Deal Part 7

Nicki's P.O.V

Drake and I got out of the van we were using to move my stuff and we walked to the front door hand in hand. I fished my key set from the pocket of my dungarees and was about to use it to open the door when I felt Drake grabbing my arm.

"Wait, don't you think you should knock ?" He asked and I looked at him as if he was crazy, it is super cute how nervous he is.


The Game Of Love Part 1

Nicki desperately threw her pen away and shut her book in one swift motion. She was highly frustrated by this situation. At the age of 24 she was going to support her doctoral project and her PhD thesis in a few months, she was in last year of her PhD program in history of art & architecture and it was stressing her out, she had absolutely no social life or anything  her thesis and project were not the only thing on her mind given that at the same time she was studying for her competitive exam to get into one of the best architectural firms of the state and contrary to what people thought it was no joke. Add all that to her basic annual courses, Nicki felt like she was trying to breath underwater.


I Want You Part. 11

When Nicki woke up that morning, she felt a tiny figure snuggled up to her and when she opened her eyes, she saw Zahir laying on her chest, she felt him stir a little bit so she decided against moving further more to avoid waking him up, he had woken up a few times that night and hadn't really slept well.