Not so different Pt.1

~~~~~~ The Kodjoe's, Bel Air, L.A  4:55 p.m ~~~~~~

"Mom, it's not that kind of party, it's a slumber party , we're njust going to get mani pedi, drink tea and go to sleep.I wont miss school tomorrow I swear. Pleeeeaaase let me go."

"Nicki, I don't care, if you want to go to a strip club, the only reason why you're not going is that your father has a business diner with a potential investor and you have to be there to make a good impression besides they are bringing their daughter along and you both are same age. So you're coming. End of conversation"

"So, you are telling me that I can't go to Cassie's like I had planned for a month because dad needs me to go there and play a fucking role in order to make it look like we are a perfect family that we are not, well you know what fuck that shit I ain't go..."
Nicki felt a sharp pain on her cheek, she put her hand to her cheek, the pain soon became a burning sensation.

"I can't believe you just slapped me."

"Well, you keep talking and you will feel another one Nicki , now you go upstairs and you start getting ready. We leaving at 6:30 . You be ready before that and come in here so I can check your outfit."

Nicki stood there holding her cheek.

"Upstairs , right now !" Taraji screamed causing Nicki to have a start. Nicki meekly nodded, bowed her head down and let out a low 'Yes mother' before walking away and up the stairs and to her room which her mother had decorated for her as a birthday present, she hated that room.
he walked in her walk in closet and started going trough her clothes, she chose her dress first, making sure it was a dress that would satisfy her mother, she then chose a clutch and shoes, before looking for accessories , once she was done she brought the outfit she had put together to her bed and went in her ensuite bathroom to take a quick shower, when she was done with her shower she got out and dried off and lotioned up before doing her hair and make up, once she was done with it she polished her nails and let them dry while calling her friend Cassie to break the news to her but to Cassie it wasn't no surprise, Nicki was never allowed to go out, even though she was almost 21, her parents still controled her every move, she couldn't move out of their house without their permission, they had a say in the way she dresses, who she hang with , everything. They controled her. Well it was mostly her mother, her father was a nice man and he loved his daughter more than anything, she was his pride and joy, the probem was his job was his second baby and sometime without even realising it he dedicated way more time to this baby than his baby girl, leaving his wife with all cards in hand concerning his daughter's upbringing, he could feel the tension between his wife and daughter but his wife was the dominant type she had a strong hand on everything so he found himself letting her have her way and meekly agreeing with everhing she said, thought, wanted, he thought this was a way to protect his daughter but what he didn't know was that this situation was causing her way more pain. The fact that Nicki never said anything (when she knew that since she turned 18 she was free to leave and take her independance) was real weird to everyone, but no one never said anything ,it was a taboo subject.

Once her nails were dry she procedeed on putting her clothes on, when she was dressed she reaplied some lipstick and stood in before her full-length miror and looked at her reflection, she had to admit, her outfit was cute, her hair and make-up were well done , it looked beautiful but it wasn't her, it wasn't who she was, it was the daughter her mother wanted, it was the perfect little girl every one thought she was but it was  absolutely not her.

 She smoothed her dress and took a deep breath before grabbing her clutch in one hand and her shoes in the other, she walked out of her room and down the corridor and down the steps. When she walked in the living room she spotted her father who was seating on his armchair with his drink in hand as every day when he came back from work.

"Hay dad !" Nicki said happily walking over to him, he hugged her.

"You look lovely, babygirl"

"Thank you dad" Nicki said puting her shoes on.

Right at that moment Taraji walked in the room.

"Let me see that" She said grabbing Nicki's arm and spinning her around,she scrutinzed her outfit and looked her up and down a few times.

"You look ok, I guess." She shrugged and walked away. Nicki turned to face her father.

"Did you hear that ?"  Nicki knew Taraji didn't mean what she said, she would never let her go out dressed like that if it was just 'OK' but still it was hurtfull.

"She doesn't know what she's talking about, you are gorgeous." Her father said grabbing her hand and walking them towards the front door.

~~~~~~ The Graham's, Comptons, L.A 8:00 p.m ~~~~~~ 

"I am so tired." Sandi said getting up from her seat and picking up the dishes that were on the table.

"Leave it mom, I'll take care of it, you go to bed." Drake got up and grabed the plates from his mother's hands.

" Thank you Aubrey" Sandi side hugged her son. "Goodnight and don't stay up too late you have school tomorrow."

"Ok, mom and you don't forget to take your mediction." Sandi nodded before disappearing upstairs.

Drake cleared the table and washed the dishes, before going to his room. He put out his textbook and studied for a bit, he studied until his phone went off. He looked at the caller I.D before picking up.


"Where you at my nigga . I been waiting forever.." Chris's loud ass yelled over the phone.

" Home. My father ain't even here yet, I can't leave my mom alone in here."

"But we're still doin' it right ?"

"Yeah, yeah, just give me some more time."

"K. Imma go get Future, hit me up when yo pops home and I'll come pick you up."

"Aight bruh, talk to you later. "

"Aight.  Later bruh."

Drake hang up and looked at the time, it was almost 10 already he threw his phone on his bed, he then got up and walked to his desk and opened the drawer and then opened the false bottom. He picked up his gun, he then walked back to his bed and lifted his matress to get his black backpack containing everything he needed and his bandana which he hid in his pocket. He walked out of his room closing the door silently so that he mother wouldn't hea it. He walked down the steps and out the house and hid his bag under the residential garbage dumpster and went back in the house and watched T.V while waiting for his father to come back from work.

A few minutes later he head the door open and close and his father's footstaps in the hallway the footsteps stopped and he heard shifting as his father was taking his jacket and shoes off and seconds later Dennis appeared in the living room.

"Hi son."

"Hey pops." Dennis plopped on the couch next to Drake.

"How was your day ?"

"Same old, went to school got back home, went to pick mom from work , got back here and did my homework, how was your day ?"

"Tiring." Dennis said getting up. "I'm so tired, I ain't even hungry no more Imma get my dink and call it a night."

"I'll go get it for you." Drake said before getting up, he went to the kitchen and poured himself a glass of Hennessy and downed it before pouring another one for his father and bringing it to him.

"Here you go. Imma go to bed now, I have to get up ealy tomorrow if I want to drop mom at her job before school."

"I'll take her, I don't have to be at the garage before 11."

"You're sure ? You know I can take her, it doesn't bother me."

"Yes, son don't worry about it, you need your rest to. You be running in every direction between school, work and everything."

"That ain't no lie."

Drake said shaking his head, indeed he had a lot on his plate, he was a briliant student at and was captain of the football team and of the basketball team, he received an athletic scolarship which was a blessing to him and he was decided to take this opportuity and to thrive this is why he was so invested in basketball and in his management studies.He knew he had all the cards in hands to build a great future for himself and he had projects and dreams swimming in his head but it was all so far from the reality, from here he was in that moment in time, coming back to reality life wasn't that good, even though he didn't need to pay for school attendance, he had to work to help his family out, his mother being sick she started to work less, his father, getting older started having back issue so he satrted to work less also, so Dake got a job to compensate, it as hard on him but did he have a choice ? It was tough but at least when he looked at the people around that's the kind of stuff most of them, most of his friends were going through and he knew his situation was clearly not so bad, at least he was attending school and he had a life project that didn't include drug dealing, but when he looked around at school all he saw was rich kids and spoilt rich brats, and what they saw was a "gangsta" which he wasn'treally but that's what they saw when they looked at him, they knew where he come from and they didn't want to know more. He had very few friends at school but he didn't eally cae he was just tired of people calling him the 'gangsta' he could careless about what they tohught but he just didn't like that period but on the back of his mind he knew his hands weren't all clean but he wasn't no gangster or criminal either.

"I know , right but hey if it is worth anything.You 're not doing it for nothing, it will all pay one day and that day you're gonna be so proud of yourself you'll mke it and without falling in the trap like all them kids in the streets. I want you to know that your mom and I are really proud of you, we couldn't dream of a better son we are greatful to have you."

"Thank you for saying that dad, it means a lot and I am poud to be you son." Drake answered he was really pleased by what his father had just said but in the back of his mind he felt like he was betraying his parents with what he was about to do, but he had to do it.

He and his father dapped up and Drake headed upstairs and got in his room, he took his phone out and dialed Chris.

"Waddupy my nigga ?"

"My pops here, you can come get me."

"Aight , I'll be there in 10."

"Aight" Drake hang up and put his phone in his pocket he grabbed his all black Air Jordan 13 and put them on. Ten minutes later when he heard Chris's car's engine he opened the window and got out passing through it, he then used the ladder that was there to get on the ground, he then hid the ladder and rounded the house, he went to retrieve his bag and hopped in the car.

~~~~~~ The Kodjoe's, Bel Air, L.A  11:30 p.m ~~~~~~|

"Damn, she hid the food again." Nicki mumbled slamming the fridge's door open.

"And you better go back to bed before she finds you in here." Her dad walked in the kitchen and went to the fridge while Nicki was going through the cabinets.

"You're saying it just because you get to eat your beefsteak. I ate a salad, I need some food right now before I pass out."

"You're so dramatic, you acting like it's been two years since you ate."

"Not two years, but litteraly haven't had anything to eat all day , she gave me an apple for breakfast, I didn't get time to eat at lunch I had to do homework and then she refused to let me have a snack and at the restaurant she ordered that stupid salad for me. I need  food." Nicki threw her hand in the air as she didn't find anything consistant to eat.

"Here you go." Boris grabbed the Cheez-Its that were hidden behind the bio rice cakes on the top shelf. "But don't tell her I gave it to you." Nicki jumped on the packet and quickly opened it.

"Thanks daddy, that hidding spot sucks though."

"You're so damn short, there ain't no need to find hidding spot you just have to put it up there to be sure you can't reach it"

"Hahaha, you are so funny." Nicki said in a sarcastic tone.

"What's with her obsession with what you eat though, you've never been so thin."

"I know, but the thing is I can lose 45 pounds, my butt ain't gon be less fat. And you know how she feels about that." Nicki stuffed some cheez-its in her mouth looking over her shoulder, she didn't want to be caught with these, she knew if her mom caught her eating at this time and junk food on top of that, she would go crazy ! Her mom watched each and everything Nicki put in her mouth, not that Nicki was fat or anything, she was in good shape and all but she her body was really curvaious particularly one body part of hers which was her backside and her mothe hated it , she thought girls with "big butts" weren't classy, she thought having a big butt was too "ghetto" , too "black" and she didn't want Nicki to look none of that she wanted her to look like the girls from around there as much as possible.

"You know what you are perfect the way you are babygirl , you don't need to loose no weight. You can eat whatever you want as long as I'm alive, there's Häagen dazs mango and passion fruit ice cream in the freezer." Boris walked away from the fidge with his water bottle in hand and went to kiss Nicki on her forehead."

"Don't get caught though." He walked out of the kitchen and disappeared up stairs, Nicki went over to the freezer and opened it, her eyes lit up at the sight of the carton which she picked, she then performed her little victory dance before grabbing a spoon and running to her room, she walked to the balcony where she started savouring her ice cream. As she ate she obsereved the backyard which she could overlook from her balcony, she was peacefully eating her ice cream when she noticed something moving in the yard. At first she didn't think much of it, thinking it was just the wind or the neighbourg's cat but then she noticed a shadow and she distinguished a human figure, she got a bit scared knowing that someone had creeped in their house but she wasn't the type to sit there and cry or scream for help, she didn't know what to do though. She got up and looked over one more time but the figure had disapeared . 'Where did he go ? I'm sure I seen someone'  Nicki got back in her room and shut the window before grabbing the first thing at hand to defend herself. She silently walked down the steps and once she got to the first floor she started crawling around not making any noise looking for the possible intruder. She was about to get up and go back to her room thinking that she was delusional when she heard noise in the kitchen. She crawled to the kitchen and surely enough there was tall figure pobably around 6 ft tall, in all black, you could only an outline in the dark but that definitly wasn't her father nor was it her mother , Nicki started panicking and a lump formed in her throat. 'What the fuck did I get myself into, why did I come down here, he's gonna kill me." Nicki thought as the figure started turning around.

"What the hell are you doing here ?" His deep voice echoed.

So, I know I still have to update HS and that oneshot I started but, this was in my drafts and I wanted to know if you'd like me to continue this so I continued it a little bit and I'm posting it . Now the question is :

Should I continue this ?



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