Chapter 7

Nicki's P.O.V

Drake and I came back from lunch we had lunch together , as we did almost everyday since he came back, and after our little argument yesterday I tought it would be a little bit weird today but it wasn't , it was just like nothing never happened , on a side I was relieved because I didn't want to talk about it or have to explain myself more than I already did , but on an other side, it bothered me because I don't like unsolved issues, and I know that he was hiding something and now I can't bring it up just like that. Anyways we were with every one else in the yard. When Draya said she needed some coffee and  wanted to go to the coffee machine.

"Can someone come with me please , I always get lost in that damn school"

"You go on your own who drinks coffee at 1p.m" Said Wayne and everybody agreed with him.

"Really , y'all are so mean , you really want to see me lost in that building ?"

"Stop being so dramatic bitch, I'll coming with you" I said , I just wanted to walk I was tired of sitting.

"Thank you Nika , you are the only one I like here" She said sticking her tongue out to them.

She took my hand and we walked to the nearest coffee machine.As we were walkin she kept and looking over her shoulder like she was scared of something, and she's been doing it all day , no actually since she got  here , but today it was worse , she did it like every two seconds, and she was scared for nothign like this morning she was walking in front of Wayne and I and Wayne just touched her shoulder , and she screamed,  as if it was some aggressor or something.

"Girl what's up with you ? You're acting like you're wanted by the police"

"With who ? Me ? Nothing , why do you say that hein?"
I noticed a change in her demeanor and in her voice , she instantly became nervous and tensed, and she started to walk faster.

"Hold on ,hold on Draya, why are you running like that ?"

"I ain't running away from nothing, I told you" she almost yelled and her voice cracked.

"Draya what's going on ? Baby I know we don't know each other like that but you need to know you can trust me, if there is anything you want to tell me you can I'm here, ok"
She didn't move or said anything , she just stood there staring at me and then she broke down and started crying like a baby and fell in my arms. I didn't even know what to do, I just held her in my arms and rubed her back.

"I'm sorry , I must look super weak right now she said sobing

"Shht , it's ok, let it go, you can cry all you want , it doesn't make you weak."
She got out of my ermbrace and looked at me again, with the same face as before as if she was trying to see if she could believe me.

"Nicki can we talk ? I think I'm ready to tell someone"

"Let me just send the others a text because I think we'll have to skip, we have 3 mins before the bell"

"Ok, let's go get that coffee real quick though because I need it badly"

I sent Ci a text just telling her that Draya and I were skipping the next period, without giving her the reason.
We went to the coffee machine and got her coffe, we then got out of the school and we took my car to the park not far from the school and we sat on a bench in an isolated part of the park.  She sighed deeply.

"Look Imma get straight to the point, just please don't say aything till I' m done ?"

"Ok , I won't " I said taking her hand into mine to reassure her

"Ok so , my mother raised my brother and I alone, and it had always been the three of us until I turned 10 or something like that, she started dating that guy, got pregnant with the twins Damara and Danika who yo know, and then they got married and everything was good until a little after they were born when he started to be abusive. At first it was just with me, he'd call me names and tell me I was worthless, and stuff like that, and it got worse when he started hitting me, he'd make sure to hit me only where I could cover the bruises and I'd make sure to cover up and never let my mother see the bruises and the scars, but one day she found out, she was out and he was hitting me and when she came home she found him beating me with his belt. She tried to pack our stuff so we could leave but he beat her til she couldn't move, when my brother came back home, we lied to him we said that my mom fell in the staircase, as the time passed, he stopped beating me and I thought everything was ok , but the truth was that he left me alone only because he had found a new punching ball who was my mother.
My brother and I walked in on him beating her one day and my brother got angry and punched him they faught he got him K.O and my mother took that time to take us away from him. We moved to Philadelphia, then he found us and we went to N.Y, the it was Houston and the same thing goes on til now, yesterday I found out he found us again I am so scared of him Nicki it's horrible, I can't sleep, I can't eat, I just can't live like that no more."

She told me all that, with 0 emotion, she just gazed in the space, with a neutral face, I couldn't even believe what she was saying and how indifferent she looked I was just shocked.

"Oh My God, Draya I am so sorry to hear that, I don't even know what to say"

"You don't need to say anything, listening was already enough I swear"

"Draya you guys need to go to the police"

"The one time my mom called them they didn't do shit and he got even more mad, so I don't think that it is a good idea, just please don't tell nobody, it's the first time I tell someone."

"I promise you I won't, and if you need anything , you can reach out to me ok ? I'll always be there for you."

"I'm so ashamed right now" She said laying her head on my shoulder.

"Don't be, what you've been through makes you who you are , and you are an amazing person ,you are beautiful, smart and super strong."

"Thank you Nicki"

"Besides you don't have to be ashamed of nothing, you know in our 'crew' if you can call it that way everyone has been through some deep shit you know some worse than  the others but we all have a story you know, so don't you ever be ashamed of that."

"What's your story ?"

I went on to tell her about my story with my fatehr and all that. " See it's not as bad as you but my life hasn't always been a fairytale and it's still not to that day"

"Ok , you know what let's talk about something else , let's not talk about all that at all"

We talked about everything and nothing getting to know each other bettter , when we got to a sensitive subject : Safaree.

"I don't know why y'all hate him , he's always been nice to me, but I know looks can be decieving so"

"Now I don't know for everyone else but when we were together Safaree put through a lot"  I don't know why but I felt like I could trust her and like she wouldn't judge me so I started on telling her everything about Safaree and I from how we got together, how he changed all of a sudden and became another person, I was looking at the floor and I started to tell her about the real reason why we broke up when I saw a pair of Jordan facing my own feet, I looked up and was met with Safaree's eyes piercing into mine.

"We need to talk Nicki right now" I was about to say no but he grabbed my arm tightly and made me get up.

"Hum Draya here take my keyes, I'll walk back"

"No, no it's ok I'll walk , but are you sure you want to stay alone with him "

"It's ok just go, don't worry I'll be fine."

Honey's P.O.V

I was in the courtyard with Iggy during the afternoon break. Yeah I know given that I am Tyga's sister you would wonder why in the hell I am friends with that girl, well I just have to say that I don't know myself , I hate her sneaky ways, and how she can be a hater sometimes, ok all the time , but I love her, I just see through the bitch she can be , I see the real her , and sadly I am the only one, I know everything about her, and she knows everything about me, and no I am not afraid that one day she is going to use it against me because, I know for sure that she would never ever hurt me, she can be a bitch to every single person she knows but not me . We are sisters. I just wish she could let her anger towards Nicki and everyone else go and stop being such a sneaky bitch , so that I can stop being in the middle of it because even though Iggy's my bestfriend I love Nicki , Rih and Ci a lot and the boys are all like my brothers, I am starting to get tired of it every time I talk to someone it's always the same shit "How could you possibly be friends with this hoe" or "You better leave her alone before she turns on you , you can't trust her"  Like Amey's a bitch I got it but at least she ain't never telling me not to fuck with them and I can do whatever I want to do she never judges me, she understands that I have a dark side and she takes me with it, but when I am wih the others , they always have to first compare me to my brothers talking 'bout 'he so sweet how can you be so salty' and second telling me what the fuck I have to do or not or showing me how perfect they are and how I am not. Ugggh I hate this whole situation I feel like I am under so much pression I am about to blow up.

"Sochitta are you listening to me ?"

"Hein , huh no I am not, what were you saying"

"Bitch, really ? I been talking to myself for the past 10 mins?"

"Stop being dramatic hoe , just start over I am listening"

"Where did you stop listening ?"

"Wayne came over and that's all I heard"

"Yeah so I was saying , he came over and it seemed like he really cared about me , you know like I regretted asking him to come , I didn't want to tell him and I felt weak so I tried to avoid the subject and I wanted to smoke and fuck as we used to do , but he was like ,no,not until you tell me why you were crying. And when I was telling him he sat there and listen so attentively to each and every word , it felt so good to have someone who cares about me listening to how I feel, you know "

"Yeah but don't get too hype right now girl , that shit ain't gonna last I am telling you"

"Why do you say that ?"

"There's two reasons, first Nicki and Wayne are like brother and sister and you hate Nicki , so next time you pull one of your little stunt, he's gonna turn on you , then reason number two you are with Safaree"

"First of all , me being with Safaree ain't got nothing to do with that because right now Wayne and I are trynna be friends and second of all as he said, what goes on between Nicki and I is none of his business, he proved it yesterday."

"Girl you know you don't want to be just friends with him, you said it yourself you wanted to somke and fuck , besides you guys have been playing that exact same game for years now, you are cool for a while start hanging out, then you become fuck buddies and you start developping feelings but he gets tired of you being a bitch to his friends and  you start being a bitch to him to hide your feelings and then you don't  talk for months and one day he reappears and the same goes on and on and on, like seriously aren't you bored ?"

"That's bullshit"

"Yeah right , but let me just say this if you want whatever y'all got going on right now to last you need to change girl, and for your own sake even if it ain't got nothing to do with it you need to break up with Safaree, you had your little fun messing with Nicki's feelings now leave him alone , he's bad news."

"I ain't changing for nobody, and they say I am bad news too so I guess we belong together"

"You know what I am not even going to argue with you right now , let's not talk about all that, what are you doing after school ?"

"Nothing, I went to see Nana yesterday, and since she deosn't want me to visit her everyday I don't have nothing to do"

"Great because I need you to come to the mall with me"

"Why are we going to the mall , we went on a shopping trip saturday"

"Because, Nicki is throwing a party on saturday I need an outfit"

"What is that bitch throwing a party for ?"

"It's for Drake, a welcome back party, it's gonna be at Trey's"

"OH, so that's what she needed Trey's house for , Safaree has been in detective mode, it's the only thing he cares about after he heard that coversation she had with Trey,"

"You staying with him when you know the only thing he cares about is her ?"

"Sochitta, we said we weren't talking about that"

"Fine , so we just meet at the parking lot after school ok ?"


The bell rang and we seperated ways to go to our respective classes, I reluctantly walked to my algebra class.

Iggy's P.O.V

I was walking to my spanish class when I saw Nicki and her girls, I decided to take Honey's advice and ignore her, and not even say anything mean to her. She was at her locker talikng, with someone I was about to keep walking when I heard his voice, she was talking to Safaree, what the fuck , they're supposed to hate each other. I got closer and tried to listen to what they were saying , but I couldn't hear very well, with all the people around, I needed to get closer but then they'd notice me. I was too curious so I got a little bit closer anyways making sure I was in the middle of a little crowd so they wouldn't see me and I heard a bit of their conversation.

" I don't care about all that Nicki , all I'm saying is don't tell nobody"

"Who said I was telling anyone ?"

"Hadn't I interupt your conversation you'd have told her Nicki"

"And what if I did ? I am tired of keeping it to myself. I don't care if you have to face the consequences, you're the one who did this to me "

"Are you stupid ? If you tell anybody I won't be the only on 'facing consequences' besides you don't even know that Draya girl, why would you tell her ?"

"Shut up Safaree, you know what I don't care , I am not scared anymore , I'll tell who the fuck I want, whenever I want, and take responsabilty for what happened"

"Take resonsability ? Nika you are so funny , it's too late now, should have took resonsabilities when it was still there don't you think ?" Safaree said with a dark chuckle.
For the first time I saw Nicki with a defeated look on her face, she looked like she was about to cry , and she didn't even respond she kept her head down and tried to bump past him but he grabed her wrist.

"Just know somethng Nicki , I love you I don't wanna put you in that position again , but watch what you do , that white boy came back and you think you can do whatever you want, but that's not how shit goes , tell someone and Imma have to check you if you know what I mean. I know you don't really enjoy being 'checked'. "he said and let go of her wrist. And she quickly walked away. I was shocked, I thought I was the only who had to see that side of Safaree, I mean he could be a little violent at times, but I thought it was just  with me and I didn't think much of it because sometimes I admit I can be annoying as fuck. What I just saw really sent chills up my spine, it seemed like he was about to beat the shit out of her , and that scared look on her face ,it was my first time seeing her, uneasy, she usually is so confident and always looks like she ain't never scared of nothing . For the first time since I started disliking the bitch I felt for her, because that look on her face, was the exact same I had whenever Safaree would be this aggressive with me. Anyways , I can't let this get to me , I still hate her, and I need to know what is it they was talking about and I think I have a plan . I also need to get rid of Safaree , once again Sochitta was right , I should listen to her more often, but I ain't getting rid of his ass right now, I still need him for my plan.

Rihanna's P.O.V

I was in Ms.Knowles 's class , with Ci  next to me and Chris in front of me while Draya was next to him and on her other side was August. August and Chris were both trying to catch the girl's attention , I noticed that since she got here they been playing that game , it's like a competittion between the two of them and to be quite honest, it bothers me. They look stupid , she made it clear, she ain't looking for no boyfriend, and the two of them are there kissing her ass, which I don't like because one August and I just broke up and I kinda miss him and then there's two that relationship Chris has with her is the relationship Chris and I always had , I am the one he used to flirt with not her, and now he doesn't give two shits about me, I ain't hatin' on nothing though Draya's a pretty bitch that has to be why they're all on her ass like that, and I like her she's becoming a real friend so I'd rather see one of those two with her than an other bitch I don't like. I just wished Chris didn't just stop giving two shit about me like that.
I felt something hit my head and I looked at Ciara to see she just hit me with her pen.

"Rihanna ! " she called me

"What do you want bitch ? And do never put that thing on my pretty face again"

"Whatever bitch , I was saying I just recieved a text from Nicki we hitting the mall after school"

"Why ? I don't want to !!"

"What ? Can you say that again , you don't want to go shopping ?"

"I am not in the mood , I just want to go home and sleep"

"Anyways you're coming or nah ?"

"Yes , but y mom drove me here this morning so I'm riding witchu"

"I don't mind"

I got back to my little stalking session and observed the two fools trynna get Draya's attention, I guess I wasn't that discret.

"Oh ! That's what's up . You're jealous" Said Ciara laughing

"Jealous of who ?"

" You jealous because August is trynna get with Draya, but girl Imma keep it real with you , you ain't got nothing to say you broke up with him "

"And Imma keep it real too , I don't care. Am I please to see it ? Not specially, but am I mad ? No. To be honnest it's the fact that Chris is trynna get with her that upsets me."

"What , Chris ? you got your eye on Chris ? I can't believe it"

"I know , I know, but what can I tell you that's how I feel "

"Actually , it ain't that schocking , I saw the way he looks at you and the way y'all are always flirting, there had to be something"

"Really , I guess it isn't that obvious since he acts like I don't even exist Draya's all he sees now"

She started laughing, as I was looking at her like she was crazy, like why the fuck is she laughing all of a sudden.

"Hum Ciara , do you have something to share with the class ? We want to laugh too"

She calmed her crazy self down before answering. "Sorry miss, I got lead astray"
 Now I was the one laughing this chick said "I got lead astray" smh.

"Just hush and read Ciara please" answered Miss Knowles smiling at her. The class resumed its course and Ci and I continued our conversation.

"Bitch what are you laughing at ?"

"You , you acting like an attention whore Rih, you are mad because they are not kissing your ass no more, I mean you used to have both of them, you were with August and at the same time you were the only thing Chris saw , and now these two are trynna get her and you're mad, it's so funny"

"Ugh , I can't stand you right now. You sitting here trynna act like you my therapist or something"

"I was just saying don't get mad at me , besides it ain't that bad , just imagine Nicki's reaction if you tell her 'hey I have a crush on your brother' "

"She'd go craazyy"

Draya's P.O.V

The bell rang, and I quickly packed my stuff in my bag , turned to Rihanna and Ciara , to tell them goodbye, and blew a kiss to Chris and August before running out of the room and of the school , J. came to get me , I usually ride home with August , be it in my car or his, but today J. insisted on it so I let him come and get me. I searched the parking lot for his car, and when I saw it I ran to it , I was too impatient to get an explantion from him and my mom. As I was running to his car I saw Nicki and with what happened earlier I needed to go see how she was. I don't know what got into me but I felt the need to talk to someone and after she saw me cry, I couldn't think of a good lie to tell so I just told her the truth well , just a part of it .

"Hey Nicki you good ?"

"Yes I'm fine"

"Are you sure ? Did he hurt you ?"

"No, no don't worry, I swear I am ok"

"Ok, come here" We hugged and I continued to make my way to my brother's car , I think Nicki is lying to me. But I couldn't force her to tell me , she will eventually, say something when she's ready just like me , it took me years but I finallly told someone.
I got into the car and kissed J' s cheek and we drove home , in complete silence, once we got home, I was anxious , the moment to found why we weren't moving even though he found us, but to my surprise , my mother wasn't home , I looked at J.

"This gotta be some kin of a joke , she is always here at this time , every day she is here at that time , why the hell did she have to fucking go out today huh ?"

"Calm down Draya, she's just taking the girl to my house Rita wanted to spend time with them she'll be here ine like 10 mins relax "

I sighed and went to my room to change into someting more confortable and got myself some snacks from the kitchen I was pouring some M&M's in a bowl when J. entered the kitchen followed by my mother.

"Hi sweetheart , how was your day ?"

"Hi, mommy, good , what about yours?" I said going to hug her . I was super anxious and I'd even say I was mad at her , but I will never raise my voice at her or talk to her any kind of way, she's done so much for me, she's my heart and soul.

"Good" The room fell silent as we all threw occasional glances in one another's direction.

"Ok , so mom Draya , knows that he found you guys and she wants to know why you aren't moving and I thought you should be the one to tell her"

She threw him a death glare , before sighing deeply and looking down at her hands.

"Draya baby, before anything you need to know that I love you more than anything and I'd do anything to protect you"

"I know that mom and I love you too , but what's going on ?"

"So as your brother told you he found us, and this time I decided that we were done running away, so what I decided to do is" She took a deep breath "to take him back".

Did I hear correctly ? Take him back ? What the fuck ? 

Here you go ! Enjoy and leave coments please ;)

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