Oneshot : Words

So, I know I was supposed to update 'Deal' this week but I didn't catch the time to write it so I'm posting this. It was in draft, I arranged it and here it is. I'll try and work on 'deal' so y'all can get at least a peek before next week , I'm not promising anything but I'm trying. Xoxox

"Alright, we only have five minutes left so we're not going to start anything right now, class is dismissed." Nicki spoke and as soon as the words left her mouth the sound of books and copybooks being shut and pencil cases unzipping and zipping back was heard as the high schoolers gathered their stuff and got up to leave, it was the only thing on their minds for the past hour all the more as so it was last period and Nicki knew it that's why she always tried to let them go as early as possible.

"Don't forget to bring your copy of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice for next class." Nicki shouted over the noise the teenagers were making, she then went to sit behind her desk and started on packing her own stuff while one after the other the students walked out the door telling her goodbye and wishing her a nice end of day. Nicki or Ms. Maraj as they called her had to be the most popular teacher of the school and each and every one of her students liked her. She was young, 21 years old, so they felt connected to her more than any other teacher and she was a very sweet person and really cared for her students and tried to make class seem more fun and less boring to them and it never felt forced which is because she loved her job. She was in love with literature and teaching it to them was always a great experience for her even if most of the time they weren't really that interested she didn't mind it. On the contrary to her it was challenging and she liked to think that she could get absolutely anyone to be at least a bit interested in literature.

"Well hello Ms. Maraj." Ms. Fenty said walking in the room. She was a spanish teacher.

"Hi." Nicki smiled at her friend as she placed her pens in her pencil case.

"We're going out with the others tonight. You're coming ?"

"No, I can't Rihanna  I'm sorry. Maybe another time." Nicki answered picking her satchel and her coat before she got up and followed her friend out of the classroom.

"Why not ? It's friday."  Rihanna exclaimed trying to convince her friend.

"Actually it is because we are on a friday and you know what I do on fridays."

"What ? You're still doing that jail stuff ?" Rihanna inquired.

"Yes I am still doing that jail stuff."

"Ok. Well then I guess we're going out without you." Rihanna said.

"Yep. See you on monday." Nicki said hugging Rihanna before they parted ways.

"See you on monday and have fun with your delinquents." Rihanna joked walking towards her car while Nicki shook her head at her friend walking towards her own car.

It was almost 4p.m when Nicki got to her house. It was almost out of the city which was why it took her forty five  minutes to get home but she loved it, she loved living there it was quiet unlike the rest of the city and even though her house wasn't no mansion it was vast, she had plenty of space and also a yard which she knew she couldn't even think about having if she chose to live in the heart of Memphis.
When she got home Nicki took a quick shower and changed before grabbing what she needed and hoping back in her car not without taking the homemade muffins she had gotten up early to make that morning. She placed everything in the backseat of her car and after fastening her seat belt she drove off.

Nicki drove to the Shelby county jail. She parked her car and then grabbed the bag that was filled with books in the back of her car before using her foot to slam the door shut.
After passing through the security system and all the usual stuff Nicki found herself in the jail cafeteria facing about twenty men.

Nicki had been doing this for a little bit over six months now, she hosted a literature and creative writing  workshop... In jail. She discovered these through a friend of hers and loved the idea. She knew from her personal experience that writing could for many people help ease the pain or could be a great get away from reality. She spent her days trying to get her student into reading and writing so this wasn't nothing she wasn't used to, only difference was the type of crowd she was teaching to. But she loved doing it, to her it was just like teaching in school but with a different purpose and it was even more interesting here because she truly felt like she could help these men escape their rough reality even if it was just for two hours a week. And who knows maybe she made a difference for them maybe writing would change them. She wasn't no fanatic who thought literature or writing could change the world either but she liked to think that it held at least some power that could make a change in people's lives just like it did for her.

"So gentlemen, what I want you to do today is nothing like what we've ever done. Now usually you get to be creative and we like to completely cut ties with our reality but today you are going to be writing about your reality. It can be a past experience, it can be about what you're going through right now at the moment or it can even be about someone else if you're uncomfortable talking about yourself but it has to be someone dear to you so that it stays personal. You can make it a simple narrative or make it a poem or a song, it can be anything you want but it has to be personal." Nicki explained the weekly task before looking at the men sitting before her trying to decipher their expression and see if they understood her.

"Any questions ?" Nicki inquired and she had a few 'no's but mostly silence as an answer so she figured they understood what they had to do.

"Alright then y'all can get started. I'll pass by and give out the books as usual you all have a different one you read it and we'll talk about it in two weeks. After that I can help you with your writing task." Nicki said as she started giving the books out. As she passed by the tables. She greeted some of the prisoners. For some of them she was the only person from the outside they saw and talked to so they developed a kind of relationship outside of the writing thing she'd sit at their table and talk to them about the outside world or about her life in general and they'd tell her about theirs before they got here. She knew it was important to keep them sane and it didn't cost her a thing so she didn't mind. She wasn't scared because she never knew what they were here for unless they felt like telling her, she refused to know , she didn't even know their names until they told her themselves. She didn't want to go in there with preconceptions about them which made her work easier.

Nicki passed by the tables giving the books out. She reached the last table and only had two more books to give out.

"Here you go Weezy." Nicki said giving Wayne his book. He was her favorite inmate. He was the most receptive to her even though they were from two completely different worlds.
Nicki sat next to him and looked over his shoulder to see what he was writing.

"I see once again you're not following the directions." Nicki said with a chuckle.

"You said it had to be personal Nic, this rap is personal." Wayne answered. He always spent the whole lesson writing raps instead of doing the task Nicki asked but she didn't mind it at all on the contrary she liked the fact that he did his own thing after all she was there to make them write and that's exactly what he was doing.

"You're right. It's all good as long as I get to read it first." Nicki spoke to him and he agreed on it.
Nicki looked up and that's when she noticed him. Inmate 241080. That's all she knew about him. She didn't even know his name. He was inmate 241080 and that was all she knew. He never spoke and barely ever looked at her or at anyone else for that matter which Nicki found very intriguing, everything about him was. Even his physical appearance. He was tall, about 6 foot tall and you could say he was working out. He had a head full of curls and a stubble beard. He had hazel eyes and full rosy lips. It all gave him a menacing and scary look yet Nicki managed to find him cute, she'd even say he was rather sexy but part of her still found him a bit scary. Thus she never went towards him not feeling like invading his personal space she thought there had to be a reason as to why he never uttered a word in her presence.

"Oh and this one is for you." Nicki said sliding the book across the table. He took it and nodded as to say thank you and Nicki gave him a small smile.

"What's wrong with you man ? Can't you even fix your mouth to say thank you to the lady ?" Wayne expressed looking at his friend who gave him a death glare as to say shut up.

"It's alright Wayne leave him alone." Nicki took his defense and Wayne simply shook his head.

"So Nic, tell me, do you like it better that way or should I replace that line with this one ?" Wayne said handing his sheet of paper to Nicki.

"Let me see." Nicki said taking a seat at the table before grabbing the paper from Wayne's hand. She never wrote a rap and it wasn't her favorite type of music but she was perfectly able to help out with writing it and Wayne knew it. Besides they connected on that level so he never hesitated before asking her for help.

As she read through Wayne's rap Nicki could feel inmate 241080's gaze on her  making her a bit nervous, she looked up from the paper for a split second but at the moment her gaze caught his he turned his head away so Nicki went back to reading.

Nicki was busy reading when Travis one of the inmates walked to her and tapped her shoulder. To say that Travis was scary was an understatement. Nicki got afraid every time he came near her. He was the most idiotic and insensible human being she had ever crossed path with. He always spent his time bothering her instead of writing or reading, he didn't care for the lessons at all. Nicki was his biggest concern which was understandable. She was breathtakingly beautiful.

"Hey shawty. Mind if I take this seat ?" Travis asked before taking the seat next to Nicki without even waiting for an answer.

"Sure." Nicki said sarcasm dripping from her tone.

"You said we could right about someone dear to us, I wrote a lil som'thing bout you ma." Travis said bringing his seat closer to Nicki's.

"Oh really that's interesting." Nicki said getting closer to Wayne to get away from Travis.

"May I read it to you ?" Travis asked licking his lips and Nicki nodded even though she didn't want to hear whatever he wrote, she didn't want to upset him.

"It's a poem, it goes like this..." Travis started before going onto reciting his awfully disrespectful 'poem' about Nicki's curves. Nicki was thrown aback but wasn't about to make a big deal out of it. She looked down at her hands ill at ease the whole time. She could feel the mysterious man's gaze on her, he intently looked at her as Wayne's blood was boiling and he shot up from his seat.

"Man, get the hell up out of here with this disrespectful trash." Wayne spoke to Travis who didn't budge.

"Wayne sit down. It's all good." Nicki said grabbing Wayne's arm making him sit. She was used to these situations and always made everything in her power to soothe them because she knew how bad it could get besides even though Wayne wasn't the type to run away from a fight, he couldn't take Travis. That was just physically impossible and also he had too much to loose, he could be released in a few and go back to his wife and son. She didn't want him to jeopardize that just to defend her.

"How did you like it ma ? Travis asked Nicki placing a hand on her thigh.

"Travis can you please take your hand off me ?" Nicki asked trying to stay as calm as possible.

"Why ? You don't like that. " Travis asked her rubbing on her thigh.

"Erm..  Erh..  Well." Nicki started stuttering before a deep baritone voice was heard.

"Leave her alone."  It was the first time Nicki ever heard his voice. It was calm and collected, he didn't rose his voice and spoke in a monotone tone and it was enough to scare the hell out of Nicki. If she was the one who he was talking to she would have gotten up and ran away.

"Or what ? What you gon' do ?" Travis asked getting up and the man shot up from his seat too and soon him and Travis were chest to chest.

"Drake sit down man. It ain't worth it." Wayne tried to calm his friend but it was no use.

"I will blow your fucking face off." The guy Nicki now knew as Drake said getting in Travis's face. Nicki sat there watching not knowing what to do nor say.

"You funny pretty boy." Travis chuckled and immediately Drake grabbed him by his shirt and by the time he threw the first punch he felt his body being snatched away by the guards.
Nicki watched the scene unfold and saw both Drake and Travis being roughly dragged away.

"What the hell just happened."  Nicki asked herself out loud.

"Nothing unusual." Wayne chuckled and stroked Nicki's shoulder.

Nicki went back to doing her job and tended to the other mates. She thought it was the best thing to do to avoid the snowball effect.
As she worked Nicki kept looking for the guards who took Drake away. She felt extremely bad for him. She knew what a fight could mean in here. She knew what it could cause and didn't want him to get into any kind of trouble just because he wanted to defend her.

"Hey !" Nicki called after the guard as he walked past her.

"How may I help you ?" He asked her.

"Can you please get Drake back here. He didn't mean to cause any of this. He was defending me..." Nicki tried to explain.

"I understand but this won't be possible ma'am." The guard explained and Nicki looked down.

"Well can I at least speak to him ? The class is almost over."

"I don't know if this is allowed but I'll just bring him here whenever everyone is in their cell." He said and Nicki nodded and thanked him before going back to everyone and dismissing them. They were all brought back to their cells one by one. Wayne being the last one to go as usual. He gave Nicki a sheet of paper and a pleading look. She immediately got the hint and took it before giving him a small smile and a hug. She knew it was a letter for his wife and she'd gladly deliver it.

Once the room was clear Nicki sat at a table and patiently waited for Drake to be brought to her. Soon he was walked towards the table she was sitting at. The guards let him sit down and waked away so they could talk.

"The handcuffs won't be needed sir." Nicki spoke to the guard who gave her a look and sighed before walking over to Drake and removed the handcuffs from him.

"Thank you." Nicki said before reverting her attention to the man sitting across from her. She quietly studied his face to the point where she got lost in his features. It was when she heard him clear his throat that she came back to reality.

"Oh, uh, Look I really wanted to thank you for standing up for me like that, I really appreciate it." Nicki spoke and she soon felt stupid as again he didn't utter a word and didn't even bother looking at her. He gave her a nod looking at his hands.

"And also I'm sorry if this got you in any kind of trouble, I'll explain what happened to whoever is in charge if you want me to." Nicki offered and this time he looked at her taking her aback and they locked eyes before he smiled at her and shook his head no. Nicki looked down at her blushing from the nervousness his intense gaze on her caused.

"Alright then thank you, again." Nicki spoke lowly and the room fell silent before she heard shifting and when she looked up she saw him getting up from his chair. She stared at his face as he held his hands out towards the guards who walked towards them when he saw Drake's gesture. Before the guard put the handcuffs back on him, Drake placed a hand over Nicki's small one and she felt sparks going through her body.

"Thank you." His deep voice was heard.

"What for ?" Nicki asked in almost a whisper.

"For caring." He said before his hand was snatched from her, the handcuffs where locked around his wrists again and he was dragged away, once again Nicki sat there watching as he was dragged away. She sat for a few seconds dazzled before recollecting her thoughts and getting up. She collected her stuff and headed out.~

~~A Week Later.~~

"Why are you so nervous ? You've been doing this for months." Rihanna asked Nicki as they drove to Rihanna's house in Nicki's car.

"Because, I am that's it Ri."

"Oh, I know. It's because you're going to see you mysterious lover there."

"My lover ? I don't know what you're saying girl you need to take your medication."

"Hm hm. You are the crazy one here. You went and became infatuated with some criminal because he ' saved you ' from another criminal. You need to take medication." Rihanna retorted.

"I am not infatuated and he is not a criminal."

"You are, he's the only thing you've spoke about in a whole week and you described him as and I quote a handsome man. And if he's not a criminal tell me what he's doing in jail ?" Rihanna spoke to her friend.

"I never said handsome, and I spoke about him just to tell you what happened you ask questions I answer. And I have no idea of why he's there."

"You became infatuated with a criminal." Rihanna stated again.

"Shut up Rih ! You know what, next time you got problems with your car you'll be riding the bus."

"You're just mad because you know I'm right."

"Shut up." Nicki said as she pulled in her friend's driveway and waited for her to get out of the car.

At the Shelby county jail

"Now Wayne you can't tell me you didn't like this book." Nicki laughed.

"The story was cool and all but the person who wrote this had to be high when they did. That's all I'm saying." Wayne said making Nicki laugh even more. When he laughing stopped she heard a chuckle so she looked up and she was met with Drake's eyes on her and she smiled at him.

Wayne slid hi sheet of paper across the table and Nicki took it.

"What is it ?" Nicki asked before reading what was written on it. It was yet another rap.

"This is very good Wayne, I like it a lot, it's different from anything you ever wrote." Nicki spoke obviously surprised.

"I didn't write that one, he did." Wayne spoke pointing at Drake before getting up and leaving the table, leaving Nicki and Drake alone.

"So... You write raps too ?" Nicki asked, it was the first time she ever got to read anything he wrote.

"I do."

"Well, you're very talented. I mean I'm not an expert but I really like what I just read."

"Thank you. I read the verse you changed for Wayne, you're good with words too."

"Well, it's my job to use words so.."

"Your job ? What's your job ?" Drake asked Nicki.

"I'm a teacher," Nicki answered with a small smile.

"Should have known." Drake shrugged and right after that a guard screamed out that mail was delivered for the prisoners and Nicki looked around her as the twenty men in the room almost ran towards the line where the mail was given to them. Nicki looked at Drake weird as he didn't move at all.

"Aren't you going to go get your mail ?" Nicki asked.

"I never get any." Drake answered simply, Nicki looked at him and was me by a tensed face that was nothing like the smiley one she saw minutes ago so she figured she had to change the subject.

"How long have you been in here ?" Nicki asked but then tensed afraid she didn't choose the best subject but she was pleased to see a small smile creep back on his face.

"It's been a year."

"Oh and how long are you in for ?"

"I got two years, so one more to go, but I'm could be released in three months for good conduct, about that thanks for talking to the supervisor." After she had left the other friday Nicki still felt extremely bad, she knew that little altercation because of her could cost him a lot thus she spoke to the supervisor to make sure.

"It's nothing you have to thank me for. I just did what I had to do." Nicki explained.

Drake was about to answer when John, another inmate came up to her and asked for some advice about something he was writing so Nicki went to tend to him putting a hand to their conversation.

~~The Next Monday~~

"What are you doing ?" Rihanna asked Nicki as she watched over her friend's shoulder. They were in the teachers' room during the morning break.

"I'm writing a letter Rih." Nicki spoke nudging her friend.

"To who ?" Ms. Knowles the music teacher asked.

"To her criminal lover." Rihanna shook her head.

"Why would you write him a letter ?" Beyoncé asked.

"Because, he said he never get any mail. That's too sad. I just want to be nice." Nicki explained.

"Be nice ? Why ? There has to be a reason if even his family doesn't bother writing to him, and don't forget you met him in jail." Ms. Rowland spoke.

"You guys are just too annoying." Nicki said before grabbing her stuff and walking away. She decided to get to her classroom to finish her letter. He friend's judgments had made her a bit angry and she didn't even know why because in a way, they were right, Why did she care about him that much ? She had no idea, she just did and yes, there had to be a reason as to why no one wrote to him when he was there for a whole year but she didn't care. No matter what he did he deserved at least a letter.

~~ Two Months Later ~~

"Can I have you guys' attention !" Nicki shouted to get all of the inmates attention. They all looked towards her and stopped speaking to give her their undivided attention.

"So, as you all know today is my last time here with y'all, I'm not about to deliver no boring speech or anything but I just wanted to tell you that this was a really good experience for me thanks to you and
I want you to keep on being amazing and I mean each one of you in your own way. And also y'all be nice with my replacement alright ?" Nicki spoke before thanking them and going on to personally say goodbye to everyone and off course the last ones were Wayne and Drake.

"The best for last !" Nicki said taking a seat between Wayne and Drake.

"You said it Barbie." Wayne spoke. "We're really gonna miss you, you know ?" Wayne said.

"I will miss you guys too." Nicki answered.

"I'm getting out of here in four months anyways, and the dreamhouse will be my first stop." Wayne joked.

"And Barbie will welcome you with open arms, you know that." Nicki said before her and Wayne shared a hug.

"Imma let Barbie and Ken have their time." Wayne said getting up and making his way to a close by table.

"So, this is the last time huh ?" Drake asked Nicki.

"Look I'll still write to you and I can try to come visit you, I've already looked up and..." Nicki started but was cut off by Drake.

"You don't have to you know ?"

"I know, but I want to." Nicki said placing a hand over his. Drake and her had grown really close, she wrote to him every chance she got and it made him happy, just like it did for her and it wasn't just because she felt useful, it was because she genuinely enjoyed talking to him. She learnt a lot about him through their epistolary talks, they wrote to each other about really deep stuff like their up bringing and he even told her how he ended up in jail which even Wayne didn't know. Drake came from a wealthy white collar family but he never got along with his family and for a reason he never expressed he ended up running away. He lived in the streets for years and found himself enrolled with the wrong crowd, they would rob stores and stuff like that and one day they were robbing a liquor store when they got caught and that's how he ended up in jail at the age of 21, he was now 22 and was getting out in a month.

"You won't have to do it for long anyways, I'm getting out of here in a month." Drake broke the news to Nicki, he had told her that they were talking about letting him out but was waiting to tell her when he knew for sure.

"Really ? That's a great news. I'm happy for you !" Nicki exclaimed genuinely happy for her friend.

"Where are you gonna go though ?" Nicki asked worrying, she knew he had no where to go and was afraid he'd return to his bad habits.

"They're offering for me to stay at a hostel for newly free prisoners." Drake shrugged. "I can stay there just a few months, then I'll have to figure something out but I'll be good.

~~A Month Later~~~

"And I hope this is the last I see you." The guard said letting Drake walk through the wired gate.

Drake nodded at him and walked away. He smiled big at the sight before him. Nicki was there just as she promised leaning on her car. He ran towards her and she met him halfway and jumped in his opened arms. They hadnt' seen each other in a month. Nicki tried to go through the procedure to get to visit him but they said it could take over three weeks before the first visit so they figured it wasn't worth the energy.

Drake set Nicki on her own two feet and they both started starring at each other both not really understanding what had just happened. It was like they were drawn to each other and when they saw each other they felt the need to be close.

"It is good to see you." Nicki finally spoke.

"Good to see you too." Drake answered, before Nicki took his hand in hers and dragged him towards her car.

"Come on. Let's get way from here."


"Thank you again for letting me stay here, and for the clothes, and ..."

"Stop thanking me Drake, you're my friend. It's normal." Nicki and rubbed his arm.

"No, I really have to thank you for everything. I'll forever be grateful to you."

"It's not that big of a deal, I swear. " Nicki said taking a seat on her couch and Drake sat down next to her.

"So, this is your first day out, what do you want to do ?" It was a saturday so Nicki didn't have work and she was glad she didn't so she could spend the day with him.

"Go look for a job so I can start paying my part of the rent and then get out of you hair ASAP." Drake said causing Nicki to sigh and roll her eyes at him.

"OK. You really have to stop. first off, I told you already, you can stay here as long as you need to and you're not spending your first day out of jail looking for a job. We're going shopping, you need a whole wardrobe, I only bought for three days of clothes."

"I can't let you do that. You've done enough for me. I already feel dumb and belittled enough."

"What do you mean ?"

"I mean, I am a fully grown man who had the chance to become someone in life and I ruined everything within a night and here I am today coming out of jail with nothing. I don't even have 10 bucks in my pocket."

"Don't think like that, you made  youthful and fullish mistakes granted, but it could have happened to anyone, it doesn't make you dumb nor does it belittle you, you're out now, and you've got your whole life ahead of you, you're only twenty two. It's not too late to become who you really want to be. You can be whoever you wanna be, and I'll be right there with you through each and every step you take. Alright ?"

Drake looked in her eyes and could tell she was being sincere, it wasn't words. She really meant everything she said and it felt good to hear it , it was the first time in years that someone told him the believed in him.

"Aight.." Drake answered and Nicki smiled in return.

"Great. Now let's go get something to eat, then we can go and get you some clothes. You'll look for  a job on monday." Nicki said getting up from the couch and holding her out for him to take. Drake took it and got up at his turn before wrapping his arms around Nicki, she let herself go and wrapped her arms around Drake and laid her head on his chest loving the feeling she had everytime he held her.

"Thank you so much. You are a blessing and I promise one day I'll repay you for everything." Drake spoke lowly before kissing Nicki's hair.

~~Six Months Later~~

"ONIKA !" Drake called walking in the house. He went to the kitchen where he knew he would find her.

"What's wrong with you ? Why are you screaming my name like that ?" Nicki asked Drake stirring what was in the pot as he kissed her forehead and excitedly wrapped his arm around her.

"You won't believe what happened !" He said enthusiastically.

"I take it, your reunion with your parents went well." Nicki guessed.

"It was awful.  They just hate me and want nothing to do with me," Drake said and Nicki frowned.

"Aubrey can you tell me exactly which part of this is good ?"

"My grandfather, he passed when I wasn't even born, he left me an inheritance that I could get only by my twenty first birthday, but I left the house when I was 17, my parents never told me about it and they planned on keeping the money but they can't touch a penny so they told me about it today."

"I don't think I followed everything Drake." Nicki spoke confused.

"It doesn't matter baby we are rich !" Drake said picking Nicki up and swinging her around making her laugh.

"Seventy million dollars, Nika, seventy million !" Drake said looking at her once he set her on her own two feet.

"Seventy what ? What did you just say ?"

"Seventy million dollars." Drake repeated.

"Damn ! What are you gonna do with all that ?"

"You mean we, what are we gonna do with all that. Well first off, I'll take you on a vacation to the Bahamas and shower you with gifts, then I'll buy you  a house, no a mansion, a freaking castle if that can make you happy. You can have whatever you want baby, we are rich !" Drake spoke estactic. He grabbed the side of Nicki's face and licked his lips before leaning and connecting them to hers. Nicki was taken aback at first but soon she caught herself kissing back.

"You can get whatever you want baby girl, now I can treat you like the Queen you are." Drake spoke getting down to his knees and wrapping his arms around Nicki's tiny waist and resting his head against her flat stomach.

"You know what I really want ?" Nicki asked as her fingers played in his curls. "I want you to use that money to go go and chase after your dream, I want you to become the rapper you always wanted to be and also I think I really need another kiss right now. You have no idea of how long I've been waiting for you do that." Nicki said and Drake stood up straight.

"And you have no idea how long I've been wanting to do that." Drake said before their lips connected again.

~~ Four years later ~~

Nicki and Shanell got out of the black SUV and started walking towards the building and right away there was flashes blinding their eyes.

"Damn, these paps b following us everywhere."  Shanell spoke picking her six years old son and holding him close to her chest.

"That ain't no lie." Nicki answered quickening her pace. Her and Shanel, Wayne's wife where going to the studio , to surprise their husbands who were both amazing rappers, they were even called the bests of their era.


"Today's Valentine's day Aubrey. I had a special surprise for you" Nicki pouted.

"I know,just let me finish up here, then we can go grab lunch before I go to rehearsal and after the award show I got a surprise for you too." Drake grinned.

"Wipe that grin of your face boy. I'm still mad at you."

"You won't be mad long, anyways, what are you doing today ? Don't you have a meeting with your publisher ?"

"Nope, it got pushed back, so I'll just spend my time getting dolled up for tonight. I gotta look good walking the red carpet with my handsome husband." Nicki said. She had her own career that kept her busy, she was a famous novel writer and editor.

"You always look gorgeous anyways." Drake said kissing his wife.


"Why are we here Aubrey ?  I'm tired." Nicki whined as Drake and her walked side by side up the heels of Los Angeles.

"We're here, stop complaining. Now look up." Drake said and Nicki did as she was told.

"Aubrey, you know I love to look at the stars, it's cute and all  but we're coming from an award show and I'm tired as hell so..."

"You see that one ?" Drake spoke pointing at a huge star, the one that shined the most overshadowing the others.

"It's beautiful." Nicki spoke in awe.

"You know what it's called ?" Drake asked Nicki who shook her head no.

"Onika." Drake stated.

"What ?"

"Onika's the name of the star." Drake said unfolding the paper he had been holding and handing it to Nicki.

"That's the certificate that states it." Drake explained and Nicki read it over and over,she couldn't believe that he bought her a star.

"I can believe you bought a star for me ! It's the best gift ever." Nicki spoke tearing up.

"You are my shooting star baby girl, you deserve it." Drake spoke holding her in his arms.

"I have something for you too." Nicki spoke when Drake released her. She reached in her coat's pocket and got a small notebook which she handed to Drake.

"That's our notebook, the one from back when I was in jail." Drake spoke in awe, this notebook is he one that held everything h wrote in jail, these were the original writings of the raps that made him famous the one Nicki helped him write when he was still in jail.

"It is. Go to the last page." Nicki said smiling and Drake gave her a look before doing exactly what she asked. He recognized Nicki's hand writing and started reading out loud. I was just one line.

"You are going to be a daddy." Drake read and frowned looking back and forth between Nicki and the notebook before it finally hit him.

"Oh my god ! Nika don't tell me... Wait, so you're .. you're."

"Yes Aubrey I'm pregnant." Nicki announced and Drake picked her up and held her close to him before kissing her all over her face. He then dropped to his knees and wrapped his arms around her resting his head on her belly.

"I'm going to be a father." He repeated as Nicki chuckled. He got back up and looked in Nicki's eyes.

"We're going to have a baby Nic, I'm going to be a dad." He said grabbing the sides of Nicki's face.

"The best dad ever at that." Nicki said before Drake's lips crushed over hers.

Who would ever have thought ...

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    Post when you can again. Mwah! I really did like this oneshot doe

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