I Want You : Part 4

They pulled away from the hug, Nicki looked at him with a confused look wondering who the woman could be, the look on Drake's face was an anxious one, he recognized that voice , he knew exactly who it was and wasn't pleased at all to recieve that peron's visit.

"DRAAAKE" The woman kept repeting.

"Hum aren't you gonna greet her ?" Nicki asked him snapping him out of his thoughts.

"Erm , excuse me " Drake said leaving the room, he seemed distraught and Nicki noticed it, that's why she became curious and decided to go see what was up. She waited for a few seconds before discretely following him.

"Here you are " Said the woman who stood in the mddle of the living room, she had jet black curly hair, and she was cute , she looked mean though , she had a stern look but was smiling at the same time. Drake entered the living room and Nicki who was following stopped in the corridor and put her ear to the wall to hear what was said.

"How did you get in here ?"

"I used to live here remember , Reggie (the doorman) let me in."

"What do you want ?"

"Oh I see you redecorated, it's cute, not as nice as what it was but still cute"

"What do you want ?" Drake asked in a stern tone through gritted teeth, Nicki was astonished to see him like that, since she had known him ,she had never ever seen him even a little bit angry, and right now all she was seeing on his face was hatred and anger .

"You aren't even gonna get me anything to drink ?" Asked the woman plopping on the couch with a smile on her face.

"Get out"

"What ?! Come on Drizzy you know you don't want me to." She said still smiling and looking up at him "Besides I am not getting out of here until I get waht I came here for"

"What the hell do you want from me ?"  He said getting more and more angry.

"I want my kids Aubrey, that's all I want." 
Nicki was shocked, so that woman was the twins's mother , even though she was a beautiful woman she looked like a bitch and looking at her demeanor, Nicki could tell that she wasn't nice at all , she had this smile and this look on her that made her look evil.

"Are you crazy, you know damn well you're not getting them , get the fuck out of here " Drake said balling his fists.

"And I am telling you I am leaving with my kids"

"What do you really want, you never gave two shits about them , you want more money ? Imma give it to you but don't you ever come in here again"

"Even if money was what I wanted, taking them would be an even better way to get that, I'll be secure for the 14 years to come, ever heard of child support ?"

"You are evil Zineb , just leave them out of this , I'll give you whatever you want , just leave my children out of it"

"What ?! Stop acting like you're the father of the year all of sudden, where were you when I was the one working my fingers to the bone to feed your children , where were you during that time huh, now I want what's mine Drake, you been living your life, partying it up , making money , while I was struggling , while I went crazy , and now I want my part, you got the fame, the success, the money and my kids and what do I get huh nothing, that's not happening" She said all that, in a very calm tone, smiling like crazy, she seemed so calm and nice yet she was spitting venom.

"You are saying it yourself Zineb you are insane, I am not letting you see my children you need to leave, and we both know that everything you saying right now is bull, you've never done anything for them, you are the worst mother ever"

"And how would you know that ? Were you there ?" Drake didn't answer, but his face answered for him , he still had so much anger in his eyes but you could also read the guilt.

"See, here you are saying that I am evil, and trying to look like the good guy but I hope you know that I just have a call to make, just 1 call Drake and the whole world knows what kind of monster you are." She still had that smile plastered on her face. Drake on the other hand seemed like he was getting more an more angry and his fists were balled up so tightly you'd think he was about to punch her.

"Look at you , you don't even know what to say, but you ain't denying the fact that you are a monster too are you ? I am the worst mother ever if you want to say that but in that case you aren't any better, we are the same Drake" At that she got up from the couch, came close to him and stroke his cheek , he grabbed her arm and held it away from his face

"Shut up ! I am nothing like you , you know that"

"Really, because, if  I have good memory you chose money and fame over your children a few years ago , am I wrong ? And that's exactly what you are about to do right now"

"What are you talking about ? You lied to me, I didn't chose money over my children , and I will never ever ever do so."

" Stop blaming me for what you did you knew they... "

On the other side of the door, Nicki was still standing in the hallway listening to their conversation when she heard the elevator ringing, she knew someone was about to walk in but she stood there frozen, she was to shocked to even move even though she could hear the footsteps getting closer and closer she staid still until she heard a voice calling her

"Hey Nicki what.." She turned around to see Ryan walking towards her, she put her index finger to her mouth asking him to be quiet, but it was too late, Drake had already opened the door, finding Nicki behind it and Ryan , in the middle of the hallway. Drake walked in the hallway followed by Nebby, when she saw Rayan an even bigger smile appeared on her face.

"Ryan, Ryan, Ryan, how I missed you"

"Well the feeling is not mutual" She laughed and turned her head in Nicki's direction.

"And what do we have here, who's that Drake, your new little hoe ?"

"Don't you call her out of her name Zineb and get the hell out of here before I do something I regret" Said Drake pointing to the elevator.

"Oh, look at you defending her Aubrey, hope that hoe ain't nowhere around my children, she probably a stripper I mean look at that" She said pointing in Nicki's direction and looking down on her.

"Bitch you..." Nicki started talking, with her hand in Nebby's face but was cut by Drake screaming at her.

"I SAID  GET OUT". Everyone was starring at him shocked for Nicki and Nebby, but Ryan was amused and grabbed her arm pulling her towards the eleator. She snatched her arm from him and turned around looking at Drake.

"I'll get myself out don't worry, Imma just tell you one last thing Aubrey : I meant what I said, I can make your whole world come crashing down and that's exactly what Imma do if I don't get what I want, reflect on it boo , see you around" She said shrugging and flashing him one last smile before sashaying to the elevator which opened and she got got in, and she deseappeared when the door closed.

"What was that man ?" Asked Ryan, stunned by what he just seen, and mostly who he just seen.

"I'll explain" answered Drake turning to Nicki who was about to turn around and go back to her room.

"I am sorry about that"

"No , it's me... I shouldn't have been in here " Said Nicki bowin her head down, she was ashamed for being caught eavesdropping, she looked like a kid who was being scolded and Drake found it cute, even in this situation he was completely absorbed by her beauty and that pout she was wearing wasn't changing it.

"It's ok , huh I guess I owe you an explanation" Said Drake scratching the back of his neck.

"No , no, I shouldn't have heard all of this , it's none of my business." Nicki  said turning her back to Drake and heading to her room he didn't stop her feeling like he should just let her be for a while and talk to her later on. Nicki arrived to her room where she sat in the middle of her bed indian style, she was confused by everything she just heard and a lot of questions were running through her mind. She might have known Drake for a really short amount of time but she thought she had figured him out a bit and knew what kind of person he was and that was a really good man not some kind of  'monster' but as she told him, all of this was none of her business and she shouln't be so worried about it all, the only thing she should be worrying about was doing her job but how could she stay indifferent after what she heard and how could she possibly act like she never heard this. After thinking about it for a while Nicki calm her mind a little bit after all that woman she saw was crazy , she could tell, so maybe there was no reason to change her opinion on Drake,  maybe there was nothing wrong and that woman was just a bitter ex, but she also was the twin's mother so how comes Drake want to keep them from their own mother .
Nicki stayed locked up alone in her room, reading a book, she wouldn't get out knowing that Drake was there. She didn't want to face him right then, she knew it would be awkward.  Drake also was in his room after Ryan left and couldn't stop thinking. First this whole situation with Nebby was tormenting him, he knew she was up to something and it wasn't the last of her he was seeing . He was worried for his career of course but that was nothing compared to the fear he had for his children he was scared he'd lose them because of her and he was scared they'd go back to her after what happened in the past he knew that was absolutely not the right place for them and he was ready to give her anything she wanted to leave them out of this but apparently this time she wanted more than money. And also the fact that Nicki had heard this bothered him. She just started to warm up to him, and be comfortable around him and with what she just heard they were probably back to square one.
His mind was running and he didn't know what to do . He was thinking super hard and finally decided to work out in order to try and get his mind off all this drama. He changed into a tank top and basketball shorts, put some Jordan's on and rode the elevator to floor right under the penthouse where was is his private gym and started on his work out meanwhile Nicki was still in her room , reading her book about competition between lawyers.

 Drake was done with his workout, he felt better than before, his work out had permit him to relieve the stress, and he was in a better mind  set and could go get his children in a more peacefull mood he went to take a shower and then got dressed and went to put his shoes on. Nicki had just finished reading the 5th chapter of her book and looked athe time on her brand new phone, at the sight of it,she thought about the time her and Drake had spent together earlier that day and it put a smile on her face, she had enjoyed being around him but then she thought about what took place and her smile disapeared. 'How could a so good day got that bad in ten minutes, I just hope it doesn't change everything' She said out loud.. When she read the time, she thought about getting the twins from shcool and out of habit she got up and got her jacket and everything she needed and got out of her room and to the doorway closet to put her shoes on. She was almost done when she heard his deep voice behind her.

"You're going somewhere ?" She turned around to face him before answering.

"Well , I was about to go get the twins but obviously you are going to get them so I'm not going nowhere nomore" She said shrugging.

"You know we can go together, I put up with you all morning I guess, I can make an effort"

"Haha , you are so funny" She answered with sarcasm. "You know you loved my company"

"I don't know about that but come on let's go the chauffeur is waiting"

Two minutes later they wer in the SUV, that was taking them to the preschool. The car was silent, they were both looking out the window at the city. They sat, in the car in a peacefull silence for the rest of the drive neither one wanted to talk but there was no tnsion or unease. Once they were there Nicki went to get Zahir and Zahirah on her own and they were overjoyed to see her , even though they were happy to have their father taking them that morning they missed their little morning routine with Nicki so they were happy to see her. They got to the SUV and when they hoped in and saw their father they were even more excited. the four of them drove back to their home in a happy mood with Zahir and Zahirah telling their father and Nicki how their day went. When they got home they found Chubbs and Noah there.After the twins had their snack Nicki and Zahirah went to her room and they played with her dolls for a while leaving Zahir with the boys. Nicki and Zahirah were getting the dolls dressed and doing their hair when an idea popped in Zahirah's head she went to her closet after asking Nicki not to move. After a few minutes she was done.

"Nickiiiiiiiii ?" Yelled Zahirah from the closet

"Yes ladybug, you want me to come ?" Nicki yelled back , ready to run to her.

"No no no! Close your eyes "

Nicki did as she was told "Done" Zahirah came out of the closet and walked back in the room.

"Open" She told Nicki jumping up and down super excited by the surprise she had for her. Nicki opened her eyes and looked at the little girl, at first she didn't get what the surprise was. She noticed that Zahirah had a completley other outfit on but she didn't get what was exceptional about it. After a few seconds it hit her and she looked at herself before returning her gaze to the little girl in front of her .

"Oh My God ! My little ladybug looks exactly like me" she said in awe extanding her arms to hug the little girl.

"Yess ! We are twins !! I always want to look like you" said  Zahirah as she walked towards Nicki and got in her arms wrapping her little arms around Nicki. They parted from the hug and went to look at themsleves in the mirror Nicki was touched by what Zahirah did and said.  The fact that Zahirah looked up to her made Nicki feel special and also it made her think about the times when she'd go through her mother's closet and played dress up to look exactly like her mom and being the model was a very good feeling. Zahirah asked Nicki to take pictures of them which Nicki did.

"Let's show daddy !" Zahirah said running out of her room and to the living room where the men were playing video games while Zahir was at the table colouring.

"Daddy look at me I am Nicki's twin !"  "What ?" asked Drake not really understanding what she was talking about. It was only when Nicki entered the room that he understood.

"Oh wow there are two Zahirah in here"

"You are silly daddy this is Nicki and I am her twin"

"Oooh Ok. I see but let me tell you a secret, you are prettier than your twin" He wispered the last part making Zahirah giggle.


A month had past and everything was going just fine, the twins had turned 5 and they loved Nicki more and more, they wouldn't even go a day without her, once she took her weekend off to visit her mother they were super sad and call her at night falling asleep on the phone. She was just as much in love with them. The twins weren't the only ones who were fond of Nicki, everybody loved her, she and Clarissa had grew extremely close, Drake loved Nicki's presence just as much as Zahir and Zahirah did, he loved having her around and she was more than just the nanny , she was a friend. Everybody in the peacefull home enjoyed their live as it was and enjoyed the persons they had around, but there was one person in the ouse who wasn't that happy, Drake couldn't help but feel like his hole world would come crashig down. Nebby's little visit a month earlier, left him anxious even though he tried to push it to the back of his mind he couldn't erase the feeling, he felt like something was about to happen but for now Nebby had been silent and didn't even gave any sign of life and he didn't know if it was a good thing or not, so for now he just decided to let it be and live his life , he had so much blessings, might as well enjoy what he had for as long as he had it.

That day Nicki was off and she had spent her day at the library with Candi and Lauren studying, and after that she went to Candi's and hung out with her friends, since she started working for Drake she became more chill and allowed herself to take breaks from her studies and everybody around her had noticed she was happier.
She had come home a little bit late that night so Zahir and Zahirah were already asleep, she went right to her room and showered before brushing her teeth and puting on her PJ's. She was about to go to bed but as she was crawling into bed her stomach growled, she got to the kitchen to get something to eat real quick, she was in the middle of her sandwich when Drake entered the kitchen , she hadn't heard him so he quietly got behind her and covered her eyes, she wasn't even startled , she immediately recognized him, she recognized his hands and his smell.

"Why would you disturb me when I am eating Drake ?"

"Sorry, for interupting your foodgasm" He said sitting on a stool facing her

"You good, that sandwich ain't even that good anyways"

"Where have you been all day Nicki"

"At the library studying ,well more like gossiping who can't actually sudy with Candi and Lauren around, what have you been up to ? If I was off that means you were off to "

" I was off, but I spent the day at the studio before going to get the kids , you missed something"

"Oh? What did I miss ?"

"Zahir threw a fit earlier it was crazy, he was screaming like crazy kicking everything that his foot could reach, and when he got tired he sat in front of room and was like 'I am not talking to you I want Nicki' and whenever I aproached he'd scream super loudly . I just let him stay there and cry until he fell asleep, little man went crazy on me you should have seen it". When he was done telling his story he look at Nicki and she was giving him a mean look.

"And what did you do to my little bird Drake ? "

" He overheard Chubbs and I talking about that baskeball game I plan on going to see and he wanted to come with me and now you know how I can't take him to public places like that so I had to say no and you know the rest"

"Awww, you hurt my baby you meanie , you know he wants to go with you everywhere you go and you know very well how much he loves basketball"

"Not you please Nicki" Drake said sighing.

"What not me ?"

" I know what you're about to say, you're about to tell me that I am selfish and I can't do that to him and that this is all becoming ridiculous blah blah and I already had my mom lecturing me it's enough " She looked at him and surprinzingly she didn't see the angry face she thought she'd see, all she saw was a hurt expression.

"I wasn't about to say that, you already know that I respect your decision about the kids, and I don't think your selfish and you know that "

"You respect it, but do you agree with it ? Be honest, not honest as an employee, honest as Onika my friend"

"Well if I'm being honest I'd say that I don't completly agree with that, I mean I get that you want to protect them from the media and all but hidding their existance might not be the best solution, not only is it hard on them but it also is on you, I know acting like they don't exist and not being able to take them out and spend as much time as you want with them hurts you and I know for a fact that when you saw your little boy in that state earlier it broke your heart, so no I don't agree with this besides why hide their existence, you're not the only rapper who has kids , just look at Lil Wayne !" Nicki said shrugging , hearing her say this like that, made the situation seem so simple, Drake put his face in his hands and sighd heavily. "I am such a bad father" he thought out loud making Nicki feel a bit guilty for what she said. She went to his side of the counter top and hopped on it.
"Look at me" She softly said to him and Drake raised his hed from his hands and  looked up at her, she took his hands in her.

"You are the best father they could dream of, you work days and night so they can have everything they need and even more, you do everything in your power to protect them from any harm and the most important you love them, and trust me they know it , so yes I know this situation is not the best situation possible but that doesn't stop you from being a great father."

"You think so ? " he asked her searching for the answer in her eyes. Nicki squeezed his hand a little bit, before shaking her head up and down, Drake coud tell that she was sincere and he was happy to have someone telling him that he what he was doing wasn't that wrong.

"Thank you Nicki" He said getting up and kissing her cheek, she gave him bright smile.

"Your welcome, but can I ask you somthing ?"


"Huum , stop me if  I overcome my boundaries but I need to ask , that woman who was here like a month ago, the one who called me a hoe, is she Zahir and Zahirah's mother ?" Drake wasn't even suprised by the question, he knew Nicki wanted to know, she was eavesdropping that day so he knew she'd ask one day when she felt comfortable enough.

"Well, yeah she is"

"And may I ask why you don't want .... Nothign never mind" she said and she was about to get down from the counter top but Drake stopped her by holding her arm.

"Why I don't want her to see them ?" He asked, looking Nicki in the eyes and she nodded.

" You might wanna get cozy, it's a long story" he said getting up and holding his hand out for her to take, she hopped down from the counter top and took his hand following him to the couch where he sat holding her in his arms just like he did that night when she was scared because of the thunder.

"So, where do I start" Drake asked himself out loud

"Well , it would be nice if you'd start from the beginning"

" Ok , so about 6 years ago, even before I signed with Wayne I was trynna make it and I had a girlfriend, Zineb or Nebby who you met " Nicki chuckled " Yeah and who would have met my fist if you didn't get her out, but that's beside the point"  " Yeah so her and I were together for a long time and at first she was really supportive of me and my career and all she even followed me from Toronto to here, but when I started being more famous she wasn't that supportive anymore, she started complaining and all but we got through it and stuck together but as the time passed things changed I was busy all the time and she started complaining more and cause drama all the time, make scenes because she felt lonely as she said and she happened to cheat on me which I didn't take well and we broke up."

"I knew she was the hoe" Nicki interrupted making Drake laugh.

"Yeah you could say that, so yeah we broke up but like 6 months after we ran into each other and started talking again and ended up back together but not even 2 months after that I found out she was already in an other relationship and she was basically cheating on the other dude with me, so I left her once again and that time I completely broke off all contact with her , I was told she was back in Toronto but that's all I knew until my mother called me one day saying that she saw Nebby and that she was pregnant and that she told her I was the father ,  I flew to Toronto and went to see her, she confirmed what my mother had told me and I didn't know what to do I completely freaked out, but I got it back together and we found an agreement I moved her in a condo in Atlanta where I lived at the time and I was there during the whole prgnancy paid for everything she needed, I would get her everything she needed even in the middle of the night just like every father would. We had rooms for the twins ready at hers and at mine, we weren't back together and that wasn't the conditions I wanted to have my first child in but I was happy as hell I was even ready to tell the world but she stopped me telling me that we sould wait until the babies were born and that's what I did.  On april 12th 2009 I got a call from her sister telling me that she was at the hospital giving birth, I got there in a flash and oddly the nurse went to ask her if she wanted visit and I was like 'hum hey I am the father' and she looked at me like I was crazy anyways she lead me to the room and  I wasn't ready for what I saw in that room, the nigga she was with before we got back together was there and he had my babygirl in his arms and all that stuff like he was her actual father I asked for an explanation and Zineb told me that he was the father and that she just used me for money while she was pregnant, it broke my heart I was devastated, you can't even imagine how bad it hurt me" Nicki snuggled into him even more as to encourage and cofort him and he held her even closer to him. " I asked for a paternity test but she said they already had one done with him and he was their father for sure, I couldn't believe it something in me told me that this was impossible but I couldn't do shit, I got thrown out the room and after that day I never seen her, heard of her nothing ."

"Oh my god does she even have a heart, you must have been devastated" Said Nicki looking up at him

"I was depressed but I kept it moving, in 2010  I put my first album out and ain't trynna be cocky but I did a great job and yeah I was slowly getting over what happened when Zineb reappeared in my life she knocked on my door one night, and she had her double stroller with my children in it and she was crying like crazy I let her in and she told me her 'boyfriend' had kicked her out after beating the shit out of her and she had nowhere else to go, so I let her stay with me because of the kids, had it been only her , her ass would have been homeless, but I couldn't leave her on the streets when she had children with her. During their stay I noticed how negligent she was with them and how she never really took care of them, her sister was the one taking care of them and she never spent money on them I paid for everything not that I mind but it was just shocking how she spent all her time and money partying and stuff, I didn't have a real relationship with the kids either , I could barely look at them knowing what had happened, I couldn't shake the thought of me being their father out of my head, one night she left in the middle of the night leaving me alone with them so I had to look after them and interacting with them I couldn't help but think that it was a possibility they were mine so a few days later I made a DNA test and found out they were mine,when I confronted her she admited she had lied to me and said it was for my own good because she knew having kids wasn't a good thing for me at the time and blah blah ,I didn't believe that but I had lost so much time with my children I didn't have time to be mad so I let her stay, I would't talk to her at all though, it was like she wasn't even there but I started building a relationship with my kids and it's because of this complicated situation that I couldn't tell the world about Zahir and Zahirah do you imagine what I would have looked like ? A dead beat who abandoned his kids and their mother who became a stripper and dated an abusive man. It wouldn't have been a really good publicity and I didn't want for my children to be in the public eye like I was, with me taking care of them more and more Zineb had more and more time to be the hoe that she is and party , one time I had to go out of town for two days and when I came back I found her sister crying her eyes out , she told me that she had came to check on Nebby and the kids and that she had found them alone in their play pen and that Zineb had left a note saying that she was gone because it was too hard and she didn't want to be a mom. To be honest her leaving us didn't even hurt, I had my children and that was the most important thing I didn't even care about her the only thing that was sad was that these kids had to grow up without a mother. Now you'd think that she did enough but I am not done, 6 month later, she paid me a little visit , she had realised that abandoning her kids meant no check from the state, and honestly since they were born she had been using my kids just for these checks so she theatened to tell the world if I didn't pay her and said hat she'd take them from me and sue me to get child support. We had an agreement she'd stay quiet as long as I pay her a cray amount of money I don't even want to tell you every month and that's how it has been for the past 2 and a half years she recieves her money every month and we never heard about her ass, it has been like that until last month at least. So yeah I don't want her nowhere near my children"

Nicki didn't say anything for a few minutes lettint what she'd just heard sink in.

"How could someone be this wicked, she's a monster"

"I know, and the worst part of it is that I used to be in love with that monster and I wasn't even able to see through her bull and even worse I let her take my children away and I lived under the same roof as them without even paying them attention, she might be a monster but I ain't better"

"You cannot blame yourself for this" Said Nicki straddling Drake's lap to put her hands on both sides of his face making him look right in her brown eyes. "You couldn't do anything when she took them away, it was out of your power, and as for you not paying them attention, you thought they were another man's children you didn't know they were yours she manipulated you all along, and you have been nothing but amazing Aubrey, you made the right moves at every point , you are nothing like her . What you are is an amazing father and an amazing man, any kid would be blessed to have you as a father and any woman should be blessed to have you by their side, she is too evil to see all of that and she has no idea of what she is missing on right now, so please don't beat yourself up for things you didn't do" As she talked she still was holding his face in her hands and they were staring into each other's eyes, Drake could hear and see how genuine she was and he was relieved to hear that, for years he had try to convince himself that what had happened wasn't his fault. Hearing Nicki sincerely say that he wasn't the one who should take all the blame, was a huge relief.
He pulled her close to him and hugged her , she had her face on his chest and was still straddling him while his hands were resting on her lower back.

"Thank you for saying this , I really needed to hear somone say it and actually mean it, and you know, I can return the compliment" Nicki pulled away from the hug and looked at him raising a brow

"What do you mean"

"I mean you are an amazing person, you are beautiful, brilliant,you're good at what you do, you're hilarious, you're a good friend , I love talking to you and just being around you, you make people around you happy just by being there, I mean I just have to see your gorgeous smile and it's enough to make my day" Drake spoke in one breath finally expressing how he really felt. "And I really think that any man would be blessed to have such an attractive, smart caring and loving woman by their side and I think you'd make a great mother one day too, you're awesome with Zahir and Zahirah and they love you. You know what Onika I'm being a 100 percent honest with you, you are just perfect , on the outside and on the inside, your are stunning might sound a bit creepy but I love watching you when you walk , when you talk , when you eat, sing , study you always look stunning and you have a great personality I like the way you carry yourself you are so smart and funny.. OK, you know what I, I , I really don't know why I am telling you this right now but yeah I needed you to know that" He said scratching the back of his neck finally realising everything he jut said , he had basically just admited to her that he had a crush on her. He looked down at their interlaced hands not wanting to raise his head and face her reaction.  He was shocked his own confession and Nicki was just as shocked as he was, her mouth hung open, and her eyes were wide open, she didn't know where this was coming from.

"Huuh , waouh.. All that ... well, thank you.. " She said also looking down at their hands and blushing. A part of her wanted to get up and run away to hide but another part of her wanted to hug and kiss him because she couldn't deny it she liked Drake a lot and deep down she really wanted to hear him say those things. But she wasn't expecting this right then .

"I didn't mean to make you feel ill-at-ease or anything , I just, I don't know I got bold and you know what I'm screwed anyways so I am gonna keep going and tell you that I really like you" Drake said finally raising his head and raising Nicki's head with his index finger. She looked up at him and smiled at his expression he looked so tensed and so apprehensive.

"You like me ? " She asked pointing at herself

"I do"

"And what happens if I tell you that I kinda like you too" She said surprising both Drake and herself, Drake looked at her , not knowing what to say, she didn't know what to say either and there was no need to talk anyways everything was already said , here they were both aware of the other person's feelings, looking in each other's eyes they felt at peace as he sat there with Nicki straddling his lap, he was just content, Nicki was just as happy , she let out a happy sigh before placing her hands on his shoulders.

" I'm gonna repeat myself but you are beautiful" He said bringing his face closer to hers She flashed him a dimple smile which he returned.

"And you are handsome" She said leaning in, there faces were not even 2 inches away and Drake licked his lips one last time before their lips connected.

Here's Part 4 !! Thanks for reading and don't hesitate to comment and tell me what you think about it ;) .XOXO

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  1. A.W.E.S.O.M.E Like ... I can even describe my toughts ...
    You the boss boo update soon