Not So Different Part 6

It was 7:30 when Nicki parked in the school parking lot. She got her bag from the backseat and got out of her car and locked it. She slowly made her way towards the school's entrance and after getting to her locker and putting most of her books in it she made her way towards the library where Drake had asked her to meet him. After their disagreement the day before he had sent her numerous texts and she never answered them but in the last one he said he really needed to talk to her and that it was very important thus she agreed to meet with him so they could talk, she knew she'd get her apology but she also felt like she had to apologize to him too because she knew she overreacted and she felt bad for getting mad at him when all he was doing was looking out for her. Besides none of what he said was wrong, he was speaking the truth and as they say truth hurts.

Nicki sat at their table and started on eating her Nutella and sugar covered Liège waffle she had gotten from a french boulangerie on her way to school. She was savouring her waffle when she heard him speak in her back.

"I see you're having a feast over here." Drake joked and kissed her cheek before taking the seat next to her.

"I am." Nicki said as she finished chewing and she turned her seat a little so that she could face him.

"And I got you a pain au chocolat and I also got chouquettes. French people sure know how to eat, they make breakfast a goddamn feast for me." Nicki said sliding the white and red paper bag across the table.

"Next time we get into it remind me to get you french pastries right away." Drake joked.

"My forgiveness ain't up for sale."

"Right that's why I think I owe you an apology , I'm sorry for yesterday, I shouldn't have acted like that, I was being immature." Drake started.

"You were."

"I know and also I should not be all up in your business like that, I shouldn't have pushed that Trey thing this far but I want you to know that I wasn't doing it to ruin your moment or because I don't like seeing you happy there's a reason as to why I acted like that, I just..." Drake was cut in the middle of his sentence by Nicki.

"You were looking out for me I know, and I'm sorry for flipping on you like that when you did nothing but look out for me, you were being a friend and everything you said was right, I shouldn't be this naive. I just got caught up in this and you were right for talking me out of it. I was just hurt when you said that , I was hurt because I was reminded that this wasn't true and that the only reason why he's showing any interest in me is because it's all part of a scheme and that hurts because he's the only guy that ever showed any interest in me and part of me wanted it to be true because I know no one will ever care for me that way. " Nicki rambled with a small pout.

"What are you saying Nic ? You know that's not true, there's plenty of men who'd kill to get you, don't say that." Drake took Nicki's hand in his.

"It is true, if not how do you explain that I'm 20 years old and no one has ever even asked me out ?" Nicki asked Drake with a bittersweet smile.

"I don't know, but what I do know is that you are the most beautiful, the funniest and the smartest girl I've met and I don't want you to think otherwise. Matter of fact what I came here to tell you is that..." Drake was cut off by a male's voice calling Nicki's name.

"Nicki !" Trey exclaimed sashaying towards the table the couple was occupying, he then took a seat at the table across frelwordsroundo to you how.

"Hey Trey." Nicki smiled at him, she wasn't happy to see him, she was just being nice to him.

"You should have told me you were getting here early..." Trey started but was cut off by a highly annoyed Drake.

"Just in case you didn't notice, we were having a conversation and I'd like to go back to it if you don't mind." Drake spoke to Trey looking him right in the eyes.

"Right, and I will let you go back to that but first, I need to talk to that beautiful young lady right here." Trey spoke smiling at Nicki and looking at her not caring for Drake's presence.

"Well, I'm trying to talk to her too and you are coming in the way of it right now." Drake spoke through greeted teeth.

"Calm down man, it will take only two minutes." Trey said raising his hands up in surrender.

"Are you retarded or what ? We are in the middle of a conversation, you are interrupting it. Just take your ass elsewhere you aren't needed here, you aren't wanted here, damn she doesn't even want to talk to you just go." Drake said through greeted teeth as he shot up from his seat and leaned over the table, his fists hit the table startling Nicki while Trey sat there unbothered, he had done his part and gotten what he wanted from Drake himself , all he had to do now was sit and play victim.

Nicki gathered her stuff and tuned out the argument Drake and Trey were having, well it was more like Drake yelling at Trey who was standing before him apologizing.
Nicki put all of her stuff in her bag and simply walked away letting them to their argument, she shook her head as she walked away and they didn't even notice her leaving,
Nicki made her way to the nearly empty cafeteria and took a seat before getting her pastries and  a book out of her bag. At this point she was done, she just wanted to stay away from both of them,  She didn't really had anything to reproach Trey for, except his fakeness but she knew she was the last person who could complain about that, who she was really mad at was Drake, she could understand that he was being a friend and looking out for her, he was caring for her and she couldn't ask for more but what had just happened wasn't OK to her, she saw it as just another showcase of his childish and possessive ways. But truth was he was frustrated, he was about to finally confess his feelings to her and that character who comes out of nowhere yet gets all of her attention was getting in the way of it. Nicki was reading when she heard shifting on the other side of the table, She peeked over the hem of her book expecting to see Drake or Trey but unexpectedly Cassie was sitting across from her all smiles.

"Morning you !" Cassie said biting in her apple.

"Morning." Nicki sighed heavily and put her book down.

"What's wrong ?" Cassie asked coking her head to the side, " Oh wait, I think I have an idea, it's about what's going on at the library ain't it ?"

"So they're still going at it ?" Nicki asked with yet another sigh.

"They are, I saw you leaving, thought I'd come and check up on you." Cassie shrugged giving Nicki a small smile. Nicki returned the smile and re situated herself on her seat bringing her knees to her chest.

"What is it all about though ?" Cassie enquired. "But maybe you don't want to tell me about it, I mean we haven't talk in ages so I'd understand it if you don't want to tell me about all of that."

"Come on Cass, you know you're my best friend, I tell you everything, there's no reason for it to change." Nicki spoke truthfully, Cassie might have been extremely annoying lately with her prejudices and the way she acted but they had been friends since she couldn't even remember when so no mater what that will always be her friend,

"Good, I was afraid we would never be friends again, you haven't sent me a text in over a month, I thought you would never forgive me and you don't have any idea of how bad it made me feel so I'm just glad you did."

"I'm glad I did too, you know I love you." Nicki smiled at Cassie.

"I love you too, now tell me, what happened ?" Cassie spoke and Nicki went on to tell Cassie about the situation, explaining her relationship with Drake and the reason why Trey was involved in all of this.


"What did you do to her ?" Ciara asked Drake who was fuming mad.

"I did nothing, it was him, he started it."  Drake retorted.

"Ok, now you sound like a five year old, it doesn't matter who started what. What matters is that Nicki is mad at you right now, we don't give a fuck about him or whatever he did or said, you been acting like a child and that will do nothing but push her away." Ciara exclaimed dialing Nicki's number for the third time.

"Y'all need to stop. If I hear that one more time..." Drake started but Ciara cut him off.

"Don't get mad at me now, I'm just speaking the truth. Look I'm not saying you're totally wrong, you are right about the content I guess, I mean if the whole Trey thing is how you tell me it is then you're completely right but where you are wrong is in the way you are approaching this. You are acting like a spoilt child unhappy because he has to share his toy instead of stepping up and telling her how you really feel." Ciara spoke to Drake and this time he didn't even try to deny his feelings for her, he knew they where here and there was no hiding them.

"That's what I was trying to do when he..." Drake started but once again Ciara cut him off.

"Doesn't matter, what matters is how you gon fix this. I gotta go. I'll catch you around." Ciara said answering a text before side hugging Drake and leaving him sitting alone at the stone table in the yard.

She had just received an answer from Nicki saying that she was at the cafeteria and not to tell Drake. Ciara walked to the cafeteria and saw Nicki sitting across from Cassie and rolled her eyes as she walked towards them.

"What I'm trying to say is, it seems to me that Trey isn't just acting, I know him, he's nice and I don't think he was put up to this, he might have been pushed a little but I think he's being genuine as for your friend, I don't want to start anything but, it seems like he's trying to control you and he is violent. I saw how he was acting with Trey in there when Trey was just standing there scared." Ciara heard Cassie speak and rolled her eyes for the hundredth time since the moment she saw Cassie.

"Poor him. Now that you gave your two shits about things you know nothing about would you mind going back where you came from." Ciara spoke from behind Cassie shocking her. Nicki sighed and threw her head backwards.

"Ughh , not you Ci, not you,"

"Don't worry Nicki I'll just go." Cassie spoke and smiled small before grabbing her bag and getting up, she walked away shooting a death glare at Ciara who went to sit on the seat that was previously occupied by Cassie.

"What's wrong with you guys today ? First Drake pulls that shit in the library, now you trying to do the same here."

"It's not our fault, you're surrounded by bad people." Ciara spoke seriously. "Was that girl really trying to set you against Drake ?"

"I think she was right if I'm being honest." Nicki spoke lowly.

"What ? You really think what she said is true ?" Ciara exclaimed with shock.

"I'm sorry but Drake was being overly possessive for no reason and he did get violent when Trey was sitting there lost, and he did nothing wrong, he wanted to talk to me and I don't think it would have killed Aubrey to let him say what he had to say then he would have left and that was it."

"Right, Drake lost his temper and shouldn't have gotten this angry but this doesn't mean he's possessive, trying to control you or violent, he is just a human being who got in is feelings because he was being tried by this arrogant idiot, you can be mad at him for this but you can't say that he is this or that way based on this incident and on what your "friend" is trying to put in your head, you know better than that Nicki, you know better." Ciara firmly spoke to Nicki.

"You're right." Nicki sighed looking down at her hands."

"Good." Ciara smiled small, "Now let's go to class, it's not even 8 a.m yet and y'all already got me worked up. This is going to be a long day." Ciara joked getting up and Nicki followed suit and grabbed Ciara's arm as they walked side by side getting to class.


Nicki was walking to her third class of the day when she felt someone slightly yanking on her arm, she turned around ready to curse them out but calmed down when she was met with Trey's face,

"Hey Nicki." Trey said letting go of her arm.

"Hey." Nicki answered with a small smile, looking down.

"Look, I just wanted to apologize for what went down this morning, I didn't mean to be rude to you or to him, and I definitely didn't mean to start any argument or fight or any of that, I am extremely sorry about how things went, I truly am." Trey spoke to Nicki as they stopped in the hallways, when he was done speaking Nicki looked up at Trey and saw the exaggerated pout on his face, she couldn't resist it though.

"You don't have to apologize, I know you didn't mean for this to happen, he shouldn't have reacted like that you didn't do anything wrong." Nicki reassured Trey.

"I shouldn't have pushed it either, I should have left when I was asked to."

"It's alright Trey, I told you did nothing wrong." Nicki affirmed looking at him, he flashed her a smile showcasing his pearly whites and his dimples, as every time he smiled Nicki felt like she was melting inside.

"Well I'm glad I'm forgiven because I still have something to ask you." Trey said before licking his lips.

"And what is it ?"

"I want to take you out on a date, tomorrow night." Nicki looked down at her hands when she heard this, had he said the exact same thing twenty four hours ago , she would have been thrilled and wouldn't even have hesitated five seconds before saying yes, but now she was heavily reflecting on it, that guy was just acting like he was attracted to her, like he wanted to be with her when he was just forced to do it, he was in a way playing with her, she had no reason to be this happy about this besides for some odd reason she felt like something didn't sit well with it other than the fact that it was all fake. It just felt wrong. However she felt like she had no reason to say no, it wasn't like she was missing out on anything. If she said no, it wouldn't change anything she'd be pushed in his arms anyways, her mother would make sure of it.

"That would be great." Nicki answered with a smile.

"Cool, so I'll pick you up tomorrow, at seven ? "

"Sounds like a plan."

"Great. See you tomorrow then."

"See you tomorrow." Nicki said and Trey kissed her on the corner of her lips before walking away. Nicki stood there a bit daze for two seconds before walking away herself as she neared the door to the hall where her next class was held Nicki saw Drake and he shot her an angry look which she didn't understand, she was the one who should be mad after what he did earlier, he had no reason to be mad at her. She rolled her eyes growing tired of his antics and walked in right behind him. Drake walked to a seat as far as possible from the rest of the students and sat before angrily getting his laptop out. He was upset after what he just saw before walking in. So she was mad at him when he really didn't do anything wrong but she wasn't mad at Trey and was letting him kiss all over her. They were both arguing if she was mad at him she sould be mad at Trey too. He knew he needed to make his move and quickly because it was obvious she was falling for Trey's play and his frustration was getting the best of him and was turning into unexplained anger, he really needed to get this off his chest and right then was the time, there was no pushing it back. He looked around expecting Nicki to come and sit next to him or at least not too far away given that she wasn't too happy with him. He was a bit surprised when he saw her sitting far away from him and next to Cassie. Maybe she was more angry at him than what he thought.

Nicki tuned out whatever Cassie was saying to her and was thinking about him. She hated not talking to him. It had never happened since they've known each other and she didn't like this feeling at all. She just wanted this to be over, she was realising that their fight or disagreement was groundless but at the same time there had to be a reason they never fought or stopped talking before even when they disagreed on something so she knew it wasn't just because of the Trey situation but there had to be a reason why he would lose his temper over such a little.

"Are you listening to me ?" Cassie enquired clapping in Nicki's face.

"Yeah, I am." Nicki lied and Cassie carried on talking to Nicki who wasn't giving her any attention.

When the class was over Nicki took her time gathering her stuff. Usually she would rush because it was lunch time and she liked to have as much time as possible alone with Drake but today she was going to eat alone, she doubted Drake would be on a better behavior and had politely turned Cassie down not wanting to have a headache. Once she had gathered all her stuff she got up and followed the other students out of the hall and was the last to get out. As soon as she stepped out of the room she saw Drake standing by the door, she stopped and looked at him but when she saw his face she started walking away his clenched jaw and crossed arms let her know that he wasn't in the right state of mind for a peaceful conversation.

Nicki hadn't even made two steps that she was stopped in her tracks by Drake pulling on her arm.

"What do you want Aubrey ? I don't feel like arguing with you right now." Nicki spoke obviously upset, she looked like she was about to cry and that was enough to change Drake's whole demeanor. He didn't want to upset her and he didn't want to see her like that neither. He sighed and pulled her close to him.

"I don't want to argue either, now come on let's go feed you." He said wrapping an arm around her shoulders as she walked by his side . They hadn't made up and he wasn't trying to change the subject at all or dig the argument, he just wanted her to be a bit better and himself to be more calm so they could have a talk that wouldn't end up with them wanting to kill each other, he didn't have to actually say it, Nicki understood exactly what he was doing and wrapped an arm around his lower back and silently walked by his side enjoying the closeness between them.

The silence in the car was nerve wracking as Drake was driving them to Nicki's favorite pizza place. Neither of them wanted to start the conversation but both had so much to say causing the silence to be awkward and causing them to be uncomfortable around each other for the first time.
Drake turned on some music when the car stopped at a red light. Nicki's small hand reached for the button and turned it off .

"Might as well talk." She said looking through the window.

"Ok." Drake dragged off a bit taken aback.

"Look Nic I'm sorry, I'm sorry for yesterday, sorry for this morning. I know I shouldn't have lost it like that." Drake apologized.

"You're good. Let's just forget about that." Nicki smiled at him.

"For real ? We're good ? You not mad anymore ?" Drake asked surprised. He didn't think it'd be that easy.

"Yes, I mean let's be honest, this is petty. Besides I can't stay mad at you for for ever. " Nicki shrugged as Drake put the car in drive.

"I was being petty, I agree but I had my reasons."

"I know, but I'll need you to calm down Brey. You can't do that. You scared the shit out of him and don't take it the wrong way but, if I wanted him to go, I would have told him to go. I'm not a baby. "

"I know, but he was just getting on my nerves. I was trying to tell you something."

"And what was so important that you couldn't wait two minutes ?" Nicki asked looking at him.  She saw Drake tense up a little and started worrying.

"What is it ? You know you can tell me anything."Nicki encouraged.

"What I wanted to tell you is that there's a reason why I don't want you to be around Trey is that I, I." Drake stopped in his sentence and took a deep breath.

"You what Aubrey ?" Nicki asked him as he was parking the car. He unbuckled his seat belt and turned to look at her. Nicki imitated him and they looked at each other.

"I... I love you Nicki." Drake blurred out. And to his surprise Nicki didn't even flinch.

"I know that and I love you too Brey." Nicki said placing her hand on his own hand.

"No, not like that Nic you don't understand. I am in love with you." Drake spoke and look at Nicki who's eyes shot wide open and she dropped his hand.

"Did you just say you were in love with me ?" Nicki mumbled.

"Yes, that's what I said. I love you Nicki, I'm in love with you." Drake answered placing his hand on her cheek, Nicki didn't move as she was too busy processing what she had just heard. She was definitely not expecting this. She didn't know what to say do or even think. She couldn't believe Drake was sitting there telling her he loved her, he was in love with her. What was she supposed to answer to that. Was she supposed to tell him that she loved him too. Did she love him ? She thought she did but then again how would she know ? She didn't know a single thing about love. She wouldn't know if what she was feeling for him was that kind of love or not. She was plainly and simply lost.

"I.. I don't know what to say, I.." Nicki mumbled under her breath, as she was looking up in his eyes with his hand still resting on her cheek.

"You don't have to say anything, don't feel like I'm pressuring you in saying anything you don't want to say." Drake spoke to her slightly stroking her cheek to sooth her, her breathing was heavier than usual and he could read it on her face, she was panicked. To be honest he was kind of disappointed, he wasn't expecting her to jump in his arms and scream her love for him on the roof tops but he was expecting at least an answer, just something. Her silence afraid him, made him feel like he had messed up big time and that telling her how he felt was a stupid idea. But he wasn't going to make her feel bad for not having an answer to that right away.

"Aubrey, I don't know, I don't know." Nicki repeated lowly.

"And it's alright. You don't have to say anything. You just have to know and to keep in mind that I love you alright ? I just need you to know it." Drake reassured her giving her a smile. A smile that was enough to let her know that everything would be just fine.

Nicki gave him a small smile and he smiled at her again before kissing her cheek.

"Let's go feed you now, I know you're pretty hungry." Drake said before getting out of the car and Nicki followed suit and they walked to the restaurant holding hands as usual, as if nothing happened, as if nothing changed except for he felt a lot better and so did she even though she hadn't find the words to say it . At that moment when he told her that he loved her for the fourth time everything fell in its place, she loved him and she knew it.


Nicki sat on her bed thinking as she observed the piece of jewellery in her hand. She had been starring  at it for the past hour. Why ? She had no idea, she was just starring at it. She wanted to throw it away, after all, there was nothing she could do, It's not as if that ring was going to lead her to her aggressor or maybe it could. She didn't know and even if it could do so, what would it change, she'd find out who the robber was and then what ? What would she do about it ? Absolutely nothing, she couldn't do a thing about it. But for some odd reason she couldn't throw it.
Nicki was still busy thinking and starring at the ring when her phone rang. She grabbed it and looked at the caller's I.D before picking up.

"Hey Bey."

"Hey, is your mother home?" Beyoncé asked.

"No, it's just my father and I, why ?"

"You said you needed to talk to me, I'm here, open the door."  Beyoncé answered before hanging up.

Nicki shook her head at Beyoncé's antics before calling Maria and asking her to let Beyoncé in feeling to lazy to go get the door herself. Minutes later Beyoncé walked in Nicki's room and went to sit on the bed next to Nicki.

"So what is it ? What did your mother do again ?" Beyoncé enquired looking at her friend.

"For once, it's not her, she's on her best behavior right now, she hasn't even talked to me in days."

"So what is it ? Oh no I know, it's Drake right ? He told me y'all got into it yesterday."

"Right, and that's why he told me he needed to talk to me today." Nicki explained before going on to tell Beyoncé about the day's event.

"That's my boy !" Beyoncé cheered when Nicki told her about Drake's confession.

"And what did you say ?" Beyoncé asked clapping as she was eager to find out.

"Nothing, I didn't say a thing, I didn't know what to say." Nicki sighed and looked down.

"Easy, you were supposed to say I'm in love with you too, and he leans in and you do the same and y'all end up making out. Easy . " Beyoncé rambled.
"At lest tell me you didn't run away ?"

"Easy right ?" Nicki said sarcastically.
"And no, I didn't run away, I just said nothing. It's like I froze. " Nicki explained before throwing herself onto the bed.

"Ok and what did he say then ?"

"He said it was ok, he said I didn't have to say anything and that we were good as long as I knew that he loved me, we got out of car and we went to eat just as if nothing happened, we ate went back to college, just like every other day, we joked we laughed just like every other day."

"Well that's good, at least that means you didn't kick his pride that hard." Beyoncé let out.

"I already feel bad Bey don't say that. But I got to admit that you were right."

"Right about what ?"

"I love him, I mean I love him as more than a friend ." Nicki confessed messing with the ring.

"Then why didn't you tell him ?! I already know that, I've known it since day one, he doesn't and he needs to know, you had the perfect opportunity to tell him, why didn't you do it ?" Beyoncé stood up towering over Nicki.

"I don't know , there was all these thoughts swirling in my head and, and I told you I froze." Nicki retorted sitting up straight.

"Ok, right now that you're not frozen anymore, pick up  your damn phone and call the boy, This is ending now." Beyoncé spoke firmly.

"I will talk to him but I'll do it face to face and after I have figured out what I will do about the second problem." Nicki said looking down still messing with the ring.

"What is the second problem ?" Beyoncé raised a brow.

"Trey asked me out on a date and I said I'll go." Nicki said not looking up. "Before you start yelling at me, it was before Drake talked to me. Now I can't tell him I'm in love and go on a date with another guy the next day."

Beyoncé sighed before grabbing Nicki's hands to stop her from messing with the ring so that she could look at her, when the ring slipped out of Nicki's fingers Beyoncé picked it up.

"Now Nicki you listen to me, you.." Beyoncé looked at the ring in her hand and frowned. "Wait, he even gave you his ring ? He gave the ring that never leaves his finger and.."

"What are you talking about ?" Nicki looked up at Beyoncé.

"That's Drake's ring, the one his parents gave him when he got in college, I helped them chose it." Beyoncé said taking a look at the engraving in the ring. "Yeah that's is, it's DG&SG inside, that's for Dennis Graham and Sandi Graham, he had it engraved himself after they gave it to him but you know all of that since he gave it to you." Beyoncé explained in one breath.

"He didn't give this to me and you are mistaken Bey, this is not Aubrey's, it can't be. It's impossible." Nicki said in a monotone tone, looking ahead of her,

"Nicki I'm telling you that's his , how did you get it if he didn't give it to you ?"

"I found it in here, in my room Bey this can not be Aubrey's, are you sure of what you are saying right now." Nicki asked getting up and looking Beyoncé in her eyes, If she was connecting the dots correctly that meant Drake was the robber and she couldn't believe, it was just impossible, he wasn't that guy and that guy wasn't him. But at the same time there was no way, this ring would get in there if he wasn't the guy. As much as she didn't wanted to believe it, the facts were speaking, it was him.

"I am a hundred percent sure, Nicki calm down, if he didn't give it to you then he must have lost it in here that's it." Beyoncé brushed it off.

"Impossible, he's never been here, never ever even stepped a foot in this house, not to my knowledge at least. This is impossible, this is impossible, it can't be him." Nicki laughed thinking she was going crazy.

"It can't be him what ?" Beyoncé asked starting to be concerned and Nicki thought for a while if she told Beyoncé about the robbery she would think she's crazy and wouldn't believe her.

"Tell me." Beyoncé encouraged.

"If I do, you promise not to tell anyone and not to say that I am crazy ?" Nicki pleaded.

"Okay." Beyoncé rose a brow.

"Okay so that night after my parents went to bed." Nicki went on to relate that night's events to her friend.

"And so when I found the ring here near the fireplace I thought it was the robber's wedding band, that he had lost it when he was tearing that robe apart and when you said it was Aubrey's ring I thought that meant he was the robber , do you imagine that ?" Nicki chuckled. "I think truth is I'm going crazy, I'm just paranoid since that night , it simple every noise every movement every t-shirt missing I pin it on "the robber", I guess I was traumatised or something, I mean he pointed a gun at my head, that's pretty traumatising. That's if it really happened, I might just be a crazy lunatic, and now here I was thinking he did this. I'm crazy." Nicki rambled tears streaming down her cheeks, it was her first time talking about it to any one and it felt horrible , she had been trying to push the images and memories of that night away but as she told the story it was just like living it again and it was horrible.

Beyoncé listened to her carefully, she had heard that story already, so she knew Nicki was telling nothing but the truth and she knew Drake lost the ring during the robbery. Seeing Nicki like that broke her heart into pieces.

"You are not crazy Nic, you are not." Beyoncé said sitting down close to her and wrapping her arms around her.

"So you believe me ?" Nicki asked raising her head to look in Beyoncé's eyes and Beyoncé nodded.

"You really do ? You really believe me ? Because I'm not lying he did this whoever it is , he did I swear."

"I know Nicki, I know." Beyoncé looked at Nicki and sighed looking down, now she was feeling extremely bad for keeping this secret.

"I don't want to believe it, and I know this is crazy but how did the ring got here if he didn't do it ?" Nicki asked Beyoncé. Beyoncé didn't answer and shook her head before looking down and taking a breath, When she looked back up, she was met by Nicki's eyes staring into hers. Beyoncé's eyes screwed shut as she thought of what she should say. After a few seconds she opened them and after looking at Nicki's red eyes, dried tears and her hurt and distraught expression for a moment she shook her head again and spoke.

"I can't do this, I can't." Beyoncé said getting up. "Get up." She spoke to Nicki who looked at her as if she had two heads.

"What ?"

"Get up and put some shoes on." Beyoncé said before leaving the room. Nicki grabbed her shoes that were on the floor and quickly slipped them on before running after Beyoncé who was already running down the stairs. Nicki screamed to her dad who probably didn't even hear her that she was going to Cassie's before following Beyoncé out the door. They got in Beyoncé's car and she drove through the L.A streets, Nicki didn't know where they were going and after asking Beyoncé a few times she simply gave up and sat silently waiting the moment they would reach their destination.


"Who's house is this Bey ? Where are we ?" Nicki asked as they got out of the car.

"Just follow me." Beyoncé said as they walked to the door.

"Who was on the phone and why did you ask 'em to clear the place, what does that even mean clear the place." Nicki asked referring to the call Beyoncé gave while they were in the car. Of course she didn't get any answer as Beyoncé pushed the already opened door and walked in the house. Nicki hesitated before walking in and slowly following a few feet behind Beyoncé.
They walked to a pretty dark room where there were only an old couch and a T.V Nicki saw a guy playing a video game, she recognized him, it was Camron and she looked at the other guy who he was playing with.

"Aubrey ?" Nicki asked surprised and Drake who had his back turned to her recognized her voice immediately and turned around.

"Nicki ? What are you doing here ?"

"I brought her here." Beyoncé spoke before fishing the ring in her pocket and handing it to Nicki.

"You guys have some talking to do." She said and was about to leave when Nicki grabbed her arm.

"I was right ?" She asked in a whisper.

"It's not for me to tell." Beyoncé said leaving with Cameron following her. Her last words were the only thing Nicki needed to confirm her thoughts.

When they were alone in the room Drake got up and walked towards Nicki.

"What's wrong Nicki, you shouldn't be here."

"I bet."

"What do you mean." Drake asked getting confused.first he received a call from Beyoncé telling him to put all the guns and drugs away, then she pops out of nowhere, which wouldn't be a shocker if she wasn't with Nicki, Why would she bring Nicki at the warehouse ?

"Don't come near me, I can't believe you did this to me." Nicki spoke through greeted teeth and let the tears roll down her cheeks.

"Did what ? What are you talking about ? Why are you crying ? "  Drake asked and Nicki threw the ring at him, he caught it and observed it , immediately recognizing it and he smiled.

"Where did you find it ? I thought I lost it for good."

"My room, you know you left it in my dad's house, that night when you stole his money."

Drake understood what she was saying right away, the dots connected in his head. She knew.


"The night you stole from him, and the night you threatened to kill me, you put a freaking gun to my head and threatened to pull the trigger. And as if it wasn't enough you tied me to the staircase banister, you tied my hands and you gagged me. You did this to me." Nicki screamed as more and more tears rolled down her cheeks. Drake was standing before her, he was at a loss for words, he wasn't expecting this, he thought if he never said anything, she would never know , he thought he could bury this.

"Say something Aubrey, please tell me you didn't do it, tell me I am going crazy and you didn't do this. Please." Nicki pleaded under her breath.

Drake walked towards her grabbed the sides of her face, he wished he could do what she was asking him to do, he wished he could tell her that he didn't do it, but he couldn't , he was already wishing he had told her the truth himself and before she found out. He brought his forehead to hers and sighed before speaking.

"I can't, I can't say that because truth is I did, I did all those things but Nicki it do..." Nicki used all of her strength to push him away from her.

"What kind of twisted person are you ? First you rob innocent people, then you got scared of being caught and decide you would kill but you didn't and you got scared I'd go to the police, that's why you're playing this twisted mind game with me ?"

"Nicki , I'm not playing any mind game, I did rob you and I did put that gun to your head, I'm sorry, I am so sorry for this sorry even is an understatement, I can't express how sorry I am. You need to trust me I am not playing with you I wouldn't do that , Nicki I lo..."

"Don't you dare !" Nicki stopped him . "You say you are sorry ? Well guess what ? I don't believe you. You are a liar. And even if you were, sorry won't fix this. And don't stand here acting like you're not using my feelings just so I won't go to the police. Anyways, you don't have to fake anymore, I won't go, all I want is you to get out of my life and for good." Nicki screamed at the top of her lungs almost scaring Drake, she was in such a state. She was crying heavily while screaming, her bloodshot eyes were starring right into his and she kept on walking closer to him as she talked as if she was about to hit him.

"Nicki don't say that, none of this was planned, I'm not faking anything." Drake spoke hoping she'll read the truth in his eyes, it was one thing that she knew about what he did, he did it and couldn't erase it but her believing that he was faking everything to keep an eye on her was another thing and he didn't want her to think like that.

"Right, then how do you explain that we mysteriously run into each other the day right after, then you play the whole perfect guy part, the sweater, you hold my hand, you win teddies and goldfish for me , you take me to lunch, you act as if you cared about my problems, you let me cry on your shoulder and last you knock me out with the whole I'm in love with you thing. You are so good at what you do Drake because guess what ? I believed you , I fell for it, I fell for that person you were faking to be, I fell in love with it but, but it was all a lie. You orchestrated all this." Nicki cried out.
"I am the most stupid and the most naive person on Earth. I fell. I hope you're happy, I fell in your trap now you're good, I won't do nothing that could harm you because I can't do such a thing to you, that's what you wanted right ? Now you can't get out of my life." Nicki said dashing towards the door and Drake was about to run after her but was held back by Beyoncé her and Cam had been listening to everything.

"I'm sorry Aubrey, I didn't know what to do she was..."

"You're good Bey, it's not your fault she would have found out sooner or later." Drake sighed.

"It is my fault I shouldn't have brought her here." Beyoncé was feeling extremely bad but she didn't know what to do when Nicki talked to her and she never thought things would go that bad, she never even thought Nicki could imagine such a story.

"It's not, I messed up, you did the right thing okay ?" Drake reassured his best friend and hugged her tight.

"Just take her home, and call me when y'all got there alright ?" He asked knowing there was no use in running after her at the moment. This would take way more than three words to fix besides, she was too angry and too shaken to listen to him.

"Alright I will." Beyoncé answered. "Do you think she'll ever forgive you, I mean us, she knows I knew."

"I don't know, all I know is that I need her to forgive me, otherwise I don't know what I'd do."

"Again I'm sorry."

"Don't be, you did the right thing."

Beyoncé just nodded and walked out dreading the moment she'll get in the car and will have to face Nicki and she was right to.

"You were part of it all weren't you ?" Nicki asked her looking through the window.

"There is no all of it, nobody is trying to trap you Nicki, I knew about the robbery yes and I'm sorry for not telling you but that's all, that's all. The robbery, that's all that ever happened, he didn't try to..."

"Don't lie to me, you helped, him, you pushed me into his arms."

"Because, I know you guys love each other. He tried to stay away from you but he just couldn't because he loves you, he didn't plan to run into you or fall in love with you, it was just fate." Beyoncé spoke truthfully. Nicki thought about it and she was thinking she might have exaggerated things and imagined a crazy story but every time she thinks that, it turns out she was right and was being played. She didn't  trust him or Beyoncé, she didn't want to be the naive little girl again. They were the two persons she was naive enough to trust the most and they burnt her.

"Just take me home. The only reason I'm in this car is because, it's the only way for me to get home. Take me home." Nicki said still not looking at Beyoncé who decided it would be useless to say anything and drove off.


" Did you manage to do what you were supposed to do ?" Taraji asked Trey who was sitting across from her in her office.

"Yes I did. She accepted to go on a date with me."

"And did you get rid of that guy she hangs out with ?"

"I made him look like the bad guy as you said and she got mad at him but I think they made up, I'll just have to push a little and he'll be old news."

"Good I told you she is pretty naive and easy to get to  . You can go now."

"Thank you Ma'am." Trey said before getting up, kissing Taraji's hand and leaving her office.

Taraji picked up her phone and dialed the number of the person she needed before pressing it to her ear.

"Hello ?"

"Hello, sweetheart, Mrs Kodjoe speaking, have you thought about it ?"

"I'm not sure Mrs, I did what you asked me to do for today, but I don't know if I want to do this , I can't."

"How sweet, you don't want to betray your dear friend who doesn't think twice before abandoning you, leaving you all alone without even a text, a look,  nothing for aver two months while she still uses you as alibi and all of that just so she can hang out with her new friends. You are so loyal Cassandra, it is sad that not everyone is that loyal."

"Ok I will, I will do it." Cassie answered still a bit unsure.

"Great, drop by my office tomorrow." Taraji said before hanging up the phone.

Now all she had to do was for them to do the dirty work and watch Nicki fall in the trap.

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