I Want You Part. 11

When Nicki woke up that morning, she felt a tiny figure snuggled up to her and when she opened her eyes, she saw Zahir laying on her chest, she felt him stir a little bit so she decided against moving further more to avoid waking him up, he had woken up a few times that night and hadn't really slept well.
Once he was sound sleep Nicki cautiously crawled out of the bed and made her way towards the bathroom. She did her morning routine and after that she walked back into the bedroom and checked on Zahir making sure he was still sleeping, she then made her way out of the room and went to Zahirah's room, she peeped in the room and saw Zahirah laying on her back , she thought she was asleep and was about to close the door when Zahirah turned her head towards the door and Nicki noticed her eyes were wide open.

"Good morning ladybug!" Nicki beamed as she walked in the room and towards Zahirah's bed, as Nicki neared her bed Zahirah outstretched her arms reaching for Nicki.

"Good morning." Zahirah let out wrapping her arms around Nicki's neck and she placed her head in the crook of her neck.

"What were you doing up ?" Nicki asked Zahirah who yawned before answering.

"I was waiting on you to come carry me, I didn't want to walk." Zahirah declared as if she was stating that the sky was blue, Nicki shook her head at the little girl as she set her down on her own two feet in her bathroom.

"You are too much Zahirah." Nicki laughed as she watched Zahirah walk around the bathroom starting on her morning routine.

"Ok ladybug, I'll let you finish up in here, I'll be downstairs making breakfast alright ?" Nicki informed Zahirah who nodded while brushing her teeth.

Nicki made her way down the stairs and to the kitchen where she found Clarissa who had already started on fixing breakfast.

"What are you doing ?!" Nicki asked Clarissa while going to hug her, they hug each other before Clarissa answered.

"As you can see, I'm making breakfast, you're waking up pretty late." Clarissa answered, it wasn't really late, but Nicki was an early bird so she usually woke up very early and that day she hadn't.

"I know, I went to sleep pretty late too." Nicki answered with a sigh just thinking about what occurred and what she learnt the night before was enough to upset her even though she had gotten out of bed on the right side that morning.

"Why ? Thought Nebbish brought the kids back early." Clarissa asked Nicki who was now sitting at the breakfast bar.

"She did, thing is they were acting crazy, Zahirah been giving me so much attitude when I went to put her down, but that was nothing compared to what Zahir had going on." Nicki shook her head thinking about what had happened, and she went on to tell Clarissa what Zahir said his mother had told him and she also told her about the fact that she had let him watch a scary movie.

"Nic, you have to be lying to me right now, she did not do nor say any of that."

"Girl, I'm telling you, I was shocked too, like I couldn't even sleep, I spend most of my night thinking about this stuff. " Nicki explained.

"You definitely need to tell Drake, he is going to be so pissed , you can be sure you won't see her again." Clarissa commented.

"I'm not so sure, I know he'll find a way to defend her, he always does.  I'll go talk to the bitch myself." Nicki shrugged.

"And what will that change, she's gonna come at you in a disrespectful manner and y'all will start arguing again. You have to talk to him. At least tell him what's up and then if you want to deal with it yourself, then you do that, but at least let him know." Clarissa gave Nicki that piece of advice before they saw Zahirah walk in the kitchen and passed onto another subject of conversation. 

Nicki decided on following Clarissa's advice, she knew a big part of her and Drake's relationship's issues were due to the lack of communication, so to avoid more drama she figured she had to tell him. Plus it regarded his children and his baby mama so he definitely had a right to know. Then as far as dealing with Nebby she'd just ask to deal with that herself, it was time for her to face that woman, she couldn't undergo more of her bullshit and more so as now the twins were involved and getting hurt.

A few hours later, Zahir had also woken up and everyone was ready to start their day. Drake had called and let them know that he was coming back home in few but had to spend the day at the studio afterwards.

"What are we going to do today ?" Zahirah asked Nicki as they were in the living room just being lazy.

"Did you forget ? You guys have a dentist's appointment today. " Nicki reminded and saw Zahirah's face scrunch up making her laugh a little. 

"I don't want to go Nicki, I don't like dentists." Zahir chimed in.

"Yeah, me neither. And why would you even want him to pull our teeth out ?" Zahirah asked and Nicki couldn't hold her laughter in.

"I don't want him to pull any of your teeth ladybug, it is just a check up. He is just going to make sure everything is ok, that's all." Nicki explained.

"Are you sure about that ?" Zahirah asked Nicki who promised to her that she wasn't lying.

"Can we go get Ice cream after that ?" Zahir asked Nicki and she agreed on it.

"And we can even go to Pacific park. I know I promised that a long time ago." Nicki said, the kids had spent the past three weeks with Nebby and Nicki was glad she was getting to have the whole day to spend with them.

"I don't want to, I want to cuddle with you and watch a movie." Zahirah said and Zahir agreed with his sister and Nicki happily agreed on that too. At that point she didn't really care about what they wanted to do, all she cared about was spending quality time with them, with all the time they had spent with their mother these past few weeks Nicki only saw them in the morning to get them ready and at night to put them to bed. To say that she felt left out was an understatement. As for the twins they loved all the stuff they did with their mother she'd always find something out of this world to do. But they missed Nicki and the simple things they usually did like go out to get ice cream or go to the beach or even just to the park and play with other kids. Whenever they felt like going out she'd always take them to simple places like that to make them feel as normal as possible she knew they wouldn't be able to just go out in public places like that for long. Soon their faces would be just as famous as their father's it was already starting to be difficult as people recognized her, she wanted them to have a normal childhood and take advantage of their anonymity to the fullest. Plus she knew there was no need to spend those crazy amounts of money on doing crazy things if at the end of the day there was no connection made with the kids at all. When they were sitting at a table eating ice cream, or just cuddled up in their home theater watching a movie, they were actually bonding, having conversations and a real connection was made and it was all she really cared about. She had nothing against being extravagant once in a while she knew it was needed and made everyone happy but simply didn't see the point of being extravagant every day and was glad that the twins seemed to see that as well and wanted to spend a simple moment with her.

As Nicki and the twins were busy planning their day. Drake's car pulled in the driveway. He had drove himself back from the airport. He cut the engine and unbuckled his seat belt before getting out of the car, he got his bags from the backseat and made his way towards the front door.

"I'm home !" His voice echoed throughout the foyer and as soon as the twins heard it they ran to the foyer and jumped at his neck as he squatted down to their level.

"Hi little monsters." Drake said releasing them from his embrace and he picked Zahirah up as he held onto Zahir's hand as they walked towards the living room 

"Hey you ." Nicki greeted Drake as he walked through towards her and softly pecked her lips.

A few minutes had went by and after talking to their father and getting the presents he had brought them as every time he stays out of town, the twins left the living room and went to the playroom to play leaving Nicki and Drake alone.

"Babe ?" Nicki called as she sat next to Drake on the couch with her legs stretched out on his lap.

"Hmm ?" Drake answered with his eyes closed he was washed out, and only had half an hour to relax before he had to go to the studio.

"There's this thing we need to talk about, but first you have to promise me that you will listen to what I'm saying without jumping to conclusions and also promise we won't fight over this." Nicki required aimlessly drawing patterns on Drake's chest. Drake was thrown aback by this request, he sighed knowing that the little moment of peace he was hoping for would never happen, he knew that Nicki starting a conversation like that did not bode well, he could already smell drama as he turned his head towards Nicki and stroked her hair.

"I promise to listen to you and do my best to stay calm. Now what's going on ?"

"No fighting ?" Nicki asked with a pout, she felt stupid for being this worried about just telling him about what had happened, after all there was no apparent reason for them to fight over this, all she was going to do was state facts, if Drake had to be fighting with someone after that it had to be Nebby not her, but knowing how it ended up every time she complained about Nebby, Nicki just wanted to make sure they weren't going to be fighting over that one, she was tired of letting that women bring drama to their relationship.

"No fighting." Drake promised giving Nicki her undivided attention.

"Ok, so last night, I was putting the kids to be and Za..." Nicki was cut off by the sound of the ringing doorbell. Nicki sighed and rolled her eyes before taking her legs off Drake's lap.

Drake chuckled at Nicki's obvious exasperation and kissed her cheek before getting up to go get the door. Nicki stayed sat on the couch and just waited, she was almost sure it was just one of Drake's boys, it was only when she heard Drake ask the person what they were doing there that she started wondering who it could be. She got up and walked towards the front door, she stopped in her tracks when she saw Drake standing in the foyer with his arms crossed over his chest facing Nebby who was wiping her tears and looking down at her feet.

"I'm sorry Aubrey, I just feel like such a failure." Nebby cried out and Drake let out a heavy breath before walking to her and wrapping his arms around her.

"Don't be sorry, it's not your fault." Drake reassured her and Nicki rolled her eyes from her spot, she didn't know what it was all about but she just hated what she was seeing.

"It doesn't even matter anyways, now I don't know what to do, Kenza is the only person that can help but that means I have to go back to New York. I feel like I'm abandoning them again." Nebby spoke sniffling.

"Calm down Neb, we can figure something out for now alright ? We're all going back to New York in like three weeks so you're not abandoning anyone, calm down, it'll be alright." Drake grabbed the sides of Nebby's face to make her look up in his eyes.

"It'll be alright ok ?" He asked and Nebby nodded and gave him a weak smile, Drake kissed her forehead before releasing her face.

"Come on." He said grabbing her hand and walking her towards the living room, They stopped in their tracks when they noticed Nicki standing before them. She tried her best to seem as calm and passive as possible given that Nebby was crying meaning something bad had happened but she was pissed and just couldn't hide it, again Nebby had to come around and ruin her day that had started well and was supposed to go well and without any drama. But what upset her the most was seeing Drake and Nebby interact with each other, she hated the way he held her, the kiss everything.

"What's going on here ?" Nicki asked cocking her hip to the side, as if she was scolding one of the twins. Drake sighed knowing that nothing good was going to happen.

"Common Nicki, I'll explain." Drake held his hand out for Nicki to take and turned to Nebby. "Can you just give us a minute please ?" He asked and Nebby nodded before making her way to the living room.

"The fuck is all that about ?" Nicki asked snatching her hand from Drake's.

"Ok, it's your turn to promise that there won't be no fight or anything now."

"Aubrey just get to the point please." Nicki pleaded, she was already irritated. Drake stayed silent and just rose a brow at Nicki who sighed before promising not to get upset or start a fight.

"Ok, so the house she and Riley share, caught fire last night, and she doesn't have anywhere to go, she spent the night at a hotel but she won't be able to afford it for more than a week, we have to help her."

"Really ?"

"Yes, really, why are you making this face Nika ?!" Drake asked furrowing a brow.

"I don't know, I guess I'm just surprised, I mean is it even true ?" Nicki asked crossing her arms over her chest.

"Why would she lie about such a thing ? Of course it's true. Look she just needs a place to stay for the next month and then we all go back to New York where she's gonna stay with Kenza, Do you think we can take..." Drake was cut off in the middle of his sentence by a pissed off Nicki.

"Don't even finish that sentence, you mean to ask me if we can take her in ? Hell no, wherever her friend ends up staying, she can stay there too, " Nicki shrugged.

"Riley's staying with her parents and they can't take Neb in, Nika come on don't be insensible, we have plenty of space in here, she could stay here and you wouldn't even notice it,"

"Not being insensible, there are plenty of solutions, just put her on a flight to New York right now and Kenza can take her in from now on." Nicki shrugged again.

"And how she gon' see the kids ?" Drake inquired and Nicki huffed.

"Are you kidding me ? She lived for four years without seeing them and now a month without them is too much for her to take ?" Nicki chuckled at the stupidity of it all.

"Dammit, what's wrong with you ? Why are you being such a bitch all of a sudden ?" Drake asked not really understanding what was going on with Nicki for her to be so closed to the conversation.

"A bitch ? Aubrey watch what you say, don't you call me out of my name again." Nicki threatened remaining calm anyways.

"Ok, I am sorry, it's just you're being very negative right now, everything could be really easy, as I said she could move in the guests house and you wouldn't even notice her, she'd be closer to the children, we would be helping someone out and maybe you could get to know her."

"I don't want to get to know her and sorry but I don't want to help her, I love you and I love Zahir and Zahirah, I am ready to make many compromises and take a lot of stuff without complaining but this is too much, I can't take that. Sorry but I can't."

"Ok ! Well how about she goes back to New York and the kids go with her ?" Drake suggested and Nicki looked at him as if he had lost his mind.

"You have to be kidding me ! I might not be their mother and I might not have any legal right over them but I will not let them go any where with that irresponsible bitch, do you hear me ? She isn't even able to keep them over night and you want her to move to the other side of the country with them ? Hell no !"

"Ok, then she's staying here." Drake didn't really intend on letting Nebby go back to New York with the twins, he wasn't that crazy. He just wanted to give Nicki an ultimatum.

"Fine , if you want her to stay here, let her stay, I'm going home." Nicki said raising her hands up in surrender.

"No, no, Nika come on, you don't have to be taking things this far, we can figure something out." Drake said holding onto Nicki's arm.

"Well figure it out real quick because I'm about to lose it Aubrey, " Nicki answered.

"How about, I just rent a condo for her to stay in for the month ? " Drake asked and once again Nicki shrugged and shook her head.

"Just do whatever the hell you want to do, as long as she's not here, you deal with her the way you want to, after all that's your baby mama and your money, deal with it,  I'm tired of this" Nicki said before simply walking away.

Drake sighed out of frustration and kicked in the first piece of furniture it could reach.

"Aubrey ?!" Drake heard Nebby call and he turned his head towards her.

"You know what, I shouldn't even have came here, she's right I'll just go back to New York; I'm so sorry for causing all of this." Nebby said about to leave.

"Come on, don't be stupid, we'll find you a place to stay alright ?"

"I can't, she clearly doesn't like that idea and as you said she's your girl and this is her house, and her family, I have to respect her decision." Nebby affirmed,

"Look, I told you it's alright, we're going to figure it all out, she'll understand, it's just a lot right now but she'll come around." Drake reassured before asking Nebby to go back to the living room and take a seat.
He left Nebby in the living room and went upstairs, looking for Nicki , he found her in Zahirah's room, she was busy helping Zahirah get ready, it was time for Nicki to take the twins to the dentist.

"Nicki can I talk to you please ?"

"Not, really, we're going to be late." Nicki answered in a dry tone.

"Hey Zahirah come here." Drake said squatting down to her level and after strapping her sandals on Zahirah walked to her dad.

"There's a surprise for you downstairs, how about you go see it ?" Drake asked and Zahirah nodded in excitement and ran out of the room without even looking behind her. Nicki sighed heavily when she saw Zahirah walk out, now she knew Drake was determined to have that conversation right then and there was no way she'd run away from it.

"Aubrey look, we're not about to argue more about this, you want to take her in, fine just do that, I'm at a point where I don't even care, it's like whatever I do or say, and whatever she does or says, you'll always pick her over me, so why does my opinion even matter ? You want to take her in ? Do it and see if I'm still around then, it's not like you cared anyways." Nicki stood before Drake with her arms crossed over her chest waiting for his reaction. Drake just stood there stunt, he couldn't believe what was happening, one minute everything was good and everyone was finally happy and in a matter of ten minutes it all went left and here she was questioning their relationship it was just crazy to him.

"What are you even saying Nika ? Of course I'd care, I don't want to loose you and I do not pick her over you, I'd never do that, I'm just trying to do the right thing here and you are not making it easy for me, you're not even being yourself, like if anyone rung at our door talking bout their house caught fire and they need a place to stay, the Onika I know would have agreed immediately , and talked me into saying yes. But just because it's Zineb you're being heartless , I told you there is nothing at all going on between her and I, I am not trying to do anything but help out the mother of my children, that is all she is to me, you are my girlfriend, I love you, you are my priority and it won't change, why are you putting this kind of stuff in your head Nika, what's going on ?"

"Look, I know all that, I know it." Nicki responded with a sigh. "As I said, I don't want to have that argument with you, besides if I'm being honest, it's not even you I'm upset with it's her, she is trying so hard to break me and make everyone here hate me when I've done nothing to her, so yes I hate seeing how nice you are to her and I don't want her in this house, is it that hard for you to understand ?" Nicki explained plopping down on Zahirah's little bed. Drake pulled the ottoman close to the bed and sat on it facing Nicki and then took both her hands in his.

"Why would you think she's trying to make us hate you ? We're all just trying to adjust so  I can understand how hard i.."

"You don't get it, you want to know what she told the twins while they were with her last night ?" Nicki asked and Drake shook his head no.

"She told them that I didn't love them, she told  them that me being your girlfriend I couldn't love them. I know you're going to find a good excuse like they are kids and they twisted her words and all that but Aubrey I know exactly what she's trying to do, she is trying to make them hate me, she's trying to get rid of me, I'm not crazy I know what I'm saying, but you won't see, just like you won't see that she is a bad mother."

"I...I don't even know what to say, not that I don't trust you or that I am taking her side, it just feels like we're going in circles here. For now the only thing I can do is again go talk to her about that and take her to my condo downtown. I gotta go to the studio right now,, is it ok, if we talk about that later ?" Drake asked and after taking a deep breath Nicki nodded.

"Alright, but I'm dealing with her myself, I need to set things straight with her myself." Nicki answered and Drake agreed at this point he just didn't want to contradict her,

"OK and Nika again, I love you, I am in love with you and I don't want to lose you and so do the children, you mean way more to me than she does. I need you to know that. Right now we're just going through a transition and it's hard but please bear with me, because I don't know what I'd do if I lost you. I love you."  Drake declared to Nicki who's pout turn into a small smile, hearing him say those things warmed her heart, she was finally hearing the words she wanted to hear from him and it made her happy but it wasn't enough for her to forget about that Zineb situation, Nicki knew she was up to something and wasn't going to let her get whatever it was she wanted.

"I love you too and you know I'm not going anywhere, you guys are my everything and I don't intend on loosing you either." Nicki spoke before softly kissing Drake's lips.

Meanwhile downstairs, Zahirah was playing with Nebby, she wasn't planning on seeing her mother that day but was happy when she saw her in the living room, they both where happily playing and chatting while Zahir on the other hand was just laying on his back alone in his corner, he was just starring at the ceiling. If Nicki or Drake had seen him like that, they would have understood right away that something was going on with him and that he was heavily thinking about it, it was his way of dealing with things, he didn't talk to anyone about things he saw or heard, unlike his sister who'd ask questions and go get answers he just sat and thought. Nebby had seen him walk in the living room and go lay down on the floor but she just didn't care, since she met him she always thought he was a weird kid, she didn't like how closed he was to her and above all she hated how close he was to Nicki, she thought Nicki was the reason why he never fell in love with her the way Zahirah did, but really it was just because as discreet as he was, he saw and heard things that made him wary of her.

"Zay, why are you laying on the floor ? Come on look at the Lego house I built. " Zahirah said sitting next to her brother, as Nebby had stopped playing with her and was on her phone.

"Rahrah , I don't want to play." Zahir brushed her off.

"Why ?" Zahirah inquired.

"Daddy and Nicki are arguing upstairs, I heard them when I was going to get you in your room." Zahir explained sitting up.

"Adults always argue, Zay." Zahirah said matter of factly.

"Nicki said she was going to leave, and she does not like Zineb." Zahir reported what he had understood.

"Nicki is going to leave us ?" Zahirah asked her brother finally taking him seriously.

"I don't know." Zahir shrugged.

"Of course she is going to leave us, remember, mommy said she would, she was right Nicki doesn't love us, now that she doesn't love daddy anymore she's going to leave us."  Zahirah said in schock.

"You are an idiot, Nicki loves us, she said not to doubt it, Nicki never lies and I am on her side. We don't even know Zineb."

"She is our mom, Nicki is daddy's girlfriend. Our mom loves us more, I'm on her side."

"You're not my sister anymore then." Zahir crossed his arms looking at his sister hoping she'd change her mind but she didn't.

"Mommy told me Nicki preferred you anyways, I don't care." She said getting up and going back to her Legos. Neither Zahir nor Zahirah were grasping the importance of the conversation they just had, they didn't know what was really going on but it didn't stop them from being hurt, Zahir was completely lost, while Zahirah was angry, she didn't mean any of what she said about Nicki, she was just hurt Nicki being the on real mother figure she ever had, she was feeling as if she was being abandoned when she heard Nicki was leaving and her young mind couldn't see through her mother's play, she couldn't understand that she was just being used.

When Nicki and Drake appeared in the living room all eyes were on them, while Zahir and Zahirah were dreading to hear the two adults announce that Nicki was leaving, Nebby was hopping for it.

"Zineb ? Can you come with me, I'll drop you off at my condo downtown, on my way to the studio. You can stay there til we go back to New York." Drake spoke looking at Nebby and her face fell in disappointment but she still agreed and got up to follow him out of the door after they both kissed the twins goodbye. A smile illuminated Zahir's face when he saw his father deeply kiss Nicki before leaving and Zahirah smiled to though she didn't really know how to feel about that, she didn't see the point of being all happy right now, if Nicki was going to leave them anyways.

"Ok, now we have to go too, we don't want to be late." Nicki said as she went to put her shoes on, she knew she had to act normal in order for the twins not to see how down she was, but little did she know that the harm had already been done.

Oh Oh ! Looks like Nebby just went up gear, Nicki's about to reach her breaking point and the twins are getting mixed up in all of this ... What do you think will happen ?

I hope you enjoyed it and please leave comments to let me know what you think.

Mucho Love 


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