Not So Different Pt.3

When she got home, Nicki kicked her shoes off and ran up the stairs to her room, she turned some music on taking advantage of the fact that she was home alone, but mostly to cover all the noises she could possibly hear. After the other night's events every noise put her in alert . She took her clothes off and just pulled a robe on witch she tied.  She then went to her desk and took her things out to get some of her homework done. After about two hours of studying and two episodes of Love and Hip Hop, which of course she wasn't allowed to watch. Nicki changed into her dance clothes and dialed her friend Cassie meanwhile she picked her clothes from the floor folded them and placed them in her bag and she took her music notebook as well.

"Hey Cassie." 

"Hey !" 

"I'm sorry, I'm in a rush, I'm going to the dance studio right now, can you cover for me ?" Every friday evening Nicki attended dance class, but knowing how her mother would react if she happened to find out, she had told her she was taking piano lessons and she needed Cassie to tell her mother they were together playing piano, if she called her. The only answer she got from her friend was a sigh.

"Cassie pleeeeeaaaase, do that for me I'm begging you right now."

"OK, Nicki fine, but it's the last time, you know how I get nervous when I have to lie."

"Thank you soo much Cass', love you muah." Nicki said before quickly hanging up, so Cassie wouldn't have time to lecture her.

After hanging up she left her room, went to the kitchen and pulled out a stool, she stood on it to grab a bag of cheetos, she grabbed it and jumped down the stool, she grabbed her bag and ran out the door , not forgetting to set the alarm, that's a thing she almost never did before the robery, her parents kept telling her about it but she always forgot to do it but since the robery it became an obsession, just last night she had woken up every hour to check it.

She locked the door and got in her car, she threw her bag on the backseat and started the engine.

~~~~~ Drake's ~~~~~~

"I'm hooome." 
Drake shouted from the front door, when he didn't get any answer he figured his mother was still at work. He kicked his shoes off and walked to the kitchen where he grabbed something to eat. He then went to his room and as everyday after school he started on his homework, he'd study till he had to go to work or basketball training depending of his schedule.
He was in the middle of his homework when someone knocked on the door, he ran down the stairs and went to get the door. He opened it and was surprised to see who was behind the door.

"Hey !" She spoke.

"LORD ! Bey ? Is that really you ?"

"Who else would it be Drizzy ?" Beyoncé shrugged and he wrapped his arms around her, she returned the gesture and they held each other.

"Come in , don't stand out here." He stepped aside to let his bestfriend walk in.

"I'm so happy you're here !"

"And I'm so happy to be here, you don't know how much I missed home."

"Oh you didn't miss me ?"

"Common nigga you know I did."

"How's Jay ?"

"He's good, he's still in New York though ."

"Meaning you're going back to New York , I know you can't stay away from him for so long."

"Shut up, I can. I might go back to New York in a while though."

" So what's up ! What have you been up to ?"

"Nothing really, I been chilling you know, felt good to be away from my crazy parents, I needed a break, now my ideas are clear enough and I felt like coming back home so here I am."

"You've seen them yet ?"

"Nope, I thought I'd come see my BFF, before heading to Bel Air and it's craziness. Can you believe the first thing my mom did was invite the Kodjoes over for dinner when I told her I was coming home."

"Y'all frequent the Kodjoes?" Drake asked surprised at the mention of Nicki's lastname.

"Not really, but my mom have always felt that need to impress them, there if you impress Taraji Kodjoe then everyone else will be impressed and I guess everyone frowned upon me leaving so she wants to show that I'm not completely a lost cause."

"Your world is so damn complicated Bey, I couldn't deal I swear." Drake laughed.

"I know right ? Why do care about my family frequenting the Kodjoes anyways ?"

"Well something happened not long ago with Nicki, their daughter, you know her right ?"

"Of course I know her , what happened ?"

"You know how every now and then Chris Future and I we..."

"No need to say more, I know what happened, I hope you didn't got caught . I been telling you, you need to stop, I been telling you this since you started working with Jay."

"Bey we didn't get caught, and do I have to remind you that you were part of the crew ?" Drake laughed at his friend who stuck her tongue out at him in return.

"So what happened is we hit three houses in Bel Air and I was at the Kodjoes house, I hadn't even started that she popped out of nowhere."

"Who popped out of nowhere."

"Nicki, she just litteraly popped out of no where."

"What did you do then."

"I kinda pulled a gun to her head and forced her to show me to the safe. Did what I had to and then I threatened her so she wouldn't talk." Drake mumbled not proud of his actions.

"You pretty much held the poor girl hostage in her own house and threatened her ! You are crual."

"Did I really have a choice though ? It wasn't even that "crual" I could have killed her or kidnapped her. But listen I'm not done. The day after that occured, so yesterday, I was at school walkin to the library when someone bumped into me, guess who ?" 

"Of course y'all chose to bump into each other, that day ."

"Crazy ain't it ? Now her coffee spilled on her T. I felt bad so I gave her my hoodie, then later on when I was leaving the campus I saw her seating on the curb, her momma had forgeotten to pick her up, so I offered her a ride."

"Don't you think it's kinda risky to hang out with the girl when you robbed her the night before ?"

"I know , that's why I'm trying to stop.She came to talk to me earlier, she wanted me to give me a ride but I declined, I feel bad though, she seems to be nice you know, I feel bad for giving her the cold shoulder like that. "

"But at the same time, it ain't that big of a deal, I mean she didn't recognize the day right after the robery, she might never recognize you."

"I'm not going to take that kind of risk. I'm not in this alone."

"Fine, you're the one who's feeling bad, I wanted to help, all I'm saying is if you want to "befriend" her then do it, after you did such a thing to her, she should have recognized you the day right after but she didn't so I think she won't ever do and that she has absolutely no idea of who robbed her."

"Why would I want to befriend her ? I don't know her, I don't care, the only thing I can do is ignore her like I did all those years."

"Do whatever you want boo. I need to go, my mom's waiting on me."

"Alright go then, when will I see you again ?"

"Probably tomorrow, I'm here for at least a month anyays."

"A month ! What is Jay gonna do without you during a whole month ?!"

"Shut up fool." Beyoncé laughed and went to kiss and hug him goodbye.

"Bye brother, tell mama G I love her."

"I will."

After Beyoncé left Drake went right back to his homework. By 4:30, Drake had stopped studying and was ready to leave to go to work, he worked at a drugstore from 5 to 9 on fridays. He got there on time and started on his work, all he had to do was refill the shelves, ring people, and help the clients find what they needed as he couldn't give them any advice given that he didn't have any knowledge in medecine.
The store was quite empty that evening him and his friend and co-worker Matthew had just finished filling shelves and where now having small talk waiting for clients. They were talking when a client walked in followed by an other and another one and a few minutes later the store was full of clients.


Nicki and Ciara left the lockers after Nicki had changed back in the clothes she had worn that morning. 
While walking to her car Nicki heard her phone ringing in her bag. She looked for it and when she had it she looked at the caller ID. It read "MOTHER". She picked up.


"Is your piano lesson over yet ?" Her mother asked coldy.

"Yes it is."

"Good, come home ASAP, we're invited a the Knowles' but drop by the drugstore before and get me some aspirin. This stupid assistant of mine is giving me headache."

"Sure mother I'm on my way."

"Make it quick !" Taraji said before hanging up on her daughter.

"She needs aspirin and we're having diner with the Knowles." 

You know what, your mom makes me think of Cinderella's cruel step mother." Ciara jocked making Nicki laugh.

"You're laughing but we're almost there." Nicki commented.

"Bitch what ? Unlike Cinderella you get to wear Alexander McQueen and Balmain and you rock Giuseppe Zanoti's and Louboutins . I would have dinner with every single person in Hollywood to have your lifestyle."

"We can trade anytime babe. Spend a day with my mother on your back and we'll see if it's worth it . Anyways I gotta go." Nicki kissed her friend's cheek. 

"Bye Nic, love you."

"Bye, love you too." Nicki said and slid in her car.

A bit more than 10 minutes later Nicki was at the drugstore, she easily found the aspirin her mother had asked to get but she also looked for some face care products. 

"Drizzy! Look over there, that's ten on ten, pure perfection, she..." Matthew whispered in Drake's ear but was cut off.

"Bro, stop,  get back to work, I ain't got time for that." Drake replied, he knew Matthew was refering to a girl, he spent most of his time at the drugstor checking the female clients out and trying to flirt with them.

"Man, at least look, you won't regret it."

"Get back to work." Drake shook his head as he rang the man's item.

"Ok, cool." Matthew went back to helping clients find what they needed.

After saying bye and wishing a nice evening to the client, Drake's curiosity got the best of him and he looked up in the direction his friend had pointed before, and as she turned around to walk to the checkout their eyes met and he was caught up in her beauty for the second time that day. She caught his glance and feeling self conscious she look down at the ground and kept walking towards the checkout. When she reached it, she placed her items on the counter.

"Hi." Drake spoke up.

"Oh hi." They both stayed silent as Drake rang her items. Nicki kept her head lowered and didn't say anything not wanting to be rejected again. Drake could feel the unease but said nothing, sticking to what he had said he'd do. He rang her last item.

"It'll be 27,99  $ please." Drake spoke and Nicki fished her wallet in her purse and got a 50 $ bill out of it before handing it to Drake. Her head was still bowed but she could feel his gaze on her.
As he took the bill from her, their hands brushed against each other's and for a split second Nicki rose her head and looked in his eyes before looking back  down at her hands. 

"Funny how we keep running into each other." Drake chuckled trying to ease the tension, as he was getting change. 

"I know right ." Nicki smiled but with the short answer she gave he knew he had probably hurt her feelings earlier. 

"Look, I'm sorry for earlier, I didn't mean to be cold like that. It was just..."

"You don't need to apologize it was nothing, you don't owe me a conversation or anything."

"I know but, what I did wasn't cool, so yeah, sorry."

"It's nothing." Nicki gave him a genuine smile feeling comfortable again.

"We cool then ?" Drake asked handing her the change he owed her.

"Of course." Nicki put the money in her wallet and took what she had purchased.

"Have a nice evening." Nicki spoke again

"You too. See you around."  Drake said and Nicki nodded before walking away, Drake observed as she waltzed away, he admired her graceous walk until she was out of sight, he shook his head and went back to work, asking himself what he had just gotten into, he knew he wasn't suppose to talk to her at all, but for some reason when he saw her he felt compelled to aplogize, maybe it was just the guilt, he didn't know but still he needed to make it up to her.

Nicki walked in still thinking about her encounter with Drake, she thought it was weird how he was nice one day and cold the next day and then he was nice again. Maybe he was just a moody person, but still she found those mood swings weird. She thought nothing of it after all there was no reason for her to care, she didn't even know him.

When Nicki walked in, the house seemed as if it was empty but she could hear noise in the kitchen so she headed there. She found her mother taking a cake out of the pastry box it was in and placing it on a cake display stand and covering it with a dome.
Nicki slid the aspirin across the counter and sat on a stool across from her mother observing her move about the kitchen, her mother looked at her.

"Why are you sitting here, do I have to remind you that we have a diner to attend ?"

"Sorry, you are just fascinating to me. You hate that woman , you spent so much saliva saying all those mean things about her, yet you managed to be invited at her house and you're in here pretending to have baked a cake and all as if you actually were greatful to be invited over at her home and to share diner with her and her family. Just fascinating !" Nicki shrugged sarcasm dripping of her tone,  she was clearly showing her disapprobation.

"You'll understand some day. Now go get ready."

"What should I wear ?"

"You can wear whatever, no need to impress, that misoriented child of hers will be there."

"I'm afraid I'm not uderstanding you mother."

"That woman have no idea about which part of the Earth her husband is in and her daughter ran away with some thug, dropped out of school and was gone for over a year . You can wear whatever, you'll make a better impression than her." Nicki simply shook her head almost disgusted at her mother's behavior, sometimes she wondered if that woman had a heart. She got up from her stool and went to get ready. Even though her mother had said she could wear whatever she wanted, Nicki still made sure the outfit she picked was conventional enough to please her mother. When she was ready she went back downstairs and found her father in his armchair, he had a confused look on his face. She took a seat on his lap and kissed his cheek.

"Hey dad." She happily said.

"Hey, princess, don't you think you've passed the age for that ?"

"I don't think so, what's wrong you seemed worried."

"It's nothing you need to worry about." Her father smiled at her and glanced at his watch "What is she doing ? She's gonna make us late"

"I guess the Knowles aren't good enough for her to be on time." Nicki shook her head "Is it work related ?" Nicki asked refering to her first question.


"Then what is it."

"I told you it's nothing you need to worry about." 

"Girl, get up right now, you've passed the age to do that." Taraji said walking in the room and past both Nicki and Boris. Nicki got up and her father followed.

"What did I tell you ?" He whispered in Nicki's ear making her giggle. They followed Taraji out of the house.

~~~~~The Knowles' , Bel Air ~~~~~

"This Beef Bourguignon is delicious Tina." Taraji complimented, if you didn't know better you'd think it was a genuine compliment. Nicki kissed her teeth seriously getting annoyed, this dinner was a pure masquerade. There was her mother on one side acting nice and as if she had came with good attentions when really all she wanted was to find little things to held ms.Knowles in contempt. 
On the other side Ms. Knowles as nice as she is was also faking. All she wanted was to show off, her daughter Solange Beyoncé's little sister had started Harvard this year and was back in town for the week and Beyoncé was back home proving that she was not a lost cause. Then there was Solange who was just like Nicki forced to play the perfect child's role, the difference was Nicki was aware of the fact that this was all a play, Solange was not this was her world, she could easily pass of as Taraji's daughter. These two lived in the same world where image was everything. Beyoncé was here just because she was here, not giving a flying fuck, she was on her phone during the whole thing and no one said shit, at least she was there. And lastly Borris who was in the same position as Bey, he was here as a trophy Taraji brought along to show off. 

"Thank you, darling, I remembered how much you love french cuisine." Tina smiled back at Taraji and Nicki caught Beyoncé smirking at her mother's answer and they both smiled at one another, Solange glaring in their direction.

Later on after the dessert they were all seated at the table chatting .

"So, Nicki, it's senior year, what do you plan on doing after you graduated college."

"Well, economics is my major so I'm most likely to join the financial sectore after graduation, I'm still considering my options, I just hope I'll do as well as my mom in the finance field." Nicki smiled at Tina and then glanced at her mother hoping she had given the perfect answer. She relaxed when she saw her mother's smirk. 

"What about you Beyoncé ? You and Nicki are same aged, you should be graduating this year too." Taraji asked knowing Beyoncé had dropped out of college last year when she followed Jay to the East coast.

"Graduate ? I don't go to school. But I have a job, I am a dancer."

"A dancer ? How thrilling." Taraji spoke and Tina shook her head at her daughter. Nicki looked at Beyonvé admiringly , she was captivated by the confidence that was radiating from her,since they were little she always admired Beyoncé and how she stood her ground, today even more. Beyoncé always spoke her mind, she used to be the only one who dared to complain about the world they lived in she was the only one who didn't comply with the rules they were given. In high school Nicki, Beyoncé and Cassie were friends but both Nicki and Cassie being the perfect little pawns in the adults' game Beyoncé stopped hanging out with them and started playing her own game, living her own life. Last year was the consecration when she dropped out of college packed her stuff and followed her boyfriend of 3 years to NY where she started following her real dreams.Nicki wanted to be just like her and be able to say fuck it and leave, be free, be who she wanted to be and not who her mother wanted her to be, not who he father's associates needed her to be. Be herself period.

"I plan to have my own company later, I have a little time to find what sectore is the best for me but I know I want to build an empire just like my mother's." Solange spoke up and at that her mother smiled but that little intervention didn't seem to please Taraji.

"I admire how ambitious you are sweetheart." Taraji spoke before turning her attention back to Beyoncé "So you said you were a dancer ?"

"I am."Beyoncé smiled a Taraji.

"And how is New York ? Aren't you afraid to be on the other side of the country on your own ?"

"New York is great, it's refreshing." Beyoncé carefully chose her words to let everyone at the table know what she was thinking without causing a scene.
"And I'm not on my own, I live there with my boyfriend who takes great care of me."

"How nice !" Taraji spoke through a fake smile.

"Indeed, if you guys would excuse me I'll leave the table." Beyoncé said getting up, she was geting tired of this masquerade. All eyes on her, she looked at everyone smiling.

"Y'all heve a nice evening." As she was turning around she caught Nicki staring at her and she smiled at her .

"You wanna come along ?" Beyoncé asked Nicki, at that moment Nicki wanted to scream 'YES' , quit the table and run away with Beyoncé, but there was that voice in her head that told her she shouldn't, that voice probably was her mother's. She turned her head to look at her mother and oddly enough her mother smiled at her and gave her a light nod.

"Hum, yes why not ?" Nicki excused herself and got up repressing a scream of joy. She followed Beyoncé up the stairs . They walked in Beyoncé's old room and Beyoné sat on the bed while Nicki just stood there and messed with the rings on her hands.

"You now you can sit down."

"Thank you." Nicki went to sit on the messy bed next to Beyoncé, she sat up sraight with her legs crossed and her hands crossed over her knees.

"And you can relax too, I mean kick your heels off and get comfortable girl."

Nicki got up, took her shoes off and sat back on the bed sitting on her legs.

"So, what's up ? What's been going on ?"

"Well, nothing much, sam old, same old. How about you ?"

"What can I say ? You've heard, I been in New York with Jay and I'm starting on my singing and dancing  carriere though the dancing part seems to be going better than the singing part. And yeah , I been good and I'm happy."

"I'm glad you are, I'm pretty sure you'll succeed I mean you are really talented."

"Thank you, from what I remember, you're very talented as well, I know you can dance."

Nicki finally got a bit more comfortable, Beyoncé's the type of person who imediately makes you feel at ease and Nicki felt like talking to her.

"Yeah, but it's just a hobbie, nothing more."

"Girl it's more like a passion , you used to dance all day long."

"I know and you know I still dance, I love to dance my mother has never been happy about it though. That's why I have to sneak out the house to dance." Nicki pouted thinking of the times her mother would lecture her, saying that dancing was not something she should waste her time doing and that it wouldn't get her nowhere. Beyoncé felt the tension and changed the subject.

"Anyways, what's up with your love life ?" Beyoncé tried to make another conversation.

"Nothing at all."

"What do you mean nothing at all ?"

"I mean nothing at all ." Nicki shrugged.

"Well, when was the last time you had a boyfriend."

"I never had a boyfriend."

"I don't believe that." Beyoncé shook her head chuckling.

"I swear, I never had a boyfriend."

"You are too pretty and you're body is too perfect for this to be true."

"Well it is true, I guess I ain't that pretty."

"Girl you are !"

"Well thanks, I apreciate it, especialy coming from you, I mean you're beautiful."

"Thanks, I know it." Beyoncé casually said and Nicki laughed, she was admirative of Beyoncé's confidence.

"Why are you laughing ? I know I am beautiful, what's funny about it ?"

"I wish I was that confident. Can I ask you something ?"

"Go head."

"How did you do ? You have to be extremely courageous to do what you did, I could never just pack my bags and leave like that."

"It was hard, but staying here and living like that, all this pressure and fakeness and all, it was even harder , I had to live, I had to do it so that they could understand it was too much for me and that it wasn't how I wanted to live you know, so I just left."

"Yeah, yeah I understand, and your mom, didn't she try to stop you ?"

"Oh that she did, when she came back home and found out I was gone , she cut me off, I knew she would so I had started saving some money before so I was good, and I had Jay to take care of me, it wasn't the same thing as having mommy taking care of me , it wasn't the same lifestyle and all, but we were good and I was free and I could be myself and mostly I knew she would come around, she's my mom she loves me. It was hard but it was worth it, today I can say I am happy."

"And to think that I can't even tell my mother no." Nicki sighed.

"That day when she gon really piss you off, you'll see it ain't that hard." Beyoncé laughed.

"I don't know what you're talking about ! She done piss me off so many times already !"

"Hum hum, anyways let's talk about something else."

"Like what ?"

Suddenly they heard a knock at the door and the door flew open. Solange stood at the doorstep.

"What do you want ?" Beyoncé asked her looking her up and down.

"What I want does not have anything to do with you." Solange ga gave Beyoncé a malicious smile and turned her attention to Nicki.

"Nicki your mother says you guys are about to leave, she wants you to come down."

"Ok, I'll be right there , thank you." Nicki smiled at Solange who closed the door and left.

"I guess, I have to go." Nicki said getting off of the bed. Beyoncé also got off the bed.

"How about we meet up sometime and hang out."

"Why not, it would be cool." Nicki said while puting her shoe on.

"Let's say tomorrow afternoon, I'll show you something, you'll like."

"I'll have to ask my mom though."

"Of course." Beyoncé sighed and they walked down the stairs.

When they arived downstais Nicki went to say bye to Beyoncé's mom and thanked her fo the dinner, then they had to witness the fakest goodbye ever as Taraji held Tina in her arms and they acted like bestfriends, Bey and Nicki looked at each other and shook their heads. After Beyoncé had given her number to Nicki the Kodjoes left.

"OH GOD, that diner was such a waste of my time." Taraji walked in the house and took her shoes off. "I'm heading to my office real quick then Imma go to bed." She pecked her husband's lips and walked away.

"Alright love." Nicki watched the scene astonished just as everytime she watched her parents interact, the fact that her mom actually had feelings completely shocked her.

"Fix your face child." Boris kissed the side of Nicki's head and walked passed her.

"Dad wait !"

"Yes ?"

"Can I go out tomorrow ?"

"Who you're going out with ?"


"Ok, I'll talk to your mom , if she asks you're going to Cassie's ok ?"

"Why ?"

"Because, have,'t you heard what she has to say about Beyoncé ?"

"I did." Nicki sadly said, her mother's opinion on everyone was so bad it was exasperating. "Anyways, thank you dad you the best."

"It's nothing, daddy loves you." He said before  they did their secret handshake and he climbed up the stairs, Nicki texted Beyoncé and then went up and changed before getting in he bed and turning the TV on.

~~~~~~ Saturday 1 p.m, the Kodjoe's Bel Air ~~~~~~~

Nicki was in her wife beater and boy shorts, her parents had just left to go she didn't even know where, she felt a bit cold and picked the sweater that was on the chair and put it on noticing it was Drake's, it was weird even to her but she liked to wear it, she didn't know if it was the smell of it or what but she just enjoyed wearing it. She went to sit at her vanity and did her make up, she only put some BB cream on her whole face to have a bright complexion and then she used some liquid liner and mascara and that was it, she then put her hair in a tight ponytail, when she was done she got up and went to her walk in closet, she picked an outfit and laid it on the bed, when she was about to start to get dressed she heard the door ringing, she ran down the stairs to get it and was met by Beyoncé standing behind the door.

"Hey you !"

"Hey !"

"Come in." Nicki smiled and stepped aside to let Beyoncé in, and she turned around with Beyoncé following her, they walked up the stairs and into Nicki's room.

"So, where are we going ? "

"You'll see, is this what you're wearing ?" Beyoncé asked referring to the outfit that was laid out on the bed.

 "I guess not anymore." Nicki said after checking Beyoncé's outfit.

"No it's cool, if that's how you like to dress, is this how you usually dress ?"

"It is , not that I like it but I guess it's the right way."

"Hun, that ain't the right way it's kinda sad and I can understand why you don't like it ."

"Yes but that's the only way I'm allowed to dress, and also that's the only way I know."

"Well, let me see what I can do for you babe." Beyoncé walked over to Nicki's closet and started going through the racks of clothing. After a while she came out with this outfit.

"Try this on."

"You think I can wear this ? Them shorts are.. short !"

"Common ! At least try , if you really don't like it then you can go back to your... none outfit."

"Deal." Nicki said before taking Drake's hoodie off and snatched the clothes out of Beyoncé's hands."

"Wait, wait, I know that hoodie."

"I don't think so, it's not even mine." Beyoncé picked it up and recognized it as her best friend's

"Yes, I know it's Drake's, we chosed it together when he took me shopping a few days before I left."

"You have good memory."

"Hold on girl , how do you have Drake's... Oh yeah  that coffee thing ."

"How do you know about that ?"

"He told me , didn't I just told you that was my bestfriend ?"

"So he... I mean did he ... nevermind."

"Did he what ?"

"What I meant is if you know what happened then that means he talked about me ?!" Nicki stuttered, hopeful.

"He did mention you , but why does it even matter miss I ain't never got no boyfriend, you like him ?"

"Pfff, why would I like him ? I don't even know him. I was just being curious , I don't care really, I don't, we never even really talked or anything , whey would I like him ?"

"You don't care right! Now go try this on we have to go." Beyoncé knowingly shook her head as she watched Nicki walk away.


"We're here !!!" Beyoncé sang as they pulled in a busy parking lot.

"Where are we ?" Nicki asked.

"The fair !" Beyoncé exclaimed happily.

"I know but are we really going on the rides and stuff ?"

"Of course yes ! Whatchu mean ?"

"We're not children no more  Bey !"

"Chill, hun, we're going to have so much fun !!"

Nicki just laughed and relaxed Beyoncé's mood was contagious, she undid her seatbelt and they got out of the car and they walked towards a group of people who obviously Beyoncé knew. Nicki immideatly recognized two of them , her friend Ciara and Future who she recognized as Drake's friend, as they got closer Ciara ran towards them and hugged Beyoncé thight, she told her how much she'd missed her, and when she looked at the person behind Bey she couldn't believe what she was seeing.

"Oh my freaking god !! Is that saint Nicki ? You look absolutely gorgeous girl !!!" Ciara started spazzing.

"I did a great job, didn't I ?" Bey commented.

"Hell yeah!" Ciara squealed.

"So are we going or nah." Bey asked.

"Well we're still waiting on... Not anymore here he is." Future said looking behind Bey and Nicki, they both turned around to see who it was.

"God, him ! " Was Nicki's only thought .

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    1. I didn't delete it, I don't even know what happened first it was completely gone then half of it rappeared so I had to write the end again but anyways it's fixed now . sorry !! :**

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    ok this is my new fave! lol and imma need both Bey and Nic's mothers to TONE IT THE FUCK DOWN!!! OMG i would never last on that environment MY GOD! i would legit save some money and RUN AWAY.

    also i think Boris is staring to get suspicious about things going missing in the safe i mean, if i had a safe i would check its contents regularly just to make sure nothing is missing and i think that is what is happening there.

    this is getting good.

    me likey!

    post soon

    XO Theo :)