I Want You Part 6 *Sneak Peak*

Nicki was staring at his face on the screen waiting for an answer and wondering what Drake could possibly be thinking.

"Say something because I'm starting to think that I should take your silence as a yes."

"NO ! No,no there ain't nothing between Rihanna and I told you you're the only one I care about."

"Well, I still need an explanation Drake. Look I know you told me not to believe whatever I read and I try not to, I try to ignore the magazines and the blogs I swear I do but these pictures I saw, I just can't forget about them, I need to know."

" I understand where you're coming from but first I need you to know that I would never ever do you like that Nicki. I need you to trust me."

"I know, I know that. And I trust you. I just need an explanation on that one so I can stop going crazy. "

"Ok, so what do you want me to explain ?"

"I want to know why you been spending so much time with her and why y'all look so close , I mean you holding hands, and stuff. It's weird from here"

" Ok, well when she found out I was in Miami which was like a day after I got here, she immediately hit me up, said she wanted me on a song  and stuff . Now Rihanna and I have a past so I didn't really want to do it at first but like the same night I went to that club and she happened to be there and we talked and she talked about that record again and said I should come with her to the studio to hear it then I could give her an answer. I agreed and we left together and I was holding her hand because of the paps I was trying to get us out of there as fast as possible that's it, then we got to the studio and that song is fantastic , it's a hit song and you know me I'm all about making hits and I recieved a good vibe from it so I agreed . And that's why we spend time together it's only for work. And then yes we happen to be at the same clubs, the same events but I can't do nothing about it we work in the same industry and I have to admit once the rumor was launched I didn't try to kill it, it's a kin of promo you know. "

Nicki was listening really carfully , scrutinizing his face trying to see if he could be trusted or not and she came to the conclusion that she could trust him, there was something that wasn't sitting right to her though.

"Fine, I believe that. But there's this one thing. If music is the only thing you been seeing her for then what are you having diner with her for ?"

"She called me last night saying she needed to talk, I was heading to the restaurant, I asked her to meet me there. I know your next question is what did she need to talk about ?" 

Nicki smiled small.

"Damn right. Now answer the question."

"Life, she wanted to talk about life, stuff that's been going on in her life . So we talked about it and we ate then we went our seperate ways."

"Hum hm ok."

"Common bae don't be like that, I'm sorry if anything I did made you feel any type of way.  I promise to be more careful with stuff like that, I know how the medias can make this look and I should've thought about how it could make you feel.  I'm sorry."

"You better be sorry, I hope you realise that you put me in a difficult position, I don't even know how to feel like I wanna be mad at you but I don't even know if I have the right to be like you are telling me it was nothing but from my position it doesn't look like it's nothing but at the same time I know you wouldn't do me like that, it's just weird and I hate it. It feels like you just forgot about me." Nicki rambled fidgetting with her hand and looking down.

"Hey, let me stop you right there, I didn't forget about you, I can't. But I understand how you feel babygirl and you have every right to be mad, I am in the wrong. I messed up on that one. You think you can forgive me ?"

" You're forgiven. Just make sure next time Ms Rihanna or any other friend of yours wants to talk you don't take her to the restaurant y'all can.talk anywhere else make sure it's a public place though and you let me know . I don't want to find out in no magazine. "

"I promise."

"Great ! " Nicki said with a dimpled smile.

"See that's the smile I want to see."

Drake said making Nicki smile some more.

"Now that this is clear . There is something else we need to talk about."  Drake said getting serious again .

"And what is it ? Is it something bad ?"

"It's a bad news."

"Hold on." Nicki made the sign of the cross . "Ok, go ahead." Drake chuckled.

"You are crazy."

"What , I can't pray no more ? Anyways what do you have to say ?"

"You know how I wasn't sure about howlong I had to stay in Miami right ?" Nicki nodded " Well, I am leaving Miami in two days."

Nicki's lips formed into a smile and she made a face.

"Well that's a good news isn't it ?"

"Erm. It would be if I was coming back to New York." Drake said scratching the back of his neck.

Nicki's face srunched up in confusion.

"You're not coming back to New York ? "

Drake smoothed the top of his head with his hand.

"Erm no. I'm flying to L.A and I'll be going back and forth between here and there for a month and after that I'll be staying there in L.A for a while."

"A while ? What does a while mean ?"

"The whole summer." Drake said lowly. Nicki sighed deeply and put her hands on her face.

"The whole summer ! You mean the summer that hasn't even started... That's three months in total Aubrey."

"I know Onika, I know but I don't have a choice, trust me I don't want to be away from you and from Zahir and Zahirah but I have to be where the money is ."

"I can understand, I do understand but I'm sad, I really miss you."

"And I miss your fine ass even more. But what can I do."

Nicki smiled at him before regaining a straight face.

"But for real, you know what's the worst part of it ?"

"The kids ?"

"Exactly. I hope you're not counting on me to tell them, I don't even wanna be there when you do."

"Well you know, there is a way we can all be together and none of us have to break the news . "

"What do you have in mind ? "

"I was thinking y'all could fly out there as soon as possible I mean the twins have two weeks of school left and then it's over and you can come to L.A and we spend the summer there. All together " Drake said excited and extra proud of his plan.

Nicki started laughing.

"You are really funny Drake that's not possible.  I do go to school also and my school year ends in a month and my finals are coming up. I can't just follow you to Los Angeles like that."

Drake's face dropped, he really thought that they could all be reunited and he was so excited about that idea that he had forgotten this pretty important detail, he couldn't ask her to throw a whole school year out the window, and jeopardize her future just to be with him

"Yes you're right, I haven't thought about that."

"But for Zahir and Zahirah, they can join you when their school year is over. " Nicki said shrugging and showcasing her right dimple.

"But what about you, you staying in New York alone ?!"

"I'm not alone, I got Clarissa with me here and my family and friends. I'm gonna be good. "

"I don't like that idea. You gonna feel super lonely Nicki. "

"Aubrey, listen I'm never gonna feel lonely in New York. It's my hometown I got my family and friends. I can't keep Zahir and Zahirah from their father only becaus I'm gonna feel lonely. Of course I'm gonna miss y'all but I'll be just fine.And it's not that bad, let's say this is me taking my full holiday entitlement."

Drake sighed deeply, of course he wanted his kids to be with him as soon as possible but he didn't want it like that plus they were at a point were Nicki had became essential to everyone , to him and mostly to the kids they couldn't function without her when Nicki wasn't there for a day it was always cries and temper tantrums and they would scream all day that they wanted to see her. He couldn't imagine a whole two weeks without her. He felt like he was breaking their hearts anyways if they stay in New York they are away from their father but if they go to L.A they are away from Nicki  'They might as well stay with her I'll be working all the time and I can't have them here and unhappy they love Nicki.'

"So what do you say ?" Nicki asked snapping Drake out of his thoughts"

"Ok, I'll think about that but promise me one thing though ."

"What ?!

"As soon as you pass those exams you're flying to Los Angeles."

"I can't promise you that."

"Why not ?!"

"I'd have to explain to my mother why I'm spending my summer on the other side of the country. And I'm suppose to be working during the summer "

"Well if that's the problem then I need my nanny for the summer so here you have your explanation and I'm paying you so have a job already, I got you babe. "

"I'll have to think about that boo."

"I take it as a yes.  So for double Z . I'll come get them myself in exactly two weeks. I might spend the day in New York so I can have some time with my amazing girlfriend."

"Yaaaaaay" Nicki cheered clapping her hands like a child.

"And two weeks after that you are flying to L.A and I got my three babies righ next to me." Drake said doing a little dance and Nicki laughed at him.

"You had it all planed, didn't you ?"

"Pretty much. I was planning on flying you all at the same time in two weeks. But I'm happy with that too I mean as long as you end up next to me where your ass belongs.  I'm good ! "

"Just shut up."

Drake glanced at his watch before talking.

"Huum look I gotta go right now but I'll call you around 11 if you're still up . "

"Ok. I'll be up."

"Don't stay up waiting on my call though. If you get sleepy you go to sleep we'll talk tomorrow."

"Nigga please. You ain't all that."

"I was just saying cause that's what you did last night , and the night before. "

"Shut up. Now go do what you gotta do. I'm hungry right now. I need to eat. "

"When aren't you hungry ?"

"Are you calling me fat ?"

'"Don't try to make me say what I didn't. I never said you were fat."

"Yes but you're thinking it so hard I can hear it from here ."

"You know what I betta go before you make me say or think something I regret."

"Yeah do that while I go eat and get even fatter."

"Ok do that, ain't like I mind my lady getting thicker anyway"

"Oh , so now what you trynna say I ain't thick enough for you ?." Nicki joked

"Oh lord ! You know what, I'll Talk to you later ." Drake laughed.

"Ok.  Muuaah." She blew him a kiss which he caught and placed on his lips. She smiled and blew one last kiss before ending the call. Drake sighed and put his pad down.


2 weeks later 

"Ok, now what else do you need ?"

"Humm we need pyjamas ! "  Zahirah ran to her dressing to get her pajamas and Zahir did the same.  They came back with their pyjamas in hand and the set them on the bed then Nicki folded them and put them in their respective suitcase.

"Ok now draw a check in the square." They took their pens and checked.

"Now is everything checked ?"

They observed the list Nicki had made for them to pack without forgetting anything.

"Everything is checked" Zahir put his paper down. 

"Great." Nicki closed the suitcases.

"Ok, we're done. Now it's time for bed"

"Nicki we can go to bed. Your suitcase is not done. You can't go with no clothes do you ?" Zahirah said with a hand on her hip and her head cocked to the side just like Nicki would stand if she  was the one asking the question, Zahirah gotten in the habit of watching Nicki's every move and imitating her."

"You are silly, Nicki can't go out Naked" Zahir said laughing at his sister's question.

"We have to pack her clothes then" Zahirah stated the obvious.

"Yes, we help you pack Nicki." Zahir cheered

Nicki smiled small. She was touhed by the fact that they waned her to be part of the trip but she knew this wasn't the plan and she was the one who had to re-explain it to them. She had already told them that she wasn't going with them and that she would join them later on but obviously they didn't really undersatnd her.

She squated to their level and held both their hands as she did everytime she has something to explain to them.

"I don't need to pack right now, remember what I said yesterday, I am not going with you guys right now. I'll pack in two weeks and join you out there in L.A."

"We are going alone ?"

"No ladybug, daddy is coming to get you. " Nicki said in a cherrful tone hoping that this news would cheer them up because at the moment they were making those sad faces that made her want to cry. Unfortunately it didn't work .

"Why are you guys making those faces aren't you happy to see your dad ? "

"I don't want to leave no more." Zahir said trying to walk away .

"Hey, you're going to be with your dad and aunty Courtne will be there to take care of you for a while and L.A is cool.  You're gonna have loads of fun. I'll be there soon" Nicki said with a big smile. She tried her best to cheer them up but on the inside she felt like crying.

"You promise you're coming ?"

" I promise "

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  1. Omg the last part was soo cute����, I felt like crying my self. Drake and Nicki r forever gonna be adorable together like *sighs* please update the rest soon I loved it ��������