Chapter 8

Safaree's P.O.V

I was in the parking lot waiting on Trey, I was so mad, Nicki makes me so mad, how could she sit there and talk shit about me like that, and moreover she was about to tell that girl Draya what happened, I think she done lost her damn mind, if she tells someone I don't know what I'll do, but that's gonna be some ugly shit I swear but I know Nicki's not stupid she knows if she starts telling people I won't be the only one in trouble.
I was already fuming about that when I saw Iggy talking to Wayne, and they seemed very close, they held hand and she was playing with his hair , what the fuck ? Now don't get shit twisted I could care less about that hoe, I don't even like her like that, the only reason why I am dating her is because at that moment it seemed like a good plan to hurt Nicki and it was an easy way to get some whenever I wanted so if she wants to be with any other nigga I don't even care, I just don't like disrespect, and she's making me look like a fool right now, everybody knows we are together and she's publicly flirting with him and knowing their past reatonship, it ain't a good look for me. I was already so mad because of Nicki's stupid ass and that bitch is trynna make look a fool ? No that's not happening , I waited a little bit to see what was going on, they kept on talking for a few minutes and they hugged before he ran away and she went to join Sochitta who seemed like she was waiting on her. I'm not letting her go like that, I am way too mad she gon see how I do.
I got down of the hood of my car and ran over to her car.

"Hey, hey, hold on"

"Hey ! What's up ?"

"What's up ? What were you doing with that nigga ?"

"Look, Safaree I don't have no time for that" I don't know what got into her that makes her think she can talk to me like that, but Imma show her something , she gonna regret talking to me like that.

"You have all the time I want"

"Safaree I have to go, we'll talk later ok ?!"

"You're not going nowhere, you're coming with me"

"No she's not , who the fuck you think you are, she's not going nowhere with you stupid ass" Said her idiot friend Honey, that girl hates me , she keeps on filling Iggy's head with stupid ideas.

"You shut up , nobody asked you , go find yourself  a life, so you can mind your own business and let her live her life, she's coming with me" I said grabbing Iggy's arm and she hissed in pain

"Let go of her"

"Or what ? You think you're little skinny ass scares me ?" She was about to talk back but Iggy spoke.

"Sochitta , drop it , I'll go with him , sorry, I'll call you Ok ?" Finally, looks like she has a little common sense.

"You sure ?"

"Yes, bye" She said and we walked to my car, well it's more like I pulled her to the car. I threw her body in the car and ran to my side of it. And I started driving as fast as I could.

"Safaree slow down I'm scared"

"Shut up ! If you're scared now, wait til you see what I got for you hoe"

"Safaree do not talk to me like that I ain't scared of you , I am not Nicki, hope you know that " Why the hell would she bring Nicki up ? She just got me even more mad, the bitch is done.

"Watch your mouth Iggy , Imma  kill you "

Trey's P.O.V

"No problem , Mr. Williams it'll be done by friday"

"Ok , don't decieve me son"

"I won't , I got to go now, thank you Mr"

"You're welcome "

I ran out of the classroom and out of the school , Safaree's gona kill me , he must have been waiting on my ass for a while now. We are supposed to meet up in the parking lot but I had to talk to Mr.Williams about some homework I didn't do in time, thankfully it was Williams, he is cool, so he let it slid as long as I do another assignment he gave me to do for friday. I was in the parking lot , and looked around but I didn't see Safaree, I looked for his car and it was gone, I can't believe this nigga just left, he acts like he couldn't wait 5 minutes, I took my phone out to see if he had sent me a text or something but no , nothing that nigga has some nerve ! I looked around one last time and I saw Tyga's sister Sochitta walking towards me, I don't know what she could possibly want we never really talk.

"Hey , Trey"

"Hey, what's good"

"Hum , do you know where Safaree is at right now, he took Iggy with him and he seemed mad as hell , he was so angry and what if he hurts her huh ? That nigga's crazy he's gonna kill her ..." She rambled like that for a while before I cut her

"Honey , honey calm down , I don't understand , take a breath and explain what's going on"

"Well , Iggy and I were about to head to the mall, but I guess he saw her talking to Wayne and he got mad, he asked her to come with him , she said no, then he yanked her around threw her in the car and they left , he was acting crazy I swear , it was scary I think he is gonna hurt her."

"All that hapened just now ?" She nodded. Damn , I'm affraid of what he is gonna do to her, Safaree can get so violent when he is mad and that girl Iggy has a big mouth she can get him even more mad. I migth not like her but I'm worried, I don't want him to do what he did with Nicki only me and her know what he is capable of. But I am not about to scare Honey more than what she already was.

"Look , nothing's gonna hapen ok ? Just calm down, chill, he was a little bit mad that she was talking to an other nigga but he's not gonna hurt her ok ? Let me take you home and I'll go find them if you want, ok ?"

"Ok, thank you".

We walked to my car, and I opened her door for her, she got in the car and I walked over to the driver's side and got in.

"What a gentleman"

"Well, that's how my momma raised me" She just gave me a small smile, never noticed but that girl is mad cute, she looks good. We drove in a complete silence, I was a bit ill at ease and she looked ill at ease too, I tried to make conversation to break the silence.

"Hey you coming to Nicki's party ?"

"Yeah , she invited me this morning , it's at yours no ? That's what we were going to the mall for "

"Yeah , it's at my crib, Iggy's coming too ?" I was a bit shocked Nicki's the one who organizes the party so I don't get why Iggy'd be invited.

"No she's not, and it's sad"

"Why is it , you really want Nicki and Iggy at the same party, where there's alcohol involved , that shit would turn into some WWE wrestling "

"Haha,  you're stupid, but its true , it would be on and popping and even though Amey's my friend she would get her ass beat ! But on the real I am sad because it's like if I go to that party I betray Amey, but at the same time I don't wanna be like no Nicki I don't fuck with you because I realy like her and everybody else it's just..uggh I don't even know why I am telling you all that, I'm sure you think this is petty"

"No, no actually I understand where you're coming from , I go throuh the same shit everday, I don't know if you notiecd but I'm Safaree's one and only friend"

"Yeah right, but you are lucky because the others accept your friendship with Safaree, they don't cut you out but they don't accept mine with Amey, they always have something to say and they never want to hang out with me, I'm not looking for no friends but it's just stupid how they think I'm Iggy's reflection when they knew me way before I stared hanging with the girl"

"I understand what you saying, what's the most annoyin is the constant remarks like 'how can you be friends with him?' or 'oh just stay with him you'll see when he turns on you ' or my favorite ' you can't possibly be friends with someone who hurt one of your friends"

"Yeah exactly , sometimes I feel like I am some kind of double agent" Damn that's exactly how I feel, I've never talk to anyone who understands where I'm comin from about that.

"Girl, can you read my mind or what ?" She just laughed , her laugh is super cute, I kept on making her laugh just so I could hear it. She is a cool girl , she's chill, it's nice to be around her. I don't know how comes I almost never talked to her before. A few minutes later we arrived to her house and I got out of the car to open her door and helped her get out of the car.

"Well thank you , for the door and for the ride"

"No problem" She smiled and walked to the front door, she was looking for her eys in her bag.

"Humm, Honey ?!"


"How do I let you know for Iggy ?"

"Oh yeah, you made me forget , let me see your phone." I handed her my phone, she took it and registered her number.

"Thank you again Trey she said giving me a quick hug and quickly walking in the house.

I went back to my car and drove to Safaree's house, I need to  know what he's up to.

Rihanna's P.O.V

Nicki , Ciara and I were at the mall , we been in here for almost two hours and we had our outfits for the party and we bought some other stuff , I was getting tired of walking, I wanted to get home now.

"Girls , it's time to go home now, I am tired"

"What's up with you ? You're never ever tired when it comes to shopping" Said Nicki

"She's not really tired , it's more like she's jealous"

"Jealous of what ?"

"August and Chris were all up on Draya earlier and Rih was like , oh I don't get it why aren't they paying any attention to me, she's so jealous it's funny" Nicki giggled before looking at me.

"Now Rih, I can uderstand that August hittng on Draya gets you mad, you guys just broke up but why would you care about Chris hitting on her ?"

And she had to ask that question, what do I tell her now ? She won't be too happy if I tell her I like him, I remember last year before I even got with August , Chris and I had a little thing, it was nothing serious and it didn't last but Nicki got so mad, and after that, she told Ciara and I that she don't think she could handle one of us being with Chris , which I understand , but that puts me in a weird position , I like Chris , I've always been attracted to him, but at the same I don't know if this is worth jeopradizing my friendship with Nicki , imagine if I get with him, Nicki doesn't talk to me no more and three month later Chris and I break up , I'd feel like the dumbest chick in the world for loosing my besfriend over a guy .

"I don't know it's just the fact that they both were paying her so much attention, when I usually am the center of attention" Ok, Ci was right arlier I act like an attention whore , and so what ? Ain't nothing wrong with it.

"Oh my! Rih, you need to grow up "

"I'll grow up whenever I want to, and right now I don't wan to" I said making both Ci and Niki laugh , we walked to the food court , we decided to eat before heading home.

"But really , I need to find someone though " I told them.

"Really, Robyn you haven't been single for a whole two weeks yet !" Said Nicki

"Yeah and what, you may be able to go 3 almost 4 month all alone but I need a rebound"

"Oh god you are too much girl" Said Ci .

"Well,excuse me if I am very self-sufficient." Said Nicki.

"Whatever girl , you are just a lonely ass bitch"

"Shut up hoe you are an attention whore"

"And what ?!"

We continued eating and talking til I felt a tap on my shoulder, I looked up from my plate and Ciara and Nicki who were facing were smiling like idiots, I turned around and I was met with Derrick, I can't believe he is here , Derrick is a guy , I used to be in love with but he is a few years older and he never really looked at me like someone he could possibly be with , he looked at me like a little sister , he went away for college a few years ago, I was shocked to see him , I kinda forgot about him while he was away, seeing him now is so unexpected , but it's good to see him though . He hasn't changed , at all, well he's taller and I can tell he's been working out but other than that, it's the same dude I fell in love with, he is just way more sexy, oh and those tattoos , why does he do that to me? Is he aware of the puddle hat's forming between my legs ? I snapped out of my thought when he spoke.

"I knew it was my girl" He said opening his arms. I got up and walked into his arms.

"Hey, OMG Derrick, what are you doing here ?"

"I just back from L.A a few days ago"

"Oh my god, it's so good to see you Derrick"

"Good to see you too ma" He released me from the hug and greeted Nicki and Ciara , he went to kiss them and came back next to me.

"So, how have you been ?"

"Good. How was L.A ?"

"Great , how about we meet sometime to catch up ?!" Humm, goes straight to the point

"Hum yeah , yeah , why not" Not gonna act too excited, I gotta play it cool, the tables have turned .

"Let me give you my number so you can let me know , hein ?" I gave him my phone and he put his number in it.

"Yes let's do that, I'll call you" I said taking my phone back and he hugged me and waved to the girls , "See you later" , "Yeah , see you around"
He walked out of the restaurant, and I just turned around and sipped on my drink , feeling Nic and Ci's gazes on me. I looked up at them and they had these weird looks.

"Y'all look like you seen a ghost or something."

"Girl this was Derrick Rose. Don't you remember you were crazy in love with the boy and now you act all cool and stuff !"

"Girl have you seen how he was looking at you ?!"

"Yes I noticed that , and now that the tables have turned, he is the one drooling and I am going to play hard to get."

"Damn right girl ! " Nicki said putting her drink up. We all put our drinks up "To Rih's rebound guy !" Said Ciara.

Looks like I am gonna have a little fun, but it's Derrick Rose , I might act chill and all but Derrick Rose wasn't just a little crush I fucking loved him, we never kissed or nothing but damn I was in love with the boy . Anyways I'm  just gonna have my little fun and try to get my head of this whole Chris and August situation.
Once we were done eating, we paid took our stuff and Ci and I kissed Nicki goodbye , and we hopped in Ciara's car since she was my ride home we were driving when I noticed Chris on th curb, he was skating.

"Ci stop !" She braked brusquely. "Bitch what the hell ?!" I rolled my window down "Chris !! Chris !!"

"I can't believe you made me almost get in an accident just so you can talk to Chris ?"

"What accident, the street is empty"

"Whatever y'all hurry up, I'm trynna get home Kahyden ain't gonna tuck himself in"

"You know what go home , I'll walk, thank you for the half drive I love you girl " I kissed her and got out of the car. She drove off , and I ran to Chris who was walking towards me .

"Hey Riri , what's good ?"

"What are you doing out here Chris ?"

"Was going home, why'd you get out of the car you could have just waved you know ?"

"Really Chris , I let my ride home go just to talk to your ass and that's what you gonna tell me ?"

"Aww ,sorry Rih" He put his arm around my shoulders. "Imma twalk you home"

"You better" I said , we walked talking, we had one of this flirty conversations we used to have, and it was pleasing that he was finally paying me some attention.

"Happy to see that you still see me"

"What ??"

"Don't act like you don't know , you've been kissing Draya's ass ever since she been here and you don't pay me any attention no more"

"Aww , you're jealous Rih ? "

"May be , may be not , why ?"

"It changes everything"

"It doesn't, why would me being jealous stop you from having Draya ?"

"Because it's confusing Robyn "

"What's confusing ? Chris I've always been jealous of each and every chick you talked to "

"Yeah, but here's the thing , last year before you got with August , you let me believe there was something between the two of us but then you got with August and did you give two shits about me ? Nope. You didn't care about me and now that I talk to Draya you trynna act jealous. I don't want to hurt your feelings or nothing but it's just I can't it's ,not just a game, Rih I have feelings for you and you just want some attention ."

I was a little bit schocked by these confessions.

"Chris , what ? You have feelings for me ? I took my distance because I tought you were just playing ,I've always had feelings too, but we can't."

"Yes I do, and I'm not sure you really do and I'm not gonna sit here and wait till you're ready, just give me on reason now that you're single as to why we can't be togther ?"

"Chris I don't know what to say, this is complicated , Nicki's your sister I don't want to be in no awkward situation , Nicki will freak out if she finds out there's something between us"

"Rihanna come on Nicki's just an excuse you've been using for the longest, she is not the reason why you don't want to be with me Rih, we are not meant to be, it was just the whole 'secret situation' we used to be in that was fun to you and now you want to keep on having fun and I don't, so , just let me do what I want and you do what you want ."

"And that's it ?  You done told me you had feelings for me and all that just to say we're done before it even started ?"

"What else can we do Robyn ?"

"We can try something Chris, I mean we like each other , why not give it a shot ?

I sound desperate right now, but I really like him, Chris is the number one reason why I have to be the attention whore that I am, I remember when Derrick left to go to L.A , I started liking Chris, but I could never have him that's why I need attention from each and every guy I could get attention from , and when we almost got together and then go distant, I felt like he abandoned me , so now that I found out he has feelings for me I need to have him, but what if he is right and it's just some fantasy and the feelings doesn't really exist nomore ? And what if I need someone else's attention? And Derrick just got back and he seemed intrested in me . We'll just see about it but I need to give Chris and I another try .

Nicki's P.O.V

I got home  after our shopping trip with the girls and when I walked in it was pitch dark. My parents weren't there but that's the usual , they're at work , the weird thing is Chris should be here by now, but anyways. I jut went to my room and put the stuff I just bought away, I took a shower thinking Chris would be here by the time I'm done, I got out of the shower dried and lotioned up, put my PJ's on since I didn't have to get out anymore. I went to take my makeup off and all that and Chris still wasn't there , I don't like to be home alone so I called him to see where he was, but he didn't pick up, so I just sat there waiting , but I really didn't like being home alone so I called Brey to see if he could come over


"Hey Brey'bear" I said over excited.

"Hey Nika , what do you need ?"

"Why would I need anything Brey ? I can't call my Brey'bear just to check on him ?"

"Check on me Nika ? We spent the whole day together besides that tone in your voice betrays you , what do you want ?"

"Well I am home alone and I was wondering if you'd like to come over and just hang out with me " I said in  flirty tone, I don't even know why.

" I think you don't know how this sounds Nic"

"Trust me I know boo, so you coming or what ?"

"I would but I don't have no car, Trey's out and I'm not dressed so ..."

"Aubrey really ? Trey's house ain't even that far from here, you can walk"

"I'd need to get dressed and I don't want to so I wish you a nice evening on your own Nika"
 Is he really trying to tell me that he's not coming ? That has to be a jock, my Aubrey wouldn't do that to me, I know him, he'll drop everything and run to me like he does all the time, that's what he's gon' do right ?

"Drake don't do that , you know I'm scared when I'm home alone"

"Yeah , you know what take it as a growing experience"

"Drake really ?"

"Really Nicki , I can stay on the phone with you though" He said laughing. Oh ok I got it, he's just trying to make me beg , that shit ain't even funny , if he thinks I'm gonna kiss his ass , hell no. I just hang up on him. I was pissed, first Safaree decides to stalk me and make a scene talkin' bout he's gonna check me or whatever and now Drake's trynna mess with my nerves,he knows very well that I'm super scared of being home alone and he decides to play games just now. I could have called anyone else but right now I wanted and needed him and no one else. I was watching T.V in my room but I kept on hearing strange noises, that's why I don't want to be alone in this big ass house,  there's always strange noises and the house is so damn big. Feels like a scary movie. I called Aubrey, maybe having him over the phone will reassure me just a little bit . I called but he didn't pick up , I can't stay alone in here, I'm gonna go crazy , and Chris didn't even send me a text I don't know when he's gonna be back. I was sitting in the middle of my bed bitting my nails,  when I heard yet another noise, that was too much I grabbed my phone, ran down the stairs, grabbed my keys got out of the house and jumped in my car. I put some music on and drove to my destination. Almost ten minutes later I pulled in the driveway, parked and got out of the car, and walked to the front door , and I started banging on the door. A few seconds later he appeared in front of me.

"Nicki what are you doing here ?" He said smirking, that nigga might be thinking he won or something, the only reason as to why I'm here is because that house was too fucking scary.

"Can I come in ?"

"Of course you can my love" My love , is he serious ? He has to keep in mind that I am still mad at him. I rolled my eyes at him and bump passed him.

"You need to lose the atittude baby girl" he said following me as I walked up the stairs to his room

"I ain't yo baby girl" I said opening the door to his room and going to lay on his bed.

"Yes you are" he said laying across the bed with his head on my chest looking at me in the eyes.

"Get of me Drake, I am mad at you"

"Why ? What'd I do ? You're the one who hang up on me I should be mad at you"

"I hung up because, you didn't want to come over when you know I am really scared of being alone"

"Oh, so you're mad only because I didn't gave in and bowed to your whim huh ?"

"What ? It wasn't a whim I was scared and I asked you to come so I wouldn't be scared and you were trynna make me beg, who do you think I am ? I ain't one of your little groupies Drizzy"

"Exactly that's what I was saying , you wanted me to drop everything and run to you like I always do , you're spoiled Nicki. And I ain't even gonna talk about that groupie thing"

"And who spoils me ? You're supposed to come and save me everytime I need you instead of testing me like that, I know you did it purpose , you knew I wouldn't stay there by myself "

"I wasn't testing you stop being paranoid, it wasn't even like that, I told you why I didn't come."

"Well, in that case we need to get you a car ASAP"

"Why ? So I can run to you every single time you need something"


"You are a spoiled brat Nicki"

"All because of you" I said making a kissy face. He got up and for the first time since I got here I noticed he wasn't wearing a shirt and as usual I find myself staring at him , damn that six pack.

" Why you gotta walk around half naked"

"Because I'm in my room , in my home so I do whatever the fuck I want , now what about you being around town half naked ?"

"I ain't half naked, and even if I was , I was in the car, nobody could see me"

"I don't give a fuck wether you were in the car or skateboarding , don't get out of your house dressed like that, when it's dark outside, at that. Don't get out of your house dressed like this at all"

"I wouldn't have to, if you didn't decide to turn your back on me"

"Nika drop it, really, you're here now, I'm with you, you're not alone no more, it's over"

"Yeah but promise it's the last time you do me like that, I needed you Brey I was scared" I said in a baby voice making him laugh, I don't know why but I just crave his attention, I hate when he acts like he doesn't care about me.

"I promise baby girl, now go make us some food I'm hungry" He said getting up.

"What ? Did I hear you correctly ? You trynna give me an order"

"I am not trying, I am giving you one , get up" He said slapping my exposed thigh

"Or what ? And don't hit me , I don't want no abusive husband" I said sitting on his lap. These moments with him make me feel like we are together like this is my boyfriend and in these moments I am happy, I feel content but then I get pulled to the ground again and I feel like it's not right, he is my bestfriend, and if  we get together and it doesn't end up well, that would be the end on our friendship and I don't want that. I just got him back I don't want to lose him again.

"Or I'm going to have to eat what I have right here" he said winking and licking his lips"And I'm your husband now ?" He said with a deep voice that made my panties wet, I can't right now, I feel like I'm about to jump on him ,and that's not good at all with this situation, he wrapped an arm around me and strocked my legs with his free hand. Ok I guess I am getting kinda horny right now, and I think having my ass, right on his crotch doesn't let him insensitive either, I feel like revenge right now. He's gonna see how it feels to be played. I straddled his lap and got our chests as close as possible, our mouth were so close I could feel his breath and I put my arms around his neck, I licked my lips before speaking.

"Maybe, I don't know, do you want to be Aubrey?"  I said grinding on him, with my breast in his face he didn't move or say anything for a few seconds he just looked at me licking his lips and I started beating my bottom lip, it was part of the plan but I ain't gon lie, at that point all I wanted him to do was rip my clothes off  of my body, and fuck me all night long. But that was not the plan right now. I kept grinding until I felt his arms around my lower back and I decided it was time to pull him back to reality so I got up and turned my back to him walking towards the door swaying my hips , I looked back at him over my shoulder , he was sitting there looking stupid with his mouth open and his eyes glued on my ass, I turned back to face him, and I bursted out in laughter.

"How does it feel to be played Brey'bear ?" He regained his composure and smirked before getting up.

"Now baby girl you have no idea what trouble you just got yourelf into " He said walking towards me as I took a step back with every step he took in my direction.

"Really and what  trouble did I get myself into ?"

"I can show you better than I can tell you" he said just when my back hit the wall. He looked at me straight in the eyes with a grin on his face, his eyes were filled with lust, he put his hands on my lower back and let them slid from there to my ass then my thighs , he let his hands slid until they got to the back of my knees, he then lifted my legs up, wraping them around his back and he started grinding while both his hands grabbed my ass, I started moaning and I couldn't help but roll my hips and he started, kissing and bitting on my neck as my moans got louder and louder, at this point we were like dry humping, my eyes were closed and all of a sudden I felt ... nothing. My feet were on the ground again and I opened my eyes to see him standing in front of me smirking and I felt like an idiot.

"What ? you're not laughing no more ?"

"Shut the fuck up Drake" I said walking out of the room, I needed to get it together, I couldn't even look at him right now, I felt so stupid, why would I do that in the first place there has always been this sexual tension between us, we're always all up on each other, we lay in bed together and I admit I love playing with him, I love turning him on and then watch his face drop but he never gets back at me. What I am I supposed to do now ? Cause I know for sure I ain't going back in there  and there's a pool between my legs and I want to have sex with him and that's what gonna happen as soon as I lay my eyes on him, he got me so turned on. I walked in the bathroom, shut the door and sat and the floor, I don't know what to do, I can't go back there and have sex with my freaking bestfriend or can I ? Is it weird that it actaully is what I want to do ?

" Onika , are you ok ?"

"Leave me the hell alone I don't want to see you right now"

"Common now, that's what you do all the time, why does it have to be such a big deal when I do it ?" he asked trying the door knob, and as the idiot that I am, I didn't locked the door so he got in and stood up before me and lauged , I guess at the pout on my face.

"Get up" He told me firly, still talking with that deep voice, still bare chested, that nigga's too damn sexy. I got up from the floor and followed him back to his room where he sat on the bed and I sat on the desk.

"Put a shirt on Aubrey please "

"Common don't act like you don't like what you see" He said that with a smirk on his face once again. I just rolled my eyes  at him. " Besides you in those shorts , it has a certain affect on me too" He said making me smile. He got up from the bed walked over to the desk, picked me up from it and laid me in the bed next to him. I was about to talk but he didn't let me .

"I'm sorry, if I made you feel any kind of way, it was just lust taking over me, I mean you grinding on me like that , your breats in my face and that ass Nic ,you knew you were gonna get in trouble at some point"

"You don't need to apologize ,you're right I guess, it just fired back"

"So we good ?"

"Yeah , I'm gonna head home now"

"So we're not good"

"Why would you say that ?"

"All of a sudden you want to go meaning we're not good, look Nicki you don't have to be uncomfortable right now, let's forget about what happened, and that's it I don't want no awkwardness between us"

"It's not even that Brey, I need to go because of the fact, that I look at you right now and all I can think about is having sex with you and that's how it always is and this time I don't feel like I can repress it and us two having sex right now is not a good idea"
He was frozen I guess he was shocked of my confession, but that was no secret I was attracted to him and he knew that.

"OK, Imma go straight to the point too, you want ti have sex with me and I want to have sex with you so why would it be a ba idea ?" He said getting on top of me , straddling me.

"It's a bad idea because, I don't want to lose you Aubreey"

"Who said you were gonna lose me ?" He asked, his eyes gazing down deep into my own eyes.

"I said it, look I don't think I could look at you the same way if  this happens between us, and who has sex with their bestfriends"

"Well may be we are more than that Nic"

"What do you mean"

"Nicki I want us to be together , like a couple , I mean that's already how it feels, think about what would it change ?" I thought about it ,and he was right ,us being together wouldn't change nothing, the way we are, it's already like we are together , the only thing it would really change is that I will finally be able to kiss those lips of his. Everytime I look at them I can't help but go back 5 years ago the day he left, he had hugged me and was ready to climb in the car, when he turned back and ran to me and kissed me deeply . That was my first kiss . I was staring at his lips and I put my hands on each sides of his face, is face got closer and closer.

"I guess it doesn't change a thing" I answered, our faces were so close, my lips brushed against his as I talked. "Just promise me something  , we remaind friends, like no matter what goes down we're always gonna be Pinky and Brey'bear" Once again my lips brushed agains his as I spoke.

"I promise" he said before his lips crashed against mine, it was a passionate kiss, that held so much, it was better than what I ever imagined. He snatched his lips away from mine and looked a me in the eyes with a big smile on his face.

"I've wanted to do that for so long" He said strocking my hair, I was smiling so hard my cheeks hurt, I was lost in his eyes. I pulled his head down and attacked his lips we stopped kissing when air became an issue. He looked at him smirking and we both leaned in and we kissed roughly, this kiss held so much love and lust in it. It was overwhelming. We kept on making out for while and it got me even hornier than before, he started kissing and bitting on my neck and I wrapped my arms around his back . He snatched his lips from my neck and I flipped us over straddling his body. It my turn to kiss and bite on his neck , I started kissing on his chest, when he put his hands on each sdes of my head making me look up into his eyes.

"Are you sure that's what you want Nicki ?"

"Yes, I' m sure I want you Aubrey"

August's P.O.V

 I was playing on my playstation, laying in the middle of my bed, when my grandmother called me. It was just her and I home tonight, the kids were at their father's and my aunt as working  night shift.

"Yes grandma what do you need ?"

"I need you to put the trash out for me baby, I'm going to bed right now"

"Ok , grandma" I went to kiss her good night and got in the kitchen, took the trash back out of the trash can and went to put it out, I was about to walk back in the house when I noticed a girl, running like she was trynna escape from something, her body looked familiar, I observed her as she stopped runing but kept on walking, and that's when I recognized her .

"Draya ! Draya! " I called after her, running in her direction. She stopped walking and turned around, when I got face to face with her I noticed she was crying, her eyes were puffy and she was halting.I outstreched my arms and she fell in my arms, I wrapped my arms around her small frame and held her close, I let her cry for a while before asking her if she wanted to talk about it , she shook her head no. I didn't want to pressure her into talking about it , I guess she'll talk about it when she's ready, for now all I could do was be there and try to cheer her up no matter what was causing her to be so miserable.

"It's ok , come with me" She didn' say anything , I held her close to m as we walked back to my house , I let her in and we went to my room, I sat her on the bed and I knelt down in front of her, she hadn't stop crying and honestely, it was breaking my heart to see her like that.

"Draya please stop crying" I said, tried to take a deep breath and calm down , but it took her some time to stop crying and halting. I sat on the bed next to her and she snuggled into me.

"Do you need anything ?" She shook her head no before speakin "I just need someone" she said speaking for the first time since I found her, her voice was  broken, it seemed like she'd been crying for a long ass time and she was shivering, she lives not to far from my house on car but on foot, it was a quite long walk, so if she left her house in this tank top and ran all te way, it explains why she's shivering. I went to my closet and took out a hoodie and put it over her body before picking her up and laying her under the covers.

"I'm here , Ok ? Just let me get you some hot chocolate Ok ?"

"Thank you but I just need you to hold me right now" I nodded and laid in bed next to her and just held her in my arms, we staid like that not moving until I heard her snores. I was thinking hard, trynna figure out what could have possibly made her this upset, her phone went off and I just lt et it ring but two minutes later it went off again , and it rang again and again , I decided to check it to see who was calling, maybe it was her mother, I took it and I saw 5 missed call frome 'J.' and 2 from her mom. I put it down next to me and it rang again, it was her mom ,I hesitated before picking up.

"Draya ?!"

"Huh no, she's asleep"

"Who are you ?"

"A friend of hers, don't worry ma'am she's safe"  She was crying like crazy.

"Thank god, could you tell her to call me, when she gets up ?"

"I will" I heart shifting on the other hand and a men's voice spoke.

"Hey man, where y'all at , I'm coming to get her right now"

"Who are you ?"

"Her brother, where are you ?" I guess he was getting irritated, maybe because he was worried about his sister but I didn't know what to do she looked like she ran from her house and I didn't want to send her back there if something was up.

"Hum, I'll just take her home myself when she's up , bye" I hung up before he could say anything.

"Draya" I called shaking her softly to wake her up. She stirred a little before completely opening her eyes and looking at me smiling.

"Nice to see you smile" I said smiling back. "Hum I just got of the phone with your mom and brother, your mom wants you to call her and your brother wants you home ASAP."

"Where's my phone ?"  I handed to her, she took it, dialed a number and pressed the phone against her ear.

"Hello ?"......... "Jermaine I'm good ok ?!"............"Well I ain't getting back there" ............ " I don't care, she wasn't when she choosed him over me" ............. "Nowhere near them"................."Ok, I'll send it to you right now, see you" .

I looked at her confused , waiting for an , or something , I wasn't trynna being nosey I was just worried about her, I really liked her and it really hurt me to see her in such a bad position.

"Draya what's going on ?" Putting a finger under her chin to raise her head.

"Can you please type your adress,, my brother's coming to get me" She said handing me her phone. I took the phone from her typed my adress.

"I'm sending that text only if you tell me what's going on"

"I swear I'm gonna tell you just send the text, before J gets mad" I sent the text and looked at her waiting for her to speak.

"Well my mom and I had an argument about my step father , you know how I never liked him and we never got along, and how my mom left him ?" I nodded signaling her she could keep going " Well , my mom told me she decided to take him back and we argued and she said some hurtfull shit and I ran away, that's it , I just needed to get away from her, now my brother is gonna come get me and I'll stay with him until my mom and I both cool off" She said shrugging.
I couldn't help but feel like there was more to that story but I couldn't tell for sure and I didn't want to pressure her so I had no other choice than accept this explanation.

"Oh. Well this is a fucked up situation, but even if you don't accept or understand the choices she makes, that's your mother, she won't do shit to hurt you on purpose, I heard her cry over the phone , she was sicken worried about you. So even if she makes choices that seem bad to you or decisions that seem wrong, you need to stick with her , you only have one mother and trust me I know what I'm talking about"
She looked in the space as if she was processing everything I just told her and after a few seconds she turned towards and hugged me.

"Thank you for everything August , really thank you so much"

"It's nothing, you know I'll always be here for you" I said winking at her , getting aoher smile from her.

We heard a car's honk, she got up and looked through the window pane, and turned back to face me.

"It's my brother , I have to go"

"Ok , let me walk you to the door" We got downstairs holding hands and we walked to the door still holding hands, I opened the door for her and she pulled me into a hug and when she released me from the hug I kissed the corner of her lips , she gave me one last smile before running to her brother's car.

I need to have her .

Here is chapter 8 !! I don't really like that chapter but yeah here is it .Excuse my mistakes and don't hesitate to comment ;)


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