I Want You : Part 3

The next morning Nicki woke up, and streched, she had slept like a baby, she hadn't slept like this in years. She looked at the time on her phone, to see it was 8:30. She started to panic, the kids should already be at shcool. They should have been there 30 minutes ago.
She jumped out of her bed and ran to Zahir's room and opened it to see he wasn't there and his bed was neatly made , she went to Zahirah's room and it was the axact same thing she was confused, she went to the living room, where Clarissa was moping the floor she looked around, not seeing the kids and went to look for them in the kitchen where she didn't see them, she went back to the living room and stood there, looking around. Clarissa looked at her like she had 6 heads.

"Hum Nic what are you standing here for ?"

"I don't understand what's going on"

"What ?"

"Did you take the twins to school ?"

Clarissa laughed at Nicki's distraught face. "Oh that's what you're worried about , Drake has a day off today so he took them, I cut your alarm, you didn't have any class  and I didn't want you to wake up for no reason, sorry if I made panick."

"No, no it's Ok, I'd rather panick 2 min than wake up at 6 for nothing, I'm going to shower"

"Hold on a second girl, is there anything you want to tell me ?" Clarissa asked raising a brow.

"No, I don't think so . Why" Nicki was confused.

"Oh my god , I thought you'd tell me something like that, but it's ok , if you don't want to talk , I'll go ask him" She shrugged

"What are you talking about ? Please just be more explicit please, that's too much confusion for a day Clarissa"

"I saw you guys last night"

 "Last ni... Nicki stopped as she thought about what Clarissa had just said and that's when last night's events came back to her , her litte moment of panic made her forget about it. "Oh that "

"Yes that. You two cuddled up like that was super cute, but I don't understand , I mean it was bound to happen, it was obvious , the way y'all look at each other and all that but what I don't get is y'all barely exchanged two words and next thing I know your in his arms, you move fast " Clarissa said all that in one breath.

"You're done yet ? There is nothing going on I swear he just held me because I was scared of the thunder, and we watched the game and ... hey , how did I get in bed ?"

"I don't believe that , he probably carried your ass to bed, as if he was some kind of knight in shinning armor , so corny" She laughed.

"Shut up , it's the truth and stop being mean it was a nice gesture , he was just being a gentleman"

"Aww , look at you taking his defense , so cute , just don't forget to let me know when y'all get married"

"Haha , you're so funny ,I am telling you there's nothing going on, it was because of the thunder !"

"Yeah put the blame on the thunder"

"Ugh you're too much for me" Said Nicki walking away, she went to take a shower, lotioned up , and did her hair and make up, for once she had time for herself so she took her time getting ready , she picked an outfit and got dressed , once she was ready she went to the kitchen singing  Ciara's 'Got me good' to herself' she had been listening to it on replay for the last hour. She found Clarissa puting dishes in the dishwasher. Nicki opened the fridge and poured herself a cup of orange juice still singng.

"Bitch you're happiness is so disgusting" Said Clarissa , Nicki didn't even answer and just took the plate that Clarissa had left for her in the oven. She sat at the counter top and said grace before digging into it . Once she was done with her breakfast0 she put her dishes in the dishwasher and kissed Clarissa on the cheek thanking her for the breakfast, right after Clarissa went out to go grocerie shopping. Nicki was alone in the appartment and she didn't know what to do , she wanted to sudy but that's the only thing she been doing lately and she took so much advence it was ridiculous, she needed a break from it. It was 10:00 in the morning , she knew Candi was at school, just like Lauren so she didn't know who she could go out with . She just sat on the couch looking at the TV. I'm always complaining talkin 'bout I don't have time to myself and now that I have time to myself  I'm bored ,ugh. She sighed, got up from the couch and went to her room where she started to put her stuff in the closet as she didn't get time to do it the day before, once she was done, she went back to watching T.V in the living room deciding that doing nothing for once wasn't that bad, it's not like that was what she did everyday , it was the first time since she started college, so she decided to be lazy, she was about to go change when she heard voices, coming from the hallway.  , the voices got distant, so Nicki figured the persons who were talking went in the kitchen , she didn't recognize all the voices but she recognized Drake, and Noha's. She decided to go see for herself and went in the kitchen.

"Oh, hey  you're up" Said Drake walking towards her  to hug her

"Yes I am " She said accepting the hug. They felt the same spark as the day before.

She greeted Noha, Rayan and the girl who they were talking to , Drake introduced them " Nicki this is Courtne , Court this is Nicki " They greeted each other.

"Where's Clarissa at ?" Asked Noah.

"She went grocerie shopping"

"Aww , you miss your girl Noah" Jockingly asked Courtne.

"Shut  up ain't nothing going on between us , it's disgusting"

"Disgusting right ?! You dream about her every night" Said Rayan.

"What are you talking about , man just shut your ass up"

Drake wasn't even paying attenion to their conversation , he was once again focused on Nicki's beauty, he loved everything about how she looked, he loved her smile, her dimples, her eyes everything. Nicki flipped her hair to the side, which gave him a perfect view of her neck , and  the only thing he could think about was kissing and licking her neck , Nicki felt his gaze on her and turned her head in his direction, this time unlike everytime before he didn't turn his head away he continued to study her and smiled at her she returned the gesture. He snatched his head from her when Ryan called him and it was her turn to stare at him, now she understood why her friends were so in love with Drake 'Damn he's handsome' she tought to herself.

Rayan , Noha and Cournte stayed over for a good 30 mins before they had to go, and just when they were leaving Clarissa got in she went to put the groceries away, and Drake and Nicki just sat there throwing occasional glances at one another as Clarissa was rambling about a women who had bumped past her at the supermarket.

"And that fat bitch had the nerve to..." She turned around to see they weren't paying her any attention "Aww how cute" She cheesed "But you could pay attention to what I'm saying instead of undressing each other with the eyes , you had enough time last time when you were cuddled up on that couch"

Nicki was about to say something but Clarissa didn't let her do so. "You know what, I'm out of here, just keep on fucking each other with the eyes" She left the kitchen and the penthouse mumbling something.

Nicki was laughing at her friend's dramatic atittude.

"What the hell just happened ? What is she talking about ?"

"She saw us, last night and she thinks there's something going on between us" She said blushing, she got down from her stool trying to hide the fact that she was blushing and walked towards the living room with Drake following.

"Oh , don't pay her any mind she's crazy"

"Yeah I know, but about that, thanks for comforting me and putting me to bed"

"You're welcome, it was nothing really. So what do you have planned for today, Clarissa told me you didn't have class today"

" Humm nothing really I'm just going to read or I don't know, how about you I heard today's a day off for you too"

"Not doing anything either , I had a quick meeting after I dropped the kids off , that's why I came back here withs these fools,but now I'm off for  the day , just going to chill , watch some T.V or whatever before it's time to get the twins from school"

"I thought your days were more intresting, I mean you're Drizzy Drake"

"Well I thought your days were more intresting, what 19 years old , does nothing when they're not at school ?" He said imitating her tone.

"Me" She said pointing at herself as if it was an obvious fact and he shook his head at her.

He plopped on the couch took the remote and turned the T.V on, Nicki sat on the other end of the couch and took her bomber off.

"You are seriously, going to seat here all day and watch T.V ? That's what superstars do ?"

He chuckled before answering "Hey, I am working all the damn time , I spend days and night in the studio, have tones of meetings to attend , I spend most of my time on the road, do I have to remind you that I just came back from 5 days in L.A where I recordedg 3 songs, and performed every night , and now that I have a day off I can't just watch T.V ?" He said acting like he was about to cry which made Nicki burst out laughing.

"Aww, poor you " She said in a mocking tone.

"Besides you ain't doing anything either so you don't have nothing to say"

" I ain't no superstar , I am not suposed to have a crazy life, you are"

"Yes but, you are a 19 year old girl . When Clarissa has a day off, you don't see her all day , she always has a friend to see , shopping to do"

"Oh , if you want me out of the house just say it, it's cool , it's your crib , I'll understand" she jockingly said

"God, what did I ge myself into ?' He said laughing at her.

"No, seriously, it's just the first time I have nothing to do in a while and it's thursday so everybody else is at school or works , so I decided to make it my 'lazy day' "

"Your lazy day huh ?!"


"I like how it sounds, I think that's what Imma do too if it's  not disapointng for you"

"You can do it, but I ain't gonna lie , a lazy day can be super boring, no actually  it sucks,I been at it for like 1 hour before you came back and I just have to say I hate wasting my time doing nothing"

"Really , I think you must be a hyperactive or something like that, but anyways I just got an idea , the twins' birthday's coming up and I have to get their birthday gifts I wanted to do it later but since this day might be my last day off in a while I was thinking maybe I should go get them now and, if you are that bored you can come with me"

"First of all I am not a hyperactive and thank you but you don't have to go out if you don't want to, just enjoy your T.V imma go find myself something to do"

"Now come on , I have to go out, and you are bored, I am not forcing myself I swear" Nicki hesitated a little bit before answering "Ok, fine just let get my purse and put my shoes on"

"Great" Said Drake automatically looking at her feet when she talked about putting shoes on and that's when he noticed her slippers .

"Cute slippers, looks like you stole them from a 5 year old , actually Zahira has the same no ?"

"Shut up ! I don't care they're super cute , and no she doesnt hers are all pink mine are leopard" She said walking off mumbling something like "dummy" .

Drake sat in the couch , watching her walk away, his gaze set on one particular part of her body as usual 'Damn what I could do to that ass' he thought to himself. He sat there waiting on her, he was actually surprised that she was that comfortable around him , he tought she'd be a little bit more uncomfortable after what happened, she was a shy girl he could see it and the fact that they been so close the night before he tought she'd be taken aback but on the contrary she was very comfortable around him and they were interacting like they'd known each other for a while , she even accpeted his hug earlier so it was all good.

Nicki came back not long after with her purse in her hand and her snapback on her head.

"What's with the hat ?"

"I don't know I just felt like it , it completes the look"

"Whatever if you say so , just hurry up and put them shoes on"

"Don't pressure me" She said sitting on the floor to put her shoes on, once she was done he held his hand out to help her get up and she took it and got up.

"Let's go" They rode the elevator got out of the building, were a black SUV was parked.
"Can I dirve ?" Asked Nicki

"Huh no you can't" Answered Drake holding the passenger door open for her.

"Why" ? She whined and hopped in the black SUV . Drake ran to the other side of the SUV and hopped in the driver's sit.

"Because I said so" He said buckling his seatbelt.

"I don't think it is a valid reason but anyways" She said making Drake chuckle.

They drove to their destination as they made small talk. They arrived to their destination, and got out of the car and walked to the entrance of the store.

They had been in the store for a while and they had picked a few toys for Zahir an d Zahirah but they hadn't find their actual presents Nicki was smiling from ear to ear she was super exited.

" Waouh, next time I take a girl on a date I'm taking her to a toy store" mumbled Drake . "Never knew it was that exciting"

Nicki let out a sarcastic laugh . "Haha so funny ! Why do you always have to make fun of me ?"

"Because you are funny"

"Oh really ?! Do I look like a clown or something ?" She asked him. They were standing in the middle of an aisle faging each other.

" If you were one you'd be the most gorgeous clown ever" He said looking at her straight in the eyes . She was looking in his eyes too but the complilent made her blush and she looked down trying to hide it for the second time of the day.  She regain her composure and looked up when he wasn't looking at her no more.

" I don't even know if that was a compliment, how am I suppose to take it"

"It was a compliment therefore you're suppose to take it very well and say thank you" Drake said walking past her.

" Nigga I ain't bout to thank you for calling me a clown " she said following him .

"I said a gorgeous clown"

"That's still a clown nigga so I ain't bouta to thank you "

" I didn't know you had that mouth on you girl. Just yesterday you were acting shy and stuff "

"I am a shy person, and you're a stranger to me, besides you're my boss remember, and yesterday was the first time you really got to talk to me I had to make a good impression and obviously I did "

"Who said you did ? " he said taking his eyes off the Barbie Dream House he was looking at .She looked at him : "You did, and put that down she has a bigger one already"

"Humm I don't recall saying that" He said doing as he was told.

" Well I still have my job and you took me out.  Which means I've proved myself."

"If you like to think so"

" OH MY GOD !! Drake look " Nicki squealed at the sight of the pink ride on car.

"What ? You didn't get to drive.the real car so you want to drive this ? I got to admit this one is more adapted for your height."

"You are so dumb" Nicki said laughing. "For Zahirah , I'm sure she'd love it "

"Look at that one  Zay is gonna go crazy when he sees it, it "

"Aww imagine my little bird and my ladybug driving their little cars, so cute . You have to get these"

" Definitly "

They paid for everything , and asked for the cars to be delivered on the twin's birthday and they asked for plates with their names on. They got out of the store and went back to the car. Drake opened the door for her and helped her get in.They were driving back , when Nicki recieved a text , she took her phone out to read it, she was typing when Drake threw a glance in her direction and noticed the screen was shattered .

"What happened to your phone ?"

"It fell"

"Don't you think you need a new one ?"

"A new one would be nice but I don't NEED a new one , it works just fine, as long as I can use it I ain't spending money on it"

"It's not just fine the screen is shattered". She put a text on the screen and as they stopped at red light she put the phone in his face "Read" she ordered

"It says : 'Oh ok, I'll bring it tomorrow' "

"See you can see perfectly fine so I ain't spending money on another one, my mom would eat for weeks with what it costs"

"Well I am "

"You are what ?"

"I am buying you a new phone "

"No you're not , I don't want you spending money on me "

"You said you want a new one but money is the issue and money ain't an issue for me so I buy you  a new phone and every one is happy"

"Don't twist my words and use them against me, I didn't say I wanted one"

"Anyways I said I am buying you a new phone, and that's what I am going to do . End of the conversation"

"But I {GCO}"

"End of conversaion" He said firmly Nicki didn't even bother to try and say something, she just sighed and rolled her eyes sinking in her seat. Even if she wasn't gonna let it show , she found the way he spoke firmly to her with his deep voice super sexy, it turned her on.

"And don't roll your eyes at me"

"Whatever I am not talking to you"

"Ok , I don't care"

"Fine" They drove to the apple store in complete silence, it wasn't uncomfortable or nothing, neither of them was really mad they both wanted to burst out laughing and you could see it, even if Nicki's eyes was saying that she was mad and her lips were forming a pout , her dimples were showing for Drake's greatest pleasure.
They arrived to their destination, Drake parked and got out of the car , walked around it to open Nicki's door and waited for her to unbuckle and get out but she just sat there looking before her.

"Nicki, Nicki , Hey" He said waving his hand in front of her face. "You're not coming ?"

"No I'm not, I didn't ask you for nothing and you're not talking to me so why bother" She said flashing him a dimple smile. Drake chuckled.

"Really ? Nicki you are a baby"

"Well the baby is staying here" She said sticking her tongue out at him.

"Oh and you think that's what gonna stop me ? I'll just go on my own" He answered sticking his tongue out at her too. He closed the door and ran to the store, he got in and started looking for a phone Nicki would like, he was hesitating between a Iphone 5S gold and a pink Iphone 5c. He hesitated for a while before deciding to take both of them and just let her pick one. He went to pay for the phones and the cashier was looking at him, well more like staring at him and he was confused, for a moment he had forgotten his status , he had forgotten who he was , Nicki had made him forget about it all, during the time he had spent with her , not once had she looked at him as a superstar, she just looked at him like he was a normal guy so that girl staring at him with her mouth open ,just got him confused.

"Hum are you OK ?"

"Oh my god , oh my god you are, are you , OH MY GOD" She said breathig heavilly and that's when  it him.

"Oh , erm yeah, yeah it's me but can  you (GCO)

"Oh my god it's Drake, Drake is standing in front of me, she started shaking and talking louder which attracted people 's attention.

"OK, Ok calm down please ..." As he was trying to calm the girl down one of her coworkers approached them "Tammy what's going on with you ? Why are you ..." She raised her head and she immediately recognized Drake, but unlike the other one she stayed calm. She was a little shocked but she kept it cool. She looked between her coworker and Drake not really knowing what to do when Drake spoke.

"Can you help me out, I don't want to be spotted and create a riot, can you ring these up for me real quick"

She looked around and saw that she wasn't the only one who'd noticed Drake's presence so she quickly nodded and pushed her friend who was still in a shock and not moving to the side , and did her job , he paid and signed autographs for both of the cashiers and ran out of the store. He got to the car, where Nicki was sitting peacefully playing a game on her phone. He got in the passenger seat and looked at her waiting on her to say something but she didn't.

"Oh you're still not talking to me ?"

"Why would I ?"

"Because I went out there, had to deal with that cashier who reconized me, almost got spotted and all that to buy your phone"

"And when exactly did I ask you to do that ?"

"Can't you just say thank you for once ?"

"OK fine , thank you for making me spend 20 minutes in that car when I am super hungry to go buy me a phone I didn't need or asked for, really thank you soo much"

"You are just being mean to me right now" he said faking a pout"

"Awww don't be sad, I'm sorry . Thank you so much Drake for going through so much for me." she said and he was still pouting  "Come on now you got your thanks and an apology what do you want now ? " He didn't even answer he just kept on pouting it made Nicki think of Zahir, he acts the exact same way when  he is mad, he just pouts until she kisses him. She thought 'maybe that would work on him too , no  I can't kiss him , ok we spent time together out of the house and all that but it was related to the twins so it was on a profesional level or was it ? But he bought me a phone and I've been a bitch maybe he deserves a kiss' she waited till they came to a red light , took a deep breath and gave him a quick peck on the cheek , she then observed him waiting for a reaction. A big smile appeared on Drake's face making Nicki smile too.

"Better now ?"

"Very much" he said with the big smile still plastered on his face.

"And I am the baby" She said shaking her head at him.

They drove back home in a peacefull silence with some music playing in the background. When they got to the building they got out of the car and got the bags from the trunk, they let the valet go park the car and rode the elevator to the penthouse, they put the toys away and Nicki was super hungry, so she went to cook them something to eat , they ate together making small talk getting to know each other a little bit more.

"I can't believe your real name's Aubrey ?"

"You're the first person I meet who doesn't know that"

"Well , sorry to tell you but I don't know a lot of things about you , I listen to your music though , and I know when is your birthday , humm Ocotber... 24th !"

"Yeah that's it, thought you weren't a fan"

"I'm not , my brother is, he loves you so much it's ridiculous, he loves you more  than me , I'm jealous"

"Really ?"

"Yeah" Once they were done eating they put the dishes in the dishwasher , cleaned the table and Nicki went to her room to put her jacket away and went to brush her teeth, she was looking for a sweater to put on when there was knock at her door. "Come in "  The door opened to reveal Drake, he poked his head in, before entering the room.

"Hum, here I didn't know which one you'd prefer so I just took both , just pick one" He said handing her the two boxes . Nicki's mouth dropped and she kept looking between him and the two boxes she was shocked, she didn't know what to say , this man she barely knew bought two phones that cost a couple hundred dollars each, never in her life had anybody done something like that for her, it might be nothing for Drake but to her it was a lot, she had been taking care of herself for a while and it was the first time in a years that someone bought her something and he went out to buy two Iphone just for her to choose, it touched her.

"Wahou , I don't know what to say, you didn't have to, you should have just taken either one, it didn't matter really"

"Yeah , well I didn't so just pick"

"Humm,  I'll take the pink one"

"I knew it."

She took the box and looked at it before getting her head up and looking at Drake's smiling face.
"Thank you so much, for the phone and for spending time with me, thank you and for real this time " She said sincerely with a smile.

"You're welcome, and I want to thank you too"

"What for ?"

"For spending time with me and making me feel like a normal guy, you know I get tired of being set on a pedestal by every single person I meet , so it's nice to have someone treating me like a normal person, thank you."

"You're welcome , and don't worry with me you can be sure you'll never bee on no pedestal" She said jockingly , he turned around and was about to walk out of the room but he turned back around and went to hug her , she was shocked and didn't move for a few seconds before wrapping her own arms around him , they held each other , thighly until they heard a women's voice echoing through the appartment.


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