Oneshot : Words

So, I know I was supposed to update 'Deal' this week but I didn't catch the time to write it so I'm posting this. It was in draft, I arranged it and here it is. I'll try and work on 'deal' so y'all can get at least a peek before next week , I'm not promising anything but I'm trying. Xoxox

"Alright, we only have five minutes left so we're not going to start anything right now, class is dismissed." Nicki spoke and as soon as the words left her mouth the sound of books and copybooks being shut and pencil cases unzipping and zipping back was heard as the high schoolers gathered their stuff and got up to leave, it was the only thing on their minds for the past hour all the more as so it was last period and Nicki knew it that's why she always tried to let them go as early as possible.


Not So Different Part 8

***  "Nicki, it's me again, I know you don't want to talk to me and all but please please come down here. It's Aubrey, he.. he's in the hospital right now, he was in a car accident, Nicki please come down here, he needs you. "*** BeyoncĂ©'s voice was heard through the phone and Nicki froze in panic as the phone slid out of her hand. Nicki stood frozen panic flushing over her face, she slowly sat on her bed feeling all of her energy leaving her body.


Deal Part 2/3 (2nd part)

Nicki's P.O.V

"No but really how old are you ?" Drake asked me again.

"You are the one who chose my age, 31 is what you said ain't it ?" I joked.

"Quit playing, how old are you ?"


Not So Different Part 7 - (2nd part)

Sooo ! Thanks for the comments on the last update everyone :D.
Here's the rest of Part 7, I took it from where I left of in the Sneak peek. Enjoy  XOXO

"She just hates me." Drake spoke to his friends before taking a big gulp from the beer he had in hand.

"You're the only person she hates more than she hates me." Beyoncé added in.


Deal Part 2/3 & Not So Different 7 (Sneak Peeks)

Deal Part 2/3 ~  Sneak Peek 

Drake's  P.O.V

We were walking towards the front door when I thought about it, this was the most important yet the smallest detail.
I stopped walking and Nicki stopped too, I turned around to look at her and got my hand in my pocket.

"What's wrong ?" She asked looking at me weird.

"Nothing, I just thought you'd need to wear this if we want to be credible." I said and pulled out the jewellery case and opened it to reveal the engagement ring that was in it. I had my assistant buy it for me this morning.
I looked at Nicki and saw what I would say was a glimmer in her eyes.