Not So Different Part 7 - (2nd part)

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"She just hates me." Drake spoke to his friends before taking a big gulp from the beer he had in hand.

"You're the only person she hates more than she hates me." Beyoncé added in.

"Y'all are depressing. Just go and talk to her man." Future spoke.

"Don't you think I did that already, she told me not to even come near her." Drake answered, taking yet another gulp from the bottle in his hand.

"She rejected each and every one of my calls, and never answered my texts." Beyoncé snatched the bottle from Drake's hand and took a gulp at her turn.

"What did you expect though ? You thought she'd take it well and be ok with it ? Of course she's mad at you. I say you should just give her some time and she'll come around." Chris intervened.

"Chris is right." Ciara gave her opinion. " She will come around."

"She doesn't even let me touch her, she walks past mereason not't even look at me yet you say she'll come around. I don't think so." Drake chuckled.

"Trust me she will." Ciara said hopping off Future's car's hood, she went to hug everyone and kissed Future before grabbing Rihanna's arm.

"We got places to be," Ciara spoke walking away and dragging Rihanna behind her.

"What ? Where we going ?" Rihanna whined following behind her friend.


Nicki was on her bed, going through her last chapter of business management while Cassie was going back and forth between her closet and her room showing her outfits after outfits and rambling about how excited Nicki should be about going out with Trey. Nicki wasn't paying her attention though, she was too busy studying and had completely tuned Cassie out, she was going out with Trey to get her mother off her back and because she felt compelled to it given that he had been there for her earlier and lastly because she and Drake weren't on speaking term and she wasn't on speaking term with Beyoncé either so she had nothing to spend the evening with and didn't want to spend it moping.

Cassie was still speaking while holding a skirt up to show Nicki when a knocked was heard at the door. Nicki told whoever was behind the door to come in and the door opened revealing who was behind it. It was Maria.

"Nicki, there's people here to see you." Maria spoke,

"Who ?" Nicki wondered.

"Ciara and Rihanna, should I let them in ?" Maria asked. Usually she would have let them in without even asking and let them go up to Nicki's room but the day before Nicki had asked her to ask before letting any of her friends in, not wanting to be face to face with Beyoncé.

"Oh, let them in Maria, thank you."

"You're welcome." Maria said shutting the door and walking away.


"Where are we Ci ? Who's house is this ?" Rihanna asked Ciara as they were walking up the stairs.

"Nicki's." Ciara answered casually.

"Oh. Wait what are we doing here ?"

"We are trying to knock some sens into her, she's been hanging around the Cassie girl for too long already." Ciara said opening the door to Nicki's room.

Both Ciara and Rihanna walked in the room and Ciara went to sit next to Nicki on her bed and hugged her.

"Hey !" Nicki greeted both Rihanna and Ciara.

"You haven't spoken to me all day." Ciara whined.

"Sorry, I left school early besides, you know I didn't feel like speaking to anyone." Nicki spoke .

"Yeah, you mean anyone but the fake people." Ciara said shooting Cassie a scornful look.

"Look Nicki, I'll leave, my mother is waiting for me anyways." Cassie said grabbing her stuff.

"Just call me when you come back ok ?" Cassie smiled at Nicki who nodded, she then got out of the room.

"Ci, you are mean." Nicki laughed at her friend.

"She deserves it though."

"Why ? She ain't done nothing to you."

"She's fake, and she be filling your head with bullshit , I don't like you hanging with her." Ciara told Nicki just as she had told her before.

"I think I heard that somewhere." Nicki laughed but inside she was starting to get fed up with everyone telling her who she should hang with or not.

"Where did Rihanna go ?" Nicki asked and right then Rihanna walked out of the closet with a pair of  nude red bottoms in hand.

"Damn girl, your closet is heaven." Rihanna said trying the shoes on.

"Anyways Riri, that's not what we're here for." Ciara started and was cut off by Nicki.

"If you're here to plead in his cause, I told you I don't want to talk about it. I'm done dealing with him anyways."

"Done dealing with him ? Come on Nicki don't tell me you don't miss him."

"I'll get over it." Nicki said getting up from the bed and noticing the clothes Cassie had spread out on the bed. She picked them up one by one, only leaving a skirt and a top and went to put the rest back in her closet where she grabbed a random pair of shoes and one of her Chanel shoulder bags. She got back in the room and set them on the floor.

"Going somewhere ?" Rihanna asked.

"That date thing with Trey." Nicki sighed.

"And you seem so excited about it." Ciara spoke being sarcastic.

"I know, that's because I don't want to go, I don't even feel like getting out of this room right now."

"Well, then don't go." Both Ciara and Rihanna said in unison.

"I have to, I can't cancel now."

"You can."

"Well, I won't." Nicki said plopping on her bed.

"Back to what we were saying, I'm sure you miss him just as much as he misses you,  at least think about forgiving him, I know it's not easy and I know he is completely wrong but think about it, he loves you and you love him, it should be all that matter." Ciara tried to convince Nicki.

"I don't love him, I love who I thought he was."

"That doesn't change who he is." Rihanna intervened.

"Still, he lied to me, he hid it from me." Nicki stuck to her guns.

"He messed up, agreed, but he was just scared he'd loose you. Chris and I had been together for a whole year before he ever talked to me about them doing this because he was scared I'd leave him yet I'm from around there and I see this kind of stuff everyday. You are totally oblivious to what people have to do to make a leaving in the streets and he happened to rob you add that to the simple fear of anyone's reaction when you tell them that you rob people on the regular. Of course he was scared to tell you Nicki I think you can understand that. I'm not saying just run to him and forgive him but keep in mind that he was trying to preserve you." Rihanna explained.

"So much wisdom Riri." Ciara joked before reverting her attention to Nicki.

"Please tell me you'll think about it ? Or at least call Bey, you know she's depressed ?"

Nicki sighed before answering. "I'll sleep on it and as far as Bey goes, she's already forgiven I was thinking about dropping by hers tomorrow."

"Amazing !!" Ciara squealed.


Ciara and Rihanna had left minutes ago and Nicki was almost ready to go, she was standing before her mirror checking her outfit, she had on a black skater skirt along with a grey cropped jumper that nicely clung to her body paired with a pair of grey pumps and a soft pink Chanel shoulder bag. She managed to look cute and dolled up without looking like she even tried and that was exactly what she wanted. It was just a casual thing anyways. She opened the door to her room and walked out, she was met with her father's chest and looked up at him.

"Well, hello, I see you doing better." Boris said hugging his daughter.

"Hi dad. I told you I was good." Nicki said hugging back.

"I'm glad. Where are you going ?"

"I'm going out with Trey." Nicki explained with a pout.

"Trey ?" Boris frowned.

"Yeah, remember, Tremaine Neverson, he was here a few weeks ago with his parents. We had diner with them."

"Yeah , I remember that but since when do you go out with him ? You never mentioned him, I was starting to think you and that Drake guy were a thing." Of course Boris knew about Drake, Nicki told him everything and even though she never actually told him about their growing feelings for each other she told him everytime she saw him so he had figured out something was going on between them.

"I... It's... Well, Trey and I started talking not long ago and I already told you Drake and I are just friends." Nicki said as they were descending the stairs.

"Here she is !"Taraji exclaimed as Nicki and Boris were at the bottom of the staircase.

"Here I am." Nicki faked a smile as she descended the last stairs,  She walked to Trey and gave him a brief hug and he kissed her cheek.

"You look stunning as always." Trey spoke.

"Thank you." Nicki smiled.

"Good evening Mr. Kodjoe." Trey took a step forward to shake Boris's hand, they shook hands and Boris simply nodded.

"Aren't they cute ?" Taraji cooed looking at her husband who had his arms crossed over his chest, he didn't answer though, he just looked at the couple before him and couldn't help but think that there was something off.

"Ok, we're leaving now." Nicki said with an eye roll before kissing her father goodbye, she didn't even acknowledge her mother's presence before she grabbed Trey's hand and they walked out of the door.

"What did you do ?" Boris turned to his wife, his arms still crossed over his chest.

"What ? I didn't do anything."

"You seem to like that guy more than she does."

"What are you saying Boris ? You were the one complaining about how I'm not a good mother, I'm just trying to be nice. "

"You want to know what else is weird ?" Boris asked. 

"What ?" Taraji asked harshly as she sat on the couch and Boris sat next to her.

"Well, there's the fact that she never not once mentioned that guy, she didn't even know him but all of a sudden you insist on inviting his family to dinner when you hate them and usually never invite no one over unless it's for business and now they're going out. Together. What a coincidence."

"Just as you said. What a coincidence."

"Is it a coincidence though ?"

"It has to be " Taraji shrugged getting up from the couch and walking away.
Boris didn't try to push the issue further, he knew his wife and knew if she had anything to do with this she'd deny it and there's no way he'd get anything out of her without proof. He just wanted her to know that he was watching her and that he was done letting her hurt their daughter. For years he had watched her control every single aspect of Nicki's life but never said anything not knowing how it was hurting her but that day after Nicki heard them argue about the missing money and burst in tears in his arms he realised how hard it was for Nicki to be controlled and manipulated that way. That's why he decided he should start paying more attention to what was going on in his home and he wasn't liking the side of his wife he was getting to know. 


Nicki sat across from Trey, her chin resting on her hand as she listened to Trey speaking about himself as he had been doing for the past hour. 
She was having a horrible time. Trey was the complete opposite from what she liked in a guy. She was just now getting to know him , they hadn't spent enough time together before that's why she only knew the facade. Know that she getting to know him a bit more she could say she hated him. 

He had done each and every thing she hated. When they arrived at the casual dining restaurant she felt stupid as she stood waiting for him to pull out her chair for her as Drake had used her to, but he never did. Then he ordered for her and ordered something she didn't like of course, when she told him about her dancing he made fun of her, he kept on holding her hand and touching her which she hated. He kept on instagramming, snapping pictures of her, of their hands, of the food. And last but not least the only subject of conversation was himself. So yeah you could say she was having a horrible time. The worst part of it of it all was that she thought going out with him would help keep her mind off Drake but he was the only thing on her mind.


"Quit drinking man." Future said snatching the bottle out of Drake's hand. 
"That won't make her come back."

"I know." Drake rubbed his hands over his face. He was overwhelmed right then. This day was definitely one of the worst days for him, he couldn't erase the image of the Nicki he saw that morning when she walked in the class room and walked passed him without acknowledging him then he kept replaying their conversation, the way she spat at him not to even come near her, talk to her nor look at her . The worst had to be the moment when she flinched under his touch. After school chilling with his friends these were the only things he thought about . Same thing while he was at work. Same thing when he was robbing these people in Malibu a few minutes ago, same thing right now as he sat in the passenger seat of Future's car drinking his third beer bottle of the day.

"We're here " Future said undoing his seat belt, Drake followed suit and grabbed the black duffel bag from the backseat before getting out of the car. They walked in the house and were met with Cameron and Chris. 

"Hey, we were about to head out." Chris said as him and Cameron were walking towards the door.

"Ok . Shad's in here ?" Future asked.

"Yep." Chris answered leaving out the door after Cameron.

After they counted their money and put the jewelery aside after estimating their value Shad told Future and Drake they could go home knowing they had school the next day and basketball training meaning they'd have to be up in less than five hours.

After dapping Drake up Future went to his car and drove off as Drake got in his own car and drove the other way. 

~The next morning~

Nicki was in the hall sitting next to Cassie and looked around at everyone. She was looking for his face but she didn't see him and decided to focus on the lesson.

It was lunch time and Nicki sat at the stone table with Cassie absent mindedly picking at her boxed salad. She hadn't seen him all day and she was starting to worry. She knew Ciara wasn't there on thursday she never had any class before 1p.m. that's why she had been looking for Future around campus but never found him.

Yes she was mad at Drake and didn't want him near her at the moment but not seeing him nor Future at all when they had no apparent reason not to be present was worrying her and all the more as so she now knew what kind of activities he was involved in.

Nicki tried to shake the feeling off as she tuned back in the conversation Cassie and a few of her friends were having.
Once she was done eating and knew the bell was about to ring 1p.m Nicki excused herself from the table and rushed towards the parking lot and waited there, hoping she'd intercept Ciara but she waited for over ten minutes and didn't see her so she looked at the cars in the parking lot and saw Ciara's car. Somehow she had managed to miss her thus she went to class not able to shake off that bad feeling she was having about something being wrong.
As she sat in the classroom Nicki got her phone from her purse but it was dead.

"Great, what kind of conspiracy is it."

After school Nicki didn't go home right away, she had promised both Ciara and Rihanna that she would talk to Beyoncé and that's exactly what she planned on doing.

"Oh, hello Nicki." Tina welcomed Nicki as she followed the maid into the house.

"Hello." Nicki repeated walking in Tina's open arms.

"What brings you here darling ?" Tina asked.

"I was hoping I'd find Beyoncé here, I really needed to talk to her." Nicki spoke.

"Oh, sorry sweetheart, she's not here, she spent the night out. You know your friend she never stays put." Tina answered brushing Nicki off as she flipped through the chart in her hands, it was work related stuff obviously.

"Well, I won't bother you any longer, just tell her I dropped by if you catch her before I do." Nicki smiled at Tina who agreed to do as asked.


When she got home Nicki took a quick shower and put on some yoga pants and Drake's hoodie that she still had before laying on her bed and turning the TV on, reflecting on her day. That's when she thought about her dead phone and went to put it on the charger. She waited for a few minutes before turning it on and immediately notifications after notifications popped on the small screen. Nicki waited for it to stop buzzing before picking the phone and reading through her notes. Missed calls, text messages, all either from Beyoncé, from Ciara, Rihanna or Future even Chris and Cameron tried to call her, she started to worry even more and her stomach tied into knots as she clicked on Beyoncé's first voice mail's and placed the phone to her ear.

***  "Nicki, it's me again, I know you don't want to talk to me and all but please please come down here..."***

Nicki froze in panic and her phone slid out of her hand as she heard the rest of the voicemail.

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