Deal Part 2/3 (2nd part)

Nicki's P.O.V

"No but really how old are you ?" Drake asked me again.

"You are the one who chose my age, 31 is what you said ain't it ?" I joked.

"Quit playing, how old are you ?"

Once we were done touring the house, and planing our strategy, Drake and I sat in his living room just making conversation to pass time, he refilled my glass with red wine again and I took a sip from it.

"I'm 25." I answered. I usually don't let my clients know a single thing about me, be it my age, my real name, where I live, nothing but obviously I had crossed the basic client line with him at the moment I agreed to come here so.

"I almost had it, I was about to say 24."  He said before asking another question.

"And what do you do in life ? I mean other that playing fake fiancee ?" He asked, I was pleasantly surprised by his question, usually people think that's all I do, they don't see past the all escort thing and think that's all I do with my life so I liked the fact that he assumed I was doing something with my life.

"I go to school, which occupies my days pretty well." I answered messing with the rim of the glass as I didn't want to look up because once again I could feel his insisting look on me.

"Acting school ?" He wondered and I laughed at his assumption.

"I could, but no , not at all."

"What is it then ?"

"Medicine. I intend on becoming a pediatric surgeon." I explained.

"Really ?" 

"Yes, If everything goes well I'll obtain my medical degree by the end of this school year."

"Oh, so next year you're starting on surgical residency ?" He asked me, him being a surgeon he knew about this whole process.

"Yep, I still have to find where." 

"I bet that won't be a problem for you." 

"I hope so, anyways, enough about me." I stopped the conversation, thing is I hate speaking about me, it makes me feel uncomfortable, besides I need to start being professional here.

"Well, you know everything there is to know about me, so what are we talking about ?" 

"I don't know." I said before starting to think about a possible subject that wouldn't make any of us uncomfortable and that wasn't personal at all. I was busy thinking when I felt his glare on me and of course it made me feel embarrassed, I usually don't mind people's look on me, I actually like it, I know I'm pretty, not being cocky just being real, I'm conscious of my beauty, that's why chose to get paid for being pretty because I am pretty and I know it so I don't mind people admiring my beauty but damn ! He just kept staring at me, he sat there openly starring at me and I don't know why but the fact that it was him made me feel self conscious and very very nervous.

"Why are you starring at me like that ?" I looked up at him and was met with a huge smile that I automatically returned.

"Nothing, you're just very beautiful." He spoke looking at me in the eyes and right then I was having a flash from the night we had diner over at his parent's, I felt like I was reliving the moment right before he kissed me that night and was expecting for him to reiterate the same action but nothing happened, we just stared into each other's eyes until my ringing phone snapped us out of this trance.

He grabbed his phone that was on the coffee table before us and looked at the caller I.D before setting it back down I got curious and looked at the caller I.D, it was someone named Tammy. He looked at the phone and said nothing, he didn't even move. 

"Aren't you gonna pick up ?"

"No, it isn't important." He answered denying the phone call.

"So where were we ?" He asked reverting his attention on me.

"I was about to say thank you for the compliment." I said before taking a gulp of the red wine hoping it'd ease my nerve a little bit. "But you need to stop doing that, makes me uncomfortable." I admitted emptying my glass.

"Does it now ?" Drake asked with a chuckle before refilling his glass with scotch. We are both going to end up drunk if we keep drinking like that but for me it was more than needed.

I was about to answer when his phone rang again. That Tammy girl again, who is she ?

Drake's P.O.V

Did I mention that Tammy was a glue pot already ? Why does she keep calling ?

"Might be somewhat important, she's calling back." Nicki pointed and I shook my head no before downing my glass, I was about to refill it but I think I already had enough to drink for the night.

"She'll stop calling eventually. She's just clingy that's all."  I spoke as the phone stopped ringing.

"Who is she anyways ?" She asked before opening her eyes wide and speaking again. "Not that it's any of my business." She said with a dimpled shrug,

"She... She is a friend of mine." I answered.

"Right, she's the type of friend who walks out of your hotel room half dressed ain't she ?"

"Well yeah, she's that type of friend." I said feeling embarrassed as I passed my hand through my curls. 

"I figured, only that type of friends blow up your phone at that time of the night." Nicki answered with a smile. I guess she found my embarrassment funny.

I was about to speak but the phone went off again. 

"May I ?" Nicki asked pointing at the phone.

"Be my guest." I shrugged and as soon as the words escaped my mouth she grabbed the phone and slid her thumb across the screen before placing the phone to her ear.

"Hello ?" She called.
"Who are you ?"
"I'm his fiancee... Yeah that's right."

"Well, I'd appreciate it if you stopped calling my fiance... Just don't call him again. Bye." She said before setting my phone back down on the coffee table.

"Now she won't call again. " She spoke and gave me a dimpled shrug and I couldn't help but poke her dimple.

"I love it when you're jealous."

"Me jealous ? I was just helping you out." She laughed me off before taking yet another sip of the red wine in her glass. 

"I'd appreciator it if you stopped calling my fiance.' Did you hear yourself ? You were definitly jealous."

"Ever heard of pretending ? That's my job, that's what you pay me for. I was pretending in order to help you. I do that a lot lately." She said giving me a look. 

"Yeah, and about that, thank you again for agreeing to do this. I know this isn't what you usually do and you didn't have to say yes so thanks again." 

"Don't thank me, again you're paying me a whole lot of money for that. Just doing my job." 

"Now we both know this isn't your job. Don't tell me you usually spend the night at your clients's."

"Right. I don't usually do that, I guess you do have a special treatment."

"A special treatment huh ?" I asked and she drank what was left in her glass before putting down on the coffee table. 

"A special treatment yeah that's what I said." She said with a nod. I scooted closer to her giving her more than enough space to back up. I didn't want to be too assailing.

"How special ?" I asked her and she scooted even closer to me.

Nicki's P.O.V

I scooted closer to him, closing the small gap he had left between us. I brought my face close to his and he leaned in to the point where I could feel his breath on my face. I smirked before reaching up and placing a hand at the back of his neck bringing his face even closer and then I pecked his cheek and moved back a little bit leaving some space between us as I looked at his confused face. 

"That special." I said and I couldn't hold my laughter in when he kissed his teeth and gave me that distraught look.
I was laughing my head off when I felt his hands grab my face and felt him towering over me before his lips crashed over mine. I don't if it was the wine's effect on me or just my own feelings taking over but I kissed him back, I felt his tongue slightly brush over my lips and my eyes closed as I parted my lips allowing his tongue entrance. I felt his tongue against mine and soon our tongues were battling, my hands wrapped around his neck pulling him closer to me, His fingers got lost in my locks as he freed my hair from my bun and I felt his warm hands slide under my tank top. He leaned over me some more causing me to lay back on the couch and his body weighed over mine our lips never left one an other's until the point where neither of us could breath. Our lips parted and he got off me and sat back up as I still laid there trying to catch my breath. I was breathing heavily , trying to recollect my emotions, I was dumbfounded, I didn't expect him to do that, I wasn't expecting him to kiss me and I definitely not expecting to feel all these emotions run through me . I don't even really know what I was feeling, all I know is that it felt good, I sat up relying on my elbows and looked at him, just as I was expecting he had that smirk on his face. I sat all the way up, still feeling his gaze on me. I looked up at him again only to see that that smirk never left his lips, I pulled myself together before talking.

"Wipe that smirk off your face boy. You ain't slick." I said playfully slapping his chest.

"You're the one who wanted to play." He said picking me up effortlessly and placing me on his lap so that I was straddling his lap.

"What do you think you are doing right now ?" I inquired as he lightly pulled on hair causing me to tilt my head backwards giving him full access to my neck and soon his lips were kissing on my neck and I didn't try to stop him, I did quite the opposite encouraging him by letting soft moans escape my lips as he kissed and licked on the spot right under my ear. I let my fingers get lost in his curls his lips trailed from that spot to my collar bone while his hands rubbed my back from underneath my tank top, his hands slid down my back and went to grip my ass, he gripped it so firmly that let out a louder moan and right as it slipped out of my mouth I also felt the small puddle that was starting to form in between my thighs. 
My hands went from his curls to the sides of his head and I pulled him away from my neck only for my lips to crash over his. I pushed him back and his back hit the couch and it was my turn to kiss and lick on his neck. I started grinding on him as I nibbled on his ear lobe. I could feel his hard member though his sweatpants and my own yoga pants and that's when I realised how far things were going, that's when I realised that things were getting out of hands but that didn't stop me from bringing my lips back to his. That didn't stop me from moaning as he took over and bit on my bottom lip. I didn't try to stop him when he pulled my tank top over my head, I didn't stop either when he got a firm grip of my breast and brought his mouth to them sucking and nibbling on my nipples and I didn't try to stop when he got up with me in his arms and almost threw on the couch. He spread my legs and got on his knees before starting to kiss on my exposed belly while he snatched my yoga pants from my body in one swift motion. As soon as the pants were off my body he placed one of his hands at my center and used his thumb and pressed it against my clit through my black lace thong that was damp by the way. 

"Are you going to let me please you Nicki ?" He asked in his deep and sultry voice looking right up into my eyes. I gave him a shy nod to say yes but he was obviously not satisfied with it.

"Are you going to let me do that Nicki ? Let me hear you say it." He spoke again his thumb still pressed against my clit.

"Yes, yes Drake , please me." I pleaded surprising my ow  self and at that he slowly rubbed in circles making me lose it. I could hear my own breathy moans as I placed my hands over his making him increase the pace he was going at. His other hand that was massaging my left boob flew between my legs and used it to put my thong to the side. His hand that was rubbing my clit stopped moving and I opened my eyes that were closed the whole time. I stared down into his hazel ones as he stuck out his tongue and brought it close to my sensitive flesh. At the moment it got in contact with my flesh my eyes closed again and I threw my head backward as he licked all the way up to my clit and let his tongue play around it for a little while meanwhile I was moaning his name as I pushed my hips forward. He chose that moment to push a finger a finger inside me and then a second one followed and at that I couldn't hold it all in anymore as I screamed his name. He was pushing his fingers back and forth as his tongue was still doing wonders. My head was tilted backward and I was rocking my hips increasing my own pleasure while incontrollably moaning his name out loud.

"Fuck, fuck , fuck. Drake I'm comiiing." I said as I came and my juices flooded out right onto his mouth  I was panting as I sat on my elbows and watched him lick me dry for the fifth time. He licked all my juices off and kissed my still sensitive flesh before getting up from the floor as I was still coming down from my high and trying to catch my breath. He towered over me and softly kissed my lips allowing to taste myself. He pecked my lips one mire time before standing up straight and smirking at me. 'There goes that damn smirk again.' I thought as I watched him. He took one more look at my naked body before turning on his heels and walking away without a word. I shut my legs and sat back up not able to believe what had just happened  I had just received the best head of my life and I received from one of my clients who happened to be the finest man I've ever met in my life. I was busy thinking when I saw him reappear in the room with my Louis Vuitton duffel bag in hand. He walked to me and picked me up his arms before walking us towards the stairs. A peaceful silence laid between us, it wasn't awkward as I thought it would be but I still felt the need to break it.

"You know you still ain't slick right ?" I asked as we headed up the stairs.

"Yeah you say that now. You forgot how you were screaming my name already ?" He said with a chuckle.

"Shut up." I said with an exaggerated attitude as we finally got upstairs. He walked us to the corridors and I noticed we passed the master bedroom. 

"Where are we going ?" I asked yawning.

"We're getting you to bed." He answered.

"But we just passed the bedroom. Or did I get that wrong ?" I asked confused and he stopped in his tracks.

"We did but I thought you'd be more comfortable sleeping in a guest room." he explained and let out a laugh. 

"Stop acting like your head wasn't between my thighs two minutes ago." I said and he turned around and retraced his steps. "Besides tomorrow we'll be sleeping together do might as well get used to it." I shrugged as he used his to open the door the room. I motioned for him to set me down and he did so and I grabbed my duffel bag from him.

"You're right. I was only trying to act like a gentleman." He said watching me walk to the ensuite bathroom. 

"I don't know no gentleman that would do what you just did. " I called from the bathroom while I stepped out of my wet thong. He walked in the bathroom right when I was getting in the shower. 

"Right then I was just being the guy you wanted me to be." He said making me blush, I was happy he couldn't see me as my back was to the glass door off the shower stall.

"Whatever." I said as I was busy cleaning myself up. I cleaned up quickly and when I was done I opened the stall and reached for a towel but he handed me one through the cracked open door. I took it and wrapped it on my body before stepping all the way out of the stall. He was already gone. I dried my body before lotioning up and then I grabbed another thong from my duffel and pulled it on along with a tank. I pulled my damp hair in a bun and walked out of the bathroom and into to room where I saw Drake laying on the bed going through his phone. I walked over to the bed and sat beside him.

"You better not be texting that Tammy chick." I joked snatching his phone from his hands only for it to be snatched back out of mine.

"I wasn't but even if I was that wouldn't be a problem given that you're not jealous." He said and I stuck my tongue put at him.

"You are a kid." He said before laying me down under the covers, he laid back down and pulled the covers over his own body too. I scooted closer to him liking the warmth he was providing 

"Goodnight." He spoke turning the bedside lamp off.

"Goodnight Drake." I said as I felt his arm wrap around me. I laid in the dark with my eyes open thinking about how this night turned out. I couldn't believed I let a man I barely know give me head and I couldn't believe I was here laying in his bed, in his arms but it all felt so right and that's the last thought that crossed my mind before I drifted off to sleep.

Drake's P.O.V

I felt something rubbing over my crotch and opened my eyes to see Nicki sitting up next to me looking at me with a wicked smile, I could still feel that thing rubbing over my crotch through my pants and I groaned as I felt what I assumed was Nicki's hand get through the waistband of my pants and the one of my boxers to finally wrap against my already hard member. She started stroking me up and down as I let light groans escaped my mouth, I looked at her and she was still smiling at me observing my face. She let go of my shaft before bringing her hand to her mouth and spitting on it. She used her other hand to pull the covers off our bodies and got her hand down my pants again and started stroking me again, this time going at a faster pace, I let out a grunt expressing how good what she was doing felt. She moved from her spot and got on her knees facing me before taking my pants off, then it was my boxers' turn. She took my shaft in her two hands and went back to stroking me.

"You like that ?" She asked in a lurid voice. 

"Yeah, keep going, don't stop." I coached as she stroked faster and faster.

"Damn, your so big." She said as her eyes widened. and she slowed down her pace and started stroking excruciatingly slow causing to grunt each time as she observed my face with a smile making constant eye contact. After while, she quickened her pace again and spit on her free hand before using it to replace the hand that was previously around my shaft. She kept stroking at a rather fast pace before slowing it again and after a while she quickened it again, she proceeded on doing that a few times still making direct eyes contact with me as I grunted and groaned. 
Without any warning she leaned over and brought her mouth to my member and took it in. She slid it down her through and I grunted as she she slowly slid it back out. She stuck her tongue out and licked it a few time stopping at the tip and giving it a particular attention. After that she took my member back in her mouth and slid the whole length down her throat.

"Damn Nicki !" I grunted automatically grabbing her head and slightly applying some pressure. She slid my member out of her mouth and went back to stroking as she took her breath after a little while she took in her mouth again this time pumping up down at a quick pace, my finger entangled in her hair as I guided her though she didn't even need it.

"Shit Nicki, I'm about to cum." I warned and she slid my hard member almost all the way out of her mouth but kept the tip in her mouth swirling her tongue around it a quick pace until I came filling her mouth with semen and surprisingly she swallowed every single drop of it before licking me clean.

She straddled me and crawled up to me and leaned in until our lips, it was just a quick peck.

"Good morning." She said after she pulled away.

"It definitely is." I spoke and she crawled away from me. "What was that for ?" I wondered.

"I was just payback." She said with a wink before getting up from the bed and strutting towards the bathroom clad in her thong and tank top as I admired her curvaceous body getting hard again.

I got up and pulled my boxers on before following her lead. I found her in the bathroom brushing her teeth. I walked behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist and started kissing on her neck. At first she let me go on but the she nudged my head.

"Drake stop. Your mother's arriving in not even two hours, in case you forgot. She said turning around to face me. I had forgotten about that to say the truth. It was the last thing on my mind after I mean she had literally blown me away. 

She walked around me and took off the two piece of clothing that she had on before stepping in the shower.

"Don't even think about joining." She said as if she had read my mind.

"Doesn't matter, Imma watch from here, I said walking towards the sink and grabbing my toothbrush, I started on brushing my teeth facing the shower stall, to watch her as she was washing her body facing me.

The girl standing before me was my biggest fantasy, I barely know her yet she was everything I had on my mind and having between what happened last night, what happened this morning and this beautiful sight before me, I was feeling blessed.


After we got ready Nicki and I where having breakfast in the kitchen, she had insisted on cooking for me and I will admit that she can throw it in the kitchen. She was sitting across my lap while I fed her and myself while we made conversation just getting to know each other more.

"You are a liar."

"No I'm not, my real name is Onika, I swear."

"Well, that's a beautiful name. Almost as beautiful as you." I said attacking her lips. I just couldn't seem to get enough of her. We were busy making out when the doorbell rang.

"That might be my mother." I said as we pulled away from one an other and I tapped her butt motioning for her to get up.

"You ready ?" I asked her as we walked to the front door.

"I'm always ready."  She answered.

This is going to be an interesting week end I thought.

Here you go ! :D . I hope y'all enjoyed it. Please leave comments and let me know what you think. Thanks for reading me.

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