I Want You Part 5

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I know I am more than a week late and I am really sorry about that but the day I was supposed to post this I accidentally deleted it all -_-". I didn't get a chance to write it again as I took the plane to go to Algeria the exact same day, and for the last week I was there and couldn't update so yeah I'm sorry once again. Anyways, here's part 5. Hope you enjoy it !!

His lips were pressed against hers, her arms were wrapped around his neck as his hands rested on her lower back, their lips finally unlaced, only to be reconected a few seconds later, she pulled herself closer to him, they were chest to chest, her hands were now playing in his hair while his slid under her sweatshirt. At that moment nothing mattered, everything around them didn't exist anymore,
it was just the two of them lost in one another,they came back to reality only when air became an issue, they pulled away from the kiss, she had a hand on each side of his face as his hands were still resting on her lower back but this time they were under her sweatshirt. they were staring in each other's eyes having a silent conversation with their eyes just like they had done many times before, they were deep in their conversation they couldn't hear anything else, well anything but the sound of tiny footsteps coming from the corridor, they heard the footsteps but they didn't move until the footsteps got real close meaning the person was about to enter the room. "Nicki ?" called a small voice making her jump out of Drake's lap and she landed on the couch right when the small figure appeared in the room.

"Nicki" Called Zahir once again running to her rubing his red eyes, his voice was cracked from all the crying he has done earlier.

"I'm here baby." Said Nicki taking him in her arms. "What's wrong buddy" Asked Drake rubbing the little boy's back but Zahir snuggled closer into Nicki, moving away from his father.

"We're not buddies nomore leave me alone"

"Fine." Said Drake throwing his hands up in mock defeat before moving away a little bit leaving space between them.

"What's wrong baby, why aren't you sleeping." Asked Nicki stroking the little boy's wild curls.

" I'm not tired, I sleep already" Nicki looked in Drake's direction.

"When did you put him to bed ?"

"I don't know around 6 maybe"

"Did he eat anything ?" Drake shook his head no and Nicki picked Zahir up and brought him in the kitchen, she sat him on a stool before opening the fridge.

"What do you want to eat little bird ?" Asked Nicki with her head in the fridge.

"Can you make me a sandwich ?"

"Of course" She smiled at him before getting everything she needed, she made his sandwich and poured milk in a glass and then put his sandwich and his glass of milk before him on the counter top.

"I want triangles Nicki" She cut his sandwich how he asked and he started eating , she sat on the stool beside him.

"Can I ask you something Zahir"  He nodded as he stuffed half of his sandwich in his mouth ' Just like his father'  

"Why are you mad at your father ?"

"He is mean"

"Oh, he is ?" Zahir nodded before talking.

" I want to go with him to see the basketball for real and he say no. I don't want to see on T.V i want to go with daddy, I never go with daddy." Zahir finished his sandwich and downed his glass of milk and Nicki wiped his mouth with a napkin before picking him up and sitting him on her lap.

"And do you know why he had to say no ?" Asked nicki stroking his hair

"Because he don't want to be with me ?" Answered Zahir more like a question. Nicki pulled him out of her embrace making him look in her eyes.

"No, no, no now you know that's not true. Don't say that you know your daddy loves you and he always wants to be with you. "

"How do you know that ? "

"He told me."

"Really ?"

"When do I lie to you baby ?"

"Never. But if he always wants to be with me why he always leave us ? And why he never go nowhere with us ? You are always with me why not him?"

"You remember that day when you wanted to put Bubbles in your packbag so he could come with you to school but I told you that if you take him out of the water for too long he would die ?"  Zahir nodded. "Well the same thing goes with you and your dad.  You left Bubbles home in his aquarium to protect him , right ?" Zahir let out a small yes for answer "Well, if your father doesn't take you with him it's to protect you"

"Protect me from the men with the cameras ?" Asked Zahir, refering to a previous conversation he had with father when he told him about the paparazzis.

"Yeah from that and way more things, so you understand now that he didn't say no because he wanted to but because he had to ?"

"Yes, like when I leave Bubbles I still love him, I leave him just beceause I can't take him." Nicki smiled at him and kissed him on the forehead.

"Exactly, you are a smart boy but right now you need to make peace with your father , y'all need to be buddies again." she said pinching his nose, making smile which caused Nicki to smile wider, she loved that boy and uting a smile on his face was everything.

"OK, I want to make peace now"

"Ok let's go then" Said Nicki getting down from the stool with Zahir in her arms.

Meanwhile Drake stood in the doorway listening to the conversation Nicki was having with his son, and he was impressed by the way she managed to explain to him the exact same thing he hadn't been able to explain in hours. He was just mesmerized by her she had that power to make everything seem so simple so easy, she was perfection to him. He snapped out of his thoughts when he heard her sweet voice.

"Speaking of, here he is" She said handing Zahir to his father. Drake held his arms out, then wrapped them around his son.

"Daddy, I'm not mad nomore,  you said no because you want to protect me and I know you want to take me but you can't so it's the men with the camera's fault not you, we can be buddies again." Drake held his son closer to him.

"Thank you for understanding this little man, and I am sorry I can't take you with me everywhere and you don't get to see the game because of me"

"It doesn't count because you want to protect me, like me with Bubbles"

"Yeah, right, you are really mart you know ?"

"Yes, Nicki say I'm smart all the time"

"If Nicki says it" Said Drake giving Nicki a look and liking his lips and she looked down to the floor blushing.

" Common let's get you ready to go back to bed now, you should be sleeping" Said Drake to Zahir who had his head in the crook of his fatehr's neck.

"I want to kiss Nicki first" Drake put him down and Zahir walked to Nicki who squatted down to his level and hugged him, then kissed him on both his cheeks then on his nose mking him giggle. After that,Zahir turned around walking in the direction of his room leaving Drake and Nicki alone .

"Thank you ... again" Said Drake scratching the back of his head.

"Don't mention it."

"No, really I don't know what I would do without you."

"Wasn't that big of a deal"

It fell silent for a moment before Drake broke it.

"And about what happened, I'm sorry, really... It's not that I regret it because I don't regret it, I actually liked it but erm yeah I didn't mean to put you in an uneasy situation, I couldn't help myself, I apologize if I made you feel uncomfortable"

" You don't have to apologize you know , it's not like I did anythig to stop you and I'm not uncomfortable or anything, it's fine."

"Great... So that means you wouldn't mind if I happened to kiss you again ?"

"You don't miss a trick do you ?" Said Nicki bitting her bottom lip before walking closer to him and holding him by the waist pulling him closer to her before getting on her tippy toes, he placed his his palms on her cheeks bringing her face closer and leaned in. Finally hhe puts his lips on hers and they both felt the same rush and her hands flew around his neck while his slid down her back to her ass which he grabbed firmly, he had dreamt of doing it so many times but none of his dreams compared to the way her ass actually felt under his hands , her bare legs flew around his waist, their lips never disconnecting the whole time.

"Daddy !!!!"

Their eyes flew open and they pulled away from the kiss, he set her on her feet still holding onto her waist.

"I'm coming." Drake yelled back

"I guess that means I have to go." Drake said releasing her from his grip. "But I have a question ?"


"What does this mean ?"

"In all honesty I don't know."

"Hum hum , so what do we do, we just pretend it never happened ?"

"I don't think that's possible, how about, we don't sweat it and just let whatever has to happen happen until we figure out. "

"That can work." Answered Drake and with that he gave her an other kiss on the lips.

"I just can't help it"

"Look at you additcted already,just don't do that when the little ones are around ." she said walking past him.

"Damn , I can't even deny it. I am addicted"  Drake walked behind her and right when they were about to go separate ways he grabbed her butt, stoping her in her tracks.

"Oh my god, don't do to that." Said Nicki giggling.

"Then don't walk around half naked" he said enlacing his arms around her waist and putting his head in the crook of her neck.

"Let go of me "

"I know you don't want to me to" He kissed her neck before setting her free from his embrace.

"Whatever." She said walking in the direction of her room.

"Goodnight" he called after her.

"Goodnight" she yelled back. He turned in the other direction and went to put his son to bed before heading in his own room and got ready for bed before getting under the covers and falling asleep his head full of her once again.

Nicki brushed her teeth thinking about what had just happened, she was on cloud nine, she didn't even realise what just happened, 'He likes me' She kept repeating to herself not believing it. Once she was done she got under her covers still feeling his touch on her body and his lips on hers

Three weeks later :

"What's wrong with you" Asked Nicki as they walked in the penthouse.

"With me ? No,no, the question is what's wrong with you Onika." They took their shoes off and put them away. Drake's studio session was shorter than expectd so he went to get Nicki from schoolas she has class only til 1 so he took her out ot eat before getting home. It was something they regularily did.

"Well, the answer to that is nothing, now can you answer my question Aubrey ?"  Nicki asked in an amused tone walking past the living room and to her bedroom with Drake following her. She knew what was bothering him and why he had been mad during the whole ride back home.

"My problem is that you can't even go get gas without flirting with every single man you come across." Drake said watching her take her phone out of her purse and setting the purse down on the desk chair

"I didn't flirt with anyone Drake, he payed me a compliment was I suppose to curse him out ?" Nicki turned around to look at him.

"Yes exactly, that's what you were supposed to do, not giggle like an idiot, and you let him touch you Nicki, there's definitely something wrong with you" Drake said walking out of her room, she splaced her small feet in her hello kitty booties slippers before following him out the door, they walked down the corridor.

"An idiot really ? I'm offended , and he didn't "touch me" he kissed my hand that's what we call gallantry Drake."

"I don't care, he still touched you, while you were giggling." Drake said stoping in his tracks and turning around to look at her.

"Oh my god, you are too much , besides it is all your fault, you were the one acting like a diva talkin' bout 'Oh, I don't want to be seen, there's too much people in there", you know what next time, just go get gas yourself so that you can make sure no one touches me." Nicki said crossing her arms over her chest.

"What would it change Onika, it's the same thing everywhere you go."

"What are you talking about ?"

"Common, I know you saw the waiter's number on the napkins."

"He gave me his number, that doesn't mean I was flirting."

" I still need to find a way to keep you away from these thirsty niggas."

"What ?! Is Drizzy jealous ?" Nicki said amused, she took a few steps towards him.

"I am, so what ? You need to stay locked up in here since you can't even turn' em down" Said Drake grabbing her by her waist to pull her closer to him and she wrapped her arms around his torso when he softly placed his palms against her cheeks, they both leaned in until their lips were enlaced.
 Their relationship was to the same point it was three weeks before when they first kissed but they just couldn't stay away from each other, they felt the need to hug , to kiss whenever they were next to each other the felt that attratcion coercing them to touch, and kiss each other.
She pulled away from the kiss.

"Why would I ? I mean I don't belong to anyone so what if I want to 'flirt' with them , I have the right to." Said Nicki in  flirtatious way , while playing with the buttons on his polo shirt.

"You know you're mine Nicki." Nicki raised a brow.

"Huh, may I know who said that ? I don't recall you asking me anything Drake." Drake released her from his embrace and took her hands in his before getting down on one knee.

"Onika Tanya Maraj will you make me the honnor to be mine ?" He asked flashing her a Colgate smile. "Huh just in case you didn't get it I'm askin you to be my girlfriend, I'm not asking you to marry me yet, that's why there's no ring" He wispered that part making Nicki burst out laughing. "But if you want a ring, I can go get you one right now."

Nicki laughed a bit more before regaining her composure
"Yes I'll be your girlfriend Aubrey Drake Graham, and I don't need no ring". Drake got up and lifted her from the floor and she wrapped her legs around his back and her arms around his neck.

"Now you belong to me." Drake said before kissing her deeply.

A month later :

"Goodnight princess daddy loves you"

"I love daddy too" Answered Zahirah , before shutting her eyes. Drake walked out of her room and closed the door behind him, he walked down the corridor and climbed up the steps before walking past a few doors until he got to her room, he opened the door expecting to see her but she wasn't there, and he heard the shower running so he figured she was in there. He walked in the room and sat on the bed to wait on her. Ten minnutes later he was laying on the bed and she still wasn't out of the shower, he was about to get up when the water stopped running and a few moments later footsteps were heard, so he kept his spot on her bed.
Nicki wrapped a towel around her body before walking to the mirror and taking her shower cap off, she started brushing her hair when she noticed the figure on her bed. She turned around and walked into the room.

"Hey creep !" She said climbing on her bed to give him  peck on the lips

"Me a creep ?"

"Yes you, what are you doing in here ?" she asked walking to the chest of drawers to find a big T-shirt and a thong to wear to bed.

"I'm leaving early tomorrow, so I came to tuck my third baby in and say bye." Most of the time they would sleep in their respective rooms because the twins didn't know about them being a couple and given that the twins often appeared in Drake or Ncki's room in the middle of the night they didin't want to take the risk of them finding out that way.

Nicki was looking through the drawers, she pulled a T-shirt out and contemplated it before deciding to put it on. She then walked over to the bed and layed next to him with her head on his chest and he wrapped his arm around her.

"I don't want you to leave" Whined Nicki her voice muffled by his chest.

"Look at you addicted already" Said Drake and Nicki slapped his chest"

"This is not funny."

"Seriously, you know I'm gonna miss you right ?"

"Not sure with all the groupies you gon have around you, but I will miss you for real."

"Stoop, you know none of these girls can compare to you besides you're the only I can see."

"I better be."

"You are." Said Drake placing a kiss on her forehead.

"So, for how long are you supposed to be gone ?"

"I'm not even sure, I just recieved a text saying two to three weeks, but the other day C.J was talking about a month so I really don't know for sure yet."

"So basicaly you're gonna be gone for two weeks at best and at worst a whole month."

Drake sighed before answering " Yeah basicaly"

"A month is a long ass time Drake"

"Don't worry you won't even have time to miss between school, and the kids."

"Hope you're right."

"I promise I'll be back before you know it." Drake said before kissing her lips pasionately and getting out of the bed. He picked her up before undoing the bed and laying her back on it and pulling the covers over her body he kissed her one more time.

"I'll call you first thing when I get there ok ?" She shook her head no.

"Wake me up before you leave"

"I will, now have a goodnight babygirl"

"You too" He walked away, he was about to leave out the door when she called him back.

"Wait" He turned around "Yes ?!" She got out of her bed and walked towards him.

"You're leaving for a month tomorrow so I want to spend the night with you" She said taking his hand.

"I don't think being up all night is a good idea.." She cut him of.

"That's not what I meant, I want to sleep in your bed tonight , if you don't mind"

"Of course not" Drake crouched down and Nicki hopped on his back and he walked them out of her room taking the direction of the master bedroom. They arrived in his room and he laid her down under the covers before getting under the covers to and holding her close to him.

"Can I have a kiss goodnight" Asked Nicki

"You aready had one"

"Yes but it was in the ther room, I want one now"

"Well you're not getting it"

"What kind of boyfriend are you ?"

"Let me sleep Nicki, some of us have to wake up early tomorrow"

"Drake for real ?"

"Yes now sleep" Nicki didn't even answer and she just turned her back to him and he chuckled before pulling his body close to hers, his chest pressed against her back.

"I was just messing with you baby, come get your kiss"

"No, I don't want it leave me alone Drake". He leaned over her so he could see her face and just as he thought she was pouting, he kissed her cheeck and she laid on her back and grabbed his face he straddled her body and leaned in to give her the sweetest kiss ever and when he let go of her lips a smile made his way back on Nicki's lips.

"You seem happy for someone who didn't want it"

"Shut up and give me an other one."

He leaned in to kiss her and she met him halfway. He catched her lips roughly then he caught her bottom lip between his teeth before their lips enlaced again, her arms were wrapped around his neck when her toungue delicately brushed against his lips. Neither one of them thought she'd be the one to ask for this but he still slightly open his lips and her tongue went into his mouth and started playing with his. Drake was a bit surprised at first but then started to make his tongue tangle with hers. The kiss got more and more heated and her legs wrapped around his back. They pulled away from the kiss and she bit her lip as her hands got lost in his curls. He pecked her lips before his lips fell on her neck, he kissed and nibbled on her sweet skin making a soft moan escape her lips. He went back to her lips and their lips engaged in a battle for dominance as her nails lightly scratched the back of his neck and his hands firmly clasped her bust, he lowered them til he reached the hem of her shirt and he slowly lifted it, looking into her eyes for any sign of  reluctance but she didn't give any and a few seconds later the shirt was no longer on her body and was on the floor. He kissed from her neck down to her breasts taking each one in his hands, he then kissed down her stomach pecking her belly button then down her lower abdomen until his lips reached the hem of her thong, his gaze swept her nearly naked body as he looked up in her eyes once again making sure she wasn't giving any sign of disincination and yet again she wasn't giving any thus he catched the thin fabric between his teeth and pulled it down, taking it off her body after throwing it away, he redirected his attention to her, he went back to kissing her lips, they were gruff kisses, that were making Nicki moan softly. Using her legs that were wrapped around his back she pulled him closer to her naked body, she could feel his hard member rub against her center through his basketball shorts causing her to moan louder, his lips left her alone as he directed his attention to her big breast he kissed both before taking her nipple in his mouth making her quiver with pleasure he started nibbling on her nipples and recieved whimpers from Nicki. His hand travelled to her center, he could feel the wetness between her legs and he started rubbing her pearl, his fingers found her entrance and once again he looked in her eyes asking for permission and this time she nodded, allowing him to slid a finger in her opening and started pumping in and out of her , he was teasing her going excruciatingly slow. A smirk appeared on his face at the sight of the one she was making.

"Oh God" Nicki moaned and her hand flew on top of his making him speed up his pace, once he was going at a good pace she let him do the work and he added an other finger, he was amazed by how thight she was . One of her hand grabed the sheets while the other one flew to her mouth as she tried to keep it quiet.

"mmhmmh... yeah... Drake don't stop."

He kept fingering her making her moan louder and louder, the louder she moaned the faster he pumped in and out of her and the faster he pumped the louder she moaned, he felt her walls clench around his fingers.

"You're bout to cum baby ?" Drake asked in a sexy voice.

"Yes, yes, yeeeees" Nicki cried out to him as she came drenching Drake's finges. He kept his finger inside her letting he come down from her hiigh, he then snatched his fingers out of her and stuck them in his mouth tasting her sweet taste for the first time.

"You taste so good" , he told her looking straight in her eyes, she smiled at him squeezing her legs together.

"Hun hun, I ain't done with you babygirl" Drake said spreading her legs again, he started kissing on her thighs getting closer to her center, he hd his face between he legs and was looking up at her hands which were playing with her nipples and the faces she made, he watched in pure delectation, his mouth hung open and it was an inch away from her flesh, while breathing he was blowing air on her center, getting Nicki wetter, when Nicki gazed down to him he redirected his attention to his initial interest and gave it one good lick making Nicki hiss. He then used his fingers to spread her lips before french kissing her clit.

"Oh My... Oh Drake"  Nicki whimpered from the mind nmbing pleasure she was recieving as Drake licked, kissed and nibbled on her clit and he inserted a finger in her split. Nicki was overwhelmed with pleasure, she squirmed trying to get away from him as her hands were on his head trying to push it away from her but all he did was grab her thighs firmly preventing her from going away.

"mmmmhhmhh, I'm gonna cuuuum" Nicki cried out for the 4th time that night.

"Then cum for me baby" Drake said against her sensitive flesh blowing air on it, he hardened his tongue and slid it inside of her , and pushed it in and out of her , it wasn't long before she came flooding him with her juices which he gladly licked off, before kissing up her stomach, then her neck , leaving his mark on her skin. He then get to her lips which he rougly kissed, letting her taste herself, her hands rubbed her down back and she grabbed his wife beater and pulled on it, he got on his knees to take it off and she Nicki sat up and tugged on his shorts waistband giving him a seductive look, she pulled his shorts down along with his boxers while kissing on his chest. He helped her get his shorts completely off , before grabing her arms and pinning her down on the mattress, as soon as her back hit the mattress his lips were attached to her neck, he kissed all over her body before snatching his lips away from it and taking his hard memeber in his hands, she sat up a little bit resting on her elbows, her eyes widened at the sight of his size and she couldn't resist the need to take him in her hand and that's what she did, she took him in her hand and she started strocking him.

"Oh, shit Nicki".

After strocking him for a while she placed his member at her entrance and he pushed himself inside of her.


A week later :

" I knew the two of them were together, I mean it was pretty obvious." Said Candi, in an exited tone

"They're not necessarily together, personnally I think they're just occasionally hooking up, but something is going on for sure." Lauren added her two cents.

"Whatever's going on between them , I gotta say, they're the perfect fit." Said Thembi referring to the pictures in magazine she had in hands.

"You guys are always gossiping, who's the new hollywood couple ?" Asked Nicki sitting next to them on the bench, they were in central park, where Ncki had asked them to meet her, they wanted to hang out but she had Zahir and Zahirah to take care of so the park was the perfect place to meet up. She could talk with her friends and still keep an eye on the twins and they could play , so everyone was happy.

"It's not gossiping, we are reading it in a magazine, it's not us." Said Thembi.

"Whatever, it's still gossip, said Nicki snatching the magazine from her"

"What's the topic of the day ?" hummed Nicki, reopening the magine to the page her friends were observing. "Rihanna and Drake, huh ?!" Nicki's face dropped and she started reading the whole article out loud, the more she read and the more her face scrunched up. She read to the end and once she was done she threw the magazine at Thembi.

"Don't now what perfect fit you're taling about. They don't even go together, Nicki crossed her arms over her chest. She was really upset to read such things about her 'boyfriend'.

"What has gotten into you  Onika, all of a sudden you care about 'what goes on in hollywood'." Said Candi mocking her.

"I don't care, I'm just giving my opinion, besides all of this probably ain't even true, y'all need to stop believing everything you read." Nicki tried to convince herself, after all it wouldn't be the first time, she had seen a few lies about him in magazines and blogs since she started working for Drake so that was probably just it.

"You are so strange Nicki." Said Lauren.

"I am not strange, you gave your opinion, I'm giving mine."

"Why are you getting mad, Nika ?"

"Who said I was mad ? I am not mad, I just don't think it's true and if it is true I don't think they go together, that's all."

"Well I think, it's true, I don't believe everything I read but I believe this, those two have a past and hey these pictures don't lie, as they say a picture is worth a thousand words" Said Lauren.

"Yes and they say, he went to see her right when he landed in  Miami, I think it's cute."

"Now that's not true." Said Nicki highly annoyed by this conversation, the words slipped out of her mouth, but she had to say something, it was just too much for her to take.

"And how would you know that Nika, were you there with him ?"

'No, he facetimed me and he was in the middle of a meeting'

"Erm, no, I just don't think it's true" Said Nicki shrugging.

"You and your skeptical ass." Sighed Thembi."You usually don't even care and now you acting mad and shit, as if Drake was your man or something"

"Can we just talk abot something else ?"

"Yes, it ain't like Drake is any of our concern, none of us know that man anyways" Answered Lauren.

"Right." Said Nicki crossing her arms over her chest.

"So, which one of these kids is your ladybug ?" Asked Candi, "You talk about that little girl so much, I need to see her" Nicki's lips instantly formed into a smile.

"She's over there" Nicki said pointing at Zahirah who was playing in the sand with an other girl.

"Which one ? The blond one ?"

"Nooo, the other one, don't compare my baby to that, she ain't even cute , look at Zahirah, she's adorable"

"Look at you Onika you're in mommy panther mode, you know she's not yours right ?"

"I know but I spend so much time with them, I do everything witth them, I wake them up, take them school get them, I help them with everything, I bathe them, put them to bed, sleep, they even sleep in my bed sometimes, I can't help but be protective of them. I love them" Nicki said getting emotional, she was jsut realising how much she was attached to them, and how much she loved them, she asn't expecting that taking this job.

"Oh my god , Nicki used to be a grandma and now they turned her into a mommy" Said Candi making fun of her as always.

"Stop, I was serious you trick"

"And where is the boy ?"

"Over there" Nicki pointed at him.

"Lord, that's my new hubby, he is so cute !!!"

"Candi you sound like a paedophile, and he won't even want you, he has al them pretty little girls around him"

"What ? What girls ?" Said Nicki  "These girls need to stay away from my baby, except for that one she's cute"

"You are too much Nic"

"Not at all, I have standards." Said Nicki shruging


"Ok, you're free to go, go brush you teeth and come back here" Nicki told Zahirah, she had just combed her hair and tied it in pigtails for the night. Zahirah nodded before walking away and in her ensuite bathroom.

"It's your turn now Zay, come here."

"Noooooo, I don't like when you brush my hair" Said Zahir puting his hands over his head and getting up from Zahirah"s bed and running away as he did everytime it came to his hair.

"Not again" Whined Nicki before running after him, she knew he was in his room she had heard the door slam. She opened the door and walked in but didn't see him. She scrutinized the room and she didn't found him . 'Am I crazy ? I'm a hundred percent sure it was that door.' . She was about to turnon her heels, when she heard a noise coming from the closet, she made her way to the closet and opened the door.

"Found you !"

"Please Nicki, don't" Pleaded Zahir with his hands on his head.

"Common birdy, I won't hurt you, you know that." She piked him up and they went back to Zahirah's room and she sat on the bed before sitting him on the ottoman before her, and she started on his hair.

"Stop pouting boy, does it even hurt ?"

"No, but I don't like it still"

"Then, why don't we get your hair cut ?"

"No, don't cut my hair, never"

"Why ? You don't like when I do your hair, if we cut it then I won't have to"

"But you say, I'm cute with my hair and the girls like my hair"

"The girls ?!"

"Yep , they always touch my hair"

"Then we're definitly gonna get it cut"

"Noooo , you don't like my hair ?"

"I loove it"

"We don't cut it ?!"

"No but only if you promise not to run away everytime I try to comb your hair."

"I promise."


"Here is my little ladybug". Zahirah smiled at her nickname and went to sit next to Nicki and snuggled into her. Nicki continued working on Zahir's hair for a few minutes and then let him go brush his teeth once she was done.

"Nicki ?!"

"Yes honey."

"I miss daddy, can I call him right now ?" Nicki looked at the time on her watch.

"Babe, you're gonna have to wait , he said he'd call at 7:30 , that's in twenty minutes."

"How do I know when it's in twenty minutes ?" Nicki took her phone out and looked at the time.

"Look, here, there's a 1 and 0 , when there is a 3 and a 0 instead that will mean twenty minutes had pass, Ok ?"

Zahirah nodded and ran away with the phone in her hand she was about to exit the room but turned around and went back to Nicki.

"Can I sleep with you tonight ?"

"Ladybug you know your father wants you to sleep alone in your bed." Zahirah started pouting and she gave Nicki the puppy do eys she couldn't resist " But his not here , so promise me you won' t tell him" Nicki said holding her pinky out. Zahirah's face turned into a happy one, and she rewarded Nicki with dimpled smile.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you !!!" Said Zahirah hugging Nicki, after that she went to play with her broher in the playroom . Nicki got up from he small bed and walked to her room and grabbed her Ipad air, Drake bought it for her, of course at first she refused to take it but he insisted pretending it was for her to be an even better student. She grabbed and went to find Clarissa in the kitchen.

"Hey, where have y'all been, I have spent the afternoon in here alone."

"We went to Central park." Nicki answered hopping on the island. "What are you makin ?"

"Spaghetti bolognese, on Zay's demand."

"Does that boy eat anything else ?"

Clarissa put the lid on the pot and went to sit next to Nicki, she looked over her shoulder to see what she was doing .

" Jésus, Onika por qué ? You out of all people should know this is nothing but crap" Exclaimed Clarissa snatching the Ipad out of Nicki's hands

"And how do I know that huh ? It's not just words, there are pictures and even videos."

"So what, that's no proof"

"Huh, are you blind, they are holding hands on that one, look on that one how he's looking at her, how they look at each other and the worst here they're having diner, he's wipping her mouth and everything, there has to be something Clarissa"

"Them holding hands doesn't mean anything, he's not looking at her any kind of way , I think you're saying this just because you've never noticed how he looks at you, and as for that diner thing I'm sure it's just business, you worry too much Nicki, you are paranoid."

"You're just saying this to comfort me, but I you're thinking just like me Clarissa."

"Nicki , stoop you know just like I know ,that this is not him, he wouldn't do that to you."

"I don't know Clarissa, when he's right here, when it's just us I have no reason to doubt he's right here and we live a normal life you know, but now that he's away I don't know, him he's back in superstar mode and he's a rapper and he lives like "YOLO" and does the whole club thing and I get it, it's part of what he has to do but when it's not the groupies it's the strippers now it's Rihanna"

"I can understand that you're lost in all this right now Nic , I mean that man basicaly lives a double life and the fact that you have to watch your man become someone else , somone you don't even know and you have to watch it from a far. It's quite confusing. You have the right to be confused but you can't let that cast doubt on your relationship or on who he is.; You know he wouldn't do you like that."

"The one I knowwouldn't but that man I don't know, I mean what kind of man can resist Rihanna, even I wouldn't"

"A man who has what he has back home " Answered Clarissa getting down from the countertop"

"Thanks for trying, but I know you don't mean it , look at her" Nicki said pointing at the picture on the screen.

"Have you ever looked in a mirror Nicki ?"

" It's not just the looks , it's everything , she has it all, she's talented, she's a business woman, she's filthy rich and they live the same life, you know, she can understand him better then I do and look at me, I don't have no talent, I'm just a student who could barely afford her own rent 4 month ago."

"Oh my god, stop underestimating yourself Nicki, you are waymore thant that and..."

"Nickiiiiiiiiiiiii"  Zahirah came running in the kitchen with Zahir following screaming that she was a liar.

"Nicki, he hit me " she said pointing her brother.

"Did you ?" Nicki asked Zahir crossing her arms over her chest. He bowed his dead down before letting out a small 'yes'.

''And why did you do that ? You know you're getting time out for that. ''

'' She said you prefer because she sleep with you tonight and not me'' Zahir said with a pout and red eyes he looked like he was about to cry and Nicki hated it but she still had to punish him. She hopped down from the island and squatted to their level and held both their  hands.

''Look, I love both of you the exact same way , I have enough love for my little bird and my ladybug and we can all sleep together if that's what you want, but for now Zay you need to apologize to your sister and you still have to be on time out, you get 5 minutes for that'' Zahir was still pouting not happy to be on time out but he apologized to his sister and kissed her before she ran away to play..

''You know even if I punish you I still love you right ?''

"I love you too'' .

"That is one thing you have and Rihanna or any other superstar can never have.''Nicki smiled at Clarissa before picking Zahir up and taking him to her room she knew time out in his own room was all fun given the amount of toys he had there. She then went back to the kitchen where she found Zahirah at the table drawing. She took the seat next to hers.

''Nicki it's a 3 and a 5 and daddy didn't call yet" . Right when tge words escaped her mouth the Ipad went of.

"See, what did I tell you about being patient baby Nicki said walking to he island and picked up before handing to Zahirah and she want to get Zahir from her room it hadn't been 5 minutes but she knew
Drake only had a hour or so and she didn't want to deprive him from talking to his father. He sat on the couch next to his sister abd they talked to their father while Nicki and Clarissa were setting the table.

"Hey,when you got your five minutes, tell him about how you're feeling."

"I don't think so, he's gonna think I'm insecure on top of everything."

''You need to talk to him about it though, he is the only who can reassure you for good.''

''Right, but I don't know.''


"And me I got on the bigger slide today daddy.''

''You did ? How was it ?''

''Cool, it was fast !" Zahirah said throwing her arms in the air.

"Awesome, and what did you do little man ? "

"I played in the sand and I got on the thing that makes you spin I don't know the name and I climbed.''

"Sounds like you guys had loads of fun today.''
They gave him small nods as answer, they were starting to get tired, seemed like it was time for them to eat and then go to bed.

''You guys must be tired by now , why don't you go eat so you can go to bed. Ok ?''

''You hang up or you want to talk to Nicki  ?''  It was their routine for the last week mmhe wouod call in the evening and talk to them for a while then he'd talk to Nicki for the rest of the time he had or he'd call her later on if he didn't have time.

"Let me talk to her real quick . I have a few minutes.''

"NIIICKIII" Zahir and Zahirah yelled simultaneously .

"COMING " Nicki yelled back as she came from the kitchen

"Daddy want to talk to you , we go eat Zahirah said handing her the Ipad and running of with his sister following .

"I don't even get a goodbye" Drake mumbled shaking his head.

"You had Clarissa's spaghetti bolognese before, you can understand."

"Hey gorgeous"

"Hey" Nicki sayed settling on the couch.

"How was your day ?"

"Good, yours ?"

"Tiring but good still."

"How do you like Miami ?"

"Miami is cool but it's not home , I miss y'all too much."

"Awww, miss you too."

"It's fun out here though."

"I bet it is." Nicki said in a sarcastic tone, even though she tried to convince herself that whatever she read today in the media was false and tht Drake couldn't do sch a thing to her, she couldn't shake the thought of him cheating out of her mind, all the images she had seen in the day kept replaying in her mind and it was realy bothering her.

"What do you mean ?"

"It's just... Nothing, I just bet Miami is fun, that's it"

" Ok" It fell silent for a few seconds "So, what's going on up there ?"

"Nothing really, school, the kids, same old, same old" Drake thought it was a bit weird that Nicki had nothing to say, she is a chatterbox, she always has something to say, usually when he called she'd speak for hours if he let her. For her to have nothing to tell him, it was strange, and something else was odd, she wasn't smiling, it might seem trivial but to him it was a big deal Nicki was always smiling, he knew it, most of the time during their conversation he would just stare at her lips, at the smile they formed, he wouldn't even really pay attention to what she was saying, more focused on her lips so even on a screen he immediately noticed that she wasn't smiling and that her face was a bit scrunched up.

"Ok, what's wrong then ?"

"What ? Why would you ask that ?"

"Because I can see it, there's something wrong, what is it ?"

"Nothing is wrong you are being pranoid right now." Nicki said forcing a smile on her face.

"Then why aren't you talkative as usual and why ren't you smiling, you don't even seem happy to talk to me."
Nicki made a face before quickly thinking of a lie to tell him, she could have told him what was on her mind instead but she was scared it would bring drama to their relationship, everything was going just fine for them, she didn't want to ruin that and also it was just the beggining of their relationship so she wasn't sure a fit of jealousy was something that would make him want to bear with her. On an other hand she wanted to tell him what was on her mind, ' A relationship should be based on honsety right ? But we already talked about it he said not to believe those things, I trust him... I still need to express how I feel about it... No, not now.' 

"I , I am just tired today Drake, I am tired"

"Stop lying to me, you made that face, I know everything you say after that is a lie" 'Damn he knows me so well' she thought .

"I am no.."


"Drake stop, I am n..."


"I am not a lia..."


"Ok, ok fine !!"

"Fine what ?"

"I lied, there is something wrong."

"What is it ? " Drake asked immediately getting worried.

"It's just, it's nothing really important, but there's that thing that has been bothering me lately and..."

"Nicki, go straight to the point please." Drake said eager to find out what was on his girfriend's mind.

"Ok, I have to ask you this ; is there anything going on between you and Rihanna ?"


  1. They are soooooo cute together and Nic is amazing with the kids! Ugggghhhh why u go and have to introduce that girl to the story? :( Rih needs to swerve but that's not important, important would be why Drake is allowing her in his presense in the first place. Agh I dnt like her, she reeks trouble.

    Post soon :)


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