Short story : I want you part 1

This is a Dricki oneshot , I had the idea and I just felt like writting down so here it is. I hope you enjoy it and don't hesitate to leave comments :)

19years old Nicki was sitting indian style in the middle of her bed, with her earphones plugged in her ears and was surrounded with books and papers as she was studying for her mid-year exams.
Nicki is a freshman in Columbia where she studies law , she is a really smart girl, but life hasn't spare her , she's from Southside Jamaica Queens, at seven her father who was a drug dealer got killed , leaving her mother alone with her 3 kids to raise and no job . Her whole life she saw her mother work her fingers to the bone , to put food into her and her brothers mouth , put clothes on their back , and a roof over their heads , her mother would go a few days without eating so her children could eat. Seeing that , made Nickii's heart sink , even though she was a child , Nicki could see and understood , what was happening, she'd return her mother's sacrifice pretending not to be hungry so her mother could eat.And the young girl she was promised herself that one day she would get her revenge on life and that she'd make her mother and her brothers live care free. Growing up was that hard for Nicki , but she made everything in her power to reach her goal . As soon as she graduated from high school at 18 and got into Columbia she decided to move out of her mother's house and rented her own studio apartement , in Brooklyn. She worked 2 jobs at the same to be able to pay the rent, for food and to pay for shcool, she had a scolarship but it wasn't a full one. Working and studying at the same time was really hard for her, but it was all about to become even harder as she needed another job, because she wanted to quit the other two so she just registered in a nanny agency and they'd find her a job  which would be during the week and the week ends wich were her only free time , meaning no free time anymore and less time to study. But she didn't have a choice .

Nicki was so deep in her books and the music in her ears was so loud that she didn't even hear that someone was ringing at her door. When they started banging super hard on the door is when she felt the very thin walls of her one room studio appartment shake a little.

"Oh lord , I am coming !" She yelled to the person who was on the other side of the door, she opened the door revealing her bestfriend , Candi.

"Bitch why are you banging so hard on my door , you had the whole damn appartment shaking !"

"Well I been standing out there ringing like crazy and you didn't hear so I had to"

"Anyways what do you want I am busy right now Can"

"That's how ypu treat your friend who crossed the muthufucking town just to see your embittered ass"

"Shut up I ain't embittered "

"So you're coming to the club with us ?"

"Hell no , and who's us ? " Nicki asked walking to her small and narrowed kitchen with Candi following her

"See you're embittered , you live secluded in here alone talking to your books and stuff , stop living like a grandma Nick , have some fun damn ! And us is just me and the girls"

"First of all hoe , I don't talk to my books and second of all I have my mid-year exams coming up , that's why I don't party my ass of every friday night , so y'all can go and have fun I'll be fine here with my friends the books" The young women responded pouring coffee in a mug.

"Common Nic really, you have a whole lot of time before the mid-year exams"

"Time I spend working Can !" She sighed heavilly   " And I have to take advance on studying because when the agency gets me that nanny job I won't even have my weekends"  she sighed again laying her head on her friend's shoulder.

"Nika that's too much , you're gonna have a burn out ! You know what I know I ain't no platinium cardholder but let me help you I can lawn you some..."

"Oh hell no , don't start with that , I told you alredy , I ain't taking a cent from you"

"You're not taking it, I am the one who puts it in your hand and , it is a lawn so you are not taking shit from me"

"I said no Candi drop it , it's really nice to know that you have my back , and I am so gratefull to you for that but , I said no and we aren't about to have that same argument again I am too tired for that. Now go to that club or whatever you were supposed to go to , and have fun for the two of us before you become a grandma like me" Nicki said laughing , she was making fun of the situation but sometimes she wondered about how her life would be if she didn't have to work and to fight so hard every signle day , the partys, the clubs, the boys and all of those things teenagers do and she doesn't know but she'd keep those thoughts to herself, to her these were just things distracting her from reaching her ultimate goal.

" Ok , but I still think you work too hard Onika"

"Hey at least I have food in my mouth, clothes on my back a roof over my head I go to one of the better shools here and I am not working at a strip club" She said still trying to see the positive side of the situation and laugh it off , but it was bittersweet.

"I guess you're right" Candi said sighing "Imma let you to your studies then" Candi then kissed and hugged her friend goodbye and said "I love you trick" before going to the door

"I love you too hoe" Nicki answered before closing the door after her friend got out.

Nicki got back to her bed wich was covered with books papers and noteboks, she looked at the mess and sighed , she was about to crawl in and get back in the position she was in before her friend's visit when her phone rang. She ran to the kitchen counter top where she left it and watched the caller ID to see it was an unknown number. She hesitated before picking up.


"Hello , can I talk to miss Maraj , Onika Maraj ?"

"Hum , it's herself"

"Oh , great , I am Stacy from Mary's Babysitter , babysitting agency and I wanted to let you know that a job is available , and you are on the list for a job interview with the parents"

"Oh, ok thank you , when's the job interview ?"

"They can greet you either tomorrow at 8 or , on monday in the afternoon"

"Uh no tomorrw's perferct , I'll be there tomrrow at 8"

"Great , we will let them know and the informtions will be sent to you right now at this phone number"

"Ok thanks"

"You're welcome , do not hesitate to call the agency for any raquest"

"I won't thank you have a nice evening"

"Have a nice evening yourself"

With that she hung and waited to recieve the text message with the info , when she recieved it she quickly opened it to see that the people who would interview her lived in the upper east side. "Ok , guess who has to cross the whole city tomorrow morning , I betta get my ass to sleep if I want to be there at 8 and not looking like a zombi" She said to herself  and she started cleaning the mess on her bed, and went to her small bathroom, took her makeup off,  brushed her teeth and relieved herself befor getting in her bed and putting her earphones back in her ears , sleep quickly overtaking her as she was so tired .


Nicki arrieved at the adress that she had on her phone 132 East 65th Street , she stood there looking at the building and then at her phone to make sure it was the right building , she took a deep breath and walked towards the entrance where the doorman opened the door for her "Ma'am " , she thanked him and entered the building , inside there was another doorman who pushed the button to open the elevetor for her . She was kinda schocked like, do really rich people spend their money to pay people who open doors and call elevators for them ? She looked at her reflection in the eleveter's mirror and smoothed her oufit. It was an outfit that was classy and professional , but still looked cute and simple as she didn't want to look like she was trying too hard or look disguised.
The elevater doors opened and she found herself in this fancy penthouse apartment, she looked around amazed, her mouth hung open. She was shocked to see that this living room was two times bigger than her all studio.

"It's a nice place isn't it ?" A young woman who seemed to be around her age and was wearing a maid uniform, said walking towards her smiling.

"Nice is an understatement" responded Nicki, still looking around.

"I know right this is like 2 times bigger than the apartment I used to live in, I am Clarissa , the maid, you must be here for the job interview " She said extending her hand for Nicki to shake.

"It's exactly what I was thinking this is 2 times bigger than what I live in , and yes I am here for the job interview, Onika" she said shaking her hand"

"I know , you're the only one who accepted to be here at 8 a saturday morning and on such short notice"

"Well I really need that job so" She said following Clarissa in the living room

"Well , being here right now , is already more points for you, Stay here I will go get you the "boss" she said drawing air quote , she laughed when she noticed the change in Nicki's demeanor .

"Don't worry, he really is a nice man" She said leaving the room, and disappeared in the grandeur of the apartment.

She ran into Noah, her boss's bestfriend.

"Hey Noha , where is he, she is here already"

"Hum , there is one thing we havn't think about Clarissa"

"And what is it , I mean that agency gave you almost every detail on the girls they recommended"

"No not about that , the thing is , she is a young girl, she probably listen to music , rap music and she propably knows him , and she'll recognize him. What if she's a crazy fan, and what if she tells te media"

"Yeah and so ? , I mean coming here she already knew who she applying to work for no ?"

"Actually , no , do I have to remind you that the world doesn't know he has kids , we had to do it 'secretly', we didn't have time to go through all the procedure with the 'star's agency' so we find these girls through a banal agency and to keep it on the low, we changed his name into Michael, Michael Graham"
The young woman bursted in laughter.

"That shit sounds stupid Noah , really , Micheal Graham , it sounds fake"

Yeah go head laugh, Imma be the one laughing when you lose your job , Drake has been to nice to you, had you thinking we're friends and stuff"He said jockingly Clarissa hadn't been working here for long but she became a friend to Drake and his crew. She just  stuck her tongue out to him , and he continued "but that's not the question , the real question is what do we do now ?"

" Well , you know him like your pocket, so you know what kind of girl he will want to be taking care of Zahir and Zahirah , you know the kids very very very well, so go there and pretend to be that Micheal Graham"

" I tought about that but he ain't with it, he says he needs to see for himself"

"Damn right I need to see ,the girl who's gonna be taking care of my kids" Said Drake walking out of his office.

"Hey, don't you trust him ? He's your brother , and you can still stay in the corridor and listen through the door and you can see perfectly fine when you look in that miror here you can see whatever happens in the living room" She said pointing to the mirror that was hanging on the wall. When she said that , the two men stared at her, giving her a weird looks.

"Hum I said you could, I mean it could work , I never tried it before"

"Hum yeah right , anyways this could work but Noah what if she recognizes you ? Your face is all over the world too"

"The media thinking I have kids causes waaaay less damage than them knowing you have kids, and I can prove them wrong , as it is not true"

Meanwhile in the living room , Nicki was starting to get anxious, what were they doing that took them so long , she's been sitting here admiring her surroundings , studying each piece of fourniture , the height of the ceilings , and now she was bored , and started to play with the rings on her fingers as her leg started shaking, Even though Nicki was the type to front and act like she doesn't give two shits about others , she really was a shy person ,and wasn't that confident so all that anticipation had her anxious.

The door flew open snatching her out of her thoughts, Clarissa was the one who opened the door , she let Noah enter the room and disapeared closing the doore behind her , that's how it appeared but in fact she made sure to leave it ajar , so that Drake and her could eavesdrop.

"Goodmorning , I am Michael Graham and you must be Ms Maraj, thank you for being here on such short notice"

"Goodmorning Mr.Graham, it's a pleasure to be here"

"Great, let's get started then , so Ms Maraj do you have any type of experience with kids ?"

"You can call me Nicki , and to be honest I've never really worked with children before , but I have experience with kids as I have two little brothers, and I have been doing voluntary work at the orphanage for years now"

"Hum, oh , Ok" Noah said and then he hesitated and started thinking about other questions to ask , but that one kinda was the only profesional question he had in mind . As he kept silent Nicki's brain started to go of , Oh god Onika why did you have to go and tell him all your life like that ? Damn now it's dead you'll never have this job and you're big mouth is the only one to blame . Stupid me !

"Is  that a bad thing ? I understand you need someone who's worked as a nanny before but I..."

"No no , if you worked at an orphanage it means you're trust worthy right ?  It's just I am not really good at this type of things , I on't know what jind of qustion I can ask"

"Well basically , you can ask almost everything you want , I mean as a parent you have some worries about how your children are going to be taken care of , just ask about that"

"Hum, eeerm..."

Meanwhle on the other side of the door:

"I told you this wasn't a good idea , I have to go there."

"No , you can't , let's just let him make a fool out of himself and let her go , we have other girls coming on monday"

"Look I have a busy schedule I need this out the way ASAP . She's here today , if she's good we take her and I have my monday afternoon free. I don't have time to waist over this , I'll just make her sign something like I did for you "

"Yeah about why'd I have to sign something don't you tr..."Clarissa turned her head to face him only to see he was already gone.
He threw the door open and walked in .At his sight Nicki's mouth dropped open. She couldn't belive what she was seeing , Nicki wasn't Drake's biggest fan or anything she liked his music and liked the man in general but she wasn't a big fan she knew him, well his music through her brother who was a real fan , and had posters of Drake in his room., she was schoked to see the man who hung on her brother's wall standing in front of her.

"Hi, I am the real mister Graham I'm sorry for all of that drama it's just that that.."

"Hold , you're mister Graham as in Michael Graham or Drake Graham the guy that's on T.V and all that ?"

"I am Drake Graham, yes" he answered holding his hand out for hr to shake but she didn't take his hand and just looked at everyone in the room

"Is it some kind of a joke ? Where's the hidden camera? " She asked Clarissa. In that moment even though she'd just met her she felt like the young woman was the only person she could trust.

"I swear to you that ain't no lie he is Drake"

"And  I swear there ain't no hidden cameras" Said Noah .

"Let's admit that you're telling the truth , I am still confused"

"And I understand you are but before I tell you anything . I need to make sure that this is going  to be said is staying in here no media , no friends nothing"

"I won't tell you have my word"

"I don't mean no disrespect but he's a superstar, he's gonna need more than your word"

"What ?"

"I need you to sign a contract saying you won't say anythin"

"I ain't signing nothin beause I still don't believe you"

Drake showed Nicki his I.D so she would finally believe him , she asked him to rap and to sing to make sure though , and after she was sure it was him she accepted to read the contract, she studies law so she would know if something wasn't right about it. Besides Clarissa signed the exact same one so she decided to sign so she could finally know the truth .

The three friends then proceeded to explain the situation to her.

"Waouh you are telling me that you have two kids and nobody knows bout them like they're hidden ?"

"Basically , yes that's what it is" Drake said scratching the back of  his neck"

"Waouh , I don't even know what to say right now"

"I don't want you to believe that I am a dead beat, I take care of my kids , it's just the situation that's complicated"

"You don't have to give me any explnation it's none of my busisness"

"Well it's about to be because guess what you just got the job "

"With , no interview ? I'm sorry Noah but even though it was a good start inerviewing people ain't your thing"
She said laughing.

"I know right that's why I felt the need to come out , but yeah I don't wanna take any risks, you already know what's up , I ain't trynna have another person knowing"

"Well, when do I start ? " She asked smiling. Noah and Clarissa left the room as Clarissa needed to get back to cleaning the house and Noah felt like he's done his part.

"Well , I need you here next friday morning at 7 to prepare them for school, take them there and then while they're at school you do whatever, oh no you go to school yourself, Columbia right ? You must be really smart"

"Yeah right, I try"

"Well then you have to get them from school and keep them until my mother comes here for the night and then you'll come back saturday morning spend the day with them and my mother will be here for the night you're coming back on sunday and the same goes on until wednesday , then I'll be back so I'll just need you occasinally , until I have to be out of town for more than a day again and you get paid the same thing every week or month it's up to you even if I didn't need you here and you get more if I needed you here more than what was planned"

"Humm well that's perfect to me"

"Really , does it correspond to your college classes ?"

"Yep my classes are usually between 9am and 2pm so it's all good"

"Great but there's something we need to discuss, my mom is going back to Toronto in a month so I'll need a live in , what do you say"

"I say I'll have to think about it ?" She said more like a question than an affirmation.

"Ok , I understand I guess you already have a lot to process right now"

"Huh yeah, it's a lot ! I may act cool and stuff but on the inside it's all crazy!!"

"I understand , but hum hey you want to meet the kids right now ? Their in the play room , don't wanna rush things but I guess it would better so that they know you and don't act crazy on friday morning"

"I'd love to meet them". She said smiling at him at that moment it was the first time she really looked him in his eyes and he did the same and that's when he noticed she was gorgeous , he analysed her face, her dimpled smile, her brown eyes , her lips everything about her was beautiful to him . She was observing him to and she thought the same about him , she found him super cute and loved how his eyes screwed up when he smiled . They snapped out of their trance when they heard someone clear their throat. They simultaneously turned their heads towards the noise they heard and Drake blushed as the woman gave him a gentle look while smiling at him.

"Oh uh hi mom, what are you doing here ?"

"I just came to see how you were doing, you don't introduce me to your friend Aubrey"

"Mom that's Nicki , she's our new babysitter , and Nicki that's my mother"

"It's nice to meet you lovely, I'm Sandi, we're gonna see each other a lot you know, I mean until I have to go back home"

"It's nice to meet you too ma'am"

"Just call me Sandi dear, well Imma let you two do whatever y'al were doing , I just seen the kids I'm on my way out now"

Drake got up and went to kiss his mother goodbye and lead her to the door where he hugged her once more and after she left he went back to Nicki"

"Well, that was an intersting job interview wasn't it ?"

"It sure was, never in a billion years would I have even thought of something like that happening to me" replyed Nicki , little did she know that this was just the beggining.

So this story is gonna be in like 5 parts or less I don't know yet, anyways, I hope you liked it , please comment and tell me what y'all think about it ;)


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