I Want You : Part 4

They pulled away from the hug, Nicki looked at him with a confused look wondering who the woman could be, the look on Drake's face was an anxious one, he recognized that voice , he knew exactly who it was and wasn't pleased at all to recieve that peron's visit.

"DRAAAKE" The woman kept repeting.

"Hum aren't you gonna greet her ?" Nicki asked him snapping him out of his thoughts.


Chapter 8

Safaree's P.O.V

I was in the parking lot waiting on Trey, I was so mad, Nicki makes me so mad, how could she sit there and talk shit about me like that, and moreover she was about to tell that girl Draya what happened, I think she done lost her damn mind, if she tells someone I don't know what I'll do, but that's gonna be some ugly shit I swear but I know Nicki's not stupid she knows if she starts telling people I won't be the only one in trouble.
I was already fuming about that when I saw Iggy talking to Wayne, and they seemed very close, they held hand and she was playing with his hair , what the fuck ? Now don't get shit twisted I could care less about that hoe, I don't even like her like that, the only reason why I am dating her is because at that moment it seemed like a good plan to hurt Nicki and it was an easy way to get some whenever I wanted so if she wants to be with any other nigga I don't even care, I just don't like disrespect, and she's making me look like a fool right now, everybody knows we are together and she's publicly flirting with him and knowing their past reatonship, it ain't a good look for me. I was already so mad because of Nicki's stupid ass and that bitch is trynna make look a fool ? No that's not happening , I waited a little bit to see what was going on, they kept on talking for a few minutes and they hugged before he ran away and she went to join Sochitta who seemed like she was waiting on her. I'm not letting her go like that, I am way too mad she gon see how I do.
I got down of the hood of my car and ran over to her car.


I Want You : Part 3

The next morning Nicki woke up, and streched, she had slept like a baby, she hadn't slept like this in years. She looked at the time on her phone, to see it was 8:30. She started to panic, the kids should already be at shcool. They should have been there 30 minutes ago.
She jumped out of her bed and ran to Zahir's room and opened it to see he wasn't there and his bed was neatly made , she went to Zahirah's room and it was the axact same thing she was confused, she went to the living room, where Clarissa was moping the floor she looked around, not seeing the kids and went to look for them in the kitchen where she didn't see them, she went back to the living room and stood there, looking around. Clarissa looked at her like she had 6 heads.


Short Story : I Want You part 2

Nicki was in the playroom with Zahir and Zahirah, she had been in there playing with  them for 30mins. Drake was there with them but he had a phonecall to take so he left. Zahir imediately fell in love with Nicki and started talking, laughing and playing with her, Zahirah on the other hand is more shy than her brother so she stayed away , clinging on her father's leg and observing Nicki from afar. Drake being out of the room Nicki took that as her cue to approch the little girl. She went to sit on the floor next to Zahirah who was playing with her dolls .