Oneshot : Happy Halloween.

After puting her fake plastic vampire teeth in her mouth Nicki reaplied a fresh coat of dark red lipstick and fixed her dark curls, she then put her thigh boots on and zipped them. She grabbed her phone in order to take a selfie to post on instagram for her barbz to see her Halloween costume and that's when she noticed his Dracula costume was still laid on the bed. 'That nigga !' She thought before walking out the room and towards the living room where she found him sprawled on his armchair a beer in his hand and a bowl pop corn on the coffee table. She sighed and went to turn the T.V off.

"Nigga, get up, we're suppose to live in 10 minutes and you aren't even dressed yet."

"Nic, I'm not coming I told ya."

"Safaree, are you serious right now ?"

"I told you I wasn't coming and I haven't changed my mind I'm not going to that nigga's party, he has 0 respect for me, I'm not gonna go to his house besides white boy's gonna be there too and I ain't trynna go to jail for murder."

"His name ain't white boy, it's DRAKE, Nicki corrected, and you said you were going to make an effort."

"Nic , I'm not going, end of conversation."

"Fine ! You wanna stay here alone and whine all night do that, I am going to enjoy myself."

"Yeah go fuck white boy."

"Fuck you Safaree." Nicki said before going back upstairs, once she was ready to go she grabbed her stuff and put her black and red leather cape on, she tied it and waited until she recieved a call saying that the car was there to take her to Wayne's halloween party.

When the driver parked in front of Wayne's house, Nicki waited for him to come out and help her out which he did and afterwards she walked to the house still fuming about Safaree's behaviour, two weeks ago when se took him back he had promised her he would try to change and work on their relationship but nothing had changed not even a little thing he hadn't made a single effort and this was the final straw .' I'm throwing him out tonight and for good this time.'  Nicki took a resolution but right now all she was trying to think about was enjoying herself she entered the party was greeted by Wayne who was disguised as an alien. She laughed at him as they hugged. 

"Hey Nic, I thought you'd be Barbie !"

"Now that would be too predictable. Your costume suits you Weezy ." 

They laughed and chatted for a moment before Nicki grabbed a drink and went to greet people, moments later Nicki was dancing with her drink in hand when someone bumped into her causing her to spill some of it on her antique white blouse. Thus she went upstairs and found a bathroom. She was cleaning her shirt with a wet cloth when she heard footsteps behind her she turned around and was met by a tall man's silouhette as he came closer she noticed he was wearing a Dracula costume and had his cape's hood on so she couldn't really see his face.

'Safaree ?'  She thought, the costume was the same she had choosen for him to wear that night. 

"You came ?" She said turning back around . 

The man walked towards her and when he reached her level he wrapped his arms around her and pressed his body against hers. 
Nicki smiled as he held her in his arms . He hugged her and held her tight to him, at the minute their bodies touched Nicki knew it wasn't Safaree and the scent of his cologne confirmed it. Nicki let him hold her taking in his scent that she loved while he nuzzled her hair. They both loved the sensation of being this close to one another.He took her hand in his and chuckled at the ring that graced her ring finger and he slid it off her finger. Before turning her around so they were facing each other.

"Let me get a 360." He said holding her hand as she spun around to let him get a better view of her outfit.

"You looking gorgeous wifey."

"And you looking handsome as a vampire hubby." She smiled at him.

"Crazy how we managed to be dressed alike and we haven't even consulted each other."

"I know right."

They stared at each other for a while not saying a word they just stared. The passion in each other's eyes was soon replaced by lust and the man brought his face closer to hers and placed his finger under her chin, moments later thepans connceted and his hand moved to the back of her neck bringing her face closer as hers flew to his neck.
Nicki felt his lips on her neck he kissed, licked and nibbled on the sweet skin, Nicki could feel the plastic sharped canines on her neck, making her body quiver. He pinned her to the wall right before their lips reconnected and as Nicki's hands roamed his back the kisses became more and more heated just like Nicki's body which his hands roamed, Nicki was melting under his touch and her moans let him know that. While they were kissing they grind against each other and Nicki could feel his member through his pants. She was amazed at how big and hard he was for her.
He spread her blouse open and his lips trailed along her thorax, he scooped her breasts in the palm of his hands and Nicki felt the sharp teeth racking on her chest as breathy moans escaped her mouth. He dragged his lips lower and lower on her skin until he had to kneel down and he kissed her belly, while his hand rub up her legs and soon Nicki felt it underneath her puffy black shreded skirt. She felt his hand graze over the red lace thong while his lips kept getting closer and closer to her center Nicki started panting as he eased her thong off. He brought his thumb to her center and she felt him rub her clit.


He eased a finger in her opening.

"OH FUCK !" Nicki screamed before her breath got caught in her throat. She bit down on her bottom lip as he kept fingering her meanwhile he licked and nibbled her clit, Nici lifted her leather covered leg over his shoulder and her nails racked his scalp, she couldn't help but roll and buck her hips. She was on a high and her body quivered as her juices flew out filling his mouth, and he drank all of it before kissing her set of lips one last time.
He stood up straight and looked Nicki in her eyes she was still panting when he grabbed her face and roughly kissed her letting her taste herself. He held her face as their tongue spun around one another. Nicki moaned in his mouth and when they both needed to breathe he let go of her. And they stood looking at each other Nicki was about to speak but he kissed her to shush her. After that he placed a kiss on her forehead .

He turned around and walked away leaving a dazed Nicki behind him.

"Happy Halloween Onika." He spoke in a deep voice.

Nicki brushed her fingers over her swollen lips still feeling his lips against them, her flesh was still sensitive and she was just then realising what had just happened. She was stunned as she watched him walk away.

"Happy Halloween Aubrey." 


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  1. Love it...I wish one day I could celebrate Halloween 'cause in S.Africa we don't celebrate it.Happy BELATED HALLOWEEN and don't forget I would like for another 3rd*ONESHOT*

    Pls post soon