Chapter 1

September, 1st 2014

Nicki's P.O.V

06:30 Bip Bip Bip Bip Bip Bip... My alarm, rang .
Today was my first day back in school ! I am sooo excited !! That was a joke , I hate school , no actually I hate this stupid school. But do I have a choice ?! Hell no , and it is my last year before I graduate so.
Anyways I woke up , did my usual morning routine , I was curling my hair in the bathroom  when my stupid twin brother walked in. "Hey Nicki Nick Da Nickster " he yelled as he poked me behind my head 

"Boy you betta get the hell outta here before I burn ya" I said holding the curling iron in the air

"Oh someone is in a bad mood haha"

"Yeah , we're going back to school, I don't want to go ! I hate that school"

"Come on Nick , you act like it was terrible , like you have no friends and like you hate everybody there! It's not that bad "

"Yeah right , ok let me go get dressed , and stop walking around half naked put some clothes on nigga !"

I went in my closet to put my outfit on , I then took a selfie and sent it to my girls Ciara and Rih.

I ate a quick breakfast and waited for Chris to get ready , I didn't feel like driving and our parents were on a business trip so Chris was driving us to school

Rihanna's P.O.V

Tut tut , my phone rang , signalling me I recieved a Snap uggh ! It's from my girl Nicki it says "first day outfit". 
Oh shit ! I forgot it's the first day of school and a bitch is finna be late already !
 " Mom why didn't you wake me up ?" I yelled my voice echoing in the house.

"Girl you're gonna stop yelling at me ! And you are grown enough to know when you need to wake yo ass up." My mama yelled back

What a wonderful way to start a day! I rushed in the bathroom to take a shower 

As I was getting dressed, I recieved a text from my boyfriend August

~ Looking forward to see you sexy ;) ~

~ Me too Boo :* ~

I got dressed as quick as possible and left in my white Mercedes CLA 45 AMG 2013 , I just had it for my birthday.

Ciara's P.O.V

I woke up at 6:00 , went out for my daily footing - yeah I run every morning at 6 except on sunday call me crazy if you want to!-  It's 6:30 now and I just got back home and I'm heading to the shower, but before, I have to wake my little brother kahyden up he is my whole world I love him so much ! I take care of him and my sister Assiya while my mother is at the hospital , she got real sick and she's been in the hospital for almost 3 months now but thanks god she'll be fine , and she's getting back home in two weeks. Anyway I woke them kids  up , and then I got in the shower, after a well needed shower I got dressed
As I put my shoes on I heard a car's honk , that might be Nayvadius, aka Future my boyfriend.

"Assiya getcho ass down here and give Kahyden his breakfast , aunty Nicole should be here in a minute! I'm out " I yelled before heading out .

"Hey bae " Future greeted me with his sexy raspy voice
"Hey handsome, like the sweatshirt " I said before pecking his lips

He pulled out of the driveway and sped of , with Tupac's ~California Love~ blastin' thru the speakers.

Chris's P.O.V

Nicki and I were in the car and she kept on changing the music which started to annoy me, but she doesn't seem to be in a good mood today

"Hey are you gonna stop messin' with that damn button choose something"

"Ugh! "

"Don't you know how to talk ? We in America not in the jungle so speak american not king kongian"

" First of all it's english, we speak english my nigga and king kongian, really ?"

"What's up witcho ass , you on your period or what ? "

"Chris, I told you I just don't wanna go back there, I don't like the vibe there and this stupid chick Itty Bitty Piggy Azalea , gonna start something and..."

" Common Nick, what happened to 'I ran out of fucks to give' just go there hang with you girlfriends and you'll be fine"

"Yeah ... if you say so"

"Oh! I know you just don't wanna run into HIM.

"Maybe ! Let's not talk about it"

"Onika, listen I don't know what happened between the two of you , but hey you don't need him , you not affraid of him, he is nothing , he is a non factor , just don't give a fuck!"

"Yeah you're completely right I can't let that retarded nigga ruin shit for me Imma go there look fly as usual and that's it"

"And what do you do if you run into him ?"

"I hold my head up, smile , and look straight into his eyes"


"Ahaha , Boy why is you always that loud ?!"

She turned the music up and we drove to school , the rest of the drive was cool, we were singing to the music that was  playing on the radio , I was happy that I cheered my sister up , but I was worried at the same time , Nicki is not the type of girl to be sad or moping about no man but ever since she broke up with HIM, she is not herself and the most weird part of it is that nobody knows what happened  between them , not even Ciara and Rih, I need to find out , the nigga who can hurt my twin sister and get away with that isn't born yet.
Anyway we arrived in the school parking lot and I parked near Rihanna's car . She was leaning on her car , that girl is fine as hell , I've always had a 'crush' on her but Rihanna and Nicki have been like sisters since diapers and Nika's my twin sister so dating Rih would be like dating a sister .... Huh no thanks! Besides she is dating my boy August.

Nicki's P.O.V

I got out of the car and ran into Rihanna's arms , I just love that crazy girl, we've known each others since forever our mothers have been close friends since we weren't even born, we met Ciara in kindergarten and ever since then the three of us became like sisters you could never see me without them and the same around. 
"Girl I missed you so much !!" She yelled realesing me

"Wow y'all act like it's been 10 years" Chris said while giving her a quick hug 

"Shut up little boy , three weeks is a long ass time for us" said Rih 

"I ain't a boy nomore RihRih and ain't nothing little on me " Chris said wiggling his eyebrows

"Oh Ok" Rih said blushing , these two are always flirting !

"Enough ! Girl how was Puerto Rico ?" I asked

"It was amaziiiiing , we came back yesterday, well actually today at 1 in the morning, I am so tired right now I wouldn't be up if it wasn't for the snap you sent me , you look cute by the way !

" Aww poor little girl , and thank you. You look flawless as usual"

"And nobody tells me I look cute ?"

"That's because you look ugly bruh" Rihanna said just as Ciara and Future arrived hand in hand.

"Here are the lovers." I said these two are so cute together , perfect fit . I wish I had something like that instead of that disrespectfull jackass ex of mine!  This nigga hurt me so much ! Anyway remember Onika you don't give two shits about him nomore.

" Here we are." she said as she put Rih and I into a group hug.

"I missed you my barbados princess !!!"

"Oh and you didn't miss my Trinidadian ass , it's ok Ci. I see you." I said as Future side hugged Rih and I to say hello and daped Chris

"Girl I saw you yestarday what are you talking about ?"

"Whatever" We stood there laughing and talking , waiting for the rest of our crew, when I saw that bitch Iggy oh god I hate the girl , she is a hoe , she smiled to me , with her raggedy ass face Uuggh ! She ran to a nigga and hugged him from the back and he turn around to kiss her , these poeple were kissing so hard , looked more like they were trynna wash each other's mouth with their tongues if you asked me. They stopped kissing and that's when I noticed it was HIM .

So , here is the first chapter , I hope you like it ! Let me know what you think about it and if you think I should continue the story or nah and excuse my mistakes ;)

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