Short Story : I Want You part 2

Nicki was in the playroom with Zahir and Zahirah, she had been in there playing with  them for 30mins. Drake was there with them but he had a phonecall to take so he left. Zahir imediately fell in love with Nicki and started talking, laughing and playing with her, Zahirah on the other hand is more shy than her brother so she stayed away , clinging on her father's leg and observing Nicki from afar. Drake being out of the room Nicki took that as her cue to approch the little girl. She went to sit on the floor next to Zahirah who was playing with her dolls .

"Hey , Zahirah that's a really pretty doll you have here, what's her name ?"

"Her name is Kimberley" She answered looking down to the doll in her hand but never facing Nicki"

"And you are really pretty yourself " A smile appeared on Zahirah's face but she didn't face Nicki yet.

"Really ?"

"Yes , you are one of the most beautiful girl I've ever seen"

"Thank you, you are pretty too"

"Thank you my little ladybug"  She finally raised her head and faced Nicki flashing her the cutest dimpled smile ever.

"I see you have a lot of dolls"

"Yes , I show you : you know Kimberley, that's Brandy, Paisly, Lexi , Lola , Stacy and my favorite is Nicki" she eagerly said pointing at each doll.

"Her name is Nicki ?"

"Yes, she's the prettiest right ?"

"So we have the same name ! And yes she is"

"No, you don't know your name, daddy said your name is Onika" Zahirah said laughing

"Yes but Nicki is my nickname"

"Nickiname? Like my name is Zahirah but daddy calls me Rarah ?"

"Yes exactly, you are a smart little girl"

"I am not a little girl, I am 4"

"Waoouh !! You're definitly a big girl" Nicki said acting super exited.

"Yeah I am a big girl !!"

"Well , I am bigger  than you" Said Zahir

"We are twins you can't be bigger dummy, and leave me alone you meanie I am talking to my friend"

"She was my friend first"

"She is my friend now I don't care"

"No she's not, Miss Onika what do you say ?"

"Humm let me think ... I say I am friends with the both of you Alright ?"

"You can't be friends with him he is a meanie"

"Liar ! You are the meanie"

"No, she is not and neither are you , you both stop fighting, I want the three of us to be friends can we do that ?"

"Yes, if you want to and I am sorry Rarah" said Zahir kissing his sister's cheek , Nicki smiled at that sight as it reminded her of herself and her brother when she was little.

"Ok" said Zahirah still pouting.

Nicki played with the kids for a little while before Drake reappeared in the room, he was relieved, he had find a nanny in less than two days and his kids seemed to like her even Zahirah when she usually is shy and takes a lot of time to warm up to strangers, he felt like he could trust that woman with his kids and could leave them without worrying, and that was a huge weight lifted of his chest.

"Hey I see y'all having fun in here"

"Yes daddy a lot ! Look Miss Onika did Stacy's hair and her and Nicki are twins"

"Really they are ?"

"Yes, I say Miss Onika is a living doll "

Drake and Nicki bursted out laughing at that comment.

"Yeah and we are all friends , the three of us" Added Zahir.

"Really, can I be friends with y'all ?"

"I don't know daddy , only if Miss Onika want you to be" responded Zahirah

"Yeah you need to ask her"

"OK, so Miss Onika can I be friends with you guys" Drake asked Nicki looking at her directly in the eyes and once again he was caught up in her beauty, which she didn't even notice given that she was too busy gazing at him herself.

"I don't know, do you think he can be part of our crew" Nicki asked turning her head towards Zahir and Zahirah snapping both Drake and her out of their trances. Zahir and Zahirah yelled "Yes" in unison.

"Ok, so you are part of the crew" she said smiling at him.

Nicki stayed over for a little bit after that, before leaving. The kids didn't want to let her go, but they were overjoyed when she told them she would be back on friday. Drake showed her to the door , and as she was walking in front him he couldn't help but notice how big her ass was , he even caught himself staring at it, the only thing he thoutght about was tearing that ass up but he shook the thought out of his head, she was his nanny, what type of employer thought those things.

Nicki got home super happy, she was excited to work with these kids, she already loved them and she was going to get paid very very well, she will be able to quit her other two jobs and still have more important income. She couldn't ask for anything better.
Once she was home, she ate something real quick and called Candi and then her mother to let them know about her new job of course she kept her boss' identity to herself . They wouldn't believe her even if she told them anyways. She studied and watched T.V for the rest of the afternoon, and went to bed early as she usually does.


The week flew by as Nicki was busy between school, the assignments she had to do, revisons and visiting her mother. It was 5:30am on friday morning and Nicki was getting up to get ready to go to  Drake's. She was anxious even though she had already met the kids and knew they get along and Drake was nice to her. She couldn't help but stress and she kept asking herself the same question : is this even real ? On sunday she went to her mother's to have lunch with the whole family and her litlle brother was watching a TV show, she watched the show with him and it was an interview with Drake, seeing him on the TV like that with the host presenting him as "The superstar, one of the best rapper out there, the one and only Drizzy Drake" made her realise how crazy this situation was, at that very moment she realised that not only did she became one of the biggest superstars of the moment's employee but also she was one of the very few people who knew his biggest secret. She couldn't believe it herself, and couldn't even believe it was really happening but she just went with the flow.

A little bit more than a hour later she found herself, in front of the same building she was at for the first time almost a week ago. She entered the building thanked  the doorman, who let her in knowing who she was , she then rode the elevator and was in the penthouse were she was once again greeted by Clarissa.

"¡Holà chica!" She said walking towards her

"¡Holà! ¿Qué tal ?"

"Bien y tu"

"Muy bien gracias" They shared a quick hug.

"It's nice to have someone who can speak spanish in here, other than Hola and tacos these boys cannot speak spanish for a cent"

"Hahaha , well I was born in Trinidad so that helps"

"Oh! I am from Puerto Rico"

The two women continued on their conversation, getting to know each other while Clarissa showed her around the penthouse.

"This is Zay's room and acrosss from it you have Rarah's room. " She said showing her the two doors one with a blue 'Z' and the other one with a pink 'Z', they continued walking down the corridor " and that door is the door to Drake's office, he is in there " She said and was about to knock on the door but was stopped by Nicki.

"Wait wait "

"What ? Don't be scared now , you met him already , ain't nothing to be scared of "

"You're right I'm ready"

Clarissa knocked on the door and after a deep "Come in" was heard , she opened the door and entered the room with Nicki reluctantly following her. To Nicki's surprise in the room there was Drake, Noah and 3 other person she didn't know.

"Hi again" Hummed Clarissa.

"Oh noo ! Not her again " Said Noah

"Shut up Noah, I don't want to see you either, I was just showing Nicki to {GCO}

"Ok , shut up yourself,  good morning Nicki" he said smiling at her.

"Morning" said Nicki waving to everyone in the room and they nodded back.

"You can go Clarissa you're dismissed" Said Noah jockingly

"Ouuuh , he said dismissed Clarissa , dismissed , you need to get back at him" said one of the 3 men Nicki didnt know

"Yeah say something" added another one

"Goodmorning Nicki , let me introduce you to those fools , you already know Noah , this is Rayan, Chubbs and O.B , guys this is Nicki , my new nanny." They all waved and said hi. "Now all of you are dismissed thank you" Said Drake to his friends.

"Ok , Drizzy we're out , going to have breakfast anyway, I hope you didn't burn my pancakes today Clarissa" Said Noah getting out of the office with everyone following.

"If only had I made you some boo"

"Hahaha, she got you"

"Shut up O.B"

Drake and Nicki ended up alone in the office.

"Hum, you can have a sit"

"Thank you" she said sitting down on the chair facing him.
It was silent for a few seconds, Nicki was looking down at her nails as if they were the most important thing in the world and Drake was busy studying her , when she noticed how silent it was Nicki looked up to see him staring at her, when she raised her head Drake turned his head.

"So, hum , the kids are still sleeping, and I am leaving in half an hour so you have to wake them up and get them ready for school then take them there the driver will be here at 7:40 . I'll come with you to wake them up so I can say bye to my babies"

"Alright" She said smiling.

"You have any question ?"

She tought about any question to ask but didn't come up with any "Nope"

"Erm I don't want to presure you or anything but have you tought about the moving in thing ? My mother needs to go home earlier than what was planned so I'll need you here"

"Actually yes I tought about it and it's ok with me"

"Perfect, you can either move in from now on or wait till my mother's gone"

"I'll take the second one if it's good with you"

"It's all good, I don't have much time right now, but we can discuss all the details when I get back."

"Fine by me"

"Good, let's wake the monsters up"

"Alright !" Nicki said takinng a deep breath

"Don't worry everything is going to be just fine, they already like you a lot, they've asked about you all week" he said giving Nicki a warm smile.Nicki returned the smile. "And if you need anything Clarissa's always here"

"Ok, good to know"

They entered Zahir's room first, Drake raised the blinds a little bit so they could see and went to the little boy's bed and crouched down next to it and lightly stroke his hair.

"Zahir, Zahir, Zay... It's time to wake up buddy" he spoke softly.
The little boy stirred and turned around, which made Nicki laugh , Drake towerd over him so that he could see his face.
"No,no, little man get up"

Zahir rubbed his eyes before opening them and closing them back

"No daddy I am tired"

"Well you have to go to school, so you need to get up and I have a surprise for you"

Zahir reopened his eyes and sat up, and when he saw the person standing behind his father he became overjoyed and jumped out of his bed.

"Miss Onika !!! " He yelled runing towards her , she crouched down and he jumped at her neck, and hugged her tightly. "You came back ?"

"Of course, little bird I told you I was coming back" Nicki was surprised to see that he was so happy to see her, but it touched her heart very much.

"Ok, come on now" Drake said as Zahir realesed Nicki from the hug. "You go to the bathroom , Miss Onika and I are going to wake Zahirah up and we'll be back ok ?"
He nodded and ran to his en suite bathroom.
Nicki and Drake then got in Zahirah's room where Drake raised the blinds just like he did in her brother's room, crouched down in front of Zahirah's bed, and stroke the little girls head as softly as he did for her brother.

"Zahirah, princess, it's time to get up". Unlike her brother the 4 year old 's eyes immiediately fluttered open, and she smiled at the face she saw, while rubbing the sleep of her eyes.

"Hello daddy" Said Zahira about to fall back asleep.

"Huh huh , princess keep your beautiful eyes open for me"
Zahira reopened her eyes, and just laid there smiling at Drake as he was smiling back. Nicki found the sight before her so cute and to see him in daddy mode , was so different from what she saw of him on T.V or on the internet.

A big smile apeared on Zahira's face when she noticed Nicki

"Miss Onika, is that you ?"

"Who else could it be baby ?" Nicki said smiling big and crouching next to Drake to kiss Zahirah good morning.

"How is my beautiful ladybug today ?"

"I am tired Miss. Onika"

"Aww , come here baby" Nicki said opening her arms, Zahirah got into her embrace and wrapped her own arms around Nicki's neck as Nicki lifted her up. It was Drake's turn to be softened by the sight before him.

"Imma go check on Zay, can you take her to the bathroom and get her ready then y'all can join us in the kitchen , I'll get little man ready"

She carried Zahirah to her ensuite bathroom,were the furniture was adapted so that the 4year old could reach anything she needed and let her pee and wash her hands before garbbing her toothbrush, putting toothpaste on it and handing it to Zahirah

"You can brush your teeth on your own ?"

"Yes daddy taught me"


Once Zahirah was done brushing her teeth, Nicki washed her face, and they walked to her closet holding hands. Nicki helped her pick an outfit and then helped her get dressed. They got back in the bathroom were Nicki grabbed a comb and combed Zahirah's hair before asking her how she wanted her hair and she asked Nicki to tie it in a ponytail and then braid it and that's what Nicki did.

"Alright,you're ready , let's have breakfast now"

"Thank you Miss Onika! " Said Zahirah extremely happy with her appearance.

"You're welcome my ladybug, come on now let's go "

"Miss Onika , can you carry me ?"

"Sure" Nicki lifted her from the ground and held her close to her, she didn't mind carrying her around like that on the contrary she loved it.

"And you know what I want you to do ?" The little girl shook her head no

"I want you to stop calling me Miss Onika, you an call me Nicki " Nicki found it cute when they'd call her Miss Onika but it made her feel like she was an old lady.

"Ok, Nicki"

Nicki, got in the kitchen with Zahirah in her arms. They found Drake pouring some coffee in a thermal coffee pot, and Zahir eating breakfast while talking to Chubbs, Rayan and O.B and Clarissa was clearing the table with Noah picking on her. Looking at them made Nicki think of her own family, when she'd spend the holidays at her aunt's with all the family there and it made her realise that even though Drake was a superstar he also was a simple human being which helped her feel more at ease.

"Hey beautiful people" said Drake, the sight before him made him happy , he didn't know why but that's just how he felt.

"Here is our little princess" he said referring to Zahirah as everyone in the room turned their head in Nicki and Zahirah's direction. The little girl was too comfortable  in Nicki's arms to even move , she just stayed there in Nicki's warm embrace letting her carry her to her father's arms.

"You know you don't have to carry her around like that she's just acting like a big baby" he said tickling Zahira.

"Hahaha, daddy staawp !"
He stopped tickling her and kissed her on the lips while Nicki went to tend to Zahir. Who was showing her is outfit .

Clarissa went to Drake and took Zahirah in her arms and kissed her good morning.

"Why are you still here you" She said to Drake.

"Last time I checked it was my crib not yours"

" I was asking because 10 mins ago you said it was time for you to go"

"Well , I couldn't leave without saying goodbye to my babies now could I ?"

"Hmm whatever "

Drake, took Zahirah back in his arms,  went to sit next to Zahir and explained to them how he had to leave for a few days and how Nicki would babysit along with their grandmother. The kids were sad but used to their father being out of town so they didn't cry or anything. He kissed them and him Noha , Rayan ,Chubbs and O.B left the penthouse.

"Ok , kids , we have ten minutes to leave, common let's go get your bags and put your shoes on." Nicki said and they did just that before leaving the penthouse, riding the elevator and getting out of the building and climbing in the awaiting SUV.


The days passed very quickly and it was already wednesday, Nicki easily got used to her new rythm of life, and loved spending time with Zahir and Zahirah, she loved them and didn't even see it as a job.
On sunday afternoon they went to the zoo and they spent the sunday in, playing , colourng, watching movies, , Sandi would come every night to watch the kids. Since monday, the days have consisted in waking Zahir and Zahirah up, getting them ready,taking them to their school , going to college, then she'd go get the kids from preschool and they'd go back home have their snack , and play until it was time to shower , after their shower they'd have dinner which was cooked by Clarissa and then Drake would skype them and Nicki would tuck them in, wait until Sandi came over and go back home, she found it funny how she had a chauffeur to drive her back home, pick her up every morning and take her to Columbia when she used to take the subway everyday. I's funny how her life flipped in a short amount of time. Today was different though she wasn't going back home , it was moving in day for her,her furniture was sent to a storehouse and she had brought her stuff this morning, it was weird to her to move from her little studio to this huge appartment, but she loved it here and had spent most of her time here since she started working for Drake, she'd been at hers only to sleep.

The kids had just had their snack , Zahirah was at the coffee table drawing, while Nicki sat on the couch and Zahir, was cuddled up next to her, telling her how his day went when they heard the elevator make its little noise signalling that someone was coming in the penthouse , normally Clarissa would get it but she was upstairs so Nicki yelled that she'd get it. She took Zahir on her hip and got up to go meet the person in the hallway. At first when she started working there it was Zahirah who was always in her arms, but for the 3 past days , Zahir has been in her arms or following her.
Nicki walked in the hallway and was met by Drake.

"Hey" said Nicki and Drake imitated her at the sound of his father's voice Zahir raised his head from where it rested in the crook of Nicki's neck .

"Daddy !! " Nicki put him down and he ran to his father who picked him up, Zahirah who had heard her father's voice also ran to him and he picked her up too.

"Hey my babies ! Daddy missed you guys so much" Drake said kissing them.

"And Rarah missed daddy too"  said Zahirah as Drake put them down.

"Really, how much did you miss me princess"

"I missed from here to Nana's house you know where there's snow, it's a lot isn't it"

"Yeah , that's a whole lot but you know what I missed from here to Nana's and back"

" I don't believe you daddy that's not true" Said Zahirah walking away which made Drake and Nicki laugh.

He shook his head at her and looked for Zahir who was back in Nicki's arms.

"And you didn't miss me buddy ?"

"I missed you ,but I didn't cry unlike Rarah because I am a big boy"

"Well if you were a big boy you would be walking on your own" Drake said as they followed Zahira down the hallway to the living room

"I am a big boy , you are just jealous, hein Nicki ?"
Nicki laughed at that comment before answering "Yes you are a big boy"

"Oh, y'all gang up on me I see "

They got in th living and the kids told Drake about the past few days they spent away from him and he gave them presents he bought for them in L.A, at first Niki felt il at ease she didin't know what her place was, when Drake was away and she was alone with the kids  it was simple but now that he was back she didn't know how to act, she didn't know if she should stay in the background like a simple employee or get involved, but Zahir and Zahirah kept including her in the conversation and talking to her so she felt more and more at ease. The hours passed and it was time for Zahir and Zahirah to take their shower, Drake gave Zahir his shower while Nicki took care of Zahirah, meanwhile Clarissa was making dinner, once Drake and Nicki were done with giving the kids their showers, and getting them dressed , they went to the kitchen.

"Y'all are already done ? Dinner's not ready yet, normally I  have a little bit more time no ?" Asked Clarissa.

"Well usally she's alone to shower those two so it takes twice as long "

"Makes sense" Said Clarissa stirring what was in the cooking pot.

"Hum since dinner's not ready yet,  I'll go take a shower.... If it's ok" She said looking at Drake.

"Yeah , yeah go ahead , it's your house now he said smiling at her and she smiled back heading to her room to take her shower in the ensuite bathroom she shared with Clarissa. Indeed their rooms were separated by the bathroom they shared. After showering Nicki got dressed and headed back in the kitchen , she was on her phone texting and waking without looking before her, when her face hit someone's chest. She looked up.

"Oh hum , I am sorry , Nicki "

"No it's ok , it's me I wasn't looking where I was going"

"Hum, dinner's ready, I was coming to get you"

"Oh, ok thank you , let's go then"

"Yeah " Said Drake turning around and following her to the kitchen, for the third time since he met her, he found himself staring at her ass while licking his lips, he shook his head and calmed himself down, they arrived in the dining room and sat at the table Drake was at the end of the table and he had Zahir and Zahirah on each side and nex to Zahir was Nicki while Clarissa sat next to Zahirah.
They started eating after saying grace. Once they were done eating they just sat at the table talking for a, Zahirah was hyped but Zahir on the other hand was super tired and wen to sit on Nicki's lap and she held him close to her rocking him. Drake noticed it and that sight put a smile on his face, it was the first time his kids were this comfortable with a stranger, everytime he ever introduced them someone it would take them a while to warm up to them , but with Nicki it was different , the first time they met her they immediately clicked , even with Zahirah and he knew she was hard to soften up. It was like Nicki had her place in their home, she fited in perfectly, even though he could feel that she was uneasy around him.

"Zahir can't you let her breath ? Get back on your chair little man act like a big boy"

"No, I want Nicki"

"It's ok , I don't mind ,my baby is just tired." She said kissing his hair and Zahir stuck his tongue out at he's father.

Nicki noticed Zahirah yawning and deduced it was time to get them to bed.

"You're tired too ladybug ?" Zahirah nodded and Nicki got up with Zahir in her arms " Ok come on it's time to get you to bed"

"I'll do it" said Drake picking Zahirah up with one arm, and then took Zahir from Nicki's arm adjusting him on his other hip. Nicki kissed both Zahir and Zahirah on their cheeks. "Good night ladybug, Good night little bird'. With that Drake took them to Zahir's ensuite where they both brushed their teeth and and then put them in his bed to read them a bedtime story, they fell asleep in the middle of the story , he carried Zahirah to her bed , kissed her goodnight and went to his room and changed into a wife beater and some basketball shorts. He went to the living room and laid on the couch, and started to watch a rerun of a basketball game on T.V. Nicki and Clarissa appeared in the living room and sat on the couch opposite to the on Drake was laying on.
"Orh these games are the only thing we watch in this house" Said Clarissa

"You can just get out of here if you don't like it"

"That's what I was about to do , I have to call my mother" she said getting up and walking out of the room.

Once Clarissa was out of the room it immediately fell silent and Drake didn't like it at all, he knew it was a lot for her, him being a superstar and all that it was a lot to process , especialy since she couldn't tell anyone but if she was going to live here he wanted her to be comfortable around him , he didn't want her to be ill at ease everytime she was in a room with him, so he decided to make conversation, he started thinking of something to say to her, and realised he didn't know anything about her , of course he knew, her full name, he knew where she used to live, what school she attends, where she was working before he hired her and all the stuff, the agnecy let him know, but he didn't know nothing about her, about who she was, therefore it was hard to make conversation. Nicki's brain was going of too as she was asking herself if she should talk to him or not she wanted to sttart conversation but then she thought ' it's Drake we're talking about Onika he doesn't want to chat with the nanny, maybe he doesn't even want me sitting here like maybe I'm invading his space , I am just employee , staying in the living room was ok when it was Clarissa and I but not with my boss here, god why is he looking at me like that, maybe I should go to my room , yeah do that Onika'. She was about to get up when Drake finally spoke.

"So how did it go during my absence ? I hope they  didn't give you a hard time I know thow they can be sometimes"

"It went well, on the contrary, they're adorable , I really enjoy taking care of them"

"Yeah , well that's great, erm... isn't it too much with school you know, you must be overworked" asked Drake sittting up.

"Actually no, I used to work two diferent jobs and still go to shcool and I was doing just fine so I'd say this situation is better you know it's kinda stable compared to what I was used to"

"Oh ok and what do you study ?

"I study law, I want to be a lawyer one day, and I've always dreamt of opening my own law firm" She said smiling.

"Well I'm sure you're gonna make that dream come true someday"


The room fell silent again , when suddenly a rumble of thunder was heard, making Nicki jump.

"Oh my god ,I guess Imma have a horrible night !"

"You're scared of thunder"

"Yes , Iam scared of thunder, flash of lightning and all that"

Another rumble of thunder was heard, louder this time , Nicki jumped once again and then put her knees to her chest, and lowered her head on her knees."Oh my god , Lord please have mercy"
It made Drake laugh

"Stop  lauging it's not funny" She said jumping again as another rumble of thunder was heard followed by a flash of lightning. "I'm about to cry"

"You are a big baby, common don't cry , it can't get to you " Drake said still laughing

"Stop laughing at me"

"Ok , cry baby, I'll stop" and there was another flash of lightening. Nicki was now super scared and was shaking she put her head in her hands repeating "Oh my god , Oh my god ,Oh my god, we're going to die" Seeing how helpless she looked Drake got up and went to sit next to her, she looked up when she felt his presence, he gave her a reassuring smile and put his arm around he shoulders "Do you mind ?" She shook her head no and he pulled her close to his chest, and wrapped his other arm around her , being so close to one another they both felt a rush. It was silent for a moment before Drake spoke. After a few seconds Nicki stopped shaking and calmed down even though there was still thunder and flashin of lightning outside. For once she felt protected.

They stayed in that position for a while in silence neither one of them talking as Drake continued watching the game, enjoying the warmth her body provided and Nicki just staid there feelin more comfortable then ever. When the whistle for half time was blown, Drake looked down at Nicki to see she had fallen asleep. He hesitated on what he should do , he didn't know weither he shoud wake her up or carry her to her room. After thinking about it he decided to take to her room,' waking her up would be stupid , she wouldn't be able to go back to sleep with the thunder' he thought to himself. He got up gently laying her on the couch and then picked her up bridal style and took her to her room, he put the cover to the side laid her on the bed and she stirred a little feeling cold but got comfortable in the bed once he put the cover over her body, he stood looking at her sleeping face, he liked the sight before him , she looked so beautiful, so pure yet so sexy . He couldn't stop himself from looking at her. 'Ok now you're just being creepy get out of that room Aubrey'  his mind spoke to him  and he shut the lights off and got out of the room after looking behind him to make sure she was good . He closed the door behind him went to his room got in his bed and went to sleep thinking about her.

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