Deal Part 3

Soo, I thought about it and I think this story definitely deserves more than 3 parts and I'm sure I can develop it so that a few parts can be added. What do y'all think about this ?
Anyways for right now, here is part 3.

Nicki's P.O.V

"Welcome to our home Mrs... I mean Mom." I spoke as I walked side by side with Drake's mother towards the sitting room, Drake walked behind us carrying her luggage he set it in the foyer at the foot of the stairway and came to join us as Sandi and I took seats.

"Thank you dear. This place is lovely." She exclaimed looking at her surroundings. Drake had told me that she had never been here before. He just recently bought this place and sold his old place, he wanted to move from there because it was too much for just him. I can only imagine what it looked like considering how huge this mansion is.

"Thank you. It took a lot of thought and time to chose this place and decorate it to make it home. Just wait until you see the rest " I explained excited. This place is beautiful and I loved acting like the Lady of the house.

"I can only imagine, the result's just great." Sandi answered just as Drake walked in the room and sat by me. He wrapped his arm around me and kissed the side of my face. 

"How was your ride ?" Drake asked his mother.

"Tiring. I haven't driven for such a long distance in a while." Sandi explained.

"Anyways, how are you two doing ? It is good to be here as we never hear from you." 

"We're doing just fine, and yes, sorry about that, it's just work. Both our schedules are hectics." I apologized, go figure why but I was really feeling bad for not at least giving her a call.

"Oh you don't have to apologize sweetie. I know how it is." She smiled.

"No but really. I should have at least made time to give a call. I'm ashamed. But you're here now."

"You are so kind. Don't feel bad, my own husband's out of town right now and I haven't got a call from him in a week. I know you young people don't have that kind of time." She joked.

"Oh, how's dad ? Drake asked.

"He's good. He's still in New York you know how he has to check on the new restaurant he invested in." Sandi explained referring to her husband's last investment. He had retired from his job as a cardiologist a few years ago but couldn't stand not doing anything with his time and money so he decided on investing in new businesses, it went from the technological firms to hotels and restaurants. He was down for everything he knew could help his money grow.

"Too bad. It would have been good to see him too." I commented.

"Oh and he's fond of you. Says to kiss you personally and make sure his son is taking good care of you." Sandi said and Drake frowned.

"Of course I am taking good care of her. That's my wife we're talking about." Drake said wrapping an arm around me.

"Soon to be wife babe." I corrected.

"Very soon I hope. That way y'all can start working on those grand babies I want." 

"We're not exactly there yet." I said with a smile feeling Drake kiss my cheek and he whispered in my ear.

"We can start working on those babies whenever you want to." I felt his breath on my neck as he pulled away from me and it was enough for a puddle to form between my legs that I uncrossed and crossed back clearing my throat as Drake chuckled.


Sandi, Drake and I had great conversation for hours. We talked about everything really but mostly about Drake's upbringing which he hated. She told a bunch of childhood stories about him that made me crack up.

We were now done with lunch, it was 1:30 pm so Sandi had been here for like three hours. Lunch was less fun as it was all about me. She wanted to know everything about me and I had to comply with her wishes which in itself wasn't that bad, she was easy to talk to and so sweet. What I hated was the fact that Drake was sitting there registering everything I said, I tried to invent as much as possible but oddly enough I felt like he could tell when I was lying or not. 

I cleared the table and went back to my seat.

"Let me go get us some coffee." I said getting up from my chair. Sandi said she preferred herbal tea before I walked to the kitchen and grabbed the coffee cups from the cabinets and placed them on the porcelain tray along with everything that was needed then I grabbed the porcelain coffee pot and tea pot before heading back to the dining room. I set the tray on the table and served the drinks before sitting back next to Drake.

"What were y'all talking about ?" I asked referring to the conversation Drake and  Sandi were having before I walked in.

"Aubrey was telling me about the modern art exhibition that's in town this month." Sandi explained. Funny that's what we talked about last night before whatever happened happened I thought.

"Oh yes. The one I've been begging him to take me to for weeks."

"Oh honey you're wasting your time. That boy has never been a tad bit interested in art." Sandi laughed.

"Now mom, that's not true." Drake said looking down at our hands.

"It has to be true. For as long as I've known you, you never showed any interest in art." I added my two cents just to mess with him as he rubbed my exposed thigh under the table and pinched it at my comment.

"You guys are pushing it. Matter of fact, I got three tickets for the exhibition tonight." Drake said and I looked at him in awe. The begging for weeks part was a lie but I've really been wanting to go for weeks but never got a free evening between school and work. Looks like I'll be mixing business with pleasure for the second night in a row.

"Really ? You do ?" I asked ready to jump at his neck. 

"Yes really. When do you ask me for something and don't get it ? Besides mom, I know how much you appreciate modern art or whatever this is so I figured why not." Drake explained and I wrapped my arms around him.

"Thank you." I mumbled against his chest.

"My Aubrey at an art exhibition. It is outstanding what love can do." Sandi exclaimed making fun of her son.

"I am exhausted." Sandi yawned. I guess the ride here plus the herbal tea must have done that.

"How about I give you a tour and show you your room so that you can lay down for a little while ?" I suggested and Sandi agreed before getting up and following behind me as I showed her around and explained everything to her just like Drake explained it to me last night.

Drake's P.O.V

I went to get my mother's luggage and carried it to one of the guest rooms while her Nicki toured the house. Then I got back downstairs and cleared the coffee table. I was just a little bit worried because my mom and Nicki were alone but I knew I couldn't follow them around everywhere it would be weird. I hope they keep talking about decoration and art stuff so that my mother doesn't ask Nicki a tough question or say something about the call I gave her yesterday. Again I think next time I'll think before acting. 
Anyways for now everything is going well.

I was texting a fellow surgeon who had to take my patients because I called in sick for this week end, when Nicki walked in the kitchen and wrapped her arms around me from behind.

"Hey." I spoke turning around to face her and I picked her up and carried her to the island and sat her on the counter before standing between her legs.

"How did it go ?"

"Fine. She's napping. Said not to let her sleep too much."

"Ok. What did y'all speak about ?" I asked trying to get information.

"Your father, you , my job, our wedding and the kids we're going to have." Nicki answered with a dimpled shrug while her fingers played in my curls.

"I like the way that sounds. What did she say about me ?"

"I can't say." She said laughing.

"Really ?" 

"Yes really." Nicki said hoping down from the counter and walking away as I followed behind her. We made our way upstairs and to the bedroom and she sat on an armchair.

"Why didn't you tell me about the exhibition last night when I mentioned it ?" She asked me. Truth is I had never heard of it before and when I saw the passion she was talking about it with, I decided I wanted to take her so I called a friend of mine during the night and tonight was the only night he could get us tickets so I had to extend the invite to my mother. Not that I mind.

"It was a surprise." I explained.

"Well I love it. Even if it wasn't really a surprise for me.

"It was really a surprise for you. I got the tickets last night while you were asleep." I admitted to her.

"For real ?" She asked.

"Yes, for real." I answered and she got up from the armchair and walking over to the bed which I was sitting on. She sat on my lap straddling me and I wrapped my arms around her waist and she wrapped hers around my neck.

"That's nice from you. Maybe you deserve a special treat for being this nice." She whispered slowly grinding her hips and tilted her head back. At the view of her neck, I licked my lips and attacked it. My hand got to the back of her neck pulling her closer to me as I kissed and licked on her neck, enjoying the sound of the soft mouth that left her lips as she kept grinding her hips but faster. Soon our lips connected and I could taste the Carmex cheery lip balm on her lips. I let go of her hair and my hands slid down her back then I groped her ass and squeezed it causing her to moan in the kiss and bit my bottom lip. I placed my hands at the hem of her casual dress and rose it catching the sight of her black lace thong. I couldn't helps slapping her bare ass cheek and she immediately responded with a moan and by biting on my bottom lip. I felt her small hand at my crotch and she started rubbing me trough my pants before reaching for my belt buckle. She managed to unbuckle it and was now trying to unbutton my pants as I had already ripped the top of her dress and gotten access to her breast where my face was buried. She pulled away from me and kissed my lips before getting up from me so that she could take my pants off.She was on her knees as she pulled my pants down along with my briefs, she then took my shaft in her hand and used the other to massage my balls just as she did this morning

I felt myself twitch in Nicki's mouth as her tongue swirled around my tip, she pumped my dick in and out of her mouth as my fingers were tangled in her hair. I knew I was about to come, but I had other plan so I slowly eased out of her warm mouth before helping her up from the floor.
I got up and grabbed her face before kissing her lips, I pulled her dress oer her head and tossed it somewhere before picking her up and tossing her on the bed. I got on top of her and attacked her lips as her hand were on the back of my head deepening the kiss, I kissed along her jawline and her neck then her collarbone, my hand reached behind her back and I unclasped her bra freeing her amble breasts from its lace prison. I started massaging her breasts and nibbling her nipples, making eye contact with her, looking at the face she was making. I kissed down her stomach.I spread her legs and kissed her thighs asking sure not an ounce of skin was left unkissed. I kissed between her thighs passing from one to the other carefully avoiding her center, and making sure to leave marks of my passage. I could hear Nicki moan and whimper every time, I licked or bit and I loved the sound of it.

"Stop teasing me Drake." She let out in a breathy moan. I didn't comply with her wishes though. I just kept on nibbling at her sweet skin.

"Drake please." I heard her beg through her panting.

"Please what ?" What do you want baby girl. " I asked with my head between her thighs making sure I was blowing air on her center.

"I won't beg you Drake." She tried to fight.

"You sure about that ?" I asked her before bringing my tongue close to her center and giving a good lap before going back to her thighs and I felt her hands on my head. 

"Drake please." Nicki pleaded through her breathy moans caving in but I wanted to push her further.I used my hand to pull her set of lips apart and brought my mouth to her clit and licked it before going back to kissing her thighs.

"Please, Drake, please ,please eat me out." Nicki finally begged and I didn't waste any time before diving in her ocean.

"Oooh ! Yes,yes don't stop Nicki cried out as my head was still buried between her thighs. Three of my fingers had joined my tongue and soon they were drenched for the fifth time. I took them out and licked the sweet and sticky nectar.

I observed Nicki as she was riding out the last waves of her orgasm. And chest was rising up and down as she breathed heavily. He hair was sprawled out around her head, her eyes were glossy and her cheeks rosy. Right then she looked better than ever to me.

Nicki's P.O.V

I was laying in bed still panting as I was coming down from the cloud I was on thanks to Drake who was now towering over me. I don't know what I'm doing right now and I think I should feel bad about it but damn this feels so good. Right now at the moment I feel like I've never ever felt before and it's not just because of his head game. It's him, it's just the way he makes me feel. 
When my breathing got back to normal I finally looked up at Drake's eyes and bit my lip when I saw the smirk on face. He brought his face close to mine and caught my lip between his teeth snatching it from my own teeth before we engaged in a bestial make out session. I managed to flip us over so that I was on top never breaking the kiss. I kept grinding my hips on his crotch as I was straddling him. Our chests were pressed against one another as he held me. I was wet and his member was getting harder as I grinded on it. Right then I just wanted him in me. I didn't care whether it was right or wrong. It just felt amazing and I felt like I needed him I craved this connection between us more that anything.
I leaned over and reached for the bedside drawer a hundred percent sure that I would find what I wanted there. As I rummaged in the drawer Drake busied himself licking and nibbling on my nipples as my breasts were right in his face. I finally got a condom form the drawer and sat up straight still straddling him. I could feel his intense gaze on me as I flipped my hair to one side and fidgeted with the condom trying to open it. He reached for my breast and remained playing with them. I finally managed to open the condom wrapper and got off Drake, getting on my knees right next to him  I rolled the condom down his shaft before going to straddle him again. I lifted my hips and held his shaft at my entrance ready to feel him slide into me when he placed his hands on my hips holding me up. 

"You sure you want that ?" He asked me licking his lips. I bit on my bottom lips before answering.

"Yes daddy, I want it." As soon as the words left my mouth he let go of me and let me slam myself onto him, I felt his huge member quickly sliding into me feeling me with a sudden and intense rush of pleasure that caused me to scream his name.


"Aubrey !!" I screamed from the closet as I let my hair out of the towel it was wrapped in.

"What is it ?" Drake asked casually sashaying towards me. I turned my back to him and flipped my hair to the side.

"Mind zipping my dress for me ?" I asked him and he did just as he was asked.

"Thanks." I thanked him and tried to walk away but felt his arms wrap around me and I felt him kiss on my neck as he held my hair to the side.

"Drake get off me. Your mother's waiting and we're gonna be late." I said nudging his head.

"She takes so long to get ready we got time." He tried to convince me as his embrace tightened but I managed to wiggle out of his arms. 

"You had enough already." I laughed at his disappointed face, I pecked his lips and walked away before he had time to grab me again. 

I went to the bathroom and plugged my hair dryer in and before starting on drying my hair I thought about Ice and asked Drake if he had fed him. He answered no and said that the house staff would take care of this forgetting that they all had their week end off. 

"You are such a horrible master Drake." I shouted before I walked out of the bedroom and went to get Ice from his doggy bed in the sun room. As soon as he saw me Ice stood up and when I squatted to his level he gave me his paw. 

"Aww, you are the cutest little thing ever. Come on let's get you fed." I said picking him up in my arms and carrying him to the kitchen where I grabbed the canned dog food. 

"What do you prefer ? We got beef or chicken." I spoke knowing he wouldn't answer.

"Let's go for the beef then." I emptied the can in his bowl and set it in a corner of the kitchen. He ran towards it and dug in it. I was making my way out of the kitchen when I heard him trailing behind.

"No. You go eat Ice." I spoke pointing to his food but he wouldn't go so I walked towards the bowl and stood besides it. He followed me and went back to eating but as soon as I tried to leave the room he was following behind me. I decided to pick him up and I got his bowl and carried him up stairs with me. 

"You don't want mommy to leave you alone huh ?" I cooed as Ice's head was softly resting on my chest. 

I rose my head when I heard Sandi's voice.

"The one person I was looking for " She exclaimed before she noticed the dog in my arms.

"Is that the dog Aubrey received from his nieces for his birthday ?" She asked surprised.

"It is." I answered with a smile I had no idea if it was or not but it would make sense so I went with it.

"I never thought he'd keep it. He wouldn't even give the poor thing a name." She explained petting Ice's head.

"Oh trust me I know, I take care of it and I named it. It's Ice." 

"Well, hello Ice." She cooed at the dog.

"I wanted to know if you mind helping me with my hair." She asked me reverting her attention to me.

"Of course not. Just let me set him down somewhere and I'll be right there." I spoke and she thanked me before walking towards he room.
I noticed she was almost ready except for her hair unlike me who still had my make up and hair to do. And I wasn't even sure about my outfit. I quickly made my way to the master bedroom and set Ice on the floor. He made his way to the bed and snuggled into the sheets of the messy bed. I didn't catch the time to clean up the mess as right after my shower I had went to wake Sandi up and she held me hostage to help her chose her outfit.

I think I'm really enjoying myself, I am starting to enjoy this more than I should. It just feels nice , after all it's the life I've always dreamt of, the kind of life I aspire to. It's like a fantasy but I have to get back to earth before I got pulled back abruptly tomorrow when it's all over.

"What is the dog doing on the bed ?" Drake asked as he walked back in the room from the bathroom.

"He likes it there." I said climbing on the bed and placing Ice's food before him.

"You have to be kidding me. The dog is eating on the bed ?"

"Yeah. He doesn't like being alone in the kitchen." I explained and Drake rose a brow.

"Well that's his place."

"Quit being heartless. The sheets are dirty anyway. They'll be changed before you go to bed tonight  I promise."

"Still. The dog has nothing to do on the bed." Drake argued fidgeting with his cuff links and I went to help him with them just like  I did the first time we met. I could tell he was thinking about that too as he chuckled.

"And to think that you wouldn't even shake my hand."

"Wipe that smirk off your face." I said walking away after he had pecked my lips and I was one more step away from reality.

"Sorry for taking this long." I said walking in Sandi's en suite bathroom. She had already started on blow drying her hair.

"It's no problem." She said handing me the blow dryer. I took it and carried on doing her hair while we made conversation.


"I really don't understand, that guy took a picture of pigeons under the Eiffel Tower and you find it beautiful ? I could have done the same thing." Drake spoke in my ear.

"You are so insensible Drake, this is beautiful, it's art and no you couldn't have done the same thing."

"I think I could, just give me a camera." He said making me laugh. We stood before one of the photographs admiring it. We had lost Sandi in the crowd she had ran into friends of hers and was being her own self, She really was a social butterfly.

"What about that one, it's beautiful ain't it ?" I spoke pointing to a sepia photography that represented a woman that was naked, her body covered only by a silky toga and she was looking down at her feet that were lost in the silky sheets of the bed she was sitting on.

"Do you think the photographer had sex with her before taking the picture, you can clearly see the afterglow." Drake commented.

"Seriously ?" I shot him a look. "But thinking about it you could be right." I said looking at the picture.

"Oh, here they are !" Sandi beamed, walking towards us with people I assumed were friends of hers.
The man shook Drake's hand and they started chatting before Drake introduced me to him and his wife. It was the third time tonight, After all, I'm not sure going out was such a good idea.


The Next Morning:

I woke up  to the rays of sun that shined in the room through the closed curtains, I tried to get up but was restrained by Drake's arm that was wrapped around me, our bodies perfectly fit together as his head rested on my chest.
I softly pulled his arm off my body and got out of his arms making sure there was pillow under his head to replace my chest and I got out of the bed without waking him up. I made my way to the ensuite bathroom and did my morning routine before going back to the room. I was heading out when I heard his voice.

"Come back to bed Nika." Drake spoke in his groggy morning voice that I loved I went to sit next to him and kissed his cheek.

"You go back to sleep I'll go fix breakfast." I spoke and he had already drifted back to sleep.

I get up from the bed and walked out of the room. I went to the sun room to go get Ice and as usual he jumped in my arms and I carried him to the kitchen, as we neared the kitchen I could smell an intense smell of bacon almost making me salivate.

"You smell that Ice ? Mommy loves that smell. I spoke while petting Ice as we entered the kitchen and were met with Sandi who was cooking breakfast.

"Good morning you two." She smiled at us.

"Hi Mom." I went to kiss her good morning. "How did you sleep ?" I asked her.

"Just fine. How was your night ?" She asked me in return.

"Where's Aubrey."

"Still sleeping, you know him." I explained.

"Let me finish up here and you can go relax while I finish." I said to her.

"No, sweetie, I can handle it, it's the least I could do."

"You really don't have to, it's already a pleasure to have you here. Thanks again for visiting us." I said going to get food to put in Ice's empty bowl.

"No, honey, thank you for inviting me. I know it wasn't Aubrey's idea, he never thinks of his old mother." She smiled and I frowned not understanding what she meant exactly, what invite was she talking about ? No it can't be ? I can't believe he did that, I don't know what to think about it if he actually set me up like that. I don't know whether I find it cute and romantic or I want to kill him. I'll have to talk with him.

"You're welcome, it's nothing really, as I said having you here is a pleasure." I said taking a seat at the breakfast bar.

"What's that on your neck Nicole ?" Sandi asked me pointing at my neck, I knew exactly what she was talking about, she was obviously referring to my hickeys. Since yesterday, Drake and I didn't have sex or anything but last night he spent his time kissing on me giving more hickeys than I already had.

"I .. I .. I... don't know.. What are you talking about ?" I acted stupid trying to hide my neck from her but it was no use.

"Are these passion marks ?" She gasped. Looking at her face I knew she wasn't really shocked and was joking.

"I'm so embarrassed." I said hiding my face in my arms.

"Don't be, it's nothing to be ashamed of. Plus I want you to see me as a friend, You think we can agree on that ?" She asked me.

"Of course we can." I said holding my arms out to hug her.

"And here I was worried about my son." She said.

"What do you mean ?"

"I mean you are the first woman,I ever seen him with, and I thought he would never find anyone. But it was all about being patient I guess." She shrugged.

"So I am the first girl he ever introduced to you guys ?" I asked shocked, I knew Drake was a womanizer, so it was a shocker. Sandi nodded confirming it.

"I can't believe that, anyways I hope I am the last as well."

"I know so." She smiled placing a plate before me.

She sat next to me with her own plate just as Drake walked in the kitchen and kissed both his mother and I.


"Ok, bye, you be safe alright ?" I told Sandi and released her from the hug.

"I will." She said before kissing my cheek. Drake walked over to us after placing her stuff in the truck of the car. Sandi was supposed to stay for a few more hours but Dennis called  her and told her that he was on his way back therefore she decided on going back home to greet her husband.

"Alright mom, be safe, I love you." Drake kissed her and we watched as she got in the car and the car started moving as we went back inside.

Drake's P.O.V

We walked in the house and I wrapped my arms around Nicki and lifted her from the ground.

"Let me go Drake, I'm not playing with you." Nicki said laughing. I let go of her and she walked away from me. She started gathering her stuff, starting with her heels from last night that were in the doorway closet.

"You know you don't have to leave right now." I spoke and she ignored me as she made her way up the stairs.

"Oh so that's how it is now ?" I asked her as she grabbed her clothes and placed them in her Louis Vuitton duffel.

"Anything you want to tell me ?" She turned around and looked at me crossing her arms.

"What did I do now ?" I said and went to lay on the bed.

"You set me up. That's what you did." She said zipping her bag and coming to sit next to me and as every time she does, Ice ran on the bed and onto her lap. He snuggled between us, as she was putting her UGG boots on.

"Oh that." I said smoothing to top of my head with my hand. "Look, I'm sorry about that, I ..."

"Why did you do that ?"

"I wanted to see you, I  just couldn't bring myself not to see you again. I called you and I don't really know what happened, I was scared you'd say no so I invented this story , I knew you wouldn't turn down a job."

"So basically, you wanted to fuck me and you weren't sure you'd get there so you used your poor mother, played her and me just to get some ?"

"No, well yeah, I mean, I did use her, played you and her, but I didn't just want to have sex with you, it wasn't the plan. There wasn't even a plan, I just wanted you to come to me, but you know me I never really think before acting." I explained and she sighed petting Ice.

"Hmphh. What's wrong with him ?" She asked the dog.

"I guess you're mad at me now." I wondered.

"No. I think it's cute, creepy, corny and clumsy but still cute."

"Imma act as if I didn't hear the creepyp and corny part."

"That's because you know you are creepy and corny." She laughed at me.

"Are you leaving right now ?"

"I guess, I don't have nothing to do here no more."

"Who said that ?" I asked wrapping my arm around her and pulling her closer to me.

"I did, let go of me, you have no reason to be all up on me, now that she's gone." She said trying to wiggle out of my arms but I wouldn't let her go.

"Stop acting like it was all because of her, you didn't have sex with me because she was here, and you didn't let me please you because she was hear." I said and saw her blush.

"You know I just buried myself real deep for you. " I said stroking her hair as she finally settled in my arms.

"What do you mean  ?"

"I mean, everything is even worse now, she is more attached to you than she was before, all of her friends saw you last night and think we're about to get married and the worst part has to be that I have no intention on letting you go."

"You'll get over me eventually, just call Tammy, I'm sure she'll help you with that. "

"She ain't got nothing on you baby girl, but seriously Onika , I can't just let you disappear like that. Don't tell me it all meant nothing to you and you want to disappear again"

"Well, I might not want to but I have to, I have to disappear, that's the deal." She said, and I could tell, it made her sad, she was pouting and avoiding eye contact with me as she looked down drawing circles on my chest.

"How about we change the deal ?" I asked and she frowned looking up at me.

"What do you mean ?"

"I mean, how about a whole new deal ?"

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Thanks for reading me and for being patient.

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