Chapter 9

Ciara's P.O.V

Today is the day my mother is released from the hospital. I am so happy, we're finally going to have her home with us where she belongs , I missed her so much it feels like she's been gone for years, it was so hard without her for me , for Assiyah and mostly for Kahyden.
Anyways today she was coming back to us and things are going to go back to normal, she might be a bit weak still but at least she's gonna be home that was rhe most important thing . My uncle Roy and I are going to get her from the hospital while my aunt Nicole is going to stay home with Kay and Assiyah preparing stuff we knew she wouldn't be up for a party or anything but we wanted to greet her properly so we had the little decorations and stuff and we had prepared food, her favorite and I bake a chocolate cake for her, she loves them soo much and I know they wouldn't let her have these at the hospital. My uncle Roy and I drove to the hospital in a pretty good mood we got in the hospital's parking lot he parked and we got out of the car and headed to the hospital we came across Stacy one of the nurses she was my mom's favorite. We talked a little bit about my mother's state and we thanked her and offered her the chocolate box my mom had requested us to get her and we headed to my mom's room, from what Stacy told us her release papers were signed and all she had to do was grab her stuff and leave.  When we got to her room we found her arguing with a man I couldn't tell nor see who it was as his back was facing me. My mom saw us and raised her hand hushing the man and he turned to us. When I saw his face I immediately recognized him.  That man is the man who's spying on me or following me or stalking me call it whatever you want to but this is him I know for sure this man is the one I saw at the school parking lot , at the mall, around the corner of my street, at the grocerie store everywhere.  This was him for sure.  Wait hold on , so my momma knows him ? What the hell ? I snapped back into reality and looked at the man and he was staring at me in a weird way I didn't even know what to think my uncle spoke up catching the man's attention and taking it off of me .

" Oh sorry Jackie, we didn't know you had company "

"Don't worry it's ok you're not interrupting anything he was just leaving." My mom said in a stern tone looking the man right in his eyes and that look she gave him : oh god I'd rather die than recieve such a look from her.
The man sighed, and noded before starting to head out of the room, when he got to my level he stopped and looked at me in the eyes , then he turned back to my mom and told her

"I just need one chance Jackie one"

"Bye" she said coldly before the man walked out, giving me one more look and I really disliked the way he was looking at me. Once he was out the room, uncle Roy and I stood there staring at my mom, waiting for some explanation, but nothing, until uncle Roy broke the silence.

"Jackie , what was he doing here" Oh so my uncle knows that man too

"Nothing." She said sliding her duffle bag over her shoulder, I ran to her and took it from her, she hugged me and kissed me on my forehead.

"Mom, who was that guy ?"

"Nobody you need to be worried about baby" She said smiling at me, and giving me a reassuring look,  I didn't trust that but now wasn't the right time to discuss it all , I'll deal with it later. I smiled back and grabbed some more stuff of hers before leaving the room and the hospital, then we got in the car and drove home, we got home and I noticed Nicki's car parked in our driveway and there was Rih's in the street and also Trey's, I'm glad they're here to welcome my mom home , I didn't even told them to come, she'll be so happy. We got out of the car and uncle Roy let my mother and I go in while he handled her stuff, we entered the house and we were met with all of their loud asses yelling "WELCOME HOME !!" There was Assiyah and Kahyden of course and auntie Nicole , then there was Nayvadius, August , Wayne, Trey, Drake, Tyga, Chris, Rihanna, Lauren, Nicki, and Sochitta , and a couple of my mother's friends meaning mostly my friends' s mothers. My mom was so elated to see all this people here to support her, it warmed my heart really, we ate all together and had fun, like it was just a family gathering . After a while everybody started leaving and at the end it was just Rih and Nicki and they were about to leave they had said bye to my family and I walked them to the door.

"See you later guys"

"Wait, you comin to mine to get ready for the party or what ?" Asked Nicki

"Nic, really ? I ain't going to no party tonight my mom just got back home from the hospital"

"Common Ci, please , just wait till she's sleep and come it ain't like she's gonn need you while she's asleep" Said Rihanna and Nicki cut her eyes at her.

"Rih, stop she wants to be with her mom"

"And I understand , what I'm saying is once they go to sleep, they're not together anymore so she might as well come party with us" Said Rihanna shrugging, Nicki was about to say something but I was quicker .

"Well , you're not completely wrong, that's not a stupid idea for once"

"Bitch shut up, my ideas are always good"

"Whatever, I'll think about it and I let you know but I can't promise anything"

"Ok, bye" We hugged goodbye and they left while I went back to my family.

Draya's P.O.V

It has been a few days since my mother told me about that thing with him and I haven't talked to her since, I'm staying at J and his girlfriend Rita's house and I don't plan on going back home right now, according to J my step father James is going to move in today, this is crazy, I don't understand how my mother can let this happen, after everything she went through , everything we went through because of him, after all the hidding moving, hidding again , she just decides to 'take him back' like that meaning she is willing to have the man who used to beat her up every single day live in the same house as Damara and Danika she is willing to expose them to that, I mean when it comes to me, it's too late, what's done is done there is nothing we can do but what if he gets angry and decides to beat them, and her how could she lay in bed with a man who used to beat her and beat her own child, that decision she took really hurts, it's like she is chosing that awful man over me and it hurts so bad. Jermaine hates this situation just as much as I do but he speaks with her everyday and goes over there , he tried to talk me into doing so but I really don't feel like it, I need time. Except for Nicki , nobody knows about the situation, August knows about James moving back in and all but he doesn't know why I am so upset about it, he is my moral support though, since that night we are getting closer and closer,  it's a good thing, I need someone to talk to and I love having him he is so nice to me and I think I like him and I think he likes me too , I noticed certain things he does and says that makes me think that but I'm not sure, he never actually said it so I don't know and as for myself I don't really know what I feel for him , but anyways, it doesn't matter at all, we are friends and that's all , I don't want or need him as a boyfriend or whatever so I don't know why I think about that, for now , we are good friends and he is here for me and it's all I need to think about right now.
I stopped thinking about all that and I got up from my bed I gathered everything I nedeed for the party my outfit, my makeup and put it in a bag. I was about to leave the house when I heard someone clearing their throat.

"Going somewhere ?"

"Yes, I told you already I'm going to a party tonight and right now I'm going to Nicki's to get ready with the girls"

"Why don't you get dressed in here ?"

"Because we want to get ready together" I shrugged.

"Yeah and so ? Y'all can get ready together in here"

"There's more space at Nicki's , what's wrong with you J ?"

" Can I see what your wearing ? I know you're going to get dressed there so I don't see your outfit. " I chuckled at that.

"J , you are crazy, I'm not trying to hide anything" I said emptying my bag so he could see what I was wearing.

"Yo , this dress seems tight Draya , and why do you need heels like that, can you even walk with these ?"

"Common Jermaine stop there is nothing wrong with this dress or these shoes" I said gathering my stuff and putting it back in the duffle then slidding it over my shoulder.

"I gotta go now"

I gave him a quick peck on the cheek before running out the house. I hoped in my car and drove to Nicki's , 10 minutes later I pulled in her driveway. I rang the doorbell and Chris opened the door, we haven't talked for a few days, we didn't spend that much time together during the last few days, no lunch no ride home and we don't even sit next to each other, I guess because I spend most of my time with August and he starterd spending most of his with Rihanna, speaking of her she acts super weird towards me, she's been acting weird towards me since the day I got here, at first I thought it was because of the August thing, and I don't blame her, that crazy boy had the nerve to hit on me in front of her like she wasn't even there so I can understand she didn't really liked me at first but now she broke up with him and it seems like she ain't even intersted nomore so I thought she'd chill out but it's been worth lately, she's always throwing shades and I really don't apprecite it but for now I'm not saying anything because, I 'm not quite sure what her probleme is and also I just don't got time for that, I already have enough on my plate right now. Anyways back to reality, Chris flashed me one of his perfect smiles and I smiled back.

"Well hello beautiful"

"Bye ugly " I jockingly said and bump passed him. He smirked before closing the door and following me in the house.

"Oh ok stranger, you on your mean mode today"

"You're the stranger boy, and I usually am not nice to people I don't know"

"Aww Draya's upset ?"

"No I'm not" I said turning back to him.

"Good because I am the one who should be, you abandoned me" he said with a little pout.

"Awwww, Christopher, I didn't abandon you, you know that " I said strocking his cheek, making him laugh a little.

"Did you even miss me Draya ?" He asked me taking my hand in his"

"I missed you so much Chris you have no idea" I said acting way too dramatic. "Now did you miss me?"

" All I did was think of you Draya" He said acting like he was about to cry and making me laugh. I was about to talk back when I heard someone clearing their throat.

Rihanna's P.O.V

After I left Ci's house , I got home, spent some time with my mom before, getting my stuff for the party and leaving, I drove to Nicki's house, I got there and let myself in the house as usual , I was walking to Nicki's room when I saw Chris and Draya, I saw her stroking his cheek and he took her hand , talkin' bout I miss you and stuff. I don't get it, what the hell is he doing ?! I thought I got rid of her, see the other day after that discution we had while he was walking me home Chris and I decided not to get together right now but to give us a shot and see what happens, nobody knows but he told me he would stop hitting on her after I told how I didn't like it, and now what do I see ? He is flirting with her again we might not be together but he said he would stop and now he is breaking his promise. I promised not to talk to other guys and I stuck to that even with Derrick trying to get with me, and he couldn't even go a week without messing with that girl. Wait wait maybe I'm overreating ? No I'm not , he's trynna play games. Or maybe he's not... Of course he is !! And that girl ! God she is every fucking where , she has August wrapped around her finger, why doesn't she leave Chris alone, of course the bitch needs to have the two of them , I knew she was a sneaky one since the first day , I mean she let August hit on her under my nose when she knew we were together. I don't get why everyone is so fond of her, Ciara genuinly loves her but Ci is so nice to everyone it's not surprizing from her , the thing is, she even got Nicki in her pocket, Nicki loves her, they even spend time alone together and when we're all together they're whispering and excluding themselves from everyone, I'm really starting not to like her, she wants my 'future boyfriend' and my bestfriend, well she better know I'm not letting her do that.

I rolled my eyes at the sight before me and cleared my throat making my presence obvious, they both turned their heads in my direction and Chris quickly let go of her hand.

"Oh hey Rih" Said Draya, with a huge smile on her face. "What's up Rih" Added Chris with his head down 'Yeah right, hang your head boy'  I thought but didn't say anything , I just greeted them as I would usually do and Draya and I went up to Nicki's room leaving Chris alone that boy really thinks he's gonna play me ? I need revenge

Drake's P.O.V

After we left Ci's house, Trey and I went home, I changed and called my mom then I we just hung out for a while, then I decided to go to the DSS to finally get my American licence, my mom said she wouldn't send me the money for a car until I got my American licence, said she doesn't trust me with the money, she really thinks I am 10 years old. Anyways , I got my pone to call Nicki, going to ask her if she wants to come with me ,she's the one always bragging about me needing a car so I guess she'd want to come with me and this might be the occasion to have that conversation with her, she's been avoiding it but we need to talk about what's going on between us, we need to be clear, because right now ain't nothing clear it's kinda cloudy, I don't know what we are to each other I just know that the other day when we had sex for the first time yeah for the first time because since the we had sex a couple more times and it's been 4 days. Anyways since then everything changed wait no not really, it's compliated it's like our relationship has changed but in fact it hasn't really, there's just a few things that we do now , like for example we kiss now, all the damn time I can't keep my lips away from hers and also we hold hands all the time, you'd think that's something we did before seeing how close we already were but no we never ever held hands for no reason before and last but none the least we been fucking like rabbits, for real by the way have to say lil Nika's a freak , I didn't know she had that in her, to be honest she's the best I ever had. but there's one thing that bothers me, there's this question that's been running through my head : What are we ?? it's weird that I am the one who wants to have that conversation, I am not really the type to do labels and all and what kind of boy complains about such a situation I mean Nicki is still my best friend in the whole wide world, she's still my Pinky, no headache , we just having fun together so I know I should leave it at that but Onika isn't just any girl , I love her with all my heart and I don't want to lose her, already did and trust me even if it wasn't under the same circonstances it ain't  good feeling at all , I don't want to go through that again and I know this fun we are having is going to bring us just there if we don't have this conversation so we need to have it and not in a place where there's a bad I know how that's gonna end up and not in a place where there's people we know because of course ain't nobody aware of what's going on between us, so I'm gonna call her and ask her to come with me and we'll talk on the way or I'll take her to eat or I don't know but we're definity gonna have that conversation.
I took my phone out of my pocket and dialed her number.

"Hey Brey !" I knew she was smiling and I could almost see her gorgeous dimple smile through the phone, I couldn't help but smile too.

"Hey baby girl, watchu up to right now ?"

"Why do you ask ?" 

"How you gon' answer my question with an other question Onika, just answer the question"

"No, you answer my question first"

"I asked first bae just answer "

"Yeah well, since you like to be first , answer first boo"

"Yeah I do like to be first and I want to be the first to get his answer"

"You can't have everything in life baby, now answer Brey"

"Ok, I was just asking because I'm about to go to the DSS , and I want you to come with me"

"Mhhm well, thanks but no thanks" 

"What ?! Nika you serious right now ? Why not"

"I'm busy right now Drake"

"Well how about in a hour ? I need to do a few things anyways"

"Euuhh , I'll still be busy in a hour and eveytime after that so, just go with someone else, how about Wayne huh ?"

"Nika, what you doin' that's so important that you can't even take an hour to come with me huh ?"

She hesitated for a while before answering. "erm the girls are here, I'm not gonna go out and leave them alone just because you need me Brey"

"Why not , ain't like this would be the first time , what's up ? you don't want to see me ? Is that it ?"

"No, no,no baby not at all, I do want to see you, am just busy right now I swear, look I gotta go, I'll come over later Ok ?"

"K, see you then"

"Brey wait, you're not mad are you ?"

"No I'm not Nicki , it's ok , go to your girls I'll just call Wayne"

"Nicki ?! Oh ok you're mad at me"

"I said I wasn't you're name's Nicki right ?"

"You never call me that Drake" She said puting emphasis on Drake, and I go exactly what she meant , I only call her Nicki when I'm mad at her, just like she only calls me Drake when she's mad at me.

" I'm not mad Nicki as long as you come by tonigh it's all good"

"Yeah I bet as long as I come over"

"Watchu mean ?"

"Exactly what I said, ok I gotta go Brey "

"Ok, later Nika "

"You still love me baby ?"

"I still love you baby girl"

"Ok , great I love you baby. Talk to you later then" She said in a cheerful tone before she hung up

This conversation was weird, I can feel it she's hiding somethig, I don't kow what it is but there is something, I can tell just by the way she talked and her not telling me exactly what she was up to is just weird , Nicki loves to speak, she speaks all the time, normally when you ask her what she's doing she can explain for hours so her just saying I'm busy is super weird, but I don't think I should push it she'll talk when she's ready. As for going to the DSS, I'll just call Wayne I'm sure he has to make for me.

Nicki's P.O.V

"You think he knows what's up ?" Asked Draya and everyone in the room , meaning Draya, Rihanna, and Lauren staring at me.

"He knows , I'm up to something. But he doesn't know what, and he's not finding out anytime soon so we good" I said and everyone went back to what they were doing, I went back to Rihanna as I was doing her make up, I was  working on it but I felt someone's gaze on me so I stopped and turned my head to my left and Lauren was whispering something in Draya's ear.

"Say it out loud Lau', don't talk behind my back when I'm right in front of you trick" I jokingly said cocking my hip to the side and putting a hand on it.

"Bitch ain't nobody talking 'bout your fat ass"

"Who you talking to ? And I know you were talking about me Lau, what is it, just say it"

"Damn , Nicki she said it wasn't bout you, just shut up and get back to work" Rihanna said , I turned to her.

"You shut up Robyn , I'm telling you I know she was talking about me" I turned back to Lau and Draya "Draya , you my wifey , tell me , what did she say"

"I'm not a snitch baby I can't tell you" She said shrugging.

"But you're not denying the fact that she said something" I said and went to seat on her lap. She didn't answer, she just shrugged and let out a laugh.

"Ok, bitch chill, I did say something"

"And what was that ?"

"I was just asking her what's going on between you and Drizzy"

"And what did she say ?" I asked shooting daggers at Draya, she is the only one I told bout Aubrey and I, and I hope she kept her mouth shut.

"Nothing" Answered Lauren. " But I don't believe that Draya ain't a good liar"

"Trust me there's nothing, if something  was happening I'd know , I mean I am her bestfriend ,she'd tell me" Rihanna talked mean mugging Draya, I can tell she doesn't really like Draya, I don't know why though Draya's really cool, and I don't what she could have done to make Rih dislike her but then again Rihanna is always mad at the whole world and she thinks everyone's against her so yeah that's just Robyn bing Robyn but anyways that remark made me feel a bit bad Rihanna and Ciara are gonna be super mad at me when hey found out I didn't tell them and Rih is gonna be even more mad when she find out I told Draya.
Draya cleared her throat and plastered a fake smile on her face before answering "Yeah right , next time you should ask Rihanna, she would know not me" I don't know what's going on but I can feel a lot of tension between the two, and Rihanna seems mad, anyhow I just hope there's no beef because I love both of them.

"The three of you are liars I know there's something you guys aren't even trynna hide it, walking around holding hands, hugging , calling each other baby and all, and you spend all your time with him since he came back".
 Why can't she just drop it I don't want anyone to know right for the simple reason that there is nothing, Aubrey and I are just having some fun together as he(d say, we're not really dating or anything... or are we ? I don't know I'm confused and tha's why I don't want everyone in our busines, it's already blurred enough.

"What are you talking about, that's the way we've always been , it ain't no secret Aubrey and I are close and what ?"

"Oh my god , you blushing and you looking down , and  playing with your fingers, girl what's going on" Damn now Rihanna is adding her two cents. I rolled my eyes before talking.

"There is nothing , absolutely nothing, y'all are disgusting for thinking that I would be with my brother "

"Your brother right." Mumbled Lauren. I think they're all on their period.

We continued getttig ready and I called Trey to make sure he got Aubrey out the house and that he was starting to get everything ready, I owe him big time, I planed a party and thanks to him I had nothing to do but get ready, he took care of everything. I also got news from Ci , she said she'd come through once her mom went to bed, so everything's great. After we all were ready, we kissed my mom goodbye said bye to my father who of course had a thing to say about my outfit, bt I just don't care about his opinion, he didn't care when he was away so why would he have a say now ? . After saying bye,we got in our respective cars and drove to Trey's, Chris and all the boys should be there already. 

Sochitta's P.O.V

"Common sis' hurry up , we're gonna be late because of your ass" 

"I'm coming Michael, quit yelling" I said checking my outfit one last time.

"What are you doing , it's no use to do all that, you're ugly anyways " Coming from him that's a compliment I swear.

"Thank you, now let's go" I said picking my heels up and running down the stairs with him following behind.

"Bye mom, I would kiss you goodbye, but Micheal doesn"t have that kind of time, I love you" I said running out the door.

"And I love you too mom" Said Michael running too, the truth is we were just trynna avoid the questionning. She knew we were going to a party so it would be like 'Are the parents there ? Do they have a number ? Both your phones are fully charged right ? when is the party ending ? Blah blah blah , she could go on for days I swear. We got in the car and Micheal drove of while I was putting my shoes on. 
We arrieved to Trey's house, well not rally we parked a street away so that when Drake arrives he won't see the cars in front, we got out of the car and walked to Trey's and he opened the door for us, he gave Micheal a dep before letting him and Micheal went to greet everyone else.

"Hey, Honey how you doing ?" He said hugging me. Trey and I havn't seen each other or talked since that day when he took me home, after he went to check on Iggy, he sent me a text saying that Safaree and her just got into an argument and she was good. After that we talked thru text messages a little bit but that was it nothing less nothing more.

"Hey; Doing good, you ?"

"Great, and you're here so " 

"Quit playing boy" I said hitting his arm with my purse and walking past him to where everyone else was, and he closed the door before following me inside. There was Wayne, August, Future, Chris, Derrick, Nicki, Draya, Rihanna,Lauren and a lot of ohter people from shcool and other people, people were already drinking and the party wasn't even started, looks like we gon turn up tonight. I was talking to some chick from the school when Nicki told everyone to hush apparently Drake was about to come in, everybody hid and we turned the lights off,two mins later, the door opened and Drake yelled : "TREY YOU IN HERE ?" he didn't get any answer and he mumbled, "that nigga ain't never home" making me laugh on the inside and a few seconds later he got in the room and turned the lights on and everyone came out of their hiding place and yelled " SURPRISE !!!!!!!!!!!! " 
Drake stood there shocked looking around at the people in the room. Nicki strutted towards and handed  him a red cup.

"You ain't gon' say anything ?"

"Erm I think y'all got the wrong date, my birthday's in a month." Everyone laughed at that comment.

"It's not for your birthday dummy ! It's a welcome back home party ! Because we're happy to have you back here."  Drake hugged her before talking to everyone in the room.

"Oh , really ? All that for me ? Wow. Thank you guys ! I really appreciate it ... Y'all got a nigga emotional and shit, I don't even know what to say."

"Nigga shut and put your drink up so we can get that fucking party started." Wayne said coming out of nowhere.

"Let's raise our cups to us being together fellas !" Drake yelled ihis cup high in the air and everyone cheered and followed suit.

"Now let's get this party started !!!"

The small crowd we were forming cheered and everyone went on to partying as the music started playing.

Iggy's P.O.V 

 I was sitting alone on my bed watching some stupid movie. Normally on a saturday night Honey would be here with me but she is at that party over at Trey's so it's just me and myself  I called Safaree earlier and asked him to come over, even after what happened the other day I'd rather have his stupid ass here with me than being all alone in this huge house, but Safaree is just an addition to the list of people who don't give two shit about me so he declined saying that the fact that I was on my period meant no pussy so it wasn't worth it and he'd rather go and get high with his friends .

I got hungry so I went to the kitchen and get the plate the maid had left in the oven for me and reheated it a little bit before putting it on a tray along with water, a piece of cheescake and my medication. I took the tray to my bed and before going back under the covers I checked my phone not excpecting any text really but I had recieved one , it was Wayne.

* Hey ma, how you been ? Havn't heard from u for days . *

*Good. U ? Aren't you supposed to be at a party ?*

* I am at a party but I noticed Honey's here, U alone ?*

*Yep !*

*Want me to come over ?*

*No, I'm straight.*

*I'll be over in a few .*

*You high Wayne ? I said I was straight.*

*Yes. And I know but I'm coming anyways. I'm on my way.*

*However you want. You know where I live !*

I put my phone down and took my pills before running to the bathroom and taking my hair out of my bun and combing thru it. I then changed from my ridiculous pyjamas into this and went to the kitchen to get whatever snack we had, I don't usually eat these but Wayne loves them so I put it all on a tray and bought it to my room replacing the other one, I placed the plate with my food back in the oven, I ate the cheescake though and right when I placed the dishes in the dishwasher the bell rang and I went to open the door and was met by a grinning Wayne who had a bottle of peach Cîroc in hand. 

"Weezy !!!" I jumped in his arms and he held me. I was overjoyed to see him, its been a few days since the last time I seen him, I'd see him at school but given that his friends and I on't get along we don't really talk and the only time I got to talk to him Safaree made a scene so yeah. The fact that he left his best friend's party for m is really touching, I mean he is the only person in this whole town who would do tha for me. Except for Sochitta of course.

"Hey Amey." He released me from his embrace and I let him in and led him to my room. Where we got on the bed, he laid down in the middle of the bed and I sat right next to him indian style.

"So, how bad was that party for you to leave and come here to me ?"

"Watchu mean ? That party was live but after I seen Sochitta, I couldn't stop thnking about you being here alone while everyone else was partying, I know that scrub you call your boyfriend wouldn't be here so I thought it would  only be fair to come here and chill. No one deserves to spend their saturday nights alone watching whatever movie you're watching."

"You, Dwayne Micheal Carter Jr. left a party that was 'live' just to keep me company ? How nice."

"I know right."  he got up and grabbed the cîroc bottle and I followed him to the kitchen, he got some Tropicana peach orchard punch and some Sprite from the fridge , he then grabbed cups and mixed the drinks.
He handed me a cup and took the othr one and we headed back to the room and settled on the bed. We drank, smoke and ate snacks while watching whatever was on, well actuakky we weren't watching it , we talked, talked about evrything and nothing, and he made me laugh like crazy, he always makes me laugh and he is the only one, I usually never laugh.

By then I was a bit tipsy or high or both , I wasn't drunk though just tipsy ann I was laying on Wayne's chest my eyes closed I was about to fall asleep and he was telling me a story about I don't even know what to be honnest, I wasn't even listening, I could hear him talking but I wasn't listening to the words. I always loved his raspy voice, I don't know it's just that something about it that was funny and sexy at the same time.

"Ay ! Are you even listening to me ?"

"Huh, Yeah, yeah. You were telling how euu.. How.."

"You could have just let me know you were sleepy, make a nigga save his saliva." He said making laugh a bit and he undid the bed and pulled the covers over me, he kissed me on my lips.

"You staying till a fall asleep, right ?"

"Yea, go to sleep, I'm here." I felt him laying ovr the covers and closed my eyes back.

Chris's P.O.V

"What's wrong witchu ? Since when do you come to a party and sit around like that, you look miserable Chris." Nicki sat next to me.

"Oh I see you and Drizzy finally came unstuck ?" I said taking a sip from my drink.

"Haha, so funny ? So you gon' tell me what's wrong or nah ?" I shook my head no and took another sip, I was watching her over the rim of my cup , she is what was wrong with me, the reason why I was sitting there and moping, it didn't seem to bother her though, she spent the whole night with that nigge Derrick, she acts like I wasn't even there and then she has the nerve to get mad at me for saying hello to Draya, I just don't get Rihanna sometimes, it's like she wants me and every other nigga on earth all to herlself, I can't talk or look at another chick without her going crazy but she can grind on that nigga under my gotdamn nose.

"Really Christopher, that's how we do now ?" She had to scream in order for me to hear her as the music was so loud.

"Ain't nothing wrong with me Nika, why don't you go back to your man and leave me alone." I joked and she faked to be hurt.

"Why are you being so hostile ? And why man are you talking about now ?"

"Drake, you think I don't know, but I know everything Nic everything." I didn't know anything really, except for the fact that there was definitly something going on between the two of them, and I knew she didn't want me to know what it was or else she would have told me already , I knew bringing up a subject she don't to talk about would make her leave , I couldn't tell her about Rihanna.

"I don't know what you're talking about and I have a party to attend so bye." She got up and went to the floor and started dancing with Ashley, my gaze went back to Rihanna who was still grinding on that Derrick dude, she turned her head towards me and our eyes met, she stared at me for a second before smiling at me and  turning her head to the other side and going back to dancing.

'Oh, so she playing with me right now ? Well I can play that game too.'

I gulped down what was left in my cup and got up, I walked onto the dancefloor and noticed a girl I had never seen before, she looked fine and was dancing on her own, she looked at me and smiled, I took it as my cue and walked towards smiling back at her, I bumped past Rih on purpose to make sure she would see me and for sure, she observed me walk to the girl.

"Hey !" I said as I got close to her and placed an arm over her waist, not to low though. She turned around to face me, and smiled again, I look back at Rihanna only to see her giving me this mad look.

'It was about to get really intresting'

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