Not So Different Pt.4

Drake sashayed towards his friends, and once he get to their level, he hugged Beyoncé and daped up all of his friends, then hugged Ciara and when it came to Nicki he stopped in his tracks. He looked at her shocked. He had always found Nicki beautiful, very beautiful, but seeing her right now, dressed the way she was and how her hair was done and stuff, she looked even more beautiful, he was amazed, she looked absolutely agorgeous. He was just stunned. Nicki started feeling kinda self-concious she wasn't used to people looking at her like that, nobody never notices her.

"Hi !" Nicki finally decided to say, causing Drake to snap out of his trance.

"Hey !" He hugged her hello, and Nicki melted inside loving the sensation.

Drake let go and get back to starring at her.

"Ok , now let's go everyone." Future said and everyone started walking in the direction of the fair. Nicki and Drake walked side by side. And Drake kept throwing occasional glances at her, and Nicki was aware of it.

"Do I have something on my face ?" Nicki asked him, knowing this wasn't the reason why he was looking  at her that way. She was far from the real reason though, she thought he was shocked by her outfit, she thought he was thinking it was outrageous, at least that's how she felt, she was feeling like she was half naked.

"Hum, no, no, you don't. It's just you look ... erm.. different."

"Different ? What is that supposed to mean ?"

"Well it means different , I mean, that's not how you usully dress."

"I know, Bey made me wear this, It's kinda weird I know."

"No, you look really pretty."

"You think so ?"

"Yeah, why would I say that if I didn't mean it ?"

"Well thank you ."

"You're more than welcome." Dake smiled and they walked in silence.


"Ok you guys, it was all fun and all but I ain't with you on that one." Nicki said as she stopped in her tracks when she saw which ride they wanted to go on. They had decided to start with the quite soft rides first and then go crescendo they were now going to do the tango ride.

"Come on Nic don't be a wimp." Beyoncé said.

"Hey y'all, I'm gonna be a wimp too, I can't go on that thing." Rihanna said shaking her head.

"Y'all, are pushing, you did the crazy coaster !" Ciara added her two cents.

"Yeah, but we weren't just thrown up in the air like that." Nicki defended herself.

"Common , it's not that big of a deal. Stop acting like a baby." Future snapped and Nicki tried not to take it personally but he was starting to get on her nerves, it seemed like he really didn't want her hanging with them at all. Why ? She had no clue. She didn't say a thing though , she didn't want to cause any drama , besides she was getting along with everyone else, there was Beyoncé, Ciara, Rihanna, Drake , Chris and Cameron  and they all were being nice to her and she started feeling comfortable around them so she just figured she'd ignore him and not talk to him after all if he wanted to be mad he could she didn't do anything to him and would probably never have to deal with him again so why even pay him any attention.

"I just can't, y'all can go ahead, Rihanna and I will just stay here or do something else."

"Yeah, y'all can go kill yourselves if you want to, I'm staying with her." Rihanna confirmed.

"This is stupid, bae common don't be scared, I'll be right next to I can even hold your hand if you want." Chris insisted talking to Rihanna.

"I'm going only if Nicki does it too"

"Oh and who'll be holding her hand." Future said sarcasm dripping from his tone.

"I will."  Drake intervened and all the heads turned towards him. Future gave him a mean look and Drake returned it with shrug.

"So, you're coming or what ?" Future asked Nicki and everyone was now looking at her waiting for her answer. Nicki took a deep breath.

"Ok, fine, let's go."


"I really hate you guys for making me do this." Nicki said as she was shaking with fear and anxiety. They were already on the ride, secured and it was ready to start, Nicki was panicking and wanted to get off right then.

"You're gonna be just fine. Here give me your hand." Drake who was sitting right next to her outstreched his hand as best as he could. The thing the was securing them prevented them from moving too much.

"What will it change ? If that thing blows up , we will both be ejected. So what's the point ? So we can die holding handsand ..

"At least it will be a cool death, I mean not every guy can die holding such a pretty girl's hand." Drake smiled at her making her blush and she looked down at his hand and placed her tiny hand in the palm of his. Drake took her hand in his.

"You're ready for this ?"

"Do I even have a choice ?" Nicki answered.

As soon as the words came out of Nicki's mouth the ride started moving and Nicki unconsciously squeezed Drake's hand.

"Oh my god, here we go." Nicki almost cried out.

The ride finally came to a stop and Nicki hesitated before her eyes finally shot open.

"Am I still alive ?" Nicki asked with a shaky voice.

"Yes you are beautiful." Drake answered.

The safety harnesses came off and Drake helped Nicki get off the ride.

"Now was it that scary ?"

"Hell yeah it was ! I'm never doing this again." Nicki answered with a pout.

"Well my hand can definitely confirm that." Drake laughed.

"Sorry. I guess I have to take back what I said before, it was useful thanks. "

"It's nothing really. "

"Fine now y'all can let go of each other, unless you scared of walking by yourself too." Future spat.
And that's only then that Drake and Nicki realised they were holding hands.
They both looked down at their hands and quickly let go of each other's hand.

"So what do we do now ?" Ciara asked the rest of the group.

"A photo booth !" Rihanna excitedly exclaimed and ran off pulling Chris along.

"Okaay ! Well since we're disbanding, I really want churros, Future you coming with me ?" Ciara asked him and Nicki and Beyoncé shook their head at her knowing exactly what she was doing. Future agreed and they both walked away.

"So I guess it's the four of us." Cameron said referring to himself, Beyoncé, Nicki and Drake.

"I wanna do this. " Beyoncé pointed at a ride.

"Seems cool." Cameron nodded.

"Don't want to be the party pooper but, I've had my fair share of thrill. I can't." Nicki intervened.

"I'm going anyways." Beyoncé affirmed. "I'm taking Cam' with me, I'm sure Drake won't mind staying with you since he wants to play the knight in shinning armor." Beyoncé winked at them and left with Cameron following her.

"I guess it's the two of us then." Drake said looking down at Nicki.

"I'm sorry." Nicki said trying to avoid his gaze.

"What for ?"

"Well, you're stuck with me." Nicki said still looking down, Drake had noticed how she never made eye contact with him and how she'd always look down or look away when he talked to her, it was almost as if she tried to hide her face from him.

"Hey, I'm up here." Drake dragged out to get her attention and she hesitated before looking up.

"That's better and I'm not ' stuck ' with you."

"Really, you don't mind because you c..."
Drake cut her off .

"I don't, now do you feel like you're stuck with me ?"

"No, not at all."

"Aight, then we good. Let's walk."

They started walking around the fair with no real goal, they were just talking getting to know each other a little bit, when Nicki suddenly stopped walking and gasped.

"What's wrong ?" Drake stopped and turned towards her.

"I want that." Nicki excitedly pointed to something that was behind Drake so he turned around and saw this huge pink teddy bear.
Drake smiled at her excitement.

"Ok, well let's get it." He grabbed her hand and they went to the game and Drake pulled out a ticket which equals five chances to win. It was a shooting game. Drake grabbed the false pistol but Nicki stopped him.

"Hand it over I can do it by myself."

"Oh really ?" Drake said passing her the pistol. "You got two shots."

"Why I got two and you got three ? Cause I'm a girl ?"

"Alright, alright ! You can get three if you want to." Drake said raising his hands up.

Nicki focused on the target before shooting and.. missing it. She heard Drake laugh and kissed her teeth.

"Shut up, you're distracting me."

"I'm quiet !"

Nicki shot again and missed again. She looked at Drake expecting him to laugh at her or something but he didn't, he crossed his arms, smirked and looked away. Nicki rolled her eyes before concentrating on the target and shooting but the same thing happened she failed miserably.

"Don't say a word." Nicki told Drake as she handed him the plastic pistol to him pouting.
Drake didn't say a word and took it from her hand. He focused on the target and succeeded.

"Yees ! That's what I'm talking about."

"Don't get too excited just shoot !" Nicki said bitterly.

Drake shot for the second time and succeeded again.
He handed the pistol to the stand's owner and chose the prizes, he got the pink teddy bear Nicki had asked for and he also got her a goldfish since he succeeded two shots.
He walked towards Nicki who had her arms opened, he smiled at her, and she snatched the teddy out of his arms.

"Aww, come to mommy baby !"

"You're welcome." Drake said sarcastically and Nicki didn't even aknowledged him.

"Oh, so you're mad ? Well I guess Imma keep the goldfish to myself then."

"A goldfish ?!" Nicki finally aknowledged Drake and he held the bag containing the fish up so Nicki could see it.

"Oh my god ! It's so cute !"

"And it's yours."

"I gotta find a name for it , Imma name the teddy Rose."

"That's a girl name ! Who told you it was a girl teddy ?"

"Well, it's pink ."

"And ?! Looks like a pink male teddy bear to me."

"Fine then what are we naming it ?"

Drake shrugged.

"What's you real name ?" Nicki asked him.

"My name is Drake, what do you mean ?"

"I know it's not your real name."

"Who told you that ?"

"No one, it's just instinct , Drake doesn't suit you."

"Really ?" Nicki nodded holding her teddy close. "Well my name's Aubrey, but only my mom calls me that."

"Aubrey ? How cute ! Imma name the tedd Brey, Aubrey is a girl name kinda."

"You ain't even funny. I'm sure Nicki's not your real name either."

"What would make you think that ? By the way I lied, I just remembered seeing a name starting with an "A" on your varsity jacket the other day."

"Well , Nicki does sound  like a nickname so I figured it is a nickname. Oh you think you're slick."

"I am slick and sorry to disappoint but Nicki's my real name." Nicki lied to him, she wasn't about to tell the story nobody knows about to a stranger, besides it wasn't a complete lie, her name was Nicki, she hadn't heard anyone call her Onika since she was 6.

"Anyways, what are you gonna name the goldfish."

"You name it."

"Ok , Imma call it Nickster."

"Really, that's a shitty name !"

"No it's cool. Nickster, yeah I like it !"

They kept walking around the fair and went on a couple of rides, they actually had a good time together, they had a lot of fun and enjoyed each other's company.


"I'm jealous right now, you probably earned the cutest and the biggest bear of the fair." Rihanna said strocking Nicki's bear.

"What you mean you jealous I got you a dolphin !" Chris spoke.

"Drake got Nicki this big ass bear and a goldfish !" Rihanna retorted.

"I'm jealous too Ciara" chimed in. 

The whole crew was back together and they were ready to leave. 

"Both of you niggas need to step yo game up if y'all wanna get on Drizzy's level." Cameron said. "Spent two hours with a girl and they be holding hands like a married couple and shit."

Once again, Nicki and Drake looked down at their hands and sure enough they were holding hands, neither of them knowing why , it just felt right.

"Shut up Cam." Nicki blushed.

"Oh and he got her blushing." Beyoncé commented.

"Just get me home Bey !" Nicki said as she walked towards the parking lot and everyone followed.


"Common Nic , let's go !"  Beyoncé shouted over the hood of her car. Everyone had said there goodbyes and Nicki was saying bye to Drake.

"I guess I have to go." Nicki looked down.

"Ok , I'll see you around then." Drake answered and he leaned in and kissed her cheek. She looked up at him blushing.

"Bye Aubrey." She turned around and walked towards Beyoncé's car, while Drake watched her gracefully walk away her, hips swaying from side to side , as her shrots perfectly hugged her butt.
He was snatched out of his daze when Future called him.

"Nigga, let's bounce !"

Drake ran towards the car and got in. He hadn' even put his seat belt on that Future had already started the car and drove off.

"What's wrong with you man ! What did she do to you ?" Drake asked Future right away, he had noticed how Future had been acting towards Nicki.

"Oh, you're defending her now ?"

"Yes I am nigga, she ain't done shit to you and you acting like an ass. She doesn't even know anything, she don't understand why you're being like that !"

"I don't give a fuck if she understands or not. You're supposed to understand and that's the only thing that matters ! You can't remember what you did to her ?"

"I do remember what I did to her and that's why we don't have no freaking reason to be mean to her ! She didn't ask for anything. I am the one you gotta talk to if we have a problem man. I'm the one who did this."

Future sighed heavily and rubbed his hands over his face as the car came to a stop at a red light.

"Look, I'm not gonna argue with you about that, you're my brother ! I'm sorry for my behavior, I know the girl ain't ask for nothing but it's just, this situation is freaking crazy man. I'm just trynna look out for you, I just think you hanging with the girl you robbed not even a week ago is kinda dangerous. Besides you're not alone in this if you fall, Breezy and I fall too."

"I know, I know all that, and I've tried, I've tried to stay away from her but I can't help it if we happen to come across each other all the damn time. Besides if she didn't recognized me the day after the robery why would she recognize me now ?" Drake repeated Beyoncé's argument. 

"I just don't want you taking any kind of risk man." 

"I know, but I just can't stay away." Drake finally admitted the truth chuckling. "Can you believe it man ? Shit is crazy, We've passed each other every day for years without even looking at each other, this shit happens and it's only now that we get to know each other. "

"I know ! But you know what, I trust you man. I guess I'll just have to get used to seeing her ."

"And you got to apologize to her bro."

"Aplogize, man you had me fucked up ! This girl got you sprunged nigga ! Apologize ? Do you hear yourself ? And look at you. Adopting a goldfish and shit ." Future laughed at Drake who had taken Nickster with him because Nicki had told him that her mother would probably throw it into the toilet and flush it if she sees it, she said she'd tried to convince her parents and then take it to hers, so they agreed on 'joint custody.'

"Shut up nigga, just drive !" Drake laughed.


Nicki was relieved when Beyoncé pulled in her driveway. Her mother's car wasn't there and neither was her father's  so she knew she could go home without having to hide she grabbed her teddy bear and hugged Beyoncé goodbye after thanking her for showing her a good time. She then got out of the car and walked towards her front door, she fished her keys from her bag and unlocked the door before getting in and locking the door behind her. She went up to her room and the first thing she did was change too scared that her mother would come home and see her dressed like that, it would be the beggining of world war three.
After changing for once she didn't feel the need to 'steal' food in the kitchen at the fair she'd had waffles, churros , ice cream and a whole lot of candies. She was full. 
She got under her covers and turned the TV on as she cuddled with Brey. She was content for the first time in years, she had a good time and felt free again and not as if the weight of the whole world was on her shoulders, she was just herself and had fun, and made new friends,  besides the time she had spent with Drake was just amazing, she was thinking about him as she cuddled with Brey wearing Drake's hoodie.

A few hours later Nicki was woken up by her dad's voice, she heard him talk loud, almost scream which wasn't like him at all. She had fallen asleep watching T.V. She streched and got up from her bed and walkd on her tip toes towards her parents room where the commotion was coming from.

"Boris what are you even talking about ? I swear I did not touch it ." Taraji yelled at her husband.

"Well , it's missing." Boris retorted.

"I know but I didn't take it ! Why are you coming at me like that ? "

"Taraji I'm not coming at you, it was just a question ,I just wanted to know if you took it , if you did, there's nothing wrong with it, you are my wife."

"Yes, I am your wife and you should fucking trust me."

"I do trust you, I just asked a damn question, why you gotta make a big deal of it."

"Because , you are accusing me of taking your money when I did not."

"Ok, fine you say you didn't take it I trust you, now can we drop it ?"

"No we can't. Are you stupid ? If I didn't take the money and you didn't take it where is it ?"

"I don't know maybe I've counted it wrong, or I took some of it to the bank and forgot."

"Are you being stupid on purpose ? Somebody took it."

"You're so quick at accusing people."

"If it's not you and it's not me, either's it's the maid or you're own daughter that's it ! Simple as that."

"Leave her out of this, you're always looking for a reason to have something against her."

"You know it's her , that's why you accused me, you trying to protect that child again."

"She is OUR daughter and she wouldn't do that ! I told you to drop it, we're dropping it,period !"  

Nicki ran away knowing that one of parents would probably come out of the room, she knew exactly what was the subject of their disagreement. It broke her heart to hear her parents arguing about it because, she felt responsable for it. And when she heard her mother's accusation, her heart sank. It hurt her a lot to hear that her mother would think that she did it , Taraji might be hard on her and they might not have the best of relations but damn it was her mother and she loved her more than anything and she thought that her mother loved her too. But at the same time she felt as if she did take that money, she should have said something, because it was too late now, if she told her parents about that crazy ass story they would never believe her and would think that she was trying to cover up for stealing the money.

She walked down the coridor and towards her room with tears in her eyes. She heard a door slam behind her and fastened her pace when she heard the heavy foot steps behind her but it was too late.

"Hey Baby girl ,where are you running like that ?" Her father caught up to her and picked her up from behind.

"Daaad ! Put me down." Nicki laughed threw her tears. Her father put her down and wrapped an arm around her shoulders as they walked together towards her room so they could talk without Taraji hearing them. But Nicki sniffled and Boris heard it. He stopped walking and observed his daughter.

"Hey, are you crying ? What's wrong ?"

"I didn't do it dad, I didn't steal from you I swear." Nicki cried out and her father held her in his arms.

"I know you didn't, I know, I'm sorry you had to hear that."

" You trust me right ?" Nicki asked looking up at her father.

"A hundred percent." 

"Why does she hate me dad ? What did I do to her ?"

"She doesn't hate you, she loves you just as much as I do, she just has a weird way of showing it. She acts like that with me too." 

"Very weird." Nicki said and they kept on their small trip to Nicki's room where Nicki sat on her bed as her father sat on the armchair.

"So how was your day ?"

"Went to the fair with Bey and a few friends of hers."

"Really ? I'm assuming that's where you got that huge bear, it's almost your size."

"Yeah ! I know right ?! It feels like there's a person in the bed with me." Nicki laughed as she clutched the bear to her chest.

"And also I found out I was a softy daddy."

" I already knew that."

"Why are you so mean , dad ?"

"I'm just telling the truth."

"Can I ask you something ?"

"What do you want ?"

"A goldfish." 

"A goldfish ? Where do you get that idea from ?" Her father asked, had she asked for a cat or a dog, he would have unsderstood, she always asked for one of those but a goldfish ? She used to say they were useless.

"I just want a goldfish dad !"

"You always say they're useless pets because you can't cuddle with them and now you want one."

"I got Brey to cuddle with now , so I want a goldfish, since I can't have a dog."

"You got the weirdest ideas Nicki."

"Ok, to be completely honest, I was playing that winning game with Drake to get the bear but he got two good shots so he got me the bear but also a goldfish, now you know mom would have flushed it down the toilet if she'd seen it so I was wondering maybe you would convince her to let me have it."

"Who's Drake ? And why are you holding that bear so close, let go." Boris said snatching the bear from his daughter's grip.

"He's one of Bey's friend, he was there with us that's it, just a friend." Nicki said trying to get the bear back.

"Just a friend huh ? And you're cuddling with tge bear he got you as if it was a human being." Boris said holding the bear up in the air

"Yes, just a friend." Nicki smiled at her father. Trying to reach for her bear.

"Ok."Boris got up from the arm chair. "I'll see about that goldfish." Boris threw the bear on Nicki and kissed her nose.

"I love you baby girl." He said walking out. 

"I love too daddy." Nicki answered.


UCLA, Los Angeles , 11 am.

Nicki, Ciara and Cassie, were at the library, they were supposed to be working on a paper that was due for the following week but Ciara had started talking about what happened with her and Future on the past sunday when they were at the fair alone.

"Girl can you believe it ? He kissed me !"

"Great ! Do you want us to give you a medal or to throw confetti ?" Nicki asked her head in her books.

"Stop being a hater Nic , I didn't hate on you because you pulled Drake."

"Who ?" Cassie finally got involved in the conversation.

"Drake. They spent the whole time all up on each other holding hands and all that." Ciara told Cassie.

"Nicki really ?"

"Yes really, he has been so sweet to me, he is really nice, and we got to know each other."

"You two are really attracted by these guys ? You know what kind of people they are right ?"

"Cassie you need to shut up for real, my house isn't worth a million $ and I can't afford half the shit y'all wear but that doesn't mean I'm a bad person so you need to stop with those stereotypes."

"That's not what I'm saying, it's not stereotypes and don't take it personally you're not from the same place they're from."

"Cassie you're talking non sense." Nicki intervined. " You sound just like my mother !"

"Ok fine , I won't say anything anymore y'all do whatever you want to, just don't come to me when they hurt you and Nicki I hope you can count on him to cover for you." Cassie said gethering her stuff and leaving the table.

"I don't even know why you would want to be friend with that girl Nicki I really don't." Ciara spoke loud enough for Cassie to hear .

"She's the only person my mom trusts and she adores her that's why I staid friends with her."

To be quite honest Nicki didn't really care about Cassie being mad at her, on the contrary she was good with it , at least that way she would be able to breathe and live without having Cassie on her back as if it was her mother. But she had been friends with Cassie for years so she knew they would be back to being friends soon, so she figured she'd just let her calm down and they'd talk about it later.

"Can I ask you something Ci ?"

"Go head."

"Do you think I got a chance ?"

"A chance ? A chance at what ?"

"With Drake, do you think I got a chance ?"

"Of course you do, what kind of question is that ? That nigga's already crazy about you , you know that right ?"

"Hum, no I don't know that."

"Well, I personnally think you have all of your chances."

"Ok, but what do I do then , I'm not used to this Ci, I think I like him and it's weird because I've never felt that before."

"You're so cute !" Ciara squealed and Nicki rolled her eyes at her.

"No, but seriously, all I can say is that y'all are set to end up together like it's obvious, just let the time do it's job hun cause there ain't nothing more you have to do. You already got him, I mean we all seen the way he looks at you and y'all haven't even been around each other for more than a day !"

"I don't know, I think he was just being nice to me. I don't think he likes me. I should just drop it. Forget about it, this is not for me." Nicki said focusing back on her book. And right at that moment the bell rang and people around them starting moving around.

"What are you saying Nicki ? You.."

"Shuuut , they're coming." Nicki said as she spotted Future and Drake walking towards them.

"Hey ladies." Drake spoke as he took a seat at the table next to Nicki, Future sat where Cassie was previously sitting next to Ciara.

"Hey." Both Nicki and Ciara spoke in sync. Ciara looked up at Future and he kissed her deeply wrapping an arm around her waist bringing her closer to him and Ciara placed her hand at his neck deepening the kiss. Drake and Nicki looked at each other then Nicki looked down at her nails feeling uncomfortable.

"Get a room y'all !" Drake eclaimed and Future and Ciara finally let go of each other.

"Why you gotta hate on us." Future asked as Ciara was looking at him with a sheepish smile.

"Whatever, what are you guys doing ?" Drake asked taking the book from Nicki's hand.

"Finance, huh ?"

"Yeah." Nicki took her book back and put it in her bag.

"What are you doing here ?"

"I don't really know , I was about to go get lunch but Future said he had something to do in here." Drake said shaking his head at their friends who were kissing.

"Now you know what he had to do. "

"Yes, you on your lunch break right now ?" Drake asked as he saw Nicki packing her stuff.

"I am."

"How about we go grab something to eat ?" Drake suggested completely ignoring their two friends who were still all up on each other in their own world.

"Let's go, they're making me kinda uncomfortable." Nicki said shouldering her bag.

"Guys ! We're going to eat ." Drake said getting in Future and Ciara's faces. They didn't even pay them any mind and Nicki and Drake walked away from the table.

Nicki and Drake walked side by side as they were making small talk , they both noticed how everyone looked at them, it was shocking to everyone to see them together, they were complete opposite, at least that's what people thought, they just came from two completely different worlds but getting to know each other they were realising that their personalities matched and they enjoyed each other's company.

"Where are we going ?" Nicki asked.

"I don't know ? Where do you usually eat ?"

"I usually have a salad at the cafeteria, I guess that won't do."

"Damn right , how about we go to Lamonica's, I crave pizza."

"Pizza ? It's been ages since I last had pizza !" Nicki expressed happily.

"Well let's go then."


The Kodjoe's - Bel Air - Los Angeles / 4:30pm

Nicki and Beyoncé were in Nicki's room, Nicki was doing her homework while Beyoncé laid on her bed reading a magazine.

"You have no idea how lucky you are Bey, this is driving me insane." Nicki said referring to her homework.

"Are you almost done ?"

"Let me save and print it and I'm done." Nicki said saving her work and clicking to print it. She took the papers from the printer and placed them on her desk. She then jumped on her bed.

"What did you do today ?" Nicki asked Beyoncé.

"Spent the day with my mom, she's quite cool when it's just us."

"Nothing like mine, she becames even more monstruous when it's just her and I."

"Really , can she be worse than how I know her ?"

"You have no idea."

"Anyways , what did you do today ?"

"Stupid question, I went to school."

"Yeah, that was a stupid question."

"Now ask me who I had lunch with." Nicki requested and Beyoncé looked at her funny.

"Who ?"

"I had lunch with Drake." Nicki blurted out.

"And what happened ?"

"Nothing really , we just talked and got to know each other. But it was fun, he is very funny."

"Oh my god ! Do you hear yourself ? 'He is very funny.' " Beyoncé mimicked Nicki. "And you were the one saying you didn't like him."

"Well, I didn't know him at all two days ago. Now that I know him , I guess I do like him, but I don't know for sure. Can you like someone you just met ?"

"Of course, when I realised I liked Jay , we had litteraly exchanged two words and that was it, I didn't even know if I would see him again , we had ran into each other by chance but the minute he looked at me I fell in love, I couldn't stop thinking about him and I didn't even know his name. I can see that in your eyes when you talk about Drake and that since the first time you mentionned him to me."

"Really ?" 


"It doesn't matter though , he probably doesn't even like me."

"Are you serious right now ? Girl you went to his head, I know him very well so I know what I'm talking about."

"If what you say is true, what's happening next ?"

"You tell me. I don't know, The only thing I know is that you are both attracted to each other and it's only a matter of time before you two fall into each other's arms.


The Warehouse - Compton - Los Angeles 8pm

"Ok , good, sounds like a plan. We're meeting at the spot at 11 alright ?" Sean anounced.

"Ok, we do that" Chris answered, for himself, Drake and Cameron. Future wasn't there, he had something to do but was still meting up with them later on for their "mission" as they liked to call them.

Sean, left the house after he had given them the last instructions and Cameron left too as he had stuff to do before 11.

"Future told me, about the talk y'all had the other day."

"What about that ?"

"Well, I'm not gonna lecture you or anything but I just hope you know what you're doing."

"Man y'all act as if I was turning myself in, it's not that big of a deal. There's only three person who know about it which is Future, you and I. There's no way she can find out."

"I don't know, I think you're too confident, you never know what can happen."

"What do you suggest I do then ?"

"Well , the first option was to stay away from her but you obviously ain't gonna do that which I can understand, if it was Riri I wouldn't either. I guess I'd just tell her. Again, that's what I would do, if you really want your relationship with her to go somewhere you can't keep it from her, think about it like that, you guys get together and all that, and one day, somehow she finds out. What do you do then ."

"Man , I ain't telling her what I did ! You're crazy,  what if she goes to the police huh ? Plus I'm not even sure that anything's gonna happen between us so I'm not taking any risk."

"I'm just saying you should think about it, you're taking risks anyways."

Drake sighed heavily and put his head in his hands. "I don't wanna think about all that right now, let's get out of here." 

"You'll have to think about it sooner or later."

"I know , we'll see what happens."

Ok, so y'all have no idea how weird it felt to right that Boris was Nicki's father after watching TPP movie lmao , y'all gotta imagine a much younger Nicki and an older Boris for this to work ! See how hard Nicki made it for me ?!

Hope you enjoyed.

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    Thank you for updating, i love your stories 😘💖

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