I'll always be here my love." He whispered and turned the lights off before walking out. He had no idea of what was to come. He didn't know if it'd get better or not but he knew that he's stand right by her side and take care if her no matter what be it as her husband or as her best friend. For bettor or worse, til death do us part.
That's what he signed for.

New three part story ! Please comment and let me know what you think about it. 

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  1. Yes to this new 3 part story! I can already tell it's gonna cost me a lot of tears :( I am however glad that she is al yeast alive and some of her memory is slowly getting back to her. It could have been worse and she could have died so I am celebrating this little victory. If she never regains her memory, Drake could simply court her again by doing the exact same things he did when he was courting her 5 years ago and then subtly reveal that that what the did on their 1st date etc. that would be mad cute too. Just a little suggestion

    Also your English writing has improved u don't have many spelling errors and grammar mistakes anymore! See I told u not to stress about it, practice makes perfect. U almost there boo.

    It was a pleasure reading this, can't wait for part two. Mwah!

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