Deal Part 7

Nicki's P.O.V

Drake and I got out of the van we were using to move my stuff and we walked to the front door hand in hand. I fished my key set from the pocket of my dungarees and was about to use it to open the door when I felt Drake grabbing my arm.

"Wait, don't you think you should knock ?" He asked and I looked at him as if he was crazy, it is super cute how nervous he is.

"What for Aubrey ? Just relax." I said finally unlocking the door and letting us in before closing the door back. I walked further in the house, holding Drake's hand given that he was acting all weird. We got to the living room but it was empty and so was the kitchen.

"Weird, Amber told me they been awake." I expressed before going back to my old ways.

"Where y'all crazy bitches at ?!" I shouted through the house and just seconds later I heard a ear splitting scream and soon I saw Ari running towards me at full speed. She jumped at my neck causing me to loose my balance and fall to the ground. I was on the floor and Ari was laugh of me kissing me all over my face, just like a dog would do. I could see Drake laughing from the corner of my eye, at some point Ari stopped spazzing and got off me.

"I missed you soo much Nika, these two are so boring, you were the only fun one." She said pouting as Drake held his hand out to help me stand up, and I guess that's when she finally noticed him.

"Oh, hi !"  She smiled at him holding her hand out and Drake took it and kissed it and I couldn't help but roll my eyes at him.

"I see why she'd leave us for you, you're a charmer." Ari said cocking her head to the side. "I'm Ariana by the way."

"I'm Drake." Drake answered.

"And I'd like for you guys to acknowledge my existence." I chimed in.

"She just hates not being the center of attention." Ariana shook her head.

"Tell me about it !" Drake laughed.  I was about to retaliate when I heard Ashley's voice.

"Where my bitch at ?!" She  called from upstairs and then she appeared downstairs and I ran to her and hugged her. It is crazy how happy I am to see these girls when it's only been three weeks since I left the house, I missed them so much it feels like it's been months.
Before realising me from the hug, Ashley groped my ass, just like she always did, when she released me form the hug, she looked at Drake and smirked.

"Boy why are you looking at me like that ? You took her away from me, sharing is the least you can do." She joked and went to shake his hand.

"Ashley this is Drake, Drake this is Ashley." I introduced them. "Don't mind her crazy ass." I spoke to Drake who was still chuckling at Ashley's antics, poor boy, and he ain't even met Amber yet.

"I'm not crazy, you are." Ashley answered.

"Whatever you say,  where's Amber ?" I asked, I'm glad she's the last one of them Drake gets to meet because after seeing how chill Ari and Ashley are he is less anxious and I can tell by his body language.

"Upstairs, Cameron's upstairs with her." Ashley answered.

"Eww, I didn't need to know that." I said and just as I said that I heard Amber's voice behind me.

"Eww what ? You the nasty one here." She called behind me and I turned around to be face to face with her, we shared a hug and then I hugged Cameron too before introducing Drake and Amber.

"So you are the dick she's addicted to." Amber spoke to Drake crossing her arms over her chest.

"Amber ! Are you serious right now ? That was rude." I can't believe she just said that. 

"What ?! I was just joking." She shrugged and turned to Drake again. 

"You're not offended right ?"

"Not at all, it was quite funny actually." Drake answered.

"See." Amber looked at me and shrugged. 

"I get why she likes you now, you're handsome and you think I'm funny." Amber spoke and as I shook my head at her Cameron cleared his throat. 

"Nigga what ? You throat sore or something ?" Amber spoke to Cameron and none of us could hold our laughter in. 

"No I was joking." Amber went to kiss Cameron before introducing him to Drake and he dapped him up.  After that everyone just stood in silence and I was starting to feel uncomfortable.

"So ! How about we get started, with all this stuff I have we're going to be here all day if we waste any time." I said.

"Well, then get started, I'm going to watch some T.V,  I never said I'd help." Ashely answered.

"Ashley you are so selfish." Arianna complained. "You not even extending the invite." She said following behind Ashley and  waving to us, I swear these girls are too much to handle.

"Well I guess it's just the four of us then." I shrugged and headed for the stairs and Aubrey, Amber and Cameron followed me. We got upstairs and to my room well my old room where my stuff was already in boxes. There were boxes everywhere on the floor and some in the closet too. 

"Damn ! You guys actually packed my shit. I don't know whether I should be hurt or happy." For these girls to actually do something to help someone else is a huge deal ! It's like they really want me out of their hair.

"I'd be happy if I was you, we both know Amber never moves a finger unless it's in her own interest. " Cameron joked and Amber kissed her teeth. 

"You just shut up. Alright." Amber said slapping his chest. "Let's just get this over with." She said. 

"Yeah, I say we divide in two teams. One takes the boxes downstairs and the other loads them in the van."

"I am not descending the stairs carrying those boxes." Amber stated. 

"I guess Cameron and I can handle that while you girls load the car." Drake suggested.

"What a gentleman you are." Amber said with sarcasm making fun of him once again. And I shot her a look but smiled when I saw Drake smiling. I'm glad he doesn't get offended. After all it's normal, these two have the same sense of humor. 

"Yeah but I'd rather stay up here so I can see what's going where." I spoke. I can't have them just throw everything down them stairs and then go through hell to find my stuff when we get home. 

"I still ain't carrying no boxes down the stairs so I'll take your man downstairs with me." Amber said and we switched partners. She and Drake went downstairs and out the house to open the van while I told Cameron which boxes we were taking down first. The one I needed the less, given that they'd end up in the back of the van.

Almost two hours later I was carrying the last box down. I hadn't really done anything except from giving directions to Cameron who took the boxes down for me. I was a bit apprehensive about Amber and Aubrey staying alone together, Amber can be a whole lot to deal with at times but I guess there's nothing to be worried about given how they seemed to get along pretty well. Every time I brought a box down I'd hear them laugh so everything was fine, I guess Drake and I were scared for nothing.

When I got downstairs all the boxes were already in the van which trunk was open so I put the box I was holding in there and shut it. 

After that I went to the living room following the laughs I was hearing. There I found Ariana, Ashley and Cameron laughing while watching a tv show, I went to the kitchen looking for Drake and Amber, I found them there, Aubrey was sitting down on a stool while Amber was looking in the fridge.

"I'm not even surprised, sounds like the type of stuff she'd do." Drake spoke laughed.

"I don't know how you deal with her, she crazy." Amber said and I knew they were talking about me.

"First of all, I am not crazy and y'all need to stop gossiping about me."  I intervened.

"What ? I'm just learning more about you  through the closest person to you." Drake shrugged and I threw them a look.

"Which is horrible." I said acting offended.

"It's the same thing you do with my mom." Drake shrugged.

"Right, now we were having a conversation so if you could you give us a moment please ?" Amber said to me and I was shocked, I looked at Aubrey hoping he'd say something but he didn't.

"She's right you know, it is rude to interrupt like that." He said and I gasped. I cant' believe this is happening these two are so rude ! But hey, I am not complaining, I love to see that they get along that well.

After a few hours Drake and I left the house to go back home, when we got home we unpacked all of my stuff and after that I finally felt like I was home for real.

"You are now officially home !" Drake declared after throwing the last empty box away.

"I know, and oddly enough it feels amazing."  I said as he crouched down before me so that I could hop on his back.

"Oddly enough ? What do you mean oddly enough ?" He asked as he walked us down the stairs.

"I mean at first I was thinking, what the fuck am I doing ? I thought it was going to go wrong. But hey it's been like three weeks and everything is just so perfect." I said as he set me down on the couch and sat next to me.

"Really ?!"

"Yes really, you know this is crazy right ? This is not how normal people meet their.. their I don't know whatever we are to each other, But this is weird anyways."

"I know, to be honest I really had no idea of where this was going to take us, but I just couldn't let you go and I'm glad I didn't. I don't care if this is weird, we're good like that aren't we ?"

"We are but what do we do next ? I love how things are going now but it can't last for forever." 
I didn't want to ruin the moment or whatnot but I rally needed to know because this has been on my mind for a while now, I think I am starting to develop feelings for him and getting used to that life with him and I don't know where his head is at or where this going and I really don't want to get attached to him if this isn't going anywhere.

"I know, and we'll figure it all out. But for right now I have a suggestion."

"What is it ?"

"How about we stop being whatever we are to each other and you become mine, like my girlfriend ?" He asked pulling me onto his lap. I felt my lips form into a wide smile, I myself don't understand why but hearing that made me extremely happy. It might seem like it's nothing given that we already live together and everything but I was thrilled to hear him ask me that. I guess I was starting to feel like he was using me, like I was his little toy of the moment and I was scared he was going to get rid of me whenever he'd be bored with me while on my side I was slowly falling for him. But now he wants me to be his girlfriend this is a totally different situation, it means commitment, it means I am more than a toy to him and it means something serious, when he asked that I just wanted to scream 'yes' but at the same time I don't really know if I am ready, or if he is ready. Are we ready ?

'Aye, Nika, you might want to say something now." Drake spoke snatching me out of my thoughts.

"I'd love that !" I said kissing his cheek.

"You know you're my first girlfriend since high school right ?" He said playing with my hair. I was surprised to hear that yet it wasn't that surprising. Drake being a charmer , I couldn't believe he didn't have any girlfriend since high school but at the same time he didn't seem like the type to keep a relationship either so I guess I wasn't that surprised.

"Well, I'm honored. And since we're at it I'm gonna say this, you're my second boyfriend ever." I admitted softly stroking his beard. 

"You are lying !" He said shaking his head at me.

"No I'm not. Aside from Marcus, I've never been with anyone. " I confessed. 

"Wahou ! You know you just put a whole lot of pressure on the boy's shoulders." Drake said and we both laughed at his comment.

"But seriously, it's an honor, I'm flattered that you consider me worth it. Thank you for giving me a chance." 

"You're welcome. Just don't mess it up. You don't want to lose the best thing you ever had." I said jokingly. 

"You know what I'm not even going to contradict you on that one."

"Aww ! How cute is that."  I answered before leaning in to kiss him.

We shared a passionate kiss and when we pulled apart from the kiss I held both side of his face and sighed happily as he reached for my face and softly stroked my cheek. In that moment we were just staring in each other's eyes, I think you could say we were lost in each other.

Damn ! What's happening right now ?

I turned my head away from him trying to avoid his gaze, it's not that I was feeling uncomfortable or anything, his gaze just made me feel this weird thing, I don't know what it was but it was intense.

"Well, I'll go cook us something to eat." I said getting up from his lap.

"No, I'll go, what did you want to eat ?" He asked and I thought about it for a second before answering.

"Croque-monsieur would be amazing."

"Alrighty then." He agreed before getting up and kissing my forehead after that he made his way towards the kitchen

How did I get o lucky ? I can't believe everything is going this well, everything is just perfect right now, but I can't help but ask myself if this isn't all too good to be true.


I was laying on the couch just watching T.V when I heard Drake's phone ring on the coffee table.

"AUBREY !!! YOUR PHONE !" I called

"CAN YOU GET IT FOR ME PLEASE." I heard him call back so I picked up the phone and pressed it to my hear after looking at the caller's I.D, It was an unknown number.

"Hello ?" I called in the phone and I heard a woman's voice on the other hand

"Erm, hello... I'm sorry I think I got the wrong number." The woman said sounding confused.

"Are you looking for Drake Graham ?" I asked.

"Yes, that's who I'm looking for, can I talk to him ?" She asked and I swear I could hear her smirk through the phone.

"Actually he is busy right now but I can take a message if you want me to." I answered trying to stay polite even though the bitch was really annoying me, I couldn't say why, I think it's just the fact that a girl is calling him that bothers me, I don't know what's getting into me, Am I just being jealous ? Not at all, the bitch just has way too much attitude.

"No, it's alright sweety, just tell him India called alright ?" The bitch said with a condescending tone.

"I will." I answered and was ready to hang up when she spoke again.

"Oh wait, who are you ?" She asked and I could feel my blood boiling.

"I'm his fiancee, why ? Who are you ?"  I asked at my turn,  I knew I was being petty then but the bitch was really getting on my nerves. The woman snickered before answering

"I'm India, thought I told you that already, she said before hanging up on me. That bitch has so much nerve, I can't even believe it.

I made my way to the kitchen pissed off and went to find Drake there, he was busy fixing plates for us to eat so I hopped on the counter top waiting for him to turn around. When he did turn around I guess he understood something was up just by looking at my face.

"Ok ! What did I do now ?" He asked me setting the plates down.

"Who's India ? And why does she call your phone this late ?" I asked not even trying to hide how annoyed I was. He rose a brow and chuckled.

"India ? She's nothing you need to worry about baby girl. What did she want ? I haven't heard from her in a while."

"Who said I was worried ? And don't go changing subjects who is she ?"

"She is my sister Onika." He said looking at me in the eyes, damn that man really is a compulsive liar.

"How stupid do you think I am Aubrey, you are a freaking liar ! She not your damn sister, I know you're an only child don't you think I know that ? I can't believe you would just stand here, look at me in the eyes, and lie to me, out of all people." I almost shouted at his face, this man really got some nerve, how is he going to tell me that this girl is his sister, we both know that this is a bold faced lie.

"Nika, I'm not lying to you, she is not my biological sister, when I say she is my sister, I mean she is like a sister to me." He said and I didn't know whether I should believe him or not. I looked in his eyes trying to decide if I should trust him or not.

"Mind explaining yourself ?" I asked deciding to give him the benefit of the doubt and let him explain.

"India and I have been friends since we were kids, her parents and mine were very close too, we both went to boarding school in Canada and while there, her parents died in a car accident, we were 15, she was placed in her aunt's care, but her aunt lives in France and India went there for a year but she was homesick, her parents' death was already a lot so moving to another country didn't help. After that year away my mom decided to take India in and she just became like a sister to me. About two years ago she was offered a really good job opportunity back in France so she moved there and I haven't seen her since. That's the whole story." He explained and I could tell he wasn't lying.

"Am I supposed to feel bad now ?"  I pouted, I felt stupid for acting jealous now.

"No you don't, I love it when you're jealous, makes me feel special." He said pecking my lips.

"Boy you aren't special until I made you so. Now feed me."  

He laughed before picking me up from the counter top and carrying me to the table where our plates were set.

Drake's P.O.V

After having diner with Nicki, I set  the dishes in the dishwasher and let her clean up the kitchen, that's how we usually work, whoever didn't cook, cleans up. While she was cleaning I went to get my phone from the living room, I found it on the coffee table. I'm about to call India, I can't even believe she called, it's been so long since I heard from her, we still communicate through e-mails and stuff but that's it. So I was pretty surprised to hear that she called.
I pressed the phone to my hear and waited, after a few rings I heard India's familiar voice.

"Hello ?" She called.

"Hey, stranger. " I answered.

"Aubrey, I am so glad to hear you !"

"Me, too, it's been a while, why where you hiding from me ?"

"You know I wasn't Brey, and yeah it's been way too long."

"Wait, that's your old number, meaning you're back ? You're back in the States and you ain't even tell me ?" It had just clicked in my head that she called me from her old number which she uses every time she's back in the states.

"It was supposed to be a surprise, and I was mad at you."

"Mad ? Why ? What did I do ?" I asked surprised to hear that she was supposedly mad at me.

"Yeah mad, how comes, your mother's the one who told me you were engaged, you couldn't even text me ?"

"Oh, that ? It's a complicated story."

"How so ?"

"Well, how about we meet up tomorrow so I can explain ?"

"Tomorrow ? Boy, I'm on my way to your house already. Whatever is it you have going on ,you better put it on hold, I have to meet your fiancee like yesterday."

"Really India ?"

"Yes, really, well not really, I'm still sitting on your mother's couch but I'm about to hop in my car right now."

"Alright, I'll be waiting then."

"I bet you will." She said before hanging up on me which I was used to with her. I can't believe my sister's back in town and I didn't even know it. I'm glad she is here though because I've missed her a lot , she and I have always been very close, and in the past two years we haven't seen each other that much.

"What's with the goofy smile ?" I heard Nicki's voice snatching me out of my thoughts, she walked towards me and took a seat on the couch next to me and stretched her feet out on my lap.

"I just called India, she said she was coming over." I answered as I started rubbing Nicki's feet.

"Right now ?" She asked opening one eye.

"Yeah right now." I shrugged and looked from Nicki's feet to her scrunched up face.

"What ?"

"You seem pretty happy to see her." She said taking her feet off me.

"I am, I told you she like a sister too me and I haven't seen her in a long ass time."

"I got that. I'll go to bed, that way y'all can have your time. I'm waking up early tomorrow anyways." Nicki said getting up from the couch. I don't really get the change in her behaviour right now, she just went from happy to mad in like two seconds. Is it because of India ? Wait is that jealousy ? Now way, Onika's not the jealous type. She can't be jealous. 

"Hold on where you going. Come back here." I said getting up and grabbing her by her waist before she got too far.

"I said I was going to bed Aubrey. Do you have problems with your hearing ?" She asked wiggling to get free from my grasp but I held her down on the couch so that she wouldn't go anywhere.

"I heard you loud and clear but why would you want to go to bed right now. I know it's not because you got to wake up tomorrow. Is it because India's coming over ? You're not mad, are you ?"

"I'm not, and to be honest yes, it is because she's coming over, I don't want to intrude."  She said and I immediately caught onto her sarcasm.

"Are you seriously jealous right now Onika ?"

"Jealous ? Where did you got that from ? I never said that."

"You didn't but I can see it. Onika I told you India is nothing you have to worry about." I explained to her.

"And I got it, it's all good."

"Alright, so you're staying here, besides, she wants to meet you."

She does ? Wait does she know about us ?"

"My mom told her yeah."

"So she doesn't know about us like the real us. "

"Nope, but I was planning on telling her as soon as she get here."

"You trust her with that ?" Nicki asked giving me a look.

"Of course I do, it's India we're talking about, I trust her just like you trust the girls, she won't say anything."

"Fine then it's whatever." She shrugged.

"Common Nika ! Don't be like that." I said before starting to tickle her, just so I could make her laugh, I just hate it when she is not smiling.

"Drake stop ! Stop ! I'm going to pee myself." Nicki cried out squirming.

"You want me to stop ? Give me a kiss then." I said and stopped tickling her before flipping us over so that she was straddling me. She was about lean in and kiss me when we heard the doorbell ring.

"I guess it's India !" Nicki exclaimed getting off my lap. By the tone in her voice I knew she wasn't pleased at all but I know that as soon as she sees India she'll soften up, I know it, they can only get along.

Here it is guys ! I hope you enjoyed reading it and please, please, leave comments good or bad, I need feed backs ;) . And thanks for the comments on the previous update, I'm glad you guys liked it, there will definitely be more.

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