Chapter 6

Draya's P.O.V

I was in my bedroom doing my homework , when I heard my mother yelling, at first I didn't think much of it, thought she was on the phone or runing after my little sisters Damara and Danika but then I heard a male's voice yell back , it sounded like my brother Jermaine's voice but it couldn't be him , he moved out of the house 2 years ago , at that time we were just settling in L.A and he moved to go to college in New York , pretending that it was way better than what L.A had to offer, and you couldn't find shit like that on the west coast and whatever. My mom believed him and let him go , saying that she would never keep her kids from growing up and building their future but I know it was all a lie he ain't moved because of the colleges N.Y had to offer, he just moved because he got tired of the situation, and honestly I just felt betrayed like I am tired of the situation at home , I got tired of moving every year, tired of running away , but I just wouldn't leave the ship like that , he left us at a moment when we all needed him and especially me he was my roc, he knew everything about me , I knew everything about him , he protected me making sure nobody messed with me,he kinda took my father's place as we both never knew our father, and all of sudden he decided to move to the other side of the country like WTF. I felt so lonely. I just don't understand how he could move to the other side of the country like that and don't even  come visit or nothing? He'd call mom and the girls but me ? Nothing !When I happened to be there at the same time he'd call, and they passed me the phone it was always those weird convos like " how you doing" "good, you ?" "good" and that was it .  But now thinking back at it, I feel like I can't blame him , he's 25 now , he needs to do him ,he couldn't just stay there and protect us like that all his life, he has his own life to start.

I got out of  my room and went at the top of the stairs and started listening to the animated conversation my mother and that man were having:


"I DON'T KNOW BUT YOU CAN'T PUT THEM THROUGH THAT AGAIN, DON'T YOU REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED LAST TIME ?" Yo, now I'm almost sure it is J. that's his voice , but what is he doing here ?

"I DO REMEMBER BUT I CAN'T DO SHIT ABOUT IT. IT IS A MATTER OF TIME I CAN SEE IT COMING AND THATS THE ONLY SOLUTION I HAVE RIGHT NOW JERMAINE" Well now I'm sure it's him and even though I think I know exactly what's happening I needed to make sure.

They kept on yelling back and forth as I stat descendig the stairs and walked to the kitchen where the commotion was comming from. I was behind the kitchen's door but I hesitated on opening it, I decided against it , revealing my presence would ruin any chance to know what was going on. I was about to go back to my spot and continue eavesdropping when the door violently flew open , and I was face to face with J.
When I saw him I immediatly got confused , one side of me wanted to jump on him , kiss him and tell him just how much I loved him and how I missed him , but the other part me wanted to punch him and yell at him.
But I guess, my good side took over and I just opened my arms inviting him into a hug and he just calmly wrapped me in his arms and laid his chin on my shoulder as the side of my head was pressed to his chest , well not really since I am way smaller tha him , but yeah we just stayed like that motionless for a while without saying a word, a tear rolling down my cheek and was the only thing that was moving at that moment. Having him in front of me right then made any harsh feelins I had go away, I couldn't be mad at him no more. I just couldn't help it , I needed to be in his arms again , after everything I have been through since he left I just needed to feel protected again. When I felt the liquid on my cheek I reached over it with my hand to wipe it away releasing him from my embrace.

"Common now Draya don't cry you know I can't take that "

"I am not crying" I said taking a deep breath to keep my composure , I just didn't want to break down at that moment.

"You hadn't grow up in two years, you know that ?"

"Nigga what , I did grow up , I'm 2 inches taller"

"Hahah , I missed your stupid ass"

"That's not how I felt"

"Common sis , you know I missed you "

"How do I know ? You didn't let me know"He was about to say something but I didn't even want to hear it, honestly I was over it  I wasn't even mad nomore but , I just felt like giving him a hard time. "However that's not what I am trying to discuss right know. Just want to know what are you arguing about ?"

"Nothing honey, I will let you two have some time I'm going to bed"
She hurried up the stairs

"What's going on J ?

"She told you nothing"

"J, don't lie to me you guys were arguing about something and if it is what I think it is I need to know"

" And what do you think it is ?"

"He found us ?"
 Jermain didn't even answer the question but just looking at his face I knew the answer, he did find us and he was about to show up shortly,  as usual, we were about to move to run away and to think that my stupid self thougth it was over, this thing is never going to be over  and we will always have to run away from him , go through that exact same pattern everytime .

"Look sis , I am not letting anything happen to you ok , I will be right here, and protect you, he isn't touching you again I swear ?"

"Where we moving to ?" At that point I wasn't event trying to hear that , I knew exatctly what was about to happen, we were about to move, he was really quick to find us and to decide to come this time we lasted 2 years in L.A , it hasn't been a week here.

"Actually nowhere we staying here"

"Staying here how ? Are y'all crazy or something ? I ain't trying to die or to get mom in j... " {GCO}

"Draya, Draya, calm down ,you don't even know half of what's about to go down"

"What are you talking about J. ?"

"Baby girl go to bed please , we will talk about all that tomorrow with mom, I think she is the one who should tell you that"

I was mad he wouldn't tell me but I wasn't about to sweat it , I'll just wait till tomorrow, that information I just learnt was already too much for me.

"Ok , but J. what are you talking about when you say 'we' staying here ?"

"I am moving in Atlanta , like just two blocs away, I have to get back near y'all, with what"s happening"

"Really ?" At that point I was confused like , I mean the situation has to be really bad for J. to be comin back with us even though he ain't moving in, I just don't know what to think , I'll know tomorrow.

"Really" he reaffirmed. "Now I have to go baby , I'll see you tomorrow, K ?"
I simply nodded , and I hugged him before heading back upstairs.

Nicki's P.O.V

It's 2a.m , and I still hadn't been able to sleep , I just been tossing and turning in my bed , I don't know why  but I just couldn't sleep, I finally decided to get out of bed and went in the kitchen to drink some tea.
I was sitting on a stool at the island drinking my tea in the darkness , and I was thinking. Thinking about everytthing that's been going on in my life lately, my father coming back, changed everything, I'm ool with it now but at the time I wasn't at all I mean that man has some nerve, first he decides to abondon us I was 5 when he walked out on us , I remember that day like it was yesterday, Chris and I were coming back from shcool , Sandi, Drake's mom had taken us home from school, I walked in the house and ran to my mother I wasn't ready for what I saw, I found her crying her eyes out , she looked so miserable it broke my heart, when Sandi saw her she sent us to our rooms , but we stayed in the staircase eavesdropping and when mama Sandi asked her why she was crying she kept on repeating , he left me , he left us, he's gone. And since that day I never seen my dad until two years go , when he reapeared like a flower talking about I worked on myself and now I am ready to be a good father and husband blah blah, I respect the fact that he went away to protect us, he had a problem with drugs and when it came to a point of no return, when he lost his job and started becoming violent , that's when he deided to leave and work on himself , so I respect that but the fact that he left us with nothing and that I had to see my mom struggle, upsets me so much because while she was struggling he had gotten his life together got a very good job and made money , then he comes back 10 years after and expects us to act like nothing ever happened if my mom is able to do so, Chris and I aren't really. I am cool with him and stuff to make my mom happy but I still don't have any type of relationship with him , 10 years is a really long time , it's too late now. Then there's my relationship with Safaree, lord that relationship was a desaster, I don't even know why I even got with him in the first place, how could I possibly miss the fact that he was a complete ass. The thing is that when Aubrey left, I felt super lonely sure I had my friends but I missed something, it was like a whole in my life and I started to talk with Safaree, found out he was actually 'nice' so  we became real good friends , he was someone new, and started to fullfil, the whole in my life. We ket getting closer and closer , and three years and a half later we started dating, that's when he started to show his true colours and I found out the boy wasn't that nice , he was jealous and controlling , he always wanted to know where I was, who I was with, accusing me of cheating , when he was the cheater in that story, he cheated on me with the whole wide world, he kept me from seeing my friends and a lot of other stuff happened but that's a secret between him and I . That thing that happened completely destroyed me, Safaree destroyed me. And the worst is that I can't speak about it, to no one , I am super scared of people judging me or loosing my friends , I am scared , so keeping it to myself seems like the best thing to do right now. And to top it of Aubrey came back , I am super happy, to see him again, but the thing is ,we have been separated for so long and during that time we both changed, that period of time we spent apart is the most important because we were kids when he left and now he comes back and we're almost adults so that means we're not the same persons at all , we grew up and became new people and we try to get back to that place we used to be at but this is impossible as we are different persons and maybe we should start by trying to know each other and then rebuild our relationship but the thing about that is that I just can't keep my distances from him , I have to spend all my time with him , and when we're not together what do I do ? I think about him, and though it's been just a week , we been so close , I''d even say we act like a couple, and that scene earlier, it was so weird , I admit I tried to hide that Safaree thing from him for as long as possible , but why was he acting jealous ? And he might think I am stupid but I know he was trying to hide something from me and I don't like that one bit.
I was so deep in thoughts that I didn't even notice someone entering the kitchen and sitting next to me when I felt the presence next to me I turned my head to see my mom smiling at me, I gave her a small smile and she stuck a lock of my hair behind my ear.

"Why are you up at 2:15 in the morning sitting here alone in the dark Nika what's wrong ?"

"Nothing, I just couldn't sleep"

"You sure it's nothing Onika ? You know you can talk to me ?"

"I know mom, but  I am fine , there's just a question I wanted to ask you ?"

"I'm all ears baby"

"You know when dad came back after all that time, how did you... hum I mean he had changed you know , how did you to rebuild your relationship ?"

"You know Nicki it hasn't been easy not at all, after a so long period of time , you feel like that person you used to love is a stranger and before even thinking about a relationship you have to figure out if you really want to be with that person after all the time apart and then you have to rediscover the person , then it's not over because you keep thinking about what happened while you were appart like who has he been with , did  he think about me, about the kids, did he miss us , and a whole lot of things , so yeah rebuilding a relationship is really hard and takes a lot of time but there's one thing that can overcome it all , you know what it is ?"


"That's love Nicki, you father hurt me, real bad , and at a certain moment I was lost, I didn't really know or understand what was happening but I was sure about on thing , I love him. And I never stopped loving him."


"Yeah , but why'd you ask ?"

"Nothing I just wanted to know, that's it"

"Or you are just confused because Aubrey came back" See my mom always thought Aubrey and I were together, or that we would end up together, I'd always say that she was crazy , and that it would never happen, or that it was disgusting , but right now the thougt of the two of us together ain't that disgusting no more , it actually is a nice thought . But I don't know if that could work.

"Mom, don't start with that please !!"

"Ok , ok , I'll stop but let me just say this , either you want to admit it or no, you are in love with the boy Onika and you've always been , and right now I understand that you are confused but just stop over thinking if you love him and he loves you too which I know he does , everything is gonna unreavel perfectly, just stop worrying like that and follow your heart"

"I am not in love with Aubrey mom, but thank you for your advice ,and I love you"

"I love you too Onika, but right now I want you to go to bed you going to school tomorrow"

"Ok, I kissed her cheek and left, I ran up the stairs and got back in bed , I guess she was right , I have to stop overthinking and let the time do his job as they say ; Time reveals.

Lauren's P.O.V

I woke up, took a shower , brushed my teeth ate breakfast , and got back to my bathroom to do may hair and my make up, then I got in my closet and thought about what I could wear today , I have to make sure I look good, my brother is passing by the house to take me to school this morning he does it every tuesday since he left the house, I am not excited to see him , but he lives with Drake now and given that Drake doesn't have his car yet , Trey drives him every morning ,so that means I have to look good because he is going to see me , I decided on this outfit I think it is a nice one ,and it looks normal, so he won't think I am doing too much. You might wonder why I care so much about what he thinks of my outfit , well it is because , I like him and I want him to see me, The day he came back and we went to get him from the airport with Trey I saw him and fell in love imedaitaely he is so handsome !! Since that moment I tried everything to catch his attenion , I'd spend all my time at my brother's just to see him , I did everything but he still hadn't get the hint , I think I know why , its because of Nicki , I love Nicki, but I just don't understand, I need to know what does she have that I don't , I look good too , Nicki has every guy she wants , they're all on her even Trey used to have a crush on her , did she really need to have Drake too ? I am not saying she's  hoe don' get it twisted she never paid them guys no attention but it's just she can have any guy she wants, I just want Drake why does he have to be all up on her like that. Anyways they are not together yet so I still have my chances and I am definitly taking them.
After I got dressed I packed my stuff in my bag and as I was putting my shoes on I heard a car's honk, it was Trey , I fixed my hair and got out of the house.

"Hey guys ! How are you doing today ?" Trey didn't even answer as usual he ain't a morning person.

"Hey, we good how are you doing ?"

"I'm good"

Trey : " You sure ?"

"Yes why ? and aren't you going to put the car in drive  ? Are we staying here ?"

"Yes , we not going nowhere until you take those shoes off , are you crazy , we going to school not a trip club" Oh my god , why was he always embarassing me like that.

"Stop Trey there's nothing wrong with these shoes"

"Yeah they're cute" Said Drake, Oh he's defending me , and he said my shoes are cute .

"See even Drake said they're cute"

"You know what, let's just go but I swear when we get back I am burning them"

"Whatever I said as Drake laughed"

The day went on smoothly , and now it was lunch time , Draya, Chris and I were going to eat at the pizzeria not too far from the school.

"Drake you're coming too ?"

"I'd love to but I promised Nicki I'd have lunch with her today , sorry ?" Nicki again , her name is the only one he has in his mouth and I am tired of it , it is starting to iritate me.

"Ok , don't worry it's nothing" I said smiling at him. I was pissed but I wasn't about to act clingy, but I need to move faster if I want to ge rid of Nicki.

August's P.O.V

It was lunch time and I wanted to eat with Draya but as usual she already was with Chris , I could have went with them but , I didn't want to spend an hour seeing them flirting , it makes me mad to see them cudled up like that all the time , I've been feeling Draya, since day one but I think she prefers Chris over me , she likes me as a friend, I don't really know what to do about this situation I wanted to act on my "feelings" if you can call it that but I don't want to jeopradize my friendship with Chris, we've been friends for forever, it would be stupid to lose him because of a girl, besides Draya might reject me , she doesn't trust me since I tried to be slick with her while I still was with Rihanna, and she might think that I want her as a rebound chick , given that Rih and I broke up just a week ago.  Anyways, since I wasn't taking Draya to lunch I'll just go home to eat with my grandma , she's alone all day long so she might be happy to have so company. Yes I live with my grandma, she raised me, my mother died when she gave birth , and I don't know my father, my grandma said he left my mother the day he found out she was pregnant therefore my grandma is the only parent I have, I live with her, my aunt and my three cousins, they're 10, 7 and 5.
I drove home and when I arrived in our street, I saw a car parked in our driveway and it wasn't my aunt. I parked and got out of the car, I opened the door and I was about to yell "Grandma I'm home" as I usually do but I heard her talk to someone so I stood in the hallway and listened to her conversation :

"Why do you care all of a sudden, you are the one who decided to leave now get out of that house"

"Look , what happened back then belongs to the past , we need to let that alone and move forward I want to see him"

"And I say you can't it's too late get out of that house right now"

"I am not going nowhere until you let me see him" The man said raising his voice , I started getting angry , I just can't stand hearing that man yelling at her like that. I walked in the living room. And I saw a nigga who was around 40 year old or something like that. I walked closer to him and got in his face.

"Look she asked you to get out of her house and that is exactly what you are going to do before I get mad and make you leave my self"
The man didn't even move at all , he just stared at me like crazy for a long ass time.

"Can't you hear me ?"

"Hummhum , yeah , yes I'm out, I'm out" he said walking towards the hallway , I followed him and before getting out the door , he turned around and looked at me for a moment. That man is crazy, I went back to my grandma , and crouched down to her level as he was sitting on a couch , she looked schocked.

"Grandma who was that ? What where you talking about ? "

"He,he ain't nobody importnat baby , what are you doing here ?"

"You sure grandma ? seemed like y'all knew each other"

"I promise baby there's nothing there, are you just going to ignore my question ?"

"If you say so , I just came here for lunch thought you'd like to have some company"

"You're so sweet"

I went in the kitchen and cooked something quick and we ate in silence, I was thinking so hard, listning to that argument I didn't feel like that man was 'nobody improtant". I have to conduct my little invesigation here.

Here is chapter 6 y'all , thanks for reading and please leave comments ;)


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