Not So Different Part 8

***  "Nicki, it's me again, I know you don't want to talk to me and all but please please come down here. It's Aubrey, he.. he's in the hospital right now, he was in a car accident, Nicki please come down here, he needs you. "*** Beyoncé's voice was heard through the phone and Nicki froze in panic as the phone slid out of her hand. Nicki stood frozen panic flushing over her face, she slowly sat on her bed feeling all of her energy leaving her body.
When she got back to herself Nicki got up and grabbed her sneakers that were on the floor. Her hands were shaking as she ran down the stairs. Nicki sat at the bottom of the stairs and put her shoes on she didn't even bother  tying her shoelaces, her hands were too shaky to do so anyways. She ran to the foyer and looked for her car keys. She was sure she put them in the small bowl that was on the dresser but she couldn't find them and threw the bowl to the ground in desperation before running her way towards the living room to get her keys that she spotted on the coffee table.
Maria who had heard the commotion ran to the living room and slowed down when she saw Nicki. She thought an intruder had gotten in the house or something.

"What is going on Miss Nicki ?" Maria asked when she saw Nicki's distraught face and the tears that heavily streamed down her face, Nicki didn't even know she was crying as she dashed towards the door. Maria stopped Nicki in her tracks and grabbed her shaking hands.

"What is going on ?" Maria repeated her question.

"I need to go Maria, I need to go to the hospital." Nicki explained with a very shaky voice.

"I'm sure that's where you'll end up if you drive in that state." Maria said getting the keys out of Nicki's hand.

"Maria I need to see him, I need to go." Nicki cried out, Maria looked in the young woman's eyes, and wanted to cry herself, she had known Nicki for over ten years, she knew her like she was her own child and had never seen her in such a state so she knew that whoever was in the hospital Nicki really, really needed to see him but she couldn't let her drive in the state she was in , her hands were shaking and her eyes were filled with tears, if she let her drive she'd end up at the hospital but not in one piece.

"I'll drive you, come on." Maria said taking her apron off and walking towards the door, Nicki followed behind Maria and got in the passenger seat of her car while Maria was setting the alarm, she then ran to the car and got in the driver's seat and drove off.


Beyoncé got the cups from the coffee machine and took the direction of the waiting room but before walking in she leaned on the wall and took a deep breath trying to keep her tears in but it was no use, the tears flooded out of her eyes and she let them. She had been here all night, she was one of the first person Sandi called when she got here and she rushed to the hospital as soon as she got the phone call. She, Future and Drake's parents had spent their night up and had spent the whole day there, neither wanting to go home , not wanting to miss the moment he'd wake up. At first they were all worried for his life when the doctor told them that Drake was in a critical condition and that they couldn't make any prognosis but a few minutes ago the doctor said that he was in a steady state and could wake up at any time. 
Beyoncé's tears were tears of relief , she had been worried all night and all day and thought she had lost her best friend so after that news she felt a like a huge weight had left her chest. Of course she was still worried and would be until she saw him awake and talked to him. And she knew that he could wake up within an hour just like it could take him months, but it was good to know that he was waking up at least now they had something to hope for. Beyoncé dried her tears and took a deep breath before walking in the waiting room she walked towards the petite blond woman that was sitting on one of the chairs and she sat next to her before handing her the cup of steaming hot coffee.

"Here take this mama " Beyoncé spoke and Sandi took the cup from her and thanked her before sniffling and looking down at it with an empty gaze.
Beyoncé used her thumb to wipe the tears on her cheeks and kissed her cheek.

"He'll be just fine momma. He's strong." Beyoncé tried to reassure Drake's mother. His father who was sitting on  Sandi's other side grabbed her hand and gently squeezed trying to comfort her. Beyoncé got up and went to sit next to Future who was dozing off. She nudged him waking him up.

"Any news from Ci ?" Beyoncé asked him and he pulled his phone out.

"Nothing." He said before dialing his girlfriend's number.

Beyoncé listened to him talking to Ciara until he ended the conversation and stuffed his phone back in his pocket.

"She said she looked for her all around campus but couldn't find her and Cassie said she went home right after school." Future explained to Beyoncé. After trying Nicki's phone all day and getting no answer they decided to send Ciara to get Nicki to come.

"Dammit. What's wrong with her ?" Beyoncé thought out loud. She could understand that Nicki was mad at both Drake and her but never imagined that she wouldn't show up given the circumstances.

Future was about to speak when the door flew open. At the sight of Nicki who still had tears streaming down her cheeks and whose hands were still shaking around the tissue that she was holding, Beyoncé rose up from her seat and walked towards her with her arms opened. Nicki fell into her best friend's arms and Beyoncé wrapped her arms around her holding onto her tight.

"I thought you were so pissed you weren't gonna come." Beyoncé spoke as she released Nicki from her tight embrace.

"Is he ok ?" Nicki asked and she had to take a deep breath to be able to speak through her tears.

"He should be." Beyoncé nodded looking at Nicki, Nicki's hands finally stopped shaking and she took deep breaths finally able to calm down, Beyoncé's answer was rather vague and she didn't know much about Drake's state but those words were enough to calm her down, knowing that he was still alive was enough because on her way to the hospital Nicki had imagined the worst scenarios.

"Thank god." Nicki thought out loud with a heavy sigh. Beyoncé gave Nicki a small smile happy to see her and then she threw herself at her neck again.

"I'm glad you're here." Beyoncé spoke and Nicki nodded, usually Beyoncé's contagious smile would make her smile in return but at that moment she couldn't, she was too shaken to smile. Nicki's gaze swept the room and it fell on Sandi's teary eyes. Nicki and Sandi had met one day when Nicki was over at their house and they had seen each other a few times when Nicki would stay over for diner or when she'd stay there late with Drake.

Nicki went to greet Sandi, they hugged without a word and Sandi let go of Nicki before speaking.

"I'm glad you're here, you know it would mean a lot to him." Sandi said holding onto Nicki's hand and again Nicki gave a weak smile and a nod. Nicki and Dennis were introduced before the room got quiet again everyone getting in their own thoughts about their friend's or son's state.

~~~~Meanwhile at the Kodjoes~~~~

"I'm sorry if I did anything wrong sir, I know Mrs. wouldn't be happy about it, but she was in such a state, I had to take her to him." Maria spoke to Boris afraid of his reaction.

"No, it's alright don't be sorry, you did the right thing Maria." Boris said sincerely.

"And I gave her some money in case and my phone too, just in case you'd need to reach her, she left her phone, she was in just a state sir, you should have seen her. Poor baby." Maria exclaimed in a soft tone.

" Ok, thank you I'll call her now, I need to check on her." Boris said getting his phone from his pocket.

"Alright sir, let me know when you talk to her, I'll head out now." Maria answered.

"I will, have a nice evening Maria, and thanks again." Boris said dialing Maria's number to check on Nicki.

Maria headed out of the kitchen, she was looking in her bag to get her car keys when she bumped into something or rather someone, she looked up at the woman standing before her.

"Oh, I'm sorry ma'am, I wasn't looking where I was going."

"Well, you better start looking Maria." Taraji said and Maria fought the urge to roll her eyes at her and  curse her out.

"I will." Maria sighed and tried to walk away but she heard Taraji call her name.

"Yes Ma'am ?" Maria asked turning around to look back at Taraji.

"What is it you were talking about with my husband ?" Taraji asked, she had overheard the conversation between Boris and Maria but wasn't sure about everything she heard because she missed the beginning of it.

"Erm... I think yo should ask him." Maria answered, she didn't want to tell Taraji about this whole thing not knowing how she would react, Nicki had told her everything about Drake and Maria knew that if Taraji came to find out that Nicki was anywhere near him right now she'd go crazy, even in these circumstances.

"Maria look, I asked you a question and Imma need you to answer it. Now it's either you answer that question or ... " Taraji was cut off by the baritone voice behind her.

"I see you're still here Maria." Boris asked crossing his arms over his chest.

"Yes, your wife had a question to ask me." Maria said cocking a hip to the side, she was more than fed up with Taraji's attitude and she knew Boris would never ever fire her that's why she got bold every time he was around.

"Yeah I had, but you can leave now Maria , have a nice evening." Taraji said with a fake smile and Maria took it as her cue to leave but not without an eye roll and a curse in spanish under her breath which made Boris chuckle and Taraji's blood boil.

"What were you bothering that poor woman for again ?" Boris asked his wife who stood on her tip toes and reached up to peck her husband's lips.

"Nothing honey, I just wanted to know what y'all where talking about that's it." Taraji said with a wide smile.

"She told me that she took Nicki to the hospital to see a friend of hers." Boris explained.

"Really ? Who ? " Taraji asked.

"A friend." Boris answered walking past his wife, he had called Nicki and she had told him that it was Drake and exactly what happened but he wasn't going to tell Taraji.

"I got that but who is that friend ? Is it Cassandra, or Trey ? Oh my god don't tell me..." Taraji started but was cut off by her husband.

"Cassandra isn't her only friend and she hadn't talked to her in over a month as for that Trey guy, let's not even go there." Boris answered walking up the stairs all he was really trying to do was get her mind off finding out who Nicki went to see.

"It's that thug ain't it ?" Taraji asked as she followed her husband in his office.

"Do you even know the boy before you go around calling him a thug ?"

"It's that boy from Compton ain't it ?" Taraji asked with a smirk. "Better ?"

"It's him yeah and he has a name Taraji, he has a name the same way Cassandra and Trey have a name well he has a name ." Boris sighed grabbing a file that was on his desk while Taraji lazily sat on the desk.

"What happened to him ? He got shot ? Oh wait no I know, he overdosed ?" Taraji asked sarcasm dripping from her tone.

"You gotta stop with these stupid assumptions. He was in a car accident." Boris explained.

"Well, that's sad, now can you call her ?"

"Why ? What do you want me to call her for ? " Boris asked confused.

"I just want you to tell her to come back home, it's late and she should be here, not to the county hospital because that's where she probably is."

"Enough !" Boris exclaimed dropping the paperwork in his hands.

"What, she shouldn't be there, with them people, she should be here with us."

"What's wrong with you ? That's her friend. Her best friend, he was in a car accident and is now in a hospital bed ! I won't ask you to show any compassion because I know you're not capable of it, but damn at least show some respect. The guy she loves is laying in a hospital bed."

"The guy she loves ? The guy she loves ? Are you crazy Boris ?" Taraji screamed.

"No I'm not, you are the crazy one here, I'm telling you that a human being is in a hospital bed and the only thing you care about is the fact that he's not who you want her to be with. You are sick." Boris told his wife, looking at her straight in the eyes.

"Look, I don't know what's gotten into you lately nor why you're playing defender but you need to take it down. Ain't nothing wrong with me Boris. You were never here, you never had anything to say and now all of a sudden yo want to sit here and criticize the way I raise our daughter ? "

"Shut up, Taraji. Just shut up I don't want to hear any more bullshit coming out of your mouth. just shut your mouth up." Boris said raising up from his chair and walking out of his office and down the stairs with Taraji following behind him.

"Where are you going ?" Taraji asked him and he didn't give her any answer before leaving out the door and slamming it behind him.


A few hours had past by and Nicki, Beyoncé and Future where still at the hospital with the Grahams , a few of Drake's other friends had came by but everyone went back to their home as the sun had went down long ago. Everyone had dozed off in their uncomfortable positions but Nicki couldn't bring herself to even close her eyes for a second, she had been starring at her shoes for hours, she was in some kind of stupor. She still couldn't believe what was happening. This whole thing was too much for her to take. One second he was her best friend and the person she loved the most, he was telling her how much he loved her and she was ready to confess her love to him, the next she was finding out that he was the one who robbed her and almost killed her, and she hated him and wanted nothing to do with him and now here she was in a hospital worried sick because he was laying unconscious.
She was scared things would turn out wrong and he'd leave her all alone, she was so scared she'd lose him and was even more scared he'd go without knowing how she really felt and thinking that she hated him and the last thing she told him would be that she didn't want him anywhere near her and that she wanted to never see him again. This words would have never left her mouth had she known how horrible the mere thought of a life without him was.
Nicki was deep in her thoughts when the door swung open and in walked the doctor who in charge of Drake. Nicki softly nudged Sandi to wake her up.

"Is he awake doctor ?" Was the first question that was asked.

"Unfortunately not but we've detected more and more cerebral activity which basically means that his brain has been more and more active over the past hours, it seems like he's going to wake up sooner than later after all." The doctor gave Sandi a small smile.

"Also, you've asked when you'd be able to see him, well now's the time, just make sure you go in one by one two at the most." The doctor explained.

"Alright, thank you so much doctor."

"You're welcome ma'am." The doctor said walking away. Beyoncé, Future and Dennis had woken up at the sound of the doctor's voice.

"How about you go first Nicki and Bey you and Nayvadius will go afterwards so that y'all can go home, Dennis and I will go last I don't want your parents to be worried about you guys." Sandi spoke and Nicki nodded before walking away.

Nicki stood behind the door of Drake's room for a few seconds trying to get herself together and prepare herself for what she was going to find on the other side of the door but still she wasn't prepared for what she saw when she opened the door and walked in, she saw Drake laying there his eyes closed facing the ceiling he had cables going through his mouth and nose, he had a bandage around his right forearm and his left arm was in a splint that went even around his shoulder, he also had a leg cast and his face was covered with bruises and scratches. Nicki walked towards him and sat on the nearby chair as she looked at him closely, scanning his body for any visible scar or bruise other than the ones she had seen from afar. Nicki grabbed Drake's hand feeling the need to make at least physical contact with him. She tried to gather her thoughts and make up a sentence, she wanted to talk to him but eventually she burst in tears. She couldn't stop crying for a little while and then she calmed down and when her sobbing stopped the room fell silent the only sound that was heard being the bip bip that measured Drake's heartbeat. Nicki took a breath and looked at him, a small smile crept onto her face as she noticed his chest raising and falling but still she couldn't speak she wanted to but she just couldn't. Her thumb softly rubbed circle on the back of his hand and not feeling his hand lightly squeeze hers made tears roll down her cheeks again.
Nicki stood up from her seat, she couldn't bear the sight of him like that any longer, she had to leave the room.

"I love you Aubrey," Nicki spoke before using her free hand to wipe her tears.

"I love you so much Aubrey, I don't know what I'd do without you, I didn't mean what I said, I want you by my side Aubrey, I need you to wake up and be by my side." Nicki cried out, looking at his emotionless face and closed eye lids.

Nicki leaned over and softly pecked Drake's lips.

"Please wake up soon, I love you." Nicki spoke before dashing towards the door not able to stand that vision any longer.

Before going back to the waiting room Nicki wiped her remaining tears and took a breath. She walked in and they all looked at her and they knew that Drake was in bad shape and that seeing him was hard to her.
Sandi walked to her and pulled her into a hug as Beyoncé and Future walked away and towards Drake's room.

"Look here sweetheart." Sandi spoke releasing Nicki from the hug and holding her hands, Nicki looked at Sandi and both women were now looking in each other's bloodshot and teary eyes.

"He'll be fine Ok ? You go home and promise me to eat and get some rest ok ? I know how close you too are and I know he wouldn't want to see you in this state." Sandi said.

"I'll try." Nicki nodded with a weak smile and pulled Sandi in another hug. " Let me bring you guys something to eat and drink." Nicki said before walking out of the room.

"Don't bother." Dennis tried to stop Nicki but she wasn't having it.

"I'll be right back." Nicki insisted, she walked away and went to nearest wending machine, she got sandwiches and salads and a few snacks not knowing what they'd want they haven't had anything to eat all day anyways. She got water too, plain and sparkling. She grabbed a few napkins and some paper cups that where on the nearby counter and went back to Drake's parents, she gave them the food and hugged them both one last time and told them to call her if anything happened. She was about to walk away when she saw Future and Beyoncé walking in their way. Future and Beyoncé said their goodbyes to Sandi and Dennis before following Nicki out.
Once out of the hospital they stood there and looked at each other for a while before Beyoncé spoke.

"I drove here with Future so, I'll see you tomorrow I guess." Beyoncé spoke to Nicki.

"Okay." Was all Nicki had to offer as an answer.

"You guys have to be kidding me." Future exclaimed looking between the two them. "You both need a hug right now , so y'all need to give each other a hug, cry, and do whatever it is girls do when you're sad. My best friend who's yours too is laying unconcsious in a hospital bed, you both seen what state he's in so the last thing I need is to see you too moping in your corner so y'all hug each other right now." Future stood and looked at both girls.

Nicki and Beyoncé fell in each other's arms right away and held each other tight.

"You riding with me ?" Nicki asked Beyoncé speaking through tears.

"Of course."

"See, I like that better. Now you two go home,  and you drive safely." Future told Nicki.

"I will, you be careful too alright ?!" Nicki said before the trio shared a well needed group hug before parting ways.

Nicki and Beyoncé walked to Nicki's car and got in before putting their seat belts on. Nicki started the engine and was about to drive off but looked at Beyoncé
"Bey ?!"

"Hmm ?"

"What if ... What if he..."

"Don't even go there Nicki, we're not doing that. Just thinking like that means giving up on him and we are not giving up on him." Beyoncé spoke. Truth is these thoughts crossed her mind more than once but she didn't want Nicki to be thinking like that right then ,she knew Nicki was more fragile than she was and didn't want her think like that.

"Yeah you're right. I shouldn't say those things." Nicki said placing her hands on the steering wheel.

"Nic ?!"

"Yeah ?"

"I'm extremely sorry for not telling you, I didn't mean to hurt you like that, I have always been genuine with you, I love you, you are my friend. I just... I don't know, I trusted him enough to let him tell you on his own term and..."

"Bey, you're forgiven. I have forgiven you already, I love you too much to stay mad at you are the best friend I ever had, you have always had my back and I can't stay mad at you." Nicki said pulling Beyoncé in a hug.

"I love you." Beyoncé spoke

"I love you too." Nicki spoke before driving off.

"Can you sleep over tonight ?" Nicki asked Beyoncé.

"What about your mother ?" Beyoncé asked.

"I really don't care right now, she won't hold me, you will." Nicki shrugged.


Nicki and Beyoncé walked in the house and even if they both were still worried and sad about Drake's condition they were a bit better than earlier, they had made up and this put a small smile on their faces.

"Let's go get something to eat." Beyoncé said.

"Thank you but I'm not in the mood right now." Nicki answered plopping on the couch.

"I know, me neither, but we need to, we need to stay strong alright ?" Beyoncé spoke and Nicki nodded and grabbed Beyoncé's hand and lead her to the kitchen. Nicki turned the lights on and was shocked by what she saw. Taraji was sitting at the island dressed in nothing but her robe and she had a glass of wine in hand, and there was a half empty bottle of white wine and there also were a bottle of tequila and an empty shot glass on the counter.

"Mom ?" Nicki called in shock. "What are you doing up ? Have you been drinking ?"

"Oh ! Nicki ... And her guru. Just great, all I needed." Taraji spoke with a chuckle before stepping down from her stool stumbling.

"What ? Mom, what's going on ?" Nicki wondered and Beyoncé looked from afar amused.

"I'm going to bed, all alone, because of you !" Taraji said drunkenly. " You call your father so he'll stop worrying since you're the only thing he cares about." Taraji said walking away.

"Damn !" Beyoncé spoke.

Nicki grabbed the home phone and dialed her father who told her about their argument not getting into the details not wanting Nicki to feel bad about it, he didn't want to add that to her plate. He told her he just needed to stay away for the night and that he'll be back the next day.

Nicki explained the situation to Beyoncé and they ate something quick and then they went to Nicki's bedroom, both took a shower and got ready for bed, it was almost 2 a.m already but even with all the crying they had done neither of them could sleep.

"Bey ?"


"I told him I hated him, I told him I didn't want him no way near me. What if that's the last thing I told him. I know I shouldn't think like that but I'm scared."

"Don't be Nic. He'll wake up soon and you'll have all the time you want to tell him how much you love him and then y'all can get married and start on making babies alright ?" Beyoncé joked trying to soothe her friend.

"Can you be serious just for once ?" Nicki laughed before snuggling closer to Beyoncé.

"I was being serious though." Beyoncé spoke.

"Go to sleep now." Beyoncé said and both her and Nicki settled in the bed and finally drifted off to sleep after a while.


The next day Nicki woke up early as did Beyoncé. They both did their morning routine and when they were ready they got downstairs and to the kitchen where they found Boris cooking breakfast.

"DAD !!" Nicki went to hug her father.

"Hey baby girl." Boris hugged Nicki and kissed her forehead.

"What are you doing here ? And where is mom ?" Nicki inquired.

"Who even cares about her ?" Beyoncé shrugged taking a seat at the bar after she had hugged Boris at her turn.

"I'm working from here today and I saw you guys were back here so I decided to cook breakfast for you. You must be pretty shaken and as for your mother she went to work even though Beyoncé is right and we do not care. How is Drake ?" Boris asked them.

"She went to work ? In her state ?" Nicki answered.

"Her state ?" Boris rose a brow .

"She drunk her ass off last night. You know she can't handle it when you're mad at her." Nicki explained.

"Did she ?" Boris asked before turning his head to Beyoncé and placing a plate before her.

"So, how is Drake ?" He asked her and both Nicki and Beyoncé's eyes saddened a bit.

"He's unconscious for now, they say he can wake up any time now. That's the good news. Now we don't know how he'll be when he wakes up. He has broken ribs, a deep cut on his arm he has a broken wrist and a broken leg as well as many other injuries." Beyoncé explained picking at her food. As she enumerated all of Drake's injuries Nicki froze reviewing Drake as she saw him the night before. The fear of losing him washed over her again and she was petrified.

"Nicki !" Boris called and she snapped out of her thoughts.

"I was asking you if you were alright baby girl but obviously you're not. " Boris said wrapping his arms around her . 

"I'll be fine. Can you eat up fast so we can go to the hospital ?" Nicki asked Beyoncé. 

"No, no, baby girl you're going to school."

"No, I can't dad, I have to be there. I have to go to the hospital and be with Aubrey."

"I know and I get exactly how you're feeling right now but first of you need to go to school and also, I know you and I know sitting there at the hospital with nothing to do isn't good, that's how you start imagining the worst things and going crazy, you need to stay busy." Boris explained but his argument weren't convincing to Nicki.

"No, I'm going to the hospital." Nicki said looking at Beyoncé hoping she'd back her up.

"He's right Nic, you need to keep busy. I'll be there and I'll call you right away if anything happens. Besides you only have two classes today." Beyoncé spoke.

"Exactly, I only have two classes so missing school today ain't that big of a deal , I need to go to the hospital and neither of you guys will make me change my mind." Nicki affirmed.

"Fine, you do whatever you want to. Just make sure you eat before you leave. I'll be in my office." Boris spoke placing a plate on the bar for Nicki and then he grabbed one for himself and kissed both Nicki and Beyoncé before walking away and towards his office.

Nicki and Beyoncé finished eating and got ready to leave, they grabbed their stuff and left for the hospital where they found Dennis and Sandi. They had a hard time convincing them to go back to their house so they could take a shower and get some rest a few seconds later Future joined them and then it was Ciara's turn.

Everyone had taken turns to go and see him and it was now Nicki's turn to go. She was a bit apprehensive thinking about the image she had of him from the night before. She opened the door and walked over to his hospital bed Drake was laying on and grabbed his hand. This time she was able to actually look at him.

"Hey you." Nicki spoke softly before taking a seat on the chair that was near the bed. She sat indian style with Drake's hand still in hers.

"You know you need to wake up right ?" Nicki asked Drake knowing that she wouldn't get any answer from him.

"You've had more than enough rest and you can't leave me like that. I need you." She spoke looking at his face.

"Ok I see, you know what you can take as much time as you want but please, please wake up soon because I don't know how long I can take seeing you like that." Nickis spoke again wiping the single tear that rolled down her cheek.

"Oh ! Guess what I brought ?" Nicki said reaching in her purse, she fished their book from it. It was the new book they started reading not long before their argument. They always read the same books together and most of the time she'd read to him just because Drake loved hearing her voice, most of the time he didn't even care for the story but he'd beg for her to read to him, just because he liked to hear her voice.

"I already read chapter 5 but that's where you stopped so I'll start from here." Nicki said before starting on reading.

Nicki was starting on chapter seven when her phone rang. She got it from her purse and picked up.

"Hello ?!" She called in the phone.

"Hey, Nicki, it's Trey."

"Oh, hi." Nicki rolled her eyes.

"I called to check on you , I haven't heard from you in two days so I was starting to worry." Trey explained.

"I'm fine, don't worry." Nicki answered.

"Are you sure ?"

"Yes I am, but I need to go right now, I'll see you when I see you." Nicki tried to hang up but heard Trey calling her name.

"Nicki wait."

"What ?"

"Did I do anything wrong ? I feel like you're avoiding me right now."

"You didn't do anything wrong Trey, but I just.. Erm ok look I'm going to be completely honest with you Trey, I think we should stop seeing each other."

"Why ? I like you Nicki and I thought you liked me too." Trey pleaded.

"I'm sorry , I'm sorry for leading you on but I don't, you're a good person but there's nothing between us and there will never be , I'm sorry Trey." Nicki hung up the phone. She knew for sure that her mother would get her for that but she couldn't play that game no more, she was done with it. Looking at Drake laying there she knew he was who she wanted to be with, and who she needed. Even talking to Trey felt like she was being disloyal to Drake, besides even as just a friend she knew he would advise her to be honest to herself and to tell the truth if she didn't felt anything for Trey and that's exactly what was going on, she didn't like Trey and she never liked him , she might have thought she did for a while but it was nothing compared to what she felt for Drake and she knew it.

Her phone rang again and when Nicki saw it was Trey she denied the phone call and put her phone back in her purse. She didn't feel like dealing with this right now she had told him everything he needed to know and he had to live with it because right at the moment her priority was Drake and being by his side as long as he needed. Nicki took his hand back in hers and got back to reading.


"What do we do now ?"

"You go get her back. Tonight when she comes back home from the hospital, you come by, you act worried because you heard about her friend. She cries you hold her and that's it." Taraji shrugged rubbing her temples.

"With all due respect Mrs. Kodjoe, I don't think this is a good idea, I mean you heard her just like I heard her, she doesn't want nothing to do with me . We should stop here." Trey spoke.

"Stop here ? Boy what do you want ? What did you say you wanted when you got involved in this ?" Taraji asked.

"Nicki, I said I wanted Nicki to be mine." Trey answered. "But I only agreed on this plan because you said she liked me too, and you said we didn't have to harm anyone , you said these people were playing her."

"We are not harming her, and they are playing her, they are trying to use her for money. You can be her saviour and she'll fall right in your arms. Isn't it what you want ?" Taraji asked Trey taking her shades off, revealing her redden eyes.

"It is what I want but if Nicki is in love with Drake then I can't do nothing about it." Trey said and Taraji bursted out laughing.

"In love ? What does she know about love huh ? Miss me with that she doesn't even know what being in love means, she's not in love with that thug. Now boy are you in or not ? Because I really don't have time for that , I can do this by myself and that way she loses and you lose, get on my side and you're the winner."

"I'll drop by your house tonight." Trey spoke raising from the seat he was on and leaving Taraji's office.

Taraji grabbed another aspirin and took the medication before lying her head on her desk. She was hungover because of all she drank last night.

She grabbed the phone and dialed Boris's number and waited as it rang, only for the call to be denied.

"I hate that child." Taraji screamed.


Nicki was reading the last sentence of chapter 7 when the door to Drake's room opened and in walked Sandi. Nicki looked up at her when she heard her footsteps and stopped reading.

"Oh don't let me interrupt dear." Sandi said walking towards a chair.

"You must think I'm crazy for reading to him when he can't even hear me." Nicki said closing the book.

"Not at all, I spent my night talking to him. Besides the doctor said it was good to talk to him." Sandi answered.

"I'll leave, so y'all can have your alone time." Nicki said getting up from her seat.

"Don't. This room is big enough for the both of us." Sandi said with a smile. 

"You can carry on reading dear. I won't disturb. I just wanted to be near him." Sandi explained with a smile.

"Are you sure ?" Nicki asked.

"Yes. Go ahead. He'd probably be mad at me if I was the reason you stopped reading." Sandi joked looking at Nicki who smiled looking down and started reading again.


Five days later Nicki was coming back home from the hospital. She went there everyday after school, she would tell Drake about her day and then she'd read to him. There was no update on Drake's condition it hadn't evolve at all but they weren't loosing their hope of seeing him wake up soon. Nicki knew he'd wake up at some point or rather she wanted to believe that but still it was weighing on her. She keeping that facade but truth was when she got back home from the hospital everyday she just sat in her balcony cried. She cried and cried all alone because that's how she felt all alone. She knew she had Beyoncé and could count on her,as well as Future, Ciara and the others but still she felt alone as she didn't have Drake, he was she wanted. Also she prayed, she prayed every morning and every night. She asked god to bring her best friend back to her every day.
She and Beyoncé would also go check on the Grahams once a day. They couldn't come to the hospital every day because they both had to get back to work and given their own health conditions adding the nights at the hospital to their daily shifts was too much. They had tried but were worn out by the second day thus Drake's friends had volunteered to take turns at Drake's bedside, Nicki taking the most and the longest turns of course.

Nicki arrived home and went to her room as she did every night and after taking a shower she went to the balcony wearing Drake's hoodie and some boy shorts she laid back on the balcony couch and looked up at the stars letting the tears down her cheeks.


"I bet you're proud of yourself." Taraji asked Boris after they heard the front door slam shut and saw Nicki running up the stairs. They both knew exactly whet she was about to do.

"You're saying this as if I was driving the car that hit him Taraji." Boris exclaimed confused.

"I'm saying this because you're the one who let her get this close to that boy. Now look at her " Taraji answered.

"Ok. And so I was supposed to know that this was going to happen ?"

"She wouldn't be in that state if we had done things my way Taraji screamed. 

From her room Nicki could hear her parents going back and forth as they had been doing for a week straight and she was sick of it. She was sick of hearing them argue about petty things that didn't even ake any sense, if she knew her father was just trying to knock sens into her mother's head, she couldn't understand her mother's behaviour, she couldn't understand how she could be this mean and carry on her petty little battle when there was someone's life on the line but at the same time it didn't surprise her.

"Oh so now you're leaving again ?! You want to run away again ?" Taraji screamed. 

"You're right just do that and take that child of yours with you by the way. I don't need bo weak ass ..." 

It was the most Nicki could take. She got back in the room and went to put her shoes on. She waited till she heard the front door slam meaning her father had left then she descended the stairs and walked past her mother who was too busy choosing her wine and tequilla for the night. Nicki walked to the front door and walked out slamming it. She had suffered her mother's ways for too long now and she was so done with it now. Actually she was done with everything at this point. The one only person she loved with all she had and who was her everything was probably dying and her own mother wasn't even able to give her even an ounce of love and she was the reason her parents' marriage was going left. She didn't have anything to do in this house no more. She was done with this life.

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