I Want You pt. 6

Nicki was staring at his face on the screen waiting for an answer and wondering what Drake could possibly be thinking.

"Say something because I'm starting to think that I should take your silence as a yes."

"NO ! No,no there ain't nothing between Rihanna and I told you you're the only one I care about."

"Well, I still need an explanation Drake. Look I know you told me not to believe whatever I read and I try not to, I try to ignore the magazines and the blogs I swear I do but these pictures I saw, I just can't forget about them, I need to know."

" I understand where you're coming from but first I need you to know that I would never ever do you like that Nicki. I need you to trust me."

"I know, I know that. And I trust you. I just need an explanation on that one so I can stop going crazy. "

"Ok, so what do you want me to explain ?"

"I want to know why you been spending so much time with her and why y'all look so close , I mean you holding hands and stuff. It's weird from here"

" Ok, well when she found out I was in Miami which was like a day after I got here, she immediately hit me up, said she wanted me on a song  and stuff . Now Rihanna and I have a past so I didn't really want to do it at first but like the same night I went to that club and she happened to be there and we talked and she talked about that record again and said I should come with her to the studio to hear it then I could give her an answer. I agreed and we left together and I was holding her hand because of the paps I was trying to get us out of there as fast as possible that's it, then we got to the studio and that song is fantastic , it's a hit song and you know me I'm all about making hits and I recieved a good vibe from it so I agreed . And that's why we spend time together it's only for work. And then yes we happen to be at the same clubs, the same events but I can't do nothing about it we work in the same industry and I have to admit once the rumor was launched I didn't try to kill it, it's a kind of promo you know. "

Nicki was listening really carfully , scrutinizing his face trying to see if he could be trusted or not and she came to the conclusion that she could trust him, there was something that wasn't sitting right to her though.

"Fine, I believe that. But there's this one thing tho . If music is the only thing you been seeing her for then what are you having diner with her for ?"

"She called me last night saying she needed to talk, I was heading to the restaurant, I asked her to meet me there. I know your next question is what did she need to talk about ?" 

Nicki smiled small.

"Damn right. Now answer the question."

"Life, she wanted to talk about life, stuff that's been going on in her life . So we talked about it and we ate then we went our seperate ways."

"Hum hm ok."

"Common bae don't be like that, I'm sorry if anything I did made you feel any type of way.  I promise to be more careful with stuff like that, I know how the medias can make this look and I should've thought about how it could make you feel.  I'm sorry."

"You better be sorry, I hope you realise that you put me in a difficult position, I don't even know how to feel like I wanna be mad at you but I don't even know if I have the right to be, I mean you are telling me it was nothing but from my position it doesn't look like it's nothing but at the same time I know you wouldn't do me like that, it's just weird and I hate it. It feels like you just forgot about me." Nicki rambled fidgetting with her hand and looking down.

"Hey, let me stop you right there, I didn't forget about you, I can't. But I understand how you feel babygirl and you have every right to be mad, I am in the wrong. I messed up on that one. You think you can forgive me ?"

" You're forgiven. Just make sure next time Ms Rihanna or any other friend of yours wants to talk you don't take her to the restaurant y'all can talk anywhere else, make sure it's a public place though and you let me know . I don't want to find out in no magazine. "

"I promise."

"Great ! " Nicki said with a dimpled smile.

"See that's the smile I want to see."

Drake said making Nicki smile some more.

"Now that this is clear . There is something else we need to talk about."  Drake got serious again .

"And what is it ? Is it something bad ?"

"It's a bad news."

"Hold on." Nicki made the sign of the cross . "Ok, go ahead." Drake chuckled.

"You are crazy."

"What , I can't pray no more ? Anyways what do you have to say ?"

"You know how I wasn't sure about how long I had to stay in Miami right ?" Nicki nodded " Well, I am leaving Miami in two days."

Nicki's lips formed into a smile and she made a face.

"Well that's a good news isn't it ?"

"Erm. It would be if I was coming back to New York." Drake said scratching the back of his neck.

Nicki's face srunched up in confusion.

"You're not coming back to New York ? "

Drake smoothed the top of his head with his hand.

"Erm no. I'm flying to L.A and I'll be going back and forth between here and there for a month and after that I'll be staying there in L.A for a while."

"A while ? What does a while mean ?"

"The whole summer." Drake said lowly. Nicki sighed deeply and put her hands on her face.

"The whole summer ! You mean the summer that hasn't even started... That's three months in total Aubrey."

"I know Onika, I know but I don't have a choice, trust me I don't want to be away from you and from Zahir and Zahirah but I have to be where the money is ."

"I can understand, I do understand but I'm sad, I really miss you."

"And I miss your fine ass even more. But what can I do."

Nicki smiled at him before regaining a straight face.

"But for real, you know what's the worst part of it ?"

"The kids ?"

"Exactly. I hope you're not counting on me to tell them, I don't even wanna be there when you do."

"Well you know, there is a way we can all be together and none of us have to break the news . "

"What do you have in mind ? "

"I was thinking y'all could fly out there as soon as possible I mean the twins have two weeks of school left and then it's over and you can come to L.A and we spend the summer there. All together " Drake said excited and extra proud of his plan.

Nicki started laughing.

"You are really funny Drake that's not possible.  I do go to school also and my school year ends in a month and my finals are coming up. I can't just follow you to Los Angeles like that."

Drake's face dropped, he really thought that they could all be reunited and he was so excited about that idea that he had forgotten this pretty important detail, he couldn't ask her to throw a whole school year out the window, and jeopardize her future just to be with him

"Yes you're right, I haven't thought about that."

"But for Zahir and Zahirah, they can join you when their school year is over. " Nicki said shrugging and showcasing her right dimple.

"But what about you, you staying in New York alone ?!"

"I'm not alone, I got Clarissa with me here and my family and friends. I'm gonna be good. "

"I don't like that idea. You gonna feel super lonely Nicki. "

"Aubrey, listen I'm never gonna feel lonely in New York. It's my hometown I got my family and friends. I can't keep Zahir and Zahirah from their father only becaus I'm gonna feel lonely. Of course I'm gonna miss y'all but I'll be just fine.And it's not that bad, let's say this is me taking my full holiday entitlement."

Drake sighed deeply, of course he wanted his kids to be with him as soon as possible but he didn't want it like that plus they were at a point were Nicki had became essential to everyone , to him and mostly to the kids they couldn't function without her when Nicki wasn't there for a day it was always cries and temper tantrums and they would scream all day that they wanted to see her. He couldn't imagine a whole two weeks without her. He felt like he was breaking their hearts anyways if they stay in New York they are away from their father but if they go to L.A they are away from Nicki  'They might as well stay with her I'll be working all the time and I can't have them here and unhappy they love Nicki.'

"So what do you say ?" Nicki asked snapping Drake out of his thoughts"

"Ok, I'll think about that but promise me one thing though ."

"What ?!

"As soon as you pass those exams you're flying to Los Angeles."

"I can't promise you that."

"Why not ?!"

"I'd have to explain to my mother why I'm spending my summer on the other side of the country. And I'm suppose to be working during the summer "

"Well if that's the problem then I need my nanny for the summer so here you have your explanation and I'm paying you so have a job already, I got you babe. "

"I'll have to think about that boo."

"I take it as a yes.  So for double Z . I'll come get them myself in exactly two weeks. I might spend the day in New York so I can have some time with my amazing girlfriend."

"Yaaaaaay" Nicki cheered clapping her hands like a child.

"And two weeks after that you are flying to L.A and I got my three babies righ next to me." Drake said doing a little dance and Nicki laughed at him.

"You had it all planed, didn't you ?"

"Pretty much. I was planning on flying you all at the same time in two weeks. But I'm happy with that too I mean as long as you end up next to me where your ass belongs.  I'm good ! "

"Just shut up."

Drake glanced at his watch before talking.

"Huum look I gotta go right now but I'll call you around 11 if you're still up . "

"Ok. I'll be up."

"Don't stay up waiting on my call though. If you get sleepy you go to sleep we'll talk tomorrow."

"Nigga please. You ain't all that."

"I was just saying cause that's what you did last night , and the night before. "

"Shut up. Now go do what you gotta do. I'm hungry right now. I need to eat. "

"When aren't you hungry ?"

"Are you calling me fat ?"

'"Don't try to make me say what I didn't. I never said you were fat."

"Yes but you're thinking it so hard I can hear it from here ."

"You know what I betta go before you make me say or think something I regret."

"Yeah do that while I go eat and get even fatter."

"Ok do that, ain't like I mind my lady getting thicker anyway"

"Oh , so now what you trynna say I ain't thick enough for you ?." Nicki joked

"Oh lord ! You know what, I'll Talk to you later ." Drake laughed.

"Ok.  Muuaah." She blew him a kiss which he caught and placed on his lips. She smiled and blew one last kiss before ending the call. Drake sighed and put his pad down.


2 weeks later 

"Ok, now what else do you need ?"

"Humm we need pyjamas ! "  Zahirah ran to her dressing to get her pajamas and Zahir did the same.  They came back with their pyjamas in hand and the set them on the bed then Nicki folded them and put them in their respective suitcase.

"Ok now draw a check in the square." They took their pens and checked.

"Now is everything checked ?"

They observed the list Nicki had made for them to pack without forgetting anything.

"Everything is checked" Zahir put his paper down. 

"Great." Nicki closed the suitcases.

"Ok, we're done. Now it's time for bed"

"Nicki we can't go to bed. Your suitcase is not done. You can't go with no clothes do you ?" Zahirah said with a hand on her hip and her head cocked to the side just like Nicki would stand if she  was the one asking the question, Zahirah gotten in the habit of watching Nicki's every move and imitating her."

"You are silly, Nicki can't go out Naked" Zahir said laughing at his sister's question.

"We have to pack her clothes then" Zahirah stated the obvious.

"Yes, we help you pack Nicki." Zahir cheered

Nicki smiled small. She was touhed by the fact that they waned her to be part of the trip but she knew this wasn't the plan and she was the one who had to re-explain it to them. She had already told them that she wasn't going with them and that she would join them later on but obviously they didn't really undersatnd her.

She squated to their level and held both their hands as she did everytime she has something to explain to them.

"I don't need to pack right now, remember what I said yesterday, I am not going with you guys right now. I'll pack in two weeks and join you out there in L.A."

"We are going alone ?"

"No ladybug, daddy is coming to get you. " Nicki said in a cherrful tone hoping that this news would cheer them up because at the moment they were making those sad faces that made her want to cry. Unfortunately it didn't work .

"Why are you guys making those faces aren't you happy to see your dad ? "

"I don't want to leave no more." Zahir said trying to walk away .

"Hey, you're going to be with your dad and aunty Courtne will be there to take care of you for a while and L.A is cool.  You're gonna have loads of fun. I'll be there soon" Nicki said with a big smile. She tried her best to cheer them up but on the inside she felt like crying.

"You promise you're coming ?"

" I promise "

"Pinky swear ?" Zahirah asked pointing her pinky out. 

"Pinky swear. "


The next morning Nicki woke up before everyone else. She did her morning routine. Shower, lotion, hair make up and got dressed. 

She went in the kitchen to make breakfast. She knew Clarissa would be up in a few but she felt like it so she did . While cooking she was deep in her thoughts. She really dreaded the moment the twins would wake up, she knew the minute she'd see their faces she would cry and what she dreaded even more was the moment they would leave .

She was almost done with the breakfast the only thing left was the bacon which was in the pan. She was busy taking it out of the pan when she felt arms around her belly and her body being lifted from the ground. She was about to scream when she smelled the smell of his cologne mixed with his natural smell. It was him she knew it.
He kissed on her neck and put her down. She turned around to face him. She looked in his eyes for a second before jumping at his neck . He lifted her from the ground and her head rested in the crook of his neck where she placed many kisses. He wrapped his arms around her back and just held her close to him taking in her scent. They remained this way for a minute just taking in each other's presence, warmth, scent. Drake's hands slid down her to her ass which his squeezed .

"Oh lord how I missed that ass." Drake slapped her ass and Nicki let out a "oow" that was so breathy. It sounded like a moan. Drake let her go. She got down on her feet and hit him on the chest.

"That hurts."

"Maybe but you like it."  He took a step forward and put his forehead to hers and leaned forward they were about to kiss but Nicki turned her head to the side causing him to kiss her cheek.

"I don't."

Drake started playing with her hair. She looked up in his eyes and he held her head they were about to kiss but Drake talked.

"You moaned." Drake said before Nicki pressed her lips against his. Drake's tongue slightly brushed her lips asking for entrance but Nicki put her hands to his chest pulled away and took a step back. Drake stepped forward and grabbed her face.

"People moan in pain for your info." Right when the words came out of her mouth Drake kissed her and this time she let his tounge slid in her mouth where he found hers and they started battling for dominance, Nicki let out a few moans. Her hands were on his head pulling him closer and deepening the kiss while his fingers where entangled in her hair. They pulled away from the kiss but before completely releasing her he bit her bottom lip and she let out yet another moan.

"I think I just proved that's not your case babygirl." Drake said strocking her cheek. Nicki kissed her teeth and got out of his embrace before walking past him and over to the countertop. She hopped on it, Drake walked towards her and stood between her legs.

"I missed you sooo much." Nicki looked in his eyes, he pulled her in a hug.
"I missed you even more." Drake kissed the top of her head. He let go of her, still standing in front of her, he placed his hands on her thighs.

"I wasn't excpecting you to be here this early."

"I wanted to surprise you, I was actually planning on sneaking in your bed but you wanna be an early bird, I see you have breakfast ready for me though so I ain't complaining." Drake said with his head burried in the crook of her neck.

"You hungry babe ?"

"I am starving." 

"Let me make a plat for you then."

Nicki was about to get off the countertop but Drake stopped her by envelopping his arms around her small torso, he then roughly kissed her biting her lips, he kissed on her neck and down her collarbone to her cleavage where he licked on the sweet skin between her breasts. Nicki's head wastilted back while she had her hands on the back of his head. He detached his lips from her body causing her to come to reality and look down in his eyes.

"No need, I'm not hungry for food, I have all I need right here and on a thick plate." Nicki smirked and bit her lip as Drake raised her tank a bit reaveling her lower abdomen and part of her belly he kissed and licked on her soft skin sending shivers down Nicki's spine she was very sensitive to his touch, more sensitive han usual , it's been a month since Drake left and they had missed each other's touch terribly.
He kissed lower and lower until he reached the hem of her yoga pants. He placed his hands above her hips and grabbed the fabric before making it slid off her hips then off her thighs, her legs and finally snatching it from her ankles. He took one of her legs in hands and rose it up bringing it to his lips. He left a trail of kisses from her ankle to her inner thighs he continued kissing til he got close to her center,  the skin of her inner thighs passing from the left to the the right avoiding her center . He kept on kissing down her thighs leaving marks on his way when he reached her knees he kissed back up along her thighs until his lips were not even an inch away from her folds. He brought two fingers to her vulva  and started rubbing it over her thong, which was soaking wet.

"Damn, you're so wet." Drake exclaimed as he was rubbing her clit making her body quiver, his tongue soon joined in as he licked her labia through her thong making Nicki's body shiver, her eyes were closed as she was concentrating on the pleasue Dake was giving her,  her legs wrapped aound him resting on his back, her hands were pushing his head downward, he used a finger to put her thong to the side when Nicki's eyes shot open she realised what was happening and tried to push Drake's head away but he wasn't with it and he kept on making his tongue swirl around her clitoris.

"Hmm..hmm...Aub...Aubrey ... Stop... " She managed to let out through he moans, Drake looked up wondering why she wanted him to stop.

"Not in here, people have to eat here." Nicki said trying to squeeze her legs together and Drake stopped her.

"And that's exactly what I'm trynna do right now." He said spreading her legs. Nicki put her hand to his forehead to push his head away.

"Someone could walk in on us."

 Drake groaned in annoyance and picked Nicki up from the countertop and thew her over his shoulder and carried her upstairs to his room. He opened the door and walked in before closing it with his foot . He walkd to the bed and threw Nicki on it before starting on undressing her once she was naked, he undressed himself , he then got on the bed and after kissing every inch of her body he placed himself at her entrance and thrust into her. Nicki hissed in both pain and pleasure, he pushed himself in and out of her going at a slow pace so she could get reajusted to his size, he was so big and she was so tight he wondered how he could even fit in her.  Once she got reaccostumed to him he sped up his pace and started thrusting deeper, laying under him Nicki's legs were wrapped his back pushing him  even deeper inside her.

He was thrusting in out of her slowly letting her get down fom her high she was breathing heavily, making her chest go up and down her eyes were closed and her mouth slightly open, her messy curls were everywhere around her head. Drake pushed the hair away fom her face, he loved watching the faces she made when he made love to her, he brought his lips to hers and kissed her deeply.

When she recoverd from her orgasm Nicki's arms laced around his neck and she lifted her pelvis and took his shaft in her hand and placed it at her opening before slamming herself onto him causing Drake to groan. She rolled her hips in a slow motion and recieved more groans from Drake.
She then started bouncing up and down and brought her hands to her boobs and she played with them as Drake grabbed both side off her waist and hold thight onto it as he thrust into her everytime she went to impale herself on him .

"Shit... Ride it just like that." Drake groaned in delight and that's exactly what Nicki did until Drake felt her walls clench around his shaft and Nicki felt him stiffen inside her before he blasted, filling her with his semen, at the same time she felt that wave hit her body for the umpteenth time as she climaxed, her juices flown out drenching Drake's member , Nicki rode out the final termors of her orgam before falling on Drake's chest and he held her close to him. He kissed her hair.

"I love you Onika."

"I love you too Aubrey." Answered a panting Nicki.


"Daddyyyy !!" Zahir screamed out of joy and he got up from the couch were he was sitting watching cartoons and ran to his father who picked him up and lifted him up in the air which made Zahir laugh

"Hey little man." Drake said before setting him back on his feet. He held his hand and walked him back to the couch were Drake sat down with his son on his lap.

"I missed you so much lil man." Drake said kissing Zahir's forehead.

"I missed you too daddy." Zahir said smiling at his father.

"Did you ?" Zahir nodded. "So, have you been good while I was away ? "

"Yes I am a good boy daddy."

"Ok great and did you take care of sister ?"

"I did and I take care of Nicki too, just like you asked me ."

" You are a champ buddy." Drake said raising his hand in the air to high five.

"And where is your sister by the way ?"

"In the kitchen, she eats breakfast."

"You finished yours already ?"


"Ok. Let me go find her." Drake kissed Zahir again and set him on the couch before gettng up from it and he was walking away when Zahir spoke .

"Daddy ?"

"Yes son ?"

"Where is Nicki ?"

"Hum, in her room sleeping . I guess."  Drake lied to his son well it wasn't a complete lie Nicki was sleeping but in his bed, where they were making love moments earlier.

Zahir shook his head no. "She's not in her bed daddy . I can't find Nicki."

"Well, maybe she's in the shower." Drake shrugged unsure if this wluld convince the little boy .

"Yea maybe ." Zahir said redirecting his attention to the T.V screen.

Drake walked in the kitchen and towads Zahirah who sitting at the island on a stool eating her breakfast while swinging her legs. Her back was facing the kitchen's entrance so she couldn't see Drake walking behind her, Clarissa was facing Zahirah and she saw Drake and was about to say something but he bought his index finger to his lips shushing her. He walked behind Zahirah and covered her eyes.

"Guess who it is."

Zahirah was a bit starttled at first but then she recognized her father's voice and a smile appeared on her face.

"Daddy I know it's daddy !" Zahirah screamed jumping up and down on her stool. Drake uncovered her eyes and picked her up and made her swirl in the air while she was screaming and laughing. He finally put her down and told her how he had missed her before Zahirah finished her breakfast and he went to make his own plate. Once she was done eating Zahirah ran out the kitchen to go play with her brother leaving Drake and Clarissa alone.

"Why are you looking at me like that ? " Drake asked Clarissa.

"How am I watching you?."

"Weird ! You got that smirk on your face "

"Who me ? "

"Yeah, you ! "

"I'm not watching you any kind of way and I ain't got no smirk on my face, you're just crazy."  Clarissa ended the conversation and resumed cleaning the silverware.

Ok.Can I ask you a service ?"

"You can ask but I can't promise you that I 'll do it."

"Can you keep the twins for the day ?"

"Of course, why ?"

"I want to spend the day with Nicki ."

"Aww ! How cute. Where you taking her ? "

" I don't even know, she said something bout wanting to go shopping the other day so maybe that's what we gon do I mean what girl doesn't like shopping and then we probably gonna have lunch and..."

"Let me stop you there it's 10 already with the time she takes to get ready you're not leaving before 12. You should probably go get lunch before shopping."

"Yeah you right. Imma go wake her up. "

"Yeah and by the way can you give these to her ?! I think they're hers." Clarissa said picking Nicki's yoga pants from the stool next to her and throwing them at him. Drake catched them and chuckled at the thought of what had happened earlier.

"You nasty people did it in the kitchen ? The kitchen where I spend most of my time ?  " Clarissa asked with a scrunched up face .

"No I swear nothing happened in here ... Well almost nothing. " Drake laughed.

"Get out, get out of here . You are disgusting." Clarissa said taking his plate away . Drake chuckled before getting up and leaving the kitchen, he walked past the living room that was empty and walked up the stairs, he was walking down the corridor to get to his room when he noticed that the door to Zahirah's room was cracked and he heard voices so he stopped in his track.

"Will you miss me ?" Zahirah asked Nicki who was helping her to put her shorts on.

"Of course I will, I'll miss a lot baby.. What about you, will you miss me ?"
Zahirah nodded.

"Like I miss daddy when he's gone. I want you to come with us so I can have daddy and you at the same time."

"You will have daddy and me at the same time baby . I told you I'll come in two weeks."

"Ok." Zahirah said lowly looking down with a pout.

"Don't be sad ladybug. Give me a smile." Zahirah refused.

"If you don't smile for me. I'll cry, you don't want me to cry do you ?" Nicki asked with a fake pout acting as if she was about to cry.

"Noo , don't cry Nicki. Big girls don't cry."

"Then smile for me. " Zahirah flashed Nicki a perfect smile causing Nicki to copy her.

"You're not gonna cry now ? "

"No. As long as you're smiling I don't have no reason to cry." Nicki said pulling the little girl in her arms and Zahirah wrapped her arms around Nicki and they held each other. "I love you ladybug" Nicki said before realesing her from her embrace.

"I love you too." Zahirah answered. Nicki pecked Zahirah on the lips before standing up and taking her hand

"Now let's go find your brother."

The scene he had just witnessed warmed Drake's heart , it was sad to see his daughter and his girlfriend both heartbroken like that but at the same time he was happy to see this complicity between them and how much Zahirah loved Nicki and how Nicki genuinly cared for the twins outside of it being her job . It was reassuring to know that the woman he loved, loved his children almost as much as he loved them.

"Oh so now you're spying on us ?"  Nicki asked when she noticed Drake behind the door.. Nicki and Zahirah walked out the room.


"You are daddy . Because you were hidden behind the door." Zahirah crossed her arms over her chest.

"Ok , I was spying on you guys. I'm sorry, you're gonna punnish me now."

"Yes, you're getting time out for that."

"Oh my god, you sound just like me !" Nicki exclaimed in excitement.

"I know." Zahirah said running off.

"You made her just as crazy as you."

"You are her father she was already crazy, it's in her ." Nicki said stucking her tongue out.

"Oh, you think so ?" Drake asked towering over her.


"You sure ?"

"Yes, no need to take that deep voice and all that , I ain't scared."

"Oh, ok" Drake shrugged before grabbing her by her waist and starting to tickle her making her laugh extremely hard. He tickled her until they were on the floor.

"Stoop .Ah ah ah ah ah. Stawp."

Drake stopped tickling her.

"Say you sorry for calling me crazy and admit you were scared."

"Ok, ok " Nicki said getting up from the floor.

"Say it."

"Never." Nicki ran away from him and Drake chased after her, she ran down the corridors til she got to her room and she tried to close the door behind her but his foot was in the way. He pushed the door open causing Nicki to land on the floor and walked in.

"Ouch." Nicki let out as she got up with a fake scrunched up face acting like she was really hurting she knew what she had coming so she played her last card and Drake fell in the trap running towards her, she was fake limping.

"Nicki did I hurt you ?"

"Yes you did. I can't walk, it hurts"

Drake walked Nicki to her bed and helped her onto it.

"I'm sorry Nika I didn't mean to. Let me see if you have a "bleu.""

"No don't touch me.  "

"Don't be mad, Nicki I didn't do it on purpose."

"Yeah right."

"Let me go get some ice ok ?"

"I don't want your ice , I'm better ." Nicki got up and walked to the chest of drawer.

"You were never hurt now were you ?"

"It still hurts."

"Oh so we might as well stay here today if you can't walk."

"Where were we suposed to go ?" Nicki asked throwing clothes on the bed.

"I wanted to take you out."

"To do what ? You planning on feeding me ?"

"Yeah . Then we'd go shopping but since you're hurt, we can just chill in here." Drake said laying on the bed.

"Nigga get up. I can suffer for food and clothes."

"You would suffer if you were actually hurt but you're not."

"Can you just forget about it ? When are we leavng ?"

"As soon as you're ready ."

"Aight." Nicki said disappearing in the bathroom.

"Ok, I'll be downstairs. " Drake left the room and went to join his kids and spend some time with them.


"No it's not our first date Nicki, I took you plenty of times."

"Yeah maybe but they weren't actual dates."

"Oh, so how would call it then ?"

"It was two adults spending time together that's all it was."

"You are playing with the words. What's the difference between all them times and right now ? There's none."

"You're not getting what I mean. It's our first real date, I mean as a couple and not two bored people having lunch together."

"If you say so. But you know what ?"

"What ?"

"It doesn't matter because to me because this is how I see it, each and every moment I spend with you , be it a "real date" or not makes me happy, I just love each minute I spend with you."

"Aww, and I love you baby." Drake placed his hand on top of Nicki's.

"I love you to." Nicki leaned over the table for a kiss and Drake met her halfway.

"Look at us being cute and stuff." Nicki laughed.


Nicki pulled the curtain open and walked out the fitting room so that Drake could see her.

"What do you think ?" Drake looked up from his phone.

"Waouh, you look gorgeous !"

"Really ?" Nicki asked looking down at the dress she had on and flicked the imaginary dust off it.

"Yes, you look stunning."

"He is right, you'd think the dress was made solely for you." Said the clerck.

Afer their lunch date Nicki and Drake had embarked on a shopping spree and they been at it for hours now and that Emlio De La Morena V neck velvet and sheer dress had caught Nicki's eye and Drake had convinced her to try it on even though she kept repeating that she didn't want to.

"Thank  you." Nicki smiled at the clerck who walked away. Nicki was looking at her reflexion in the mirror she had to admit it, this dress looked amazing on her it was the very first time she got to wear something this sophisticated and above all, this expensive.

"So, you're taking that one too ?"

"Oh no I don't think so."

"Why not, you don't like it ?"

"No, it's not that. This dress is real nice but look at the price tag, I know it's nothing for you but I refuse to wear a dress that costs two month of rent. Besides you spent too much on me today."

"Onika you're not supposed to be looking at no price tags,, I told you, I got you, it ain't never too much for my queen. We're taking that dress priod."

"And what if I don't like it ?"

"You just said you did like it."

Nicki kissed her teeth and walked back in the fitting room she knew there wasn't a thing she could say that would make him change his mind, it's been like it all day, it's been like it since the begginning , he just loved spoiling her and there wasn't no stopping him. It was as if he was happier than her whenever he bought something for her.


They walked  holding hands, Drake was carrying the shopping bags in his other hands, their day went well, they both were content, they were all smiles, they had finally get to spend some quality time just the both of them and it was well needed  after a month of separetion. They walked out the building and headed to the parking lot, they saw the small crowd and started to hear commotion but didn't thougth much of it as they walked, it was when they heard and saw the flashes of cameras that it clicked in both their heads and Nicki got petrified, she tightened her grip on  his hand and looked up at him. He sighed before giving her a reassuring look after all he was used to it , that was is everyday life. He pulled her to him and wrapped his arm around her and she burried her face in his side as they spedwalked to the car while the paparazzi kept shooting pictures, and screaming Drake's name asking him who was with him, what he was doing in N.Y, or even where was Rihanna at, (even after his talk with Nicki, Drake and Rihanna didn't stop seeing each other, well he tried but nothing happened.), there wasn't many of paps, they weren't aggressive and there wasn't no riot created so to Drake it wasn't a big deal, it wasn't nothing special but he wondered how Nicki was going to react, when you used to walk in the streets incognito and all of a sudden you got dozens of grown men following you and snapping your picture it can be quite confusing.

They got to the car and Drake helped Nicki get  in the passenger side and then ran around the car and got in, once he was in he put his seatbelt in and before starting the engine he looked at Nicki who seemed a bit distraught.

"Nicki you good ?"

"Yeah, yeah I'm good." Nicki said giving him a small smile and a nod.

"I am so sory about that , I really should've thought about it."

"You don't have to apologize, it was expected, I mean it had to happen and it happened. I just hope none of them got my face."

"I don't wanna be negative but I'm pretty sure they did." Drake said taking his phone out. And Nicki put her face in her hands.

"And how ,are we suposed to explain that, I mean how am I suppose to explain that you can just act like it never happened it's the usual for you but if my family and friends see it, oh my god and what if my mom sees it ? What do I tell her ?" Nicki started freaking out.

"Bae, bae calm down. Don't say that, I'm witchu, we in this together ok ? And if people that matter actually see whatever's gonna come out then I guess we have some explaining to do. For now nothing's out." Drake said holding his phone up  "We got time to prepare, probably very few but still."

Nicki took a deep breath.

"Ok, ok , you're right. Drake pecked her on the cheek before starting the car and droving off. Nicki acted collected and calm she knew Drake felt guilty so she acted like it was ok but on the inside she was going crazy,she had his phone and was checking every two seconds, she knew that in a few the whlole world woud be able to see pictures of them holding hands or maybe even kissing they were so engulfed in each other they hadn't even noticed he paps at first so god knows for how long they been watchin them. But she really didin't care about the whole world seeing it, it was her family and her friends she was worried about, she knew she'd have to explain and she'd have to tell a lie, she couldn't tell the truth aout the twins, but what she was the most worried about was he mother's opinion she couldn't help reminding the times were they would see these kinds of pictures on TV and her mom would say stuff like :" look at that gold digging whore, they be clinging on them bling bling rappers only to get money from them and blah blah" 'What if they think I'm one of them girls ?'. 
Drake was felling really bad, he was feeling bad for causing her so much stress, he knew her like his pocket so he could see through her act, and it made him feel real bad, he should've been more careful , he knows that paparzzis are wherever he is , he knows who he is and what comes along with it, but once again being around her made him forget about all that, he was just a normal guy taking his girl out. He felt like he had messed up big time. This could either go well , these pictures could go almost unnoticed and this wouldn't make too much noise or it could go the complete other way and then it would be everywhere and he felt like that wouldn't do their relationship any good. 'What if she freaks out and doesn't want this no more, what if it's too much , she is already mad because of that Rihanna bull !"

The car came to an halt when they arrived at the building and they simultaeously undid their seatbelts and got out of the car, Drake gave his car key to the valet and took Nicki's hand in his and they walked in the building and rode the elevator up to the penthouse and the first thing they heard when the door opened was Clarissa yelling.

"Bitch who the fuck do you think you are ? Get out of here. "

"Who are you calling a bitch ? Just shut the fuck up already, I didn't come all the way over here to talk to no maid, I want to talk to Aubrey right now !" A woman's voice answered.

Drake and Nicki both ran to where the voices were coming from and they were shocked to see who Clarissa was arguing with.

"Hey Aubrey here you are." She said walking to him and bump passing Clarissa. "I think you need a new made Brey." She said and Nicki threw her hands up and walked away dragging Clarissa who was yelling profanities.

'I didn't need that right now' Drake thought.


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