Oneshot 2/3

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It was 7 when Nicki woke up on saturday morning , she knew she didn't have to wake up this early but she is a morning person so she got up and went to make breakfast, after eating her breakfast, she washed the dishes and climbed up the stairs to brush her teeth and go take her shower, after her shower she lotioned up then put her underwears on before sliding her silky robe on. Then she went back in her bathroom to do her hair and make up, she did a natural makeup and for her hair she did a messy braid, she was going to see her family so there was no need to look fancy or anything. When she was done she went back to her bedroom and searched her bed looking for her phones, she found her work phone first and saw she had recieved a few texts, but nothing important so she put it on the chargeur and found her personal phone. She had a missed call from her mother, but she didn't even paid it any attention knowing she had probably call her just to vent. She had a few text messages from friends, and one from Drake.

immediately her lips formed a smile, 'I knew he didn't forget' she thought outloud as she opened it , expecting a good night text given that last night, before she went to sleep he still hadn't sent her the usual "Have a goodnight and sweet dreams baby girl - Don't dream about me too much though.". She was desappointed when she read his actual text.

~ Check your e.mails I sent you the full contract, good luck with it. - Drake ~

She sighed before throwing her phone on her bed. She found her laptop and took it to her balcony where she sat on one of the garden armchairs. The sun was shining and reflecting on the ocean, she lived in malibu and from her house she had view on the beach, since she was little she had always dreamt of leaving her parent's house that was up in the hills to live where she could see the ocean every morning, she just loved this scenery, it felt like she was on vacation at home and with her tiring job and all the office hours , it was well needed.
She opened the laptop and checked her mails, indeed he had sent her the full contract, she opened the attached document.

"Damn, seven pages ? Really ?"

She took a deep breath before starting on her "homework".

After an hour of research she had a few things that could possibly work in their favour, but she wanted something that would had a bigger impact even though she knew they could easily win with their talents and the little things she had, if Drake could get the step sister to testify which she knew he could. Sweet talking was his thing. It was in the bag but the more she could find the better it was.You never know.

She looked at the time and it was 9:30,when Nicki recieved a call from her sister, Anya wanted her to come before the others so they could catch up after hanging the phone, Nicki started contemplating her clothes, finally deciding on an outfit.

She was about to put heels on her white Guiseppe Zanotti sandals but instead she decided on white air force, for once she could dress down and her feet were constantly hurting because of the heels so sneakers were perfect.
She then grabbed her phones, she knew she probably wouldn't need her other phone but she was the type who never disconnects from work, then she grabbed her car keyes, she went in her wine cellar and grabed a bottle of red whine, before setting the alarm and walking out the door and locking it, she put her shades on and got in her car.
She drove to the mall first and got a few toys for her nephew R.J and she also went to get some pastries.


Nicki arrived to her sister's and pulled in the driveway, noticing there was an other car parked there and it wasn't Anya or Ryan's car, she wondered who's car it could be when she thought  'Oh wait I know that car, but it can't be his that's  impossible. Maybe Rayan bought a new car ' .
She walked to the front door with the toys she had gotten for R.J , the pastry box and the bottle of wine and knocked on it. A few seconds later the door flew open revieling his very familiar face.

"What ?!"  it was the only thing that she could think of saying.

"Onika ?! " he looked just as shocked as her.

"What are you doing in that house Drake ?"

"You work for the police now Onika, what are you doing here ?''

"Don't start with me right now , what are you doing inside my sister's house getting the door like you ran..." She was cut off by Drake.

"Hold on did you say your sister ?..." He was cut of by a woman's voice .

"Who's at the door Drake ?" . The tiny woman asked walking in the direction of the door.

"Nikaaaa. "Anya squealed at the sight of her sister and she went to hug her .

"Nya I can't breathe." Nicki chocked out. Anya released her sister from the tight embrace she was holding her in.

"I missed you so much !''

''I missed you too sis.''

''Come in, don't stand there . Drake are you serious when you let my sister stand outside like that."

Drake was still standing there in the same spot watching the two women interract , he was a bit shocked to say the least he had known Anya for five years and she had been married to his cousin who is like a brother to him for two years and he was just finding out that the woman of his dream was her sister.That was a bit stunning.

"That's your sister like y'all have the same mother, the same father and all that ?"

"Yes fool, this is my blood and flesh. Onika, this is Drake Ryan's cousin."

Now it was Nicki's turn to be stuned.

'' This can not be true. You are Ryan's what ?"

"I can't belive it, you Nicki are Anya's sister. This is surreal.''

"Y'all know each other ?"

''We do '' . They both said in unisson.

"How ?'' asked Anya cocking her head to the side.

"Drake is my boss.'' Nicki sighed.

Drake was smirking as usual to him that situation was funny, Nicki on the other felt a bit uncomfortable she didn't know how to act now or what to feel. She was somewhere between annoyed and happy to see him, but that was just how she always felt around Drake.

''Your boss ?! The one who...''

"Nya these are heavy , can you please..." Nicki cut her sister off , not wanting Drake to think that she had been talking about him, he would get big headed, well more than he already was if possible.

"All that ?! Nika you shouldn't have, let me take these to the kitchen" Anya took  the wine and pastries from Nicki. "R.J is outside playing with Ryan." With that she disapeared in the coridors. Leaving Drake and Nicki alone.

Nicki rolled her eyes at Drake who was standing in front of her and bumped past him.

"What ? Aren't you happy to see me ?" Drake asked catching up to her. He wrapped an arm around her waist and kissed the side of her head, yes he said he'd stop chasing her but he just couldn't help it, he was so attracted to her, he felt the need to touch her everytime he saw her.

"No I'm not. Take your hands of me."

"Why not ? I am happy to see you." Drake said ignoring the second part of her sentance.

"Good for you ." Nicki said trying to repress the smile that wanted to make its way on her lips, she really thought he was loosing his interest for her and she didn't like it even though she was trying to convince everyone and mostly herself that it was what she wanted. She didn't bother asking him to take his hand off her again, the way he ignored her request let her know he wouldn't comply, besides it wasn't like she actually mind his touch.

"You are so small." It was the first time she wore flats around him. "No wonder, you are Anya's sister, you guys are the smallest people I've ever seen."

"Why are you always talking Drake ?"

"Stop being mean to me Nika ?" Drake said uwrapping his arm from around her waist to Nicki's displeasure.

"Aww, did I hurt your feelings Drake." Nicki said taking her shades off. She tried to put them in her pusre but she was struggling because of the bags she had in hand.

"Let me take these." Drake said grabbing the bags from her.

"Who said I needed help."

"Thank you would have been enough Nika."

"Stop calling me that only my family calls me that."

"And ? We're family." Nicki rolled her eyes at him and quickened her pace so she was walking in front of him.

"Lord, I can't never get rid of that man." She mumbled, she made sure he heard her though.

"Do you even want to get rid of me baby ?" Asked Drake smirking, that was the real question. Did she really want to get rid of him ? She didn't answer and kept walking, why ? Simply because she didn't have the answer herself.

They crossed the house, to get outside to the outdoor basketball court.

"Where's my favorite nephew at ?" Nicki yelled and R.J turned around. "Nika !!!!" S The little boy screamed running to his aunt. She picked him up and held him close to her before setting him back on his feet.

"Oh my god look at you, youv'e grown up so fast. You are a big boy now."  He giggled and nodded.

"Yes , me big boy Nika."

"Well, look at all the toys aunty Nika brought you these are for big boys only ." Nicki said hugging him again as Drake set the bags of toys on the floor so that R.J could open them. Ryan who was watching the scene from a far walked to them and went to hug Nicki.

"Hey, Ryan how are you ?"

"Hey, Nic , great,  how you doing ?"

"I'm fine."

"Most definitely" mumbled Drake.

"You always have something to say Drake ."

"I see you already met Drake."

"Actually we met almost three years ago." Drake informed Ryan.

"What are you talking about ? You know him ?" Ryan asked Nicki surprised, knowing Drake, hearing him say "we met three years ago" sounded like ' I fucked her three years ago.'

" Yes, but it's not what you think, I work at his firm, that's all."

"Oh, ok." Said Ryan.

"What it's not what you think , what do you think he was thinking ?"

"That I was one of your little.... You know ." Nicki said, not pronouncing the actual word given that Junior was sitting there playing with his new toys.

"That's exactly what I was thinking, see my sister in law and I have that kind of connection." Ryan said and he high fived with Nicki.

"Why would you think that bruh?"

"Because he knows you." Nicki answered and Ryan nodded.

"Oh so that's what y'all think about me ?"

"Yep" , they said at the same time while nodding.

Anya appeared in the backyard and Nicki and her went on to seat in the outside lounge as Ryan and Drake stayed with Junior.

"So Drake is your boss the one who's always chasing after you  ?"

"Drop it Nya I told you there's nothing to say about it."

"It's Drake we're talking about, it ain't never nothing when Drake and a girl are involved. Don't tell me he had you too." Nicki was immediately a bit bothered, she knew what kind of man Drake was but at times she just wanted to forget it and in not even 5 minutes she already had two reminders.

"I am not stupid 'Nya, of course I haven't been had. You know how he is he flirts with everything that has a vagina , that's why he was calling me baby, he always does that, he just, it's Drake."

" OK, I believe that, y'all would make a cute couple though."Anya said nonchalantly.

"Bitch whaat ?"

"What, you guys would look good together."

"Let's talk about something else." Nicki said blushing.

"Oh my god, Nika you like him !!"

"What, no, stop talking crazy like that 'Nya."

"Ok, ok , just know that I know you like the back of my hand , if I say you like him , it means you do."

"You don't know anything , shut up Nya."

"Ok, if you say so, I was just saying. Now what's been going on in Onika Maraj's life ?"


Two hours later Nicki's parents, Ryan's parents, Micaiah and Stephanie arrieved and after they had lunch , everyone was sitting in the lounge having conversation and everything was going pretty well surprisingly even Nicki was having a good time, contrary to what she thought Drake had left her alone all day, he didn't even try to seat next to her or anything, no silly jokes, no touching , no nothing, not even a look. She was relieved in a certain way because at first she was scared that he would make it a nightmare for her, but a part of her was pissed , se didn't really apreciate his sudden lack of interst for her and oddly enough she found herself trying to catch his attention on multiple occasion and million of thoughts were running through her mind .'Why isn't he even looking at me ? Is it because I'm dressed down ? I should have put those damn heels on, he said I was the smallest person he ever seen. Maybe I should've at least done my hair. A braid ? Really ? What was I thinking ? Or maybe it is because I barely have makeup on ? ... Ok , Onika chill, there's family around that's why he acts like that. Why do you care anyways.'

Nicki was snatched out of her thoughts when se heard Ryan speak a bit loud.

"Humm , may I have you guys attention for a sec please." Nya stood beside him.

"First of all we want to say thank y'all for being here and we're happy to have y'all here to ...''

"Nya can you go straight to the point, I need to pee and you're standing here acting dramaric like we in a movie or something.'' Micaiah cut her of making everyone laugh, Robert slapped him upside the head.

"Hey, he's completely right . Go straight to the point.'' Drake added his two cents.

"You always have something to say Drake , maybe if y'all would let her talk she could get to the point.''

"Wouldn't have said it better.'' exclaimed Ryan agreeing with Nicki.

"Cuz, why are you always on her side like that ?''

"Because I am right fool.''

''He can speak for himslef you know ?''

"Enough !  I'll go straight to the point before you two kill each other and you pee in your pants. Ok, so the reason why we are all her today is that we wanted to tell you guys that we... we are expecting our second baby." Anya said jumping up and down in excitment and squeezing Ryan's hand.
Everyone cheered and congratulated them.

"OooK, now if y'all would excuse me, you already know where I'm headed to." Said Micaiah getting up and speed walking in the bathroom's direction.

After they all had congatulated the couple and Nicki was talking to them her mother turned her attention on her.

"This is wonderful isn't it Onika ?''

"It is.''  Nicki answered sighing, she already knew where this conversation was going.

''Doesn't it make you think about having babies yourself ?"

" I am not at a point in my life where having a child is my priority but it would be nice later. '' Nicki answered calmly even though she was annoyed, by now everyone's attention was on her.

"Right, the priority right now is to find a man. "

"That's not my priority either ."

"Then what is it ?"

"Oh my god mom stop !" Anya defended her sister . 

"Alright , I was just trying to help, I mean she must feel lonely when she comes home to a big empty house."

"Mom can you stop doing this ?" Nicki begged.

"Alright, alright I'm not saying anything more."

"Thank you." Nicki dashed off to the kitchen, she was ashamed, once again her mom had humiliated her in front of everyone and the worst thing was that Drake was there to witness. She felt so ashamed.
Once she was calm again and ready to join everyone she turned around and was met by Drake who was smirking.

"You good ?"

"Yes I am, why ?"

"I don't know you seemed kinda mad."

"Have you heard her ?"

"She didn't say anything wrong, she's a mother, that's how they are. Besides everything she said is true..."

"Ok, just leave me alone."

"What did I do ?" Drake chuckled.

"Why do you love messing with me like that huh ?"

"Because, I love that face you make when you're mad, and I also love the way you walk away from me when you get mad, the way your hips go ..."

"Ok, I got it." Nicki laughed.

"Did you just laugh ?" Drake asked her acting shocked.

"And ?"

"This is the first time I've heard you laugh."

"No it's not, why are you lying ?"

"I'm not, you never laugh, you're always mad at me for no reason."

"That's because you are annoying, you're always bothering me."

"It is my way of having fun, and I know you don't really mind it."

"Who told you that ?"

"I just know it, I know you don't really hate me."

"I do."

"No you don't you admited it yesterday." Drake laughed at the thought. "Ok, Ok , I am sorry you aren't annoying and I don't dislike you Drake please forgive me."  He mocked her.

"See, you are so mean." She hit his chest. Drake took that chance to wrap his arms aroun her waist and pull her close to him.

"What are you doing Drake ? Let go of me. "

"I'm being nice baby girl."

"I ain't your baby girl Drake."

"See, you are the mean one, you're always being mean to me." Drake spoke still holding her in his arms.

" Aww poor you." Nicki said her voice muffled by his chest and she uncounsciously wrapped her arms around his torso surprising Drake and herself she was about to withdraw but she didn't, it felt so right to be in his arms.

"See, I can be nice too."

"I see". They silently stood there holding each other until they heard someone entering the room and they quickly let go of each other.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt." Anya said smirking.

"You aren't interrupting anything." Nicki answered mean mugging her sister.

"Well in that case y'all can come say bye to mom and dad they're leaving." Nicki nodded befoe following he sister out of the kitchen  and Drake also followed behind. During their walk to the living room, Nicki kept turning around to glance at Drake, he ould return the glance wis a smile or a wink or would lick his lips.

"Hey Imma need y'all to stop this game, you huys are acting like teenagers and shit." Anya commented.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Nicki was blushing.

"Yeah that's why you're blushing ?" Anya answered right when they arrived where everyone was, before enteing the living room Drake pulled on Nicki's arm making he face him.

"What are you doing again ?"

"Just wanted to see you blush, now I can boast about making you blush."

"Just shut up." Nicki walked away, 'Wait what am I doing ? Am I falling in his trap ? I need to get it together.'

Moments later eveyone had left, it was just Anya, Ryan, Drake and Nicki .

"Ok, guys, I think it's time for me to go." Nicki said after a quick glance at her watch. 

"And I think I'll get going too." Drake also checked the time on his watch.

After saying goodbye to Ryan and Anya Drake and Nicki both walked their way out the house and Drake helped in her car.

"Thank you Drake."

"You're welcome, drive safely alright." Nicki nodded before Drake shut the door and walked away, Nicki started the engine and drove off.

~~~~~~~ Monday Morning, 8 a.m, the O.V.O law firm ~~~~~~~

As every other day Nicki walked to her office stopping by a few offices to say hello to her colleagues, she was in a good mood that day for no particular reason it was just a good day like that. 
She made her way to her office and before walking in she looked in the office to her right excpecting to see him but he wasn't in his office 'weird' she thought but shrugged it off and walked in her office. She settled down and as usual Draya walked in with her coffee and waffles in hand and paperwork. 

It was 9 when Nicki looked up from her work, she looked in the office arcross from hers and he wasn't there. She got up from her chair and walked to Jhene's office which is right next to Drake's. 

"Hey Jhené, do you know where Drake is ?"

"Last time I saw him was very early this morning right before Ms. Ora asked for him. " 

"Rita ?" Nicki frowned "What did she need him for ?"

"I don't know sorry. Did you need him ? I can give him a call if you want to."

"No no, don't it's fine. Thanks" Nicki smiled at Jhené before going back to her work. She was fuming inside, she's always hated the fact that Drake even talked to that girl but the fact that she had not seen him all morning and that Rita was the last person he was seen with meant that he had possibly spent all morning with her and that enraged her. 'You need to calm down Onika, you're not suppose to care who he spends time with, they can spend the whole day together, it's none of your concern' Nicki coached herself.

At 10 Nicki had to go out as she had an appointment. She collected her stuff and let Draya know she was leaving and before she left she checked once again and sure enough he wasn't there .

At 11:30 when Nicki came back from her appointment while walking towards her office she noticed him through the glass walls of his office and a smile appeared on her face, a smile which soon disappeared when she noticed the blond woman sitting on his desk. She stopped walking for a second and observed them, they were laughing while her blood was boiling. 'Common Nicki you don't give a damn'.

"Nic ! Wait up." She heard her best friend call after her. 

"Hey Ci. How are you today."

"Perfectly fine, I heard Nya's having another baby."

"How do you know that ?" Nicki inquired as they both walked in Ciara's office.

"Drake told me." 

"So you knew he was Ryan's cousin and you didn't tell me ? "

"I just never put two and two together, this is a small ass world."

"That's true." Nicki said standing on her tippy toes to see what was happening in Drake's office. Ciara took notice of it and looked in the direction Nicki was looking in.

"Why are spying on them like this, I thought you didn't care about him."

"I don't ."

"Then why are you jealous ?"

" Jealous ? Who ? Me ? I think you done 
lost your mind girl, why would I be jealous ?" Nicki said leaning on her friend's office and crossing her arms over her chest , she was wearing that little pout that betrayed her.

"Because you like him." Ciara stated the obvious. "This is so cute." She cheesed.

"Ok, you're delusional. I gotta go." Nicki said making her way out of Ciara's offiice.

"You are delusional." Ciara called after her.

Nicki got to her office but as she was about to unlock the door, she turned her head towards his and saw him looking at her, he gave her a wink and licked his lips, Nicki rolled her eyes and shook her head before unlocking the door and walking in her office, Rita was still all over his desk laughing.

Moments later, while Nicki was on the phone she heard the door open and close. She looked up at the person who had just entered her office and rolled her eyes.

"No problem Mr. Miller, I'll get everything set for tuesday."

"You're welcome."

"I'll see you on tuesday then, have a nice day Mr.Miller." Nicki hang up the phone, she then looked up at the person sitting on the chair across from hers. She then looked back down at her computer completely ignoring his presence.

"Well good morning to you too Ms Maraj."

"What do you need ?"

"Why are you this rude ? I thought we were cool."

"Well you thought wrong,  if you don't need anything you can go back to your little friend over there and leave me alone, I actually am working and don't have time to play."

"I see someone's in a bad mood. I would go back my dear friend Rita but she has an appontment so.."  Nicki immeadiately looked up at the mention of Rita's name.

"Drake get out of here, if you came in here to mess with me, you better.."

"I'm not here for that, I'm here to tell you that our appointment with Mrs. Walker is pushed back, but I still need you between 1 and 2 p.m. we have to go over a few things and we're meeting with the step sister."

"Alright, anything else ?"

"No." Drake rose from his seat.

When he left her office, Nicki was a bit disappointed, seeing him walk in she was hoping he would sit there in his chair for hours, be his annoying self and flirt but none of that, and since when did he start calling her Ms. Maraj ? She'd rather have him call her 'baby girl', than Ms. Maraj, Nicki was getting mad because of his sudden lack of interest for her, and the thought that he was actually doing it on purpose didn't even crossed her mind. More than anything she started blaming heregretor it. Drake had her right where he wanted her.

"These just arrived for you." Draya, walked in Nicki's office handing her some enveloppes, Nicki thanked her and went through the mail, she had just recieved, the last enveloppe read "Mr. Graham." Nicki looked for Draya, in her office but she wasn't there. 'I guess, I have to give it to him myself'.

"Hey Drake , this is for you." Nicki said walking in the office and handing him the enveloppe.

"Thank you." Drake said taking the enveloppe from her. Nicki stood there waiting. What for ? She didn't know, she just stood there. Drake was watching her, he was taking in her beauty , he licked his lips, it looked like she had put this outfit on, on pusrpose only to tease him, this tigh bodycon skirt that hugged her curves was killing him at the moment. He came back to reality though, he needed to get back to his plans.

"You needed something else ?"

"Hum, nope." She answered before leaving the room, she went back to her work

At 12:00 Nicki was about to ask Draya to go get her something to eat as usual but she decided against it as she wanted to go out for lunch but then she thought she didn't want to go alone, she was about to go find Ciara but then as she looked over to her office she saw Ciara wasn't there.
She thought about asking Drake but he probably wasn't free, it was past 12 and he hadn't asked her to have lunch with him yet so she didn't really know what it meant. After a few minutes she pluck up the courage to go and ask him. She let Draya know she was leaving and grabbed her phones and purse before walking out she went to Drake's office and for the first time in years, she knocked at the door.
When Drake saw who was at his door he smiled, that goofy smile Nicki loved even though she never admited it and it made her smile.  She walked in after he nodded to let her in.

"Hi. I wanted to ask you something."

"Well I'm all ears go ahead." Drake leaned back in his chair enjoying the sight before him.

"Well, I'm headed to lunch right now and I wanted to ask you if you'd like to join. That's if you don't have plans already." Nicki said acting shy all of a sudden. 

Drake was shocked to say the least did Nicki just invite him to lunch ? That was really unexpected, he never thought he'd see that day . He knew his plan would work at some point but he never thought it'd be effective this soon. 
He smirked before answering.

"I'd love to have lunch with you." Drake said and Nicki simled showcasing her dimples. "But the thing is, I was about to go eat with Rita so..." Drake dragged out. Looking at  Nicki's face to see it drop. 

"Oh, you know what ? Forget I even asked ." Nicki said turning on her heels, she felt extra stupid for even thinking about it.

"Hey where are you going ? I was just kidding. " Drake laughed. 

"You are so childish Drake ! And then you gon' say I am the mean one."

"Ok , that was mean, granted. " Drake said geeting up and following her. Nicki sashayed before him knowing he was probably staring. She turned her head around to make sure before she talked.

"Stop staring at my ass Drake."

"I'll stop staring the day you stop teasing alright ?"

"Me teasing ? When do I ever tease you Drake ?"

"You in this tight ass skirt is the definition of a tease Nika and you know it."

"Thought I asked you to stop calling me that."

"And you also said only your family called you that and I am family so I can call you Nika all I want." Drake said stepping aside to let Nicki walk in the elevator. 

"Well, who am I exactly to you what does my sister and your cousin being married make us ?"

"I call Anya my sister in law so you're my sister in law's sister witch means..."

"Nothing. We are not related. "

"Ok, I'll just go back to baby girl, I have a feelin you liked it better anyway." 

"Just shut up. " Nicki laughed looking down trying to hide her rosy cheeks.

"You're blushing once again."

"I'm not !" Nicki said walking out of the elvator quickly trying to hide her blushing.

Almost an hour later, Drake and Nicki were back to the firm, they had lunch at the same café they went everytime, but this time they actually talked and got to know each other better as Nicki didn't feel the need to act distant, and hostile, they actualy talked about things that weren't work related and Drake had Nicki laughing the whole time and they both enjoyed each other's company. They were now back at the firm and were in the conference room waiting for Mrs. Walker's step sister to arrive. Nicki was sitting on the table with her legs crossed and Drake was sitting on a chair in front of her.

"What is she doing ?" Nicki asked checking her watch.

"It's 01:05 Nicki."

"So what, she's five minutes late, I hate when people are late."

"You are overreacting."

"I just don't like waisting my time, let's get sarted, I'm not going to sit here and do nothing."

"Alright , so we got her testamony for sure, I done my part of the job, the only thing we need right now is to make sure the other part won't try and talk her out of testifying. Also, we needed proof and that's exactly what she's suppose to come here for, she has pictures, receipts and other stuff that proves his infidelity , that's what I got this far, what about you, what do you got ?" Drake asked and as he didn't get any answer he looked up at Nicki and to his surprise she was starring at him, she hadn't listen to a word he said, she was too busy starring at the motion of his lips.

"Nicki, Nicki." Drake called softly touching her leg.

"Huh ? What ?"

"Huh ? What ?" Drake mocked her. "You need to stop starring Nicki."

"I wasn't starring." Nicki retorted.

Drake chuckled "That was a lie."

"Maybe, maybe not. So, what were you saying ?"

"So you are admiting that you were staring."

"I didn't say that. Let's get to work."

"No, no, not so fast, admit it."

"I was starring Drake. Now what ? You stare at me all day every day and I don't brag about it."

"And you like what you see ?" 'Here he goes with that goofy smile again'

"Maybe, maybe not." Nicki shrugged.

"Come here." Drake picked her up from the table and sat her on his lap.

"Why would you do that ?"

"What ? I just want to have my babygirl close to me."

"Go ask Rita to be close to you, I'm sure she won't mind sitting on your lap."

"Oh , you mad ? "

"Nope, if  the bitch wants to lay on your desk all day she can , I don't even care."

"That's why you're pouting right now ? You're soo jealous."

"No the hell I'm not, I mean I am the one sitting on your lap right now, she can get the desk I don't care." Nicki let the words slip out of her mouth but oddly enough she didn't even regret it. "Besides I know the only reason why you pay her any attention is because I wouldn't give you the time of a day."

"Yeah you wouldn't give me the time of a day until I stopped running after you like a puppy. Now you're the one trying to get me."

"So, you did it on purpose ?" Nicki turned around to be face to face with him

"Maybe, maybe not." Drake answered bringing his face close to hers.

"I hate you." Nicki tried to turn back around but he held the back of her neck preventing her from doing so.

"Do you really Nicki ?" He brought her forehead to his and like everytime they got this close, Nicki started breathing heavily and her thoughts got clouded, and she started stuttering, not even making sense, and causing Drake to smirk. Their lips were extremely close. Nicki bit on her bottom lip

"Do you really hate me Nicki ?"

Nicki couldn't talk, she shook her head no. And Drake licked his lips before crashing them on hers. At first Nicki's body tensed and her eyes shot wide open, but after a few seconds she kissed back, and felt Drake smiling. She wanted to stop herself but before she could Drake's tongue swept against her bottom lip and she couldn't control herself, she slightly opened her mouth allowing his tongue to slip in her mouth and meet her own tongue, his tongue circled around hers, rubbed against hers. Nicki just let it happen, she let him take control and let their tongues dance together.
After what seemed to be forever but was really only a few seconds she detached her lips from his, to take a breath.

"Woa" Drake let out in a daze, that kiss was probably the best kiss ever and he knew what he was talking about. Nicki laughed at his discomposed face and brought her lips back to his and it was her turn to lead the dance. Drake's hand snuck in Nicki's hair and his other one gripped her ass, Nicki's lips fell on his neck and she licked and bit on his skin as her fingers played in his curls.
Drake picked her up again and sat her on the table he started kissing along her jaw line and then her neck and Nicki threw her head backwards giving him more acces to her neck, she wrapped her legs around him and pulled his head closer as his hands roamed her body. Nicki started pulling on his shirt as a few moans escaped her lips.

"Knock knock." A knock was heard at the door. And Nicki immediately jumped down from the table. They both regained their composure and Nicki fixed her hair while Drake fixed his shirt, he walked towards the door.

"Wait". Nicki called after him. And Drake turned around to Nicki walking in his direction. When she reched his level she stood on her toes.

"You got lipstick." Nicki wiped the lipstick off his lips.

"Thank you." Drake pecked her cheek. "Just know I'm not done with you." Drake said walking away from a dazed Nicki.

"Good afternoon Ms Walker." Drake shook the woman's hand.

"Good afteroon, sorry I'm late, the traffic was terrible."

"Hello."  The woman walked towards Nicki and shook her hand.

"Hello Ms Walker."

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