Chapter 2

Safaree's P.O.V

 I was in the parking lot with my boys Sean and Trey, when my bitch, excuse me "girlfriend", came and hugged me from behind, I kissed her and when I realesed her I felt someone staring at me , so I looked around and I saw my ex Nicki. Now Nicki and I have been together for a year and a half, and we broke up just before the summer, at that party Trey threw. Shit was ugly as hell , I did some stuff I am not proud of but anyway what hapened stays between us. She looked shocked I guess since her mouth hung open , but she smiled what the hell ? , and she looked at me straight in the eyes like she was daring me or somthing, now I didn't even now what to do anymore she destabilized me.

"Baby, babe, babe , are you listening to me"
Iggy yelled waving her hands in my face and then looked at the direction I was staring at and when she saw Nicki she waved at her and Nicki waved back with the fakest smile ever plastered on her face.

"That bitch." Iggy said under her breath and she turned to me " I thought you were over her Faree, you said it was me and nothing else"

"Don't call me that, I told you already and, I am over her I swear, it's you, you and only you." I didn't want her calling me that because that's how Nicki used to call me.

"Hum if you say so..."

Oh god now this bitch is mad at me what'd I do ? I better make it up to her,  a nigga's trying to get some later.

"Hey how about I take to lunch today and after school we could go to the mall huh ?

"Yeah sounds great" she said with a smile and she pecked me on the lips .

That hoe cost me so much !

Draya's P.O.V

Today is the first day of school I am so nervous , for two reasons the first one is that, this is a new school and the second one is that I am one yaer advanced, yeah I am really pretty I know but that doesn't mean I am stupid. I am nervous because I've moved a lot and everywhere I went people have been so judgmental either I am a nerd , geeky and a goody two shoes or I am the complete opposite , a hoe with no brain !
I hope this time around people will try and get to know me before they judge me , it's not that I try super hard to get everybody to like me but I guess it would be nice to have friends for once , damn at least someone who talks to me for something other than homeworks or a quick nut !
So today I am wearing an outfit that doesn't look too geeky nor slutty .  Trynna make a good first impression I was at the main office to get my schedule when a boy, walked in and stood right next to me.

"Oh I see you imitated my swag this morning"

" Excuse me ?!" I looked at him as I didn't understand what he was trying to say

"Huh can't you see ? We match !" I looked him up and down and sure enough we did match

" Oh , actually I'd say you tried to imitate my swag, but you ain't looking as good as me so it's ok"

"Yeah , if you like to think so. I am Chris by the way."

"And I am Draya." The lady at the desk gave me my schedule and all of that stuff , I thanked her and turned back to Chris as he opened his mouth to say something the principal Mr. Carter yelled :

"Christopher Maraj , come in"

"I gotta go ma , I guess I'll see  you around" he kissed my hand then disappeared in the office. I walked out and searched for the classroom my first period was held in ; History . After ten mintes of searching I finally found it . I knocked at the door and waited for an answer.

"Come in" I heard a women"s voice yell through the door.
I opened the door and walked in as all the eyes were set on me. Dang why do these people have to stare so hard, is it the first time they see a human being. Anyways I walked to the teacher's desk , and smiled at her she was so pretty and seemed so nice.

"Good morning I am Draya Mich..."

"Yes Draya Michele the new student, here let me see your schedule" she smiled at me, a warm smile and then asked me to introduce myself to the class, OH GOD I hate doing it.

"Huh hi, my name"s Draya, I just moved in Atlanta 2 days ago , I am from L.A and that's it I guess" I didn't say I was only 16 so they wouldn't know I skiped a grade

"Ok, well Draya , welcome to my class, I forgot I am Ms. Knowles , you may take a seat now , I see there is one available next to Ciara, Ciara please raise your hand"

 A cute girl with long blond hair and black roots rose her hand, I walked towards her and took the seat next to her , as soon as I sat down she called me

"Hey girl. You look pretty !"

"Thank you , and I could say the same about you"

"Yeah I've been told" We both chuckled 

"So you're from L.A ?"

"Yes I am, I've lived there for 2 years and my family moved here because of my mother's job" I lied it's the same story I have to tell over and over again .

"Oh ok"

"So how is it here, I've always wanted to see Atlanta but how is it to live here and how's the school"

" It's pretty cool here, people are cool , you know what ? Come with me after the class I'll intriduce you to my friends"

We talked until the bell rang and then we gathered our things, we had 2nd period together it was english with Mr. West so we went together and again I had to introduce myself in front of everyone , we had this period with Chris, him and Ciara were good friends so the three of us talked non stop. People seem really cool in here maybe for the first time I'll have friends, real friends. Who knows?

Rihanna's P.O.V

I was sitting on a table in the courtyard with Nicki , we were waiting for the others . It was our break after second period witch I have with Nicki.

" So how are you and August ?" Nicki asked me

"Hum , we good ... I guess"

"You guess ? What is that suppose to mean, what happened ?"

"Nothing really , it's just that I feel like we are drifting appart , you know ? We only talk through text messages and it's basic conversation , I rembember when we used to talk for hours about everything , and know I get two text messages a day , and when we spend time together , it's just sex , now don't get it twisted I absolutly love it , but it's just I don't even know, it feels like we just fuck budies now"

"Oh  , I see what you mean , but don't keep them thoughts to yourself , talk to him you need to know where y'all stand , don't waste yo time in a relationship that doesn't exist anymore , I mean if y'all are just fuck budies than be it , don't fake a committed relationship , you understand what I'm saying ?"

"Yeah, you're completely right !" As I sayed that August and Wayne came and sat on the beches in front of us August pecked me on the lips and then kissed Nicki on the cheek and Wayne kissed the both of us 

"Hey what's going on here ?" Asked Wayne 

"Nothing much Weezy , where you been , ain't nobody seen you ass in two month" sayed Nicki 

"Hey Barbie , a nigga was just livin' it up"

"What chu mean , where were you livin' it up"

"You don't need to know all that ma , stop with the questions " Ci and a random girl I never seen before joined us 

" Hey people " She yelled , this girl is always that hype in the morning yelling and shit , I mean the girl goes for a footing , at 6 every morning , she crazy !

" Ci do you always need to shout like that? " August asked her.

"What my G. if you have a problem with my happiness , you can just go somewhere." She jokingly told him as he gave her a quick hug.
She greeted Wayne and then it was silent as we all turned our attention to the girl who was with her. She turned her head to see what we were looking at.

"Wow , don't be starring at the girl like that , you gonna scare her. Guys this is Draya , and Draya these crazy people are Wayne , Nicki , Rihanna , and this stupid nigga who's trynna kill my vibe is September" Ciara sayed and we bursted in a fit of lauhghter even August . He poked Ciara behind the head and told Draya :
"Excuse her stupidy I am August" he said and winked at her. Am I crazy or is this nigga really flirting with this girl right under my damn nose like I wasn't even there, did he lose his mind ?

"Well it's nice to meet y'all". She said , she didn't seem to respond to August's flirtatious ways, and she seems to be a nice girl and if she gets along with Ci , we can definitly get along so we cool for now.

" Nice to meet you too girl , where you from" I asked 

"I' m from L.A , I just moved here "

"Well , I could show you around, if you want to." Wayne said.

"Weezy , cut that shit you ain't slick , Nicki, Ci and I will show you around girl , you don't need to be spending time with that fool" I told her.

"Yes that would be nice" .She smiled.

"Oh so you don't want to go with me ?"  Wayne spoke acting hurt
"Aww don't be sad boy." Draya answered. 

"No don't try to be nice now." He jocked.

We were hanging out and then Future arrived , the boys then went to do 'guys stuff' and Ci and Future went doing their own thing , Nicki, Draya and I , were talking.

" So are you guys dating or anything ?" Draya asked 

"Yeah, August's my boo, we been together for almost a year now."

"I should've figured it out after seeing you guys kiss like three times" she said. " And what about you Nicki"

"Me, I am a single lady, and I don't need no man , this is way too much drama for me."

" Yeah you say that now and when you see Ciara and Future you be like 'Aww I wish I had that' " I mocked her.

"Whatever bitch ! What about you Draya , you got your eyes on someone ? Maybe Weezy"

"I don't really got time for this you know , I got to admit I ain't got nothing against occasional sex though , I just don't see the point in being in a relationship and all that . But if love comes to me I'll take it I guess." When she said that it kinda made me think of my relationship with August , maybe Nicki's right , I need to talk to him.

"Yeah I feel you but common girl I need a scoop , isn't there a guy in NATLH , you feelin'."

"Hey , I've been here for 2 hours only ! But if I am being honest I'll say that this lil nigga I met this morning is kinda cute"

"Oh oh , who ?"

"His name's Chris, Christopher Maraj , or something like that I met him at the main office and he is in my second period ,actually Ci knows him do y'all see who I am talking about ?" 

Call me crazy but I really didn't like the fact that Draya was feeling Chris , I just don't like any girl approching him , we've always had  that strange relationship , Chris and I are so close , sometimes I just don't know what to think but we are like brother and sister so I would never act on those feelings Nika would get so mad, and he might reject me so I just keep them thoughts far far far away in the back of my mind.

"HAHAHA" Nika was laughing " I see exactly who you talking about." 

"Why you laughin' girl , he cute ain't he ?"

"He has to be I mean I am the cutest so."

"What chu mean ?" Draya asked confused.

"Her full name's Onika Tanya Maraj , she's Chris' twin sister" I said

"Oooh ! Yeah you guys have kinda similar smiles , but I wouldn't have noticed you were twins." 

"Yeah well , we are , I don't get how you could like that monkey-face." 

The break was comming to an end so we had to get to class , I was with Nick and Draya so we went together.

August's P.O.V

It's the end of the day , I was at my locker when I saw the girl Ciara introduced to us today , what's her name again ? Draya , yeah so I called her .

"Hey Draya wait up !"

" Oh hey September" she said laughing 

"Oh I see why you get along with Ci , you both are 5 years old that's why." 

"Haha real funny."

"So how was your first day beautiful ?"

"Better than how I excepted it to be , met new people and the school is pretty cool so I ain't complaining"

"Oh , where do you live" I asked her as we were about to separate ways I was about to get in the parking lot and she was taking the bus 

"I can't explain you well but it's about 5 bus stops from here " 

"Oh , ok , but if you need a ride home , I would be pleased to give you one gorgeous." I said while puting my arm over her shoulders.
 She escaped from my embrace and said " Look I know Rihanna and you are together , I am not a hoe and I don't want her to feel like I am a home wrecker , she has been nothing but nice to me and I see you trynna flirt with me , I just don't like it , I am not telling her anything but you got to quit trying to get in my pants boy."

Wow this girl just set me straight , I got to admit , what I have been doing to Rih these past month ain't cool , don't get it twisted I never cheated on her , but I came close so many times , I guess I just crossed the line this time , Draya and Rih are kinda building a friendship and flirting with one of my girlfriend's friends might not be a good idea 

"I am sorry, I didn't mean to come at you like that I mean , it's just ... Huh I don't even have no excuse,  I was wrong and I apologise , Imma just take you home and act friendly instead of flirting , I hope we can still become friends."

"It's ok no need to be so apollogetic, your girl is the one who deservers an apology" 


We went in the parking lot and got in my car. I dropped her home and found out she doesn't live too far from my house , after dropping her off, I went to the gym, before getting out of the car I checked my phone and Rih had sent me a text .  WHAT ? Is she trynna say that we are OVER ?

I answerd : ~ Meet me at my house at 7 , we need to talk about it~

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