Chapter 4

September, 8th 2014

Nicki's P.O.V

I was in first period which was English with Mr. Ross , this class is so boring, I was falling asleep. I looked around to see if there was someone I could chat with but I disliked almost everyone in this room , the only persons I liked were August and Draya but they were too far away, so I couldn't talk to them, I sat there just looking around , Draya and August seemed to be getting closer, I need to have a word with them, yeah call me nosey buy I just need to know what is going on. I don't know how Rih would take it though , but hey she's the one who broke up and she cool with Draya so I don't see why it would be a problem. Anyways I just continued looking around , my gaze stopped on Iggy and Safaree , them too are disgusting , I hate the both of them so much . Suddenly a knock was heard at the door.

"Come in" Ross yelled

The person behind the door opened it and walked in, immediately a smile appeared on my face. He sashayed to Mr Ross' desk.

"Good morning Mr, I am Drake Graham , I am new here"
" I didn't know we were having a new student , but you're welcome here let me see these he said refering to the papers Aubrey had in his hand "You can introduce yourself to the class if you want to."

"Hi , I am Drake" he said and then looked back at Ross.

"And ?"

"And I am Drake" everyone laughed.

"There's nothing else to know about you ?"

"It's no use almost everyone here knows me already and for those who don't let's just increase the mystery." Everyone laughed once again . Ah this boy !

" You're a funny kid" Said Mr Ross smiling " Go find a sit boy"

Given that the seat next to me wasn't taken I thought he'd sit there but that nigga had the nerve to pass right by me and go sit next to Lauren , WTF ?'. It's been a week since Aubrey came back and we been together 24/7, I am not going to lie at first I was a bit ill at ease around him like it's been 5 years ; he became kind of a stranger to me , but when I am with him I feel like he never left , like he is the exact same person, and I am really  happy to have him back , I didn't even realise how much I missed him.Besides it's the perfect timing I really needed that , after what I've been through with Safaree , keeping that stuff to myself is harder than what I thought , but when I am with Aubrey I  just forget about it all , I got my best friend, my partner in crime back . At least until now 'cause you can be sure I am not talking to him after what he just did.

The morning had flown by it was lunch time , I was sitting in the cafeteria with Draya and Trey, we were talking while eating

"Draya , Draya, Draya , girl stop lying to me you're a bad liar, I know there's something going on"

"No , I swear there's nothing going on with August , we're just friends, besides Rihanna and him just broke up so I wouldn't even think of it"

"Or it's because you already have your mind on someone else , Chris"

"Chris huh ?! He cool we have that 'flirty relationship' I'd say but that's it"

"Hmm whatever you say , just know that Nicki gon find out sooner or later"

"Nicki you are too damn nosey , let the girl live"

"I just want her to admit , how she gon spend all her time with him,  he takes her home every day , they arrive together every day and she be like there's nothing going on . I ain't buying that"

"Oh you want to talk ? You spent every second of your free time with Drake it's almost as you lived in the house with us, you cook for him , you are always sitting on his lap , you guys are always kissing , and hugging for nothing , you lay in his bed and then you say that you guys are just friends. I ain't buying it" He said mocking me.

"Aubrey and I are just reconecting , do I have to remind you that he's been gone for 5 years , we are just happy to be together again , that's why we're close , it's not the same, he's my brother"

"Seemed more like strangers to me this morning"

"Yeah I didn't get what it was, he past right by me like I was a fucking stranger"

"Awww you're mad Nicki ? Oh no you jealous 'cause he sat next to that beautiful girl?  huh"

" Witch girl ?"

"You're sister"

As I said that Wayne and Drake came over at the table and sat with us , Drake sat across Draya and next to me as Wayne sat next to Draya ;

"What's up , what's up , what's up" Said Wayne

"Nothing much " Draya answered

"Hey , I don't think I know you , since when are you here ?" Aubrey asked her

"I just got here, like a week ago"

"Oh ok, I got back here like a week ago also"

"Where were you ?"

"Toronto , I moved there at 13 or 14 , I missed it here so I decided to come back"

"Oh ok ! Toronto is a nice city I've been up there for a month last year"

"Hey we're here too don't act like we aren't" Said Wayne faking to be hurt

"Dont take it personaly Wayne that's what he does he just ignores people like that"

"Don't say that Pinky" Drake said and pecked me on the cheek, I nudged his head with my shoulder, to push him away"

"Oh you're mad at me now ?"

I decided to just ignore him, he was pissinge me of, I wanted him to have a taste of his own medecine.

"Oh I see you're ignoring me now"

Rihanna , Ciara, Chris, August , Future , Lauren and Tyga joined us one by one .I kept ignoring him , and talking to everyone else like he wasn't even there, every two minutes he would say something like 'Pinky stop ignoring me please' or 'Nika baby you're still mad ?' but I wasn't about to give in.
We finished eating and hungout in the courtyard , I was going to my locker to get my spanish book and I noticed Aubrey was following me.

"Stop following me, please, you are really starting to gt on my fucking nerves"

"I wasn't following you"

"Where are you going then ?"

"My locker, he said pointing to the locker right neext to mine"

"Oh , ok" I felt so stupid

I opened my locker and looked for my spanish book to see that it was on the very top shelf , witch is of course to high for me to reach! Stupid me why did I put this book on a shlef I know is too high for me to reach ,and how the fuck did I even manage to put it there, I sighed and started jumping up and down trying to get that stupid book  , I could feel Aubrey's gaze on me but I just focused on the book, until I heard him laughing , and I was pushed aside and he grabbed the book effortlessly, and hand it to me , I was about to take it out of his grip but he moved his hand back

"What do I get in return ?"

"Nothing, now give me that damn book Drake"

"Since when do you call me that ?"

"Since you became a stranger , give my book right now"

"A stranger , what'd I do ? You ain't getting that book until I'm forgiven for whatever I did"

"When you enter a room I'm in and don't even aknowledge my existence, you act like we're strangers. So I'm just acting like you boo" I said making a move to try to get the book , but he moved his hand back again

"You're getting this upset just becaus I sat next to Lau' ? I was just messing with you because you didn't answer any of the text messages I sent you this morning"When he talked about text messages is when I realised I hadn't seen my hone all morning.

"Oh shit ! My phone , I left it at home this morning"

"I guess that explains why you didn't answer , but hey do you forgive me ? Let's say it's 50/50 here you ignored me so I ignored you"

"I didn't do it on purpose , I forgot my phone"

"Yeah but you been ignoring for about an hour so you got your own back"

"We can say that, give me my book now , I don't want to be late because of you"

"I want a kiss first, just to make sure that I am forgiven" I pecked him on the cheek and held my hand out so I could take the book but he hold it in the air

"And what do you call me ?"

"Brey I ain't got time for that give me my book"

"You said it anyways so it's ok , here" He gave me my book and kissed me on the cheek, before walking away, I went to class , smiling to myself , I don't know why he just makes me want to smile.

Safaree's P.O.V

I was walking to my spanish class, when I heard someone yell, I'd recognize that voice anywhere and anytime I hear it , it was her voice , I turned my head in the dircetion she was in , that's when I saw her with him , why is she kissing him ? Now Nicki and  I might not be together anymore, but I just can't stand it , even if it's just a kiss on the cheek , I can't . The fact that she wouldn't talk to me , was enough , I don't need to see her and that boy glued to each other like that , it's been a week since he came back, and they been on each other like that for a week , I'd see them when I was at Trey's house or even in the sreets, but it will be even harder to control myself from punching him now that they are going to be glued in school, why did he have to come back we were good without him, ain't nobody needed his ass.
I walked in the classroom and sat behind Trey who was next to Nicki. They were in the middle of a conversation, I sat there and listen closely as they were talking.

"Common Trey , it's me , you can do that for your Nika"

"Nicki it's your idea , why don't you do that at yours"

"Nigga we already discuss that , I want it to be at yours because you're the only one who has his own crib , no parents , no grandma , no nothing"

"Your folks are out of town"

"They're coming back tonight Trey please if you don't do it for me , do it for Brey he's your best friend since I can't even tell"

"Uhg ok , but Nick you cleaning the house afterwards and it better be stainless"

"You sound like my mom right now Trigga"

"I ain't playing Nicki"

"Fine, so it's a deal ?"

"Yep" They stoped talking as Ms. Vergara our spanish teacher stepped in the classroom, what the hell does she need Trey's house for ? What's that got to do with Aubrey or Drake as they call him now , I guess white boy noticed he wore a girl's name all his life , anyways I need to know what she plans to do in that house with him. I'll just interrogate Trey  he will tell me ,it better not be what I think.

Draya's P.O.V

The bell had just rang an I was getting out of my Calculus BC class, witch is an A.P class, I gathered my stuff and got out of the room , when someone bumped into me it was that girl Amethyst but she goes by Iggy , I don't even why , it sounds like piggy to me , oh yeah that's why Nicki calls her that , Nicki doesn't like her at all .

"Can't you watch where you're going" I said.

"I'm so sorry Draya right ?" She said smiling at me, she doesn't seem to be that mean right now

"Yes , it's nothing don't worry , I said as I was about to walk away, she called me

"Wait . We have english together, we can walk there together " She said catching up to me

"Huh we can if ou want to I guess"

"What ? You don't want to talk to me ?  You can say it it's cool"

"No it's not that "

"Oh I know , it's because Nicki and her friends told you I was a bad person , a whore and all that , you know that's just what they think about , it's not who I am , and the fact that they don't like me, doesn't mean we can't be cool" I guess she was right, talking to her wasn't like betraying the others or nothing , plus I am not taking any kind of comittment , I'm just trying to see for myself.

"You're right , but hey just know that Nicki doesn't spend her time talking about you and she never told me not to talk to you or any of that, she don't do that neither do the others, even though I've known them for a week only , I can tell they're not that type of people"

"Yeah anyway is that Ms. Rowland's AP Calculus BC class , you just got out of ?"

"Erm , yes it is , why ?" Damn I wasn't ready for that , but I had it coming , I wasn't about to hide that I was smart, I just wanted people to know me as jsut Draya , instead of Nerdy Draya.

"Damn girl you're smart, I wouldn't last 10 minutes, in that class, and on top of that you look good and you have a sense of style"

"Well I try tahnk you." I said as we arrieved in Mr.West's class, this girl was being so nice, it was so weird after earing everything I heard about her. I saw Chris sitting at his desk , said 'bye' to Iggy and ran to the empty desk next to his , I was so glad that the trip from Ms.Rowland's class was this short because I wasn't ready to tell my little 'secret' if you can call it that to tis girl.

"Oh now you're sprintin' to get the seat next to me haha"

"Shut up Chris if it wasn't for Iggy trying to be buddy buddy with me I wouldn't be sitting next to you right now"

"Lie , you chose to seat your ass in that chair , beacuse you wanted to  be by the most handsome guy of the school"

"If you want Chris , if you want"

"What were you even talking to Iggy for ?"

"Just chatting , she bumped into me and we started talkin' I was trying to se for myself what kind of person she was, seemed nice to me"

"Just take your cautions with her , she sneaky , she used to be nice to everyone , but look at how she is to Nicki now, remember on friday she poured fruit shoot on her jacket and I bet she the reason why Nicki and Safareee broke up . Ain't trying to tell you what to do or not but I just don't want her to take advantage of you.

" Aww Christopher , you're looking out for me"

"You're my future wife, of course I'm looking out for you"

"Shut up , I ain't your future wife"

"Why, you're August's future wife already ? "

"Oh hell no , y'all need to stop with that , I don't need no man be it you or him"

"If you say so , Imma have you anyway " He winked at me and smiled , I was melting inside , he's really charming and all that , but I am not falling for that.

Iggy's P.O.V

Is it me or this girl just ran away, do I scare her , I don't know and I don't give a fuck , I was just being nice to her since she's a new girl, but I guess she just want to kiss nicki's ass like them all. Nicki acts like she's perfect , but she has her dark side too. Anyways I don't have time to worry about that girl , the rest of the afternoon went on slowly, of course being lonely, the time doesn' fly by. Sometimes I feel super lonely, I don't have many friends , I never had friends, people have always hated me I don't know why. That may be the reason why I am always mean to people because believe it or not I am not a bad person, I just act like that because when I was younger that's how people acted towards me. Anyways . I drove home in my red 2014 Porsche Macan.
I arrived home, the house was empty as usual , I went in the kitchen to eat something, I was about to open the fridge when I saw a note on it. It said :

~ Hey Amey
, Your dad had to go to New York for business , I do not know when he is coming back and as for me I am coming home late in the night, I have a lot to do at work . There is money for food on the counter , and you can go shopping or do anything with what's left.

Love you so much XOXO , mom~

Really ? They just got back from Philadelphia like 2 days ago , I never get to spend any time with them, I spent the summer alone at a hotel in the Bahamas, we were suppose to spend that summer in 'family' , they just don't care about me, I get why my sister Amalyah left the house , as soon as she got a chance, the only thing our parents needed us for is go to dinners and society events and act like we are the perfect family so that it could seem like they are perfect persons , perfect in business and perfect parents but the truth is that , their businesse is the only thing they think about , that's their child . They didn't even raise me, I grew up with my grandmother , but now that she's sick and at the hospital , I am alone in the house all the damn time and since I have only 1 friend and my boyfriend doesn't give two shits about me, the hospital is the place I spend most of my time lately. And that is where I am about to go right now need to see my Nana ,that woman is all my life. I don't care if no one loves , I just need her .
I went upstairs to get changed , and then got back in the kitchen took , the money that was on the counter and got my keys, and got in my car , direction: the supermarket . I had to get her her favorite sweets that they wouldn't let her have at the hospital, I know eating those ain't good for her health but the smile on her face is just everything. 
I was in the aisle where the sweets she loved got two packets , and a few things she mght need, then I went to the ice creams for myself and there I saw Wayne , he's one of Nicki's friend , so I guess he doesn't like me , I held my head up and walked by him giving him a look of disdain.
That's just the way I act when I am anxious or nervous, I act confident so that people don't see how I actualy feel .I looked back to see , if he'd even notice me , and he looked back at me as well , and chuckled shaking his head. "You don't need to be acting all big and bad, ma. I don't care bout you". I just held my middle finger in the air and he laughed. 
Out of them all , he's the nicest, at one point we were cool, but , I play with them all and he might have gotten tired of my bitching.
Twenty minutes later I was at the hospital , I went to my grandmother's room 

"Hey Nana, your favorite grrand-daughter came to visit you"

"Hey Amey, come here honey give me hug "
 I went to hug her , it seems like she's getting more and more skinny and fragile .

"Look what I got you ", I said getting the stuff I bought out of the supermarket bag one by one . She smiled so  hard, it made me super happy and she squealed in excitement  at the sight of her favorite sweets . It made me so happy to see her like that.

"Amey , my baby you know youre my favorite right"

"I know Nana , but you don't go too hard on those hein you can have 1 every two days, ok ?"

She took my hand in hers and said : " Baby I want to thank you , for being here for me you're the only person who comes to visit me my own daughter doesn't even care if I died right now"

"Don't you say such thing , she's busy , she thinks about you all the time , she asks for you everyday, she has to work to get you back on your feet ASAP ."

"Amey, don't lie to me, remember I used to tell the exact same thing when you were younger"

"Yeah and you used to take care of me and now I am the one taking care of you , we have each other, we don't need her."

"She's your mother , you need her besides I am diying baby , you will need her"

"Stop talking like that Nana , you have so many years ahead of you"

"Believe meI don't" When she said that I got teary , thinking bout that is like stabbing me right in my chest, not having her with me would kill me.

"Anyway Amey , don't stay here with an old woman like me, I am glad you came but you were here  yesterday , so go enjoy , your friends, your boyfriend , your youth, your life

"What , grandma no I am not leaving you"

"Yes you are , come kiss me goodbye" I did as I was told "Get out of here now" 

I hugged her one last time and left , as soon as I got out of the room I let my emotions out , I started crying uncontrolably , seeing her like that hurts me to the core , that and I just realised how miserable I was , I don't have friends , my own family don't give a fuck about me, I can't run into someone without it being an altercation, and my boyfriend doesn't give a fuck about me , and to be honest I don't give a fuck about him either , it was just an easy way to hurt someone else , damn my life sucks. I got out of the hospital crying my eyes out , I want to end all of it , I was in the parking lot when I saw someone I really didn't want to see , moreover in that state I was in .

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