Deal Part 2/3 & Not So Different 7 (Sneak Peeks)

Deal Part 2/3 ~  Sneak Peek 

Drake's  P.O.V

We were walking towards the front door when I thought about it, this was the most important yet the smallest detail.
I stopped walking and Nicki stopped too, I turned around to look at her and got my hand in my pocket.

"What's wrong ?" She asked looking at me weird.

"Nothing, I just thought you'd need to wear this if we want to be credible." I said and pulled out the jewellery case and opened it to reveal the engagement ring that was in it. I had my assistant buy it for me this morning.
I looked at Nicki and saw what I would say was a glimmer in her eyes.

"That rock is huge !" She exclaimed picking the ring from the jewellery case.

"I'm glad you like it." I said as she was about to slide it on her finger.

"Would you do me the honor ?" I asked taking the ring from her hand. She smiled at me causing her dimples to show causing me to smile wide at my turn.

"I'm taking the ring but I'm not marrying you. Just so we clear." She joked reverting her attention to the ring. Once I slid it on her finger she took her hand out of mine and held it up admiring the ring.

"I think I should start playing fake fiancee more often." She spoke still admiring the ring.

"Yeah about that are you coming or do you plan on standing here all night ?" I asked her and she shot me a look before walking past me, I caught up to her and grabbed her hand. She stopped in her tracks and looked at our enlaced hands then at me.

"What ? We're a newly engaged couple aren't we ?" I said shrugging, truth is I just felt like holding her hand. It just feels natural, I don't know what's going on with me, that's just the effect she has on me.

Nicki's  P.O.V

We walked the very short distance that separated us from the front door holding hands which didn't even felt forced unlike it usually does. I didn't mind it all, I'd even say I kinda liked it. It feels just like our hands were crafted for each other's. Wait what am I saying ? I'm just being extremely weird tonight. I already had to fight the urge to jump at his neck when he slid the ring on my finger, the ring which may I say is incredibly beautiful. That rock is just enormous, must have cost him a whole lot of money but then again just looking at his parent's estate I can tell it's nothing for him. Anyways. I have to get it back together, stop acting silly do my part get my money and then this will be over.

We stopped on the doorstep and not even two seconds after he had rang the bell the door flew open revealing a petite blond woman who I assumed was his mother. She held her arms open and hugged him.

"Aubrey baby, it's been so long !!" She said still holding him and he held her back, it was heart warming how they held each other, you could see the love right away. After she released him from her embrace she looked at me and gave me a warm smile, for the first time I was very nervous, I usually don't care at all about what people think off me while I'm working but here it was different, I was scared she wouldn't like me or anything I was panicked but I didn't have time to panic . I quickly put on the facade smile and held my hand out as I heard Drake or Aubrey I should say introducing us.

"Mom let me introduce you to Nicole, Nicki this is my mom Sandra Graham." Drake introduced us. We had agreed on Nicole to be my fake name, Nicki, Nicole simple.  In stead of shaking my hand Drake's mother wrapped her arms around me.

"It is so good to finally meet you, I've been hearing so much about you." She said letting go and I smiled at her a bit reassured before responding.

"Only good things I hope. The pleasure is all mine." I answered.

"Come on in guys, come on in." She said ushering us into the house. We walked into the house as she was holding my arm. Ok, I like her, she's so welcoming. She just makes me feel at ease and took all of my nervousness away.

I looked back at Drake who was walking behind us. He gave me a questioning look as to ask me if I was good and I nodded letting him know that I was fine.

"So Nicole, welcome to our home."

"Thank you very much, I am honored to be here, and you can call me Nicki." I spoke as we walked in the vast and luxurious sitting room where were sitting five other people. Drake told me there would be his aunt, his uncle, his cousin and his cousin's wife.

I felt another wave of nervousness, as a man who I assumed was Drake's father got up from the armchair he was sitting on and walked over to us. He went to hug him, it was a manly hug.

"Hello son, how are you ?"

"Good, sorry, we're late, we got caught up in traffic."

"It's alright, this breathtaking natural beauty , you're bringing with you highly compensates for it." He said walking towards me and grabbing my hand before kissing it. I see he is a charmer, like father, like son I guess.

"Oh, thanks for the compliment Mr. Graham."

"It's Dennis sweetheart, call me Dennis." He smiled at me and I smiled back, after that I was introduced to everyone else, they all seemed nice, and welcoming so I was feeling at ease.

Drake's P.O.V

The introductions went pretty well, and we had diner which went well too, everyone was buying Nicki and I's play, I got to admit, we are doing this flawlessly. It's easier than what I thought it would be, it feels natural and we make a perfect couple so there's no reason for them to question us. Everything was going smoothly, from the fake story of how we met, to the sweet kisses on her forehead they bought everything. She seems at ease, and everyone seems to like her so we can say that this is a good night.

My cousin Ryan, his father, mine and I were in the sitting room having a drink while the women were in the kitchen, my parents have household staff of course but whenever it's just family my mother loves to do everything herself. I was a bit worried knowing that Nicki was alone with them mostly my mom and my aunt, I know how they can get, if they start with all of their questions they might ask her a trick or a tough question but at the same time, I knew Nicki knows what she is doing so I was pretty confident.
We were having casual talk when the women walked in. They walked past us and went to sit on the other side of the room. I couldn't keep my eyes off Nicki, I couldn't stop watching her as she graciously strutted around, and smiled which gave me occasion to see her deep dimples, she wouldn't stop smiling while she spoke to my mother. I don't know what they were talking about but she just seemed so animated. I watched her for I don't know how long and she probably felt it because she turned her head and looked at me, she grinned at me before winking causing me to chuckle.

"Look at you boy, you sitting here grinning like a teenage girl." My father called snatching me out of my daze. 

"He's right man, you been grinning and staring at her all night." My uncle chimed in.

"But hey, we can't blame him. I mean look at her." Ryan shook his head. 

"Hey you don't look too much. That's all me." I don't even where I got that from, it just came out. 

"That's why I got to say you are a lucky boy !" My uncle spoke dapping my shoulder.

"I am lucky." I spoke truthfully, I wasn't lying or faking this. I really meant, whoever has her is one lucky guy. Throughout the evening I had the chance to get to know her a little bit well we were acting so it wasn't really her but I guess I could catch glimpse of her and let me tell you the girl is smart, well more like brilliant, she knows a lot about art obviously which my mom loved. She is just perfect in a sense. I think a girl like her would be the one who makes me want to settle down. I've never wanted to settle down but I have to admit if I was to cross path with a girl this perfect I wouldn't hesitate but then again it is all fake, she is playing a part and this will be over in hours and I'll never see her again and I doubt there's someone like her out there so I better stop dreaming.

Nicki's P.O.V

"It is gorgeous ain't it ?" I answered Mrs Graham well, Sandi as she said I should call her.

"That ring is magnificent." Ryan's wife spoke

"I know."

"I can't believe my Aubrey is finally going to get married and to such a wonderful young lady at that." Sandi smiled taking my hand. 

"Well, the wedding is not for right now."I joked, but I was really trying not let her get her hopes up too much. She is a wonderful woman and she has been so nice to me that's why I didn't want her to believe in it too much, she thinks we're gonna get married and have babies when this is all fake, she even got my number so we could hang out. She'll be so hurt when she finds out. Well I don't know if she'll find out or whatever her son will tell her but I can tell she'll be sad, she is so genuine.

"I know, Aubrey's the type y likes to take his time." 

"He does, well we do, we 're going at our own pace but we like it that way,we're happy." 

"Oh dear, I'm more than fine with whatever pace y'all chose to go to. As long as I get my grand babies." She joked and I laughed. 

"It would be nice yeah. I'm not saying right now but it would be nice to have a cute little fat baby one day. " I smiled loving the idea. I can literally see myself settled down , I'd be the pediatric surgeon I always wanted to be, have a nice home and a husband and a cute little fat baby. 

"And you do want kids. I am glad I finally got to meet you, you are all I've ever wanted for my son and from what I see you make him happy and he is in love., you too seem to really love each other and I can't ask for more." 

Damn what are we doing ? I've never realised this but this is horrible. That woman is thinking her lovely son is in love and about to get married and have babies with a perfect woman that I am not. Ok I gotta admit I didn't act that much tonight, I've been myself for the most part almost forgetting that I was on my job. But still in an hour this will be over and I'll disappear. I can't believe he does that to his own mother. 

"The pleasure's mine, it is good to finally meet you guys, I'm glad I finally got to know you." I don't to get the woman's hopes up but damn I have to that's my job, I don't know why I'm acting like that all of a sudden. I have to do my job and that's it, why am I caring so much all of a sudden. 


I sat on the couch next to Drake as everyone was talking amongst each other.

"You too are so cute, that's what we call a perfect fit." Drake's aunt spoke looking at us. At that Drake draped an arm around me and kissed my forehead as I looked up at him with a smile. He brushed my hair away from my face, I took a quick glance at everyone else, they weren't paying us much attention, they were just talking amongst each other, they just threw quick glances at us here and there, My head rested on Drake's chest as looked away from him I didn't want to look at him the closeness between us made me feel nervous and I didn't want him to know. I wanted to get off Drake's chest but at the same time I didn't, I liked the way he held onto me, and I guess it was only good for our play, after a while I finally looked up at him and and was met with a bright smile.

"Why are you looking at me like this ?"

"Nothing, you're beautiful that's it." He smiled at me and I smiled back.

"Thank you."  I answered and placed a hand on my cheek and slightly caressing it and it made quiver, he looked down in my eyes as I look up in his hazel ones. He leaned in and I could feel his breath on my face, I felt like everything was going slow motion and the two longest seconds of my life passed before I felt his lips on mine, our lips pressed against each other and my eyes shut, but they shot open not long after as our lips disconnected, this kiss was just a smooch and it lasted not even ten seconds but it felt so intense but I had to get it back together and I smiled up at him as I was met with his smiley face when my eyes opened. I looked at the others and smiled as everyone rambled about how cute we were.

I have to admit I was still in a daze, I can't believe this happened, it was just a kiss and it was part of the play what's not good is that I felt something, I felt that weird thing go through my body and this is not good I need to get together.


"Why so quiet ?" Drake asked me as we were in the back of the car that was driving us back. 

"No reason. I just don't have anything to say. "



"So we did good, didn't we ?" He asked me, I guess he was proud. 

"We did." I answered in a dry tone which I guess he didn't take too well as he turned to the window after chuckling and scratching his beard.

"Look, I know it's not my place, I know this is none of my business but I have to ask this." I said finally uncrossing my legs and turning to look at him.

"What is it ?" 

"Don't you feel bad ?"

"No, not really. Why ?"

"Your family, they think you are getting married, they think you are about to have babies, your mother says she loves me already, she gave me her number and wants me to call her so we can hang out. She is going to wait for my call and she is also going to plan for all of us to go on a vacation together and is going to call her friend Betsy or Becky or whoever who's a wedding planner. Do you realise that she is going to do all of that meanwhile I will disappear, she'll never see me again. I was just giving my opinion on the situation. No judgements " I gave him a cheeky smile before turning back to the window and crossing my legs back, I didn't mean to go off on him like that but that woman broke my heart she is the sweetest person ever, she reminds me so much of my mom and I can imagine her face when she finds out Nicole doesn't exist and he is sitting here proud of himself.

"Why are you having remorse all of a sudden, I thought you were used to it."

"I am used to it, but usually I'm just an accessory men use to I don't know impress people they don't even know or people they want to extort money from but that's it, I don't just get in people's lives and make them believe things and make promises I know I can't keep. I was just setting the record straight but anyways no one cares about my feelings." 

"I am sorry, I didn't mean to make you  do anything u..."

"It's ok, what are you going to do now ? What will you tell them next when they ask for me ?"

"I don't really know, I haven't even thought about it." He said scratching his beard again. I could tell he was feeling bad, I didn't want to make him feel this bad but this is me and my mouth, I can't hold it.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. see that's why I was being quiet."

"No, but you're right, I should have thought about that, I guess I just made things worse." He said with a sigh.

I was about to speak when the driver spoke telling us that we were there.

I reached for the handle to open the door and that's when I saw the ring, I sat back up straight and slid it off my finger before handing it to him.

"I guess you want this back ."

"Not really no, it's all yours."

"Really, I can keep it ?" I asked and he chuckled at my enthusiasm I guess.

"Yes you can, and there's something I owe you, he said reaching in the inside pocket of his coat, he got an envelope from it and handed to me, I looked inside and there was a stack of money in it. I can't believe I almost forgot to get my money, what am I saying, I totally forgot to get my money. Tonight is definitely the most unprofessional I've ever been.

"Thanks." Was the only thing that came out of my mouth as I opened the door.

"Wait." I heard his deep voice behind me and I turned around to look at him and he just smiled at me and I stared back in his eyes, and his smile caused me to smile too.

"Wha...What is it ?" I asked quickly looking away, and I tucked a loose lock of my hair behind my ear, one of many nervous tics.

"Nothing, have a good night Nicki."

"Have a good life Drake." I said getting out of the car.

"Who said, we won't see each other again ?" He shouted from the car as I was walking towards the house.

I looked back at the car and caught a glimpse of his face before the tinted window was rolled up.

Drake's P.O.V

I got back to the hotel and quickly changed and packed my stuff to go back home, the hotel is not really where I stay, it's just that this huge estate feels extremely empty at times besides I had that special meeting with this girl Tammy earlier and that girl is a glue pot I don't want her to ever find out where I live.

While driving home, I couldn't help thinking about her, I couldn't help thinking about Nicki, that girl is just perfection, she is everything I ever wanted to find in a woman, everything about her is just perfection from her body to her angelic face, the way she speaks, the way carries herself, and her smile, damn that smile and those dimples I got to admit I am a sucker for these dimples of hers.
The more I thought about her the more I felt like I couldn't bring myself not to see her ever again.

Two weeks later :

"Good, from what I see, she's clear to go, but you might want to run the tests again just to make sure." I spoke to Darla handing her back a patients who had surgery a few days prior's chart.

"No problem Dr. Graham." She answered walking away right before my phone went off, I picked up and placed the phone to my ear.

"Hello ?"

"Hello, Aubrey, I was worried, it's been a week." My mother spoke through the phone.

"Mom, I told you not to call my work phone." I sighed, why don't I check the caller's ID before picking up, I can't deal with her right now. Nicki was right, she has been on my back for two weeks, I always come up with excuses as to why Nicki can't speak to her and she never got upset given that she doesn't even speak to me her own son in weeks I guess she doesn't expect my fiancee to call her everyday either, but I don't think I can hold it for long. This plan wasn't the best idea, I just buried myself deeper and I don't know how to get out of that whole.

"What am I supposed to do when you go a week without answering my calls ?"

"Mom, I am sorry, I am just very busy these days and actually I am at the hospital right now so I don't really have time to speak."

"Alright Aubrey, I was just making sure you were alright."

"I am mom, I'll call you later alright ?"

"Ok, talk to you later." She said before we told each other we loved each other and I hang up before going back to work.


I was home laying back on my couch watching T.V. this is the earliest I got home in weeks. I poured myself a glass of scotch when my phone rang, it was Tammy, I denied the call before throwing my phone on the coffee table, Tammy used to be my favorite, had she called me two weeks ago I would have never ever denied it, but think is I can't stop think about Nicki which is pathetic, I am obsessed by a girl I've seen only once in my life, a girl I barely know. I've wanted to call her a few time, I have her number from that day when Billy gave it to me so we could arrange the meeting.
I downed my glass of scotch before picking my phone back up and dialed her number, This girl has became an infatuation of mine over the past weeks. I might as well try, if she rejects me too bad, but she won't anyways so might as well give it a shot.

After a few rings I heard her soft voice speak through the phone.

"Hello ?"

"Hi, it's Drake, I don't know if you remember I'm the guy who..."

"Yeah Drake I remember you." She cut me off.

"How have you been ?" I asked now regretting my decision.

"Good, you ?"


"Did you need anything ?" She questioned.

"Erm yeah, look, turns out you were right. Erm I made a mistake, I thought they'd meet my fiancee and just get off my back but it's not that easy."

"I'm sorry to hear that but what can I do now ?"

"Well, my mother plans on visiting us this week end." I lied to her. I don't know why I invented that lie, instead of just telling her that I wanted to see her, I guess I was scared of rejection after all, I didn't want her to reject me and I figured, hiring her again would be the best way to make sure I'll see her.

"Visiting us ?" She enquired, I chuckled at her childlike tone.

"Yeah, she says my father is going to be out of town and she wants to come visit us since we are too busy to go visit her. Would you help me out ?"

"Just a question when you say visiting us for the week end you mean like from saturday to sunday like spending the night."

"I guess yeah, That's why we'll have to make it seem like you actually live here.. with me." I answered not realising how stupid it was. She sighed before speaking.

"I'll do it but it is going to cost you a whole lot."

"Thought so. But again it ain't like you weren't worth it."

"True, when should I get to yours ?"

"Erm, my mom's gonna be here tomorrow morning so unless you're willing to wake up very early on saturdays, you should come right now so we can set everything."

"You are the most annoying client ever, I hope you know that." She said with a chuckle.

"I know, so, want me to come pick you up or should I send a car to your place."

"Whichever you prefer, whichever you prefer Drake."

"Alright, I'll be there in an hour is that ok ?"

"Perfect, see you then, she answered before hanging up.

I didn't waste any time before calling my mother and inviting her over for the week end.

"Don't you guys have to work, I mean you work even on sundays."

"Not this week end mom, you said you wanted to see me more often."

"It is really sweet of you Aubrey, I'll be there tomorrow morning."

"Alright, I love you."

"I love you too."

Wait, did I just do that ? This is the second most childish thing I've ever done, the first being that diner two weeks ago. But I can't back up now. 

Nicki's P.O.V

I was soaking in my bath which was more than needed after the day I had at school and the evening I spent studying when Drake called me, I can't believe I just agreed to this, I can't believe he just asked me to do this. Why did I even say yes, I just agreed to spend the night to his, he is a client , I don't even know him yet I am about to go pack a bag and go spend the night at his as if it was just a sleepover with a friend. This man really had an effect on me, for two weeks straight I never stopped thinking about him I'm not going to lie, after he said we would see each other again I think I was waiting for something and that's why I didn't even hesitate when he asked me to come spend the week end at his. I'm just in my feelings because he finally called but I should calm down it is just work, he called because he needed my services that's all.

I got out of the bath and went to pack a bag, I got the from the ring holder on the night stand and slid it on my finger before going to get dressed, I put one something casual, he called me in the middle of the night, I'm not supposed to e dolled up but I'm not going to go in my hello kitty pyjama pants and old sweater. I put on some black yoga pants along with a grey crop top and a grey waterfall cardigan. I put my UGG boots on and grabbed the bag I had packed before heading downstairs, and I went to look for the girls. I found in the kitchen and explained the situation tot hem.

"You're sure you want to that ?" Ariana asked obviously worried.

"Nika, people out there are crazy, you shouldn't go there what if he tries something crazy ?" Ashley intervened

"He wouldn't. I'll be just fine don't worry. 
I'll be back on sunday alright ?"

"How do you know he wouldn't ?" It was Amber's turn to worry.

"I jut know." I shrugged.

"Really Nic ? I know you'd do anything to see him again, I mean damn you even dreamed about the man but that's not a reason to go over there in the middle of the night and..."

"She dreamed about him ?" Ashley cut Ariana off and Amber nodded.

"It was last night she.."

"Y'all just stop talking, As I said , I'll be back on sunday , Y'all have a blessed week end I said walking back upstairs and to my room to make sure I didn't forget anything, I knew they were still talking about that dream thing, I dreamt about him once and I don't ever really remember it, I just remember he was part of the dream and when I woke up I couldn't get the image of his face out of my head but that doesn't mean anything, it's just a dream, that's it.

I grabbed my phone and the two textbooks I needed before heading downstairs again, on my way down the stairs I received a text from Drake saying that he was here, I went to hit the button to open the gate and went back to the kitchen.

"He's here. I got to go." I spoke to the girls from the doorway."

"Ok, not so fast." Amber stopped me.

"What ?"

"You drive your own car there, so that in case something happens you can drive yourself home, and you call us right when you get there."

"Fine." I agreed and went to hug them before grabbing my bag and heading out. I walked to the Mercedes class G Barbus that was parked in the driveway, I've always wanted one of those. I knocked on the tinted glass and he rolled it down.

"Hey." I waved

"Hey... Hope in." He spoke gesturing for me to hp in the car.

"Actually I'll drive in my own car, if that's ok."

"No problem, just follow the lead."

"Right, I.. I'll go now." I said quickly walking away, I have to stop acting shy around him like that. He'll think I'm a lunatic.
I got in my car and waited for him to drive off before following suit.

After about twenty minutes of driving I parked next to his car in his driveway, I got out of my car and looked up at the estate before me, it was nothing I've never seen before but I was still impressed, it was exactly the kind of place I can see myself living in once I get where I want to get in life.

I got my duffel bag from the back seat before locking my car and followed him towards the frond door which he unlocked, he then stepped aside and let me walk in. I walked in and soon felt something brushing around my calves I looked down and saw the cutest dog ever. I squatted down and picked it up, he snuggled into me right away and I stroked his belly and his shut eyes shot open immediately and I was amazed by the ice blue eyes I was met with.

"I see even the dog loves you." I heard Drake's deep voice speak behind me.

"He's so cute, what's his name ?" I asked Drake as we walked further in the mansion.

"He doesn't have a name, I never see him and the maid calls him the dog, so I guess his name is 'the dog'." Drake shrugged.

"That's a shame, he needs a name."

"Well name him." Drake said as he plopped on the couch.

"Ice, his name should be Ice, because of his eyes." I said proud of my choice.

"Ice it is then." He shrugged before pouring scotch in a glass and handing it to me.

"I don't drink scotch."

"Yeah , you prefer red wine. I noticed that the other night." He said getting up from the couch. Does that mean he has been watching me that night ?

"Follow me." He said looking back at me, I put Ice down and got up before walking behind Drake with Ice following behind me. We walked to the very spacious kitchen, he got a wine glass from a cabinet and grabbed  the wine bottle that was already out before pouring some in the glass and heading it to me.

"Thank you." I said grabbing the glass from his hand and our hands brushed against each other's, I didn't dare to look up at him and looked down at my feet and shifted my weight to one foot as I used my free hand to tuck the locked that was free from my bun behind my ear. Here I go with these nervous tics. I felt him grab the sides of my face and making me look up.

"You know you have no reason to be nervous around me, right ?" He spoke lowly, with his deep voice and I felt myself shudder. His thumbed softly stroke my cheek as I looked up in his eyes and gulped the lump in my throat before answering.

"I know."

"Good, now come on, let's make you feel home baby." He said letting go of my face and turning around. I took a sip of the red wine I had in hand and sighed as I let the rich liquid slowly ease my nerves. I followed behind him with Ice right behind me as he gave me a tour of the house explaining everything to me in detail,  telling me where everything was and stuff. I followed and listened carefully not wanting to mess anything up tomorrow.

Not So Different Part 7  ~  Sneak Peek 

"Boris just drop it, she won't open the door, then let her be, she's just trying to get attention." Taraji said as she used the make up wipe to wipe the make up off her face. They were getting ready to go to bed and Boris was just coming back from Nicki's room, it was the tenth time he went and knocked on the door and had gotten no answer other than 'leave me alone.'. Since she came back from Cassie's as she told him, she had locked herself in her room and hadn't came out not even once, not even for diner. At first he thought she just didn't want to be face to face with Taraji but then when he tried to bring her ice cream, and have their daily chat they had every night she didn't open the door and asked him to go way, he was positive there was something wrong with her daughter and he didn't plan to go to bed until she was ok.

"She has been locked up in there for hours, Taraji, can't I be worried ?"

"Be worried all you want, all I'm saying is, she is alright, she doesn't want to talk to you and locks herself in there for hours because that's what teenagers do, that's it.

"She isn't just any teenager, she is our daughter and I know my daughter so I can tell you there is something wrong with her."

 "She doesn't feel like talking to you, oh well, she never talks to me, I don't make a big deal out of it." Taraji shrugged, as she walked out of their ensuite bathroom and into their room.

"Don't you compare the relationship I have with her and the relationship you have with her, that's if you have one." Boris said the last part under his breath but his wife heard him anyways.

"Yeah, go ahead, try to shame because I don't comply to all of her wishes, like you do."

"What are you even talking about ?  It's not about complying with her wishes, it is about having a damn relationship with your daughter, you don't even know her, you never talk to her unless you have a cutting and hurtful remark to make or an order to give her. "

"I try to toughen her up and make something of her, while you are at her feet and while you let her throw everything I give her away."

"Make something of her ? What you give her ? Do you even hear yourself ? You do nothing but hurt her feelings and what have you ever given her ?"

"I am preparing her for life Boris, for real life because in real life you have to be tough, you have to fake and you don't have daddy right there , in real life daddy doesn't run to you every time something happens to you."

"You're talking non sens right now, and I ain't got time for that. I have a daughter who is hurting right now, and sorry to disappoint you but she has a dad who is going to run to her whenever something happens to her." Boris expressed raising his voice and walking away, he got out of the room and slammed the door before going back to Nicki's door and repeating the same process he's gone through the past ten times.

"Nicki ? ... Nicki babygirl open the door please." Boris pleaded placing his ear on the door trying to hear any possible movement.

On the other side of the door Nicki laid on her bed, not moving she laid there, spread out on her bed, she laid on her back her eyes open as she absent mindedly stared at the ceiling while tears silently rolled down her cheeks. She didn't even know what she was feeling, what she was thinking, everything kept replaying in her head over and over, the night of the robbery, the day they met, every moment of their relationship replayed in her head, she was putting all of it into question, was it all fake ? She strongly believed it was at first but now she just didn't she doubted he or even Beyoncé were this twisted and would plot something like that but at the same time it was questionable, why would they run into each other the day right after that happened when they have been going to the same school for years and never even looked at each other. Could it be just fate ? And even if it was, their relationship would be base on a lie and not even just a 'I was talking to my ex' type of lie, it was a 'I'm the guy who broke into your house, restrained you and put a gun to your head' type of lie. This is not something that can be fixed with a I am sorry and it won't happen again. Was it even something you could fix ? Besides if he did that, it means he is absolutely not who she thought he is because the Aubrey she knew and loved wouldn't do that, the Aubrey she knew wasn't capable of that, he wasn't.
She wanted to stop the thoughts that were running through her head but it was no use, they kept flowing in her head and she was laying there lost in them.

"Nicki, please say something."  Boris pleaded desperately.

"Dad, just leave me alone, please." Nicki pleaded in return, she didn't mean to be rude or shut her father out but she needed to be left alone.

"I just need two minutes Nicki, open the door and please."

"I am fine dad, you can go."

"You know I will spend the night standing here if you don't open. I just want to look in your eyes and  hear you say that you are good."

Nicki fought about it and got up maybe she had been left along for long enough and she knew he wouldn't leave if she didn't open the door. She dried her tears before taking a deep breath and walked to the door and opened it.

"Hey." Nicki said as she saw her father standing behind the door. She turned around and went to lay on her bed.

"What's wrong babygirl ?" Boris asked her while sitting down on the armchair.

"Nothing, I'm fine." Nicki said and then she turned around.

"No, you're not." Borris said getting up and walking around her bed to go sit next to her and where he could see his daughter's face.

"What is ? You know you can tell me anything right ?"

"I know dad, I know, but I'll be fine and I don't feel like talking right now, later on maybe, but not right now. I'm good, just go to bed." Nicki spoke to her father who sighed before getting up from her bed.

"Alright, I'll leave you alone but remember that I love you and that I'm always here for you ok ?"

"I know. I love you too." Nicki answered and let her father kiss her forehead before watching him leave out the door.


Nicki was at her locker the next morning when she felt Ciara hug her from behind. She turned around and looked at her friend sympathetic face.

"Aww, Nic look at you're face, you're eyes are all red and you seem so tired." Ciara spoke looking at her friend. Nicki had cried all night and was to down to even put make up on or make an effort to get dressed, she was wearing yoga pants and an old hoodie with some Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers, she had her hair thrown in a messy bun and had put her glasses on.

"I know Ci , I know."

"Nicki, they told me about yesterday, I'm so sorry."

"Don't tell me you knew. "

"No, I had no idea. I just found out yesterday." Nicki just nodded and shut the locker's door.

"Let's just not talk about it please."

"Ok." Ciara said watching her friend walk away.

Drake sat in the hall where their applied mathematics class was held in and his eyes were riveted on the door and his heart literaly dopped when he saw her walking in the room. He felt more than bad, he couldn't stand seeing her like that, when she passed right past him and went to sit a few seats away he fought the urge to stand up and wrap his around her to comfort her as he usually did every time she was feeling bad but this time he was the one who put her in this state and he knew she would reject him and didn't feel like causing a scene there in the class hall.

After class Nicki took her time to gather her stuff, and waited for everyone to get out of the room before getting up, she had to walk past Drake walking in and didn't want to face him again, when she saw his face earlier she was on the verge of tears.

"It's heartbreaking to see y'all like that." Ciara spoke to Drake as she sat across from him at one of the stone tables in the school yard. From where she was she could see Nicki sitting a few tables away and laying her head on Cassie's shoulder.

Ciara didn't get any answer from Drake and sighed when she saw him looking ahead impassive. She rose from her seat and went to sit next to Drake and hugged.

"It'll be ok, she'll forgive you eventually, it'll be alright but it will take time because she's going through a hardship right now but she loves you just as much as you love her so everything will be alright ok ?" Ciara tried to find the words to reassure him, she didn't want him to give up, he made a huge mistake but he had to fix it and get her back.

"What's wrong Nicki ? Tell me."

"I don't want to talk about it Cass."

"Ok, you don't have to but I don't like seeing you like that, do you want me to go get your friend over there ?" Cassie asked on purpose, she just wanted to get a reaction out of Nicki so that she'd know if this had anything to do with Drake and know where Nicki and Drake stood at the moment."

"No, I never want to talk to him again. I hate him." Nicki spat out of anger, the more she saw him, the more angry she became, her sadness and pain were slowly turning into anger.

"What did he do ?" Cassie asked wrapping her arm around Nicki's shoulder.

"He is a liar, I should have never trusted him." Nicki spoke and a single tear rolled down her cheek and she quickly wiped it off as she saw Trey walking towards the table her and Cassie were sitting at.

"I think I better leave." Cassie said getting up. She kissed Nicki's cheek and told her that she loved her and promised to always be here for her before walking away and her spot was soon taken by Trey.

"Hey beautiful." Trey spoke before kissing Nicki's cheek.


"What's going on ? Are you crying ?" Trey said placing his index finger under her chin to raise her head. He used his thumbs to wipe her tear.

"Nothing Trey, it's alright."

"Obviously not, what is it ?"

"I'm fine Trey, I don't want to talk about it."

"Ok , then you don't have to, how about I take you somewhere we can grab something to eat and get your mind off whatever is going on, I don't want you to be sad like that." Trey asked and Nicki hesitated before nodding and grabbing outstretched hand and following him to his car. She wanted to be alone and Trey was the last person she wanted to spend time with at that moment but being alone meant thinking about Drake and crying which she had spent the last twelve hours doing and she had had enough of it.

Drake looked up from his notebook when he heard Future curse under his breath, he looked at Future and saw he was staring at something so he looked in that direction and saw Nicki wrapped up in Trey's arm. He got up and closed his notebook before walking away from the table, he walked towards his car. Future didn't try to go after him, knowing his friend. He knew Drake liked to be alone most of the time and mosely when he was pissed like that.


"Stoop ! Put me down."  Nicki screamed laughing as Trey was spinning her around.

"Alright." Trey said putting her down and wrapping an arm around her as they walked in the school.

"We better hurry up, we're going to be late" Nicki spoke to Trey getting out of his embrace.

"You're right." Trey answered.

"Trey, thank you, thank your for being here for me, I really needed it."

"You're more than welcome, I told you, I can't stand seeing you unhappy." Trey spoke smiling at Nicki. "And for tonight, we don't have to go out if you're not feeling well."

"No, no, we're still on for tonight."

"Ok, well see you then." Trey said Kissing Nicki and walking in the direction of his class and Nicki went in the other way, she went was walking to the room where her class was held but stopped in her tracks when she saw Drake standing next to the door. She was waiting for him to walk in the class so she could walk in at her turn but he was obviously waiting for her given the way he was looking at her.
When she understood that Nicki turned around and tried to walk away but Drake was quick to catch up to her.

"Nicki wait."

"Drake , Imma tell you this once and I won't repeat it, leave me alone, don't come nowhere near me, do not touch me, do not talk to me, do not even look at me. " Nicki said and quickened her pace. Drake grabbed her arm and dragged her to an empty room nearby.

"Drake let go of my arm or I'll scream." Nicki spoke but got no reaction from Drake who kept on dragging her around until they were in the room he let go of her arm and went to close the door.

Nicki immediately dashed towards the door but Drake grabbed both of her arms preventing her to move.

"Let go of me, I told you not to touch me ever again." Nicki screamed and Drake let go of her and held his hands up. When she was calm and he knew she wasn't going to try and leave, Drake lowered them and rose a hand to place it on her cheek but Nicki flinched.

"Are you scared of me ?" Drake asked Nicki, he felt dejected to know that she was scared of him , he used to be what she called her comfort zone, twenty four hours ago she trusted him more than anyone she knew and thought he was the one who'd protect her from any harm and now she was scared of him.

"Like hell, I am. Do I have to remind you that you tried to kill me ?"

"I didn't try to kill you, I am not a killer,"

"Are you sure ? Because I sure felt like I was about to receive a bullet in my head that night and obviously you were the one holding the gun." Nicki said crossing her arms over her chest.

"Nicki look here." Drake said holding her face and making her look in his eyes. "You know me Nicki, you know I am not a killer, I did what I did because I had to but I wouldn't have killed you and you know I didn't fake anything, I never faked being your friend, I am your best friend, that mistake I made doesn't change anything."

"Speak for yourself Drake, it changes everything for me, now I know what kind of person you are and I don't believe you, you are a liar." Nicki spat not moving as Drake was still holding her head.

"Nicki please believe me, I don't..."

"Even if it was all real, even if you never faked being my friend. It doesn't change the fact that you did what you did , that you are a liar and that our whole friendship was based on a lie." Nicki had came to that conclusion a while ago , she knew she went too far with that complot theory, she knew neither one of them would do that and but still, she was hurt and didn't know if she could ever forgive Drake.

"I am not a liar Nicki you know me, our friendship is real, I love you and I never wanted to hurt you."

"Then you should have told me what you did the minute we became friends."

"I was scared. I was scared I'd loose you, I was scared."

"See that's another thing, I trust you, I trust you to the point where even right now that you're admitting to it  I don't want to believe you did that, I trust you to the point where even though I know you are a liar you could tell me anything right now I'd still believe it but you didn't trust me, you never trusted me and you let me live with the fear of being face to face with my aggressor, you let me live with all this fear, you knew what I went through and you let me live with it just because you didn't fucking trust me. Because you didn't trust us." Call her crazy but Nicki couldn't help but feel like if he had told her the truth right away, if he had looked in her eyes and told her that it was him , she would have forgiven him and they would have moved on from this already.

"What was I supposed to do Nic ? Call you and just say 'hey remember that night you were robbed ? Well that was me, I did it' "

"Just let me go, Drake, let me go." Nicki said slapping his hands away from her face and she dashed to the door. She was already late for class and didn't even feel like going anyways so she made her way out of the school and got in her car before driving off.


"What did he do ?" Taraji asked Cassie over the phone.

"I have no idea, but I know he lied to her about something and she says she doesn't want to talk to him over again." Cassie answered.

"That's good, now you make sure she won't talk to him ever again and for real I mean."

"I'll do my best." Cassie sighed.

"Oh and she just got out of school, she seemed pretty upset." Cassie said feeling bad about what she was doing.

"Alright, I have to go now." Taraji said hanging up the phone.

She gathered her stuff and left her office.

When Nicki got home, and hurried to the kitchen to get something to eat,she was surprised to find her mother, sitting at table going through a magazine.

"What are you doing here ?" Nicki asked her mother.

"I was about to ask you the same question." Taraji retorted.

"I wasn't feeling well." Nicki answered looking down at her feet and was about to walk out of the kitchen but her mother called after her.

"What's going on with you ? You have spent so much time locked up in your room yesterday that you scared your father to death and now you're coming back home from school because you're not feeling well. What's going on ?" Taraji asked and for the first time her tone wasn't one of anger, wasn't scornful it almost sounded like compassion, but that woman wasn't capable of compassion.

"I'm fine," Nicki answered trying to walk away only to be called by her mother again.

"Nicki take a seat." Taraji said and Nicki sat at the table across from her mother.

"Is it about that thug you're hanging out with ?" Taraji asked shocking Nicki who looked up at her.

"What ?"

"You know , how people like to talk around here, I know you've been seeing that boy for a while, is it because of him that you're 'not feeling well ?'" Taraji asked and Nicki sighed.

"What do you want ? I know you don't care about me, cut the crap and go straight to the point what do you know and what do you want ? I don't need you bragging about how these people aren't good for me and what not."

"Look, I'm not even going to pick up the way you're talking to me, we'll just blame it on the fact that you're going through your first heartbreak. But Nicki, you might feel like I'm you're enemy right now, but I'm not, all I have ever tried to do was protect you from this, I don't know what happened between y'all, but that is why I've always overprotected you like that, I never wanted you to experience this, you might feel like I'm just trying to control your life as you say but I am just trying to protect you from this. Now I've let you hang out with these people and look at you, I don't know what they did to you but you've changed and now you spend nights crying." Taraji said putting on her best act to make it seem like she actually cared.

"Ok, so now you want a mother of the year award because you've proven that everyone I'll ever meet and that wasn't sent by you would end up hurting me ?"

"I don't want anything Nicki, I just want you to understand that even though I am hard on you I am the only one who's here at the end of the day, I'm all you have Nicki, tell me where's Beyoncé right now ? Right she's no where to be seen, she doesn't care about you, you were just a new pet to her. You are my daughter and everything I do is to protect you and get you on the right path. Unlike them I've never left you alone. Think about it." Taraji said getting up and walking away.

Nicki sat at the table lost in her thoughts, she didn't know what she should think about what had just happened, was her mother right ? No way, she's evil and would do anything in her power to hurt her. But looking at it from another angle, before she ever met Drake or reconnected with Beyoncé, her life was simple and she liked it that way, she was drama free even though her mother was tough on her, they could at least stand each other and her parents never fought before now her life was filled with drama and crazy stories maybe Taraji was trying to protect her, after all that's her mother, she's the one who birthed her , she's the one she should trust.

I was asked to update Deal and Not So Different , I couldn't right both so I decided to do a little bit of both so, here you go. Please , leave comments and let me know what you think.

Mucho Love XOXO


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