I Want You Pt.8

Nicki was sitting at the back of the car, wipping her tears away. She was coming back from the airport. Parting ways with the twins was heartbreaking and seeing them cry for her was really hard but it didn't go as bad as she thought it would.
She was now headed to her mother's, she didn't feel like staying at the appartment all alone so she planed on staying at her mom's for the night and also she knew she had to tell her about what was going on between her and Drake before she saw it somewhere and thought it was something it's not, she wanted to be the first to tell her mother and wanted her to have her version of things before she even heard whatever people or the media had to say.
During the ride she decided on turning her phone back on, she hadn't even touched it since she had turned it off earlier in the day after she saw what was said on the blogs. She didn't want to have to explain herself but she knew she couldn't avoid it forever.
When she turned her phone on it immediately started buzzing and it kept going for about five minutes, she had recieved so many text messages and missed calls, you could definitly say that people had been blowing her phone up. She had recieved texts from everyone, even from people she had only talked to once, people who usually don't even care about her or talk to her. She ignored all of it and sent a group text to Candi, Lauren, Sherika and Thembi telling them to come to her mom's as soon as possible, once she did that she turned her phone off knowing they would call right away and ask a thousand an one questions. She'd rather have them over at her mother's , that way she'd have to explain herself once.

A few minutes later the car pulled in her mom's driveway and the chauffeur helped her out of the car.
She knew her friends were already there because she saw Candi's car parked in the street. 
She didn't even got the time to knock on the door that it was already open. 

"Who's car was that ?"

"Well hello to you too girl." Nicki said trying to walk in the house but Sherika was blocking the way.

"Seriously, who's car was it ?"

"How about you let me come in first ?" Sherika stepped aside and Nicki walked in with her friend following her, she went to hug her mother but their greeting was cut short by her friends.

"Do you mind explaining what the fuck is going on ?" Candi asked as soon as she spotted Nicki.

"Yeah tell her that this is not you so she can calm down and we can all go back to our normal lives." Lauren spoke.

"What are you guys talking about ?" Carol , Nicki's mother asked them.

"I think I have something to tell you guys."

"Onika, what did you do ?"  Carol asked her daughter starting to get worried.

"I didn't do anything mom !"

"Then what do you have to tell us ?" 

"Oh I know what it is, she is fu..."

"I think we all should take seat first." Nicki cut Candi off. And everyone went to seat in the living room where Micaih was watching TV.

"Hey." Nicki happily went to hug him.

"Hey ! I been waiting for you all day ! Don't you have something to share ?" Nicki kissed her teeth and looked around at everyone.

"You guys could at least act like you care about how I am, just to be polite."

"And you should at least pick up the phone just to be polite." Candi retorted.

"Ok, Onika you better speak now what's going on ?"

"Yes, speak. For god sake , is that you on those pictures or not ?" Lauren asked.

"Well ... "

"Damn Nic yes or no ?"

"Yes, yes it's me." Everyone in the room gasped. You could read shock on every face except from Carol's. She was still confused."

"What pictures are we even talking about ?"

"Nicki, I don't believe you, how is that even possibe ?"

"I believe you, I mean that explains the chauffeur."

Everyone started speaking their minds and asking questions, Nicki completely tuned them out as she looked at her mother who still had that confused look on her face, she couldn't back up now, she had to tell her.

"Will someone tell me what the hell is going on ?" Carol shouted over the other voices and the room fell silent and all eyes were on Nicki.

"I guess I got some explaining to do."

"Well get to it."

"Erm well, this takes us a few months ago, about erm six no seven months ago, actually it was around the time I got my new job. I was off that week end and the girl I work with and who's a friend of mine she convinced me to go out , and we went to that club and that's where I met him." Nicki lied perfectly but she stopped in her sentence she knew everyone else had gotten her point but still she had to break the news to her mother and right now she was almost regretting coming here , she wasn't ready to say it.

"You met who ? Onika are you acting all dramatic just to tell me that you have met someone ?"

"Mama just wait until she tells you who it is." Sherika shook her head.

"Who is it ?"

"Erm , it's  Drake." Nicki let out. At that moment when the name came out of her mouth ,she couldn't believe it herself, she never thought she'd be in that position, she was just realising how crazy this whole situation was.

"Drake ? I know that name."

"Of course you do mama, he's like a freaking superstar, besides you see his face all day since Micaiah's fanatical about him." Lauren peeped in.

"So you mean to tell me that you Onika, my daughter went to a club and you so happen to run into Drake, the rapper who's face I gotta see all day on my television ?"

"It's a way tu put it yeah." Nicki mumbled.

"And so ?" Carol was perfectly getting what Nicki was trynna say but she needed to hear her actually say it.

"Annnd.." Nicki dragged out. "And we kinda hung out... a lot and, and now we're dating, like I mean we're together." Nicki hesitated at first but blurted the last part out , her gazed focused on her shoes finding them more intresting than anything else at the moment.

"Onika look at me."

Nicki got scared , she didn't really know how her mother was gonna react and when she looked up at her , she couldn't really read her expression.

"Yes ? "

"Is it a joke ?"

"No, not at all mom, I swear this is true." Nicki stared at her mother but still couldn't read her face, Carol stayed silent and no one in the room dared to speak.

"Mom are you mad ?"

"No, I guess I don't have a reason to be, I trust you Onika and I know you're smart enough to know what's good for you. I'm just worried , this type of men don't seem like the type for you baby; this is a shocker."

"I know mom, but he's a good person, he's not like people think he is, there's more to him then what the media shows, he's way more than that and he makes me happy so you don't have to worry. I'm good."

"As long as you're happy, I'm happy too." Carol shrugged, you could feel that she wasn't totally with the idea but she was gonna support her daughter because she knew that Nicki was smart enough to take the right decision but she couldn't help but worry for her daughter.

Nicki went to hug her mother, she felt so much better now that the people that really matter to her know the truth, but it was not a complete relief , because she knew she had just lied to them and lying in an atempt to be honest wasn't really the best way to do this but she knew why she lied and it was worth it.
Oddly enough her mother seemed to be the less shocked by this announcement maybe it was because of the fact that she didn't really know who exactly Drake was thus she didn't actually realise how crazy the situation was but she seemed to be the one who was the less shocked by the news as she casually went back to her kitchen just as if her daughter had just told her she was dating a "normal" guy and this really made Nicki happy that's all she could ask for.

Once Carol had left the room Nicki was immediately bombarded with questions and she was glad that Drake and her had thought about every detail of their fake story because otherwise she would have been stuck. They litterally grilled her but she didn't really mind it, it felt really good to finally talk to the persons who where close to her heart about the man she loved instead of having to act as if he wasn't part of her life at all.

~~A Week Later / Los Angeles ~~

"I'm all finished daddy !" Zahirah cheered pointing to her plate.

"Great princess. High five !" Drake and Zahirah high fived and Drake picked her plate and took it to the sink. He picked Zahirah from the seat she was sitting on and they headed upstairs where Zahir was watching TV in his room. He had finish eating before his sister thus Drake had allowed him to go watch TV, now that Zahirah was done it was time for them to call Nicki. It had been their routine for a week now, for the two or three first days it had been quiet rough for everyone, Nicki was at home feeling extremely lonely, Clarissa went to Puerto Rico to visit her mom so she was home all alone. The worst part of it was that it was probably the time when she needed them the most. She never thought that a few pictures could change things like that, she went from being the girl no one ever notices to the girl everyone was observing, she almost felt like she was being tracked, it wasn't to the point where people recognized her everywhere she went or anything like that. Her life was still normal and hadn't change that much but for exemple at the campus everyone was trying to befriend her and another crazy thing was that for the whole week her face was in the gutter press every day. There were pictures of her and Drake but she also came to find out that somehow they had been caught at the airport, so this meant pictures of them carrying the twins and of course this lead to questioning about who's kids they were and again she had to invent a crazy story to tell when her family asked about it. It was a lot for her.
On the other side of country the twins had a hard time getting accostumed to L.A and being away from Nicki wasn't easy at all. Drake also had to make some adjustments he had to find a balance between work and his children, Courtne had offered her help to watch the kids when she was not working herself but Drake felt like he needed to stay with them as much as he coul, after all that's the reason why he flew them to L.A. Most of the time he'd work from his home studio and tried to do video conferences instead of actually going to all these meetings. Another major change was that he took them out every chance he got, not really carring about being seen anymore, his team was against it, even Nicki had told him that it was probably not a good idea but he kept telling them that he knew what he was doing .

After a good hour of talking to Nicki on Skype Drake got the twins ready for bed and tucked them in.
Once they were asleep he waited for Courtne to arrive, she was going to watch them because he had to go to the studio, it was a late studio session set with Future.
When Cournte arrived Drake left thinking that the sooner he got there, the sooner he'd come back.

After hours of recording, they were finally done. They were now just chilling, Drake figured it woudn't hurt if he didn't go back home right away, Courtne was spending the night there anyways and the twins were sleeping so they wouldn't even know wether he's there or not.

It wasn't just Future and him,of course there were their respective crews and also Big Sean was there.
They were hanging out when the door opened and in walked Trey Songz.

"Waddup , waddup , waddup." He went to greet everyone.

"Sup Trey !"

"Working, I just finished recording with August few doors away. We heading to the strip club right now, who's coming ?"

"I'm down." Sean exclaimed.

"I'm coming too." Future commented.

"Drizzy you coming or what ?"

Drake hesitated for a while, going to the club was probably not the best thing to do when he had the twins and Nicki would probably not like it , but he knew if he said no he'd have to explain why so he figured he'd just have to behave and leave early.


It was 2am and Drake was having a good time but really wanted to get out of there and go home but Trey had convinced him to stay a little bit longer. He went to the DJ booth and did his thing for a while.
When he went back to their section Drake wasn't prepared for what he saw. His whole demeanor changed, the vision before him did nothing but annoy him. He walked towards her the only question he was asking himself was 'what the hell is she doing here ?"
He got to her level and grabbed her arm, she didn't even flinch as he pulled her away from the crowd, she knew it was him, with the commotion his arrival caused she knew he was here and knew he would notice her at some point , it was just a matter of time.
Drake dragged her out of the club and once they were out she leaned against the concrete wall and crossed her arms in front of her chest, Drake stuffed his hands in his pockets and looked at her. They stared at one another.

"What the fuck are you doing here ?"

"I work here Aubrey." She answered looking down at the ground.

"Are you really gonna lie to me right now ?"

"It's true , I work here."

"Why are you in L.A, when a week ago I left you in New York ? Did you follow..."

"No ! Look I'm trying to move on, that day I came to talk to you, it was my last try before leaving, a friend of mine had gotten me this job and a place to stay here, it was my chance for a new beggining so I lef New York , I didn't follow you here, I didn't even know you were here."

"You mean to tell me that you didn't know I was gonna be here and you don't know the kids are here either right."

Nebby rose her head and looked at him straight in the eyes.

"I swear I didn't know."

"So it's just a coincidence if you happened to move here when I decided to take them here."

"It is, I had no idea, I'm trying to move on, and L.A is the farthest city from New York, from you, from Amir, that's the only reson I'm here .I'm just trying to change."

"Trying to change ? You figured , stripping in L.A instead of stripping in New York made you a better person ?"

"I'm not stripping, I'm at the bar." Drake looked at her and noticed that she was clothed.

"Look, I don't even know why I'm talking to yo right now, let's say I believe you then do whatever you gotta do, I don't give a fuck. Just stay away from me and from my kids, I won't repeat myself."

At that he was about to turn around and leave for good but she pulled on his arm, preventing him from walking away. He snatched his arm away from her grip.

"Wait ." She called after him .

"I knew it, what do you want ?"

"Again , I didn't plan on running into you, but we're here, so I guess this time is my last try. I know how you feel about me being in our children's lives and I totally understand why, I mean if I was in your position I would feel the exact same way and I'm sorry for popping back in your life and acting the way I did, because I don't have any right to ask anything from you but really, I'm begging you , give me one last chance and  hear me out."

Drake was about to laugh at her and walk away but , he thought about what he should do and thought about what Nicki had told him, maybe he had to have a conversation and that way things could finally change. Besides she wasn't giving him the same speech she had on replay for years, seemed like someone had finally knocked some sense into her. He figured at least listening to her couldn't hurt, the situation between them was so bad that he had nothing to lose.

"I don't think this is the place or the moment to talk about all this."

"Does that mean you're willing to hear me out ?"

"Give me your number I'll call you."

He took her number and walked away without a word, wondering what he had gotten himself into.


The next day in the morning, Drake was at the studio, he had just asked everyone to get out, he had just recieved a text from Nebby saying that she was almost there.

"Are you sure about this ?" Ryan asked his cousin concerned.

"I don't even know what I'm getting myself into right now but things can't go worse than how they are so I guess I ain't got nothing to lose."

"Right." Ryan said before opening the door. "Good luck." He said and left.

A few minutes later Nebby walked in with two milk shakes in hand. She sat on the swivel chair next to Drake and handed him one. 

"Vanilla's still your favorite right ?"

Drake took it and set it somewhere. His facial expression didn't budge. He was giving her the meanest look ever . Yes he had agreed to give her a chance to explain herself but he wasn't down for all the bullshit. They were here to clarify things and move on from the drama period he wasn't trying to be her friend or anything.

"I'm listening."

Nebby kissed her teeth, she didn't like the attitude he was giving her, but she had no right to say anything.

"First of all , thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to listen to me, we both know you didn't have to ."

Drake gave her a nod to tell her to carry on.

"So, I really want to apologize for everything starting with my leaving years ago, and also for reappering out of the blue and for the blackmailing and yeah basicaly for all the drama I caused in your life."

"Appreciate that." Was the only thing Drake could say. He was trying not to act like a dick and act like an adult but it was hard. That woman cut hum deep, so just sitting here and facing her was already a lot to ask from him. Nebby knew it that's why she didn't say anything about his attitude. 

"But also I think it's time for you to know the truth that's behind all my actions. I did you wrong and I know all these wrong decisions I made impacted our children's lives. But I need you to know the real reasons behind it. Erm I didn't left because I wanted to party my ass off everynight. I wouldt do it, I carried these children for nine months and raised them on my own for over a year. I couldn't abandon them for such a selfish reason ."

"How was I supposed to guess that ? After what you've done to me even before the kids got here, you appeared to be the type of person who could easily do that. "

"I know, I know."

"What really happened ?"

"When I knocked on your door and told you that Amir kicked us out of his house. Well I lied , he never did."

"But, you were beaten up, the blood, the scars and everything, that shit was real."

"Yeah, he did beat me up on a daily basis, but he never threw me out of his house, I was whoring around for him, I was his only source of income, it would've been a silly idea to kick me out. I ran away , I took the kids and ran away."

"Why didn't you tell me that ?"

"I don't know, I really don't know I didn't want you to be caught up in that shit, if you thought I just got kicked out you wouldn't say anything, had I told you that I ran away and he was looking for me and all the stuff that was going on... It was just too much."

"Then what happened ?"

"I knew Amir would find me, I knew it was just a matter of time , I was trying to figure out what my next move would be, and that's when you found out the twins were yours, and at the same moment Amir found me. The timing was fucked up and perfect at the same time. You are such a great guy , I knew you would be a father to your children no matter what . Besides you were doing so well, you could offer them a better life than anything I could ever have. So that day when Amir showed up at the club and threatened to kill me if I didn't go back with him, I figured I couldn't take the twins with me, that man is crazy, you have no idea of what he's capable of. I told him I had left the kids with Kenza in an attempt to leave you out of all this and I left, I wrote this fake note, took all I had and left."

Drake held his face in his hands, he didn't even know what to say, that story she just told him was surreal, he couldn't even believe it but if it was the truth he felt really bad. He hated Nebby but he couldn't help it, if this story was true, it called everything into question. For years he thought she was some kind of horrible monster who didn't have a heart and deliberatly left her children just to "live her life" but if this was the real story it didn't change the fact that what she did was wrong but it made her a little bit more human you could say.

"That's a crazy ass story you're telling right now Zineb." He shook his head.

"It's true though, that's how it happened."

"If this is true how do you explain the  blackmailing ?"

"Amir found out you had the kids, I don't know how he did, but he found out. He was the one blackmailing you, I was just the messenger, not a cent of what I extorted from you went in my pocket not a cent. He took it all, even the cars and the house you bought, it's all his."

"Yo, you mean to tell me you've dealt with that nigga all those years ?! It's like you chose your pimp over your kids and then you had me supporting your pimp , buying him cars and even a house and shit ?! Man you had me fucked up !" Drake rose his voice.

"Aubrey please, calm down."

"Calm down, with what you're telling me right now ?"

"You seen what that nigga did to me ! How the fuck was I suppose to leave ! You think I chose to stay, you think I chose to got beat up everyday and to work for him, to sell my body only for my money to be snatched out of my hands ? Huh ? You think I chose to be away from the kids I carried, they were all my life, I had them for a year and a half on my own , I was not able to give them wat you give to them but I tried , I tried as hard as I could because I love them. The only reason why I left them was because I didn't want them to die. What did you want me to do ? Take them with me so that they could be treated the way I was ? That nigga didn't even have the decendy to feed me when I brought him money, how do you think he would be with my children ? Answer that Aubrey answer !" She spoke without even raising her voice, she looked at him straight in his eyes the whole time and he was silent.

"Right that's what I thought. Now maybe I did not handle things the best way I could but don't you dare say that I chose my pimp over my kids, ever"

Drake silently sat there and looked at the ground. He thought he was about to go crazy right then. He felt really bad. But at the same time he was extremely mad.

"Now look, I understand what you're coming from , and I really feel for you but you can't expect me to trust you again like that."

"I know , I mean I have been messy and it all started way before Amir even got in the picture so I understand that I'm not someone you would give you trust to. My intention coming here was to set the record straight, I want to work on myself so that one day you would trust me enough to let me be in my children's lives but when I saw you yesterday I figured I wouldnt be able to do that if you didn't know the truth. Now you know the truth so I hope we can figure something out and move on."

"Thank you for being honest and not acting delusional and crazy as you usually do, and I'm sorry you had to go through all this but really I think I need to think about it. I need to sleep on it and I'll see what we do from there but right now. It's just .. just... Maan !"

"I know." Nebby chuckled. "It's a lot to process, take your time, I'm just glad that everything is laid on the table and the situation is actually evolving."

"Right, right ."

"I'm gonna go and let you think about it but there's a question I need to ask."

"Go head."

"Do they even know about me ? What did you tell them about their mother."

"Nothing, to be honest I don't think they remember you, and they never asked about their mother so I never said anything."

"Ok, ok." Zine got up from her seat. "I'll leave now."

"Ok, bye I'll call you."

Nebby left Drake thinking, he was going through many diferent emotions, he didn't know what to do at all, he was completely lost. He was glad to find out the truth and to have moved on from that place of anger and hatred but the thing was, what was he supposed to do now ? He had no idea. What he wanted to do right then was pick his phone up and call Nicki and tell her about all this craziness because he knew she would listen to each and every word he'd say and then tell him exactly what he should do but at the same time he didn't want to tell her all that over the phone or behind a screen. He thought waiting was the best thing to do.
He'd just have to keep it all in for a week besides that will give him tim to think about everything.

~~~ A Week Later, NYC ~~~

"Candi, give me that shirt ! What are you doing ?"

Nicki said chasing after her friend around the appartment. The past week had been pretty hectic, she had studied so much for her finals and was now done with it and it was no doubt she had past them. She was now ready to get to L.A, finally see her babies and relax. It was 9am, her flight was in a few hours and she still wasn't done packing, she had asked Candi to come over to help her with packing.

"Nika let me be ! Bitch I can't believe that is Drake's T-shirt !!" Candi screemed.

"Girl ! Are you sniffing it ?" Nicki said snatching the shirt from her friend's hand.

"You are so mean ! I don't give a fuck, I'm in Drake's appartment."

"Ok, Imma need you to calm down, you were supposed to help me out and you're not helping at all right now."

"Ok, Imma get it together." Candi said following Nicki to her room. When they got there Candi frowned.

"Girl, hold on you guys sleep in seperate rooms ?"

Nicki panicked at that question, she hadn't think about that. The only reason why they pretended to have seperate rooms was because of the kids and she couldn't explain that to her.

"Hum, no, I mean yeah, it's because when I moved in we had seperat rooms and now we share the same room but my stuff happened to stay here. " Yet another lie came out of her mouth.

"Makes sens. Let's get to packing. Oh wait can I see his Grammy? I bet that nigga lies when hbrotathd tos momma has it."

"Actually it is true she has it. "

"For real ?"

"For real. Now common I'm gonna miss my flight because of you."


Nicki and Candi were done packing her stuff and Nicki only had an hour left before she had to leave. They were just chilling in the living room.

"I'm sorry Nika I can't help it , I don't even know if it's alright for me to seat on this couch."

"Sit your ass down Candi, stop acting crazy."

Candi sat down and looked around at her surroundings. 

"Remember when you lived in your one room appartment ? This living alone is 2 times bigger then that."

"That's exactly what I thought when I got here for the first time. Now I get why my mom called it a shoe box."

"You are one lucky bitch !" 

"I know ! And not only because of all this. I am lucky because I found a man I love and who loves me back and treats me right. I am one lucky bitch yeah."

"Aww look at you ! I should've known something was going on."

"How ? I've hide it perfectly."

"Should've paid attention the details. I'm upset with you, how comes I'm just finding out ? I hope you didn't tell anyone before us."

"I haven't I swear. And let me tell you something if it wasn't for those pictures I wouldn't have told you."

"Really ?! You are the worst friend ever."

"No but for real this is scary. You don't even know. Like I was so scared to tell you."

"What for ? What did you think we would say ? You thought we would get mad because you found someone who makes you happy ?"

"No , I was just scared you would think it is something that it's not. For exemple that I use him for money or that he uses me and I'm just another girl bla bla bla
 That's the kind of thing I was scared to hear."

"Well I won't speak for others but me personally those thoughts never even crossed my mind because I know you, I know you ain't no gold digger and I know you ain't stupid."

"I'm just glad I had such a good reaction from y'all." Candi held her arms out and hugged her friend. Nicki was overjoyed, everything was just great, her school year was over, her and Drake's relationship was going well, she had the two most precious kids in her life and to top it all the people she loved were happy for her and were there to suppport her. Everything was perfect... For now at least.

"You're taking me to the airport right ?"

"Bith hell no ! You got a chauffeur driving you around in a Mercedes and you think I'm gonna drive you to the airport ?"

"Candi really ?!"

"I'm kiddding, of course I will. Can't believe you're leaving me for a whole two months."

"Can't believe it either. It's my first time being away from home for so long."

Nicki had never left New York for more than a week and it was a her first time taking the plane, she was scared as hell but knowing that she woud be reuinited twith Drake and with the twins made it totally worth it.


6 hours later, Nicki was running in Drake's arms, he hugged her by her slim waist and picked her up, her legs wrapped around his torso as he held her close to him and Nicki held tight onto him
Drake finally set her on her feet after a moment. He leaned in and gave her a kiss.

" I missed you so much." Drake hugged hr again.

"I missed you too baby." Nicki smiled at him.

Drake grabbed her suitcase with one hand and took her hand with the other and they started walking towards the awaiting car.

"You look amazing."

"Thank you. You don't look too bad yourself."

"What do you mean ? I look good."

"If that's what you want to believe."

"Girl , you know I do."

"OK, fine you're handsome." Nicki said in a childlike voice."

They got in the car and during the ride Nicki told him about her flight and other that they spent the whole time all up on each other kissing and hugging, just like two teenagers.
Drake took a selfie of them but when Nicki saw he was doing it, she hid her face in his chest. You couldn't completely see her face on the picture but you could tell she was smiling and he was looking at the camera with a goofy smile. Making it the cutest picture ever.
He sent the picture to his instagram with the caption : " Look who finally got where they belong."

When the gate opened and the car drived passed it , Nicki's eyes widened and she gasped. She was amazed by this huge mansion, she was like a kid, she couldn't even believe that's where she was gonna live.

"Is this for real ?!" Nicki asked as Drake hepled her out of the car

"What ?" Drake laughed at her awe.

"Is this really where you leave ?"

"Where we leave yeah, yeah it is."

"I can't believe it." Nicki squeezed in excitement while Drake was unlocking the door.

"Oh , and the kids don't know you're here , they think you're comming tomorrow."

"Ok !"

They walked in the house and they walked to the living room while Nicki observed her surroundings in complete 
awe, she felt little in the middle of the foyer . But she didn't even got the time to really look at things as Drake was dragging her around excited to surprise the twins. 

"Ok stay right here, come in when I say it, ok ?"

Nicki nodded and stood there as Drake walked in the living room where the twins were playing with Ryan who was babysitting while Drake went to get Nicki from the airport. 

"Hello there." He went to kiss the kids who were busy colouring at the table with Ryan.

"Hello daddy !" They greeted him.

"What are you drawing." He asked Zahirah.

"I'm drawing you daddy, it's a contest." Drake looked at Zahir and Ryan's drawing and they both were drawing what was supposed to be him.

"Really Ryan ? Yours gotta be the ugliest of them all."

"Right, then it's the most resembling."

"You ain't even funny . Anyways guys , I got a surprise for y'all !"  Zahir and Zahirah's head shot up and they looked at their father.

"What is it ?"

"Come in !" Drake shouted and Nicki apeared in the room and the minute they saw her they got up and ran towards her . They jumped at her neck almost tackling her in the process. She kissed them both all over their faces and hugged them close.

"I'v missed you guys so much !!!!"

"I missed you two." They both said in sync.

"Aww ! My babies !" Nicki squealed in joy.

"Nickiii." Ryan took a girl like voice and ran towards Nicki acting crazy and everyone laughed.

"Hey  babe." They hugged hello. After that Nicki picked the kids up and they went to take a seat and Drake joined them, Zahir and Zahirah told her about everything they did while she wasn't there.

"Looks like y'all had a whole lot of fun."

"Yes !"

"How about we go to the beach ?" Drake suggested. And everyone agreed to go.

"That's great but Imma need to go change first."  Nicki affirmed.

"Me too." Zahirah cheered. "Come with me Nicki." Zahirah grabbed Nicki's hand and dragged her around the house and they got to Zahirah's room. They looked for a nice swimsuit and an outfit for Zahirah to wear which Nicki loved doing, that's one of the things she missed doing the most while they were away from each other.

"Ok, we're all done." Nicki picked Zahirah up and they went back to the living. They saw Zahir and Drake putting her luggage in the elevator.

"Come here Nic." Drake said and Nicki walked to him, he picked her up and he sat her on one of the suitcases and he got in the elevator with her.

"I'm so happy to be here. I missed y'all so much." Nicki said holding Drake's hands.

"Missed you too." Drake hugged her.

When the elevator stopped , Drake set Nicki on her feet and they got out, he grabbed two suitcases and she grabbed the last one as well as the duffle bag and they walked towards the master bedroom .

They set the luggage in a corner and Drake wrapped his arms around Nicki's torso and started kissing her.

"Aubrey, don't even start !"

"What ?!"

"You know what I'm talking about, don't start, the kids are waiting downstairs."

"Ok,ok." Drake held his hands up and Nicki went to look for an outfit to wear to the beach in her suitcase.

"You want me to behave when you'll be wearing this bikini ?"

"Shut up Drake !" Nicki said walking towards the bathroom.

"Where are you going ?"

"I'm going to change."

"You can just change here. Ain't nothing I've never seen.  I mean you're not letting me have any, can I at least have a peep show."

"Whatever." Nicki got in the bathroom and got changed, she got out and joined Drake who was sitting on the bed.

"Hey, what are you doing ?" Nicki snatched his phone out of his hand. She saw he was on instagram and saw the picture of them in the car.

"Wow wow, wait. Why would you do that ?"

"What did I do ?"

"This ! "

"What's wrong with it ? I think it's perfect."

"Ok, Imma let that one slide." They laughed.

"Common, let's go."

Nicki, Drake and the twins were now at the beach they had fun in the water, and Nicki and Drake were now helping the kids build a sand castle actually Nicki and Zahir had teamed up against Drake and Zahirah both teams trying to build the better castle. When Drake saw the other team's castle looked better than his he started sabotaging their castle.

"Oh my god Aubrey you are such a hater." Nicki laughed.

"A hater ? Your castle is so ugly, what would I hate on ?"

"Your castle is ugly. The side you built is hideous." Nicki retorted.

Drake threw sand at her face.

"Who's hideous now ?"

"Oh you wanna play ?" Nicki grabbed a fistfull of sand and threw it at him.

The twins were laughing.

"Oh it's funny huh ?" Drake threw sand at them too and then the four of them engaged in a sand fight. 
At some point Drake had pinned Nicki to the ground and was dumping sand all over her.

"Drake stoop." Nicki screamed while laughing.

"Apologize first."

"No !"

"Ok." Drake shrugged and carried on dumping sand on her body. 

"Ok, I apologize, your castle looked amazing and you aren't a hater." 

"I don't know if I can accept this apology. I think I might need a kiss, you hurt my feelings. " 

Drake leaned and Nicki reach up as best as she could given that part of her body was covered with sand. Their lips connected and as they kissed they heard the twins screaming. They had totally forgotten the fact that they didn't know about them being toogether. They broke the kiss and looked in the twins direction. They both had covered their eyes. It made Drake and Nicki smile as Drake helped her up.

"You can open your eyes beans." 

The kids opened their eyes and looked at the two adults in a weird way. 

"Daddy you kissed Nicki in the mouth !" Zahirah spoke first.

"I did yeah."

The kids looked at them as if they had lost their minds.

"Nicki is your lover then ?" Zahirah carried with her interrogation.

"Yes princess, I am in love with Nicki. Is that wrong ?" Drake asked worried, with the faces they were making.

Zahirah vigorously shooke her head no.

"This is so cool ! Daddy is in love." Zahirah sang. She was obviously happy with the news and didn't mind it at all but Zahir was still a little shocked.

"Why aren't you saying anything Zay ? Nicki asked the little boy. 

"Daddy said if I kissed a girl in the mouth I'd have cooties. So now he has cooties because he kissed a girl." Zahir shook his head at his father. Making Drake and Nicki laugh.

"Adults don't have cooties silly." Zahirah said shaking her head at her brother.

"Right, I don't have cooties." Nicki smiled at him. "But do you think it's cool that your father and I are in love ?"

"Yes ! I knew it already but you need to kiss in secret." Zahir said and him and Zahirah ran away to play. Leaving Nicki and Drake alone.

"And here we thought they would be affected." Nicki laughed. 

"They don't even give a fuck." Drake laughed with her and they went to lay down on the towels.

"So, how have you been ?" Drake asked Nicki.

"I've been good, everyone back home seems happy for us, and I easily avoided everything the media had to say about us since I spent my time in those books. Nothing you don't already know about."

"About that. How did you do at your exams."

"Pretty good I think . I'm just hoping I passed them."

"I know for sure you did."

"Aw , thank you. What's up with you ?"

"Not much you don't know about either."  Indeed they talked to each other every day. 

"I've been working and taking care of the kids." Drake felt like now was the moment to bring the Nebby situation up, but he didn't know how to, given that the last and only time they talked about it, it didn't go so well.

"And I went to the club the other day, just chill out with friends and erm." Drake dragged out.

"Erm what ? You went to the club and what ?"

"I didn't do anything you can relax." Drake laughed at the face Nicki was making before. She playfully hit his arm.

"No but seriously guess who I bumped into ."

"Who ?"

"You know you were supposed to guess."

"Quit playing, who did you bump into."

"Ok , I bumped into Nebby."

Nicki was turned her head towards him and took her sunglasses off. 

"Interesting. " She said. "What happened ?"

Drake told her everything from their talk at the club to them meeting up at the studio and what she told him then. He told her how he felt about this whole story and just as he was expecting Nicki listened to each and every word he spoke. 

"What am I suppose to do now ? Do I trust her and give her a chance or not." Drake asked Nicki as he kept his eyes on the twins who were playing on the sand. He wanted to be completely objective and take a decision based only on what he tought was best fot them but his pride, his pain and his anger were in the way and he knew if one person had his children's best interests at heart it was Nicki therefore her opinion would be the deciding factor.

"What do you think I should do ?"

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  1. Great chapter !
    Drake and Nicki's little moments are mad cute and it's even more cute when they're with the twins.
    I don't know if they should trust Nebby, she seems sincere but her being in L.A right when they get there is weird.

    Loove it ! Post soon (: