Oneshot 3/3

Here's the last part of the oneshot (wich still doesn't have a name smh). Hope you enjoy it !!

"Thank you for your time Ms Johnson." Nicki said to the woman who was about to leave out the door.

"It's nothing, thank you." The woman answered shaking Nicki's hand and then she held her hand out for Drake to shake. Drake took it and brought it to his lips. 

"It was a pleasure having you here Ms. Johnson, have a nice day." Drake said completely ignoring Nicki's death glare.

Nicki went back over to the table and started gathering her stuff. When the woman left Drake reverted his eyes to Nicki who was gathering papers and he walked towards her, she didn't pay him no mind. He walked closer to her and stood behind her, she stayed focused on her files which she put in her briefcase. Drake got even closer to her and he wrapped his arms around her slim waist.

"What do you think you are doing ? Get your hands off me !"

"Who do you think you are talking to ?" Drake made a face.

"Do you see anyone other than you in here ?" Nicki turned around to look at Drake, she looked right in his eyes, his arms were still wrapped around her body.

"You being a lawyer, I'd like to think that you know what you're doing is called harassment." Nicki said pointing at his chest with her index finger.

"Again how is that harassment when you love it ?"  Drake answered and he intently looked at her, his stare intimidated Nicki and she looked down blushing.

"Look at you acting all shy now." Drake said as he placed his hands on both sides of her face to make her look up.

"I'm not acting shy, let go of me."


Drake brought his face close to hers and crashed his lips on hers, that's the only thing he had been thinking about during the whole meeting and as much as she acted detached Nicki had spent the whole time observing his lips moving whenever he talked as she wanted him to kiss her again. She didn't back up, she kissed back and held his head deepening the kiss. It became more heated when Drake's lips traced down her jaw line and her neck while his hands roamed her body, his left hand went to the back of her neck, and he undid the zip on the back of her blouse so he could have access to her collar bone , he kissed and licked on her skin. Nicki did nothing, she just let everything happen, enjoying his touch.

Drake picked her up and sat her on the table, he then pulled on her blouse, freeing her chest. He took a step back and just contemplated the beautiful sight before him, call him crazy but that was his ultimate goal, for three years, he had dreamt of it, her breasts, he was appealed to her in general, but he'd always dreamt of this, seeing her chest.

Nicki took notice of his frenzy and grabbed her own breasts and looked him straght in his eyes.

"Look who's acting shy now !" She said playing with her tits.

Drake licked his lips and smirked.

"Me, shy ?" He stepped closer to her again and slapped her hands away, took her breasts in his hands and started massaging them. He chuckled at Nicki bitting her bottom lip, he brought his mouth to her tits and started kissing and biting while observing how she tilted her head back and he listened to her moans and whimpers, to his ears they sounded like music.

Drake went back to kissing along her collarbone while he used his fingers to twist her nipples amazed at how sensitive and sore they were. Nicki had completely gave in to pleasure. It had been so long since the last time a man had touched her like that, thus she was just enjoying his touch. He wrapped an arm around her back and laid her on the table, her legs hanging over the edge he kissed down her stomach while his hands fell on her hips and he grabbed the hem of her skirt and lifted it up until her underwear was in sight he snatched the cherry red lace thong and spread her legs, Nicki's breahting sped up as his lips got in contact with her sensitve flesh. Drake planted a kiss on her flesh and suddenly ... He let go of her legs and stood up straight, Nicki sat up on her elbows and looked at him, wanting to see what was going on, she saw Drake standing there his arms crossed. He stepped closer and grabbed the thong that was on the table besides Nicki and pocketed it, he then looked at Nicki who was now sitting up straight, stunned. She wasn't understanding what was going on.

"Have a nice day Nicki."

Drake kissed the side of Nicki's head and simply walked away. Now, he knew he could have had her right there on that desk and realise his biggest fantasy ever but it would have been too easy and moreover, he had not chased after her during those three years to finally get nothing more than just  quickie at the office, he wanted more and he wanted to do it right, and mostly he wanted revenge, having her over the edge like that was pure bliss and he wanted to play a little bit more. He was going to be the one teasing from now on, at that moment he knew he had her in the palm of his hand. It was time for him to play.

 Nicki watched him leave and then looked down at herself , her blouse was open and her bare brests sat up proudly, while her skirt was lifted, she got down from the desk and started redressing, she didn't even know how she should feel or what to think. She was just confused her mind was elsewhere as she struggled to zip her top. She took the files from the table and leaned on the table trying to recollect her thoughts, she rubbed her temples.

"What the hell just happened ?" She asked herself outloud as the events replayed in her mind.

"Did I really let this happen ?" After a minute she took a deep breath and walked out of the meeting room, she walked to the bank of elevators feeling a bit giddy , her mind was still not there, she walked in the elevator and was met by her reflection, she was shocked and gasped at the smudged lipstick, she immediately corrected it glad that no one had seen her. She also fixed her hair and rearranged her top and skirt, when the elevators doors opened to top floor , she sighed and walked out holding her head up as if nothing ever happened, no more giddiness, it was replaced by that elegant and confident stride, she made her way to her office and before walking in, she couldn't help but throw a quick glance to his as she thought : " I just can't face him."  , but she wasn't lucky enough as he was right there, sitting back on his chair, he noticed her glance and licked his lips at her, Nicki quickly turned her head and walked in her office almost stumbling. She went to sit on the leather chair at her desk, feeling a bit less embarassed but the glass walls of her office weren't offering her any hiding options and she could feel his intense stare and she felt as if she couldn't escape from it. She kept her head lowered and looked at her schedule in hopes that, she'd have a reason to get away but there was nothing, she didn't have any meetings, or any other reason to get out of that office. For a split second she looked up and just as she expected, she was met by his hazel eyes staring right into her brown ones, she also noticed that smirk he had on, and to her own surprise she felt herself getting wet. Her panties would have been soaked if she still had them on. She was a bit ashamed of what she was feeling right then , she got up and went to lower the blinds. When Drake saw that he couldn't help but laugh.

Nicki went back to her desk and laid her head on the desk. Feeling like she was about to cry, she was having an intern battle, part of her felt ashamed and wanted to go hide and never show her face again, but on the other side she was happy, that was the part of her who always knew she liked Drake, that part of her who wanted him was kinda proud of what happened and wanted more but the other part was stronger and took over as she picked up the phone and pressed on the button to call Draya.

Not even two minutes later, Draya walked in the office followed by Ciara. They saw Nicki with her head laid on the desk and she rose her head when she heard the door close.

"Hey what can I do for you ?" Draya asked.

"What's up ? Why you in here sitting in the dark ?" Ciara asked.

Nicki started packing her stuff, putting files after files in her briefcase.

"Draya, I'm leaving, I don't have no meetings or people to see at all, so Imma be working from home, I'll need you to transfer the calls to my phone."

"Alright no problem. Before you leave, you have a meeting with Mr.Brown tomorrow at 10, and with Ms. Chapman at 1, we have the new date for the Menson trial, and lastly the Stevenson hearing is also pushed back , the date will be known by tomorrow. I just e-mailed you a schedule with the modifications."

"Alright, thank you, before I forget can you call officer Jenkins from the San Diego police station and set up an apointment with him before the Stevenson hearing we need to go over his testamony."

"I'll do it right now, anything else ?"

"No, thank you." Draya nodded and left the office.

"I don't like to be ignored Nic, why are you in the dark and why are you leaving? It's not even 3 yet."

"I gotta leave this building Ci."

"Why ?"

"Did you need anything ? "

"No, I just wanted to know how, your meeting with Drake and that woman went."

"Why, what did he tell you ?" Nicki asked dropping the file she had in hand.

"Nothing, you are acting weird Nicki what happened ?"

"Nothing happened, it was just a meeting we went over what she had to say, we prepared her for the questions he could possibly be asked , I mean you know how it goes !"

"Yeah but your behavior is saying otherwise, and I saw the woman leave a while ago when you're just getting back. What happened ?" Ciara sat on the nearby couch letting Nicki know that she was determined to know.

"Fine something did happen." Nicki plopped on the couch next to Ciara and told her everything, from their makeout session before the client arrived to the way he left her there in the meeting room. When she was done talking, she waited for her friend's reaction and Ciara bursted out laughing.

"Don't laugh at me, ain't nothing funny !"

"Y'all freaks were about to get it poppin' in that meetig room. Twice !"

"I'm ashamed, I don't know what's gotten into me , I should've stopped it, but I just couldn't."

" Because you wanted it, you've always wanted it."

"I don't know what you're talking about, all I know is that I gotta go, I can't even look at him right now."

"What will it change ? You'll have to face him tomorrow anyway."

"Shut up." Nicki walked over to the glass wall and peeked through the blinds to see if Drake was still there.

"Ok, he's not there, I'm out." Nicki took her briefcase, computer and everything and walked out shooting Ciara out in the process."

"You are being ridiculous Nicki." Ciara said following her friend.

"Let's go !!" Nicki pushed Ciara in the elevator, once they left the building Ciara walked Nicki to her car and watched her drive away.

When Nicki got home she removed her clothes and hopped in the shower, feeling like she needed to get clean. 

After showering she put some underwear on and pulled her red silky robe over her body, for some reason she liked being around her house in her underwear. She then went to her office and got to work, the thing was she was sidetracked and she couldn't focus as she kept thinking about the events that took place earlier.

She couldn't get any work done in that state of mind. She droped what she was doing deciding that a workout was well needed.  She went to get changed and went to her home workout room.

30 minutes later, Nicki was in the middle of her homework, she slowed the treadmill down unil it completely stopped and stepped down to drink some water, she removed the headphones and that's when she heard the door ringing. Whoever it was was ringing like crazy, as if they had been there for a while.

Nicki ran down the stairs and to the door.

"Damn, I'm coming." She yelled. She opened the door without even knowing who it was, she just wanted the ringing to stop.

When she saw who was on the other side of the door, she quickly tried to shut it, unfortunately his foot was blocking the way, she didn't feel like fighting so just let go of the door. She didn't let him in though she stood in the doorway and crossed her arms. He looked at her and he had this smirk, she hated on his face, he licked his lips loving the sight before him , he loved how her sports shorts hugged her ass and how her large  breasts made her bralet look like it was about to burst open, he loved the messy ponytail, how her face was free of any make up and how her skin glowed. He loved how she looked then even more than how she looked a the office when she was all dolled up. There was one thing that looked exactly the same it was her frown.

"What do you want ?"

Drake leaned in and pecked her lips before anwsering.

"You.." He bumped past her and walking in. "But we got time for that."

"Who the fuck invited you in ? And keep your nasty lips away from me." Nicki said following him in the house. As she turned around to close the door Drake had perfect sight of her ass in the sports shorts.

"Since when do I need an invite ? And don't act like you don't like 'em kisses girl, can't you remember the way you were moaning in tgat meeting room ?"

"Imma ask again, what do you want ? You came here to humiliate me again ?'

"Why did you leave ? The office ?"

"How you gon answer my question with another question ?"

"Just how you did answer mine with another one."

"What do you want ?"

"I think I alreay answered that question, you are what I want."

"Bye then."

Nicki said walking past him but as she was walking away Drake grabbed her arm and brought her close to him.

"You know you're gonna have to stop running away."

"If you stopped chasing, I wouldn't have to run away."

"You don't really want me to stop.You want me just as bad as I want you."

"Look, if it's all about what happened earlier, it was an accident, I didn't want it, it just happened."

"Who are you trying to convince ? You let it happen because you wanted it."

"No, I don't want nothing from you. I'm not one of your hoes, if you're horny, you can just call one of them, I'm sure Rita would be glad." Drake chuckled and made her look up in his eyes, he leaned in and kissed her softly, this kiss wasn't a lustfull one like the ones before. Once again Nicki kissed back , she couldn't stop him and she didn't want to stop him. Right then he had won, he had her, she couldn't fight nomore, she didn't want to fight. That's why when he pulled away from the kiss, she used her thumb to trace his plump lips, she stood on the tip of her toes and he leaned in until their lips were connected again, they both felt that rush of electricty go through their veins. Drake picked her up as she wrapped her legs around him never breaking the kiss, his hands groped her ass as her fingers played in his freshly cut hair while their tongues battled for dominance when breathing became an issue they pulled away from the kiss and he put her down and next thing you know Nicki's body was pinned against the wall and her sports bra was off, Drake was kissing all over her skin. This time Nicki wasn't about to let him lead though, she used her strentgh to flip them over so that Drake's back was against the wall. He grabbed her face and kissed her, a deep and passionate kiss. Nicki's fingers trailed on his chest as she undid the button of his shirt, she pulled away from the kiss and went to kiss down his chest while looking straight in his eyes she gave him that malicious and lustful look letting him know that she was now the one in charge. When she had reached his pants she got up straight and stood on her tip toes to catch his lips, Drake's hand flew around her neck as he bit on her bottom lip, Nicki's hand roamed his body and eventually with her left hand she grabbed his crotch. 

"Damn". She said feeling how big and how hard he was. She bit her lip before getting on her knees. She unbuckled his belt and forcefully pulled his pants down, she rubbed him through his drawers observing  how his eyes screwed and the faces he made and how he started groaning. She pulled on his boxers 
and slowly got them down realising his hard member. 

"God! You're so big !" Nicki exclaimed in awe placing her hand around him , she started strocking him still observing his face, she was taking so much pleasure just by watching his face screw up the way it did and hearing him grunt, he opened his eyes and they peeked right into her brown lustful ones. 

"You want me to kiss it Papi ?" Nicki asked in a sexy voice still making unbreakable eye contact with him.

"Go head and kiss it babygirl." Drake instructed in a deep and sexy yet breathy voice. 
Nicki stuck her tongue out licked his shaft from the base to the top of it, she puckered her lips and gave it a smooch never breaking eye contact and she listened to his grunts.

She got up from her knees and pulled him closer by pulling on his undone shirt.  Only to whisper in his ear. 

"I think we're even now Papi." She bit his earlobe and looked him straight in the eyes laughing at his dumbfounded expression. Drake stood there astonished, he felt ridiculously stupid just as he had her feeling earlier and Nicki was extremely proud of herself. Drake watched her walk away cackling, that cackle he loved but in that situation that cackle sounded like an evil laugh. He gathered his thoughts and pulled his pants and boxers up and ran after her, when he caught up to her he yanked on her arm causing her to face him.

"I never told you we were done." He said right before he picked her up and threw her over his shoulder. Nicki gasped and started squirming. 

"Put me down right now Drake, I'm not playing." She tried to say through her laughter. 

"Shut your mouth and save your voice for when you'll be screaming my name."
Drake said as he started ascending the stairs with Nicki still squirming over his shoulder.

"Haha, I think you done lost your damn mind if you think..."

"Right or left ?" Drake asked her once he reached the top of the stairs not knowing in which way her room was.

"Right" Nicki answered and he turned to the right then kept walking til she told him to stop, he stopped before the door to the master bedroom and opened it. He walked in, tossed Nicki on the bed and climbed on top of her. Soon clothes were scattered across the room's floor, whimpers and moans escaped Nicki's lips as Drake kissed, licked and nibbled on her skin, giving a particular attention to her nipples noticing how sensitive they were, he licked and kissed up her collarbone and neck for his lips to eventuallty crash on hers, his fingers entangled in her hair, he kissed her softly at first and then with a gradation of intensity as their tongues battled for dominence, the kiss got so intense that Nicki cling onto him. Her hand meandered about his back finally setting on the back of his neck while her other hand caressed down his musclar torso til she reached his manhood, she grabbed his balls and massaged them letting him know what she wanted. He got up and stood right next to the bed, Nicki got on all fours on the bed and crawled towards him with a devilish smile, she took his shaft in hand, taking in how big he was.

"Damn ! Papi you're too big." Nicki said studying the 
ber she had in hand. Drake chuckled at the pout she was wearing. 

" Imma need you to finish what you started baby girl. Kiss it, lick every inch of it."

"Oh really ?"

Nicki opened her mouth and she took him in her mouth. Drake placed his hands on her head slightly pushing himself in, feeling the need grow as if it had ben adges but trully it was because he had never craved a connection the way he did right then his eyes closed and he groaned at the pleasure she was giving him. Still on all fours Nicki sucked hard and fast enjoying his cock sliding in and out of her mouth, Drake grabbed a fistful of her hair at the same time his cock slipped out of Nicki's mouth and she was now using her hand to please him. Drake leaned over as his hand trailed down Nicki's back and got to her ass which he spanked. Nicki hissed in both pain and pleasure, every movement was dry yet so soft, both wanting to mark their teritory, take the lead but also at the same time show the other how much they loved them and how much they cared.

"Lay on your back." Drake ordered, and Nicki meekly obeyed as she laid on her back in the middle of the bed, the minut she was on her back Drake dived into her ocean and started on returning the favor, he licked, sucked, kissed and nibbled as Nicki's low moans became louder filling his ears and the room to Drake's pleasure, the air around them was filled with the intoxicating smell of sex. 
Drake kept going encouraged by Nicki who was now moaning his name and telling him how she didn't want him to stop while her nails slightly racked his head. He felt her quivering under his touch. He knew she was about to come and brought two of his fingers to her opening, Nicki gasped when he inserted them inside her, he thrusted them in and out of her at a fast pace. 

"Ooh ! Fuck, fuck,fuck ... I'm about to come."

"Come for me then baby girl."

The words hadn't even came out of his mouth that Nicki was hit by an intense orgasm, drenching his fingers with her juices, Drake let her come down from her high before he pulled his fingers out and licked them.

"You taste so good."

He crawled back on the bed, on top of her and kissed her letting her taste herself. While kissing her he placed himself between her spread legs at her opening and at the moment he bit her bottom lip he slid inside of her as her nails racked his back, Drake used his hands to support his weight, he thrusted as deep inside her as possible then started grinding his hips in a cirlce motion, hitting each and every hidden spot, Nicki held onto him, moaning, she could feel him in the pit of her stomach, loving the sensation of it.

"Humm Papi , that feels so good !" Nicki moaned out.

They were still going at it, Nicki was screaming Drake's name at the top of her lungs encouraging him, she had a hold onto the sheets of the bed, and her back was arched bringing her hips up, her grip on the sheets tightened as Drake felt her walls clench around his member, he started to go faster thrusting harder and deeper each time, Nicki was already over the edge when Drake started stimulating her clit with his thumb. 

"Ooh ! Oh ! Drake don't stop."

And he kept going, until Nicki's toe's curled and her nails dug in his back and her legs were shaking as she hit her uptenth orgasm, her juices flooding out, soaking Drake's shaft. 

"Mmhm. Ooh Fuuuck!"

"Yeah come for me babygirl." 

Nicki rode out her orgasm and Drake pulled out as she came down from her high.

"Get on all fours. Ass up, face dow."

Nicki did as she was told and got in the position Drake had asked her to.

He positioned himself behind her and placed his member at her opening teasing her.

"Stop teasing me Drake."

"Oh you want it baby girl ?"

"Drake stop teasing me!"

Drake slapped Nicki on her ass causing her to scream in both painand pleasure.

"I asked you a damn question." Drake said and he spanked her again.

"Yes ! Yes "

"Yes what ?!" He spanked her again.

"Yes I want it Papi , give it to me." Nicki begged arching her back. Without a word Drake thrusted in her and started thrusting in and out at a fast pace, Nicki's back arched even more and she burried her head in the sheets while her fists tightened around the sheets. Her moans and screams were muffled by the sheets, to Drake's displeasure.
He grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her head up.

"No, no,no I wanna hear you baby."

Soon as her head was up, Nicki's moans filled the room. Drake enjoying the way she moaned his name told him not to stop and how good it felt. 

Moments later, Nicki was having yet another orgasm, and Drake himself was on the edge, Nicki knew he was about to come.

"Drake pull out! Pull out, I wanna suck it."

Drake did as he was asked and Nicki crawled away from him, she got off the bed and pushed Drake on it, she then got on her knees and didn't waste time to get his shaft in her mouth and she got to work. She busied herself deepthroating him meanwhile she was touching herself. 

"Nicki I'm about to come." Drake warned Nicki and she stopped sucking him and started strocking him with one hand as she was using the other to please herself.

"Yeah babygirl touch yourself while you stroke me." 

Drake groaned heavily as he came ,discharging his seed all over Nicki's chest and simultaneously Nicki also came soaking her own fingers. She took them out and went to sit on Drake's lap. She brought her fingers to his mouth and he licked them. While she did that she used her other hand to take the semen on her breast and licked all of it. 

When she finally licked the last of it, she looked up at Drake who was staring at her his mouth slightly ajar. 
She smiled at him.

"What ?"

Drake licked his lips and he leaned in and gave her the sweetest kiss ever, it was a total contrast with the session they just had, it wasn't rough , and was free from any lust it only held love even if neither one of them could put a finger on it.

When breathing became an issue they let go of each other. Nicki caressed his cheek and got up avoiding all eye contact with him, she could feel his stare on her naked body and it made her feel like she was 16 again, she knew she was blushing. 

"I.. Imma go clean up."  Nicki said before quickly desapearing in the ensuite bathroom. When she was out of sight Drake fell on the bed, he couldn't believe what had just happened, it was as if what had just happened was a dream, but really it was not well actually that was his dreams coming true. He rose from the bed and went to find another bathroom. 

Nicki was in the shower thinking as the water streamed down her tired body, she  couldn't believe what just happened either. She couldn't believe she let him have her , but she wasn't regretting a second of  it. Actually she was happy it had happened, now the only thing she was worried about was how things will go from there. She got out of the shower dried herself , she then lotioned up and tied her ultra soft plush robe around her body she walked out of the bathroom and was surprised to see that Drake was gone but when she noticed his clothes were still on the floor she realised he wasn't. She went to her closet and picked a thong and a wife beater along with an extra large sweater. She got dressed and put her hair in a messy bun, retrived her glasses from the bedside table. She was extremely tired and felt like her legs were about to give up but when she looked around and saw the messy bed, the clothes scattered around the room, she felt like she needed to clean the mess, and that's what she did, she changed the sheets and placed her clothes in the laundry hamper. She set his clothes on a chair. She watched the time : 8 pm. 
She was extremely tired and hungry but felt too lazy to make any food she went to her balcony and sat on the comfy garden armchair, wrapped the plaid around her body and just relaxed watching the sun set as it reflect on the ocean. The scenery was just amazing and so relaxing. Seconds later she saw Drake walking by and he sat on the armchair right next to hers. They sat in silence none of them wanted to talk , they just enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere. Drake glanced at Nicki as she watched the sunset , she was aware that he was watching her but was kind of afraid to face him.

"Quit starring Drake." Nicki said and Drake chuckled.

"I missed hearing that !" Nicki laughed a little at his comment and turned her head in his direction.

"Come here." Drake softly spoke and Nicki got up and went to sit on his lap, she laid back on him a little, it wasn't awkward at all, it felt like she was were she'd always wanted to be. She spread the plaid over both their bodies and simply laid there, again not a word was spoken until Nicki broke the silence.

"Drake ?!" 

"Yes ?"

"What's your plan ?"

Drake frowned at that question.

"What do you mean, what's my plan ?!" 

"I mean what's your plan ? I caved in , we had sex and then what ? You wanted to prove that you were able to get me. Fine, you won, you got me exactly where you wanted, what else do you want now ?"

"Is that really what you think ? You think all I ever wanted was to fuck you ? You think that I was just playing some game ?"
Nicki turned around and shifted so she was now straddling his lap and they were face to face.

"Well, yes, I mean I've known you for years and that's what you do, you set your eyes on a girl, you charm her till you get her in your bed and then it's over. Just look at Zoe form the 7th floor, you were all over her then y'all had sex and now she's just another delusional bitch who thinks y'all actually had something when it was just a one time thing , I don't want to be one of them."

"Well let me break some news to you. You aren't Zoe , nor are you any of them other chicks. I understand why you don't trust me right now, I know how I portray myself but babygirl none of them can compare to you , I don't need  none of them, I need you , I mean if I only wanted to have sex with you then I wouldn't have chased for a whole three years, I would've given up already and gotten it from someone else not that it could compare to what we just had." Nicki sheepishly smiled and hid her face in his chest. "Seriously I want way more than that with you and if you gave me a chance I can prove it." It fell silent again as Nicki was processing what he just said.

"How do you feel ?" Drake asked.

"How do I feel ?"

"Yes, how do you feel about me, about what we just did etc."

"Well, obviously I'm attracted to you as well.."

"Why you say obviously, aren't you aware  of how many times you rejected  me ?"Drake cut Nicki in her speech.

"For god 's sake, I just let you jizz all over my titties, isn't that enough proof ?"

"If you put it that way." Drake smiled proud of himself.

"You have no idea how much I hate that goofy smile of yours."

"You say you hate it meaning you love it. See I'm learning." Nicki rolled her eyes at him and Drake slapped he exposed thigh.

"Don't you roll your eyes at me."

"Whatever you say. So as I was saying , I kinda like you too but I'm scared to be honest and about what we just did, I don't regret it, all this time I was thinking if you happened to get me I would be so disapointed in myself and regret it but I guess it's the complete opposit, I feel great." 

"Hold on why would you be disapointed in yourself ?"

"Because, I thought it would make me just an addition to your record, and that right when you got it you'd just forget all about me, that you'd stop following me everywhere I went, stop striding in my office and sit in that damn chair for hours just observing me, stop kissing me, stop telling me how beautiful I was and all that you know. I actually like when you do those things , I was just affraid you'd take it and then lose all interest in me."

"Baby girl , forget about that record witch is trumped up may I say. And if me losing interest in you is what scared you then you can be rasured because I'm telling that won't happen , never you're way too precious for that." 

"Aww . You're so sweet. Give me a kiss." Drake leaned in and pecked her lips. 

"I want a real kiss." Nicki pouted and Drake leaned in again and Nicki met him half way.
When they pulled away from each other , they looked at each other having a silent conversation with their eyes, the silent was broken when Nicki's stomach growled. 

"You had to ruin the whole moment !"

"Shut up, I'm hungry because of you."

"Yeah pin that on me , but I'm hungry too so I suggest you go and cook me something to eat woman ."

"I ain't yo woman first of all and I can't even stand up straight thanks to you, so I suggest you go and cook me something to eat. " 

"Haha, I put it down." Drake laughed and Nicki hit his chest.

"Shut up !"

"No but seriously, how about we order food ? Chinese ?"

"Hell no, I want Mexican."

"No, I don't need to have you farting in here."

"What ? Nigga I'm a princess, I don't fart and I want Mexican, so that's what you will order end of conversation."

"A princess, that's some bullshit." Drake mumbled as Nicki got up from him and he got up himself.

"What was that ?"

"I said you're not a princess, you're a queen."

"Thought so !"

Drake kissed her forehead and walked away, he went to find his phone and ordered the food before going back to Nicki on the balcony. They talked about nothing and everything, waiting for their food to be delivered, when they heard the doorbell ring Drake gave Nicki a piggy back and they went to get the food, Drake paid for it, and they went to the living room where they ate cuddled up and watching a movie, at some point Drake was speakinig and in the middle of his sentence he noticed Nicki wasn,'t listening to him, she had fallen asleep. he picked her up and carried her to her room, he laid her on the bed, and pulled the covers over her body, he walked out after kissing her and making sure she was comfy. He went back to the living room and threw the boxes in the trash, and turned the TV off, he grabbed a sheet of paper and a pen to write a note and went back to Nicki's room to set it on the bedside table.

~~~~~~~~ The Next Morning~~~~~~~~

Nicki woke up at the sound of her alarm going off , she stirred in her bed before sitting up and as she was about to get out of bed she remembered the events that occured the day before and she couldn't help but smile, she felt like a huge weight was lifted off her chest all the frustration she usually carries around was gone it felt amazing. She was desappointed to wake up alone and almost thought she had dreamt everything but her aching muscles let her know how real it was. It was a confirmation when she noticed the note on the bedside table. She picked it up and read out loud.

~~ Hey Baby girl,

You were passed out, I didn't want to wake you up. Thank you again for giving me the best time of my life.
Call me when you wake up.


After reading that Nicki had a sheepish smile plastered on her face and couldn't help it, she finally got out of bed and went to start on her morning routine, in the middle of it, she thought she should check her phones and so she did, she had a few missed calls on her work phone but it was nothing major she'd handle it later, on her personal phone she had missed calls from her mother of course and had a few texts but the only one she read was the one he sent her. It was a simple 'Goodmorning beautiful' just as he sent her every other day and that was enough to make her day. She didn't text back, instead she called him, and put the phone on speaker so they could talk while she was getting ready.


Once she was ready they hung up and Nicki took her brifcase and computer before leaving her house and setting the alarm, she got in her car and drove off, she sent Draya a text saying that she would get her coffee herself and that's what she did , she stopped by Starbuck and got a salted caramel mocca for herself and she also got a capuccino , she stopped by Dunkin Donuts too . 
When she arrived at the firm she as usual greeted some of her co-workers on her way to her office when she got to the level of Ciara's office she stopped and walked in.

"Hey bestie !" 

Ciara looked at her over her glasses. 

"You're late Nicki what happened, you're never late."

"I'm not late it's 8:30, I'm right on time." Nicki shrugged.

"Yeah right but everyone knows you usually arrive way before that. Are you still trying to 
avoid Drake ? " 

"No, I am not I just stopped by Starbucks Ci !" It was only then  that Ciara noticed the coffee and donuts in Nicki's hand.

"Two cups ? And donuts, you know I don't like donuts right ?" 

"Great then because these aren't for you ."

"Who are they for then ?"

"Drake. I gotta go, as you said I'm late so I'll start on working right now." Nicki said turning on her heels to leave her friend's office.

"Drake ?! Onika don't you step out of that office, why are you bringing him coffee when yesterday..... OH MY GOD." Ciara almost screamed.

"Shuuuut! Are you crazy ?"

"I knew, when he got back from wherever he was he looked for you everywhere, when I told him you left to go home, he simply vanished , and now you bringing him coffee and donuts. I want every single detail Nicki."

"I really have to go Ci, I love you." Nicki quickly stepped out of the office, as she walked closer to their facing offices she 
could see what was going on in his and she wasn't happy about what she saw. 
She kept walking and when she was in front of the door Drake saw her and smiled before he licked his lips. Mad at the fact that just like any other morning Rita was proudly sitting on Drake's desk, Nicki rolled her eyes at him. And Drake chuckled both of them felt happy that despite last night, their relationship still was the same playfull relationship they had for years. 
Nicki stepped in without even knocking just if it was her own office she had walked in. She walked around Drake's desk and right past Rita without even aknowledging her, she placed what she had in hands on the desk and quietly sat accross Drake's lap and she kissed him before turning to Rita who had a shocked expression and whose mouth hung open. 

"Good morning Ora."

"Morning, hum well I'll leave you two alone." Rita got down from the desk.

"Oh no, don't let me interupt." Nickk gave her the fakest smile ever.

"It's ok , we'll talk about this later, later Drake."

Rita said leaving and Drake just nodded and waved feeling Nicki's glare on him. 
Once Rita was gone, they both bursted out laughing.

"You are so mean !" Drake said kissing the exposed skin of her shoulder.

"Me ? I was nothing but nice and polite, it's not my fault if she felt like she was overcoming her welcome." Nicki shrugged.

"You're so sexy when you're defending your teritory." Drake placed yet another kiss on Nicki's shoulder.

"Drake stop." Nicki shrugged his head away. 

" OH ! And you brought me coffee and donuts ?! Are these poisoned ?"

"Nooo, why would you even say that ?" Nicki acted hurt.

"You're being too nice to me."

"Oh well ! Imma just go back to being mean then." Nicki said messing with his hand . When she looked up she was met by at least 20 pairs of eyes , Drake and Nicki were in their own world and didn't notice that the whole floor had been observing interact.

"I better go get to work." Nicki tried to get up but Drake preve
nted her from doing so.

"Wait not so fast."

"What ?"

" Just to clarify things, have you thought about giving me a chance ?" Nicki wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Well yes, I'm willing to give it a try but there's a conditon."

"What is it ?"

"That girl Rita ain't never allowed in here and if you really have to have her here than the bitch has to find a seat. There's two chairs and even a couch in here, I'm sure she'll figure out something."

"You say that yet you're sitting on my lap as if you couldn't find a seat."

"Drake shut up." Nicki playfully hit his chest. 

"So does that mean you're mine ?"

"No more Rita ?"

"No more Rita." Drake chuckled, he thought it was cute how jealous she was.

"Then I'm yours if you're mine."

"I'm yours and you're mine." 

They leaned in and their lips locked, as they shared the most passionate kiss, not even carring about all the eyes that were on them.

I hope you enjoyed it, pleeeaas, leave comment , don't hesitate to say what youg thought about it.



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