Not So Different Pt.4

Drake sashayed towards his friends, and once he get to their level, he hugged Beyoncé and daped up all of his friends, then hugged Ciara and when it came to Nicki he stopped in his tracks. He looked at her shocked. He had always found Nicki beautiful, very beautiful, but seeing her right now, dressed the way she was and how her hair was done and stuff, she looked even more beautiful, he was amazed, she looked absolutely agorgeous. He was just stunned. Nicki started feeling kinda self-concious she wasn't used to people looking at her like that, nobody never notices her.


Where Have You Been 2/3

Drake switched the lights of his office off.  It was nine an he was about to go home after a very long day.
He worked as a business analyst and had rather long days, all he wanted now after his day of work as to go home and relax, grab a drink have a nice meal and go to sleep. He loved his job but it was really tiring.


I Want You Pt.8

Nicki was sitting at the back of the car, wipping her tears away. She was coming back from the airport. Parting ways with the twins was heartbreaking and seeing them cry for her was really hard but it didn't go as bad as she thought it would.
She was now headed to her mother's, she didn't feel like staying at the appartment all alone so she planed on staying at her mom's for the night and also she knew she had to tell her about what was going on between her and Drake before she saw it somewhere and thought it was something it's not, she wanted to be the first to tell her mother and wanted her to have her version of things before she even heard whatever people or the media had to say.


Oneshot : Where Have You Been 1/3.

"Jenae stop crying please."

 24 years old Nicki begged rocking her 3 year old daughter in her arms. She was exhausted, after work she went to get Jenae from the daycare and was now headed to her mother's to drop her off so she could go to her second job, Nicki worked as a sales woman in a clothing store where her shift ended at 5, and from 6 to 10 . She worked as a waitress at Toro Toro Restaurant & Bar. Every day from monday to saturday she would take her daughter to the daycare in the morning and then go to work, work her shift at the clothing store and then go get Jenae from the daycare and take her to her mother's before starting her shift at the restaurant then get Jenae from her mother's and finally head home to her husband.


Oneshot 3/3

Here's the last part of the oneshot (wich still doesn't have a name smh). Hope you enjoy it !!

"Thank you for your time Ms Johnson." Nicki said to the woman who was about to leave out the door.

"It's nothing, thank you." The woman answered shaking Nicki's hand and then she held her hand out for Drake to shake. Drake took it and brought it to his lips. 

"It was a pleasure having you here Ms. Johnson, have a nice day." Drake said completely ignoring Nicki's death glare.


Not So Different Pt.3

When she got home, Nicki kicked her shoes off and ran up the stairs to her room, she turned some music on taking advantage of the fact that she was home alone, but mostly to cover all the noises she could possibly hear. After the other night's events every noise put her in alert . She took her clothes off and just pulled a robe on witch she tied.  She then went to her desk and took her things out to get some of her homework done. After about two hours of studying and two episodes of Love and Hip Hop, which of course she wasn't allowed to watch. Nicki changed into her dance clothes and dialed her friend Cassie meanwhile she picked her clothes from the floor folded them and placed them in her bag and she took her music notebook as well.


Chapter 10

Rihanna's P.O.V

'Calm down Robyn, calm the fuck down alright' I was scolding myself in my head trying to keep my cool as I was observing Chris dance with this stupid chick.


I Want You Pt. 7

"What the hell is she doing here ?" Nicki asked Clarissa after she had dragged her out the room and in the kitchen which was the closest room.

"I don't know and I don't even care, what I know is that she won't leave until I whoop her ass." Clarissa said putting her hair up in a bun.

"Calm down , ok ? You don't want to get into a fight with that crazy woman. Who even let her in ?"


Oneshot : Happy Halloween.

After puting her fake plastic vampire teeth in her mouth Nicki reaplied a fresh coat of dark red lipstick and fixed her dark curls, she then put her thigh boots on and zipped them. She grabbed her phone in order to take a selfie to post on instagram for her barbz to see her Halloween costume and that's when she noticed his Dracula costume was still laid on the bed. 'That nigga !' She thought before walking out the room and towards the living room where she found him sprawled on his armchair a beer in his hand and a bowl pop corn on the coffee table. She sighed and went to turn the T.V off.


Oneshot 2/3

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It was 7 when Nicki woke up on saturday morning , she knew she didn't have to wake up this early but she is a morning person so she got up and went to make breakfast, after eating her breakfast, she washed the dishes and climbed up the stairs to brush her teeth and go take her shower, after her shower she lotioned up then put her underwears on before sliding her silky robe on. Then she went back in her bathroom to do her hair and make up, she did a natural makeup and for her hair she did a messy braid, she was going to see her family so there was no need to look fancy or anything. When she was done she went back to her bedroom and searched her bed looking for her phones, she found her work phone first and saw she had recieved a few texts, but nothing important so she put it on the chargeur and found her personal phone. She had a missed call from her mother, but she didn't even paid it any attention knowing she had probably call her just to vent. She had a few text messages from friends, and one from Drake.


Not So Different Pt.2

Nicki was on the floor, on all fours, frozen, her body shaking and her eyes were shut as she was making a silent prayer. She got on her knees and put her hands together.

"Please don't kill me, please. I'll go back upstairs and you can take whatever you want.  You can take everything. I won't say a thing. Please don't kill me. Please ." She cried out to the man who was standing in front of her, beacause of the darkness she could only see a black shadow.


I Want You : Interlude

Zineb's Interlude ~

"Quit playing with me Zineb, give me my money before I kill you." He whispered in my ear in a icy tone as he chocked me. I was on the floor shaking and he squatted to my level.


Not So Different Pt.2 *Sneak Peak*

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Nicki was on the floor, on all fours, frozen, her body shaking and her eyes were shut as she was making a silent prayer. She got on her knees and put her hands together.

"Please don't kill me, please. I'll go back upstairs and you can take whatever you want.  You can take everything. I won't say a thing. Please don't kill me. Please ." She cried out to the man who was standing in front of her, beacause of the darkness she could only see a black shadow.


Chapter 9

Ciara's P.O.V

Today is the day my mother is released from the hospital. I am so happy, we're finally going to have her home with us where she belongs , I missed her so much it feels like she's been gone for years, it was so hard without her for me , for Assiyah and mostly for Kahyden.


Not so different Pt.1

~~~~~~ The Kodjoe's, Bel Air, L.A  4:55 p.m ~~~~~~

"Mom, it's not that kind of party, it's a slumber party , we're njust going to get mani pedi, drink tea and go to sleep.I wont miss school tomorrow I swear. Pleeeeaaase let me go."

"Nicki, I don't care, if you want to go to a strip club, the only reason why you're not going is that your father has a business diner with a potential investor and you have to be there to make a good impression besides they are bringing their daughter along and you both are same age. So you're coming. End of conversation"

"So, you are telling me that I can't go to Cassie's like I had planned for a month because dad needs me to go there and play a fucking role in order to make it look like we are a perfect family that we are not, well you know what fuck that shit I ain't go..."
Nicki felt a sharp pain on her cheek, she put her hand to her cheek, the pain soon became a burning sensation.


I Want You pt. 6

Nicki was staring at his face on the screen waiting for an answer and wondering what Drake could possibly be thinking.

"Say something because I'm starting to think that I should take your silence as a yes."

"NO ! No,no there ain't nothing between Rihanna and I told you you're the only one I care about."

"Well, I still need an explanation Drake. Look I know you told me not to believe whatever I read and I try not to, I try to ignore the magazines and the blogs I swear I do but these pictures I saw, I just can't forget about them, I need to know."

" I understand where you're coming from but first I need you to know that I would never ever do you like that Nicki. I need you to trust me."

"I know, I know that. And I trust you. I just need an explanation on that one so I can stop going crazy. "

"Ok, so what do you want me to explain ?"

"I want to know why you been spending so much time with her and why y'all look so close , I mean you holding hands and stuff. It's weird from here"


I Want You Part 6 *Sneak Peak*

Nicki was staring at his face on the screen waiting for an answer and wondering what Drake could possibly be thinking.

"Say something because I'm starting to think that I should take your silence as a yes."

"NO ! No,no there ain't nothing between Rihanna and I told you you're the only one I care about."

"Well, I still need an explanation Drake. Look I know you told me not to believe whatever I read and I try not to, I try to ignore the magazines and the blogs I swear I do but these pictures I saw, I just can't forget about them, I need to know."

" I understand where you're coming from but first I need you to know that I would never ever do you like that Nicki. I need you to trust me."

"I know, I know that. And I trust you. I just need an explanation on that one so I can stop going crazy. "

"Ok, so what do you want me to explain ?"

"I want to know why you been spending so much time with her and why y'all look so close , I mean you holding hands, and stuff. It's weird from here"


I Want You Part 5

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His lips were pressed against hers, her arms were wrapped around his neck as his hands rested on her lower back, their lips finally unlaced, only to be reconected a few seconds later, she pulled herself closer to him, they were chest to chest, her hands were now playing in his hair while his slid under her sweatshirt. At that moment nothing mattered, everything around them didn't exist anymore,


* Oneshot *

It was 08:30 a.m on friday morning and 27 year old Nicki was just getting out of her car she got her briefcase and walked to the entrance of the OVO law firm, she has been working there 3 years, the OVO law firm was by far the best law firm of the west coast, they had the best lawyers and Nicki was proud to be part of this, especially as she was second in the firm ranking, the only person who was better than her was the firm's owner Drake Graham. She entered the building, clocked in,said goodmorning to the receptionist, rode the elevator to the top floor of the building where her office was, she walked to her office at the end of the corridor stopping at almost every door to greet her colleagues. She got to her office which faced Drake's office, she'd just sat at her desk when her personal asistant Draya walked in handing her a salted caramel mocha from starbucks along with her caramel waffles.


I Want You : Part 4

They pulled away from the hug, Nicki looked at him with a confused look wondering who the woman could be, the look on Drake's face was an anxious one, he recognized that voice , he knew exactly who it was and wasn't pleased at all to recieve that peron's visit.

"DRAAAKE" The woman kept repeting.

"Hum aren't you gonna greet her ?" Nicki asked him snapping him out of his thoughts.


Chapter 8

Safaree's P.O.V

I was in the parking lot waiting on Trey, I was so mad, Nicki makes me so mad, how could she sit there and talk shit about me like that, and moreover she was about to tell that girl Draya what happened, I think she done lost her damn mind, if she tells someone I don't know what I'll do, but that's gonna be some ugly shit I swear but I know Nicki's not stupid she knows if she starts telling people I won't be the only one in trouble.
I was already fuming about that when I saw Iggy talking to Wayne, and they seemed very close, they held hand and she was playing with his hair , what the fuck ? Now don't get shit twisted I could care less about that hoe, I don't even like her like that, the only reason why I am dating her is because at that moment it seemed like a good plan to hurt Nicki and it was an easy way to get some whenever I wanted so if she wants to be with any other nigga I don't even care, I just don't like disrespect, and she's making me look like a fool right now, everybody knows we are together and she's publicly flirting with him and knowing their past reatonship, it ain't a good look for me. I was already so mad because of Nicki's stupid ass and that bitch is trynna make look a fool ? No that's not happening , I waited a little bit to see what was going on, they kept on talking for a few minutes and they hugged before he ran away and she went to join Sochitta who seemed like she was waiting on her. I'm not letting her go like that, I am way too mad she gon see how I do.
I got down of the hood of my car and ran over to her car.


I Want You : Part 3

The next morning Nicki woke up, and streched, she had slept like a baby, she hadn't slept like this in years. She looked at the time on her phone, to see it was 8:30. She started to panic, the kids should already be at shcool. They should have been there 30 minutes ago.
She jumped out of her bed and ran to Zahir's room and opened it to see he wasn't there and his bed was neatly made , she went to Zahirah's room and it was the axact same thing she was confused, she went to the living room, where Clarissa was moping the floor she looked around, not seeing the kids and went to look for them in the kitchen where she didn't see them, she went back to the living room and stood there, looking around. Clarissa looked at her like she had 6 heads.


Short Story : I Want You part 2

Nicki was in the playroom with Zahir and Zahirah, she had been in there playing with  them for 30mins. Drake was there with them but he had a phonecall to take so he left. Zahir imediately fell in love with Nicki and started talking, laughing and playing with her, Zahirah on the other hand is more shy than her brother so she stayed away , clinging on her father's leg and observing Nicki from afar. Drake being out of the room Nicki took that as her cue to approch the little girl. She went to sit on the floor next to Zahirah who was playing with her dolls .


Chapter 7

Nicki's P.O.V

Drake and I came back from lunch we had lunch together , as we did almost everyday since he came back, and after our little argument yesterday I tought it would be a little bit weird today but it wasn't , it was just like nothing never happened , on a side I was relieved because I didn't want to talk about it or have to explain myself more than I already did , but on an other side, it bothered me because I don't like unsolved issues, and I know that he was hiding something and now I can't bring it up just like that. Anyways we were with every one else in the yard. When Draya said she needed some coffee and  wanted to go to the coffee machine.

"Can someone come with me please , I always get lost in that damn school"

"You go on your own who drinks coffee at 1p.m" Said Wayne and everybody agreed with him.

"Really , y'all are so mean , you really want to see me lost in that building ?"

"Stop being so dramatic bitch, I'll coming with you" I said , I just wanted to walk I was tired of sitting.

"Thank you Nika , you are the only one I like here" She said sticking her tongue out to them.

She took my hand and we walked to the nearest coffee machine.As we were walkin she kept and looking over her shoulder like she was scared of something, and she's been doing it all day , no actually since she got  here , but today it was worse , she did it like every two seconds, and she was scared for nothign like this morning she was walking in front of Wayne and I and Wayne just touched her shoulder , and she screamed,  as if it was some aggressor or something.

"Girl what's up with you ? You're acting like you're wanted by the police"

"With who ? Me ? Nothing , why do you say that hein?"
I noticed a change in her demeanor and in her voice , she instantly became nervous and tensed, and she started to walk faster.

"Hold on ,hold on Draya, why are you running like that ?"

"I ain't running away from nothing, I told you" she almost yelled and her voice cracked.


Chapter 6

Draya's P.O.V

I was in my bedroom doing my homework , when I heard my mother yelling, at first I didn't think much of it, thought she was on the phone or runing after my little sisters Damara and Danika but then I heard a male's voice yell back , it sounded like my brother Jermaine's voice but it couldn't be him , he moved out of the house 2 years ago , at that time we were just settling in L.A and he moved to go to college in New York , pretending that it was way better than what L.A had to offer, and you couldn't find shit like that on the west coast and whatever. My mom believed him and let him go , saying that she would never keep her kids from growing up and building their future but I know it was all a lie he ain't moved because of the colleges N.Y had to offer, he just moved because he got tired of the situation, and honestly I just felt betrayed like I am tired of the situation at home , I got tired of moving every year, tired of running away , but I just wouldn't leave the ship like that , he left us at a moment when we all needed him and especially me he was my roc, he knew everything about me , I knew everything about him , he protected me making sure nobody messed with me,he kinda took my father's place as we both never knew our father, and all of sudden he decided to move to the other side of the country like WTF. I felt so lonely. I just don't understand how he could move to the other side of the country like that and don't even  come visit or nothing? He'd call mom and the girls but me ? Nothing !When I happened to be there at the same time he'd call, and they passed me the phone it was always those weird convos like " how you doing" "good, you ?" "good" and that was it .  But now thinking back at it, I feel like I can't blame him , he's 25 now , he needs to do him ,he couldn't just stay there and protect us like that all his life, he has his own life to start.


Short story : I want you part 1

This is a Dricki oneshot , I had the idea and I just felt like writting down so here it is. I hope you enjoy it and don't hesitate to leave comments :)

19years old Nicki was sitting indian style in the middle of her bed, with her earphones plugged in her ears and was surrounded with books and papers as she was studying for her mid-year exams.
Nicki is a freshman in Columbia where she studies law , she is a really smart girl, but life hasn't spare her , she's from Southside Jamaica Queens, at seven her father who was a drug dealer got killed , leaving her mother alone with her 3 kids to raise and no job . Her whole life she saw her mother work her fingers to the bone , to put food into her and her brothers mouth , put clothes on their back , and a roof over their heads , her mother would go a few days without eating so her children could eat. Seeing that , made Nickii's heart sink , even though she was a child , Nicki could see and understood , what was happening, she'd return her mother's sacrifice pretending not to be hungry so her mother could eat.And the young girl she was promised herself that one day she would get her revenge on life and that she'd make her mother and her brothers live care free. Growing up was that hard for Nicki , but she made everything in her power to reach her goal . As soon as she graduated from high school at 18 and got into Columbia she decided to move out of her mother's house and rented her own studio apartement , in Brooklyn. She worked 2 jobs at the same to be able to pay the rent, for food and to pay for shcool, she had a scolarship but it wasn't a full one. Working and studying at the same time was really hard for her, but it was all about to become even harder as she needed another job, because she wanted to quit the other two so she just registered in a nanny agency and they'd find her a job  which would be during the week and the week ends wich were her only free time , meaning no free time anymore and less time to study. But she didn't have a choice .

Nicki was so deep in her books and the music in her ears was so loud that she didn't even hear that someone was ringing at her door. When they started banging super hard on the door is when she felt the very thin walls of her one room studio appartment shake a little.

Chapter 5

Wayne's P.O.V

I was at Chris's house with everybody ,I had just joined them , we were helping him and Nicki clean the house before their parents came back from their trip, well the girls were cleaning , Chris,Future, Drake, Tyga, August, Trey and I were acting like we were helping. But we just let them do the work and watched them clean.

"Guess who I ran into earlier at the supermarket ?"

"Who ?"

"Iggy, I swear this chick is crazy"

"We all know that already ,  next time you have something this useless to say , just keep it to yourself." Chris answered

"Why do you say that, Iggy's cool , I know she moved here just a little before I moved out but I remember  she was a nice girl." Drake said.

"You missed a hole lot of shit bruh' " Said Trey

"What happened ?"

"Like he said, a hole lot of shit , but what you need to know is that she ain't someone you can trust, she is a sneaky bitch" Chris said.

"And a hoe" Future added.

"Yep, that she is. "

"She wouldn't let y'all hit it that's why you say that " Drake laughing

"You're funny dude , everyone here hit it at least once"

"For real ?"

"Wayne got addicted at one point haha" said August

"Stop lying nigga, we were cool you know  , we'd hangout sometimes and, we'd fuck when we were bored, that's it, but then she started hating on Nick, Rih and Ci and doing all of that bitching ,and she turned into a hoe she became a brand new bitch ,  I left her alone."

"Why does she hate on the girls ? "

"Don't know , gotta be a girl thing but they hate her just as much as she does , Nicki keeps on telling me how she's disgusted when she sees her" Said Chris

"Hey she has a reason to be, Safaree and Iggy are together now"Said Trey

"What that got to do with Nicki ?" Asked Drake. We all looked at him like he was stupid , with all the time they spent together since he came you'd think Nicki told him she and Safaree used to be together.

"Nigga you didn't know Nicki and Safaree broke up 2 months ago" Said Future oblivious to the fact that Drake and Safaree hated each other since they were kids.


"She ain't told you that"

"No ! But how could that be possible, how could Nicki end up with that ignorant ass nigga"

"You know, he's a cool guy , I mean we use to hangout with him , he's cool people , then he started dating Nicki and they both changed , they started excluding themselves and stuff , and two months ago , right before the summer they broke up , and she was so depressed. That's when we stopped talking to him , he was too weird and he hurt our sister so. That traitorous nigga is the only one who still talks to him" August said pointing in Trey's direction.

"It's  not betrayal he can hangout with who ever he wants , it's just I don't feel like being cool with a nigga who hurt a girl who's like a sister to me. I said.

"Thank you Wayne, I do what I want Nicki ain't trippin' about it so why are y'all trippin'"

"What do you mean he hurt her , why did they break up ?" Asked Drake he seamed a bit heated.

"Nobody knows, she says they weren't meant to be but I can tell there's more to that story and Imma find out and than beat him up , he might think it's over but he cannot hurt my sister and get away with it , sorry for your friend Trigga  " said Chris

"Do your thing man , I ain't getting in your way "

As those words came out of his mouth , the door to the kitchen we were supposed to be cleaning flew open to reveal  Nicki, Ciara and Rihanna .

"Guys ! We are done ,Draya and Lau' went to do their homework or whatever ,are you...OH MY GOD , What the fuck ? Y'all didn't move a thing in here" Yelled Nicki

"Watchu mean Barbie , there's no plates on the table anymore , they're in the sink , we done a whole lot"

"Wayne shut up or Imma hurt you , y'all mean to tell me we had the time to clean the whole house and the 7 of you put three plates in the sink which is not their place in the same amount of time.

"They were heavy plates Nic" Said Chris. Everyone laughed at that except for Nicki.

"Ok , now you know what's gonna happen, Ci and I need to go to the hospital to see her mother , Wayne your driving us as you said you would this morning. Chris you staying in that kitchen and you CLEAN it , it has to be spotless before sergeant Carol gets back and you know it . The other you free to go and I don't thank you"

"Nick you should be the one we call sergeant, I swear " Chris said.

"Shut up , you irritating me for nothing"

" Can't believe it 7 niggas , 2 hours and they put 3 plates in the sink , that's not even a plate each" Said Rihanna"

"You shut up, you standing here talking for nothing , we don't care about your opinion on the situation" Said Chris said and she stuck her tongue out "Anyways I am not cleaning alone y'all niggas helped make this mess, y'all ate here all week , I guess we in it together" He said smiling at us .

"Nope I ain't , I'm going to the hospital hahaha" Lucky me

Nicki , Ciara, Drake and I left them to their work , I took Drizzy with us 'cause I didn't feel like being alone with those two crazy girls. We drove to the hospital, , the ride from Nicki's house to the hospital was rather short , and it seemed even shorter as we were talking and laughing.
I parked in the hospital's parking lot and we all got out of the car, we were walking in the hospital's direction when I noticed Iggy, I saw she noticed us , the others kept on walking towards the entrance as they didn't see her and I waited on her to give me one of her dirty looks , that became a game to me anytime I'd run into her ,I'd wait for her to give me one of those, I find it funny how she tries to act all big and bad in front of me when she knows I know that's not who she is . But instead of one of these looks I saw a really sad look on her face and red eyes, and she quickly put her sunglasses on . I was confused , I hesitated for a second do I go see her ? No she ain't worth it she is a bitch why would I care about her. But somthing really wrong could be hapening to her I mean she's coming out of an hospital.  

"Hey Weezy, you coming or what ?" Asked Ciara

"Hum y'all go head I forgot my phone in the car , I'll be quick."

They carried on their very short trip to the hospital's entrance , and I ran in the opposite direction, following Iggy , when I caught up to her she was about to unlock her car.

"Hey , hey ,hey , wait up"

"What do you want, if you want to tell me that you don't care about me , and that I'am a hoe and this and this I got it ok ? Live me the hell alone, I'm sure you kno how to do that !" She yelled in my face.

"Oh oh, calm down , relax , I just came to see if you were good , I saw you crying and since we are on an hospital's parking lot , I just ... drop it . It's nothing , I gotta go ." I was trying to be nice to her because at one point in my life that girl was a friend , but if that how she wants to take it I can't oblige her to talk to me.
I turned around and was about to walk in the direction of the entrance when

"Really ?"

"What ?"

"Do you really care, or is it just some kind of a joke ? Or you want me to tell you so that you and your friends over there can use it against me"

"I really do Iggy, now you gotta stop thinking that everyone is against you , I have other fish to fry, I don't walk around planning machiaviellan stuff to hurt you"

"You could, you're friends with them and they don't like me so "

"When nobody would talk to you after you told on Nicki and she got suspended, who would stay witchu and when your parents would be out of town and you couldn't sleep last year who'd come and smoke witchu until you fell asleep ? Me . I never stopped talking to you just because all of them did .

"Yeah but you still stopped talking to me"

"You've changed that's why , but that's besides the point either you want to tell me what's wrong or you don't , I was just trying to be there for ya"
 She just stood there and looked me staright in the eyes , I guess she was trying to see if I was being sincere or not. I was about to turn around again as she wouldn't say a world .

"Wayne wait, I'll tell you but I just don't feel like right here an now is the moment or the place , go back to your friends before , they wonder where you're at I know you didn't tell them you went to see what was wrong with Iggy the bad witch , she said drawing air quote with her fingers , the bad witch is the nickname Rihanna gave her one day after Iggy said she was a bad bitch.
I laughed at the memory .

"You remember that ? When are you telling me then"

"They been calling me that since we were 15 , do you mind coming over later ? If it's not to much to ask "

"I don't know if your pops would allow a nigga like me in the castle"

"Haha really funny my folks aren't here , as usual , you can come over at the same time you used to"

"Alright I'll be there" I said that and just left and ran into the hospital and into Ci's mother's room.

Drake's P.O.V

We were in Wayne's car driving back home.

"Y'all are annoying as fuck, I have to tour the whole city to take each one of you to their house"

"You the one who wanted to drive us this morning so just shut up and focus on the road boy" Said Ciara

"Couldn't have said it better". Said Nicki " But hey Brey why don't you come to mine so you can see my mother, they just landed and Wayne's lazy ass won't have to drive that much"

"Huh actually I think y'all should have some family time you know and besides who's gonna take me home then"

"What a bad excuse Drizzy, you're family , they won't mind  , and I will drop you home myself , but if you don't wanna come just say it it's ok"

"I didn't say I didn't want to , I just tought your parents would like to spend time with their kids coming back home"

"Well , remember my mom considers yo as one of her kids so she won't mind"

"Hey I am sticking around, I wanna see your mother too and you know I am family." Said Ciara.

"Ci , how you gon' make this about you, but hey you know I love y'all , go to Nicki's see mama Carol and all that so Weezy can go mind his own business" Said Wayne

"Whatever, but hey Ciara you better know from now on, I ain't your ride home."

"Chris is gonna drop me".

" If you say so".

We drove to the Maraj's, during the short drive I couldn't stop looking at Nicki as i was deep into my thoghts, howcould she date a guy like Sfaree ? She is so sweet and beautiful , and she's smart and funny , he is an ass , he's mean and ignorant , I just don't like him and I can't believe she's been with a nigga like that and why she didn't tell me, I understand everything can't like before but I told her about the girls I been with and why did she feel the need to hide this from me ?! I gotta stop trippin' maybe she just forgot to mention it, because she did tell me about her ex, she just didn't say it was him I need to chill . And there's tht one thing I havn't talk to her about , but I didn't tell it to nobody down here, nobody knows and I need it to stay that way.

We arrived at the Maraj's house and Wayne shooed us out of his car talking about he had important stuff to do, he didn't talk to me about any drops earlier so I don't understand why he acting like he's in a rush what does he have to do . Anyways we went into the house and saw that the boys and Rihanna were still there.

"See Drizzy, you were talking about her parents would want "family time" , with all this population here ?"
Ciara said plopping on the couch.

"That's is exactly what I was saying like watchu mean , that's what we call family time , we all brothers and sisters here, our parents are gonna be as happy to see y'all as they'll be to see Chris and I, maybe you been gone for too long that's why you forgot hwo you used to sped your friday nights, with us and how my mom would treat like you were hers and how.... "

"I was just saying , calm down Onika I got it  "  I  cut her of even though I knew what she was saying was true I forgot that all the people in this room were my family, I've known them for all my life , I known a younger version of some of them and didn't ssee them grow up but still they was my family, and that's what I missed the most , when I was away, Toronto's graet and I love the people there but except from the people I was blood related to , I never get to call none of my friends Family, and I was happy to get that back and I was even happier that it got back in place so easily, they treat me like I never left and I couldn't ask for anything better.

We hungout until we heard a car honk from outside.

"Why does he have to act so draatic and anounce himself like that evreytime he gets gere" Said Chris through gritted teeth .  I guess he still hasn't acceted the fact that his father got back , I can understand him though , his father's bow out hurt her mother and Nicki so much , it's just normal that he doesn't welcome him back and jump in his arms , Chris was really hurt too even though he acted like it didn't affect him that much. What's reaaly bad about this situation is that he's mad at his mother too for taking him back.

We heard the door swing open and seconds later , Nicki and Chris's parents appeared in the living room. Nicki jumped in her mother's arms so fast, and held her in her arms . There's something I know about Nicki ,is that her mother is her whole world, she loves her more than anything.

"Mommy !!! I missed you soooo much , don't you  ever do that to me again , you've been gone a month I was sooo sad , and you left me with Chris mom really ?! Oh you look so pretty , is that a new dress you wearing...(gco)"

"Onika, Onika , calm down for a sec , I missed you a lot and I am happy to see too  but calm down "

"I'm sorry mom, It's just I am happy to see you, I love you mommy" She said taking her mother back in her arms. She was so cute , I loved seeing her excited like that , it was the cutest thing ever. She then let go of her mother who looked around and noticed everyone in the room.

"Hey !! Look at the beautiful people in here , how are you kids ?" She said walking towards us and taking each one of us in her arms hugging and kissing every one. Her just gave everyone a general 'hello' and stood there.

"Oh sweet lord Jesus, Aubrey Drake Graham , is that you ?" She said binging her hands to her mouth.

"In the flesh mama" I said opening my arms to hug her, she walked into my open arms and we hugged.

"Well, it's delightful, to see you again , you never came back down here to see us, how long are you here for ?"

"And I am thrilled to see you again mama , I really missed y'all, and actually I am back here for good , I am here to stay"

"That is a really great news"  She asked me about my mother and stuff, we talked for like 5 minutes. When she started looking around again and her gaze set on Chris.

"Chris are you going to sit here and not even hug me?"Chris got up from the armchair he was sitting on and went to hug his mother.

"That boy acts like I havn't been aboard for a whole month and a hal,f, And you better greet your father Chris don't get me angry right now"

"Chris turned his head to his father , noded and said "Father". He then turn around and went up the stairs with everyone looking at him. Mama Carol sighed heavily.

"Well kids , I would love to stay here with you but I am soooo tired , I need to lay down but Imma inspect the house before , the house that is spotless right ?" She asked looking at Nicki

"It is spotless I swear"

"If you say so , it's nice to see y'all again . She said before saying bye and disapearing in the corridor that led to the kitchen.
A little while after that evrybody went back home and I was about to go back home myself but  Miss Nicki who was the one to propose herself didn't feel like driving , and after 5 minutes of negociations and 2 seconds of her doing that pout I can't resist I decided to call Trey so he would come pick me up on his way home , the thing was he was like an hour and half away , ugh I hate her gor making me do whatever she wants me to like that.

"He said he'd be here in a hour and a half"

"Why are you sayin' that like it was a bad thing , you got a hour and a half , to spend with me boy , you should be happy "

"If you say so , what are we doin' then"

"Something super duper fun ..... Homework !!!!" She said clapping.

"Yeaaaah , I'm so excited" I yelled back, acting extra happy.

We went in her bedroom , and she took her book ad notepad out of her bag and sat with her back to the headbord and her legs outstreched and I laid across the bed with my head on her lap and my legs hanging from the bed. She started doing her homework and I just laid there peacefully , she break the silence here and then to ask me the answers to things she didn't understand , we been doing just that for like 15 minutes or so . When she was done she put her stuff away , and started to stroke my freshly cut hair.

"You don't talk much Brey what's up ?"

"Nothing I was just thinking about something?"

"What is it ?"

"Nothing really important don't worry"

"What nigga you been acting depressed all the evening and you talkin'bout it ain't important , you know you can tell me anything"

"Yeah, I know that but like I said it's nothing important , and speaking of that how comes you never told me about you and Safaree" I asked her ,I know I shouldn't have but it was the only thing that came to my mind to change the subject.

"I told you the day you came back"

"You said you just broke with someone , you didn't tell me who"

"You never asked"

"Yeah but you still could have told me I mean it's Safaree"

"Well , it's over now so you don't have t worry about that Aubrey drop it "

"Why you getting defensive like that ?" I said sitting up and turning around to face her

"Because you're questionning me, acting like I did something wrong, when I did not"

"It's just that I thought it was something you'd tell me , Nika that's all"

"Well I don'thave to tell you every single thing I did in 5 years Aubrey now do I ?"

"What are you talking about Nicki I never said that , it's just you've dated Safaree NIcki Safaree I just think it's something you should have mentiond"

"I did and why do you need to know who I been with Brey you ain't my father nor my husband , you ain't even my boyfriend , so miss me with that." She made a point I am not her boyfriend, and she's free to do whatever she wants and tell me whatever she wants or not. But I was kinda taken aback by the 'you're not my boyfriend thing' because we spent so much time together and the fact that we were so close , we interracted like we were together so l'ets say it pulled me to the ground.

"Ok, Onika chill out , I was just wondering how a girl like you could be with someone like him, it's just I feel like y'all don't belong together"

"Yeah and that's why we aren't together no more , look Brey I know that's soemthing you'd have liked to hear from me , and I apologise for not telling you , but Safaree and I is not something I really like to talk about so if we could just drop the subject"

"Ok if you don't want to talk about it we're not talking about it"

"Thank you" She kissed me on the cheek and we resumed our previous position and we just laid there in silence either one of us wanting to talk . It wasn't a peacefull silence like earlier it wasn't uncomfortable either , it was just silence, I was thinking hard about all of that Safaree thing , they might say he changed and what I am talking about might be when we were 13 but that nigga is no good ,and I know there's more to that story , Chris is right , we need to find out...

Ciara's P.O.V

Chris had just droped me home, I got into the house and greeted everyone.

"Hey y'all what's up ?"

"Girl you're late , that's what's up I have to go , they ate , and there's food for you in the oven , Kahyden , is ready to go to bed , you just have to tuck him in, I will be here tomorrow morning before you leave" Said my aunt Nicole in one breath as she was gathering her stuff, she then kissed each one of us and left after I thanked her. She is a blessing , I don't know what I would do without her .

I sat on the couch next to Kahyden who was so absorbed by theTV that he didn't even notice what happened and kissed him on the cheek, he instantly snuggled to me and laid his head on my chest.

"Aww, my baby, you know I missed you today ? How was your day ?"

"I missed you to Cici, it was good , I played a lot of games with Marcus and Hakeem , and Mrs. Westmore gave me three good points today" he said exited.

"Waaah , you're the best baby high five"

"Do I get a present for being good at shool ?" He asked me ,I swear this child is to much!

"You already have three good points, that's your present , I got straight A's and Ci doesn't give me a damn thing" Said Assiya

"Girl hush , nobody asked you and you don't get a thing because you don't deserve a thing , Kahyden is having a nice present."

"Yeah he's whatever I don't want your presents"

"Alright then why are you talking I said throwing her a pillow " I turned to Kay "Hey baby you know tomorrow after shcool Ci's gonna go to the store and buy you a nice present but right now you need to go to bed"

"I don't want to go to bed Ci"

"But baby you have to , so you can be full of energy tomorrow and beat Marcus and Hakeem at basketball"

"Really , Ci you couldn't find anything better ?"

"Assiya keep your mouth shut before I kill you. Look Kay , if you want to I tuck you in in my bed right now, and after I take a shower I come sleep with you? You want me to do that ?"

"Yes , I want that"

"Ok, come on then"

I put him in my bed , told him I loved him and kissed him goodnight before finding everything I needed and getting in the shower , after a good shower, I brushed my hair , tied it in a messy bun and put my pyjamas on and got back in my room to see Kahyden fast asleep in the middle of the bed , I took a picture of him and kissed him then left the room, making sure to leave the door half open in case he woke up , and I went back downstairs to eat something , When I passed in the living room to get to the kitchen Assiya got up from the couch she was laying on and followed me into the kitchen.

"How are you miss Ci." She asked me

"Girl you're weird, when  did you start caring about how I felt"  I answered taking my plate out of the oven

" Was trying to be nice but fuck you girl I ain't boutta kiss your ass"

"Whatch your mouth ! And how old are you to be talkng like that"

"14, I can talk however I want and it's all because of you , you're the one who swears all day!"

"Oh God , what am I going to do with you "

"Lend me those black ripped jeans of yours that I love" She said showcasing her pearly white teeth.


"Hey something rally weird happened earlier after I left the school, you know how I walk home"

"Yes and what "

"I was just around the corner when I noticed someone was standing on the curb across and starring at me really hard , and when I looked at him the man ran away, like he was wanted and I was the police, and this wasn't the first time I seen this man , I saw him the other day in front of the shcool too and the exact same thing happened and it happened the other day when I was at the mall with the girls"

"Don't worry 'Siya I doubt it is some kind of kidnapper, or anything, don't start assuming things I am just gonna take you home myself that's it , and don't be like 'I love to walk' we ain't about to take no risks even though I don't think you're in danger"

"Ok , let's do that"  she said gettinng down from the stool she was on " I'm going to find the jeans you're lending me and I'll be in my room watching T.V if you need me, have a nice meal Ci"

"Ain't nobody needs your ass , and don't tell me to have a nice meal when I am halfway through my meal hoe"

"I love you too sister" She said over her shoulder .

I am starting to be worried, I waved her off , not to worry her but to be honest I really was worried the same thing she just talked about happened to me too , at the same places , what if there was some crazy kidnapper, rapist around town that wanted my sister and I ? No Ci calm down you're getting paranoid right now !


Chapter 4

September, 8th 2014

Nicki's P.O.V

I was in first period which was English with Mr. Ross , this class is so boring, I was falling asleep. I looked around to see if there was someone I could chat with but I disliked almost everyone in this room , the only persons I liked were August and Draya but they were too far away, so I couldn't talk to them, I sat there just looking around , Draya and August seemed to be getting closer, I need to have a word with them, yeah call me nosey buy I just need to know what is going on. I don't know how Rih would take it though , but hey she's the one who broke up and she cool with Draya so I don't see why it would be a problem. Anyways I just continued looking around , my gaze stopped on Iggy and Safaree , them too are disgusting , I hate the both of them so much . Suddenly a knock was heard at the door.

"Come in" Ross yelled

The person behind the door opened it and walked in, immediately a smile appeared on my face. He sashayed to Mr Ross' desk.

"Good morning Mr, I am Drake Graham , I am new here"
" I didn't know we were having a new student , but you're welcome here let me see these he said refering to the papers Aubrey had in his hand "You can introduce yourself to the class if you want to."

"Hi , I am Drake" he said and then looked back at Ross.

"And ?"

"And I am Drake" everyone laughed.

"There's nothing else to know about you ?"

"It's no use almost everyone here knows me already and for those who don't let's just increase the mystery." Everyone laughed once again . Ah this boy !

" You're a funny kid" Said Mr Ross smiling " Go find a sit boy"

Given that the seat next to me wasn't taken I thought he'd sit there but that nigga had the nerve to pass right by me and go sit next to Lauren , WTF ?'. It's been a week since Aubrey came back and we been together 24/7, I am not going to lie at first I was a bit ill at ease around him like it's been 5 years ; he became kind of a stranger to me , but when I am with him I feel like he never left , like he is the exact same person, and I am really  happy to have him back , I didn't even realise how much I missed him.Besides it's the perfect timing I really needed that , after what I've been through with Safaree , keeping that stuff to myself is harder than what I thought , but when I am with Aubrey I  just forget about it all , I got my best friend, my partner in crime back . At least until now 'cause you can be sure I am not talking to him after what he just did.

The morning had flown by it was lunch time , I was sitting in the cafeteria with Draya and Trey, we were talking while eating

"Draya , Draya, Draya , girl stop lying to me you're a bad liar, I know there's something going on"

"No , I swear there's nothing going on with August , we're just friends, besides Rihanna and him just broke up so I wouldn't even think of it"

"Or it's because you already have your mind on someone else , Chris"

"Chris huh ?! He cool we have that 'flirty relationship' I'd say but that's it"

"Hmm whatever you say , just know that Nicki gon find out sooner or later"

"Nicki you are too damn nosey , let the girl live"

"I just want her to admit , how she gon spend all her time with him,  he takes her home every day , they arrive together every day and she be like there's nothing going on . I ain't buying that"

"Oh you want to talk ? You spent every second of your free time with Drake it's almost as you lived in the house with us, you cook for him , you are always sitting on his lap , you guys are always kissing , and hugging for nothing , you lay in his bed and then you say that you guys are just friends. I ain't buying it" He said mocking me.

"Aubrey and I are just reconecting , do I have to remind you that he's been gone for 5 years , we are just happy to be together again , that's why we're close , it's not the same, he's my brother"

"Seemed more like strangers to me this morning"

"Yeah I didn't get what it was, he past right by me like I was a fucking stranger"

"Awww you're mad Nicki ? Oh no you jealous 'cause he sat next to that beautiful girl?  huh"

" Witch girl ?"

"You're sister"

As I said that Wayne and Drake came over at the table and sat with us , Drake sat across Draya and next to me as Wayne sat next to Draya ;

"What's up , what's up , what's up" Said Wayne

"Nothing much " Draya answered

"Hey , I don't think I know you , since when are you here ?" Aubrey asked her

"I just got here, like a week ago"

"Oh ok, I got back here like a week ago also"

"Where were you ?"

"Toronto , I moved there at 13 or 14 , I missed it here so I decided to come back"

"Oh ok ! Toronto is a nice city I've been up there for a month last year"

"Hey we're here too don't act like we aren't" Said Wayne faking to be hurt

"Dont take it personaly Wayne that's what he does he just ignores people like that"

"Don't say that Pinky" Drake said and pecked me on the cheek, I nudged his head with my shoulder, to push him away"

"Oh you're mad at me now ?"

I decided to just ignore him, he was pissinge me of, I wanted him to have a taste of his own medecine.

"Oh I see you're ignoring me now"

Rihanna , Ciara, Chris, August , Future , Lauren and Tyga joined us one by one .I kept ignoring him , and talking to everyone else like he wasn't even there, every two minutes he would say something like 'Pinky stop ignoring me please' or 'Nika baby you're still mad ?' but I wasn't about to give in.
We finished eating and hungout in the courtyard , I was going to my locker to get my spanish book and I noticed Aubrey was following me.

"Stop following me, please, you are really starting to gt on my fucking nerves"

"I wasn't following you"

"Where are you going then ?"

"My locker, he said pointing to the locker right neext to mine"

"Oh , ok" I felt so stupid

I opened my locker and looked for my spanish book to see that it was on the very top shelf , witch is of course to high for me to reach! Stupid me why did I put this book on a shlef I know is too high for me to reach ,and how the fuck did I even manage to put it there, I sighed and started jumping up and down trying to get that stupid book  , I could feel Aubrey's gaze on me but I just focused on the book, until I heard him laughing , and I was pushed aside and he grabbed the book effortlessly, and hand it to me , I was about to take it out of his grip but he moved his hand back

"What do I get in return ?"

"Nothing, now give me that damn book Drake"

"Since when do you call me that ?"

"Since you became a stranger , give my book right now"

"A stranger , what'd I do ? You ain't getting that book until I'm forgiven for whatever I did"

"When you enter a room I'm in and don't even aknowledge my existence, you act like we're strangers. So I'm just acting like you boo" I said making a move to try to get the book , but he moved his hand back again

"You're getting this upset just becaus I sat next to Lau' ? I was just messing with you because you didn't answer any of the text messages I sent you this morning"When he talked about text messages is when I realised I hadn't seen my hone all morning.

"Oh shit ! My phone , I left it at home this morning"

"I guess that explains why you didn't answer , but hey do you forgive me ? Let's say it's 50/50 here you ignored me so I ignored you"

"I didn't do it on purpose , I forgot my phone"

"Yeah but you been ignoring for about an hour so you got your own back"

"We can say that, give me my book now , I don't want to be late because of you"

"I want a kiss first, just to make sure that I am forgiven" I pecked him on the cheek and held my hand out so I could take the book but he hold it in the air

"And what do you call me ?"

"Brey I ain't got time for that give me my book"

"You said it anyways so it's ok , here" He gave me my book and kissed me on the cheek, before walking away, I went to class , smiling to myself , I don't know why he just makes me want to smile.

Safaree's P.O.V

I was walking to my spanish class, when I heard someone yell, I'd recognize that voice anywhere and anytime I hear it , it was her voice , I turned my head in the dircetion she was in , that's when I saw her with him , why is she kissing him ? Now Nicki and  I might not be together anymore, but I just can't stand it , even if it's just a kiss on the cheek , I can't . The fact that she wouldn't talk to me , was enough , I don't need to see her and that boy glued to each other like that , it's been a week since he came back, and they been on each other like that for a week , I'd see them when I was at Trey's house or even in the sreets, but it will be even harder to control myself from punching him now that they are going to be glued in school, why did he have to come back we were good without him, ain't nobody needed his ass.
I walked in the classroom and sat behind Trey who was next to Nicki. They were in the middle of a conversation, I sat there and listen closely as they were talking.

"Common Trey , it's me , you can do that for your Nika"

"Nicki it's your idea , why don't you do that at yours"

"Nigga we already discuss that , I want it to be at yours because you're the only one who has his own crib , no parents , no grandma , no nothing"

"Your folks are out of town"

"They're coming back tonight Trey please if you don't do it for me , do it for Brey he's your best friend since I can't even tell"

"Uhg ok , but Nick you cleaning the house afterwards and it better be stainless"

"You sound like my mom right now Trigga"

"I ain't playing Nicki"

"Fine, so it's a deal ?"

"Yep" They stoped talking as Ms. Vergara our spanish teacher stepped in the classroom, what the hell does she need Trey's house for ? What's that got to do with Aubrey or Drake as they call him now , I guess white boy noticed he wore a girl's name all his life , anyways I need to know what she plans to do in that house with him. I'll just interrogate Trey  he will tell me ,it better not be what I think.

Draya's P.O.V

The bell had just rang an I was getting out of my Calculus BC class, witch is an A.P class, I gathered my stuff and got out of the room , when someone bumped into me it was that girl Amethyst but she goes by Iggy , I don't even why , it sounds like piggy to me , oh yeah that's why Nicki calls her that , Nicki doesn't like her at all .

"Can't you watch where you're going" I said.

"I'm so sorry Draya right ?" She said smiling at me, she doesn't seem to be that mean right now

"Yes , it's nothing don't worry , I said as I was about to walk away, she called me

"Wait . We have english together, we can walk there together " She said catching up to me

"Huh we can if ou want to I guess"

"What ? You don't want to talk to me ?  You can say it it's cool"

"No it's not that "

"Oh I know , it's because Nicki and her friends told you I was a bad person , a whore and all that , you know that's just what they think about , it's not who I am , and the fact that they don't like me, doesn't mean we can't be cool" I guess she was right, talking to her wasn't like betraying the others or nothing , plus I am not taking any kind of comittment , I'm just trying to see for myself.

"You're right , but hey just know that Nicki doesn't spend her time talking about you and she never told me not to talk to you or any of that, she don't do that neither do the others, even though I've known them for a week only , I can tell they're not that type of people"

"Yeah anyway is that Ms. Rowland's AP Calculus BC class , you just got out of ?"

"Erm , yes it is , why ?" Damn I wasn't ready for that , but I had it coming , I wasn't about to hide that I was smart, I just wanted people to know me as jsut Draya , instead of Nerdy Draya.

"Damn girl you're smart, I wouldn't last 10 minutes, in that class, and on top of that you look good and you have a sense of style"

"Well I try tahnk you." I said as we arrieved in Mr.West's class, this girl was being so nice, it was so weird after earing everything I heard about her. I saw Chris sitting at his desk , said 'bye' to Iggy and ran to the empty desk next to his , I was so glad that the trip from Ms.Rowland's class was this short because I wasn't ready to tell my little 'secret' if you can call it that to tis girl.

"Oh now you're sprintin' to get the seat next to me haha"

"Shut up Chris if it wasn't for Iggy trying to be buddy buddy with me I wouldn't be sitting next to you right now"

"Lie , you chose to seat your ass in that chair , beacuse you wanted to  be by the most handsome guy of the school"

"If you want Chris , if you want"

"What were you even talking to Iggy for ?"

"Just chatting , she bumped into me and we started talkin' I was trying to se for myself what kind of person she was, seemed nice to me"

"Just take your cautions with her , she sneaky , she used to be nice to everyone , but look at how she is to Nicki now, remember on friday she poured fruit shoot on her jacket and I bet she the reason why Nicki and Safareee broke up . Ain't trying to tell you what to do or not but I just don't want her to take advantage of you.

" Aww Christopher , you're looking out for me"

"You're my future wife, of course I'm looking out for you"

"Shut up , I ain't your future wife"

"Why, you're August's future wife already ? "

"Oh hell no , y'all need to stop with that , I don't need no man be it you or him"

"If you say so , Imma have you anyway " He winked at me and smiled , I was melting inside , he's really charming and all that , but I am not falling for that.

Iggy's P.O.V

Is it me or this girl just ran away, do I scare her , I don't know and I don't give a fuck , I was just being nice to her since she's a new girl, but I guess she just want to kiss nicki's ass like them all. Nicki acts like she's perfect , but she has her dark side too. Anyways I don't have time to worry about that girl , the rest of the afternoon went on slowly, of course being lonely, the time doesn' fly by. Sometimes I feel super lonely, I don't have many friends , I never had friends, people have always hated me I don't know why. That may be the reason why I am always mean to people because believe it or not I am not a bad person, I just act like that because when I was younger that's how people acted towards me. Anyways . I drove home in my red 2014 Porsche Macan.
I arrived home, the house was empty as usual , I went in the kitchen to eat something, I was about to open the fridge when I saw a note on it. It said :

~ Hey Amey
, Your dad had to go to New York for business , I do not know when he is coming back and as for me I am coming home late in the night, I have a lot to do at work . There is money for food on the counter , and you can go shopping or do anything with what's left.

Love you so much XOXO , mom~

Really ? They just got back from Philadelphia like 2 days ago , I never get to spend any time with them, I spent the summer alone at a hotel in the Bahamas, we were suppose to spend that summer in 'family' , they just don't care about me, I get why my sister Amalyah left the house , as soon as she got a chance, the only thing our parents needed us for is go to dinners and society events and act like we are the perfect family so that it could seem like they are perfect persons , perfect in business and perfect parents but the truth is that , their businesse is the only thing they think about , that's their child . They didn't even raise me, I grew up with my grandmother , but now that she's sick and at the hospital , I am alone in the house all the damn time and since I have only 1 friend and my boyfriend doesn't give two shits about me, the hospital is the place I spend most of my time lately. And that is where I am about to go right now need to see my Nana ,that woman is all my life. I don't care if no one loves , I just need her .
I went upstairs to get changed , and then got back in the kitchen took , the money that was on the counter and got my keys, and got in my car , direction: the supermarket . I had to get her her favorite sweets that they wouldn't let her have at the hospital, I know eating those ain't good for her health but the smile on her face is just everything. 
I was in the aisle where the sweets she loved got two packets , and a few things she mght need, then I went to the ice creams for myself and there I saw Wayne , he's one of Nicki's friend , so I guess he doesn't like me , I held my head up and walked by him giving him a look of disdain.
That's just the way I act when I am anxious or nervous, I act confident so that people don't see how I actualy feel .I looked back to see , if he'd even notice me , and he looked back at me as well , and chuckled shaking his head. "You don't need to be acting all big and bad, ma. I don't care bout you". I just held my middle finger in the air and he laughed. 
Out of them all , he's the nicest, at one point we were cool, but , I play with them all and he might have gotten tired of my bitching.
Twenty minutes later I was at the hospital , I went to my grandmother's room 

"Hey Nana, your favorite grrand-daughter came to visit you"

"Hey Amey, come here honey give me hug "
 I went to hug her , it seems like she's getting more and more skinny and fragile .

"Look what I got you ", I said getting the stuff I bought out of the supermarket bag one by one . She smiled so  hard, it made me super happy and she squealed in excitement  at the sight of her favorite sweets . It made me so happy to see her like that.

"Amey , my baby you know youre my favorite right"

"I know Nana , but you don't go too hard on those hein you can have 1 every two days, ok ?"

She took my hand in hers and said : " Baby I want to thank you , for being here for me you're the only person who comes to visit me my own daughter doesn't even care if I died right now"

"Don't you say such thing , she's busy , she thinks about you all the time , she asks for you everyday, she has to work to get you back on your feet ASAP ."

"Amey, don't lie to me, remember I used to tell the exact same thing when you were younger"

"Yeah and you used to take care of me and now I am the one taking care of you , we have each other, we don't need her."

"She's your mother , you need her besides I am diying baby , you will need her"

"Stop talking like that Nana , you have so many years ahead of you"

"Believe meI don't" When she said that I got teary , thinking bout that is like stabbing me right in my chest, not having her with me would kill me.

"Anyway Amey , don't stay here with an old woman like me, I am glad you came but you were here  yesterday , so go enjoy , your friends, your boyfriend , your youth, your life

"What , grandma no I am not leaving you"

"Yes you are , come kiss me goodbye" I did as I was told "Get out of here now" 

I hugged her one last time and left , as soon as I got out of the room I let my emotions out , I started crying uncontrolably , seeing her like that hurts me to the core , that and I just realised how miserable I was , I don't have friends , my own family don't give a fuck about me, I can't run into someone without it being an altercation, and my boyfriend doesn't give a fuck about me , and to be honest I don't give a fuck about him either , it was just an easy way to hurt someone else , damn my life sucks. I got out of the hospital crying my eyes out , I want to end all of it , I was in the parking lot when I saw someone I really didn't want to see , moreover in that state I was in .


Chapter 3

Nicki's P.O.V

The school day was over, Chris was going to the gym to work out with his boys , and Ci rode with Future this morning and since he was going to the gym too , Rih had to drop the both of us home, we were in the parking lot waiting for her

"What is this girl doing ?"

"I don't know,Ci you the one who was in last period with her"

" Yeah and what ? I am not her mom "

"About that, how's your mom ?"

"She alright , they said everything's fine , and she gon be back home in two weeks"

"That's great news Ci I am so happy she is finally coming home !!!" I squealed in excitement .

"I wouldn't be if I was you"

"Why'd you say that , you crazy bitch "

"I'm sayin' it for you, the other day we went to see her with August and  , she was like you didn't bring my Nika witchu, it's been so long blah blah. Then she said she'll whip yo ass first thing when she's home 'cauz you went to see her two times only and she misses your ass , I don't know why but she does "

"Aaww , Imma go see her in the week andknow..did you mean to tell me ? "

Rih arrived at that moment, didn't even talk and open the car's door, slid in and waited for us to do the same, put the key in the ignition and drove of . I was about to say something about how silent she was but Ciara was already talking.

"Bitch I didn't even think of telling you 'cause you were depressed and nobody knows why til this day . I hope you know I am still mad at you for that ,I mean we sisters I don't get why you didn't even told us you and safaree were broken up, Chris told us then you sarted acting depressed talkin' bou't it ain't got nuthin to do with him and you don't wanna talk about it and..."

"Ci , calm down, breath girl , and let's leave all that stuff where it belongs , in the past" I said

"A month ago ain't really the past babe, and she just worried just like I am , you might act like everything was alright but  we can tell you ain't that happy we see through your act and we just don't understand why you don't want to open up to us , we are here for you " Rihanna added.

I love them so much for being such caring friends , it makes it even harder not to tell them the truth, but I am not sayin' anything right now I am not ready. I mean I know they are my sisters and I can tell them everything but I am scared they might judge me , common Onika you can say it they wouldn't do that ! would they ? uggh I don't know ... I am just keepin' it to myself until I am ready.

"Girrlls ! I know that and i love y'all for that . But there's just nothing to talk about . I'm fine I swear !

"If you say so"

"Hum, hey did'yall know Safaree and Iggy were together ?"

"Girl , shut up, that's not even possible." Said Ci.

"Actually it is I saw them this morning , she was all up on him."

"Waouh, so Trey wasn't lying to me, I seen him at the airport, when we were going to Puerto Rico and he sayed something about it but I just waved him off because I thought, he was kidding you know."

"Well , that wasn't no joke ! "

" You mad Nika ?"

"No, not at all , Ugh who do I think I am fooling  , I am mad , I mean Safaree and I been together for over a year you know , it kinda hurts to see him with someone else , he could have at least made it an upgrade , but that girl Piggy Azalea , oh god hell no "

"Piggy Azalea haha , Nicki's hating." Laughed Rihanna.

" To be real I am not happy about it, I ain't hating on nothing though, they belong together I swear"

"But honestly , Nic , why did y'all broke up ?"

"Safaree and I weren't on the same page , and that proves it , she is the kind of girl he is looking for and I don't know if you noticed but Iggy and I aren't smillar at all."

"Yeah right ."

Tut tut Rihanna's phone rang , signalling her she just recieved a text message.

"Ci , do you mind checking that for me ?" Ci reached for the phone and read the text out loud

"It's August he says meet me at my house at 7, we need to talk about it. Talk about what, Rih what's going on ?"

"Hum read the whole convo girl'

" Woa woa wait I missed an episode here."

"Like I was telling Nicki , August and I are drifting appart , I feel like this relationship is an act you know so might as well end it."

"Do your thing girl , I mean as long as you're happy I am."

Just as Ciara said that , Rih pulled in my driveway I was about to get out of the car but I didn't want to be home alone and just sit there:

"Y'all don't want to stay with me ?"

"I got until 6:30"

"She's my ride home so same here"

"Who said I was"

"I said it, you going at August's house , and we live two blocks apart so you're my ride home"

We went in the house and just hung out and ate snacks til they had to go. Once they were gone I went upstairs and changed into more comfy clothes, I then went in the living room and started to watch TV , I was watching American Dad , when Chris entered followed by Future, Wayne , Tyga and someone I ain't never seen before, he looked very familiar though

"Hey Nicki Nick Da Nickster"

"Hey, Mr. I don't have no nickname"

"Call me Breezy "

"Whatever , hey y'all !"

Wayne sat on the couch , Chris , Future and Tyga followed him and I don't know how but I landed on the floor , and that nigga who I don't know was laughin' at me.

"Why you laughin' , nigga you come in my damn house, I don't even know you and you here laughing like, like, like I don't even know what"
They all laughed and he said:

"I see you ain't changed at all "

"What ?"

"I said :  I see you ain't changed at al.l" he said exagerating every word as if I was retarted.

" I heard you , but who you ?"

"Who me, really Nika who me ?"

"Yeah who you nigga , and my muthufucking name ain't Nika , it's Nicki to you because I don't KNOW YOU " He was seriously getting on my nerves.

" I thought you would recognize your Breybear."

When he pronounced the nickame I was at a loss for word , could this be Aubrey ? I was frozen as I studied him , and it sure was him , I mean how couldn't I see it , I looked into his eyes , these beautiful hazel eyes that I loved so much . Oh My God , my Breybear is back !!!!!
 I jumped in his arms and he lifted me of the ground. He held me close to him , it felt so good to be in his arms .

" Oh my god , Aubrey is that really you ? Are you here to stay ? " I said as he let me go. It instantly felt really cold.

"Yep, it is me, and yeah I'm here to stay baby girl, I see you missed me"

" I didn"t "

"Why you frontin' we saw how you jumped on the boy !" Said Wayne

"Shut up Weezy" I said. I didn't even looked at him, I so caught up in Aubrey , I admit, I was staring at him, damn he's handsome.

"Hey y'all staring at each other like we in a movie and y'all found each oother after he went missing 6 years ago and you tgought he was dead is really really cute and all , but a nigga's hungry as hell" said Chris .

"Shut up stupid , there's food in the kitchen but I don't know if there's enough food for everyone here, so let's just order something what y'all want ? "

"Nothing at all , I'm out, I have stuff to do"

"Weezy, you always have somthin' to do , nigga sit down for a minute"

"Nika hush , there's not enough food and the nigga wants to go, let him go, who else want to go ?"

"I have to go home too. My mom's waiting on me" Said Future

" Alright, you free to go , Tyga , you can stay there's enough for 4."

"Chris you are an ass I swear."

"Nicki hush !" Chris stuck his tongue out, I swear this nigga ain't never groing up.

"Ok we out" Future said as him and Wayne passed the door"

"Actually I gotta go to" Aubrey said and that's when I realised we were still holding hands.

"No Aubrey don't go, you just got back here , I havent seen you in 5 years and you wanna go already ?"

"Says the girl who didn't miss me" he said with sarcasm.

"Shut up ! Please stay so we can catch up." I said and made my puppy dog face I know nobody can resist.

"OK, I'll stay"

"Yeaaaaaaaaahhhh" I screamed, I was so happy , Aubrey was my best friend before he moved , I was so sad , I thought I'd never ever see him again , I was 12 when he moved and I remember crying my eyes out everyday for like 6 month , Aubrey was my everything , I remember spending every friday night with him , he would sleep at ours 'cause he's  mom worked a night shift . Aubrey was more than my best friend , he was my first crsush, my first kiss also. I don't know how to describe our relationship , it was so strong , when he left we kept in touch at first I remember calling him every chance I got and going to sleep on the phone with him almost every night , but then I don't know what happened we became so distant and it was just a text message for our birthdays and stuff like that so even though I am really happy to see him , I just don't know what to expect now  that he is back.

We all ate together and during dinner Tyga , Chris and Aubrey were talking, I was silent because I was too deep in my thoughts . Once we were done , Chris and Tyga , went to play FIFA , while Aubrey and I were washing the dishes.

Rihanna's P.O.V

I just pulled in August's driveway , after droping Ciara at her house. I got out of the car and headed to the door, I sighed heavily before knocking on the door, I was not ready for this at all . At this point I just felt like this relationship was over and the only reason why we were still together is because the both of us , ddn't want to see that there was no feelings anymore, he can act shocked all he want but he knows as well as I do that we're through, I mean we were in different countries almost the whole summer and I didn't even miss him , I ain't gonna lie I missed having sex with him , but I didin't miss HIM. So I guess we are good without each other . I want us to remain friends though because we were really good friends before this.
He opened the door snatching me out of my thoughts .

"Hey , common in." I entered the house and he led me in the kitchen where he was eating a sandwich and drinkin' sprite.

" You want something to  eat or a drink ?"

"No I'm good."

"OK. Let's talk then so we can put that behind us"

"Well, like I said I feel like there is no us anymore  , like the relationship is over , I feel like we don't care about each other anymore, we don't even spend time together except for when we're having sex" He chuckled at that " Hey I'm serious , it's the only thing we do, we don't talk , we don't do nothing but fuck , and when we're appart we don't miss eachother we act like we do but we don't , I am not going to blame you because it's not just your fault, it's mine also, I mean it ain't like I faught for you and I am not going to say that you never here for me either 'cause you've helped me with so much stuff, and you've always been here for me , it's just that I feel like you're a good friend ,but we arn't lovers anymore . You understand ? "

"What you mean to tell me is that, you don't want us to be together anymore ?"

"Yes , hum no , I don't know , I need to know how you feel ."

"I gotta say that I agree with most of what you just said , you're absolutly right , I feel like we are becoming distant , and I know that we don't spend quality time together , I mean when I see other couples , it's not the same thing , so maybe you're right , but I can't agree witchu when you say that we don't care about eachother , I care , I care for you a lot Rih , but if you feel like this relationship needs to be over , then I respect your decision"

"See that's what I am talking about you not even fazed by what I am telling you , so we might as well end this."

"Yeah you right , Imma miss being witchu though."

"Aww , we're still friends though aren't we"

"For sure , Rih , I just can't stay away from you HAHA"

"Hahaha, yeah I have that effect on people, but hey I gotta go now , before my mom goes crazy , you know she hates eating alone."

"Ok , Imma let you go then." He walked me to the door and we hugged , and I kissed him on the lips, when I pulled from the kissed he looked at me weird and asked :

"What was that for ?"

"It was a goodbye kiss , I just couldn't resist I had to , one last time "

"Yeah, I have that effect on people"

Drake's P.O.V

Nicki and I were washing the dishes , and she was so silent it was shocking , I know I haven't seen her in like 5 years ,but Nicki ain't shy at all , and she proved it earlier , I am not blaming her though because to be honest I am kinda ill-at-ease myself, I don't really know what to say , what do you say to a girl who used to be your bestfriend in the whole wild world , and who also is you first love , that you left behind when you moved and who you haven't seen in 5 years and haven't talked to in 4 or 3. I  mean she would call me for my birthday and I'd do the same, but we never had real conversation , besides I think she is mad at me, I am the one who stopped calling, and the worst thing about it is that I kept in touch with Chris and all the boys , he even came to see me in Canada . Yeah she has to be mad at me . But I ain't saying nothing about it if she doesn't.

"So you acting all shy now ,pinky ?" She smiled at the nickname I gave her when we were kids , I called her that because she's so small, and she loved pink so much.

"I haven't been called that in a while , and I ain't acting shy , I just realised that I should be mad at you , so I am acting mad right now" Shit just when I thought she wouldn't say anything about that

"You mad ? What'd I do"

"First you left me , then you broke your promise , and then you chose Chris over me and I'm sure you replaced me  , that's what you did "She said pouting, I could tell she wasn't really mad but I knew she meant everything she said.

"Aww , you're a drama queen Onika come on you know I didn't 'left' you , my family moved , and I admit I broke my promise and I have no excuse, I just I don't know I made new friends and I just ... I have no excuse it just happened and that's it and I didn't chose Chris over you , he ain't as beautiful as you are." I said acting as dramatic as her.

"It's ok Breybear I forgive you , let's say you were young and stupid , at least you came back to me , but why aren't you denying the fact that you replaced me ?"

"I was coming to that, I could never ever ever ever replace you Onika Tanya Maraj you are the best I could never find better than you " I said acting dramatic once again. And she laughed

"Stop acting stupid Aubrey , there's one thing that never changed , I can't have a serious conversation with you"

"Nobody calls me Aubrey no more Pinky"

"Oh how do they call you then ?"

"They call me Drake"

"Oh, well I call Breybear so that doesn't change anything for me"

We finished washing the dishes and I joined Chris and Tyga in Chris's room as Nicki went I don't know where minding her own buisiness.
I was sitting on an arm chair , while Tyga was laid on the couch and Chris was laid on his bed , they both were playing FIFA. We been sittin' like this for a while and the only thing I was thinking about was Nicki. I am not gonna act like 'yeah she is the ony person I could think of since the day I moved blah blah' that would be a lie. Besides Nicki and I have never been together or nothing , I had a crush on her and I am her first kiss but it was a dare and we were young, I mean younger and   I've had plenty of girlfriends , back there in Toronto. So no she hasn't been the only person on my mind for 5 years but I thought about her a lot , asking myself , what could she possibly look like , had she changed and stuff like that , and now that I seen her , I can say she's exactly like I left her , she's my little Pinky, same face , and same mouth too , that mouth gonna be the end of her one day. But there is one thing that have changed , her body. Lord those curves are jsut waouh , Pinky has ass for days !!! But I just don't know where our reationship is gonna go from now on , are we gonna rebuild our friendship or try to be more ? Time reveals...

"Hey when's my turn I been waiting for forever"

"Not yet nigga , not yet"

"Ok then Imma go to the bathroom , where is it ?"

" Second door to the left"

After going to the bathroom , as I was going back to Chris' room I passed by a half-open door , it was Nicki's room she was liying on her stomach and doing something on her laptop .I don't know why but I couldn't move anymore , I just stood there watching her, she is the most gorgeous girl I've ever seen in my life I swear she is perfection to me , her silky caramel skin , her cute little face, those dimples and her brown eyes , her hair , and that ass in those shorts I just want to rip them of and...

"You know snooping is bad Brey, don't you ?" She said snatching me out of my daze.

"Hein , me, what ? I wasn't snooping "

"Yeah , and what were you doing then?" She said as she sat indian style , in the middle of the bed, and facing the door.

"I went to the bathroom , and hum I got lost and hum this is a big house you know"

"Yeah, I don't believe you , you are not a good liar Brey, you never been."

"What ? You mean to tell me that this is not a big house, and I couldn't get lost"

"You know what, Imma act like I believe you because this is a big house, you know you don't have to stand there, you can come in"

"And this room's huge too" I said sitting right next to her on her bed

"Yeah you mean compared to the one I used to share with Chris "

"Yes, y'all won the lotery or something"

"Chris didn' tell you about my father ? "

"He told me he came back and was doing better, but I didn't know he was doing that good"

"Well a lot has changed since he came back"

"And how do you feel about it , I know how hurt you were when he left"

"He came back 3 years ago so you know , I got used to having him here by know , but I hated him so much at first , I mean he left my mom alone with her children, he left her with nothing, and one day he just comes back like everything's ok and all those gifts, that big house, the cars like he could pay for all the things we've been thru because of him . But hey I ain't complaining , my mother is happy, and we can live care free, so I can't complain."

"You right , you need to see the bright side of it all , he went away , worked on himself , on his issues and now that he is back y'all can be a happy family , it's been hard but you guys made it ,you and your mom deserve it."

"How are your parents ?'

"Hum well, they're divorced , that's why we moved , at first it was supposed to be temporary , they were seperated and she needed some time away, but she realised she was better of without him so they got a divorce and we stayed in Toronto"

" I am sorry to hear that , how'd you take that ?"

"Good , my father have never really been around that much so it wasn't a big change for me , I was just mad because I was the one paying the price , I had to leave my friends and everything , and start over but hey Toronto wasn't that bad and I am good and everyone's happy."

"As long as you're fine , but hey I'm wondering where do y'all leave now tat you're back , your old house have been sold to Nayvadius's family "

"I came back on my own my mom's still in Toronto , I will be linving with Trey for now and who's Nayvadius , Chris told me about this guy named Future , you know who was here earilier , is that his brother ?"

"Oh OK. Nayvadius and Future are the same person fool"

"How was I suppose to know ? So what's been going on Pinky"

"Not much, same people , same school , same everything , you the one who moved in an other country Breybear , what's up"

"I don't know I been doing my thing up there , I love Toronto. You know what ? I have to take you there sometime, you need to see it "

"I don't know about that might be too cold for me."

"Ain't that cold , and it ain't cold all the time Nicki , you're exagerating like always."

"Whatever ,so when do you start school ?"

"Next week , are you still the totally spies with Rih and Ci ?"

"Yep , can't break the dream team up , why do y'all call us the totally spies ? I never got that."

"Common you guys were always spying on us, like all the time"

We kept on doing small talk like that, talking about what's been going on in each other lives and memories we had. It then fell silent , we looked into each other's eyes and didn't say anything, she sighed heavily and  laid back on the bed , I imitated her and laid my head on her chest.

"Brey , can I ask something ?" she said and started to stroke my hair soflty. " Did you miss me ? And why did you stop calling ?"

" I did miss you, I missed you a lot , and I don't know why I stopped calling , I told you earlier I don't know . But hey I am back and know we can try and rebuild what we had we can be Breybear and Pinky again"

"Yes but what were we brey"

"I don't know Nika , let's take everything as it comes so I can have my bestfriend in the whole wide world back"

"Let's do that, and one last thing. Hum do you have a girlfriend ?"

"Hum no I don't have one , have I had girlfriends since I left? Yes but am I currently with someone ? No, why do you ask ?"

"Oh stop liyn' to me, I know all them canadian chiks been all up on you 'Drake' . Nothing I just wanted to know."

" Hahaha You know how I do ! And what about you ?"

"I hum I just broke up with someone but now I am single , ready to mingle"

"Oh I see you Nicki, I see you. "