Not So Different Pt.5

UCLA , Los Angles 10 am.

Nicki parked in the parking lot and quickly grabbed her school bag. She took a quick glance at her face in the rear-view mirror, she got her keys and got out of her car, she locked the car before running towards the entrance of the school where Ciara, Future and of course Drake were waiting on her.

"Why are you always late ?" Future complained as Nicki greeted Ciara then him and lastly she hugged Drake hello and the pair held hands as they made their way in the school.

"I swear I tried to be on time today but I had to go back home, I forgot my economics book." Nicki explained.

"You shoud've told me I have mine I could've lent it to you." Drake spoke.

"I didn't think about it." Nicki said as they all walked towards her locker where she put her bag after she had grabbed her economics book and a notebook from it. Ciara then placed her bag in the locker too.

"You guys share a locker ?"

"It's 60$ and this locker is so large you can't fill it, might as well share the space and the expenses." Ciara shrugged.

Once Nicki and Ciara were done, Future and Ciara went to class, and Drake walked Nicki to her class.
"You know you don't have to walk me to class every morning." Nicki told Drake when they arrived to the hall where her class was held.

"Oh ok, I just thought you enjoyed my company but if you don't."

"Stop being stupid, I just don't want you to be late." Nicki retorted.

"I won't ." Drake smiled at her and he kissed her hand that he had been holding since she had arrived that morning.

"I'll see you at noon, for lunch ?" Drake asked.

"Oh god, I forgot to tell you, I'm meeting up with my mother for lunch today, she said she had something important to tell me."

"I thought y'all lived in the same house, why do you need to meet up at lunch to speak ?" Drake laughed.

"Don't ask me." Nicki sighed. 

"Go to class now, see you after school." Nicki smiled at him, and after a sweet kiss on his cheek , Drake ran through the school's hallways to the hall where his class was held, he made it right in time, he didn't even have the time to find a seat that the teacher walked in and started the class.

It was a bit past noon and Nicki was getting in her car. She knew she'd be late, the teacher kept them a bit after the bell had rang and after her class she had went to see Drake just for a hug, the two of them were the bestest of friends, during the past few weeks they had became really close, they spent most of their time together, they had that cute relationship where they took care of one another. To everyone from the outside, it was obvious that they loved each other as more than just friends but the pair would always deny and swear that they weren't more than friends, they both admitted that at first they could see each other as more but that it was a simple crush and that just as any crush it faded away.

While she was driving to the restaurant where her mother had asked her to meet her Nicki looked down at her destroyed white jeans and remembered that her mother hadn't seen her walk out the door this morning and she knew that if her mother had seen that outfit she would've probably never let her get out of the house. Her outfit was nothing outrageous, it was a normal outfit for anyone her age but it was not in her mother's eyes and Nicki knew that if any of the shrews her mother called her friends seen her they would scream that she is misoriented and that this was an unlady-like outfit.
 'Oh well' Nicki thought and shrugged, she had no choice anyways so Taraji would have to suck it up, besides, they've already had that argument a few days prior and Boris told his wife that she had to let her daughter dress the way she wanted to and that's exactly what Nicki was planning on doing.

Nicki walked in the restaurant and after she had told the hostess who was waiting for her she was led to the table where her mother was sitting. Taraji was on the phone and had her shades on as usual, Nicki quietly sat across from her mother and took her jacket off, she took her phone out and started texting waiting for her mother to finish her phone conversation. Taraji soon hang up with her client and focused on her daughter.

"You have no idea of how stupid you look in these clothes sweetheart. Your jeans are ripped now common, are you a bum ? Because that's what you look like."

"Do I ? I think you wearing shades inside is kinda ridiculous but what do I know ?" Nicki answered reflecting the smile and the tone her mother was giving her.

"Right, what do you know little girl ? Not a damn thing." Taraji retorted obviously upset which made Nicki smile a bit.

"I'm quite hungry why don't I have a menu."

"I ordered for you already, we can't have you eating like a cow in public." Taraji said not looking at Nicki, she was answering an e-mail from her asistant.

Nicki sighed and sinked in her seat, se didn't say anything not wanting to start an argument with her mother.
"Anyways, what did you want to tell me that was this important ?"

"First of young lady, you're gonna sit properly and then you watch your damn tone alright ?."

"Mom, I sit the way I want to and I'll talk to you the way you talk to me."

"What has gotten into you Nicki ?" Taraji said in a hushed tone and through greeted teeth not wanting to bring attention to them but she was really getting tired of the atittude Nicki had been giving her lately. Nicki has always somewhat spoke her mind to her mother but she'd never acted out or did anything her mother had forbidden to.

"Me ? Not a damn thing , I'm just me, I guess."

"I'm sure it's that misoriented child of Tina's who's putting things in your head, Imma just let you be stupid until she leaves then you won't have anyone to follow and you'll be back right where I want you to be."

"Her name is Beyoncé and I don't need anyone to follow, and if I did you'd be my last choice."

"Oh right, Beyoncé that's your guru's name." Taraji gave Nicki a fake smile as the waitress came by with their food, as usual Nicki was served a salad.

"What did you want to tell me mom ?" Nicki asked her mother wanting to get straight to the point and tired of the stupid back and forth.

"In a month, the mayor's wife's hosting a charity event and we're invited."

"And ?" Nicki asked chewing on the salad she had in her mouth.

"And, young lady you need a date."

"A what ?"

"A date, you're almost twenty , you can't go to that event alone, you need a date."

"What for ?"

"Because I said so, I can't have you going there alone. The whole city will be there."

"I'll think about that."

"Oh, no,no,no sweetie you won't think about it. I have this list here you pick someone from it, and you'll go on a date with this person and get to know him and that will be your date for the charity event and you have to keep him close because you're pulling him out of your pocket everytime we'll need."

"Really mom ? You gotta be kidding me." Nicki bursted out laughing really thinking that it was a joke, she couldn't believe that this was really happening , her mother was sitting there with a list of guys and was asking her to pick one of them to fake a relationship so she could look good at a damn charity event.

"I'm not kidding, I'm more than serious, you have no idea how you're making me look, you're about to graduate from college and you don't even have a boyfriend , not even a fling, nothing."

"Yeah we both know that it would be a better look if I was whoring around." Nicki said crossing her arms over her chest.

Taraji rolled her eyes at her daugher and chuckled.

"Imma tell you this honey, listen carefully, I won't take your shitty atittude anymore , I've had enough , you keep this up and I ruin you , you know what I'm capable of , do you realise that I control you. What do you think that misoriented child will do for you huh ? Nothing, I'm all you have and don't even think about running to your father."

"Waouh, you just took it to a whole other level. You're threatening you're own child now, how honorable, Nicki spat raising from her seat. She was walking away but Taraji grabbed her wrist stopping her in her tracks, she held the list wich consisted in a red folder with a few sheets of paper in it each corresponding to a different guy.

"Take it baby , you'll need it." Taraji smiled at Nicki and Nicki's jaw clenched before she snatched the folder from her mother.

"Come closer."

Nicki did as told and leaned .

"You don't say a word to your father." Taraji whispered in Nicki's ear before kissing her cheek.
Nicki stood up straight and walked away without even looking back at her mother, she walked out of the restaurant and made her way to her car, when she got in her car she threw the file on the passenger seat and her head fell on steering wheel as the tears started rolling down her cheeks, she couldn't understand her mother's behavior if the whole setting her up with some random guy wasn't really a shocker , the fact that she threatened her was crazy to her, she  was crying not because she was hurt but because she was angry , she wanted so bad to get out of her mother's grip but Tarhat ase to remind her that she wasn't strong enough, and she'd never be able to survive on her own.

Nicki dried her tears and started the car, she drove to the campus and when she arrived there the lunch break wasn't completely over, so she stayed in her car, she leaned back in her seat and let her thoughts whirl in her head as she absent mindedly looked at the people moving around the parking lot and farther away on the campus, after a while there were less and less people, meaning that the break was coming to an end, she grabbed her bag from the backseat and got out of her car.

Drake was at the library, given that Nicki wasn't there he had a sandwich from the vending machine and ate at the library while taking advance on his homework. He had basketball training at six the next morning so he knew  he couldn't stay up late. He took a glance at his watch it was ten to one so he started gathering his stuff. He was putting his last book in his bag when his eyes were covered by tiny hands which he immediately recognized.

"Guess who it is."

"I have no idea, oh no wait I know , it's Jim, the fat boy who always snores in applied mathematics." Drake jocked and the person removed their hands from his eyes and playfully hit his arm.

"You're not even funny Aubrey." Nicki said taking the seat next to him.

"I'm the funniest dude on Earth, you don't know what you're talking about."

"Who lied to you ?" Nicki asked faking a confused face.

"I am funny Nic."

"If you want to think so." Nicki shrugged.

"So how did it go with your mother."

"Bad as expected, but I'd rather not talk about it right now." Nicki answered as Drake and her walked out of library side by side. The sight of them two together didn't shock anyone anymore, it became usual to see them together even when Nicki would hold onto his arm as they walked it didn't make everyone talk, people had gotten over that, they knew their gossips wouldn't get them anywhere because Nicki and Drake were always caught in their world not carrying about what anyone from the outside had to say, the hadn't even noticed it when they had became the hot topic of the school and this for a little over two weeks. When people understood that there was nothing to dig, they just let them be and stopped gossiping about them.

"It was that bad ?"

"It was. Are you working tonight ?"

"No, oh and you missed the announcements, no gymnastics today." Drake informed Nicki, she had joined the team two weeks prior, she had always wanted to but never dared to do it before, that day she had mentioned it to the crew when they were all together and they had encouraged her to do it, when they got on campus the next morning Ciara who was a member of the team brought her right to the coach and the next day Nicki was part of  the team.

"Really ?! That's great because I'm feeling  too down for it."

"What did she do to you ?!" Drake asked Nicki as they walked in the hall where they're finance management class was held. They took seats next to each other trying to be as isolated as possible from the other students, this was one of the rare class where there wasn't a lot of people and Drake and Nicki had that common point, they hated being surrounded by a lot of people. That's why they'd always take seats next to each other but away from everyone else.

Nicki laid her head on Drake's shoulder and his arm wrapped around her.

"She's evil Drake."

"Common Nic, that's your mother we're talking about."

"I know and that's the sad part of it."

Nicki complained as the teacher walked in and greeted his students.

"You're coming over after class, so you can tell me what went on ?" Drake asked Nicki and felt her nod on his shoulder as to say yes.

Both Nicki and Drake 's day ended at 2p.m Nicki usually don't end before 4 but given that gym was cancelled she had two hours to spare so they were going to Drake's and her mother wouldn't know about it since Nicki was allegedly at school.

Drake drove in his car and Nicki followed him.

A few minutes later Drake pulled in his driveway and Nicki parked in the street, she got out of the car and followed Drake in the house and towards the kitchen which was her favorite room in his house. She knew that there she could find all of the food her mother forbade her to eat, all the junk food she liked, the sodas that she never had at her house and also she was fond of his mother's cooking. She'd always eat the leftovers from the day before.

"Look at your face. You're in greedy mode again." Drake laughed at Nicki's excited expression.

"Leave me alone." Nicki pouted as she went to sit at the table.

"Seriously every time we get here your eyes start sparkling." Drake kept making fun of her as he went to the fridge.

"You didn't have to eat salad for lunch that's why you're laughing."

"Poor you. We got lasagna or Mac and cheese, what do you prefer ?"

"Lasagna, no wait. " Nicki stopped and tapped on her chin while thinking.

"I'll have a bit of both if that doesn't bother you."

"Really Nic ?"

"Yes really, this is the last human food I get for the rest of the week, might as well enjoy before I go back to the rabbit food."

"Alright, you're lucky I feel for you." Drake said before getting the two plates from the fridge. He placed a portion of lasagna on a plate along with one of mac and cheese before placing the plate in the microwave. He then went to sit at the table.

"So, tell me what happened ?"

"Uggh, can I eat first ?" Nicki pleaded and coked her head to the side.

"Fine." Drake shrugged.

Once Nicki was full and Drake had nibbled on a snack, the pair went up to Drake's room. As usual Drake was at his desk and started studying while Nicki lazily laid on his bed. Even though Drake was studying that didn't stop him from listening carefully to Nicki who was telling him about what her mother had told her at lunch.

"She's just crazy, it's not even funny !" Nicki whined because Drake was laughing.

"She didn't do that Nic, you're just exaggerating the facts as usual." Drake spoke to his friend.

"No, I'm not, she did exactly what I told you." Nicki retorted and went to get the folder from her bag. She placed it on the desk so Drake could see for himself, and she went back to his bed.

"Damn, no disrespect but  your momma's crazy !" Drake exclaimed when he saw the first sheet of paper, there was a picture of a light skinned man who seemed to be around 20 years old, he had a small fro and green eyes. Aside of the picture there was his name, his age, the school he attended and everything you could know about him.

"That's what I've been telling you !" Nicki sighed heavily and dramatically plopped on the bed she was sitting on.

Drake got up from his chair with the folder in his hand and went to sit on the bed next to her.

"Yo there's even Kevin from the basketball team." Drake said taking that one sheet of paper out of the file.

"Oh really ? At least she has good taste in men."  Nicki said suddenly showing interest to the file that she hadn't even considered since she had it in her possession.

"What ?" Drake frowned.

"What, what ? If I gotta fake a relationship with someone, I'd rather him be a good looking person."

"You mean to tell me Kevin's your type of guy ?" Drake looked at Nicki with a frown

"I don't know, I don't even think I have a type."

"Anyways, are you really gonna do it ?"

"Do I have a choice ? " Nicki  asked looking at Drake as if he had 36 heads.

"You do, you just tell her you can't do it and if you going at that thing with no date is that big of a deal, you just don't go."

"You're so funny Aubrey, as if it was that simple."

"Isn't it ?" Drake asked completely oblivious to how things went in these people's world.

"No it's not. If I don't go then it's the up most humiliation for my mother and you have no idea of what she can do to me if I cause that."

"Wait did they invite you or your mother ?"

"They invited my mom Drake, but that meant I have to go too."

"Way too complicated for me." Drake said giving Nicki a look of sympathy.

"Well, I might just have to pick someone then." Nicki said flipping the pages with a  defeated pout.
Nicki flipped through the file, recognizing guys from her school, and guys she'd meet at events her mother brought her to before.

"Wait, I know him."  Drake said as Nicki was reading through a page.

"He's on the team too. I don't like him." Drake said snatching the paper out of Nicki's hand.

"You dislike every single person on here." Nicki said. Grabbing the next and last sheet and a smile crept on her face when she saw the picture.

"Ok, I hate her but my mom really does have good taste in men."

"Trey ?" Drake asked with a scrunched up face.

"You know him ?" Nicki asked surprised.

"Basketball team." Drake gave her a short answer as he read through Trey's page.

"Dude's real name is Tremaine." Drake said shaking his head.

"Oh you want to talk Aubrey ?"

"Don't even go there Nic." Drake retorted.

"Anyways, I guess I found the one." Nicki said with a dimpled shrug.

"Who ?"


"What ? He's the worst out of them all ! " Drake exclaimed making a face.

"Why would you say that, he's nice, he's smart and he's cute."

"He is an ass, he ain't smart and I don't see how you find him cute." Drake spat.

"Oh my god, you're just being mean. He's nice, at least he has always been nice to me."

"Of course he is, he's trynna get in your pants."

"Stop !" Nicki almost screamed covering her ears.

"I'm just being real with you , it's true, he's being nice to you because he thinks you're naive and you'll give him what he wants."

"You mean to tell me that every guy that's nice to me wants something from me."

"Not all of them but Trey yes."

"Ok, so who do I pick then ?"

"If I was you , I wouldn't chose anyone. This is ridiculous."

"It is but I gotta do ridiculous things in order to fit in the ridiculous people's world."

"Ok, but I don't want you going on no date with any of these guys, they're all spoiled kids, who think they can treat people the way they want to and think they're better than everyone yet they wouldn't be shit without daddy's money."

"But it's not for real so who cares." Nicki said knowing that Drake was right about everything but she was trying to convince herself that it wasn't that big of deal because on the inside she was going crazy, she had never ever went on any date, or even been asked out by a guy, she never even was interested in guys except for Trey who had been her crush during freshman year and of course her crush on Drake but she counted for nothing not knowing how strong it was in reality. So here she was totally not experienced in dating and not even a tad bit interested yet she had to find a guy and build a relationship with him that would look genuine and real to everyone else and as usual she'll be the only one who'll know it's fake and she will give an oscar worthy performance as usual.

"You're really going to do this ?"

"Yes." Nicki hesitated.

"Well then do it, but I personally don't like this idea, not at all."

"I don't like it either, but I have to do it." Nicki said but received no answer from Drake. She sat up and snuggled close to him.

"Don't be mad at me, it's already hard enough for me to do, I don't need you mad at me on top of everything. I know all of this is crazy but I just have to go with it, for now."

"I'm not mad at you, I don't have any reason to, I just want you to open your eyes Nic, you're not just a pawn she can play with and move around like that.  You are a human being and she shouldn't make you do that."

Drake wasn't mad at her but at the situation, he didn't know why he cared so much but he did. Was it because he felt for her and was tired of seeing her do nonsensical stuff like this just to please her mother and all of these people who didn't give a damn about her yet managed to have a huge impact on her life just of their judgment or was it because he had to see her go out with someone ? He had no idea why it affected him that much but the fact was that he didn't like a single part if this whole masquerade.

"I know , I know it's not ok but there's nothing I can do about it. I have to do what she asks me to until I find a way to get out of her grip."

"Alright, but don't ask me to help you chose, I'm not getting involved in that. " Drake said with a light chuckle as he got up from the bed and went back to his desk.

"I've already chosen anyways." Nicki shrugged replacing everything back in the folder.

"Good for you then."

"You don't want to know ?!"

"No, I don't." Drake said focusing on his book, his back turned to her.

"Well, I'm telling you anyways, it's Tremaine."

"Nic ! Have you heard anything I told you ?" Drake said turning around to look at her. He wasn't ok with her going on a date with any of the guys from the folder but he hated the fact that she'd chose Trey out of them all.

"Yes and you said they were all the same so I chose him because it would be the less awkward. I don't even have any idea of who the hell the others are."

"Fine, do what you gonna do." Drake shrugged and went back to his books.
Nicki got up from the bed and went to sit on a chair next to him, she grabbed a book that was on the desk, and opened it to pink bookmark , there was two bookmarks a brown one which signaled where Drake had stopped reading the night before and the pink was hers, she opened the book and brought her chair closer to him and leaned on him before she started reading while Drake studied.


It was around seven and Nicki was back home, she had invited Beyoncé over and they were watching T.V. while chatting.

"Are you going to the Mayor's wife charity event ?" Nicki asked Beyoncé.

"My mom mentioned it, but I don't think I'll go,why ?"

"I just wanted to know, because I am going."

"Your mom said you had to didn't she ?"


"You know it's a dance right ? Who are you going with ?"

"I hae no idea yet." Nicki lied not wanting to tell Beyoncé what she was forced to do, she didn't want to disappoint her friend, since Beyoncé and her had became friend Beyoncé had been trying to help Nicki and she'd always tell her that she needed to stand up for herself in situation like this and learn how to say 'no' therefore she knew that if she told her what she was about to do Beyoncé would lecture her again and after Drake's rant Nicki wasn't feeling like hearing it at all.

"You should go with Aubrey and see your mother's face." Beyoncé laughed imagining Taraji's face.

"Oh my god, you are crazy !! She'd go nuts if I did sucha thing."

"Well you're supposed to go with a date who is supposed to be someone you like and Aubrey's your boyfriend so he matches that description, besides it would disrespectful to go with someone else."

"I told you to stop saying that, he is my friend and that's it."

"And I'm telling you that you guys are way more than friends, you're too damn close, your relationship is not a friendship , it's more than that."

"He's like a bestfriend to me that's it."

"They say lovers are supposed to be bestfriends, Jay's my bestfriend." Beyoncé shrugged. "Besides you've told me yourself, you like him."

"I admit I had a crush onhim at first but it's just because he's adorable, I thought I had feelings for him but I don't even know what it is to like a guy." Nicki explained.

"Right you don't, that's why you're not realising that you are falling for him." Beyoncé stated as if she was saying that the sky is blue.

"You really think so ?"

"I know so."

"That doesn't change anything. I think you're mistaken."

As Nicki ended her sentence they heard the front door slam and the clicking of heels against the marble floor in the foyer.

"What is she doing here this early ?" Nicki whispered and Beyoncé shrugged.

The clicking of the heels got louder and louder meaning the woman was getting closer and closer. Moments later Taraji walked in the room and when she noticed the two young women lazily sitting on the couch with a fur plaid wrapped around their bodies she stopped right in front of them , preventing them from seeing whatever was on the T.V

"Well good evening ladies." She said with the nicest yet the most evil smile ever.

"Good evening Mrs. Kodjoe." Beyoncé answered giving her the exact same smile, they both hated it each other and that was no secret.

"Can't you speak Nicki ?" Taraji asked her daughter with that look af contempt Nicki had grown used to.
"Good evening mother." Nicki answered her head lowered.

Taraji shook her head at Nicki and walked away from the scene , leaving Nicki and Beyoncé alone.
"It's funny how the room always feel so cold after her passage." Nicki chuckled wrapping the plaid tight around her.

"Well good evening ladies." Beyoncé moked Taraji getting up.

" I can't stand your mother, I just can't."

Nicki who was laughing at Beyoncé's impression of her mother stoped laughing when her mother walked back in the room.

"Maria's telling me that dinner'll be ready in a few, Beyoncé would you make us the honor of joining us ?" Taraji asked Beyoncé, that fake smile still on her lips.

"How unlucky ! My family's waiting on me for dinner, I was on my way out." Beyoncé answered.

"I guess we're out of luck, we would've relly enjoyed it if you could stay."

"And I would've been so pleased to join you all." Beyoncé said obviously being sarcastic, Nicki accidently let out a chuckle and both her mother and Beyoncé's heads turned in her direction if Bey was smiling back at her, her mother was shooting her a death glare.

"Hum, I'll see Beyoncé to the door." Nicki said getting up.

"Yeah do that." Taraji said through greeted teeth.

"Bye Ms Knowles." Taraji spoke before turning back on her heels and walking away.

Beyoncé didn't even bother answering and Nicki pushed her towards the hallway as they both laughed.

"We're not waiting on dad ?"

"He's working." Taraji said in an icy tone pulling out her seat before sitting on it. Nicki pulled her own seat out and sat down, she sat a leg under her butt and Taraji immediately noticed it.

"Sit properly Nicki and I'm not repeating myself."

Nicki sat properly not wanting to cause any argument , she wasn't feeling like it.

"So, what lesson did your guru teach you today ?" Taraji  asked referring to Beyoncé.

"Look mother, I'm so over this, I don't even want to get in no argument with you and I'm sick and tired of this back and forth shit we keep going, so as of right now, if those are the only thing you have to say to me then don't talk to me at all, I won't talk to you either and that's it." Nicki said getting up from the table and walking out of the dinning room, she didn't even want to eat in the firstplace she knew she'd have salad, soup of soja stuff so it wasn't no big loss.

"Wait." Taraji called after Nicki.

"What ?" Nicki turned around to look at her mother.

"Don't you ever tell me what I have to do ever again first of all , then I could care less about having conversations with you and lastly, have you thought about what I've asked you ?"

"I have." Nicki said lowly looking down at her hands.

"Good, who had the honnor of being selected."

"Tremaine Neverson." Nicki said feeling even more bad than before.

"Good choice, I hate that boy's mother but his father has such a great position, I think I can deal with that lower class gold digger."

"Whatever you say , I'll be upstairs." Nicki said once again desgusted by the way her mother treated people, yes Mrs Neverson doesn't come from a wealthy family and yes she married well,, but anyone who had some sense could tell that the only reason why she married that man is because they love each other. But a union like this one would never find grace in her mother's eyes and of course someone like her would always think that money is the only reson why she married her husband.

Nicki went up to her room and got in her bed, she got to her desk and started on studying , hoping it would get things out of her mind.


A Week Later : 

It was a bit past five and Nicki and Ciara were outside of the gymnasium waiting on the boys, they were just getting out of their gymnastics training.

They were just chatting while they waited when Nicki felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned around with a huge smile on her face thinking it was Drake but when she turned around she was met by Trey's face.

"Hi beautiful." Trey spoke up, with a dazzling smile, for a few second Nicki's mind was blown and she was at a loss for words. First of boys never ever talked to her, and this was Trey the guy she had a huge crush on throughout whole freshman year and to top it all he was calling her beautiful no one ever called her that except from her father which didn't count and Drake but to her he said this just to be nice.
Nicki recolected her thoughts before fixing her mouth to talk back.

"Hum, H-hi."

"Can I holla at you for a second ?"

"Hum, y-yes s-sure ." Nicki stammered and when he extended his hand out to help her get up she took it and stood up. She looked at Ciara hesitantly and Ciara gave her a small smile and a nod.

Nicki and Trey walked away from the steps and towards a bench not too far away from where they previously were.

"So how have you been ?" Trey asked Nicki who's cheeks turned rosey well even more than they already were.

Two days prior Taraji had invited the Neverson over for dinner, the only purpose of it being to set Nicki and Trey  together. Trey had acted flirtatious all along diner and before he left he had asked for Nicki's number , she didn't know if he had been put up to this just like she was or if he really was genuine but it didn't matter because she was happy about it, it made her feel good, feel wanted and attractive and it was all that mattered. Since that night Trey and Nicki hadn't stop texting. Nicki never wanted to get on the phone with him to afraid because she knew she would be stuttering just like she was right now.

"G-good , you ?"


"That's great." Nicki said proud herself fore not stuttering.

Meanwhile back to the steps outside of the gymnasium the boys were finally out and had joined Ciara.

"Where's Nic, I thought she was with you ?" Drake asked Ciara.

"She was, but Trey asked to talk to her." Ciara said pointing to the bench where Nicki sat next to Trey. When Drake looked in their direction his jaw clenched, he didn't know why but he just hated seeing them together. The fact that Trey was the only thing she talked about for two days straight was enough, he didn't need to see them together on top of that.

"What does he need to talk to her for ?" Drake angrily asked Ciara.  Ciara shrugged.

"Why does it bother you that much anyways ? Are you jealous or something ?"

"No I was just asking, a question." Drake said trying to keep calm.

"I was wondering, maybe I could take you out someday." Trey asked Nicki flashing her yet another perfect smile. Nicki looked down trying to hide her blushing cheeks.

"Like on a date ?" She asked, immediately regretting her question.

"Yes, on a date. " Trey answered smiling at her and she looked up at him.

"Well, yes I'd love it."  Nicki answered looking down at her hands and Trey placed his index finger under her chin to raise her head then he kissed her cheek making her blush even more.

"I'm glad. I'll let know where and when, ok ?"

Nicki smiled and nodded.

"See you later beautiful." Trey said giving her yet another kiss then he walked away and Nicki turned around to watch him leave, a huge smile on her lips. She bit her bottom lip as she got up.

This scene unfold before Drake's eyes to his displeasure. When Nicki got to her friends level she went to hug Drake but was a bit taken aback when he didn't hug back the way he usually does, he usually holds her tight to him almost lifting her from the ground. But this hug was a brief hug which Nicki didn't understand.

"How are you ?" Nicki asked Drake. Who didn't even answer her question as another one burned his lips.

"What did he want ?" Drake asked Nicki as the small group started walking towards the parking lot.

"He asked me out on a date." Nicki spoke with a huge smile.

"Really ?" Ciara almost screamed turning to Nicki.

"Yes really. And he was so nice." Nicki said , that sheepish smile never leaving her lips.

"Right, that's probably how your mother asked him to act." Drake mumbled and the others heard him.

"What are you talking about ?" Future asked.

Drake was the only person who knew about what her mother forced Nicki to do. She hadn't tell anyone else about it.

"Nothing, Nicki did you drive here or did your father take you ?" Drake asked wanting to know if he had to take her home or not.

"My dad dropped me off , but I ain't driving with you if that's how you're gonna act." Nicki answered.

"And who gon' take you home ? Trey ?"

"Aww, look at them baby , they're having their first lover's quarrel."  Ciara spoke to Future.

"We're not." Nicki retorted.

"Are you driving with me or not ? Because I have stuff to do. " Drake asked Nicki.

"Ugh."Nicki walked past Drake and Future laughed at his two friends.

"Be nice, she ain't done nothing wrong." Ciara told Drake before they all went their separate ways. Ciara and Future went towards Future's car and Drake followed behind Nicki.

Drake's car came to an halt before the huge gate of the Kodjoe's property.

Right then Nicki unbuckled her seat belt. Drake looked at her expecting her to get out of the car but she didn't.

"What's wrong with you ?"  She asked him as he obviously was upset about something.

"Nothing's wrong with me." Drake answered in a cold tone.

"Well, can you at least get me through the fucking gate ?" Nicki angrily asked. Now he had managed to piss her off. She hated it when he acted childish like that and  would sulk in his corner not saying anything when she could clearly see that there was something.

Drake was a bit thrown, he had never heard Nicki curse and knew that she had to be pissed to do so but he couldn't stop the chuckle that he let out.

"Ain't shit funny Drake." Nicki said as the gate was opening and the car was put back in drive.

This time Drake bursted out laughing causing Nicki to make a face. By the time Drake's car came to a stop again he was still laughing and Nicki looking at him as if he was crazy.

"What's wrong with you ?" Nicki looked at Drake as if he had grown 36 heads.

"I'm sorry Nic, I'm sorry. You're just so funny when your mad."

"As I said ain't shit funny Drake !" Nicki said playfully hitting his arm.

"See. It is. It's just too funny when you curse." Drake said still laughing.

"You are the one who makes me curse, you pissme off when you do that !" Nicki exclaimed looking through the window.

"Ok, ok, I'm sorry." Drake said trying to reach for her hand but Nicki pushed his hand away.

"I said I was sorry." Drake repeated and Nicki turned around to look at him.

"Oh so now that you're done acting like a child and sulking in your corner I should be all smiles and talk to you ? Well I don't want to , I want to act like a baby too."

"Ok, I get it , I apologize Nicki now would you forgive me ?"

"I don't know." Nicki crossed her arms over her chest.

"It's just I can't stand seeing the way you act around him, I just can't bear it." Drake finally admitted.

"What ?"

"I said I-" Drake started to repeat himself but was cut off by Nicki.

"I heard you, but why is it that big of a deal to you ?"

"Because , for one, I don't trust him and two I see you smiling and acting as if you were in love with that stupid ass boy and it's like you forgot that it is all fake."

"Well thanks for reminding me, thanks for reminding that no one will ever be interested in me unless they're forced to." Nicki said before opening the car's door.

"Don't take it like that Nic, you know-" Drake was cut of by the door slamming shut and Nicki ran towards the front door not looking back.

Drake's hands formed into fist and he hit the steering wheel before sighing heavily mad at himself, thinking that he should have just kept his thoughts to himself. He wasn't understanding his own behavior right then he knew he was acting like a child, yes he didn't trust Trey and yes he didn't Nicki to get too caught up in that game but he knew that the real reason why he acted like that was because he hated not having her to himself. He knew it was selfish but he just didn't want to share Nicki with anyone and even less under these circumstances.
He put his car in drive and got off the Kodjoe's property but didn't drive that far as he went to pick Beyoncé up from her house.
He sent her a text when he was nearing her house so that she'd open up the gate. He parked in the driveway and waited for her. Moments later he saw her happily sashaying towards his car.

"Hurry up Yoncé, you know I don't like being out here in your neighbourhood I don't feel safe." Drake jocked as Beyoncé was getting in the car.

"Yeah you enjoy this neighbourhood more  at night when you're invading." Beyoncé answered as they shared a quick hug.

Drake then put the car in drive again and they drove away from the  posh neighbourhood. Drake was rather silent during their ride to the warehouse which didn't sit well with Beyoncé so she tried to spark up a conversation.

"I can't believe you're having me doing this again." Beyoncé said laughing.

"I know but Sean said you were needed so." Drake answered.

When Beyoncé left her house, she managed to take some money with her but she and Jay knew that even if the added Jay's money it wouldn't be enough to carry on their plan. So although Jay was firmly oppose to it Beyoncé decided that she'd do whatever the boys would need her to do in order  to stack more money so she ended up doing drops or being the accomplice of burglaries and other stuff but never anything too crazy. When they had enough money. Jay bought their one way ticket for New York, they packed their belongings and left.

"Remember the day I had to distract that old dude so y'all could get his car and we almost got caught because of Cameron's  stupid ass ?" Beyoncé laughed at the memory this one always made them laugh but this time around the only thing she got from Drake was a chuckle as he was looking at his phone.

"Who are you texting ? Beyoncé asked Drake.

"Nicki, she hates me right now." Drake answered.

"Why ?" Beyoncé asked.

Drake went to tell her what happened a few minutes before.

"Y'all need to quit playing, just tell her that, you're in love with her and that's why you don't want her near that individual."

"I'm not in love with her. I just don't trust him, and I don't want her to get hurt that's it."

"Yeah , and you're jealous, you don't to share your girlfriend with anyone, I can get that." Beyoncé said applying a fresh coat of lipstick on her lips.

"And what if I am jealous."

"Then you need to get your girl before she ends up with that spoiled daddy's boy."

"How do I do ?"

"Now you know what you have to do, you don't need me.for that."  Beyoncé said looking at Drake wth a sweet smile, she was proud of herself, she had at least managed to open Drake's eyes and as for Nicki, Drake would now all the work, all she had to do was lay back and watch it unfold.

"I'm amazing !!" Beyoncé squealed and Drake shook his head at her.


Nicki walked in the empty mansion and she went up to her room. She was fuming mad when she stepped in her room. She wasn't having Drake's attitude at all, first he acted like a child which she hated then there was that comment he made, she knew she was overreacting but still, she felt like she was entitled to be angry at him. She knew he could be right and that Trey was possibly put up to this by his mother, his father or even her own mother after all, they were all crazy people who only thought about apparences, but still that comment got to her, it was as if  Drake couldn't stand seeing her happy, even if it all was fake, it made her happy to fell wanted for the first time and he had to come and ruin it for her, that comment really made her feel as if he thought that she wasn't attractive enough for a guy to genuinly like her and given how insecure she was it hurt her.

Nicki went to turn some music on just to fulfill the silence that she couldn't take anymore since that night she just hated being alone in the house with no music on, as every little noise she heard scared her to death, she the started taking her clothes of and went to take a shower.
After a well needed and relawing shower, Nicki got out and grabbed a hot pink plush robe and pulled it on before tying it. She then went to her closet to find some comfy clothes to were. She grabbed some underwear, a tank top and boy shorts. She went back into her room and dropped the clothes on her bed and she was about to walk to her ensuite bedroom when she saw something glimmering near the small glassdoore fireplace that she almost never use. She went to pick up what seemed to be a man's wedding band, she knew it wasn't her father's and she had never seen it before. Inside was engrave DG&SG. She stood there thinking and after a while the dots conncted in her head, the last time she used the fireplace was when she burnt her sherd robe from the night of the robery and she personnally asks the maid not to clean her room and she hadn't really clean it since then, she's clean stuff here and there but had never really cleaned the whole room so this ring could possibly be her agressor's . Nicki was pondering on it still starring at the ring when she heard someone speak her name she turned around hidding the ring behind her back.

"Hey !"  Cassie stood at the entrance of her room.

"Hey, how did you get in ?"

"Your father was getting in when I arrived, he let me in."

"Oh, Alright." Nicki answered and they both stood uncomforyably looking at each other.

"Well, come in." Nicki spoke to Cassie.

"Look I'm sorry for what I said about your friend the other day-" Cassie started but Nicki cut her off.

"It's ok Cass', just don't do it again." Nicki said not anting to hear a long and annoying explanation.

"Really ? So we're back to being friends ?"

"Yes as long as you don't do it again." Nicki said and Cassie nodded before walking to Nicki and pulling her into a hug, Nicki hugged her back holding the only trace of her agressor in the palm of her hand.

Hey so I know it's not much and I wrote in a rush but I thought it was better than nothing as I didn't want to go another three weeks without posting. Anyways I hope you liked and please please comment and let me know what you think about it.

Love, muah 😘😘 


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