Chapter 3

Nicki's P.O.V

The school day was over, Chris was going to the gym to work out with his boys , and Ci rode with Future this morning and since he was going to the gym too , Rih had to drop the both of us home, we were in the parking lot waiting for her

"What is this girl doing ?"

"I don't know,Ci you the one who was in last period with her"

" Yeah and what ? I am not her mom "

"About that, how's your mom ?"

"She alright , they said everything's fine , and she gon be back home in two weeks"

"That's great news Ci I am so happy she is finally coming home !!!" I squealed in excitement .

"I wouldn't be if I was you"

"Why'd you say that , you crazy bitch "

"I'm sayin' it for you, the other day we went to see her with August and  , she was like you didn't bring my Nika witchu, it's been so long blah blah. Then she said she'll whip yo ass first thing when she's home 'cauz you went to see her two times only and she misses your ass , I don't know why but she does "

"Aaww , Imma go see her in the week andknow..did you mean to tell me ? "

Rih arrived at that moment, didn't even talk and open the car's door, slid in and waited for us to do the same, put the key in the ignition and drove of . I was about to say something about how silent she was but Ciara was already talking.

"Bitch I didn't even think of telling you 'cause you were depressed and nobody knows why til this day . I hope you know I am still mad at you for that ,I mean we sisters I don't get why you didn't even told us you and safaree were broken up, Chris told us then you sarted acting depressed talkin' bou't it ain't got nuthin to do with him and you don't wanna talk about it and..."

"Ci , calm down, breath girl , and let's leave all that stuff where it belongs , in the past" I said

"A month ago ain't really the past babe, and she just worried just like I am , you might act like everything was alright but  we can tell you ain't that happy we see through your act and we just don't understand why you don't want to open up to us , we are here for you " Rihanna added.

I love them so much for being such caring friends , it makes it even harder not to tell them the truth, but I am not sayin' anything right now I am not ready. I mean I know they are my sisters and I can tell them everything but I am scared they might judge me , common Onika you can say it they wouldn't do that ! would they ? uggh I don't know ... I am just keepin' it to myself until I am ready.

"Girrlls ! I know that and i love y'all for that . But there's just nothing to talk about . I'm fine I swear !

"If you say so"

"Hum, hey did'yall know Safaree and Iggy were together ?"

"Girl , shut up, that's not even possible." Said Ci.

"Actually it is I saw them this morning , she was all up on him."

"Waouh, so Trey wasn't lying to me, I seen him at the airport, when we were going to Puerto Rico and he sayed something about it but I just waved him off because I thought, he was kidding you know."

"Well , that wasn't no joke ! "

" You mad Nika ?"

"No, not at all , Ugh who do I think I am fooling  , I am mad , I mean Safaree and I been together for over a year you know , it kinda hurts to see him with someone else , he could have at least made it an upgrade , but that girl Piggy Azalea , oh god hell no "

"Piggy Azalea haha , Nicki's hating." Laughed Rihanna.

" To be real I am not happy about it, I ain't hating on nothing though, they belong together I swear"

"But honestly , Nic , why did y'all broke up ?"

"Safaree and I weren't on the same page , and that proves it , she is the kind of girl he is looking for and I don't know if you noticed but Iggy and I aren't smillar at all."

"Yeah right ."

Tut tut Rihanna's phone rang , signalling her she just recieved a text message.

"Ci , do you mind checking that for me ?" Ci reached for the phone and read the text out loud

"It's August he says meet me at my house at 7, we need to talk about it. Talk about what, Rih what's going on ?"

"Hum read the whole convo girl'

" Woa woa wait I missed an episode here."

"Like I was telling Nicki , August and I are drifting appart , I feel like this relationship is an act you know so might as well end it."

"Do your thing girl , I mean as long as you're happy I am."

Just as Ciara said that , Rih pulled in my driveway I was about to get out of the car but I didn't want to be home alone and just sit there:

"Y'all don't want to stay with me ?"

"I got until 6:30"

"She's my ride home so same here"

"Who said I was"

"I said it, you going at August's house , and we live two blocks apart so you're my ride home"

We went in the house and just hung out and ate snacks til they had to go. Once they were gone I went upstairs and changed into more comfy clothes, I then went in the living room and started to watch TV , I was watching American Dad , when Chris entered followed by Future, Wayne , Tyga and someone I ain't never seen before, he looked very familiar though

"Hey Nicki Nick Da Nickster"

"Hey, Mr. I don't have no nickname"

"Call me Breezy "

"Whatever , hey y'all !"

Wayne sat on the couch , Chris , Future and Tyga followed him and I don't know how but I landed on the floor , and that nigga who I don't know was laughin' at me.

"Why you laughin' , nigga you come in my damn house, I don't even know you and you here laughing like, like, like I don't even know what"
They all laughed and he said:

"I see you ain't changed at all "

"What ?"

"I said :  I see you ain't changed at al.l" he said exagerating every word as if I was retarted.

" I heard you , but who you ?"

"Who me, really Nika who me ?"

"Yeah who you nigga , and my muthufucking name ain't Nika , it's Nicki to you because I don't KNOW YOU " He was seriously getting on my nerves.

" I thought you would recognize your Breybear."

When he pronounced the nickame I was at a loss for word , could this be Aubrey ? I was frozen as I studied him , and it sure was him , I mean how couldn't I see it , I looked into his eyes , these beautiful hazel eyes that I loved so much . Oh My God , my Breybear is back !!!!!
 I jumped in his arms and he lifted me of the ground. He held me close to him , it felt so good to be in his arms .

" Oh my god , Aubrey is that really you ? Are you here to stay ? " I said as he let me go. It instantly felt really cold.

"Yep, it is me, and yeah I'm here to stay baby girl, I see you missed me"

" I didn"t "

"Why you frontin' we saw how you jumped on the boy !" Said Wayne

"Shut up Weezy" I said. I didn't even looked at him, I so caught up in Aubrey , I admit, I was staring at him, damn he's handsome.

"Hey y'all staring at each other like we in a movie and y'all found each oother after he went missing 6 years ago and you tgought he was dead is really really cute and all , but a nigga's hungry as hell" said Chris .

"Shut up stupid , there's food in the kitchen but I don't know if there's enough food for everyone here, so let's just order something what y'all want ? "

"Nothing at all , I'm out, I have stuff to do"

"Weezy, you always have somthin' to do , nigga sit down for a minute"

"Nika hush , there's not enough food and the nigga wants to go, let him go, who else want to go ?"

"I have to go home too. My mom's waiting on me" Said Future

" Alright, you free to go , Tyga , you can stay there's enough for 4."

"Chris you are an ass I swear."

"Nicki hush !" Chris stuck his tongue out, I swear this nigga ain't never groing up.

"Ok we out" Future said as him and Wayne passed the door"

"Actually I gotta go to" Aubrey said and that's when I realised we were still holding hands.

"No Aubrey don't go, you just got back here , I havent seen you in 5 years and you wanna go already ?"

"Says the girl who didn't miss me" he said with sarcasm.

"Shut up ! Please stay so we can catch up." I said and made my puppy dog face I know nobody can resist.

"OK, I'll stay"

"Yeaaaaaaaaahhhh" I screamed, I was so happy , Aubrey was my best friend before he moved , I was so sad , I thought I'd never ever see him again , I was 12 when he moved and I remember crying my eyes out everyday for like 6 month , Aubrey was my everything , I remember spending every friday night with him , he would sleep at ours 'cause he's  mom worked a night shift . Aubrey was more than my best friend , he was my first crsush, my first kiss also. I don't know how to describe our relationship , it was so strong , when he left we kept in touch at first I remember calling him every chance I got and going to sleep on the phone with him almost every night , but then I don't know what happened we became so distant and it was just a text message for our birthdays and stuff like that so even though I am really happy to see him , I just don't know what to expect now  that he is back.

We all ate together and during dinner Tyga , Chris and Aubrey were talking, I was silent because I was too deep in my thoughts . Once we were done , Chris and Tyga , went to play FIFA , while Aubrey and I were washing the dishes.

Rihanna's P.O.V

I just pulled in August's driveway , after droping Ciara at her house. I got out of the car and headed to the door, I sighed heavily before knocking on the door, I was not ready for this at all . At this point I just felt like this relationship was over and the only reason why we were still together is because the both of us , ddn't want to see that there was no feelings anymore, he can act shocked all he want but he knows as well as I do that we're through, I mean we were in different countries almost the whole summer and I didn't even miss him , I ain't gonna lie I missed having sex with him , but I didin't miss HIM. So I guess we are good without each other . I want us to remain friends though because we were really good friends before this.
He opened the door snatching me out of my thoughts .

"Hey , common in." I entered the house and he led me in the kitchen where he was eating a sandwich and drinkin' sprite.

" You want something to  eat or a drink ?"

"No I'm good."

"OK. Let's talk then so we can put that behind us"

"Well, like I said I feel like there is no us anymore  , like the relationship is over , I feel like we don't care about each other anymore, we don't even spend time together except for when we're having sex" He chuckled at that " Hey I'm serious , it's the only thing we do, we don't talk , we don't do nothing but fuck , and when we're appart we don't miss eachother we act like we do but we don't , I am not going to blame you because it's not just your fault, it's mine also, I mean it ain't like I faught for you and I am not going to say that you never here for me either 'cause you've helped me with so much stuff, and you've always been here for me , it's just that I feel like you're a good friend ,but we arn't lovers anymore . You understand ? "

"What you mean to tell me is that, you don't want us to be together anymore ?"

"Yes , hum no , I don't know , I need to know how you feel ."

"I gotta say that I agree with most of what you just said , you're absolutly right , I feel like we are becoming distant , and I know that we don't spend quality time together , I mean when I see other couples , it's not the same thing , so maybe you're right , but I can't agree witchu when you say that we don't care about eachother , I care , I care for you a lot Rih , but if you feel like this relationship needs to be over , then I respect your decision"

"See that's what I am talking about you not even fazed by what I am telling you , so we might as well end this."

"Yeah you right , Imma miss being witchu though."

"Aww , we're still friends though aren't we"

"For sure , Rih , I just can't stay away from you HAHA"

"Hahaha, yeah I have that effect on people, but hey I gotta go now , before my mom goes crazy , you know she hates eating alone."

"Ok , Imma let you go then." He walked me to the door and we hugged , and I kissed him on the lips, when I pulled from the kissed he looked at me weird and asked :

"What was that for ?"

"It was a goodbye kiss , I just couldn't resist I had to , one last time "

"Yeah, I have that effect on people"

Drake's P.O.V

Nicki and I were washing the dishes , and she was so silent it was shocking , I know I haven't seen her in like 5 years ,but Nicki ain't shy at all , and she proved it earlier , I am not blaming her though because to be honest I am kinda ill-at-ease myself, I don't really know what to say , what do you say to a girl who used to be your bestfriend in the whole wild world , and who also is you first love , that you left behind when you moved and who you haven't seen in 5 years and haven't talked to in 4 or 3. I  mean she would call me for my birthday and I'd do the same, but we never had real conversation , besides I think she is mad at me, I am the one who stopped calling, and the worst thing about it is that I kept in touch with Chris and all the boys , he even came to see me in Canada . Yeah she has to be mad at me . But I ain't saying nothing about it if she doesn't.

"So you acting all shy now ,pinky ?" She smiled at the nickname I gave her when we were kids , I called her that because she's so small, and she loved pink so much.

"I haven't been called that in a while , and I ain't acting shy , I just realised that I should be mad at you , so I am acting mad right now" Shit just when I thought she wouldn't say anything about that

"You mad ? What'd I do"

"First you left me , then you broke your promise , and then you chose Chris over me and I'm sure you replaced me  , that's what you did "She said pouting, I could tell she wasn't really mad but I knew she meant everything she said.

"Aww , you're a drama queen Onika come on you know I didn't 'left' you , my family moved , and I admit I broke my promise and I have no excuse, I just I don't know I made new friends and I just ... I have no excuse it just happened and that's it and I didn't chose Chris over you , he ain't as beautiful as you are." I said acting as dramatic as her.

"It's ok Breybear I forgive you , let's say you were young and stupid , at least you came back to me , but why aren't you denying the fact that you replaced me ?"

"I was coming to that, I could never ever ever ever replace you Onika Tanya Maraj you are the best I could never find better than you " I said acting dramatic once again. And she laughed

"Stop acting stupid Aubrey , there's one thing that never changed , I can't have a serious conversation with you"

"Nobody calls me Aubrey no more Pinky"

"Oh how do they call you then ?"

"They call me Drake"

"Oh, well I call Breybear so that doesn't change anything for me"

We finished washing the dishes and I joined Chris and Tyga in Chris's room as Nicki went I don't know where minding her own buisiness.
I was sitting on an arm chair , while Tyga was laid on the couch and Chris was laid on his bed , they both were playing FIFA. We been sittin' like this for a while and the only thing I was thinking about was Nicki. I am not gonna act like 'yeah she is the ony person I could think of since the day I moved blah blah' that would be a lie. Besides Nicki and I have never been together or nothing , I had a crush on her and I am her first kiss but it was a dare and we were young, I mean younger and   I've had plenty of girlfriends , back there in Toronto. So no she hasn't been the only person on my mind for 5 years but I thought about her a lot , asking myself , what could she possibly look like , had she changed and stuff like that , and now that I seen her , I can say she's exactly like I left her , she's my little Pinky, same face , and same mouth too , that mouth gonna be the end of her one day. But there is one thing that have changed , her body. Lord those curves are jsut waouh , Pinky has ass for days !!! But I just don't know where our reationship is gonna go from now on , are we gonna rebuild our friendship or try to be more ? Time reveals...

"Hey when's my turn I been waiting for forever"

"Not yet nigga , not yet"

"Ok then Imma go to the bathroom , where is it ?"

" Second door to the left"

After going to the bathroom , as I was going back to Chris' room I passed by a half-open door , it was Nicki's room she was liying on her stomach and doing something on her laptop .I don't know why but I couldn't move anymore , I just stood there watching her, she is the most gorgeous girl I've ever seen in my life I swear she is perfection to me , her silky caramel skin , her cute little face, those dimples and her brown eyes , her hair , and that ass in those shorts I just want to rip them of and...

"You know snooping is bad Brey, don't you ?" She said snatching me out of my daze.

"Hein , me, what ? I wasn't snooping "

"Yeah , and what were you doing then?" She said as she sat indian style , in the middle of the bed, and facing the door.

"I went to the bathroom , and hum I got lost and hum this is a big house you know"

"Yeah, I don't believe you , you are not a good liar Brey, you never been."

"What ? You mean to tell me that this is not a big house, and I couldn't get lost"

"You know what, Imma act like I believe you because this is a big house, you know you don't have to stand there, you can come in"

"And this room's huge too" I said sitting right next to her on her bed

"Yeah you mean compared to the one I used to share with Chris "

"Yes, y'all won the lotery or something"

"Chris didn' tell you about my father ? "

"He told me he came back and was doing better, but I didn't know he was doing that good"

"Well a lot has changed since he came back"

"And how do you feel about it , I know how hurt you were when he left"

"He came back 3 years ago so you know , I got used to having him here by know , but I hated him so much at first , I mean he left my mom alone with her children, he left her with nothing, and one day he just comes back like everything's ok and all those gifts, that big house, the cars like he could pay for all the things we've been thru because of him . But hey I ain't complaining , my mother is happy, and we can live care free, so I can't complain."

"You right , you need to see the bright side of it all , he went away , worked on himself , on his issues and now that he is back y'all can be a happy family , it's been hard but you guys made it ,you and your mom deserve it."

"How are your parents ?'

"Hum well, they're divorced , that's why we moved , at first it was supposed to be temporary , they were seperated and she needed some time away, but she realised she was better of without him so they got a divorce and we stayed in Toronto"

" I am sorry to hear that , how'd you take that ?"

"Good , my father have never really been around that much so it wasn't a big change for me , I was just mad because I was the one paying the price , I had to leave my friends and everything , and start over but hey Toronto wasn't that bad and I am good and everyone's happy."

"As long as you're fine , but hey I'm wondering where do y'all leave now tat you're back , your old house have been sold to Nayvadius's family "

"I came back on my own my mom's still in Toronto , I will be linving with Trey for now and who's Nayvadius , Chris told me about this guy named Future , you know who was here earilier , is that his brother ?"

"Oh OK. Nayvadius and Future are the same person fool"

"How was I suppose to know ? So what's been going on Pinky"

"Not much, same people , same school , same everything , you the one who moved in an other country Breybear , what's up"

"I don't know I been doing my thing up there , I love Toronto. You know what ? I have to take you there sometime, you need to see it "

"I don't know about that might be too cold for me."

"Ain't that cold , and it ain't cold all the time Nicki , you're exagerating like always."

"Whatever ,so when do you start school ?"

"Next week , are you still the totally spies with Rih and Ci ?"

"Yep , can't break the dream team up , why do y'all call us the totally spies ? I never got that."

"Common you guys were always spying on us, like all the time"

We kept on doing small talk like that, talking about what's been going on in each other lives and memories we had. It then fell silent , we looked into each other's eyes and didn't say anything, she sighed heavily and  laid back on the bed , I imitated her and laid my head on her chest.

"Brey , can I ask something ?" she said and started to stroke my hair soflty. " Did you miss me ? And why did you stop calling ?"

" I did miss you, I missed you a lot , and I don't know why I stopped calling , I told you earlier I don't know . But hey I am back and know we can try and rebuild what we had we can be Breybear and Pinky again"

"Yes but what were we brey"

"I don't know Nika , let's take everything as it comes so I can have my bestfriend in the whole wide world back"

"Let's do that, and one last thing. Hum do you have a girlfriend ?"

"Hum no I don't have one , have I had girlfriends since I left? Yes but am I currently with someone ? No, why do you ask ?"

"Oh stop liyn' to me, I know all them canadian chiks been all up on you 'Drake' . Nothing I just wanted to know."

" Hahaha You know how I do ! And what about you ?"

"I hum I just broke up with someone but now I am single , ready to mingle"

"Oh I see you Nicki, I see you. "

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