The Game Of Love Part 1

Nicki desperately threw her pen away and shut her book in one swift motion. She was highly frustrated by this situation. At the age of 24 she was going to support her doctoral project and her PhD thesis in a few months, she was in last year of her PhD program in history of art & architecture and it was stressing her out, she had absolutely no social life or anything  her thesis and project were not the only thing on her mind given that at the same time she was studying for her competitive exam to get into one of the best architectural firms of the state and contrary to what people thought it was no joke. Add all that to her basic annual courses, Nicki felt like she was trying to breath underwater.

She was almost done with her thesis but as the perfectionist she was she kept changing stuff and at some point she even erased everything and redid everything from the beginning. Now she was onto her conclusion and she had just figured out that there were points she absolutely wanted to deal with but she didn't thus she was highly annoyed and felt like she was about to break down.

"Damn !" Nicki sighed and brushed her hand through her hair before getting up from her seat at her desk feeling like she really needed a break and a snack. She went to the kitchen but saw that the pantries and the fridge were all empty and for the hundredth time that day she sighed out of frustration, she thought about going grocery shopping but then she remembered that her father was going to come over the next day and he would probably bring her groceries along just as he did every week. Every week either her dad or her mom would bring her her groceries and everything else she needed, Nicki is an only child, she is her parents pride and joy, they'd do anything for her and right now all they were trying to do was help her get through this. They just took care of everything for her so that her studies were the only thing she had to take care of, they wanted her studies to be her only worry. So yes they spoiled her, some people would say it was too much but to them it was the norm, Nicki was their princess and that was it.

Nicki finally settled for Starbucks, there she'd be able to sit down and relax, and also get a snack and a very needed dose of caffeine. She went back upstairs and pulled a pull over dress right over her father's shirt that she had been wearing all day along with a pair of thick woollen tights. Once she had pulled the over sized pull over dress on Nicki  grabbed her phone and her purse before making her way back down the stairs, she got to the doorway closet and got her parka, a beanie and a scarf along with her black Timberland's. She needed at least that to face the very cold Boston winter weather.  When she was ready she grabbed her car keys and set the alarm before getting out of the house and locking the door behind her. 

When she parked her car and got out of it the first thing Nicki saw or rather felt was four pair of eyes on her. She looked up to see four young men probably around her age standing there in the cold openly staring at her. Reflexively she looked down at her black Timberlands feeling self conscious as they observed her. Still staring at her shoes Nicki focused on shutting her car door and went to retrieve her purse from the backseat. She was silently praying that they wouldn't bother her but god didn't grant her her wish.
One of the guys walked towards her the three others following behind him. Nicki was shutting the door to her car and locking it when he whistled.

"That's a nice whip you got here gorgeous." Drake said referring to Nicki's brand new car. 

"Thanks." Nicki answered still looking down as she placed her keys in her purse and turned away from her car only to come face to face with Drake's chest as he was blocking her way but it wasn't enough for her to look up. She just shifted her weight from one feet to another knowing what was going to happen. Drake used his index finger to raise her chin so as to make her look up in his eyes. 

"How many times will I have to tell you that you are way too beautiful to be looking down ?" Drake asked and Nicki rolled her eyes before turning her head away. 

"How many times will I have to ask you to leave me alone ?" Nicki asked Drake crossing her arms over her chest.

"Have you ever been in a good mood baby girl ?" Drake asked with a chuckle. 

"I am not your baby girl, I already told you that. Now would you mind moving out of my way ?" Nicki retorted and tried to move but Drake was still blocking her way.

"Damn ! So you in a rush now ?! I just wanted to take a closer look at your new whip. "

"Well that's done and if you actually started doing something with your life you'd be able to get yourself one like that." Nicki said with a haughty smirk and Drake just stood there shaking his head. 

"See you around Drake !" Nicki tapped his chest before walking away as Drake was still standing there observing that outstanding buxom woman walk away. He knew absolutely nothing about her yet she had became an infatuation of his over the past few months. He knew he needed to have her ever since the first time he saw her that day when she bumped into him at the library. She bumped into him and the encyclopedias she was carrying fell to the ground and as he helped her pick them up a frustrated Nicki started cursing him out and right then he knew he needed to have her. After that day he started noticing her around town a lot. It was like she had always been there but he never saw her until that moment.
For Nicki on the other hand it wasn't her first time coming across them. Actually she knew them very well, Drake, Noah, O.B and Chubbs were old classmates from back in middle school, which was about fifteen years ago. They all grew up in the same neighbourhood and Nicki had always highly disliked all four of them. They'd always pick on her for no reason and mostly Drake, he was the worst one, they'd do petty stuff kids do in middle school like call her a goody two shoes, mess with her hair just to annoy her and Nicki was not one to just sit there and say nothing she knew she had no physical strength over them though so she'd kill them with words. And that's how their relationship always was until Nicki's parents' business started doing better and way more money came in and soon they moved and Nicki left her school for a private one. After that she never saw any one of them until five months ago. She hadn't even recognized Drake at first. It was only when she heard his friend O.B whom she recognized call him Drizzy and she immediately recognized the nickname. And after studying his face a little bit more she knew it was him. He had changed so much she would have never recognized him just like that. 

"Man ! Just get over her already." Chubbs said bringing his friend back to reality.

"Yeah, the girl won't even give you the time of a day. Move on !" Noah exclaimed.

"I will make her mine one day fellas. I'm telling y'all." Drake said before following his friends towards Chubbs's car.  

Less than two hours later Nicki was back home and before she even got the time to take her outerwear off, her phone had started ringing.


"Mom, you can't do that to me right now, I have my thesis to ..."

"Onika, your father and I talked about it already. I wasn't calling to ask your opinion, I was just letting you know."

"You really think I need a roommate right now ?! How am I suppose to finish writing my thesis if I'm being bothered by a roommate ?" Nicki complained.

"Onika, a roommate wouldn't hurt you, you need to see someone, you've been pent up in that house for months."

"Mom what you are doing to me is horrible. "

"Would you rather come back here ? Cause we can arrange that too." Carol said knowing Nicki would much rather live with a roommate than come back home to her parents.

"NO ! I'll be just fine. When will I meet my new roommate ? "

"Actually, your father will drop them off  tomorrow. I love you , bye." Carol told her daughter before hanging up.

"What the Fuck !" 

Nicki tossed her phone on the couch annoyed, first her thesis, then the competitive exam and now to top it all of, her mother just announced to her that she and her father had agreed to rent the house she lived in to someone for the next two months, at least and she couldn't say no given that the house she lived in was one of her parent's properties, the agreement was that she could live in that house as long as they didn't need to rent it but whenever they had an offer Nicki would come back home, but luckily for her the future tenant was in a hurry and couldn't afford the rent so since they were one of her father's employee, they agreed on them paying only half of the rent and letting Nicki stay in the house to compensate. 

A roommate was the last thing Nicki needed but she had no source of income at all, she didn't make a living and couldn't get her own place. In short she had no choice but to accept it.

Nicki got up and kicked her shoes off before shrugging her coat off and went to get all of the guestrooms ready just as her mother had asked her to do. That way her new roommate would have the leisure to choose their own room.

After that Nicki cleaned around the house so that it'd at least be decent for when her new roommate would arrive. She knew that whoever that girl was, her future roommate was nice enough to let her stay in the house they were renting so she had to make an effort. But at the same time she wasn't going to let anyone disturb her little routine or bother her. So whoever that girl was she better be on her best behaviour. 

Once the house was spotless Nicki made her way back to her room where she secluded herself again and went back to studying. It was 2:00 A.M and Nicki was still typing on her computer keyboard. She could feel her eyelids were heavy and knew she was about to doze off thus she finished her sentence before saving her work and doing her routine before going to bed. She was so drained at the minute she closed her eyes, she was out of it.

The next morning Nicki woke up at 7 and did her morning routine. Once she was ready for the day meaning she had taken a shower, brushed her teeth, pulled her hair up in a ponytail and pulled on an over sized jumper on, Nicki made her way down the stairs to get breakfast which only consisted in a fruit salad and a protein smoothie.  She prepared her breakfast and popped her vitamins pills before making her way back upstairs with her bowl of fruit salad and her smoothie and went back to studying. That day she decided to focus on her exam rather than her thesis.


"OK son, I'll open up and let you take your stuff from the trunk." Robert smiled to the young man before getting out of the car and grabbed the grocery bags before heading towards the front door. He got his keys from his pocket and unlocked the door before letting himself in and making his way to the kitchen.

"Onika !!!" He called throughout the door and soon as Nicki heard it she got up and made a bee line down to the kitchen. She always looked forward to her parents' weekly visit. First of all because they were the only people she ever saw outside of school and also because she knew they were bringing her provisions.

"Daddy !" Nicki went and hugged her dad.

"Hi baby girl. How are you ?" Robert asked releasing Nicki from the hug.

"Good. Where is she ?" Nicki asked anxious to see who she was going to share her house with.

"Who ?" Robert rose a brow.

"My roommate, who else ?" Nicki said unpacking the groceries and putting them away checking everything to make sure he had bought everything she asked and got the right brands and everything.

"Oh, you mean he then." Her father shrugged.

"What ? Mom talked about an Aubrey, she never said it was a guy."

"Well Aubrey is a guy and he is outside getting his stuff. Maybe you should go help him and introduce yourself." Robert answered casually.

"A guy ?!" Nicki asked astonished.

"Yes, we thought it wouldn't bother you given that erm... You know."

"It's OK dad. I don't mind. I just wasn't expecting that. I'll go help him." Nicki said closing the cabinet. 

Nicki made her way towards the front door which was open and let herself out. She saw some one's back as they were unloading the car. She walked to them and tapped their shoulder to make her presence known. She waited for the man to turn around and when they did her face dropped. 

"Drake !" She let out in shock. 

"Hey ! What are you doing here baby girl ?" Drake asked turning his charming smile on.

"I actually live here. Don't tell me you are the new tenant ?" Nicki asked almost mortified at the thought and Drake smirked understanding what was going on.

"I actually am. And you must be the landlords daughter. Your Mr. Maraj's daughter ?!" Drake asked laughing. 

"Ain't nothing funny about that. We can't possibly live together. " Nicki shook her head in disbelief. 

"Well baby girl if you don't like it you can still move out . I'm not going anywhere, I'm the leas holder remember ?" Drake spoke grabbing all of his stuff, shutting the trunk and walking past Nicki and in the house with a smirk. Nicki stood there dumbfounded fora few seconds before getting back to her sense and walking in the house. She walked to the kitchen where her father and Drake talking.  She shot Drake a death glare and he smirked in return. 

"Oh here you are." Robert said looking at Nicki before his phone rang and he got it out of his pocket. He looked at the text message  before speaking up.

"I'm sorry kids. I really have to go. Nika you show him around alright ?" Robert said kissing Nicki's forehead and Nicki nodded watching her father say bye to Drake and leaving.

Once Robert left Nicki and Drake just stood there studying each other. For the first time ever Nicki was really looking at Drake and for the first time she noticed how handsome he really was. For the first time she noticed the small curls on his head, she noticed how his stubble nicely contoured his face, she noticed the light freckles on his cheeks, she noticed how pink her lips were and she noticed his deep hazel eyes, the were so deep that she got lost in them for a second before her eyes focused back onto the plump pink lips. She let her mind imagine how they'd feel against her own lips. 

"So. Are you going to give me a tour Nika ?!" Drake asked amused. He could see how she was looking at him and just like that he knew something had happened. He had almost lost hope after all these rejections but seeing the way she was looking at him made him feel like she was interested even if it was just a tiny little bit and he was definitely going ti take advantage of it. 

"It's Nicki to you." Nicki said in a dry tone before turning on her heels and walking out of the kitchen. As every time she walked away from him Drake stood there openly starring at her ass. 

"Are you coming or what ?!" Nicki asked Drake not even trying to hide how annoyed she was by the situation. But she figure she had to make an effort, she was stuck with him anyways and at that point there was nothing she could do.  She would give him a tour tell him everything she had to say and then she didn't have to talk to him again. She'd just stay in her lane and he'd better stay in his because she had no time to entertain him. 

"So, that room is mine." Nicki said pointing to the door to her room. 

"But you can choose any of the one we just saw , as you saw they all have ensuites so yeah you choose and I think that's be You've seen everything, you know everything, now go about your life, I go about mine and DO NOT bother me. If you need anything. DO NOT come to me I can't help you." Nicki said before walking away and into her room slamming the door shut. 
Drake chuckled at her antics, he never understood why she was always being this feisty and cold towards him when he never disrespected her or talked to he r any kind of way but he didn't get offended either, he thought it was funny, made it a bigger challenge to get to her. Plus it had to come from somewhere which he was curious about and made her even more mysterious to him.

Drake chose the closest room to Nicki's on purpose of course. He went to get his stuff from downstairs and put them up in his room before grabbing his phone and dialing Chubbs. 

"Aye Drizzy what's up ?!" Chubbs called through the phone after a few rings.

"What up my nigga ! I just got settled in my new crib. Man guess who my roommie is ?" Drake asked grinning. 

"Who is it ?! " Chubbs asked.

"It's Nicki." Drake declared forgetting that he had just found out her name minutes ago.

"Who Nicki ?" Chubbs asked confused.

"Shawty from the library you know , black hair, hourglass..."

"I know, man I know, the only person you've talked about in months. She Mr. Maraj's daughter ?! "

"Yep ! Ain't that crazy ?! We live together now ! Imma make her mine real quick man I'm telling you. "

"She don't want your yellow ass, forget about that man ! Anyways did you want me to bring your car right now or should I wait. "

"Nah bring it right now man, I need it for tonight, we still hitting the club right ?" Drake asked and Chubbs agreed before they said their goodbyes and hang up. 

Moments later Chubbs was pulling up into the driveway with Ryan following close by. 

Drake heard the doorbell ring and went to get the door and greeted his friends and his cousin. He let them in and showed them around the house.  

Meanwhile Nicki was at her desk going crazy. 

"Why are these people so loud ?!" She said out loud trying to stay calm but after a few minutes she was still being bothered by their laughs and loud conversations. It wouldn't be a bother if she wasn't that irritated by everything she had on her plate and that unexpected situation.

She rose from her seat and walked out of her room and down the stairs to the living room. 

When she walked in, the room got quiet and every head turned in her direction.

"Erm. Hi." Nicki said waving to them and they all waved back or made sign. 

"Can I get a word please ?" Nicki asked looking at Drake who got up and followed behind her. 

"What do you need ?!" Drake asked.

"Imma need y'all to take it down a notch please. I am studying up there." Nicki said arms crossed as usual.

"Erm well yeah alright. We'll try and be quieter." Drake answered and Nicki nodded. 

"Alright then." Nicki answered before walking away and going back upstairs. 

"This is going to be an interesting cohabitation." Drake thought, he was the type of guy who like when his home was filled with people and laughter just filled with life. And it was going to be hard if she was going to be on his back like that, but for now he could understand. He just got there and given that she was used to live alone in a quiet house, he was in a way disturbing her and he could understand that, plus she asked nicely so he was definitely going to make an effort. He just hoped she wouldn't be like that everyday.

Drake went back to his friends and after chilling for a while they left and Drake spent a good part of the day getting settled and figuring out all of the paper works for his moving given that he had moved in a rush. After that he went out to hit the gym.

It was around 9:30 pm and Drake was ready to leave out the house and meet up with his friends to grab something to eat and then they were going to the club. Before leaving Drake went back upstairs and knocked on Nicki's door. He hadn't seen nor heard her all day. She had been locked up in her room which he found weird but decided against picking up.

When she heard the knock on her door Nicki sighed and rolled her eyes before ending her sentence and going to open the door.

"What do you want ?!" Nicki asked Drake letting only her head out.

"Just letting you know, I'm going out. Probably won't be back until the wee hours of the morning." Drake explained.

"Great ! Bye. Just don't come back drunk, don't make any noise."

"I wouldn't disturb your beauty sleep." Drake winked and Nicki looked away feeling a burning sensation on her cheeks.

"But erm yeah. You know you could come with me, you've been secluded up here all day." 

"This is the last time I'm telling you this AUBREY, I am not interested." Nicki said before shutting the door in Drake's face. He sighed before getting his stuff and leaving.

After she had shut the door Nicki felt a little bad for the way she was treating him, but then she remembered how he treated her about fifteen years ago and felt better. She shrugged and went back to studying. 

It was around 3 am when Drake got back home. It wasn't late for him and he wasn't intoxicated, he had a few drinks but nothing major, not enough to make him drunk or anything. He got upstairs and when he ascended the stairs he noticed that the door to Nicki's room was cracked open. He looked in the room and saw her still at her desk facing her computer. He shook his head before heading to his room and getting ready for bed but before getting in bed Drake decided he wanted to grab a snack so he went down the stairs to the kitchen and when he got there he saw Nicki rummaging through the cabinets obviously frustrated by the fact that she couldn't find whatever she was looking for.

"Looking for something ?" Drake asked making his way toward a cabinet at the opposite side of the kitchen from which he got a packet of biscuits.

"You ! You ate them !" Nicki accused turning around to look at Drake and pointing her finger at him.

"What did I eat ?" Drake asked amused as he casually went to take a seat on one of the stools.

"My cranberries and almonds." Nicki said getting in his face and Drake just smirked and made his way back to the cabinet he previously got his biscuits from.

"You mean these ?" Drake asked with a smirk as he held up a small Tupperware box filled with cranberries and almonds.

Nicki kissed her teeth feeling stupid and she gulped before walking to him and reaching for the box.

"Why would you put them there ?!" She asked trying to get the box but Drake held it up. 

"You did, cause I didn't." He said and Nicki jumped up to get her box.

"It's whatever. Just give me those Drake." She whined still jumping up and down. 

"I will, right after you apologize for falsely accusing me."Drake said still holding the box up and Nicki stopped jumping and crossed her arms over her chest.

"Alright." She agreed. She was woman enough to apologize for that given that she knew she was wrong besides at that point she'd do anything to get him out of her hair.

"I'm sorry for accusing you, I shouldn't have assumed it was you without any proof." Nicki said looking anywhere but at him.

"Can I get my food now ?" 

"Can you just do the same but this time actually talk to me alright ? Like with eye contact and all that. Oh and when you're done with that, apologize for all the times you've ..." Drake started but was cut off by Nicki. 

"You know what ? Fuck it. I don't need these anyways. Asshole !" Nicki said turning her back to him and walking towards the fridge to get a bottle of water. Drake couldn't hold his laughter in, she was too easy to mess with and he just loved to see her mad, something about it turned him on.

"Ok, fine, I'll take that sort of apology, here take it. " Drake said setting the Tupperware box on the counter. 

"I don't want them anymore." Nicki said taking a vitamin pill with a gulp of water. 

"What did you just take ?" Drake furrowed a brow.

"That's none of your business." Nicki said finally reaching the box of cranberries and almonds.

"Thought you didn't want that." Drake said grabbing the box to prevent Nicki from getting it. 

"Damn. You are a child Drake !" Nicki pouted which Drake found super cute.

"What ?! You said you didn't want it anymore." Drake shrugged and Nicki kissed her teeth. 

"Keep it. I don't care." Nicki said walking away from Drake.

"And don't come upstairs bothering me while I'm studying." Nicki warned.

"Wait, seriously ? It's like half past 3 in the morning. People be sleeping at that time." Drake said with raised brow. 

"Well I don't." Nicki shrugged.

"Do you even do anything other than studying ?" Drake asked Nicki walking towards her and handing her her cranberries and almonds with an apologetic look, he knew he had pissed her off.

"What I do with my time is none of your concerns Drake. Do I judge you 'cause you want to do nothing but sit around with your friends all day and then spend your night at the club and go to bed ? Do I judge for dong nothing with your life other than being an irresponsible big kid ?" Nicki crossed her arms over her chest again, looking up at Drake who was standing before her. He looked at her and could clearly read the exhaustion on her face. 

"First of all, I was not judging you at all. I just look at you and see that you are exhausted and I was nicely advising you get some rest because I care." Drake said crossing his arms over his chest imitating Nicki who looked down at her feet feeling a tad bit bad.

"Then you don't know nothing about me nor what do you know shit about what I be doing all day. So now I'd like for you to stop judging me." Drake carried on and at that Nicki's head shot up and she looked up at Drake. 

"Now have nice night doing whatever the fuck you chose to do with it." Drake spat ending the conversation and turning in his heels. He had just had enough of her acting like a brat. At first it was funny to him and he liked that about her but that was when he had to take it fir two minutes whenever he'd run into her in town but right then after taking it all day and her thinking she had the right to judge his way of life when she knew nothing about him was too much. He had it and considering the fact that he was a really quick tempered person of course he was going to react.

Drake made his way up the stairs leaving a dumbfounded Nicki behind him. Nicki watched him walking away, she sighed and brushed her hand through her hair once he was out of sight, she was realising that she was in the wrong and kinda felt bad for the way she had been towards him and for judging him, he was right, she knew nothing about him yet he had set her mind and assumed that he was a good for nothing parasite.  She knew she was in the wrong for that and she felt the need to go and apologize to him, she made her way up the stairs and once in front of his room's door she stood there about to knock but couldn't bring herself to actually do it.

"Hmmph, he'll get over it eventually." Nicki shrugged and went to her own room. She was about to go back to the essay she had been working on for the past few hours but then decided against it, she did need some rest, so she went and did her routine before getting in bed.

After n hour of tossing and turning in her bed Nicki had had enough, she riped the covers off her body an sat up starring off in space in the dark. She couldn't fall asleep and she knew why, she had to apologize, she just wasn't a bad person and definitely wasn't one to judge people's character, the only reason as to why she did that s because she was at end of the roll and him bursting in her life like that was the last thing she needed, he had to be the person she disliked the most at that moment which wasn't that hard to be given that he was probably her only acquaintance outside of school and her "friend"  Zoë. And also maybe she was jealous about the fact that he actually got to have  a life, go out and party when it wasn't even an option to her.

Nicki got up from her bed and made her way out of her room, she went to Drake's  door and took a deep breath before knocking on the door. She stood there for a little while and heard nothing so she figured Drake had fallen asleep and went back to her bedroom and into her bed hoping she'd be more successful in falling asleep this time around.

The next morning Drake woke up around 9 and did his morning routine. He was i' a pretty good mood and was ready to put the night before's event behind him. He snapped just because he had one too many drinks and he was frustrated because of how she kept rejecting him and he didn't appreciate her comment about his way of life but he wasn't going make a big of any of this, he saw how exhausted and frustrated Nicki seemed to be so he could understand her behaviour, he didn't know what she was working on secluded in her room but given all the time she had dedicated to it the day prior it had to be a major thing and he respected her dedication, he just wished she'd loosen up a little. For her own sake and for his too because he didn't know if he was going to take her attitude fir long and also maybe if she less stressed she'd give him a chance. He didn't really know what to expect at that but he definitely was ready to move on.

Once he was ready, Drake made his way downstairs and to the kitchen to have breakfast. When he got in the kitchen he saw Nicki sitting at the breakfast bar, she was eating a fruit salad while reading something on her computer, she seemed very focused and was pouting as if there was something she didn't understand, Drake thought she looked cute with her glasses on and her hair thrown in a messy bun.

"Morning." Drake said in a quite cold tone walking over to the coffee machine.

"Good morning," Nicki answered in a cheerful tone tying to sound less cold than the day before, she wanted to make up for her behavior without really having to apologize.

"I made breakfast." Nicki announced with hesitation and Drake smirked knowing what she was doing. He turned around to see Nicki getting up and making her way towards the oven.

"Really ?" He asked crossing his arms over his chest.

"Yes really, you like omelet ?" Nicki asked turning around holding a plate with German omelet and bacon and also sausages, looked like she had outdone herself on that one.

"I prefer crumbled eggs, but I guess it's fine." Drake shrugged and Nicki's eyes popped open she was about to snap but instead she took a breath knowing that she was in the wrong. She looked up at him, when she was met with that smirk on his face, she knew what he was doing.

"Really ?" Nicki asked before setting the plate down and going to get a fork. She got the fork and started mashing the omelet.

"Here ! German crumbled eggs." She shrugged and Drake couldn't hold his laughter in.

"Well, thank you very much baby girl." Drake said leaning over the counter and getting the fork from her. Nicki cracked a huge smile when he called her baby girl, happy to see that he wasn't mad anymore, but at the same time the weight wasn't fully lifted  her shoulders. She knew she still had to apologize even though she didn't want to.

"Look, about last night, I didn't mean to talk to you the way I did, I didn't mean to judge you or anything, I was just at the end of the roll and I know it's no reason for what I said but yeah ..." Nicki trailed of not really knowing what to add and looking down at her hands.

"It's alright, there's no reason to sweat it, we definitely got off on the wrong foot anyways." Drake shrugged.

"Right, but I should have at least made an effort, I know I can be a bitch when I'm stressed out."  Nicki explained.

"I've seen, can I be honest with you ?" Drake asked and Nicki nodded.

"I think you just need some dick." Drake blurted out and Nicki gasped.

"What ?"

"I said I think you need some dick, and I could totally help you out with it." Drake winked and Nicki shook her head at him snickering.

"Shut up ! I can take care of myself just well don't worry about me." Nicki said in a daring tone and Drake was about to speak back but Nicki's phone went off. Nicki looked at the caller's I.D and saw it was Zoë. She squealed in excitement before picking up.

"Hi Zoë." Nicki spoke in the phone and put it on speaker before going back to her laptop.

"Hey babe, what are you up to today ? I haven't seen you in a while, I miss you."

"Aww, I miss you too boo, I'm working on my corporation building model today." Nicki answered.

"Can't you take a break ? I wanted to come over, I really wanted to see you." Zoë answered and Nicki could say that she was pouting.

"I guess, I can, it's been a while."

"Great! Because I'm in your driveway babe." Zoë said hanging up .

Nicki looked at her phone astonished and she just shook her head smiling, Drake who had heard the whole conversation was surprised to see Nicki smile that hard, it was probably the first time her ever saw her smile for so long.

"Aren't you going to go get the door." Drake spoke and Nicki smiled.

"Don't worry about her." Nicki brushed him off and right then they heard a women's voice scream from the frond door.

"Baabyyyyyy !" Zoë shouted and Nicki got up from her stool.

"In the kitchen honey !" Nicki shouted back and smirked at Drake who was eating his breakfast unbothered.

Nicki opened her arms ready to hug the beautiful young woman that was running towards her. After releasing Nicki from the hug, Zoë grabbed both sides of Nicki's face and pressed her lips against, Nicki's. When he looked up from his plate Dre dropped his fork in shock and his eyes shot wide open as he watched Nicki and Zoë make out before him. After a little while he got himself together and cleared his throat disturbing the two women who stopped kissing to look at him.

"Oh. Erm Zoë his is Drake, my new roommate and Drake this Zoë my girlfriend."


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  1. was so not expecting that !!! love to see where it goes boo !!!

  2. Let me just say I wasn't expecting that at all! But this story is great and I can't wait to read more

  3. Did not see that coming. I love this story already.

  4. Ooooh wee girl Nicki is a handful but also cute in a way. And that turn was well taken in lol it shocked but it was fun

  5. Yooooooo i waz not expectin dat @ all

  6. Hold up holiday.... You can't give it to us like that nah but I wasn't expecting that at all good story line


  8. What. A. Twist!!!!! Now I can't wait to see how this developes! Haaaa! Drake's reaction is mine exactly (mouth agape, shocked expression and a need for answers!) plus maybe he is right. A little dick will help her calm the fuck down, she is too neurotic and anal for her own good. She needs a chill pill along with those vitamins she be taking. I know school is important and you need to pass but if you don't take balanced breaks you WILL burn out! Lol I can't wait for an update.

    Thanks boo and sorry for being so late with the comment 😘

  9. Omigosh I was not expecting that... I'm in love with this story already ❤❤