* Oneshot *

It was 08:30 a.m on friday morning and 27 year old Nicki was just getting out of her car she got her briefcase and walked to the entrance of the OVO law firm, she has been working there 3 years, the OVO law firm was by far the best law firm of the west coast, they had the best lawyers and Nicki was proud to be part of this, especially as she was second in the firm ranking, the only person who was better than her was the firm's owner Drake Graham. She entered the building, clocked in,said goodmorning to the receptionist, rode the elevator to the top floor of the building where her office was, she walked to her office at the end of the corridor stopping at almost every door to greet her colleagues. She got to her office which faced Drake's office, she'd just sat at her desk when her personal asistant Draya walked in handing her a salted caramel mocha from starbucks along with her caramel waffles.

"Your coffee , your waffles, and these are paperworks you need to sign, and that's a new case for you, it's a divorce, if you take it you're reprensting Mrs Mitchell"

"What's the story ?"

"Nancy  and James Walker , married for 23 years , he is a  47year old man, he owns a few companies and a few hotels on the east cost, she is  45, and doesn't work, she never really worked , her parents, rich people took care of her till she got married and then her husband took care of her, according to her he has been cheating on her since the very beginning of their mariage, but she never tried to leave him because she didn't want to soil the family's honour, and she couldn't fend for herself the reason why she's filing for divorce now is because she found out one of the women he has been cheating with was her very own step sister and she knows she can get half of everything  he possesses"

"Hmm, hmm that's so common around here. Children involved ?"

" They have 4 children , a 19 years old girl, a 16 years old boy and two more girls  a 15 years old and a 13 years old"

"Now I thought that case would be a hard one but it's becoming too easy for me, there is not even a young child involved ?!"

"The hard part is that, the only way for her to get the money is if she has proof that the man is cheating but he is a smart one so there is none and an other thing when it comes to the children she wants him to take care of them, so she does absolutly not want full custody"

"What ?! Are you serious ?"

Nicki and Draya went over the case for a little while when there was a knock on the door and through the glass door they could see it was Jhené , Drake's assistant. Nicki made a sign, signaling that she could come in and Jhené entered the office.

"Good morning Ms Maraj , Mr Graham is ready to see you right now if you like"

"See me, what for ?" Nicki said looking at Jhené as if she had 36 heads"

"You didn't tell her yet ?" Jhené asked Draya.

"Huh no, we didn't get there yet but since you're here Imma let you do that , I gotta go" Draya said walking well more like running out of the office.

"What's going on ?" Nicki asked Jhené.

" Huh well, you and Mr Graham will have to hum work together on that case and erm... "

"Me and who ? Are gonna have to do what ?"

"You're gonna work together on a case, but that's only if you accept it, he's waiting on you to discuss it anyways"  Jhené spoke really fast running out of Nickis office.

"What the hell ?" Nicki asked herself out loud. "If that nigga thinks I am going to work with his ass, he can go back to sleep" . She got up, picked her coffee, the file,a notepad, a pen and her two phones and headed to the office facing hers. She straightened her dress before entering Drake's office without even knocking, at the sound of the door opening and the sweet smell that filled the room Drake raised his head as Nicki sashayed to the seat and sat in the chair, put her stuff down on his desk and crossed her legs and her arms over her chest waititng on Drake to end his phonecall. She was looking at him fixedly with a mad look. She unconsciously started to stare at his lips and as everytime she saw them she wanted to feel them against hers, they were so plump and looked so soft ... 'get it together Onika, you hate him'  He quickly ended his call and put the phone down before turning his attention back to Nicki. He chuckled at the sight of her mad face, he found her gorgeous and the mad look she had on her face made her look sexier to him.

"Good morning gorgeous" Drake said after licking his lips for the second time since she entered the room. Nicki who still had her arms crossed over her chest rolled her eyes at him trying to hide the effect his last move had on her.

"How rude you are today Onika, walking in without knocking and now rolling your eyes at me, how rude" He said with a grin making Nicki roll her eyes once more.

"Why do we have to work together and what happens if I refuse to ?" Nicki said coldly not taking her eyes off him.

"Because two people are requested on the case and if you refuse well nothing happens, I'll just have someone else do it with me"

"Great then find someone else" Said Nicki flashing him a dimpled smile and she got up starting to collect her stuff off his desk"

"Ok, I'm pretty sure Rita is willing to do that for me, she's just as good as you anyways" At that remark Nicki's body stiffened and her hands that were busy collecting her belongings stopped moving.

"As good as me ? I don't think so" Said Nicki cocking a hip to the side and placing her hand on it oblivious to the effect it had on Drake.

"Well ,she's just behind you if she wins one more case, she's second in the ranking equal with you, that case might be her oportunity" He said shrugging with a devilish grin on his face, he wanted Nicki and no one else on this case, he knew bringing up her competiton was the best way to get her to do it besides Nicki genuinely hated Rita so of course she wasn't going to give her any opportunity to do better than her, she wasn't the type to knock someone's husttle but she wasn't about to give her this opportunity either. Nicki sat back down in the chair and regain her initial position making Drake grin even harder.

"Looks like someone changed their mind"

"I did but only for the fees" Nicki said uncrossing her arms and reaching for her coffee. She took a sip of it leaving red lipstick stain on the cup.

"Do you know how sexy what you just did is ?" Drake asked her sinking in his swivel chair

"Can I ask you something though ?" Nicki said completly ignoring what he had just said.

"What do you want to know beautiful ?"

"Why do you need someone on such an easy case, I mean you're Aubrey Drake Graham you supposedly are the best on this side of the country"

"I am,baby I am " Said Drake leaning over the desk "but I need someone because, that woman highly requested two people that's it."

"Can you not call me baby and are we done?" Said Nicki leaning over the desk bringing her face really close to Drake's. He brought his face closer and closer and Nicki on the contrary, got away and sunk back in her seat making Drake come back to reality. This was how their relationship was , it was a cat and mouse game, a game they've been playing at for over two years now, when Nicki started working at the firm she immediately caught Drake's eye, and Nicki was just as much attracted to him but she was all about keeping it profesionnal and didnt want to mix business and pleasure, besides even though he was a colleague Drake also was her boss and she didn't want to be known as the type of woman who sleeps with their boss, and another reason as to why she wouldn't give him the time of a day is because everybody knew Drake was a womanizer, and every woman who they worked with were all up on him, she wasn't about to be one of his groupies, so she nicely refused his advances, but he kept chasing her which she didn't like at all because he had the power to make her weak, it was to the point where he almost had her and it scared her , she didn't want to fall for what she called 'Drake's masquerade' and moreover she didn't like the fact that he was trying to get every chick in the building he flirted with them all, the receptionist, his assistant, their collegues, every woman in the building, and this was waking up the green eyed monster that was in Nicki and causing her to dislike him but to Drake it was all a game none of these females mattered to him, Nicki being the only one he really wanted, he was just too proud to admit it but Nici was more than just a beautiful girl he tried to get in his bed, of course on many occasion he had thought of bending her over and fuck her right there on that desk but with Nicki he wanted even more than that, he fell for her that day when she entered in his office for the first time on her first day at the firm but Nicki was the inaccessible type, she was out of reach, at least that's what she wanted to make it look like but he knew that she wasn't completely out of reach, he knew she wouldn't be able to resist his charm and that she would fall eventually that's why he kept chasing her.

Drake sat back correctly  before he started talking again.

"We are, you can leave, just be here next monday at 1:00 p.m we have a meeting with Mrs. Walker at 2:00 , and you got homework, find anything that can play in our favor in their mariage contract ."

"Oh, and what do you do during that time ?" Nicki said writing what she had to do on her notepad.

" I go talk to the step sister we need her testimony I will talk her into testifying against the man."

"Of course you gon' take the part of the job where you have to chat a girl up" Nicki said rolling her eyes at him and getting up.

"Don't be jealous baby girl , I'm sure she ain't got nothing on you" Drake said winking at Nicki who had raised her head and shot him a death glare at the sound of what he called her. She didn't even bother answering him and once she had collected all of her stuff she turned her back to him and headed to the door.

The day went on pretty smoothly, it was just like every other day, Nicki would stay in her office super focused not taking any breaks, it was lunch time and she still hadn't move from behind her desk, she was waiting on Draya to come back from her lunch break, every day after her lunch break Draya would bring Nicki a sandwich or a salad or whatever, but Nicki nev took real lunch breaks , she would go out only if she had to have lunch with a client or if she was forced to. Nicki looked at the time, it was 1:05 pm , Draya should have been back, 10 minutes ago and Draya is never ever late, not even 1 minute late, but it was just ten minutes so she didn't think much of it and kept on working, 5 minutes later Nicki was concentrated on her computer typing when someone entered her office, she didn't look up thinking it was Draya, when she didn't hear Draya's voice but someone clearing their throat she looked up to see Drake walking towards her desk, she looked back down at her laptop.

"What do you want ?"

"So feisty, just how I like them" he said plopping on the swivel chair facing her, he threw a bag from the grocerie store around the corner on her desk before talking again "Ran into Draya down there, she was bringing this to you when she got a call from her son's school, she had to go so I gave her her day"

"You gave my assistant her day ? Who do you think you are ?"

"Your boss, so the one who pays your assistant" He said in a smart tone " And don't act like it wasn't what you'd have done, her son needed her"

"You have a heart now ? What happened to Kniko ?" She wasn't really paying him any attention, she was still busy typing on her computer.

"Now Onika, you are hurting my feelings, I don't know I didn't ask"

"I'll call her. Now, get out"

"What you're throwing me out ?"

"Yes I am"

"Do I have to remind that I am your boss Onika ? That I own this building ?" At that Nicki took her eyes off of the keyboard they were focused on to look in Drake's way.

"I know, you keep throwing it in my face, but seriously can you get the hell out of here I have work to do"

"Too bad, I really like it here so that's where I am saying"

Nicki was dumfounded, she knew he could be a bit childish but right now he was pushing it but she kept her calm.

"You know what, stay there if you please I don't care" she said taking her attention back to her keyboard, a few seconds later she picked the ceasar salad and the plastic fork that were in the bag and opened the little container and started eating, she tought Drake would go but he stayed right there on his chair observing her, Nicki was a bit uncomfortable and self conscious but she didn't let it show as she reached in the bag looking for her sparkling water and found nothing but napkins.

"Oh noooo ! My water " She whinned , she was upset , and Drake lazily sitting there with his arms behind his head and that grin on his face was getting her even more upset.

"Don't you have stuff to do ?" She asked him.

"I do but unlike you I take breaks and watching you is way better than whatever I have on my schedule" He said with a wink making Nicki slightly blush which he noticed but didn't say nothing about.

"Can you make yourself useful Drake ? Go find me a Perrier please" She said sighing and rubing her temples.

"Sorry that's not my job"

"You aren't even working, can't you be nice just for once ?"

"I brought you your meal, isn't it nice enough ?" Drake asked putting air quotes around the meal word he always told Nicki that those salad she ate weren't real food.

"You know what, fuck you I'll go myself" Nicki said getting up and grabing her phones and her walet.

"Wait , I'll come with you" Said Drake quickly walking to the door and holding it out for her. Nicki stoppedand looked at him as if he was crazy.

"Really ?!"

"Yes, you said you wanted me to be nice" Nicki just rolled her eyes and got out of the office as Drake followed, he walked behind her while staring at her ass, and she knew he was, that's why she added more movement to her hips.

"And stop looking at my ass"

"I can't do that baby"

"I already told you not to call me that" she said turning to face him, she hadn't notice how close he was until she was met by his chest.

"Can't do that either, he said wrapping an arm around her waist leaving no space between them she looked up in his eyes ready to curse him but once she say his hazel orbs, her words stayed caught up in her throat and she couldn't talk . They were in the middle of a corridor and everyone could see them through the glass doors and walls of every office, Nicki turned her head to avoid his gaze and that's when she noticed their co workers all looking at the scene they were offering them but really it was nothing new for them everyone there was obvious to Nicki and Drake's game and it wasn't the first time the two alduts offered them such a scene. Not wanting to draw more attention to them Nicki snatched her body away from Drake and walked real fast towards the vending machine to get her Perrier but unfortunatly, there was none left.

"Uggh, I hate this day" Said Nicki putting her hand on her hip.

"You know I love when you do that " Said Drake grinning. Nicki cut her eyes at him before walking to the elevator and pressed the button to call it, Drake standing beside her.

"Now boy this is called harassment"

"It's not harassment if you actually enjoy it beautiful" Nicki chucled and shook her hea at him as they entered the elevator, Nicki was about to press the bouton to the previous floor when Drake pressed the button to the ground floor.

"Why ?" She asked not even bothring to form a full sentence.

"Because, we're going to have lunch"

"What ?"

"I'm taking you out to have lunch Onika don't you understand english ? "

"So you're harassing me then you decide to kidnap me said Nicki trying to reach for the button to go back to the top floor but Drake stood in front of  her so she couldn't reach it.

"I told you already it ain't harassment if you enjoy it and it sure ain't kidnapping , you got in that elevator on your own"

Nicki didn't answer she just crossed her arms and looked down at her hands which she was fidgeting with, Drake knew it was her nervous tic.

"Why are you nervous ?" He asked her taking her hands in his and placing his forehead on hers. At firs she didn't realise what he was doing, it took her a few seconds but when she did , she snatched her hands away from him and stepped back.

"I am not going anywhere with you Drake"

"And why is that ?" Said Drake stepping forward, as Nicki took another step back.

"Because I don't want to" She said swaollowing the lump in her throat.

"You're sure you don't ?" Drake asked lowly, in a deep voice and stepping closer to her as she took yet another step back. The proximity and his deep voice made Nicki shiver and sent shivers down her spine. She looked down and Drake used his index to raise her chin making her look up in his eyes.

"Are you sure Onika ?" He asked once more, his voice deeper and by now Nicki was stuck between the elevator's wall and Drake's chest.

"N.. I..I..I  mean.. huh ... Ye.... Yes I'm sure Drake" She said gettin it back together and cursing herself in her head for stuttering.

Drake was about to speak when the elevator doors opened and Nicki pushed him off her, she was about to walk past Drake and push the button to get back to the top floor, but he grabbed her hand and lead her out of the building, as they passed by the receptionist's desk she muttered something like "Here they go again" and indeed, this type of things ware usual, on every occasion he got Drake would "kidnap" Nicki and they would have lunch at the same café, of course Nicki would act like she didn't enjoy Drake's company and that she was there against her will, but every one knew that nobody could make Nicki do anything she didn't want to so obviously ,she enjoyed it and to she had to admit, she liked being with him whenever they were out of work and it was just the both of them and she didn't feel the need to give him that attitude she usually gives him. It was like she allowed herself to like him for an hour and he enjoyed it , he like the fiesty Nicki , the one who gave him a hard time, he loved how she was independent and the fact that she acted so innaccessible turned him on and made him want her even more but that hour when shewas being nice to him he felt like he ws seeing the real her and not that front she was putting.
Once they were done Drake through a few bills on the table and they left and walked to his car and as usual he opened the door for her helped her in and buckled he seatbelt for her before running around the car and getting in the car they drove in a peacefull silence and when they arrived he got out opened her door and helped her out the car, and they walked to the building, everybody watching them as usual they got in the elevator and rode to the top floor in a complete silence and when the doors opened she walked out of the elevator and started walking towards her office with following she knew he was staring at her ass as usual and it's the reason why she was swaying her hips that hard. Drake was focused on the object of his desire until a female's voice snatched him out of his trance and suprised Nicki making her turn around.

"Hey Drake" Almost screamed Rita opening her arms, whch made Nicki roll her eyes and walk away. Drake watched her leave and shook his head before turning to Rita and walking in her embrace.

"Rita , how are you ?"

"Fine, I didn't see you this morning"

"Yeah , I came in a bit early , I had a couple things to work on"

"Oh ok , and by the way you look handsome as usual , She said winking at him"

"Thank you , and may I say you look lovely today"

"Thank you" answered Rita playing with her hair.They talked for a few minutes about everything and nothing.

"Look I have to go back to work but it was nice seeing you and I'll see you around K ?" Said Drake taking her hand and pecking it. At the same time Nicki walked by as she was going to the copy machine. To say the least she was really annoyed to see them together, and why the fuck was he kissing on her hand ? It was things like that that made her change her mind everytime she actually thought bout giving him a chance, he was always flirting with someone woh could she know he was sincere ? And out of all people Rita, really Rita, the one person Nicki hated the most. Drake looked in her direction and gave her wink and she responded with an eye roll once again, yeah that's her thing.

"What's wrong with her ?" Asked Rita.

"Absolutly nothing" said Drake walking in the dorection of his ffice leaving Rita in the midle of the corridors. He walked to the end of the corridor but instead of getting in hs office he got the one opposit to it , Nicki's.
He sat in the chair he was occupying before they left and put his phone out . Nicki came back from the copy machine and saw him sitting there throughthe glass door, she sighd before opening the door. She walked in and passed him.

"Do you ever work Drake ?"

"I do work but you're always distracting me"

"Me ? How am I distracting you ? That stupid girl out there was distracting you not me" She said sitting down and getting back to her computer. Drake smirked

"She ain't stupid Nicki are you jealous ?"

"No , I'm not, that stupid bitch can have you all to herself I don't care" Said Nicki still focused on her computer.

"She ain't stupid, she wouldn't be here if she was"

"She is stupid , I mean she thinks you actually like her"

"Maybe I do"

"You don't, yo're a player , I know you don't give two shits about her , that's what you do and she's stupid enough to think you like her, she was standing there looking dumb in her sugly outfit" Said Nicki shaking her head .

"Ok, I admit I don't like her, I only got eyes for you baby , and you are jealous you criticizing her outfit for no reason that's a girl thing that says 'I am jealous' her outfit as clssy and all "

" 1 you don't like me either , 2 Classy ? her boobs were out, I mean that's to damn much cleavage she doesn't need to show so much and that jumpsuit doesn't flatter her that's not me , it's the thruth 3 I am not jealous . Now out of my office Drake"

"1 I like you , 2. I liked the jumpsuit but I gotta admit it would look better on you , 3.You are jealous"

"Oh god, just leave me the hell alone Drake get out !"

"Can I stayjust two more minutes Nicki you know I love to watch you work"

"Leave now Drake" Said Nicki and the phone rand simultaneously and she picked up immediately thinking it would be Amber the receptionist annoncing someone since usually Amber doesn't let no one get to her line without passing by the recepion first.

"Hey Amb..."

"Onika , I have been calling on your phone all morning, why don't you ever answer me"

"Hey mom ! Errm I havn't seen your calls, but hum I'm working right now so would you mind ..." Nicki said reaching for her phone and indeed she had 12 missed calls from her mother.

"No need to say it , I figured you'd be working that's the only thing you do, you can't even make time for your mother "Nicki sighed and rubbed her temple before putting the phone down and pressing the button to put it on speaker, she knew her mother could keep going like that for hours, so she got back to working with her mother babbling in the background and Drake still peacefully seating in his chair silently laughing at her

"Onika , are you listaning to me ?"

"Yes I am mom, but hey can I cal..."

"Good , listen carefully, you have to stop working so much Onika and you need to spend more time with your familly.... Nicki let out a desperates sigh as she saw Drake laughing at her.

"And you don't even have time for her a man Nicki , you're almost thirty and you're not married, your little sister is already married , do you think it's normal Nicki, you need  man in your life...." Nicki immediately felt embarassed her mom talking about her non existant love life with Drake intently listening was the most embarassing thing ever, she quickly took the phone off speaker, put thephone to her ear and with a hand gesture she shooed him out of her office but he didn't move he stayed glued to his chair.

"Common baby two more minutes" Said Drake not realising her mother was in a certain way right there with them. Nicki's hand flew to her mouth and she was hoping her mother didn't hear that.

" Baby ? Onika who was that ? And why is he calling you baby ?" Asked her mother extra happy .

"Mom, it's nobody, what were you saying  again ?"

"Huuum , huum that was definitely someone Onika, you know what you don't have to tell me now, I'll just wait until sunday when you're going to bring him at the family dinner"

"It's just someone from work mom, I swear to you"

"Then I guess you're coming alone , once again. Aren't you tired of being alone in the middle of all these couples Nicki bcause I sure am tired of my own family looking at me like poor you , your daughter can't even find herself a man . Onika I swear this is so sad, can't you bring a date for once, no need to be engaged or anything just have a man at your arm for once Onika , being alone like that ain't a life , I just want you to...."

"Ok " Semi yelled Nicki hushing her mother " Ok, fine, I got it mom I am alone, I got it no need to sweat it mom, I'm fine by myself I don't need no man. Now I need to get back to work so I'll call you whenever I have time bye mommy I love you" She slammed the phone hanging up. Drake was still sitting there laughing and once she hung up he laughed even harder.

Nicki put her arms on the desk and bowed her head into them.

"Aww, raise your head baby girl, it ain't that embarassing, my mom does the same to me every day" She raised her head and shot daggers at him.

"You get out now, really, I'm not playing right now, leave me the hell alone, I am tired of you, why can't you leave me the fuck alone, I don't like you, stop being so damn annoying and let me fuckig breathe I need my damn space get the fuck out right now" Screamed Nicki getting in Drake's face. And right then the phone rang and Nicki picked up.

 ~~ "What do you want mom ?"

"Now Onika you know that's not a way to talk to your mother"

"Do you need anything mom ?" She asked calmly.

"I needed to tell you that tomorrow  you're sister is organizing a family gathering, she said she has some important thing to anounce, you have to be there, you haven't been there since she gave birth which is like 2 years ago what a shame.  I'd have told you the first time but you hang up on me."
Nicki sighed and rolled her eyes before answering.

"And what time should I be there ?"

"Well , she said we're eating at noon but be there earlier and you can bring whoever calls you baby if you want to"

"Bye mom"

"You are so rude Onika" Said her mother before hanging up. ~~

After hanging Nicki looked up waiting for Drake's remark but he was gone. Nicki sighed deeply she knew she had kinda hurt his feelings , of course Drake was used to her atittudes and her being a bit hostile to him but it was always in a playful way and in the 3 years they've known each other she has never been this mean to him nor had she rose her voice at him, she didn't mean to upset him because she to be quite honest , she doesn't really dislike him and she loves having him around like everytime he is not around messing with her she feels super lonely, and she knew he never meant any harm so she really felt bad. She hesitated between going to see him or not and finally she decided to continue on working. "He'll come around" She thought out loud before going back to the papers on her desk.
Ten minutes later Nicki threw her pen on away and got up from her chair, walked out of her office and crossed the corridor, she opened the door to Drake's office and walked to his desk, she stood in front of him and started playing with her fingers while he was still focused on his work , he didn't even  aknowledged her presence ,he knew she was standing there though.

"Look , I am sorry, I didn't mean to yell at you like that, it's just my mother , she gets under my skin and I took it out on you and , and yeah  I am sorry for what I said, and for yelling, I didn't mean it ,you aren't that annoying and I don't dislike you that much" Nicki rose her head to see he was still going through the papers on his desk and not paying her any attention.

"Ok, Ok , I am sorry you aren't annoying and I don't dislike you Drake please forgive me" He looked up at her.

"Please" She put her hand together, and made a pouty face giving him the puppy dog eyes" 'He can't resist that, can he ?'

Drake opened his mouth to talk, Nicki thought he was about to give in but no he just went back to his work casually humming a tone.

"Really ?" No answer , "You know I'm not about to beg you right ?" No answer. She shrugged and started walking owards the door , bu as she was about to exit the room she turned arund and walked back to where she was standing.

"Drake please forgive me, you can even come back in my office and sit on your damn chair all afternoon if you want but please don't be mad at me." He didn't even looked up at her.or nothing he just stayed focused on the paper in his hand.

"Drake stop being so childish, just nod or something"

"Damn, why would he spend so much money on that" he said referring to the case he was reading through.

Nicki crossed her arms over her chest and stood there pondering on her next move and an idea poped in her head , she walked around his desk and went to seat on Drake's lap, suprising him and making him look up into her eyes.

"You know I don't really, like to be ignored Drake"

"Yeah , I don't really like it either and it doesn't stop you from ignoring me, now can you move, you are actually distracting me then you're gonna talk about how I'm never working and stuff " He said moving her a lttle bit so he could get to the files on his desk with her still on his lap. She was shocked, it was the really first time he rejected her, and Nicki was really bothered, she didn't like it one bit even though she was always acting like she didin't want his company she had to admit that she didn't,like him not being there.

"I'm not going nowhere until you stop being mad at me" Said Nicki taking the papers out of his hand and wrapping her arms around his neck. Drake shook his head and smirked.

"I was never mad at you, it's just super funny to see you this desperate" Nicki kissed her teeth.

"Yeah right , super fun, you gon pay for this" she said trying to get up.

"No , you're not going nowhere, you found your place baby" Drake said holding her by her waist

"Why do you always feel the need to touch me like that"

"Because you feel the need to put those thight ass dresses on" He said looking straight in her eyes.

"Shut up" Said Nicki laughing "Let me go now" She said pushing herself of him.

"What's the rush baby girl ?"

"I am not your babay girl you need to get that through that head of yours" Said Nicki walking out of his office.

The rest of day both Drake and Nicki were busy working, Nicki had two meetings with clients and a few cases to work on, and Drake didn't have less to do. It was 7 pm and Nicki was entering her office, she was the only one still there well she wasn't she knew Drake was still there also everyone else usually leave around 5 but these two being workaholics they wouldn't leave until they were about to pass out. Nicki had just came back from the county jail, a client of hers was arrested and needed her there for the questionning. She started stuffing files in her briefcase, shut her computer down before putting it in its case, her desk was neatly arranged everything was at its place and she was ready to go. She looked at the time 7:10. 'he should be here already'  She thought looking through the door, but she didn't see whi she was looking for, she grabbed her briefcase and her computer , she was about to leave but she stopped herself . 'Ok, he got 5 minutes'   She thought leaning on her desk.

Meanwhile in Ciara's office.

"Drake, it's ten past seven already , I should've left an hour ago already, I don't have time to talk to you" Said Ciara playfully.

"Yeah I thought so, you being here this late is weird, why are you still here"

"That crazy woman, you know the one with the impossible case about her husband murder , she been driving me crazy for the last hour"

"Yeah, she is funny, I really wanted that case, like for real, it seems so difficult, promise me you'll call me and nobody else if you need help on it " Ciara looked at him as if he was crazy.

"You are so weird , this case and that woman are scary anyways I can't promise you that Nicki aske already" sSaid Ciara moving around the office as she was packing her stuff.

"Nicki huh ? That's who I to talk to you about"

"When is she not the one you need to talk about Drake ?"

"You aren't even funny you know, so let me tell you what happened today"

"Nooo, I don't have time for a Dricki episode today"

"Dricki ? What's that ?"

"Drake and Nicki, Dricki , simple that's what everybody here call you guys"

"Nice I like but back to what I had to say.." Drake went on to tell his bestfriend about Nicki's apology and how desperate she was, he seemed so proud of himself.

"And what ? You think you have her now ? It gon take more than that to get Nicki"

"I know, that's why I have a plan"

"A plan ? Drake what do you think this is ? A movie? It's real life"

"Listen to my plan first, i've been chasing the girl for 3 years Ci , 3 years and I never got nothing, well nothing except from that kiss last year " He smiled thinking about that day when he got to kiss her "Anyways , I didn't get nothing after 3 years of chasing right ? And today I ignored her for two minutes and that's the time it took to have her sitting on my lap so I decided why not ignore her from now on ?"

"Really Drake, that's the plan ? "

"Yes, not completely ignore her just hello, goodbye and all that but I'm not running after her nomore"

"Do what you gotta do Drake, I have a husband and a son waiting on me bye bestfriend" she said walking out of the office leaving Drake alone"

Drake walked out of Ciara's office and walked to his. Before walking in he turned to his to see Nicki on her desk typing on her phone , he hesitated to go in there as he did everyday and tell her the same thing he told her everyday which is : "Onika it's time for you to leave you need your beauty rest baby girl" and she'd answer "What are you trying to say , that I'm ugly" But instead he ot in his office deciding to stick to his plan.
Nicki raised her head to see him getting ready to leave which wasn't common, he usually leaves after her, not wanting to leave her alone. She took her things and walking out of her office, she went in his office.

"I'm boutta leave"

"Ok, bye"

"Bye ?  That's all ?" She thought out loud.

"Yes bye" Drake said smirking

"Ok, bye then" Said Nicki leaving his office, she didn'tunderstand the sudden change in his attitude he didn't even came to bother her once during the afternoon and now he was just aout to let her go without begging for a hug or a kiss godnight without offering a ride or asking her to please drive slowly and call her when she gets home just 'Ok, bye' but she didn't have the right to complain, she is the one who keeps telling him to leave her alone, looks like she been left alone but itwasn't how she thought it would be .

9 pm at Drake's

Drake was sitting on his couch with a glass of wine, he was just relaxing when his phone went off. He looked at the caller I.D before picking up.

~  "Hey Ryan what's up"

"Hey Drizzy , how yo doing man ?"

" Can't complain, how are you it's been a minute"

"Yeah, yeah , you're always busy cousin"

"Hey don't put the blame on me, you know it works in both ways"

"Right, that's why I'm calling , whatchu doing tomorrow ?"

"Nothing just chilling why ?"

"Because, we're having a kinda family gathering here, and I wanted you to come"

"A family gatheri,g Ryan ? What's going on last time we had one of those you anounced Anya was pregnant what's up this time ?"

"Something I can't tell you right now so you coming or nah ?"

"Who's gon be there ?"

"Her parents, mine , her sister and her brother, your sister and you if you come"

"Hum hum , Ok I'll be there , didn't know Anya had a sister"

"Well, she does, she cool,  we just never see her , she's a busy girl just like you"

"Hum hum , ok well I'll be there tomorrow so see you tomorrow"

"Yeah see you be there a bt before noon , you know how Anya loves to eat at noon on the dot right ?"

"Yeah right, see you bruh" Drake said before hanging up.


This an idea I had a few weeks ago and I wrote it but didn't really liked it afterwards, and I decided on posting it today because I wanted to update I Want You but I'm not done with it so yeah , I hope you enjoyed reading it, I'll update I Want You and Highschool tomorrow and there's a part 2 to this one. Thanks for reading and comment pleaase ;))


  1. Just read through ur entire blog and it is AMAZING! Your stories are AMAZING. They are just so beautiful and well crafted. Please keep it up and don't let the lack of comments on ur blog discourage you, ur writing is great, you will build a fanbase eventually.

    Please update soon

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    1. Thanks for the support honey ! Love XOXO

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