I Want You Part. 9

Hey! I know it's been a while and I apologize for that, I've been pretty busy lately between school and dance and also I was in the whole process of moving so yeah the last month was pretty hectic, so I didn't get a lot of time to write, I'm really sorry. i hope you'll still enjoy it ...

"That's crazy ! I wasn't expecting that." Nicki said and paused to look at Drake. "How do you feel about all of that ?"

"I don't really know what to think, you know how I feel about her, this calls everything in question. I feel like I can't refuse her the right to see her kids if this is what really happened."

"Right, I've always felt like you shouldn't deny her the right to be in her children's lives and even more now. If what she told you is true then you should most definitely give her a chance." Nicki said and sat up indian style, showing him that he had her undivided attention.

"So you're saying I should let her meet them ?"

"Yes, I think it's what's best, they need a mother, they might not express it or even think about it right now but there will come a time when they will need her and if she is willing to do what it takes and be a better person then now's the time."

"So wise ." Drake thought out loud and looked at her with a cheeky smile which Nicki returned as she took his hand in hers.

"You're right, I'llto reach out to her and see what's up."

"Good, but before you even talk about letting her see them you need to let her know what rules you go by. She needs to know what she can do or not , and you need to set boundaries."

"Boundaries ? What do you think Imma do with her ?"

"Not like that ! When I say boudarries, I mean let her know what she can do or not, when she can see them or not, stuff like that, this a process y'all need to take step by step."

"I see,  the lawyer's speaking, you're totally right though, I don't want no craziness to happen. But there's one thing I need to know before I do anything."

"What is it ?"

"I need to know that you'll be there all along the way, I need you, we're a team."

"I'm right here and I ain't going nowhere, I promise team mate." Nicki smiled at him before getting up and going to hug him. Drake got up from the towel he was on with Nicki in his arms. He ran toward the water where the kids where playing.

"What are you doing Drake ? Put me down !Put me down right now !!" Nicki screamed but Drake did none of that and kept running till he got close to the water, and threw her in it. He bursted out laughing along with the twins when they saw Nicki's face emerge from the water.


The next morning.

Zahir and Zahirah woke up at the same time in their father's bed between Nicki an him. They had slept in the bed with Drake and Nicki too afraid that she'd be gone by the time they'd wake up.
After laying in bed awoken for a while they decided it was time for the two adults to wake up and they agreed on waking them up in their own way. They both stood up on the bed and started jumping on the two adults, screaming "Wakey! Wakey!"Nicki and Drake were startled and their eyes shot open. Smiles appeared on their faces when they realised it was the twins jumping on them. Drake suddenly sat up scaring the twins and they screamed as he groaned acting like a lion before catching them and pinning them down on the bed then he started tickling them while Nicki grabbed her phone and filmed the scene.
Drake stopped tickling when the twins started crying from laughing. He kissed them goodmorning before they crawled to Nicki and also kissed her goodmorning and then they hoped off the bed and observed the two adults as they still laid there. 

"It's time to wake up." Zahirah said clapping.

"How about you two go brush your teeth and we'll get breakfast ready ?" Drake suggested.

"Ok." Zahir answered and dragged his sister away. 

"Good morning beautiful." Drake scooted closer to Nicki and tucked a loose lock behind her ear. 

"Hi handsome." Nicki smiled at him.

"How did you sleep ?"

"Like a baby." Nicki said sitting up. She kissed Drake's cheek before getting out of the bed and walking to the ensuite bathroom, she went to relieve herself then she brushed her teeth as she was doing that Drake walked in and started on brushing his teeth too. When she was done brushing her teeth Nicki sat on the bathroom countertop and waited for Drake to finish. When he was done he stepped closer to her and placed his hands on her exposed thighs. Nicki's hands moved to the sides of his face, they leaned in for a kiss. It started of as just a soft kiss but quickly turned in a make out session as their hands roamed each other's body. Drake's lips travelled from her lips to her collarbone, his hands sneaked under her tank top but were soon slapped away by Nicki. It didn't stop him though as he tried to take it off her body but as he was pulling it up Nicki pushed it down her lips still captured by his.

"Why are you being a killjoy right now ? " Drake asked pulling away from the kiss.

"Because just in case you forgot the kids are waiting for us down stairs."

"Hmmph ! You're right ."

"Don't be sad daddy. " Nicki said hoping 
of the countertop. She walked towards Drake and stood on the tip of her toes  to whisper in his ear. "Good things come to those who wait." She bit her lip and winked before walking away chuckling and Drake followed behind her and smacked her ass as she walked out the door.

Nicki, Drake and the twins were having breakfast outside on the patio while happily making small talk. Everyone at the table was joyfull and laughing, they were just blessed to be reunited in such a beautiful and peaceful setting.

"You're not taking him to no barber shop !" Nicki retorted after Drake had said that he was planning on taking Zahir to the barber.

"Oh ?! And why is that ?"

"Why do you always do that Aubrey ? He doesn't want to cut his hair, stop pushing him."

"Yes he does. He doesn't want to look like a girl."

"Ok stop. I know exactly what you're tryng to do. He doesn't want to cut his hair." Nicki reaffirmed.

"Let's ask him." Drake shrugged before turning to his son. "Now Zay do you want to keep your hair this long and look like a girl, I mean your hair is as long as your sister's." Nicki rolled her eyes and kicked Drake under the table making him chuckle. "Or do you want to get a fresh hair cut, something stylish and all that."

"Drake stop ! You're trying to influence him."

"Alright ! Zay what do you say ?"

"I think I want to cut my hair." Zahir answered a bit unsure and Drake cheered while Nicki shook her head.

"Do you really baby ? You're not saying this because of your father right ?" Nicki asked in a last attempt to make him change his mind.

"Yes, I'm sure but not too short." Zahir affirmed.

"That's a wrap ! We're going to the barber shop." Drake commented.

"Y'all just go and do that. I'll take Zahirah out since she's the only one who has all of her head here. What do you want to do ladybug ?" 

Zahirah looked up from her plate and smiled widely, happy to spend time alone with Nicki.

"Hmmm, I don't know." Zahirah said with a pout as she thought about something to do.

"I know !" Zahirah said as an idea popped in her head. "I want to ride a horse !" She excitedley said.

"Noooo !!" Zahir intervined.

"I want to do that too, you can't go without me."

"Ok how about this, Zahirah and I go do girls stuff while y'all ruin my boy's hair, then we can all go horseback riding."

Everyone agreed on that but as usual Drake had something to say.

"You sure you're not scared ?" 

"Nope, why ? Are you scared ?" Nicki retorted.

"Not even a littled bit, but you know you'll be riding a poney right." Drake joked causing Nicki to pout.

"Making fun of my size , that's so low."

"I'm not making fun, just stating a fact."

"Ok, you're too mean, I'm done talking to you. Common ladybug let's go get ready." Nicki said before storming off with Zahirah following her and Zahir and Drake cracked up. 

Everyone was now ready to go Drake and Zahir hopped in one of the two SUVs after kissing Nicki and Zahirah goodbye and Nicki and Zahirah hopped in the other one. And everyone went into their own direction.


"Zay stop ! Why would you do that ?" Nicki laughed at the little boy who had just splashed her with the water from his bath. They had came back home hours ago and had dinner, Nicki and Drake were now getting the twins ready for bed. They were really tired after the day they had, Zahir got his hair cut, after all Nicki didn't find it too shocking, she actually liked it, his hair was shorter than before but not that much he still had the wild curls she loved, Nicki and Zahirah had their bounding time and were both really happy about that, then they all went horseback riding which was a lot of fun for everyone. 

"It's funny. That's why I did it." Zahir laughed at Nicki's face.

"No it's not, I gotta change now. My clothes are soaked." Nicki said trying to look mad but the smile on her face let Zahir know that she was not mad at him.

"It is funny, you are laughing." Zahir said and Nicki helped him out of his litte bath tub and wrapped a towel around him before carrying him to his room where she helped him to put his pajama on while they sang together.
When he was all dressed Nicki picked Zahir up in her arms and they made the trip to Zahirah's room where Drake was getting her ready form bed. When they walked in Zahirah was already in bed. Nicki laid Zahir on the other end of the bed. She then went to sit on Drake's lap, he was sitting on the near by armchair and had a book in hand.

"You started reading without us ?"

"No we were just chatting." Drake answered and opened the book and started reading the bebtime story Zahirah had chosen.


A few days later, Drake was at the studio and Nicki was home with the kids. Most of their days would go that way, even though Drake tried to get the more time he could to spend with his family he still had to work but no one complained about it, the twins and Nicki knew that they were lucky to have him back home with them at night at least, they had experienced his complete absence when they were on different sides of the country or even of the Earth so they understood  and couldn't complain even the times he wasn't home until 1 in the morning. That day he had promised to be home for dinner.

Stephanie his sister was in town so her Sade and Spirit had came over for the day. Nicki and Stephanie were just chatting in the lounge while the kids were all playing together . 

"I want the same doll." Sade excalimed as she was dressing one of Zahirah's doll.

"Nicki bought it for me. "

"Is Nicki your mommy ? She is very pretty." Spirit asked.

"She is pretty but she is not my mommy I don't have a mommy." Zahirah answered pouting, even though now they had Nicki in their lives as a mother figure the twins were aware that she was not their mother and clearly they knew their mother wasn't around. 

"Everyone has a mommy."

"We don't, we have a daddy and we have Nicki." Zahir spoke.

"If you don't have a mommy who helps you to get dressed ?"


"And who does your hair ?"


"Who cooks dinner ?"

"Clarissa but when she's not here Nicki does."

"Who take you to bed."


"Then Nicki is your mommy, that's why she is your daddy's lover."

"Really ?"

"Yes . Mommies and  daddies are lovers."

"It would be cool if Nicki was my mommy. I love her." Zahir smiled at the thought. It wasn't the first time him or his sister had thought about that. Even though Nicki had clearly been introduced to them as their nanny , she had always acted motherly to them and was the one and only mother figure they had in their lives and their cousins puting it into perspective made the wheels turn in the children's heads.

The kids soon jumped on another subject just as kids do , not really grasping the importance of the conversation they just had. They went on to play until it was time for Sade and Spirit to leave. 

After Sade, Spirit and their mother left, Nicki and the twins decided to watch a movie. The trio was in the home movie theatre watching the movie but something was off and Nicki felt it. The kids are always cheerful and bubbly they always have something to say so for them to be this quiet made Nicki feel like something was wrong. 

"Did y'all have fun with your cousins today."

Both Zahir and Zahirah answered with a small yes.

"What did y'all do ?"

"We made puzzles and we draw and we played karaoke." Zahir answered.

"And we dressed dolls." Zahirah added.

"Sounds nice." Nicki answered desappointed that she didn't get more info concerning why they were acting so distant, maybe she was just tripping and they really were just tired or something.

"Are you guys tired ?"

"No." Zahirah answered and Zahir agreed.

"Why so quiet then ? Is there something that's bothering you ?"

"Yes" Zahirah said softly

"No." Zahir argued. 

Nicki knew Zahir was the type to keep everything in until he was really ready to talk or until he had pondered on it as opposed to Zahirah who would  immediately speaks without even thinking , if she has something on her mind she's going to say it period. That's why Nicki chosed to go with Zahirah , she got her out of her seat and sat her on her lap. 

"Tell me what's wrong ladybug."

"You won't get mad ?"

"No, I won't. What's wrong ?"

"Are you our mommy ?" Zahirah asked looking Nicki in the eyes and Nicki's eyes shot wide open and her throat got dry, she looked everywhere in the room trying to avoid the twins' glare. She was not prepared for this question at all. She didn't even know what she should answer to that, well she knew she had to tell them that she was not and even more since they were about to meet their mother but she didn't feel like breaking their hearts nor their hopes. Given how close they were, and how she acted towards them she knew this day would come but she also knew that they wouldn't just take the 'no I'm not' and roll with it she knew exactly what conversation it would lead to and she hoped Drake was there, she didn't want to have that talk with them without him there. 

"Hum,  n-no, I'm not."

"I knew it." Zahir spoke lowly making Nicki feeling even more bad.

"But you know I love you right ?!" Nicki's gaze swept from Zahirah's confused face to Zahir's redden eyes and at that moment she felt like crying.

"Yes, and I love you too."  Zahirah answered first and soon a small smile made his way on her brother's lips before he told Nicki he loved her too.

"But erm why would you ask that ?" Nicki inquired, she was curious as to why they would ask her that now. 

"Because Sade and Spirit think you are our mommy." Zahirah said in a moody tone. 

"But if you're not our mommy, does that mean we don't have one ?" Zahir asked.

"No, you guys do have a mother, she's just not here for the moment." Nicki tried to explain with the right choice of word . After she was done talking, the end credits appeared on the screen and Nicki felt like right then was the time to change the subject before they got to deep into things.

"How about we go make dinner now ?!" She hoped that would take their mind off the question at hands for now at least. 
The twins agreed and the trio made its way towards the vast kitchen where they started on making dinner.

Not even an hour later Drake walked in the kitchen and they greeted him with hugs and kisses. After chatting with the twins for a few minutes and they had told him about their day and him about his he went to help Nicki finish cooking dinner.
Drake found the way she was acting a bit weird, he noticed how quiet she was and also she seemed to be elesewhere, he had to repeat everything he said twice because she wasn't listening to him at all and when she ditable woodenr him the only answer she would give him were short answers which was really rare for her to do. With that Drake figured something was wrong with her.
He carefully took the knife from her hand and set it counter before turning her around so that she would look at him.

"Ok, what's wrong ?"

Nicki stayed silent and looked down at her hands and started fidgeting with the rings on her fingers. Drake took notice of it and held the sides of her face to raise her head and make her directly look at him.

"What's wrong ?" Drake repeated his question. Nicki sighed before answering.

"Did you call Zineb or even tried to reach out to her ?"

Drake let go of Nicki and went to sit at the kitchen island.

"No, I didn't. Is this what's bothering you ?" Nicki went to take a seat across from him.

"Sort of." She answered looking down at the wooden table as she was drawing aimless patterns on it with her finger.

"What do you mean sort of ?"

"You are going to call her right ?"

"Yes, I just needed a little bit of time to think, why ?"

"Because, something kinda happened today ..." Nicki dragged out still not looking at Drake.

"What ? What happened ?"

"The kids erm they asked me, they asked me if I was their mother Aubrey."

Drake bowed his head for a second and smoothed the top of his head with his hand before looking at Nicki who finally looked at him too.

"What did you say ?"

"I said no, what did yo want me to say ? But that's not all, they asked if they did have a mother and I said yes , and that she just wasn't here for the moment."

Drake let out a heavy sigh.

"I'm sorry you had to do that, it was my place to tell them"

"It's not your fault you don't need to apologize. What we need you to do right now is figure out what you're going to do."

"It's all figured out, right now I'll go talk to them then I'll call Zineb and we'll go from there." Drake stated as if he had been thinking about that for a while.

"Talk to them and say what ?"

"What needs to be said , I'm not just gonna bring her here and be like 'hey here's your mother', I need to prepare them."

"Right, but don't be like 'Nicki told me such and such' they were afraid I'd get mad so I don't want them to feel like everytime they talk to me I run to you and tell you everything they say to me."

"Oh! So y'all have secrets you keep from me ?"

"That's not what I'm saying, they just don't have to know that I tell you."

"Don't worry, I'll talk to them and I won't sell you out." Drake got up and so did Nicki after a sweet kiss Drake walked out of the kitchen and went to find the kids so that he could talk to them.


"So how did it go ?" Nicki asked Drake as he walked in the living room and laid on the couch she was sitting on with his hed on her lap. He sighed heavilly and Nicki's fingers started playing in his curls.

"Pretty well, they understood the situation and I told them they'd meet their mother soon , they seem quiet excited about it. I think I did good."

"I knew you would."

"Now, I need to call Zineb and I'll do it now." Drake said and pulled his phone out.

"Wait hold on, right now ."

"Yes right now, I'll call her and tell her that three of us need to meet up and have a talk so we can set everything straight."

"The three of us ?!"

"Yes, the three of us."

"Why ? I ain't getting involved in that."

"You are already involved in it."

"Am I ?"

"Yes, you are you are my partner and you have such a big place in the kids lives. Besides I need moral support so you're coming."

"Ok, I'll be your moral support. But let's be clear my part consists in going with you, sit by your side and hold your hand.
Nothing more."

"Great." Drake answered gazing at Nicki.

"Why are you staring at me like that ?" 

"I was just thinking, it would be so easier and much better if you actually were their mother, it's weird but I wish you were the one who gave me these beautiful children. My life would've  been perfect and I know you'd make the best mother ever, you already are in a way." Drake said dreamingly as Nicki looked at him with a smile.

"And would be the happiest woman on Earth, really I would. But there's a reason as to why god made things the way they are and... " 

Nicki was cut in the middle of her sentence by the TV anouncer who spoke her name. They hadn't notice that while they were talking some random celebrity talk show was on. The host was looking directly at the camera while talking.

"Onika. That's her name if you were wondering who rapper Drake's new conquest was. Drake and this 20 year old new yorker seem to be very close lately, they've been spoted all around Los Angeles during the past week. What do you think about this sudden new romance ?" The host asked a guest.

"I want to know who she is, I just hope she's not another video girl or one of the stripper Drake likes" The woman rolled her eyes.

"I think she's a model, she has the face for it." Another guest chimed in.

"Yeah, she does."

"Personally what I'd lile to know is why Drake is dating a 20 year old. How old is he again ?" Yet another guest spoke, she had just enough time to end her question before Drake turned the T.V off.

"Hey ! I was watching." Nicki jocked making Drake laugh. 

"No but seriously, how does that make you feel."

"I don't know if it makes me laugh or if it scares me to be honest."

"Looks like I've brought all kinds of drama to your life." Drake sighed feeling bad , first she had to deal with the whole situation with the twins and now this.

"Don't say that fool. Besides you're worth all the drama in the world and when I say I'm scared I don't mean I'm scared like I don't want to go out of the house and stuff, it's just like do these people have a life of their own ?"

"They probably don't, that's why they'll track you down and look for every piece of info they can get, they'll try and know everything there is to know about you. I'm not trying to scare you but I just want you to be prepared."

"I know they will. You've told me this a couple of time, and just like I told you before, I think I can take it. It just doesn't matter. I can careless if A thinks that I look like a stripper and B thinks that I am too young to be with you  The only thing that matters is that we are both happy with each other, and that the people we care about are good with us being together."

"You're right, and I know you're strong enough to face it but I just can't stand the idea of people talking about the woman I love in a degrading way you know."

"See that's why I love love you. The same way you don't give a damn about what they say about you don't give a damn about what they say about me and we'll be fine."

"Alright, as long as you're good."

"I am."

"That's all I ask for."


Drake got out of the car first and then helped Nicki out of it, as soon as her foot touched the ground she was blinded by the flashing lights and deafen by the paparazzis screaming her and Drake's name and asking all kinds of questions. Drake held tight on Nicki's hand as they made their way towards the restaurant's entrance. He held the door open for her to step in and she let out a sigh of relief once she was in the quiet and dim place.

"How do you stay so calm with all them people screaming your name and following you around like that ?" Nicki asked Drake, even though she had experienced it several times now she was still quiet impressed everytime she had to deal with the paps and even more since they went out of their ways to find out who she was and knew every single thing about her. At first people thought she was just a girl among the others but after seeing more and more of them two together they started to look more into detail and Nicki was now the center of attention the media first assumed she was some model or video vixen but soon that thought faded away as it was obvious she was none of that and that's when they started searching about her. 

"You'll get used to it at some point." Drake reassured her.

"Good Afternoon and welcome to Spago Mr. Graham, may I show you to your tabe ?" The middle aged restaurant receptionist smiled at Drake and he nicely agreed before the man led the couple to their table.

Minutes later Nicki and Drake were still waiting on Zineb, it had been a few days since the day he called her and they had agreed to meet that day and even though she was very reluctant about it, Nicki agreed to come support Drake at the condition that she'd just have to quietly sit there and be the moral support and strictly that. Drake chose a restaurant because it was a neutral ground and being a public place, Zineb wouldn't act up and would control herself or so he hoped.

"Where is she ? Does she think I have time on my hands to waste ?"

"Calm down, she's not even a good five minutes late." Nicki tried to soothe him and took his hand into hers.

As she was led towards the tabe Zineb's face crunched up as she noticed Nicki's presence, she wondered why Nicki was even there, like what was this girl's position in all this, she thought their children were a subject she and Drake needed to discuss one on one and that the baby-sitter or whoever she thought Nicki was, had nothing to do with it and didn't have a word to say about the matter at hand.

When she had almost reached the table's level Zineb thanked the receptionist who walked away.

"Well hello !" Zineb's voice echoed as she took place across from the couple.

"Hey." Drake greeted her with a straight face. Nicki on the other side didn't even utter a word, instead she took a sip from her drink feeling Zineb's glare on her. Drake also took notice of how Zineb was looking at Nicki.

"Zineb, this is Onika my girlfriend and Nic, that's Zineb the twins' mother." Drake introduced the two women even though he was aware of the fact that they had met before. He was just making sure that things were clear, none of them were here to settle their old records or what not. The goal here was to leave the past in the past and try to make things go as smoothly as possible from now on and they were all supposed to have Zahir and Zahirah's best interest a heart not theirs.

"Hi, call me Nebby." Zineb smiled holding her hand out for nicki to shake.
Nicki looked at her weird taken aback. Nicki wondered who was that person. It was definitely not the woman she had met months ago.
Drake looked at her weird too, he knew her all to well to think that she was being genuine but she really seemed to be. Anyways he wasn't the one who would complain about Zineb acting civil.

Nicki finally shook her hand and answered.

"You can call me Nicki." After that awkward moment the waiter came by took the trio's orders. Once their orders were placed . Drake felt like it was his queue to adress the matter at hand.

"So, Zineb, I've been thinking about everything you told me the last time we spoke, I gave it a lot of thought and I took a decision." Drake sighed before carrying on his sentence with both Zineb and Nicki staring at him, waiting for him to pursue. 

"I think it is more than time for us to move on from the past, we went through a lot, and shit has been crazy for me and from what I just found out things have been rough for you too and that caused our children to pay the price. Now my thing is we both need to let go of the past, move on from it and we need to do that together because we are linked no matter what for our children need the both of us and you have been away for too long now, and I can admit that it is in some ways my fault. I shouldn't have kept you away from them when you tried to come around. I shouldn't have done that. But I did it because I was still stuck in the past and I wasn't realising that my children were the one who would end up paying the price. So I think I should give you a chance to step up. You have the right to be in their lives, they need a father and a mother and that's how I want things to be from now on, if you're willing to do what it takes."

"I apreciate that and I apologize for everything I did because, I know that I caused that situation and I apologize for that. I'm willing to do everything it takes to make things work. You have no idea how bad I want to just even see them. I'll do everything."

"Good, I just need to know that you're a hundred percent in it. There's no coming back, you can't run away once you're in their lives you can't just meet them be mom for a while and then drop everything, it's a full time job and you..."

"I think I get it, I understand you're kinda skeptical but don't worry I've learned my lesson I left once it's not happening again." 

"Ok, I needed this to be clear but also "you need to agree with certain things before you even see them."

"What things exactly ?"

"First of, until I feel like it's time you can't see them outside of the house nor without my or Nicki's presence." Drake exposed the first condition observing Zineb's face, waiting for her to react. Though she didn't seem to take it too well she didn't say a thing, she just meekly nodded.

"And you can't bring anyone I did not aprove of around them."

Zineb gave another nod as she had both Drake and Nicki's glare on her.

"You can't say nothing to anyone either, I mean family is ok, they already know what's up but you can't say a thing to anyone else. Especially the media. Not that I plan on hiding them for all their lives but I need to do some arrangements and you can't do anything that would jeopradize that or their privacy and safety. You have to stay away from the media."

"I know that Aubrey, it's just a threat that I've been tossing around like that, out of anger, but I wouldn't do that."

"I'm just warning you. I want things to be clear before we jump in it. Now last but none the least , are you completely done with Amir ? Because there's no way I'll let you bring this drama around my children, no way !"

"I am totally clear of him. You don't have to worry about it. You'll never even hear about him." Zineb affirmed with certainty.

"Hope so, now is there anything you want to know or say."

"I just want you to know that you don't have to worry, I'll go by your rules so that we can make this work but I just ask one thing for you in return, it's to trust me."

"I'm trying Nebby, I am just letting you know how this has to work."

"Ok, ok, fair enough."


When she got back to her condo which she shared with her friend Riley, Nebby kicked her shoes off, before heading to her bedroom. After she got changed she knocked on her bestfriend's room door before walking in. She found Riley sitting on her bed reading a book. 

"Hey girl !" Riley smiled at Zineb, and put her book down and sat up making place for Nebby so she could sit on the bed next to her. 


"So how did it go ?"

Riley and Nebby had been friends since they were teens and Riley was one of the very few people who knew that Nebby had kids in the first place and who also knew that Drake was their father, Riley knows everything of their relationship and of what had happened between the two of them. 
She just moved from Toronto to Los Angeles a few months ago for work and that's why when Nebby told her that she needed to move from New York , Riley offered to take her in until she got back on her feet.

"Well, I guess."

"You guess ?" 

"It was horrible if I'm being honest, you know he had that scornful tone you know, he gave me rules I had to respect in order for me to be able to see my children, as if I was some psycopath, or a criminal you know and that's not even the worst."

"You got to understand him though, he is just being protective over his children, I don't see what's wrong with it."

"I am their mother, he should know that I wouldn't do anything to hurt them."

"I know that, anyways, what is the worst ?"

"Guess who was there ?"

"Who ?" 

"That girl, the baby-sitter, stripper or who ever she is. She was sitting there, like the idiot she is as if she was needed there."

"You mean his girlfriend."

"Yeah, that's how he intrduces her. Anyways I don't give a fuck who she is, I just don't get why she was there, this was something we were supposed to discuss one on one, I felt like I was being set up you know."

"I can get how you feel , but you need to accept it, I mean if you really want to have a place in your children's lives you have to play it nice, she is important to him obviously."

"What irks me the most is that he told me I couldn't see them without him being there and I was like ok  that's normal , I can understand but then he goes or if I'm not there, she has to be . Like you mean to tell me that he trusts the freaking baby sitter more than me ?"

"She is his girl, of he course he trusts her."

"She is a baby sitter, and is probably trying to use him."

"Why would you say that ?" 

"I don't know, I just don't like her."

"You aren't jealous are you ?"

"No, I'm not, I don't care about her or their relationship, my only concern is my children , that's why I played it nice and I'll keep on playing nice. I'm just scared of myself right now, because if she wakes up the bad side of me I can blow everything up ."

"What did she do to you girl ?"

"Her presence is just enough to piss me off, I don't know why."

"Ok, but don't let that get in the way of the relationship you are trying to build with your cildren because I want to meet them."

"Oh, that's not happening anytime soon, he said I can't bring anyone around them that he doesn't aprove of."

"Well, he knows me, of course he'll aprove, what you mean?"


Nicki woke up alone that morning, she rolled in the bed reached for her phone to check the time, it was nearly eleven, she hadn't slept that late in months, she sat up and streched before getting up, she took her time to do her morning routine ang get downstairs, she got to the kitchen where she found Drake sitting at the table eating breakfast.

"Good morning handsome !" Nicki humed walking towards him, she gave him a smooch before hoping on the table.

"Good morning beautiful, how'd you sleep ?"

"Like a baby." Nicki streched again."I can't believe I slept til eleven."

"I let you sleep, I knew you'd be tired after last night." Drake jocked.

"Bet you're the tired one. " Nicki answered before picking up his fork and eating from his plate.  

"Me ? Not at all, actually I could go for another round right now." Drake said placing a hand on Nicki's exposed thigh.

"Really, that's interesting." Nicki leaned in and kissed him. She slid from the glass table onto his lap which she straddled and her hands flew to the nap of his neck. Drake's hands firmly grabbed her butt. They stopped kissing and Nicki's mouth trailed from Drake's mouth to his cheek to his jaw line, then his neck   
Drake's hand sneaked under Nicki's tank and gropped her breast which he started massaging. Drake picked Nicki up and got up himself . He carried her to the elevator and during the short duration of the lift the two lovers engaged in a hot make out session during which lips were bitten, and clothes were pulled off. When they got to the third floor Drake picked Nicki back up and brought her to the master bedroom, he slammed her tiny body onto the bed, where he was about to show her how much he loved her for the sixth time in less in less than twenty four hours.

The twins where at Stephanie's where they had spent the night and the day before. Thus the couple had the house to themselve which they gladly enjoyed, they took advantage of the last hours they had alone before the twins would get back home.  

After their love making Nicki was in the shower meanwhile Drake was cleaning the mess they had made in the room. He was almost done when the doorbell rang. He made the trip towards the front door and he opened it, he was met by his step sister who was holding both his children's hands  

"Daddy !!!" Zahir and Zahirah cheered jumping at their father's neck, he squated down to their level and wrapped his arms around them. He then got up carrying them and greeted his sister and they all walked in the house. 
They got to the lounge where the twins started telling their father about their stay at their aunt's.

"Oh by the way, where are Sade and Spirit ?" Drake asked Stephanie 

"They're with their father " Stephanie stated right before the sound of Nicki's tiny footsteps filled the room.

"Hello everyone !" Nicki's cheerful tone echoed. She made her way towards the couch where the twins sat and hugged them. She hold them tight and kissed them, they told her how they had missed her before letting go of her, Nicki then went to greet Stephanie and then sat next to Drake, her head resting on his shoulder. The adults started chatting boring the kids who chose to run off and go play.

"So, today's the day ?" Stephanie said causing Drake to sigh heavily.

"Yea. And I'm not looking forward to it." 

"Stop, being this negative Aubrey, it can't go that bad, she acted quite normal and seemed like a reasonable person the other day." Nicki intervined 

"And that's what's scary." Drake answered jockingly. 

"Nicki 's right, you should stop being so pessimistic, it will be just fine."

"Hope so." Drake stated.

Not even two hours later Drake, Nicki and the twins were in the lounge. The twins were in their own world while Nicki and Drake were just cuddling as everyone was waiting for Nebby . When Drake and Nicki had met up with her, they had agreed on that day for her to meet the twins and Drake had prepared the twins for that, they seemed to be happy about it. They were eager to meet their mother surprisingly. Drake thought they'd be upset or mad that she wasn't there for so long but they weren't, they were happy and that was enough to make him forget about his hesitations, he was reluctant at first but he was now feeling like he had made the right decision.
Nicki on the other hand was in two minds about it. On one hand she was happy. She knew that the kids needed their mother and was glad that she had finally convinced Drake to let that happen but on the other hand she was starting to feel a bit skeptical about it. Something about Nebby threw her off the last time she saw her. Plus on a more selfish aspect, she was scared that she wouldn't fit in all of this anymore and wouldn't have her place anymore. She knew that there was no chance Drake and Nebby would get back together or any of that  She knew that but what scared her was to lose her place in the twin's heart. It had been just the four of them for a while now and they had formed their little family, to the point where the twins had found a mother in Nicki, and she loved and treated them just like a mother would. Therefore she was aprehensive of how things would go now that they'll have their mother. She tried not to think like that as she felt it was a bit selfish  but the thought wouldn't go away, she couldn't bring herself to talk to Drake about it either because after all she was the one who had pushed him to do that, from the begining she'd always tell him that he should give Nebby a chance so she thought that for her to show any hesitation it would be a bit hypocritical. Besides maybe she was overthinking everything and that she should just let the time do its work and everything will fall in its place. 
Neither of them knew how this would go and only time would tell.

The doorbell rang and Nicki sat up so that Drake could stand. He stood up and made his way to door and opened it.

"Hey." He greeted Nebby with a small smile.

"Hey." Nebby smiled back looking up at him.

"You're ready for this ?" Drake asked her as he let her in.

"I guess I am yes." Nebby answered showing signs of nervousness for the first time.

"It'll be fine don't worry." Drake tried to reassure her... Or maybe he was trying to convince himself.

I hoped you enjoyed it, please commet and tell me what you think about it and what you think will happen, 

Love muah :*


  1. I absolutly love this story! I hope Zineb won't do anything stupid tho... Update soon please :-) <3<3

  2. Well....Zineb, Zineb, Zineb. Something doesn't sit well with me about this whole "Nebby has changed" situation. Shit is going to hit the fan I tell you and the kids will be caught in the crossfire. I kid u not. I am really not liking this. I mean yes she deserves a relationship with them but only on condition that she is honesty to build one with then and not interfere with Aubrey with I think is currently her main concern because if it wasn't Nicki being there wouldn't bother her that much.

    I guess I will have to wait and see why happens next.

    XO Theo 😘

  3. I love this story it's cute. But this nebby situation seems like it won't work out well. The kids are connected to nic to the point of her being their mother I feel she should have never pushed the situation but maybe nic will finally be drakes dream wife with children since she is so motherly if this arrangement doesn't work out. Xoxo- star